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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 27, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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restrictions because it's extreme in new york to the point of, you know, the birth, right up until the moment of birth. that is not where people are in new york. that is crazy. >> carley: governor kathy hochul has declared new york abortion safe harbor there are pro-lifers in new york. stay safe. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ on my dashboard love in an old ford ♪ taxi and bottle. >> ainsley: that's a beautiful shot. that's narragansett. it is going to rain today. if you live there, take your umbrella to work. >> steve: small state, great big
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sky. beautiful. the sun just rose. and, of course, after the first day of summer. now we are a couple of days in. five days in and the days are getting shorter. >> brian: i feel bad for rhode island. every time something small or not big bigger than rhode island, not as small as rhode island. bigger than rhode island. it's the size of rhode island. everything is always compared to rhode island. don't you feel bad for them. >> steve: this is from new yorkers. in other words, our state could kick your state's butt. prior. >> brian: always an analogy. rhode island is always the small state analogy. >> ainsley: have you been to newport before. >> steve: yeah. beautiful. >> ainsley: restaurant black pearl, rhode island where they serve clam chowder and so good it's worth going. >> steve: if it was so good why didn't you bring us a t-shirt? >> ainsley: i know. next time i go i will. >> brian: envision the boat
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pulling up to the dock. how many claims do you need? if you have seafood in the middle of texas. you know it can't be fresh. but if you are in rhode island and you want a claim. >> steve: the gulf of mexico. >> brian: middle of texas. >> steve: airplanes. >> steve: get the bath fresh in texas. i have an answer for everything. >> brian: good point. >> ainsley: are protests were erupting nationwide following the decision of roe v. wade. protesters blocked a freeway and seen throwing sticks at the car. >> brian: lapd officers were targeted with a makeshift blow torch. >> steve: woe. >> brian: people arrested in the incident. one being charged with attempted murder of a police officer. they shot at the officer. in portland, a group of rioters smashed windows and drew graffiti on downtown businesses. >> steve: meanwhile, vandals also targeted a pro-life center in lynchburg, virginia.
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writing as you can see threatening graffiti and breaking the windows of the building. which we have seen across the country. are protesters attacking the state house in the state of vermont. busting windows and threatening lawmakers with a message. if abortion is not safe, you're not either. meanwhile today, more major supreme court decisions, we think there are six or seven left are expected to be released starting at 10:00 a.m., including cases on immigration, environmental regulation. and that former high school football coach joe kennedy's religious liberty case. >> ainsley: we are waiting to see how that goes. because he is the coach that was just silently praying on the field every day after the game. >> steve: he started it on his own. >> ainsley: then people volunteered to come and join him and some of the players. then he was ousted. they said you got to stop or you can't teach here no more. >> steve: just like that. yesterday i was going to the bengals stores in my town.
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he was talking about the abortion thing. first thing out of his mouth he said they didn't ban abortion. he said people don't understand they did not ban abortion. he said there is no constitutional right, the supreme court said, to an abortion and left it up to the states. so, you know, given that he had said that i was thinking about that. and you have heard over the last two days now so many people said this is going have an impact on the elections come november. absolutely right. the state elections. whether or not your state has restrictions on abortion will be determined by your lawmakers. >> ainsley: that's the way it should be, right? shouldn't every state be able to decide? because then you are listening to constituents. and who they elect to make those decisions for how those states represent. what their politics are. lindsey graham said it is not going to change the outcome of the 2022 elections he. what's going to be on the ballot
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box $5 gas. one lady who runs one of these clinics vandalized in portland. they don't even know what they are protesting. we are a group he we pay for diapers and baby food and that kind of thing for mothers. we continuously get vandalized. in may, they were vandalized. people came to their facility and put feces all over their facility. in the locks, and the doors. and then recently they were vandalized over the weekend with breaking their windows and she said i'm a democrat. i'm a catholic, i run this center and she said all we are doing is providing these items for mothers who can't afford to pay for them. she said they have already made the choice to had have their children and love their kids. >> brian: 173 debated. what happened temper overturned. the pro-life, pro-abortion things have been going on really almost since the day that decision came out. we are about to find out in november. i don't think anybody knows for
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sure. logic says it would married more to the states and governor's races absolutely. 13 states will have trigger bans by july. 20 states have abortion rights in place. 13 states will activate a so-called trigger ban. 7 states had has already happened. to say georgia is one of the dozen states to pass the so-called fetal heartbeat bill. so, there's a lot going on. whether you are in oklahoma or florida. the governor of virginia, who you are going to hear from. i was with him a couple days before this decision came out. he is leaving it in virginia. is he going to put ford 15 weeks as a threshold where abortion would be allowed in that state. and you'll decide where it's going to get done. these companies that say don't worry red state we will provide abortion or a check. meanwhile, aoc a premier booking on the sunday shows even though her lack of legislation and necessarily experience makes one question.
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but you knew her views would be extreme and inaccurate and she did not let you down. elizabeth warren will follow up and she talks about packing the court again. listen. >> what makes it particularly dangerous is it sends a blaring signal to all future nominees that they can now fly duly elected members of the united states senate in order to secure supreme court nomination -- confirmation and seats on the supreme court. i believe lying under oath is an impeachable offense. >> this court has lost legitimacy, they have burned whatever legitimacy they may still have had after their gun decision, after their voting decisions, after their union decision. they just took the last of it and set a torch to it with the roe v. wade opinion. i believe we need to get some confidence back in our court and that means we need more justices
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on the united states supreme court. >> steve: she is talking about court packing. aoc is talking about impeaching the justices who she alleges lie because we heard from senators collins and manchin over the weekend. when i talked to kavanaugh and gulch they made it sound like it was settled. and now progressives say we have got to impeach them. the "wall street journal" has great piece today. it's their lead editorial. what it says is the justices did not lie to the senate. and it talks a little bit about how judges are limited under article iii of the u.s. con substitution to hearing case threans 'meteorologist on the facts. if you prejudge a case you are prejudice. and you cannot have a bias. and it was ruth bader ginsburg.
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it would be wrong to preview how i would cast how the supreme court would be called on to decide. they wrapped up the whole thing when this final quote. >> ainsley: the fury of the left's reaction isn't about guns and abortion it reflects their grief at having lost the court as a vehicle for achieving policy goals they can't get through legislatures. the cultural victories they received by judicial fiat. one about voters. we understand their position but they ought to change democracy for a change. >> brian: rudy says i'm not going to rule-any. that was the president going. in the editorial says they weren't there manchin and kavanaugh met. weren't there when kavanaugh and gorsuch met and collins. highly unlikely these men would commit to anything like that before a case as impactful as
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roe v. wade would come forward. judge ketanji brown just got confirmed. she wouldn't admit to what a woman was. you have no idea what she is going to do on anything. these whole coronations or these. >> ainsley: confirmations? >> brian: cutting on party lines from here on in. i think joe manchin voted for one of those supreme court justices but we will see where it goes thanks to harry hi you u don't neat 60 votes. supreme court justices kicked things back down to the states. to say it's geeivel is is insane. it's the same thing they say donald trump is illegitimate. george w. bush is i will he legitimate. when something doesn't go your way it's illegitimate?
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what do you mean? how could you not see a greater responsibility to the country and talk about delegitimizing institutions. if you think january 6th is bad. you think donald trump delegitimized the voting process. you have got to feel the same way when you talk about hillary clinton not coming out and not accepting and stacey abrams. institutions like the result of an election. and the same thing here. you don't like a decision by the supreme court, go protest. but to say it's illegitimate is not american is inaccurate and destructive. >> steve: we know who does not like this decision. according to brand new cbs poll. # 7% of democrats feel it is a step backwards; however, 64% of republicans say it is a step forward. mark levin talked a little bit on his show last night about the politics. >> democratic party has
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exploited this issue for democratic duane. you heard pelosi and biden and others talk about women like they represent all women. suddenly they are able to define what a woman is isn't that weird? do all women support abortion on demand? do all women support partial birth abortion right up to the last second? does every person in every state support the abortion laws in new york and california which are so radical, so extreme that they are really only applied in nations like north korea and communist china is that what women in this country believe? >> >> ainsley: now we are going to hear a lot about expanding the court. we are going to find out how this is going to shake out in all the different states around the country and abolishing the filibuster we keep hearing that. it was good for harry reid now they want to change it. >> brian: you want to abolish the filibuster game on. you could lose the senate. three months republicans sitting
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there saying really? we now have a simple majority pass or stop everything. >> steve: the problem is the democrats realize that their base is disillusioned. it's like we have unified control of the federal government. we have got the house, we have got the senate, we have got the white house. why aren't they doing big structural things like getting rid of the filibuster or packing the court. so that, you know, that is why joe biden said on friday, you know, people are going to decide in november. ultimately some people will decide in november. everybody will base it on themselves. and what is the most important thing to them at that point, the first tuesday in november. is it abortion? or is it $5 gas? that's the soundbite we ran with lindsey graham and right now, according to the polls, he's right. >> brian: i would add this. one thing that becomes a national election is the senate. if they want to pack the court, you are going to have to overcome manchin and cinema. you need more democratic senators that could motivate the
3:14 am
pennsylvania race. it could motivate the georgia race. >> ainsley: they don't have manchin or sinema. what's coming up, brian? >> brian: president biden meets with g-7 leaders. they have been meeting all weekend. hear why critics fear the u.s. is losing super power standing. >> ainsley: as we look ahead to record july 4th holiday travel. we just had another weekend of travel chaos. hear what the airlines are now blaming it on right after the break. >> steve: rhode island? ♪ ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me.
