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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 27, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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unique. >> saint jude's children's research hospital celebrated its 60 year anniversary in february. but the anniversary was just last week in memphis on friday. con guardian ad litem graduate labor relations. danny thomas said no child should die in the dawn of life. survive childhood cancer 57 to 80%. thank you. >> jesse: that's it for us. go lebanon. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: jesse, thank you. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, a passenger train traveling from los angeles to chicago derailed today in missouri. fox news digital is reporting there are fatalities. we are just getting word right now about a press conference that may be coming up soon, which we will bring you to live there are melt pull injuries. we are getting details this afternoon. this took place? a derailment hitting a dump truck, an amtrak train. correspondent matt finn is
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following the breaking news tonight. good evening, matt. >> good evening, bret. fox news digital has confirmed there are deaths from that train crash today but the number is unknown right now. amtrak says this afternoon the train going from chicago to los angeles was derailed when it hit a dump truck that was blocking a public crossing near minden missouri. amtrak says the train was carrying approximately 243 passengers and 12 crew members. in addition to deaths, our fox affiliate in kansas city is reporting at least 50 people are injured. video and picture appear to shoat horrifying chaos after the crash. some flipped on their side passengers crawling out of them. incident response has been activated. new video shows ambulances and hospitals arriving to a university of missouri hospital in colombia. that hospital confirming to affiliate kmiz that they're expecting at least three patients from this derailment
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halfway between kansas city and st. louis. the missouri highway patrol has been identified as the lead agency investigating this accident. they announced they will give us an update on the latest in train derailment expected around 5:00 p.m. central, 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> bret: kansas city star says 8 helicopters taking patients from the derailed train. a lot of people get people out of there stuck inside this afternoon. we hope to get more from authorities shortly. matt finn, thank you. >> sure. >> bret: also breaking tonight, another major ruling for conservatives from the u.s. supreme court. justices decide in favor of a high school football coach who was disciplined for leading a prayer on the field after games. the court says the prayer is protected by the first amendment. critics are decrying the decision as another example of an extremist court, they say. out of touch with the country.
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this comes on the heels of friday's historic overturning of roe v. wade abortion ruling nearly 50 years ago, that's the dobbs case. fox news chief legal correspondent anchor of fox news at night outside the supreme court again shannon bream has details. good evening, shannon. >> this decision brings to an end in favor of the coach after seven-year battle. is he trying to get the right to be both a public employee and openly express his faith in that context. it's a big one for him but defenders today say there is actually no victory for religious liberty. >> it doesn't matter what your faith is or if you have no faith. it just proves that, you know, this is america. and the first amendment applies. >> by a 6-3 vote. the supreme court landed firmly in favor of a former high school football coach who clashed with his school district after refusing to stop his post game prayers on the field. writing for the majority, justifiable gorsuch summed it up this way, quote: a government
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entity sought to punish an individual for engaging in a brief, quiet personal religious observance. doublely protected by the free exercise and free speech clauses of the first amendment. then the only meaningful justification the government offered for it reprisal rested on a mistake in view that it had a duty to ferret out and suppress religious even as it allows comparable secular speech. the constitution neither mandates nor tolerates that kind of discrimination. the dissent written by justice sotomayor and joined by justices breyer and kagan argues the majority's decision will enforce states to entangle themselves with religion writing today's decision is particularly misguided. because it elevates the religious rights of a school official who voluntarily accepted public employment and the limits that public employment entails over those of his students who are required to attend school and who this court have long recognized are particularly vulnerable and deserving of protection.
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the legal team representing the school district a group that advocates for separation of church and state is now warning about where it fears the majority's opinion leads next. >> opens the door to coercive prayer in k through 12 classrooms across the country. because if the court buys into the myth that when a public official working for a public school, who is praying in a demonstrative manner that pressures kids to join. >> as for what kennedy is hoping for seven years after this legal fight started? >> as soon as they -- the school district said hey, come back, i am there. absolutely. first flight. >> and the term is not over just yet. we will get opinions again on wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. and the court has not indicated whether or not that's the final day of the term. we are standing by on that front. still outstanding cases one on immigration and one on how far the e.p.a.'s power or doesn't reach in a regulatory scheme, bret? >> bret: this is the never
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ending term, shannon. >> you are correct. >> bret: back to the ruling on dobbs overturning roe on friday. several states had trigger laws in place that if that happened outlawing abortion. a judge in louisiana has already blocked some of those. you have a number of challenges in the states. what's the latest? >> so, bret, literally by the minute we are getting word about new challenges. let's start with louisiana. a judge there has blocked those abortion laws, those trigger laws that kicked. in the abortion providers and their advocates who are challenging those laws say they are constitutionally vague. that's been put on hold july 8th. hearing until abortion remains legal in louisiana for now. there have been filings in kentucky, florida, utah, idaho, texas, mississippi. many other states. and for now we got word just coming in that there has been temporary block on some of the laws in utah as well. we will dig on. that was this is exactly where we expect the fight to go. it's now back to the state level where the supreme court sent it. >> bret: this is the battle.
