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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 27, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: a fox news alert, president biden is meeting with his g-7 counterparts to look to address the global energy crisis. the president is overseas blaming putin, americans are dealing with record-high prices that started climbing while biden was inaugurated. i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: i'm joey jones in for todd piro. growing number of economyistss are predicting the u.s. is heading toward recession.
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>> carley: alexandria hoff joins us. >> the crisis in remain is the top issue at hand. when speaking about the global economy, president biden didn't use putin's price hike, he said this. >> russia's brutal war in ukraine and on our energy markets. we need worldwide effort to invest in clean energy projectss to ensure critical energy structure is resilience to changing climate. critical materials are necessary for clean energy transitioning. >> yesterday g7 announced more will be invested in developing nations' infrastructure for belt and road initiative, which takes advantage of partner countries of the $600 million, the u.s.
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the pick up $200 billion. all this comes as former treasure secretaries recession is around the corner. >> a recession is almost inevitable, probably 75%, 80% chance within the next two years and certainly a real risk it will come sooner. >> carley and joey, you mentioned "wall street journal" of economyists with 44% predicting recession will happen within this next year. 44% is a number seldom seen outside of an actual recession. >> joey: thank you. g7 leaders look to reign in iran's program, the islamic republic is busy launching
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rockets. this video shows a satellite blasting into space. iran is claiming this is to get data in low orbit. the white house calling the launch unhelp sxfl destabilizing. leaders talked about reviving the obama era deal that would cut economic sanctions in iran, in return tehran would pull back on the -- impose harsher sanctions. >> former director of national inigence ratcliffe is weigh nothing on policy so far. >> we have national security team that lost in afghanistan, was too slow and indecisive in deterring putin in ukraine, getting bullied by china, that is trying to write a blank check to terrorist regime in iran and
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they accomplishd that in 18 short months, we have 30 more months of this team in charge of the national security. i hope the next american president steps in and the world's only super power. >> carley: bloomberg opinion era urging president biden to say whether he will run for president against in upon 2024. he needs to make it known due to age and politics, many democrats see him reflecting tendencies they see in a lame-duck president. president biden's approval rating sunk to 39% with only 16% of americans strongly approving of his job performance. former president donald trump is leading joe biden in the clear politics average of polls leading some to predict a
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rematch between the two presidents. roe v. wade protests in portland turning violent and destructive. we're talking to a business owner who suffered damage. >> joey: and hunter biden met with russian oligarchs while his father was president. joe concha is here to break it down. what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! we've got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns. sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns! my a1c stayed here, everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪)
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>> carley: fox news alert, a church in virginia vandalized with abortion activists writing, "this won't stop." >> joey: this is after a weekend of chaos, attacking businesses and pro-life groups after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. ashley strohmier with more on the violence. >> ashley: protest erupted following the overturning of roe v. wade and continued over the weekend and los angeles friday. protesters blocked freeway and were seen throwing sticks at cars. things turned -- two people were
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arrested in the incident, one being charged with attempted murder of a police officer. in port lantd smashed windows and drew graffiti on downtown businesses, writing threatening graffiti and breaking windows of the blding. in arizona large group of protesters tear-gassed after being asked to move back and didn't, according to police. the department of public safety says the gas was used after a monument was vandalized. michelle ugenti-rita was inside during the attack and armed herself with a pair of scissors. she joined us last hour. >> i made the decision i was going to stay and defend myself and my colleagues, this is the people's house. we will not stop and bow to those who use violence to
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express themselves. >> ashley: i saw protesters getting out of control on friday night. they were throwing things at the studio and knocked over metal barricades and drew graffiti on the building. there was a parked car outside that had lights smashed in and windshield wipers broke off. >> carley: so glad you are safe, sorry you had to experience that. this, liberals are pushing drastic action like impeaching supreme court justices and adding justices to the high court. >> joey: brooke singman has details now. brooke. >> brooke: progressive democrats like elizabeth warren and alexandria ocasio-cortez are stocking flames by attacking the supreme court's credibility. listen to this. >> the supreme court has