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>> carley: separate incidents in commission. three people are shot and three more were stabbed. including a police sergeant. no suspects have been linked to the shooting. charges are currently pending for a 24-year-old woman involved in the stabbing. meanwhile, a 5-month-old shot in a car. infant hit when a suspect fired a weapon from another car. so far no arrests have been made. nearly two dozen wherein shot over the weekend in the city a staten island shop right employee will mayor giuliani on the back. accuse 6 attacking giuliani handing out fliers in grocery store in support of his son's andrew's run for governor. the man is facing a second degree assault charge for hitting a senior citizen. airlines are feeling the heat
3:20 am
for the ongoing travel chaos and how are now try talking blame the faa. the finger pointing comes as americans are being warrant mounting flight cancellations and delays are likely as we approach the fourth of july weekend. nearly 650 flights are already canceled along with over 300 delays so far. yesterday, more than 860 flights were scrubbed. and over 6500 flights were delayed within, into, and out of the u.s. but the faa says airlines have been continuously bailed out and should foot the blame. and in the nhl lightning only strikes twice as the colorado avalanche defeat the champs 2-1 in the stanley cup. >> comes to the line he colorado has won the stanley cup. >> carley: colorado winning first championship in franchise
3:21 am
history. 21-year-old defense man unanimously named playoff mvp. the avalanche celebration getting a little too rally. they dented the stanley cup on the ice. with the damaged trophy in tow. take place in denver on thursday. couple little dings. >> steve: it has been dented a million sometimes and the stories it could tell. >> ainsley: good for them. lightning is out now. done. >> steve: congratulations. >> brian: game two carley will tell you later on she likes do the sports. 21 minutes after the hour. to a fox news alert now. president biden and world leaders are meeting throughout day in germany on issues that include climate, of course, health and energy. >> ainsley: meetings come as the biden administration pledges $200 billioned from the united states to a global structure
3:22 am
plan. >> steve: alex hogan is live in austria with more. you can't see the mountains behind you. what happened to the most beautiful live shot in the history of the channel? >> good morning, steve, brian, and ainsley it really is the most beautiful view here and exactly what world leaders are getting to sees a they travel here for g-7. this is the second day of the summit. and all these leaders have announced this new package of sanctions. this is a wide-ranging list that they say will directly target russia's defense supply chain. now, this means additional sanctions on hundreds of other individuals, this also includes new sanctions on companies that are in other countries. today the g-7 will finalize plans for a price cap on russian oil and over the weekend. the group took steps to sanction russian imports of gold. pressure on the kremlin one of the major focuses this trip. the leaders yesterday even took a jab at russian president vladimir putin by making a joke
3:23 am
about his shirtily photos. >> >> this morning they are discussing the ongoing war in ukraine. vladimir putin is not here but he did address the summit just virtually. hours earlier he called out the west for not taking a more authoritative approach to end russian aggression. >> partners need to move faster did they're really partners an not observers, delays with the weapon controversy our state and restrictions. this is actually an invitation for russian to hit again and again. >> the g-# meeting brings you together the top 7 democratic economic powers. those are the u.s., u.k.,
3:24 am
canada, france, italy, germany and japan. other topics on the agenda over the next two days include the global economy, food shortages and problems with china. the u.s. has commit you had $200 billion in a global infrastructure push to counter china's growing presence. now, this includes $2 billion for a solar project in angola. $600 million for a submarine telecommunications cable to connect sing poor to france. up to $50 million to the world bank child care incentive fund and $3.3 million for vaccine facility in senegal. two days more meetings and we likely will continue to see more come out of this meeting. and after, this president biden will travel to madrid, spain, for his next summit with the members of the nato. steve,. >> brian: , ainsley back to you. >> steve: all right. alex, thank you very much. in addition though that according to the associated press. the united states is about to announce that we are going to buy for ukraine surface-to-air
3:25 am
missiles. a super advanced system. it is a norwegian system, called than sam, it is the same sur f.a.a.-to-air missile that we ukrainians along new shipments of ammunition and radar systems. announce 7.5 billion in funding for ukraine. >> brian: going to talk about mike pompeo about that shortly and piers morgan. we will also talk about our super power status possibly be in jeopardy according to some. >> boris johnson also said we are going to show them our pecks. >> brian: mocking putin. >> ainsley: shirtless on top of the horse. several companies including disney vowing to pay travel costs for workers seeking abortions that are out of state. our next guest works for disney and warns this policy will only
3:26 am
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>> carley: corporations facing backlash with reactions to the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. as some companies are promising to cover all costs for employees crossing state lines for abortion procedures. this includes disney. our next best works there and warns that this will only hurt their business and alienate the customers. his name is joe cost tio and he is running for congress in florida as a republican. good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for coming on. what was your reaction to this? >> well, i was a little shocked to be honest with you. but it's not surprising, you know, i saw the memo. i heard it from the news first. then he did see my email and this memo came out very early in the morning. seems like it was already planned. frankly, to me, this seems like another attempt by disney to make political statements. this was already their policy what was their need to go and say listen; the supreme court has leaks.
3:31 am
they send this email to thousands of disney employees. they knew this was going to get leaked out to the media this is another attempt making a statement and influencing our policy. >> ainsley: jose, they are not alone. bank of america, goldman sachs, apple, to name a few companies doing the same thing. who is paying for these trips to go and get their abortions? shareholders, if we own stock in any of these companies we are paying for people to get help to get an abortion? >> that's the problem it seems like diz executives have not learned their lesson from the backlash from the florida parental rights and education bill. you see the stock price going down there. are people. there are employees who are they are alienating. i don't know how much longer i can keep working for this company. frankly, i'm sure there is going to be guests who are going to say should i really pay for a ticket to go watch a movie, to theme park end up paying for someone's abortion. like i said this was already their policy. there was no need for them to
3:32 am
come out and send this memo only to make a political statement. >> ainsley: why are they doing that? why does disney want to be so active in politics and how is it affecting the company. >> frankly, i think there is some executives in the higher echelon of the company who can't help themselves. they are playing by the liberal left handbook and simply can't help themselves. i have no doubt there are conservatives in the company. conservatives are the vast majority. conservatives in this point have become afraid to speak out and voice their opinion. >> ainsley: i'm curious. why are you speaking out. you work for this company. are you getting any backlash at work. >> i will tell you why am i speaking out? i love this company. i believe in the founding founding principles. the dreams of the walt disney. families can come and enjoy themselves. i believe in that and i'm going to fight for it and not going to liberal left platter. as far as backlash.
3:33 am
i haven't gotten backlash. people have asked me are you afraid of losing your job. i'm not afraid of losing my job. i'm doing it because i'm afraid of losing my country. >> ainsley: if you lost your job that would be retaliation and that's illegal. thank you for coming on, jose. wishing you the best in the race. >> ainsley: a mother who lost her daughter to gun violence, her plea nor justice coming up next. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb.
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3:38 am
the reality is that crime is up around the nation. in fact some of our neighboring counties per capita are higher higher violence. >> steve: our next guest lost her daughter venice beach before gascon was sworn. in portland bridges. the mother joins us from pasadena. good morning. sorry for your loss. >> steve: your daughter had just had a baby boy. she and her husband and sister and the sister's boyfriendy just out to see the sun. pick up the story from there. >> she headed out that day to go -- she wanted to see the sun set because she had a rough pregnancy. and so they went. they rented bikes from star bike
3:39 am
rental, something happened with the bikes. they tried to go and return them. the young man in the store didn't want to return her i.d. and credit card. some other gentleman came and from there my daughter was shot and killed in her chest. they say it was five to six individuals. three were arrested but the news only wants to talk about two. the juvenile in the case, deary jones. well, is he not a juvenile now. let's go back. he was 17 when it happened. and in august this year he will be 19. the judge at the juvenile court ordered him 80 hours of community service. $100 restitution to the court
3:40 am
and wants to allow him to graduate from college. >> steve: this is a young man who killed your daughter? >> no. he was a part of it. he wasn't the person who you would pulled the trigger. we go on the 28th to start preliminary hearings for the shooter and the other gentlemann which are adults. we won't be in juvenile court. these are two adults. jonathan singh and isaiah caldwell jr. so,. >> steve: i get your frustration. you said your daughter out. >> she is living her life. she just had her second child. she just wants to see the sun set and senselessly she is murdered at a scooter shop.
3:41 am
how do you feel, courtland, when you hear have george goes cone the d.a. of l.a. county where you are at. in some parts it's safer under my leadership? what do you have to say to george gascon? >> george gascon excuse my language is full of -- >> steve: yep. >> is he an opportunist i voted him in. i don't know what i was thinking. but his policies are not correct you if you look at other areas. since he has been in office. he has let murderers out and they have committed crimes again. he is bawl himself. i believe honestly that until it happens to him or his family or anyone connected to his camp, if
3:42 am
they don't get him out of office, that's the only way he is going to understand our pain and frustration. the crime has gotten worse, the pandemic had nothing to do with it. the only difference the pandemic had is people are able to wear a mask. you can walk in a bank with a mask and rob a bank. >> steve: it's just a terrible thing. >> had he's full of it. and he needs to be out of office. sea liar. he mislead us and mothers of these murdered children were lefty w. no justice all because of him and his policies. my daughter her kids will never have the opportunities that these parents murdered my
3:43 am
daughter. families can see their kids. even though they are in jail they get phone calls. who going to call me? who is going to call my granddaughter, grandson. nobody. she can't call from the grave. they can call from jail. they can write letters. all because of gascon and his messed up policy, this sweatshirt, this picture is the day she went to the beach. this is what she had on. this is the scooter. so, to gascon, thank you for you killed my daughter along with the other ones. and all the other kids that been killed and the parents aren't getting justice. you have got that on your back. >> steve: court lynn, thank you very much for telling the story about your daughter. >> thank you.
3:44 am
>> steve: god rest her soul. we will be right back. >> thank you.
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by sharing your patient data and unique experience with researchers. for our family. for our friends. for us all. join stand up to cancer, count me in, and patients already participating at >> janice: good morning. take a look at the temperatures. 60's and 70s. probably the coolest place on the map. a lot of places are dealing with
3:48 am
heat. a front is moving through. that's going to effect areas along the i-95 corridor and deep south. especially in the afternoon rush hour. a potential for a lot of lightning and heavy rain causing flash flooding. also see the potential for storms along the gulf coast as well as the southwest. some much needed rain. a lot of heavy rainfall could cause flash flooding. that's going to be a concern. know what to do if there is a watch or a warning in your neighborhood. forecast today, much of the country feeling the heat across the southwest in california, that's where we have the extreme heat warnings, with temperatures well into the 90's and 100 degrees. keep that in mind. weigh are watching this area of disturbed weather. we think potentially could develop over the next couple of days. but we do not think it's going to affect the u.s. this is just a reminder we are into hurricane season and we need to watch things very carefully. all right. steve, ainsley and brian over to you. >> steve: all right, j.d., thanks for the "foxcast."