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shannon bream outside the supreme court. there were several instances of violence regarding the protests this weekend tied to the ruling in colorado. a christian crisis pregnancy center was vandalized and burned early saturday morning. portland protesters are damaged property and scribbled graffiti on several buildings. police arrested man accused of arc tag an officer with a torch. police in phoenix had to use tear gas to disperse pro-choice supporters outside the state capitol. strong reaction to the state decision on capitol hill. it's continuing now. democrats are calling for everything from court-packing to impeachment of conservative justices. they are hoping to capitalize on the emotion in november saying everything is on the ballot. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie shows us where things stand tonight. >> this court has lost legitimacy. they just took the last of it and set a torch to it. [chanting] >> emotions running high as
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democrats grapple with last week's supreme court ruling on abortion. democrats are already facing headwinds in november to keep their slim majority. but the plan, according to house leadership, is to rally voters in november and gain a larger majority. if they can do that, democrats want to pass laws increasing access to abortion. and, change senate rules that have long allowed the minority to block legislation. >> we know that the senate is broken. you have heard me say multiple times that we need to have -- get rid of the jim crow filibuster. >> others are targeting the justices. specifically the justices particularly those who told lawmakers roe was a precedent of the court. >> do you think lying at a confirmation hearing is an impeachable offense? >> i believe so. i believe lying under oath is an impeachable offense. >> also on the wish list, packing the court. >> i believe we need to get some
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confidence in our court. and that means we need more justices on the united states supreme court. >> republican senator lindsey graham on "fox news sunday" responded to it all. >> the way you do this is to do what we did. you take it to the ballot box. you don't try to destroy america. >> while a federal law making abortion legal across america still remains highly unlikely, there are several democrats who are campaigning and fundraising specifically on this issue, which is raising some criticism among members of their own party, specifically congresswoman judy chu in california who has criticized this and said to her colleagues that they should really be focused on getting out the vote, that that is more critical at this hour. bret? >> bret: aishah hasnie live on capitol hill. thank you. ♪ >> bret: breaking officials in missouri talking about train derailment. >> train in chicago illinois
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struck a dump truck at the railroad crossing of porsche prairie avenue. the train had approximately 8 cars, including a baggage car. seven cars have derailed. there are multiple injuries and we can confirm there are three fatalities. two on the train and one in the dump truck. personnel are currently working to secure the scene. the train had approximately 207 passengers as well as crew members. all injured and uninjured occupants of the train have been transported from the scene. multiple law enforcement agencies ambulance districts, first responders, fire departments, and medical helicopters responded to assist. agencies involved including are the share tan county, lynn county, macon county, randolph county sheriff's offices. the brookfield and macon police department, the missouri state highway patrol. the missouri department of
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conservation. missouri state park rangers, the missouri state fire marshals. emergency management. >> ambulance from the share tan county, lynn county, randolph county, livingston county, macon county, howard county, caldwell county also transported with medical helicopters, transported medical services, provided -- responded to the scene. each agency transported multiple victims. officials from amtrak are responding to the scene and the ntsb has advised. the investigation is in preliminary stages and as more information is available we will be releasing it at that time. thank you. >> as we stressed, this is the beginning of a lengthy investigation. we have a lot more information we are seeking and need to obtain. also with me are members of the share tan county commission. we will provide updates as they're available. they can be found on our
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patrol's twitter major at mshp trooper b. we will be there as quickly as we can and address more questions as we get more information. thank you all for your time. we appreciate it. >> will you take some questions here. >> we will take some afterwards. >> will we take some now. >> we will try but probably not talking about. >> as many as 243 passengers. he just said 207. can you confirm how many passengers and how many crew members? >> like i said preliminary. we are still working with officials from amtrak. members at the scene. we know there is in excess of 200 passengers on the train and 14 crew. i cannot give you exact number at this point in time. it is not something i have been able to verify. >> do you have a number of injured. >> no idea how many are injured. >> at the railroad crossing are there flashing lights or armed, it's uncontrolled interaction on gravel road. no lights or electronic control devices things like that. >> how common is it. >> a lot of your rural