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dramatically overreached its authority. this is crisis of legitimacy. >> this court has lost legitimacy, i believe we need to get confidence back in our court and that means we need more justices. >> given extremism and the imbalance and compromised integrity, we need to expand the court. >> comments from far left forcing the white house to spell out issues like court packing, listen. >> i was asked this question yesterday and asked before and the president about expanding, that is something the president does not agree with, that is not something he wants to do. >> vice president kamala harris receiving intense criticism for this tweet, harris, vowing to fight after the roe v. wade came down sparking outrage from
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democrats on twitter. hillary kelly tweeting, could you be specific? how are you fighting? daily cost senior writer pointing out the fact harris tweet friday her private plane, adding, i'm not sure you get where the rest of us are at right now. those on the left break for a possible red wave come november midterm election. carley and joey. >> joey: thank you. mayhem in downtown portland following supreme court abortion ruling. smashing windows and vandalizing businesses. >> carley: mara white thought -- sorry to hear what happened to your business. can you explain and describe the
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extent of the damage that occurred to your business and what it exactly does? >> sure. good morning to you, too. at least $10,000 in damage. they smashed our windows, there is dmrasz everywhere and graffiti. my organization is nonprofit and we help moms, kids in need, babies from 0-5 years old. they mistakenly thought we were anti-abortion, violence was horrible. >> joey: police say officers are working to contact affected business owners to secure the building. individuals who engage in property destruction will be investigated and are subject to arrests and prosecution. did you feel you had support from the police? is the remanents of defund the
2:15 am
police in portland part of why your building wassac attacked this way? >> i did feel protected by the police and the fbi, we were told something could occur and did take preparation. i feel defund the police movement has affected their ability to be on the street. >> carley: you describe yourself as pro-choice liberal democrat. who you are pro-choice, who would think this would help prot-choice cause? >> i don't understand at all, people have a right to free speech, free speech is not smashing in buildings helping peep and he will children. >> carley: great point. >> joey: absolutely chltz last here, your, is not pushing people toward abortion, your
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business is helping educate women. >> they don't understand, we have had -- sending out information about us. we are here helping people, anyone who walks in the door and people are coming to us and made a choice to have children, they made that choice. they don't understand what we do, left over from 50 years ago. we support women, babies, families, believe in their rights. that is all we're doing. >> carley: you do good work, you offer birthing classes, newborn care, emergency diapers and supplies for kids, a car seat, strollers, books, toys, you are working with moms struggling financially, what are the conversations that you have day-to-day with the moms? what are the concerns? >> sure. day-to-day, especially in
2:17 am
portland, whether they have adequate houseing and can provide for their children. in that situation, sometimes having 20 extra diapers can make a difference in making it or not. they love their kids, everyone wants to be the best parent they can be, we are just helping them do that. >> carley: do you have to pay for this damage? is your building insured? >> we have a high deductible, it is so not fair. >> carley: so not fair. maura, we are sorry this happened to you. >> thank you so much. >> joey: oh, all right. the main-stream media turning to activism, "new york times" laying out plan to punish preme court justice in response to ruling to overturn roe v. wade. joe concha is on deck. >> carley: and a 29-year-old
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i've got nothing left. hey if i were you, i'd try warm milk. enough out of you! hi! oh go.. is this really helping? good days start with good nights, so you may want to talk to your doctor about both. [ sleep app ] i'm still here. oh boy. >> carley: the media is having a supreme meltdown following the court's abortion ruling. now the "new york times" is suggesting ways to "discipline" the justices. in the face of power hungry court, congress has options, power to chk the supreme court is there in the constitution, the task now is to seize it. >> good morning, joe. >> joe: how we doing? good to see you on monday, jj. >> joey: is this the media's job, what they are supposed to be doing?
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>> joe: good morning, carley, as well. surprised me seeing joey. issue of abortion is a 50/50 issue. look at polling on gallop, whether one is pro life or pro choice, this country is split down the middle and held for years. many have taken a side to the point they sound like they could work on the executive board of planned parenthood. here is a quote, are they, they being the government, go be to be able to search your apps appss that track your menstrual cycle, how far will the states go? nbc chuck todd called supreme court rigged. there are no more black robes, there are red and blue, a lot of people believe this is a rigged court.
2:24 am
reporting has gone out the window, let's get on a moral pedestal instead of reporting the facts and talking toex folks on the ground from poll sides of this. media doesn't report, they pick a side and run with it, that is wrong, guys. >> carley: it is sort of backfiring to a certain extent. over the weekend, top democrats were fundraising over this roe v. wade reversal and other democrats are criticizing the fact that some politicians are trying to make money off this. andrew yang said -- that is only growing.