3:49 am
>> janice: you got it. >> steve: glenn youngkin shook up the political world when he flipped virginia's governor's seat from red -- to red, and he wasted no time in getting to work on his agenda. >> ainsley: last week brian got to see what a day in the life of the governor looks like. watch this. >> this is the oldest, purpose built governor's residence in america since 1812. this is where virginia governors have been. bine brian do you remember the first time you walked in as governor? >> i do. we had a moment right after i was elected to come into this home for the first time in my life. >> all righty, virginia, we won this state! >> suzanne leaned over and said this is where we are going to live there was a big moment where i caught my breath oh my goodness we are really here. >> brian: should we go in. >> yes, come on. >> brian: how has your wife adapted to being the first lady of the state. >> extremely well.
3:50 am
and i'm pretty popular. she is really popular. [laughter] >> famous moment this summer, the summer of 2020. i'm going to quit my job tomorrow and i'm going to run for governor. she said have you lost your mind? you are having a mid life crisis. i said no, i think this is something we are supposed to do. >> brian: ready to leave home and go to work. >> go to work. let's go to work. >> brian: i'm sitting here at your desk. you have only had this job a short time. >> we started on january 15th. going to work right on day one with executive orders and bill submissions. 59 bill submissions. and amendments to the budget in order to deliver today. >> we are not looking back. we're looking forward. we are challenging the status quo. this is big! , big! [cheers] >> here in this budget we are cutting taxes by $4 billion.
3:51 am
investing in law enforcement. being backing the blue. holding up education system excellence. largest education budget in the history of virginia. >> brian: how do you keep your virginia principles and accomplish things. >> common sense solutions prevail. our kitchen table are not just for republicans they are for all virginians. >> we signed that historic bipartisan piece of legislation that reaffirms parents' right to make decisions for their children. >> when we needed votes in order to empower parents to take masks off children, if that was a decision they wanted to make, then we had a few democrats come with us and say that's the right thing to do. when there are sexually explicit materials in school and we want parents to be able to know that and not have that in their child's curriculum. >> that will go down as one of my favorite days. [applause] >> brian: why are we at a supermarket. >> every day virginians are seeing inflation run away from
3:52 am
their paychecks for those staples it's 15 to 20%. eggs and meat products. >> we are watching bad policiess from washington drive run away inflation across the nation, across virginians. and we are a 40-year high in inflation. what can i do as governor is get taxes down. >> brian: one thing he you did not get done is gas tax. >> i don't know why the senate democrats chose not to sign on to suspending the gas tax for three months. we have plenty of money for this. this is a chance to give a break to virginians who deserve it i think it's politics on their end as opposed to the best interest of virginians. we see the white house calling to suspend gas taxes. you see real pressure to drive investment away from fossil fuels. the reality is production comes down and we see a supply and demand imbalance that is just at the core of why we have $5 gasoline today at the pump. >> this budget includes # hundred million dollars to invest in law enforcement. this is a result of the liberal
3:53 am
policies that went awry where we depleted the resources, police, we demean them. and we saw commonwealth attorneys not prosecute. we are working across the state in order to bring more resources. >> this budget includes investments in economic developments so we can bring the next raytheon, the next boeing, the next lego to virginia. >> there is still more work to do. while we will celebrate today the signing of this budget, we will go to work this afternoon. >> brian: kind of a big crowd for a supermarket signing. not many people get this. >> brian: i know there is a buzz about you. what is next. >> we will see what comes next. but for now i have day two to worry about. >> brian: one of the reefnts why there is a buzz you can only go one term and then you are done is. what is next?
3:54 am
primed to run one of the most successful international companies the carlyle group in the world. he was running it. why we quit and just be four years and out? would you lay on the side and wait four years and try to get the job back again like terry mcauliffe. the reason why he might be in position to run against president trump because they get along they are fine. but donald trump is not responsible where governor desantis we know for sure without donald trump getting behind him, they have always gotten along he is not necessarily responsible for glenn youngkin wants success. he said president trump really impressed him a and he kept calling on him to help with the china deal. they do so much work in china. you will see the president when he signs phase one he look thes looks at me in the audience thank you glenn youngkin, i was moved by that one of the first thing he did call on business what do you guys need? what the is biggest problem you
3:55 am
have with this country? how can i go to bat he let the business people. >> speaking of go to bad bat. the big question is if he only has one term. is he laying the ground work for something bigger? i was reading in politico couple months ago glenn youngkin. he was involved in a couple of political groups that would expand his reach. and assist other governors across the country in running for the state house. >> ainsley: he won because education was such a priority there. in many of the counties in virginia. will he run for president? did you get the sense that he might? >> brian: i think it's very -- i hear from other people, even before i give me the idea i really should try to get to him quickly is that they really -- there is a lot of money and power behind him. even though he said i decided at the last minute, he supported paul ryan. you know, he supported different candidates throughout time during their -- he was seen to be plowing the ground years
3:56 am
before he did. he was supporting different candidate who could be influent and successful. one thing about it. there is nothing but respect that he has for president trump. when president trump endorsed him he said he honored me. in a push pell state it's not unique to president trump. you don't really have a lot of success endearing fourself to someone you are going to find tim ryan the same thing in ohio. is he not going to talk about president biden much. >> ainsley: it is interesting they leave their jobs to go and fight. look at mehmet oz leaving his tv show. >> brian: great example. >> ainsley: great job, brian. >> steve: will president biden listen to their plea to expand the court? n that's coming up.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ i was just thinking about that weekend ♪ ♪ steve goonk good morning lebanon, tennessee, 6 currently a temperature 72 degrees. later today a daytime high 85. partly cloudy to start this
4:01 am
monday june 27th, 2020. >> ainsley: i love this song. i have never heard it before. >> brian: >> ainsley: jewels has coffee with us. they stayed up late to watch the hockey game. one of the young boys. ing. remember that? it reminds me of that song. talking about the weekend. >> brian: oh, yeah. >> ainsley: remember when had to rush out and pick up your girlfriend or see kathy when you were dating that feeling? >> brian: sounds like a refrain on every country music song we see. that's a very cooperative city why? because they put a traffic signal in the middle. if you don't get along with people and learn to cooperate
4:02 am
and weave in and out series of crashes. they put a circle there because they trust the people to get along. >> ainsley: want to have a nice city put a traffic circle in. >> steve: i disagree. causes a lot of trouble a lot of interpretation. if i'm in the circle i do yield to the car on the right. i'm the car on the right if i look over that way. so it's very complicated. >> ainsley: everyone else back here mad. >> brian: craziest thing is jones beach. they put that pencil in the middle. all of the sudden. >> steve: a pencil? >> brian: looks like a huge pencil a huge tower. a little circle. when you get there it is literally chaos. they don't have arrows you figure it out. >> steve: that brings the town together? >> brian: almost no accidents if you want to go to the beach get along. see what kind of collision
4:03 am
insurance have you. will. >> ainsley: i saw jimmy buffet on the beach. >> brian: a lot of margaritas. a lot of people go to the concert and sits in the parking lot. biggest tailgate. >> steve: they don't hear the music. it's a party. >> ainsley: they don't make it in. >> steve: it's a party. meanwhile, let's talk about a little bit about the news of the day. looking life at capitol hill across the street from the u.s. capitol. the supreme court where more major decisions are expected thee hours from now. >> brian: yeah. the pending cases not yet released cover the environmental regulation. let's think west virginia. immigration, think remain in mexico. religious liberty think coaching, praying. >> ainsley: alexandria hoff live with the latest. >> good morning. the last one you mentioned there the case of joe kennedy will be a particularly interesting one because it will test the court's take on how religious liberty exist as longside the separation
4:04 am
of church and state. kennedy was fire fired from his job in 2015 after he refused toe stop his routine of taking a knee for a quick midfield prash after each game. he was assistant football coach. s how the supreme court rules on this case may hold little weight for someone like senator elizabeth warren who says the courts has lost its legitimacy. >> they just took the last of it and set a torch to it. with the roe v. wade opinion. i believe we need to get some confidence back in our court and that means we need more justices on the united states supreme court. >> well, that's something that president biden says he disagrees with. he will not stand behind that -- packing the court. you heard there senator warren mentioned the word torch. that takes us to los angeles where a police officer was burned by what authorities call a makeshift blow torch. the suspect has been charged way tempted murder. and the incident took place during protests that had turned violent friday into saturday.
4:05 am
additional officers were injured. multiple people arrested. jed the vermont state house was hit are that reads if abortions aren't safe you aren't either. same phrase was tagged in a pro-life senator in lynchburg, virginia. one building was marked with death to scotus. yesterday congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez called on conservative members of the court to be impeached. listen. >> it sends a blaring signal to all future nominees that they can now lie to duly elected members of the united states senate in order to secure supreme court confirmations. and seats on the supreme court. i believe lying under oath is an impeachable offense. >> so aoc feels that the three most recent conservative justices mislead members of the senate during their confirmation hearings. steve, ainsley, brian, send it back to you.