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interactions are that way, yes. >> do you know what hospitals victims were transported to? >> [broken audio] to area hospitals in the surrounding counties and obviously the area -- the medical helicopters have transported those patients to applicable trauma centers in the area as well. that's not information that i have at this time either. >> any information on what safety measures have they have in place at this time. >> no, nothing that i can discuss. not familiar with exactly what occurred at the scene. >> would were on the way here. were a place you were taking those that that weren't injured? >> yeah. sure. with assistance of the public, and some other area entities here and the immediate sheridan county area, the parties and injured parties were taken to area hospitals and also to another safe location where the uninjured went until arrangements can be made to
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finish travels. >> did the truck stop or [inaudible] >> that's unknown at this time,ma. something as they complete this investigation, more details of how that crash occurred will be released. >> you said there were seven cars that derailed. how many cars were total on this connective route. >> i believe will total cars including a baggage car. that's the best information i have at this point in time. >> do you know if fatalities are crew or passengers? >> i do not know. thank you all. appreciate it get more information to you as soon as we can. >> bret: that's missouri state patrol giving update on amtrak train derailment in men done, missouri. it's about hit dump truck at uncontrolled crossing. mendon very small population of
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160. uncontrolled railroad crossing. again, three fatalities. they didn't say how many injured but they had eight helicopters transporting people from that train derailment to area hospitals. we will continue to monitor this. and give you updates with this breaking news out of missouri. now, overseas. ukrainian officials say scores of civilians are feared killed and injured after a crowd rocket hit a crowded area in ukraine. zelenskyy says more than 1,000 civilianies inside of the attack zelenskyy is also urging g-7 leaders to send more military aid immediately comments one day after russian missiles hit the capital of kyiv for the first time in weeks. the russian court has set the start date of the trial for american basketball star britney griner. she will face drug transportation charges that could put her in prison in russia for 10 years. griner was reportedly found with
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vape cartridges containing cannabis. in february. again, her trial will begin jul. ukraine is one of the major issues at the meeting of g-7 leaders in the german bra varyian apps. that's where president biden is tonight. another big concern is fuel and green agenda. peter doocy is traveling with the president tonight in austria. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. there is division among friends here alps tonight. which g-7 should they first. is it the global food crisis or is it the global energy crisis? >> we need worldwide effort to invest in transformative clean energy projects. >> that remains the priority for president biden even under pressure from u.k. prime minister boris johnson who wants g-7 countries to start using land set aside for biofuels to grow fuel instead amid a grain shortage in ukraine. 10 downing street argues
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globally the use of grain for biofuel is contributing to reduced availability and increased cost for human consumption. the whole g-7 isn't expected to issue a joint statement supporting this because the u.s. will block it according to multiple reports. which free's the u.s. to keep using land designated for biofuels for biofuels. greater agreement for a plan to cap the cost of russian oil. >> i wouldn't describe what the president has been doing here as lobbying so much as posing the problem. >> g-7 banning import of russian gold. >> they are already having a dramatic effect. >> plenty of evidence putin isn't deterred including weekend shellings of apartment building and kindergarten and today's shelling of a mall. >> putin will not succeed. >> interest is no reason to be skeptical of often repeated biden story like this one. >> i said america is back. and the response was for how long? >> that's not quite how g-7 partners talked though.
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>> i don't believe that american democracy is under serious threat. far from it. >> the real threat according to these leaders is russia. johnson and candidates justin trudeau still took some time to make putin a punch line. johnson was kidding about putin showing his pecks. the more serious from the g-7 tonight threatened to hold putin accountable have stopped him to date. now tomorrow many of the leaders here are going to head to spain where they will try to figure out if maybe nit toe can do that bret? >> bret: peter doocy live from the alps in austria, thanks. the dow lost 62 the s&p 500 fell 12, the nasdaq 33.