2:25 am
some people say this is the way that some politicians like pelosi, beto o'rourke are handling this is inappropriate. >> joe: yeah, they are exploiting the issue. if you are truly pro-choice, don't try to fund raise. in midterm, a red tsunami is coming. i hear abortion the change the game, more democrats may come out, yes, but in the end, it is the economy, it always is and the border to a certain extent will be the deciding factor and all the things don't bode well for democrats. >> joey: hunter biden is doing some shady stuff again. "new york post" reporting hunter biden met with four oligarchs in russia when his father was vite
2:26 am
and the one of them is wanted for murder. the guy paid 2 million to have a couple entrepreneurs killed, and this is hunter biden's buddy, he is meeting with, while joe biden was president. >> joe: i thought if anybody from this country meets with russian, that amly means wall to wall coverage, right? 11th commandment of journalism is thou shalt not pursue the hunter biden story, 11th commandment of journalism. no one is reporting on this. say donald trump jr. met with oligarchs, instead of hunter biden, you think that would get people's attention? of course it would. it is not happening here, again, hunter biden did it or may have done it, let's not have that curiosity gene journalists
2:27 am
should have. >> carley: oligarchs would not be meeting with hunter biden if his last name wasn't booifrd. joe, your last narm is concrashing ha. see you tomorrow. >> check on the fox weather forecast with janice dean. >> janice: hello. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast along the east coast. still warm for the south as well as the west. look at the lightning across southwest, gulf coast and toward mid-atlantic. we will see showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. for folks along the corridor, rush hour could be affected. could see heavy rain cause flooding. future track shows the forecast, too much of good thing will lead
2:28 am
to flooding and that will be the possibility today and tomorrow. there is rain in the forecast for the next three days and next four days we get rain toward sandy hook and the heat across california will bump up over the next couple days we have heat advisories over 100 for the interior sections. 117 in death valley, 118, then along the coast for los angeles, and southern california, if you are traveling today, there is a forecast for big cities in new york. the bottom line, if you are traveling, just pack your patience is what they say. they like to say thatment >> joey: my dadded don't complain about the rain, it comes all at once or not at all. >> janice: your dad is a smart
2:29 am
man. >> carley: you're a smart cookie, too. another bloody weekend in chicago, five people dead after separate shootings across the city including a five-month-old baby girl. the 18-year-old brother of fox news analyst gianna caldwell. >> joey: talking about that with mr. david webb right here next.
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>> carley: police say they found eight pounds of deadly drugs in a man's car and additional in his house. a father to lost his daughter to fentanyl poisoning say as little as two milligrams can cause an overdose. >> the amount would fit on the tip of a pen. we need to figure out how to deal with those who are already here dealing this poison. >> carley: that suspect is being held on $3 million bail. if convicted, he will only face up to six years in prison. >> joey: in chicago, 19 people hurt and five dead. including a five-month-old girl shot and killed on friday.
2:34 am
and gianno caldwell is mourning the loss of his brother christian, who was chot and killed that very day. caldwell said, never could i think my brother's life could be stolen from him. david webb on fox nation, good morning. gianno said yesterday was the worst day of his existence, i can't imagine. this is happening across the country. >> this is painful for many of us in the fox family. i hope the strength and he has helps he and his family deal with this. so many americans, it is personal for us, it's personal for so many americans, but a
2:35 am
cultural traj ed and he my point for the nation is this pay close to attention to law enforcement, communities and education, children don't see another path besides pain, violence and crime. whether younger children, or older criminals, they commit crimes and higher-level crimes. too afternoon, many escalate. the problem is not going away any time soon until we bring elements together including left-wing da's and soft on crime policy, i talk about the potential to kill millions of americans with fentanyl. as far as i'm concerned, proos cuters believe they should be charged with attempted murder. it is a deadly drug, it is known. >> carley: last week we were reporting on the fact they changed the rules so now police
2:36 am
can't chase suspects, people suspected of committing a crime, you have to wonder if that will make the streets safer. i think the answer is obvious. >> that came around when ferguson happened. are there problems to be dealt with? fine. not to remove policing, the people pay the price and politicians just don't care. >> joey: we talked about alexandria ocasio-cortez -- >> speaking of politicians. >> joey: exactly. she's called for supreme court justices to be impeached, she said they lied under oath. we have her on tape talking about roe v. wade being overturned. >> two conservatives, manchin and manchin come out with explosive -- several supreme
2:37 am
court justices misled them during their confirmation hearing. i believe lying under oath is an impeachable offense. >> joey: does she have a point here? >> she doesn't. i guess she missed civics class while she was dancing on the rooftops. a serious point, she is lying to you and to america. she is lying to you. she knows better issue she's pushing the play book of the legit imacy of the court. it is court has been through ups and downs for 100 plus years it has been in modern era. if it acts on the constitution that is legitimate function, pushing mob control, politicize the courts, impact court and make it political for purposes and that is not what is going to
2:38 am
happen no matter how much she does protest, that will not happen and these justices prove they can stand on the constitution and did that many other cases. last week has been a great week and i think this sets the court on a new course. >> carley: aoc said republicans are killing women and pregnant women. rich, to hear somebody who supports abortion, taking of innocent life, talk about killing someone. >> aren't you sick of being lectured by pop culture prince sesss? she hasn't passed a piece of legislation and lectures america on how it should work. do your job. >> carley: do your job. thank you for joining us. here is a headline. a 29-year-old woman who you see on the top left of your screen
2:39 am
beats out group of teenage girls in a women's skateboard comp tigsz, the winner is a biological male, she beat teenager shiloh catori in the broader open. intense debate over fairness in women in sports. you can't tell me that is fair. if you have been to the airports, you may have faced major delays, major airlines say it is not my fault. >> joey: brian brenberg and cheryl casone are breaking it all down for us right here next.