4:06 am
>> steve: all right, alexandria, thank you very much. to that point about how aoc feels that those couple of supreme court justices during confirmation hearings mislead the senators, there is an op-ed in the "wall street journal" that says the justices didn't lie to the senate. and essentially what it says is, you know, the senators can ask questions. but, the way judging works, is you have got to be impartial and you have got have an open mind. you can't bring to the table a prejudice, otherwise you are prejudice. and then what kind of a judge would you be? you would be a partisan. >> ainsley: see the case and then make a decision. collins said in the confirmation hearings. gorsuch and kavanaugh, confirmation hearings. manchin said roe v. wade was a settled legal precedent and now saying they changed their mind. >> steve: what it goes into every case, this cases with a the doj case down in mississippi. -- dodd case this ways had a different set of facts than roe v. wade. keep in mind, this ruling did
4:07 am
not ban abortion, will they simply said there is no constitutional right to an boompleghts they said each state gets to decide what is it each state is going to do. >> brian: i think it's also important to point out the political ramifications of this. the democrats have done such a terrible job with the power that they have inherited from the last election. they were about to be routed. and they still might be. but this does change even though we are in june, it does change the issues. and you are going to watch democrats run away from inflation, run away from gas prices, run away from afghanistan. run away from their lack of accomplishment on build back better and just going to want to talk about that. american people will ultimately be the juror and independence will ultimately decide how much this means. and depending on the state you are in. because, as we see now, there are certain states made their decisions on trigger laws. 13 states have trigger laws. they are going to take part in
4:08 am
july. 20 states have abortion rights in place. and then we will see how they vote from there on in. look to your state houses and try to get your person there who believes what you believe and maybe that's going to affect how you elect a governor. >> ainsley: already companies coming out and saying if you can't get an abortion in your state if you work for us we will pay for you to drive to another state and go get an abortion. here are many of the companies and shareholders are paying for this. so if you have invested in some of these companies, you will be footing the bill for these individuals to go to other states if they so choose to do it. disney is one of these companies. down in florida, ron desantis has said no abortions after 15 weeks there might be some exceptions. i'm not sure. but, in california, it's an open state. that's where disney is and this man, jose is running for congress in florida as a republican. he works for disney. he says he loves the company. but he doesn't support this listen. this seems like another attempt
4:09 am
by disney to make political statements. there are employees who they are alienating. i spoke with a colleague i don't know how much longer i can keep working for this company. there are guesting go to be should i really pay for it to go watch a movie, to go to the theme park that will end up pays for someone's abortion. i love in this company. i believe in the founding principles of are walton. dream. come and enjoy themselves. believe in that i'm going to fight for it i'm not going to leave this to the liberal left on a silver platter. >> steve: it will be a major political issue at the state level. because, it's going to be at the state level where things are determined. you know it, all got started with the case down -- the dobbs case in mississippi after 15 weeks you cannot have an abortion. ever when you look at the polls are they go are you for or against abortion. i don't a lot of people realize wait a minute, in certain locations can you abort a child the day the child is born r.
4:10 am
they for that. >> ainsley: i think think the majority of americans are for that. >> brian: not for it. >> ainsley: not for it. >> steve: absolutely not. it all depends on which state will decide. that will be the fight going forward. >> brian: can i point out governor cuomo made that announcement a couple of years ago? i'm going to give he was cheered for that. that's how insane it was -- it is i think as a thought of people getting away from the issue. >> steve: all right. meanwhile. at least we're going to talk about crime. we had an emotional conversation with a mother who lost her daughter who had just had a baby three weeks earlier when she was returning a scooter out in venice beach, california. randomly shot by a group of young men. it's now just being adjudicated but she will never have her daughter again. in chicago. and this is the latest. at least 23 people dead. five killed including a five month old girl. and then there was the news over
4:11 am
friday night you know gianno caldwell he has been on our program many, many times. is he a fox news contributor. he over the last year or so has been talking about how one of his brothers was in a car, i believe, memorial day 2017, some guy came up and shot the guy sitting next to him. it was his best friend and he died in his arms. and now the terrible news that gianno's brother christian was murdered on friday. once again, one of those random shootings, not random. one of those shootings on the street where the guy with the gun hopped in a car and the cops are looking for him. but in chicago and who knows if they will ever young man who just turned 18 this year. >> look at gianno and brother christian. there are nine kids in the family. and the mom, unfortunately, had a drug problem and had to go to rehab. so they were raised by their grandmother. gianno said the youngest three, the one who was shot, christian,
4:12 am
is the youngest out of all nine. the youngest three gianno helped raise. he said they are basically my sons and i helped take care of him and i helped raise him. he said he loved sports, spending time with friends, traveling and he loved his big brother. >> steve: i saw something on instagram or twitter where christian on father's day wrote to him and said you know you were like a father to me. and happy father's day to his brother which was so loving. >> ainsley: please turn yourself in. i want them to brought to justice. he hopes they can actually be rehabilitated. he said as a christian no believes in forgiveness. believes there is a second pat . all i want is justice. gianno, we love you. we are so sorry you are going through this. can't imagine the pain and devastation you feel. >> brian: we are in a lawless period in this country where
4:13 am
crime ♪ punished all about the criminal first. case in point to cover the "new york post" today. you have this woman? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: okay. woman that has been caught stealing she says 100 times. but they say over 100 times. she was actually caught on saturday again shoplifting. she has missed 27 court appearances and still is not in jail today. here's a quote from mayor adams reacting to what -- excuse me, this said something different. >> steve: right. >> brian: but this woman, if there is anybody that should be in jail. it should be this woman. when she was grabbed on saturday started punching the security guard how do you aget get away with it. >> steve: her name is michelle mckelly, describes herself as a professional booster saturday she was released without bond again. she allegedly stole 125 bucks
4:14 am
worth of stuff from a cvs and freed because of harlem. last month she was charged with robbing a right aid, another drugstore. she had robbed it 10 times in all. and because the charges do not qualify for bail. prosecutors only can say she has got to be let go on supervised release. if she is on supervised release. and she is, you know, stolen 100 times. who is supervising her? but that's the way it is. meanwhile the "new york post" at 5:00 this morning did a story where last week they followed the new mayor, who has been here for about six months now. mayor adams it as he rode through the subway. essentially what he says is i'm shocked at how bad it is down there. he said when i started looking into this, i was shocked at how bad this place is. it was probably the third or fourth week in january, a spent
4:15 am
a lot of time in the office and started appealing back layers and what it start the to unshell we all know it's bad but it's the mayor's job as a former cop to get us out of this ditch. >> that's why the gubernatorial. the primaries are tomorrow mere in new york. the gubernatorial republicans that are hoping to get -- or to get to win tomorrow in the primary. the republicans are doing well. if you look at the stats. hochul is only up by a few percentage points. people are saying that lee gelled continue does have a chance. that maybe giuliani has a chance. as that reno has a chance. we will see. people in new york are fed up with the crime. also in chicago there was a five-month-old baby that was shot and killed in the back seat of the car. on friday. on saturday, there was a 16-year-old girl shot as she was on the sidewalk. thankfully she is doing okay. she was shot in the arm. then an hour earlier three
4:16 am
others shot on the south side. yesterday, two armed -- two guys with guns got on a bus and started to walk to the back of the bus and they started one killed shot in the head. and died. another was wounded. and then little italy section a man was shot to death yesterday. only 32 years old. shot getting out of his car. >> steve: within wonder why people are leaving the big estimate. >> ainsley: look ken griffin moving his home company down miami. steve don't blame him. >> brian: carley shimkus with the news. >> carley: crime crisis one thing the border crisis is worsening. check out this video. our own griff jenkins took yesterday showing over 300 immigrants crossing into the u.s. eagle pass texas. he reports most of these migrants are from venezuela, cuba and colombia. border patrol officials say they have had more than # thousand encounters in the dell rio sector in just the last 48
4:17 am
hours. that includes five afghan nationals. they have seen migrants from listen to this number 109 different countries this fiscal year alone. a texas congressman says house speaker nancy pelosi pushed her ghawrt a photo op. newly elected g.o.p. representative mayra flores says pelosi shoved the young girl in the side as she was sworn into congress following her special election victory. flores tweeting she proud of her daughter, adding no daughter should be pushed to the side for a photo op., period. pelosi has not yet commented on this matter. a new report showing more than one million voters. across 43 states have switched to the republican party. in just the last year. the data coming from voter registration analyzed by the associated press. the reports say the numbers come from virtually every region in the country. including cities and small towns in both red and blue states. in a major warnings for
4:18 am
democrats, ahead of the midterms this year. the biggest shift reported comes from the suburbs where college educated parents who shifted away from the g.o.p. in 2020 have mostly shifted back. and a wild pitch during yesterday's angels mariners game triggering a bench clearing brawl in anaheim, watch. >> and the benches are cleared. there is chaos. it is not done. >> the american league west rivals mixing it up and some players even throwing punches after outfielders was hit by a pitch. the officials ejecting six players and both managers, the teams can square off 11 more times in the regular season. that's a lot of times 11 more. they are going crazy. >> you said those are sun flower seeds they threw like the big
4:19 am
box? sun flower seeds. >> anything they could get their hands on. >> a little unsportsmanship like. >> brian: that's not littering because it's biodegradable. >> steve: keep america beautiful. >> brian: now it's up to the birds. >> steve: thank you very much, carley. >> carley: see ya. >> steve: brian laundrie, remember him, he confessed to killing gabbatha petino notebook found next to his body. while experts are casting doubt on alleged motive. >> brian: president biden is meeting with g-7 leaders this morning. former secretary of state mike pompeo on what he wants to hear from the commander-in-chief on the world stage. ♪
4:20 am
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steve: experts are casting doubt on brian laundrie's claim that he killed his girlfriend gabby petino out of mercy. in his network confession found in his diary he wrote he wanted to stop her suffering after she allegedly was injured from a fall and was very cold. meanwhile gabby's parents are suing the laundrie family. meanwhile their attorney gabby petino's story so bad on so many different levels. now, people have looked at his,
4:25 am
you know, his journal where he was writing things and the way he makes it sound, he makes it sound like she had fallen into a body of water or something like that. she was so cold she was shaking so he wanted to be dead. so essentially its would a mercy killing that was what was going on in his head. >> what a selfish, evil psycho path brian laundry was. even as he is going to his death he is trying to justify his killing of this beautiful, young woman. it doesn't even make factual sense. of course it's not true. and, of course, he was trying to justify himself in the end. and even portray himself as a hero as if he had committed some sort of mercy killing. it's absurd, steve. it doesn't even make any sense. if she had been injured as he said she was, all he had to do was wrap her up and drive for help or call 911. >> steve: right. it's that simple.
4:26 am
obviously the parents are suing his parents. gabby's parents are suing his parents where will that go? >> that's an interesting case. they clearly couldn't have had anything to do with her death in the beginning. if they helped her cover it up. helped him protect him and evade law enforcement there could be some civil liability there. it's definitely a case to watch. i would have thought there would potentially be criminal charges and help evade capture and helping evade and allude a fugitive which is a federal keim crime. i'm not not sure why no charges were brought. >> steve: another case people have been paying attention to ghislaine maxwell, apparently her sentencing hearing is going to be tomorrow. and some of her victims are supposed to be there. reportedly she is on suicide watch. although i think i read she is
4:27 am
on suicide watch even though she is not suicidal. then there are these stories that people have told other people yeah, you know, i was offered a lot of the money to kill her behind bars. what's going on with this one. >> child sex offenders don't have an easy time in prison deservedly so. i don't know whether there is a plot to kill jillane maxwell or not. i'm sure it's smart to have her on suicide watch so nothing happens to her like epstein. looking for substantial amount of time in jail. >> her want 5 years and the prosecutors want 30. that's a huge disparity the judge has to decide. i'm sure she will decide on the longer sentence. >> steve: isn't there -- wasn't there that law passed which specified a certain amount of time, i think it was after time after these crimes were committed and it's hard to tell exactly which standard to use?