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brit hume post dobbs on the supreme court and later on the president's trip and later two big primary contests out west as our midterm watch continues. not. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> bret: as promised let's bring fox news senior political analyst brit hume. good evening. i want to start with the reaction to the dobbs ruling. your thoughts about it and the implications of it. >> well, it won't be long, bret. it's hard to say exactly how many months or even long beer it could take. but this matter will now go to the states. many of which dr. abortion rights guaranteed. a small number of which have banned abortion all together. but, when this issue is raised anew, as it is certain to do to happen nearly everywhere, it will not be the same political circumstance under which these laws were passed. people who voted. politicians who voted for abortion on demand right up through the end of pregnancy will have to cast that vote again. and when roe v. wade was in effect, the vote didn't matter as much. what particularly didn't matter as much were votes to ban
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abortion all together as happened in some states. it's -- it didn't matter because roe v. wade was on the books, and those votes counted for nothing. this time around, they will really count. and politicians will think -- have to think long and hard about whether to either ban it outright or allow it all through the entire pregnancy. my guess is we will get compromises nearly everywhere and abortion rights about stilling widely available in this country even in some states is that ban it all together. >> bret: interesting. we heard the arkansas governor say that's a possibility or he wishes it to be. the associated press has more than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the republican party over the last year according to voter registration data analyzed by the a.p. no. >> morgan: pronounced in suburbs well educated swing voters who turned against trump's party and swung back this was before the roe v. wade overturn. i'm just wondering how you feel
3:26 pm
that dynamic adjusts or changes before november. >> bret: well, the political gravity and momentum in this upcoming midterm favors the republican party very strongly. make no mistake about it, this decision on abortion rights is going to animate democrats and motivate them. now, whether they will choose to exercise that by voting for democrats in federal elections, house and senate, instead of state elections where they would probably make more difference, remains to be seen. we are also, bret, sitting at the moment of greatest impact from that decision politically. as time goes on and people see that it doesn't ban abortion everywhere that, in fact, it doesn't ban -- the decision doesn't ban abortion at all. it puts the matter back to the states, my guess is the impact will subside. in the near term for sure it will help the democrats and it may continue to help them through the midterm but i doubt in the end it will take precedent over such issues as inflation, gasoline prices and
3:27 pm
all that go with that. plus, the stain on president biden that started with the withdrawal from afghanistan and has yet to be erased his approval ratings show that. that's a huge factor in the midterm voting. >> bret: brit hume as always, thank you. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: authorities have uncovered 150,000 fentanyl pills during a traffic stop that could keu8 tens of millions of people that contained enough lethal doses to potentially kill millions of people as i mentioned. the street value of those drugs is estimated at $750,000. two men were arrested on charges of possessing, transporting and selling illegal drugs. jail records indicate that they are no longer in custody: up next, one of the leading republican senators facing a stiff primary challenge. we will take you live to utah. ♪ ♪
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♪ bret the house committee investigating last year's capitol riot is calling a surprise hearing to present what's called recently obtained evidence. tom, session comes after washington left washington for a two week recess. lawmakers on the panel said last week there would be no more hearings until july. the subject of tomorrow's session is so far unclear. also tonight, we are learning the fbi seized the phone of former trump election attorney john eastman last week. that's according to a new court filing. eastman is suing the federal government over all of this. back to the issue of abortion. the biden administration is responding to friday's roe v. wade overturn by insisting it will do everything it can to preserve access to reproductive care. one of the focal points of that effort will involve birth control medication. correspondent gillian turner has details. >> abortion pills are now widely available onbine and by mail in
3:34 pm
all 50 states. >> the share of market research women seeking abortion by pill is on the rise. fda approved hormone drug accounts for 54% of all abortions in the u.s. today. within hours of friday's supreme court ruling. the attorney general announced moves to protect access to this pill which terminates a pregnancy if taken within 70 days of conception. merrick garland writes in part states may not ban mife will about safety and efficacy. today the secretary of health and human services is doubling down. >> what we will do at the federal level is make sure we continue to use our federal authority women have access to the healthcare they need. something like medication abortion is made available to all women regardless of what state they are in. >> last december the fda ended a requirement that mistpriston. allowing them to be bribed
3:35 pm
telemedicine and mailed over state lines. pushback says the practice is wildly unsafe. >> many times they are doing it unsupervised. it's a medical procedure. i do believe there should be a physician supervision when that is being conducted by any individual. >> pro-choice lawmakers including senator elizabeth warren say the dobbs ruling means access to abortion pills is more crucial than ever before. >> it also means asking the president of the united states to make abortion as available as possible with the tools he has, including medication abortions. >> looking ahead, bret, the fight over abortion pills moves to the state a whole slate of them now considering following louisiana's lead where the governor has clamped down mistopristone making it illegal to send the drug over state lines. >> bret: republican gubernatorial nomination. last week we spoke with candidate karen taylor robeson. tonight we talk to g.o.p. hopeful carrie lake.