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>> joey: supreme court landmark decision to overturn roe v. wade, a growing number of u.s. companies are offering to reimburse employees for cost incurred from seeking abortions
2:44 am
and relate procedure. creeks growing number of corporations are covering travel expenses and other expense are for empliees seeking well, evis, uber, starbucks and american airlines. alaska airlines saying we will continue to provide employees with extensive benefit to support your health and well being, this includes reimbursing travel for certain immediate procedure and treatments if they are not available where you live. today's supreme court decision does not change that. dick's sporting goods will provide up to $4000 for those live nothing states where they no longer have access to legal abortion. >> cheryl: and the g7, it is president has checkbook out.
2:45 am
he's on the road. biden pledging $200 billion to push green energy and other things. >> president biden: entire world is feeling impact of russia's brutal war in ukraine and on our energy markets. we need worldwide efforts to ensure critical infrastructure resilient to changing climate. critical material are necessary for clean energy transition. >> cheryl: the $200 billion, 2 billion for solar project, 600 million for telecommunication cable to connect singapore and france and 50 billion and 3.3 million for vaccine plant, big spend is part of the relaunch of the partnership for global infrastructure and investment.
2:46 am
they want to counter china belt and road initiative, line of we're pushing back against china and will spend all this moneyment >> joey: airline tickets are not cheap, responsible when you don't get a flight in return >> >> cheryl: another weekend for airline travel, sunday alone, there were 6500 delays in the u.s., according to 866 -- sic50 cancellations and 400 delays plus. the faa and the airlines are throwing verbal blows at each other over the chaos. airlines for america, they say part of the issue in addition to the staff shortage is not enough air traffic controllers. the faa denies that so far.
2:47 am
>> carley: it is bad, we will pick up there with brian brenberg, fox news contribuor. brian, good morning, you have this group that represents the largest airlines in the country. they got together and wrote a letter to buttigieg and part of the letter says the industry is actively doing everything possible to create positive customer experience, we have also observed faa staffing challenges led to traffic restrictions under blue sky conditions. it sounds like a bad fourth of july weekend. what is going on and who is to blame? >> brian: this blame-shifting economy we're seeing so much of now. week and a half buttigieg hauled airline executives in front of
2:48 am
him and said you need to get your act together, that seems to be habit for the biden administration, they love to bring industry leaders in and say you are not doing a good job, you are the problem. airlines are pushing back, you are not staffing up the faa. they have a points, the faa is not fully staffed, that has been a problem. the losers are consumers. remember we bailed out airlines to tune of $54 billion during covid, supposed to help them adapt to all of this. i was flying to california, there were travelers lined up through hallways trying to rescuddule flights, a terrible situation. the administration, instead of making this economy work better, reduce fuel prices, they keep blaming industry leaders, that is never going to work and when
2:49 am
you see pattern of it, you have to ask, is it industries to blame or biden administration, are your policies causing this economy not to work across the board? >> carley: you have faa snapping back, they wrote a letter of their own saying after receiving 54 billion in pandemic relief to save the airline from bankruptcy, american people deserve to have expectations met. one thing that did happen during the pandemic, a lot of pilots retired early because they didn't want to get vaccinated. >> who wanted to work in the industry, you have mask restrictions and vaccination requirements, airlines are terrible place to be during covid, everybody angry and upset. it wasn'ts any fun, pilots
2:50 am
retired, flight attendants retired and they are not coming back, look at an economy where policies kept people out of work and made it difficult to work and now we're reaping the whirlwind of that, ticket prices have gone up 20 to 25%. you are paying a ton and not getting anywhere. >> carley: great point. my husband's flight last night were cancelled, too. it is causing a headache for him this morning. thank you, we appreciate it. >> carley: masz mass exodus of alvin bragg's office, prosecutors are heading for the -- rob astorino will tell us what is going on. >> joey: check in with radio host who is on tv on fox and
2:51 am
friend brian kilmeade. >> brian: thank you. talking about gun legislation from the supreme court and bipartisan deal cut and signed into law over the weekend. the big story is roe v. wade, ramifications what this will mean and g7 raging right now impactful to say the least, a lot about ukraine and more and the president is talking about windmills in angola. piers morgan and why did boris johnson bring up pecks over the weekend? sharing stories. coming up on "fox and friends." get dressed and join us as i go to the couch and you go to yours, see ya.