4:28 am
>> that's right, steve. after these crimes were finished which was in about 2004, the united states congress passed laws establishing mandatory minimum sentences for most of these crimes which she was convicted. it would have been at least a 10-year mandatory minimum. now, technically the judge could sentence her to probation. i don't think she will. i think she will get a good stiff long sentence. but she could have been sentenced to probation because of when the crimes were committed. correct me if i am wrong has finally realized these crimes are serious. sex trafficking and enticing children to cross state lines to engage in this kind of illicit activity should have a mandatory minimum of 10 years and maximum of life. she will get somewhere between 5 and 30 years. i think 20 is more likely. >> steve: two interesting cases that america has been watching. francey, thank you very much for your analysis. >> thanks, steve. >> steve: abortion activists vandalizing christian pregnancy centers and churches across the
4:29 am
country. dr. alveda king and reverend eugene rivers the iii deliver their pro-life message in the wake of these attacks coming up on "fox & friends."
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
>> ainsley: christian organizations have been a target for pro-choice extremists as they vandalize locations across
4:33 am
the nation including a pregnancy center in colorado and a church in virginia tagged with a message warning this won't stop. joining us now with reaction is fox news contributor and founder of the pro-life organization "speak for life alveda king along with the founder and director see more institute for black church and policy study reverend eugene rivers iii. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning god bless you. >> ainsley: dr. king, i will start with you when you hear about pregnant that's crisis centers many have ties to the christian church are being targeted, i have heard some of these interviews with people who work at these centers and they have said look, these women have already made the choice to keep their baby. we are just here for support and to give them resources. so what is your reaction when you hear about these centers being targeted? >> well, i am directly connected to the movement of pregnancy care centers myself. and i know that they are nonviolent. that they are helpful and they are there in the community and
4:34 am
yet many are connected to the faith communities and to the churches in their area. so, the goal of a pregnancy care center is to supported birth of baby and support the mother for up to two or three years during that time. even the father and the community. i think it's very shameful to use violence because you are afraid or angry and don't understand how important the sanctity of life is these centers are in your communities, people, to help, to nurture, and to support. >> ainsley: reverend rivers some of the graffiti on these centers if abortion ain't safe you ain't safe. in portland spray painted death to scotus. these are violent messages. what's your reaction? >> number one, i first want to salute scotus for making an excellent decision to defend life. the right of the unborn.
4:35 am
my initial response is that these are criminals. and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. that such behavior, such political terror cannot be tolerated or accepted. the faith community needs to be vocal in defending our brothers and sisters. i know of a number of roman catholic churches that have been under violent assault. you know, on the part of essentially activists who are antilife. and what's really significant to note is that these people who talk about the rights of women will deny the rights of other women who simply want to defend the defenseless, the unborn, who deserve justice. what a lot of young people in our cities say they say look, black lives matter from the womb to the tomb, from the womb to the tomb, people's rights should
4:36 am
not be denied. and that's why those of us who have been in the pro-life movement, especially on the black church wing of it, insist that we must reject any forms of violence. in fact, abortion, is a form of violence. and we thank god for scotus and the churches and those workers in those clinics that are trying to defend the mothers and the children. >> ainsley: yeah. you say you can't say black lives matter and not care about the lives of these babies. >> come on. that's right. >> ainsley: reverend king, our country is so divided, what is your message? both of you speak so much truth and beautiful messages of love. what is your message for our country right now as we are debating this issue? >> i would say america embrace truth. america embrace god. we have been lied to and we have been told that the babies in the womb don't matter but scotus has been very brave and it is time for us to return to god.
4:37 am
life is sacred from the womb to the tomb, regardless of. >> there you go. faith, color, we are one blood, one human race. and that life begins. human life begins in the womb. human dignity, civil rights, women's rights. all rights begin in the womb. and we must uphold the sanctity of life and allay the fears so the people who are rioting need to calm down to be educated and informed and to begin to embrace life. >> amen. >> ainsley: reverend rivers what is your message to the woman who is 18 years old found out she is pregnant. scared to tell her parents or she is thinking about an abortion? >> listen, the message to that young sister is that a, god loves you. b, there is a better way. c, churches are stepping up to support you. these clinics, the people of faith have been organizing and doing this good work they exist
4:38 am
to support you. our message must be to that 18-year-old girl that a, there is hope, and that she is loved and supported. and this is very important. thank you for the question. we must provide -- we must be pro-life not simply pro-birth. we must be pro-life and provide many many cases resources for these young girls who desperately need to experience the love of god so the churches and faith community, we must do more from the womb to the tomb, we must provide the support. >> ainsley: all right. >> absolutely. >> both of you, thank you so much. >> god bless you. god bless you, dr. king. >> you too, sir. >> ainsley: god bless you both. still ahead russia and china are just two of the threats on the top of the g-7 leaders minds this morning. former secretary of state mike pompeo is going to share what he wants to hear from president biden on the world stage. ♪
4:39 am
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brian fox news alert. president biden with world leaders meeting in germany on issues like climate health and energy. the administration pledging $200 billion towards a global infrastructure plan aimed to counter china's multi trillion dollars bell tan road initiative. will it do that? here to react fox news contributor former secretary of state mike pompeo. great to see you. this is a good idea to encounter what china is doing helping struggling nations who might have some auto give infrastructure, china goes in there but exextort these countries. we wouldn't do that brian, have you got it exactly right. the chinese call it a bell tan road initiative go to a small country and loan and when the project goes bad they use that loan as extortion to get the
4:44 am
political outcome. it's not how america rolls. four years we pushed back it. put money towards the g-7 and president biden has asked today. brian, i almost certain if comes from the biden administration it will be all about esg. it will be about diversity, equity and inclusion not climate change not the hard power solutions that these countries are legally looking for. they need a response to the chinese communist party not awoke, green agenda that is tied to these dollars that these seven countries are proposing they will provide. this is a serious threat from the chinese communist party. they need assistance this probably isn't it. >> brian: we are going to purchase a missile defense system for kyiv from norway. do you like that move? and what else could would he be doing to stop russia's advancement? >> that's the right question. they are there at the g-7 talking about climate change and health and i think he said education. should be talking about how to end this war in ukraine.
4:45 am
vladimir putin continues to advance sending a clear message about his respect for president biden and hi his team by launching missiles into western ukraine and to kyiv yesterday, just as the g-7 was kicking off, i think the missile system is great. we should be providing targeted capabilities, intelligence. unmanned airline systems could help a lot, could help the ukrainians target. he hasn't asked for our soldiers. he hasn't asked for the 82nd airborne asking for the resources to allow him to win this war. the longer we lollygag and afraid we are going to provoke vladimir putin. he is provoked. we should count that as good. the longer we hold back the more lives lost and worse for us at home in newark. this war in europe the instability there in places across the country. need to give them the tools they are asking for. train them to use them and allow them to do the work that needs to be done to deter vladimir putin just as they have down.
4:46 am
>> mr. secretary, the reason why able to sell oil india. please answer this. why are we allowing turkey to keep sweden and -- sweden and finland out of nato? >> yeah. we should end both of those. we should make clear to the turks that these countries are going to join nato, it's going to happen. we should acknowledge the concerns they have as best we can but make sure that moves forward. second, we shouldn't tariff and forbid. tell our allies you can't buy russian oil and chinese buy oil is in they, bad policy, so your suggestion is secondary sanctions. most importantly, brian, actually enforcing the existing sanctions. those are the things that will convince vladimir putin that this cost is too high. when you go through that. he feels free to move about the cabin and risk to the united states and europe and people of ukraine will continue. >> brian: mr. secretary, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you, brian.
4:47 am
>> brian: monitor the news coming out of g-7. thanks. >> yes, sir. have a good day. >> brian: yeah, thank you, mr. secretary and former congressman and former cia director. 14 minutes before the top of the hour check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. >> janice: take a look at it we have air traffic delays as you can see. 582 delays across the country. and 681 san sell labor relations worst airports los angeles new york and chicago. lowest visibility in parts of california and new mexico. current wind gusts gusty winds across massachusetts. that's not going to change. it's probably going to get worse. this front is moving across the northeast. that's going to bring the potential for showers and thunderstorms as you can see for your day today in some of these big cities. so expect delays getting better tuesday and wednesday for the i-95 corridor. we also have the potential for showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast and the southwest. it's the monsoon season is back into this area. that means a shift in the winds and more precipitation possible
4:48 am
from the pacific and gulf of mexico. and the heat remains the biggest story across the country. we have heat advisories in place for parts of the southwest. we will continue to keep you up to date. fox for latest details, brian. over to you. >> brian: could see you in the hall and ask you. >> janice: i always give you personal forecast. >> brian: i really do charge that. you do charge me at the end of the month but it's a one-time thing. jace and robinson sharing. why they are overcome with gratitude. that story next. ♪
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
>> pro-life advocates celebrating the supreme court overturning roe v. wade including two of the stars of "duck dynasty" who say the decision left them, quote, overcome with emotion and gratitude. >> brian: one reason jace and robinson are a baby boy after mother chose life. >> steve: duck family treasure join us now from louisiana. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. welcome to our house. >> steve: thank you very much. from our couch to your house. when you heard the news on
4:53 am
friday what did you think. >> we were actually coming home from being with you guys in new york on the planes and in our car trying to get home to our little boy who we are taking care of hearing all of this, the news, the breaking news that happened. and i was overcome with emotion as soon as i saw him. i just wanted to get my is and hands on him and just celebrate him and his life. he was created on purpose for a purpose and i was just so happy to see him and we snuggled and kissed him all over, i think he missed us too. he is only 4 months. i think he missed us too. it was a wonderful moment. >> ainsley: you were telling us the story of how you got this baby boy into your home. tell the folks at home that story. >> well, look, we -- we are just ordinary people that happen to be on tv. and but i came, you know from, a broken family when i was a kid with my parents and we saw the transformational power of god's
4:54 am
brace happen in their life and that's where these shows came from was, you know, when my parents, when they devoted their lives to god and their children, which was me and my brothers, they started doing things with us and taking us outside and going hunting and fishing and so that's where all that happened. and ever since that time our family has devoted ourselves to the love of god and the love of people and all these ministries that we have had going on for years, we meet these people and we try to help them get off drugs and overcome alcohol abuse and some of them are in prostitution and all of that. along the way some of these people call back, choose life and in this case that's what happened. you know, we get a call in the middle of the night saying a woman signed her baby over to you, will y'all take him? i mean, yes. we are going to make this work. and so it happens a lot.
4:55 am
it's been happening for years. there's a reason my family looks like the united nations because you can't go out there and spread the grace of god and not be willing to help in real life situations. that's what we're doing. >> brian: other thing to keep in mind too, you also have a teenager that you foster? >> we do. we met her, her name is karina. her story if i get too far into this i will get emotional. girl came from nothing. she is an organ girl. her grandma tried to raise her until she died. some people from the church down from the dominican republic reach out to her and try to mentor her and long story short, she educates herself. she gets a scholarship to high school and germany. she goes by herself and then gets a scholarship to go a college here in minnesota and she just graduated and she just
4:56 am
accepted a job in our nation's capital. >> graduated are w. two majors and minor. >> people look at that and say you hurst have helped her. no, she helped us. she to this day won't take any money from us unless she feels like she earns it. she is just a warrior. that's why we fight for life though. when we look at unborn children, we look at stories like her, we believe all people are valuable. and they have a purpose and we see that happening every day. >> brian: another reason to watch your show all episodes of duck family treasure right now on fox jace and missy thanks so much. >> ainsley: they are also grandparents now. congratulations. thanks, guys for coming on.
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: all right, special thanks to one republic for sunshine but they are all happy. of the a lot of people are hung over because last time for the first time in 21 years they brought home the stanley cup. denver, colorado, this is, do
5:01 am
they shrink wrap every night? it's so clean. >> brian: it's a mile high. started to get to. >> ainsley: i hope everyone had a great weekend. that you'll have a great weekend? >> steve: two of my neighbors john across the back and frank across the street have sparked a mike string lights buried in all the string of lights it looks like mulberry street. for a year or two and one of these days i'm going to do that. sally came home help me i went to home depot got the stuff and it looks great. >> ainsley: no you neighbors? we need a picture you have to take one tonight. >> steve: i have a picture. >> brian: i was on both days quickly. let's take a look. >> steve: hold on a second. there i am, stringing up the lights. right there. that's what they look like.
5:02 am
>> ainsley: look at you and all of your product on my projects. >> steve: i'm wearing a new jersey generals t-shirt. new jersey general electric. >> brian: also have that 13-week-old puppy taking up all my time. rocky is beginning to like the puppy come up apollo wants nothing to do with the puppy. >> ainsley: that was the whole point of getting awards for apollo. >> brian: got a little ocd. we have like a therapy dog for the dog. >> ainsley: but is not working. >> steve: dogs have ocd? >> brian: oh, yeah. my dog would get up one day and refused to enter a room. speech was the reason for that you know? >> brian: he will not speak to me. >> ainsley: to >> steve: it's a dog he can't speak to. >> brian: he's a genius and he's deaf. think that plays into a. he will eat a little walk in a circle eat some more walk in a circle. >> ainsley: you find it cute
5:03 am
and it's humorous, right? you watch him. >> brian: you watch them open the slider with his teeth. >> ainsley: that's a new one? is really cute. will she get as big as the others? >> brian: even with the female it supposed to be bigger. >> ainsley: where are you? it looks like a farm. >> brian: meanwhile -- >> steve: how big is your rumba? >> brian: you have to do it yourself a robot can only do so much. >> ainsley: they shed but they are cute. >> brian: that's true, 3 minutes out of the top of the hour protests erupting nationwide from the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade for example in los angeles friday night there were protesters blocking the freeway. people were throwing sticks at cards, that will help. the l.a.p.d. officers were also targeted with a makeshift blowtorch and fireworks. >> ainsley: look at that. >> brian: to go people arrested one evening charged
5:04 am
with attempted murder of a police officer. >> steve: meanwhile in portland, oregon, a group of writers smashed windows and group domain through graffiti on businesses they also targeted a pro-life center in virginia writing graffiti as you can see right there in the building, breaking windows, that is just on the we's coast-to-coast. >> ainsley: protesters are also attacking the state house in vermont. the bus to the windows there, they threaten lawmakers with the message. if abortion is not safe, you are not either. >> steve: the question is now, we are from joe biden on friday talked a little bit about his disappointment and what the supreme court did, remember, they did not ban abortion, they just simply said there is no constitutional right for an abortion and elects it up to the states. each state will decide exactly how they should react. joe biden on friday said he was disappointed, but then again, this will be a good reason for people to vote, certain lawmakers out. listen, it's not going to be up
5:05 am
to your u.s. senator or u.s. congressman. it will be up to the people of the local level. local and state level for what your state will do. that is where it will impact people in november. >> ainsley: this one nonprofit is called mother and child education center in portland is run by a democrat who is catholic was pro-choice but moms when they have artie made the decision to keep their baby come to the facility she helps give them resources. this would happen at their facility, look at this. just complete graffiti everywhere. she said back in may this support the court someone wrote back in may they showed up and they put they put it in their doors and locks . feces all over the locks because these women artie made the choice. this costing thousands of dollars. she said there were workers are scared now to come to work.
5:06 am
>> brian: is at 24 weeks, about 15 week some of these states like florida georgia and virginia are at 15 weeks. some have flat out just that it is banned as of july 1st or right away. you can't have an abortion. if you want to talk about how it plays out politically in november, the cbs poll i find kind of interesting, it's not a surprise at 78% of republicans approve of the overturn periods house appraised at 83%, only 17% of democrats did. independence, i think that could be the key. right now just 28% of independents were in support of overturning roe v. wade. oftentimes decides big and small elections because you have things like inflation. you have gas prices. if you have the direction of the economy. you have over the weekend basically saying a recession is an almost certainty. is that swamp roby wade?
5:07 am
>> ainsley: say was going to be on the ballot box, we interviewed ms. king and eugene rivers a reverend they were on her show talking about this, listen. speak of the goal of a pregnancy care centers to support the birth of a baby, to support the mother for up to 2-3 years during that time, even the father and the community. i think is very shameful to use violence because you are afraid or angry and don't understand how important the sanctity of life is. >> we must be pro-life, not simple just pro-birth. you be pro-life and provide, in many cases resources for these young girls who desperately need to experience the love of god to the churches and faith community must do more. from the womb to the tomb we must provide support. amen. >> steve: amen to that. naturally everyone is going how
5:08 am
do we get here? we got here because suddenly there are all of these conservatives on the court. a couple of u.s. senators mentioned essentially we were lied to. we had cavanaugh in here, cavanaugh essentially said that, gore search said roby wade was president and cavanaugh said it was settled. you have members of the political west saying you know what political left saying we can't make let this happen again. she says let's pack the courts. and aoc, who we are about to hear from comes as if they lie to us they should be impeached. >> it makes a particularly dangerous is that it sends a blaring signal to all future nominees that they can now lie to duly elected members of the united states senate in order to secure supreme court confirmations and seats on the
5:09 am
supreme court. i believe lying under oath is an impeachable offense. >> this court has lost legitimacy. they burn whatever legitimacy they may still have had after they are gone decision, after the boating decision, after the union decision. they just took the last of it and set a torch to it with the roe v. wade opinion. i believe we need to get competence back in our court and that means we need more justices on the united states supreme court. >> brian: that's not going to happen. it's hard to imagine it happening but they want to motivate people to flip senate seats in pennsylvania, flip senate seats and keep senate seats in places like georgia. keep in mind too, these states if you are living in oklahoma you probably know that the governor there signed a bill that bans all abortions. you know in florida it's relatively purple and leans right they are at 15 weeks and it is banned.
5:10 am
kentucky lawmakers over rode the veto after a 16 week abortion so we'll go back and forth to california new york nothing changes. in fact, they want to be in abortion tourist center. they want people to come. they're coming up with ads to bring people over. >> ainsley: some of these companies are now saying we will pay for you to drive to another state to get an abortion or whatever your transportation mode might be. some of these same companies like starbucks, the parent company of facebook, apple disney. >> steve: two aoc's point they lie so they should be impeached. wall street journal has an op-ed that says of the title did not lied to the senate and what it says is judges are limited under article three of the constitution to hear cases which means ruling on facts of loss specific to the cases. and here is the part at the very end, the reason the democrats
5:11 am
are so angry is because they have used the courts to get a lot of policy. the last paragraph reads this. "the fury of the left's reaction isn't really about guns or abortion, which we have heard about last week. it reflects they are, the democrats, the political left's grief at having lost the court as a vehicle for achieving policy goals they can't get through legislature. the cultural victories they achieved by judicial fiat will not have to be won by persuading voters. we understand their frustration but they ought to try democracy for change. they" they are absolutely right. that a lot of the positions on the political left and now that the court is saying wait a minute you can't do this or that they are saying wait a minute, they give taken away our tool. >> brian: i would say this i watch the specifically his reporting over the week and said kamala harris has been leading up the charge in the white house to really marshall this politically and to do it to retain some type of power in the
5:12 am
house in the senate periods of kamala harris gift to think it will be effective. >> steve: get to the root causes. >> brian: the root causes, [laughs] >> ainsley: the justices did not ban abortion. is that there is no constitutional right to abortion and left it to the states to decide. >> steve: there you go. for more on this for the morning of meanwhile's 8:12 in new york city. >> airport staffing issues leading to countless delays and cancellations. >> ainsley: aaa has been predicting a record number of americans will hit the road for up independence day weekend. >> steve: they join us with fox business live for more, i can't say how intensive stood in front of one of those signs where it says your flight will take off at 11:00. now will be at 12:00. now take off at 3:00 this afternoon. >> let me tell you, steve, it seems like that's happening here in newark already.