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>> carley: hundreds of prosecutors are now fleeing woke district attorneys offices in new york because of their soft on crime policies and controversial criminal justice reform. >> joey: republican in new york imiewb toler candidate and he joins us now. good morning, rob. >> good morning, joey, good morning, carley. >> carley: good morning. >> joey: new york city has a crime problem. new york state i would imagine people care. so, how are they going to function with 12% of the workforce going to prosecute these criminals? >> well, you know, it's interesting. it's not just new york city. would very a crime problem in all of our major cities in new york, rochester had the most violent city eye eye violent record last year. we have that in albany and troy and syracuse and buffalo, so everywhere and it's these soft on crime prosecutor. and you mentioned alvin bragg in manhattan, yeah, they are fleeing because the prosecutors
2:57 am
that work for him are being told don't prosecute. let the criminals get away with everything. put them back on the streets. don't go for, you know, the recommendation for the most penalties and time and so they are frustrated. they are leaving. but i think what happened in san francisco is a shot across the bough for everybody. you know, you are going to be a george soros type of prosecutor, there is no room for you here. and, as governor, when i take office in january, there's a mechanism in the state constitution, the governor can fire, an absolutely fire and i will prosecutors like alvin bragg who are willfully ignoring the law. >> carley: well, in manhattan, 65 district attorney have left. brooklyn 7 oprowrts have left. about bronks, 59 briewrts. the list goes on. this does feel like the equivalent of prosecutors voting with their feet. >> yes. steve. >> carley: you mentioned you are running for governor, the
2:58 am
primary election is tomorrow. what would you do about bail we form because the current system clearly isn't working. expblnchts no, it's not. bail reform has to be completely repealed. i will do that. but, also, we have got to get tough on crime in what made new york city the safest big city in america at one point. you know,broken windows policy. the small stuff, graffiti, public urination, turnstile jumping. all of those things you have to crack down on because they lead to lawlessness and the big stuff. speaking of the big stuff, things like stop, question and frisk. which is completely legal and constitutional. it's in our penal code by the way in new york. use it new york city has to go back and use those tools. we have to obviously respect the police officers and law. >> put putt plain clothes units in areas where drugs criminals and damages. things like that. we have gotten away from. so we are paying the price now. people aren't going into new york city. they're afraid. they don't want to go to work.
2:59 am
women don't want to walk around by themselves. women are looking over their shoulders. that's no way to live no. only a quawlgted of life it's the way we live. people need to get back to work. >> joey: you are a candidate for the republican nomination. on the supreme court ruling roe v. wade. democrats are trying to make this a big issue. if you win the nomination tomorrow or any republican if there an issue that makes republican winning impossible here in new york? >> definitely not. do you know what makes it impossible, crime? what makes it impossible is inflation and high taxes. just the cancel culture nonsense that's making it impossible for people to live here. this will be the revenge of the normal people in november. where people will come out and say enough of this was craziness. abortion i haven't heard much on the campaign trail believe it or not, in a state like new york, it's not going anywhere. they legalized it three years ago. but, what i think we can do, is
3:00 am
roll back and have some restrictions because it's extreme in new york to the point of, you know, the birth, right up until the moment of birth. that is not where people are in new york. that is crazy. >> carley: governor kathy hochul has declared new york abortion safe harbor there are pro-lifers in new york. stay safe. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ on my dashboard love in an old ford ♪ taxi and bottle. >> ainsley: that's a beautiful shot. that's narragansett. it is going to rain today. if you live there, take your umbrella to work. >>te:


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