5:13 am
i checked flight aware, 16% of flights departing out of newark already canceled for today. it seems like air travelers need to brace for a bumpy ride ahead. not just the head of the weekend, we saw a record number of travelers checked by tsa, more than 2.4 million people on friday. that is the highest checkpoint volume since february of 2020. so, we know it was a busy weekend and we still have 1500, actually more than 1500 flights were canceled. up more than 12,000 flights were delayed. while travelers now facing disruptions heading into the july 4th holiday, airlines are now pointing the finger at the federal aviation administration. there is a letter written by airlines for america to pete buttigieg it says "the industry is actively and nimbly doing every thing possible to create a positive customer experience paid however we have also observed the faa staffing challenges have led to traffic
5:14 am
restrictions under blue sky conditions." they go on to add that the facility in jacksonville, florida, has been understaffed for 27 of the last 30 days which is crippling to the entire east coast traffic flow. but, the faa is pushing back saying after receiving $54 billion in pandemic relief to help save the airlines from mass layoffs in bankruptcy, the american people deserve to have their expectations met. now, guys that is a reference to save affordable and efficient travel. they have added alternate routes but as i mentioned today we are already seeing hundreds of cancellations and delays mounting, meanwhile demand for travel remains strong. the aaa expected to see more than 3.5 million people travel by air boarding a flight to go somewhere over the fourth of july/holiday weekend, that's more than last year. in avon with the increasing cost of an airline ticket up about
5:15 am
37% since last year. people or to pay more to travel this holiday weekend, but whether or not they get to their destination, well, we will have to wait and see how that works out. >> ainsley: no kidding on the road less traveled, and lydia think of a lab report very much. as people have for the overlooked fourth of july holiday the choicest $5 gas or a five hour delay. provided they don't cancel your flight. >> ainsley: can you say it staycation? >> steve: we have decided we will just drive around maybe six months will good on washington and go up north. >> ainsley: that sounds fun. >> steve: that's how long are the airport anyway, five hours. >> ainsley: get delayed and delayed you are saying and canceled. after you've been there the whole time. >> brian: they used to be a reason but now there's not a reason. >> steve: over the weekend they are blaming the air traffic controller that we don't have enough. that's at the airlines do when
5:16 am
there is no thunderstorm. if there is a thunderstorm in gainesville ohio they will say you know there was whether on the midwest. everything got delayed. we are not buying it anymore. probably gave all that money to the alliance assay flying in the pandemic. paindemic >> ainsley: is right. they don't want to get back seated as well so there is a shortage on the front. turning to some more headlines now including this crime spike in l.a., district attorney says he thinks he is made his city saver. earlier we spoke to her mother who is seeking justice after her daughter was killed near the venice beach boardwalk. >> since he has been in office, he has let murderers out and they have committed crimes again. i believe, honestly, that until it happens to him or his family
5:17 am
or anyone connected to his camp, if they don't get him out of office, that is the only way he is going to understand our pain and frustration. >> ainsley: despite his recent comments they see surging numbers and violent crimes. a dismissible active intimidation on long island, new york, a vandal drawing a swastika on a lawn sign, they also scribbled 187 which is murder. saying we won't live this vandalism rick turk done deter us from saving our state the anti-semitic graffiti was discovered before tomorrow's primary election. tens of thousands of unvaccinated army national guard members face dismissal as the services vaccine deadline approaches thursday. up to 40,000 soldiers have yet to receive inoculation against covid-19, that is about 13% of
5:18 am
the guards total workforce of those service numbers 14,000 have out right refused to get the job. on winning, the mavericks going to a new milestone for passing the $1 billion mark after 31 days on the silver screen. a sequel is the first of the year to reach that mark passing marvel's dr. strange, maverick has also become the highest grossing movie of tom cruise is decade long career. i'm sure a lot of that is from people who've seen the movie twice. is that good. >> brian: i want to see a hit movie get awards. >> ainsley: that is so true, brian. you never see that have impaired the movie is that win oscars or when you haven't heard of until they win the oscar. >> steve: doesn't the notebook win every year? >> ainsley: chick flicks never win anything they're always good to than ever when anything. like j.lo and all the movies she does. she didn't get an academy award
5:19 am
and there were a lot of complaint about it? you know i'm talking about. >> ainsley: the notebook is a kind of movie that wouldn't get a academy award but it is a blockbuster hit. did you ever see it? >> steve: inmate a a jillion dollars. >> brian: tom hanks tom hanks zenit. >> ainsley: he is coming in talk about it. >> steve: my daughter saw it yesterday and said it's fantastic. >> is it appropriate for the kids? >> steve: it is for my kids but she's 30. >> ainsley: appropriate for a 3-year-old child. >> brian: do if you know the elvis movie is appropriate for your kids call us. op-eds urging lawmakers discipline conservative justices and ben reacts. >> ainsley: the mike >> steve: were talking about this as elvis shakes of the box office he puts on his blue suede shoes for a tour of's
5:20 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: some rage against the supreme court's abortion ruling from friday and "new york times" columnist is calling to discipline the justices behind it. he argues "the power to check the supreme court is they are in the constitution. congressman impeach and remove justices, it can increase and decrease the size of the court itself." it comes as new reports reveal
5:25 am
more than 1 million voters and 43 states have switched to the republican party in the last year. fox news contributor joins us right now. ben, good morning to you. >> good morning, good to be with. speaker is the present "new york times" of an op-ed editorialist saying okay, wrong decision. let's impeach him or just add 75 people to the court? >> ben: you know i have known the columnist in question for a while perry we are actually on air on another network when he won the presidency. he didn't take that very well. he's actually someone who was called before for getting rid of the filibuster. judicial nominees and we how that worked out well for democrats. something they obviously regret now. i think it would be regrettable too paid obviously president biden as opposed to it and ruth bader ginsburg opposed before she passed away and something that would wreck the court and ultimately probably become another backlash against
5:26 am
the left in the long term. it just shows how extreme the reaction is from the left when they lose because they are so unused two it that there always surprised to it willing to basically shred the constitution in order to get what they want about important institutions and that never really works out. >> steve: benn, one of my friends in my town, tom, came up to me the bagel store yesterday and he said, listen. i don't understand why people are out in the streets. they did not ban abortion. they said there is no constitutional guarantee to abortion. they left it up to the state. but that is just one of the things or people go oh, they overturned the abortion thing so you can't get that anymore. when people realize it is up to your own state, you want to hold somebody accountable, hold somebody at your state level accountable. >> ben: roe vs. wade short-circuited american represented of government and democracy.
5:27 am
it took a decision that ought to be made by voters and preventative and took away from them for half of a century. what we are seeing now is a restoration of that. it's actually having faith in the people. have the faith and democracy to be able to adjudicate these issues and not just plunked it. be able to be in a situation where differences will be different ads and we can figure this out for ourselves is which serve as americans. >> steve: sure. you're talking a moment ago about how on election night you were on another network. you are also on fox nation. you have a special called "overturning roe, stomach" we have a snippet, here is been. to be filed with the election of joe biden democrats in congress explained again pushing a new bill, the women's health protection act allowing late-term abortions and stillbirth in every state for
5:28 am
any reason. speak of the left continues to push further and further out. so whenever that happens, the other party becomes the big tent. you look at the polling and a third of democrats, 21 million say they are pro-life. >> ben: in 200925% of the house democratic caucus, 1-4 voted for pro-life amendment and that wasn't that long ago. >> steve: you know, ben, while public opinion polls have shown a majority of americans are for abortion rights, is not this case when you get to late-term abortion where in some cases you can abort the child up to the day of birth. >> ben: what we see consistency in polling data is that americans, while they are willing to allow for an early stage of abortion, they get more and more comfortable with that the further and further along a pregnancy goes. that is going to be selling we adjudicate and see in these states. it was such a pleasure to work with the folks at fox nation to
5:29 am
make this special periods is something we really rushed and worked on in the last several weeks. i hope everyone will check it out, overturning roe on fox nation now. >> steve: great promotion it is available now if you don't have it yet go to ben, thank you for joining us life. >> ben: great to be with you. >> steve: meanwhile this afternoon president biden in europe is meeting with g7 leaders taking on china and supporting ukraine. pierce will give his uncensored take coming up next.
5:30 am
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visit and schedule a demo today. >> brian: fox news now president biden meeting with world leaders in germany and ongoing conference where the topics include climate, of course, health and energy. pledging $200 billion to a global infrastructure plan initiative will be effective here to react as piers morgan. uncensored on fox nation, hey, peers, welcome back. how do you feel about the room program? >> l1piersl0 : first of all, happy monday. i can tell you wimbledon tennis is pouring with rain in london.
5:34 am
>> brian: we put a top and the u.s. open can you put it on wimbledon? >> piers: while it is raining is always. and her lorraine's entire time, that pass by without any rain. that was a weather miracle. as for the g7, there are a lot of issues coming from the summit. the ultimate two issues are how to deal with china, a more immediately how to deal with vladimir putin and russia. i think what everybody has now started discovering is the initial early hub that russia might be losing this war and running on a military hardware and so on. i have always felt that hope was misplaced. russia has gone a long on illustrious history of playing the long game in these situations. putin is in here for the long game. is wearing down ukraine with constant bombardment.
5:35 am
he bombs kiev is the summit was starting. impunity he feels he can act with. and of course, the way he is winning seb's to barrel his way through ukraine now get what he wants, he is doing so well is that the people are already saying to do a deal with them and surrender. more importantly, and i think more concerning lee is winning the economic war. the sanctions aren't working. the truth is putin is getting richer by the day because we are all desperate for his energy. and for the food he is now holding up from the ukraine. he is holding the entire world now over a barrel on food energy he knows it and that's what he can play the long game. >> brian: there's a report of the u.k. that says russian military will soon exhaust its combat capabilities and be forced to bring it to a grinding halt. that according to other westerners especially u.k. intelligence, do not take her with that?
5:36 am
>> piers: i've been reading for weeks that we are winning and i don't believe. on the grid doing nearly enough to help the ukraine win this. i felt from the start doing way to deal with the bully when he pulls a stone like this is yet to give a bully a smack in the nose. i don't know why we are sitting back with of the world's most powerful military, nato, watching them just destroy the ukraine and sees what he wants. the fact people are already talking about surrender and flying the white flag i find completely shameful. completely with lenski on this. i think they have been waving an unbelievably spirited defense of their country, but we have got to do more because of repressions surely must be clear to everybody about the impact of this war. this war is causing global economic meltdown. adult to get seen in my lifetime. ill get a lot worse before it gets any better. >> brian: i hear you. a later moment, vladimir putin take his shirt off and hop on a horse, that did not commented
5:37 am
that, boris johnson and trudeau they were talking about putin, here are some of this exchange. so boris johnson says we have to show we are tougher than putin so let's go horseback riding take off our shirt and show him our packs stomach packs. >> piers: i've seen him with out his shirt on is not a spectacle that will cause vladimir putin any sleepless nights. trudeau looks like he walks out of a boost boris johnson to me a favor. this is a guy who has lived on fear and courage his entire life he can barely walk let alone show off his pecks.
5:38 am
i don't think he has any. and joe biden if he surprises us under the suit. >> brian: i know that i ever thought i would get a muscle and fitness breakdown from piers morgan. but i did. >> piers: by the way, brian, i completely agree with you about top gun, maverick, should win our excursion. should win best movie, best actor for tom cruise. it is without a doubt the best cinematography experience i have had since the first top gun. it has passed a billion dollars in the box office that shows you the people of this world would want that movie to be given its due recognition. not just financially but at the oscars. the oscars could change everything we all feel they just decided one time to have a day off and give the big award to the movies people like watching. try that old trick. >> brian: we will get some danish mountain climber who will get some movie of the year. who knows. those of the types of opinions you get on piers morgan
5:39 am
uncensored on fox nation. weekdays at 4:30. am i right, piers? >> piers: yes. >> brian: he is noted on the morning so it looks never more alert or young, abortion activists promising to protest at their homes at josh hawley's last year while his wife, aaron, was inside with a 7-week-old baby. remember that? he doesn't forget it periods demo ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections,
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♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ >> ainsley: after a weekend of chaos and vandalism and graffiti, abortion activists are showing no sign of ending demonstrations against the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade perry one group calling for resistance march every single saturday injustice courses neighborhood. with plan weekly marches on justice alito's house.
5:44 am
justice roberts, they are both no strangers to having their house targeted by activists perry missouri senator josh hawley and his wife, karen, join us now. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> ainsley: good morning, we are no strangers to this. a member when antifa protested outside your house and aaron, what happened? you are home alone with the baby, right? >> absolutely, josh and the boys were home in missouri. abigail was just a few weeks old and i were home alone. the protesters came at night with bullhorns and shouting, banging. at least three men came up on our porch and work charting for josh to come out even though i had already asked him to leave. our neighbors were terrified. our dog was terrified. is just not something that should happen in a residential area at night. there perfectly appropriate places to protest, but someone's home at night is not that. >> ainsley: i'm sure you were scared to death knowing you had to protect your child especially. senator, what is your reaction to all of this, the riots,
5:45 am
chaos, vandalism? when in portland they spray-painted death to scotus. >> the buy demonstration astern and i to this left-wing violence they've turned a blind eye to this left-wing violence. they really encouraged by saying things like okay to protest these homes when it's illegal. the second thing is it really shows that the radical left has become very antidemocratic. what they don't want is for the people have any say when it comes to laws protecting life and the regulation of abortion. they don't want the people in the states or anywhere to be able to weigh in and that is what this decision does, turns back to the people perry which is that it should be. that is not the left wants. it really shows. they been very antidemocratic. speed to both of your smart people he can't be a clerk for justice if you are not top of the class i know both of you clerked for justice roberts. aaron, he wrote a beautiful
5:46 am
op-ed for fox news called why supreme court abortion decision empowers women. to serve the council to mississippi and he would take your little daughter, abigail, at six months old with you to go discuss this case. tells about that story and why you say her crying in the middle of one of the meetings was a loud reminder of how this issue is. >> absolutely paid we had soup flown down to mississippi, phone all day, navigated the connecting flight and abigail was exhausted. we didn't have time to check-in so we were running to the meeting room. thankfully she fell asleep on the way. not also so long after we sat down to dive entities complex legal discussions on strategy and how to approach a case she up screaming. just sort of awkward and uncomfortable as it was trying to comfort a baby while also contributing to discussions, she was just a real, tangible reminder of why this case matters.
5:47 am
she was this curly headed loud chubby cheeked infant who was absolutely precious and absolutely unique. thing is, ainsley, she is not any more pressures are unique than any other baby at whatever age. they are all deserving protection and deserving of life. >> ainsley: you will have to read it it's great on did you meet when you're both working for justice roberts? >> yeah, we did. we started dating that year, ainsley. we kept it a secret, actually. we were pretty good at that. we kept it on the down low and then we got married after our clerkship. >> ainsley: you are good at keeping secrets. whoever leaked it is not and i hope they find a leak or, thank you so much, guys for coming home. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you're welcome, elvis is battling it out to become the king of the box office. if you haven't been to graceland, it's all right because we sent to john rich to tour elvis' iconic memphis home
5:48 am
but let's check with dana for what's coming up the top of the hour out get a great week end. >> great storing and graceland everyone has to go at least once i glad you will have that we watch for sure. they's, ainsley paid we started with pressing questions after the supreme court ruling. did they lie to senators? mart keys and says no and he will explain. how the decision affect the midterm election? kevin mccarthy will be here live onset. kenny vermont republican won the senate race who will meet casino nolan says yes, she can. general jack keane and while potent pounds keys and on the president's call from europe to produce more green energy while there actually restarting coal plants to power their country will see you at nine. ough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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5:53 am
potential for stronger storms tomorrow per the other big story is the heat. if you like summer time for much of the country. 91 in dallas. as we look across the southwest, that's where we have our heat alerts of four parts of south california. that's going to be ongoing not only today but monday, tuesday, wednesday hanging onto that heat. we will certainly keep you posted on that. flood alerts right now for parts of new mexico. it's the monsoon season. being the moisture from the pacific in the gulf of mexico. it's a great new story because they are into a drought. because we are seeing so much rain in a short period of time, that's can lead to flash flooding. for all of your latest details. over to you. >> brian: you might've heard, the box office battling up for the number one spot with "top gun maverick." >> steve: to find out how close the biopic is to real life, he put on there is a blue suede shoes were out our tour of
5:54 am
graceland pretty joins us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning, my big-city friends. how are you? >> steve: you went to graceland and figured out, right? >> it was unbelievable. i played memphis many, many times in my career. i've never gone to graceland. unbelievably so. i was so excited to be there, i think i was shooting more footage. i couldn't believe what i was seeing. you know, to see all these artifacts and historical things sitting around from elvis presley, it was mind-boggling. you know, people sometimes don't understand what a big heart elvis had. you get to see that as well throughout this incredible place. >> steve: let's take a look. here's john graceland. ♪ ♪ >> hey, guys. my buddy john rich pulled up in a memphis, tennessee, to the home of the great king of rock 'n' roll, elvis presley.
5:55 am
♪ ♪ >> talking about elvis presley. >> my country music takes its cues from the king of rock 'n' roll. this is the first time ever. my first trip to graceland. where my standing right now? >> over 20,000 square feet of everything else that's been here. >> florida, then ceiling is 45 feet tall. >> what was your role and actually the making of the movie? >> encapsulate everything that elvis is ended 2.5 hours. he came to memphis for .5 years ago and lived here with us for almost a month. >> 1956 gibson is an incredible instrument. the fact that this is elvis' guitar for that they allow this guitar to be played in the movie? >> a replica of it was. just a couple of weeks ago when austin was here in town, he
5:56 am
actually played this guitar into the rendition of can't help falling in love. >> standing in front of the most iconic elvis and get up study of apron 1968. >> this outfit here for the movie is such a pivotal part of the film festival. ♪ ♪ >> being the historian that you are, do you recognize my jacket? it's not the original, or it would be in this building. it's incredible. >> there are over 100 pieces of elvis on display. >> it's artwork. >> they really did become pieces of art. when elvis is wearing them on stage, they were just as much as part of a show. ♪ ♪ >> there's actually another outfit that in my opinion might be the most important thing
5:57 am
ever. i would sure like to see that. >> elvis presley began his monetary service. >> here you have teen idol, rock 'n' roll star, hollywood leading man. he stopped his career for two years and he served like anybody else does. he noted his country. that was what was important to him. >> these are the actual uniforms. elvis so those patches on himself. >> i've never met anyone like you. >> i hope not. >> if anyone deserved to have his own car showroom, it's elvis. >> without a doubt. we have records of him purchasing a giving way twocars throughout his lifetime. the majority of those are cadillacs of course. >> i told because i was going to buy them i can like one day. >> this is the car. this car is also featured in the movie. ♪ ♪
5:58 am
>> i couldn't let you leave without seeing the most important thing. the mansion. finding graceland was the child or promise to one day buy his parents a big house so they wouldn't have to worry about anything. >> make sure they never have to live in poverty ever again. >> elvis personally picked that out to be here on the table. the unique thing is that in the movie, graceland is just a big character as elvis is. it represents so much to elvis was as a man. they actually recreate a graceland and australia. >> you will never know what it's like to be elvis. this a little bit of it. a little bit knowing what it felt like to be elvis coming home. >> there mansion is so cool. i remember doing the story back in the mansion back in the day and elvis went into a furniture store in memphis and bought all the furniture for the mansion and 45 minutes, including where the famous jungle room.
5:59 am
to this day, i believe it is owns it. >> yeah, i mean, the whole place has got elvis' fingerprints all over it. i was so struck that a guy at his young 20s, early 20s would buy the 17,000 square-foot mansion and move his mom into it. he's the king of rock 'n' roll, but he cared about his family. he cared about his country. actually a runaway teen and elvis ran into and let him live in the mansion for a few years. he was a great american. and you see that military uniform and realize that elvis came up a couple of years of his career to go serve our country, and speaks volumes. >> too early. 42 years old. 1977. did he die there in graceland? >> i think that happened there. you know, like they say, their brightest stars burn out the quickest. he left an impression that will never end.
6:00 am
every musician in the world whether they are rock 'n' roll or whatever, elvis impacted us. he was a force of nature. >> brian: fox nation special. thank you so much. >> ainsley: thanks, john pretty, pretty special. >> steve: that's it for today. same time, same channel. >> brian: if you have to run from the tv, ran to the radio. >> dana: the supreme court's finishing his term following an explosive decision on abortion for their major opinions to look, we are expecting them in a next hour. good morning, phil has some time off so my good friend teresa has joined us. >> trace: this is "america's newsroom." friday's decision to overturn roe v. wade igniting nationwide protests. some of them turning violent. as as number of states took quick action to ban abortion. >> dana: emotions are running high. planning to release evermore key decisions been among them, whether


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