3:36 pm
carrie, thanks for being here. >> i'm so happy to be here. i'm the frontrunner here in arizona and have been since day one and am endorsed by president trump. we're doing really well. our main person that we are looking out for right now is the socialist on the democrat side united states hobbes. that's who we are focused on. >> bret: hymn tell you what we just saw which was this abortion decision and what did means in the states. arizona has this trigger law that's similar to mississippi, in that it would criminalize abortions after 15 weeks. you have a couple of different cities, phoenix and tucson that they say they do not want to move forward with. they say they are going to push back. i'm wondering if you're governor, what do you do about that? we will let the legislature protect the unborn. we already have these on the books. not surprising one running do
3:37 pm
you son and phoenix they are always trying to push back. we will protect the lives of the unborn in arizona. it's going to be very difficult for abortion clinics to survive and be open if abortion is illegal in arizona what about. >> >> bret: what about abortion pills? would you outlaw those. >> i think it's a young mother could be at home taking a pill without medical supervision it could be the end of the mother as well. so i would you very much support banning those types of abortion what do you think the most important issue for your state is. >> we have a couple. wide open border. we have fentanyl pouring. in cartels with operational control. but that wouldn't be happening if we would have fair, honest elections and we had a fraudulent election, a corrupted election we have an illegitimate president sitting in the white house. because of that, our border is wide open. fentanyl was confiscated last
3:38 pm
year enough to kill over 2 billion people. a weapon of mass destruction. and that's why we are going to is secure that border day one. after i take my hand off the bible: stop this invasion. finish's trump's wall send our national guard to the border and stop people from coming across. and i have been down there some times and people pour in and they have a smile on their face. because with joe biden they feel they are going to stay here forever. when i'm governor they are going back. >> bret: just to circle back you say illegitimate president. you say the election was stolen. he speak a lot about this on the campaign trail, talking about the 2020 election. this is the arizona house speaker rusty bowers testifying in front of congress last week issue in any time said i said the election was rigid. that would not be true. there was no -- no evidence being presented of any strength, evidence can be hearsay
3:39 pm
evidence, it's still evidence but it's still hearsay. but strong judicial quality evidence, anything that would say to me you have a doubt, deny your oath. i will not do that. >> bret: is he a republican. he is a trump supporter. and that's what he said. >> is he a rino. and he hopefully will be defeated. he is an absolute rino. karen fan admits there were issues with the election it can't be certified. here what happens we have 740,000 ballot that have no chain of custody. they cannot be authenticked and they should not have been counted. 34,000 ballots that were counted two, three and four times. people who moved still voted in our election. there is a mountain of evidence and i wish that the corporate media would start covering it instead of putting their head in the sand and acting like it didn't happen. we know what happened here. just because we have a r ino said it didn't happen.
3:40 pm
>> bret: i understand what you are saying. the attorney general, obviously, has talked about this at length. saying that they instructed u.s. attorneys to pursue any specific credible allegations of substantial fraud and he found none. and including using very colorful language in his testimony. i understand what you are saying, but there have been as you know more than 70 court cases where there was not evidence and there was not any state legislature or governor that failed to certify an election, including your own republican doug ducey. >> we did not have any court cases where the evidence was presented. we now have evidence that is admissible in a court of law. and i believe that the day will come where we have that court case. we have an a.g., mark brnovich who sat on a mountain of evidence and done nothing, including video evidence. we have the true the vote evidence. we have people who do not want to uncover the truth about our election. and it makes me wonder if they are afraid they really didn't win in previous elections. don't worry, because when i'm
3:41 pm
governor we will get to the bottom of it. we will have honest elections and we will be -- >> bret: arizona citizens, voters want to spend a lot of time looking at 2020 instead of looking forward from 2022 and on? >> i'm with them every single day. we draw record crowds. number one issue, because they know every other issue from inflation to the border being wide open, not being able to afford gas and groceries all stems from this corrupt election. we want an election day. not an election month. we want paper blotsz and we want to get rid of these electronic voting machines which is why i'm involved in a federal case right now to get them banned here in arizona. all we want, bret, is honest elections for our children and grandchildren. we want honest elections for democrats, independents, and republicans. we want to know that when we go to bed on election night, when we wake up the next day we find out who won before we go to bed and we can live with that but we can't keep having elections that
3:42 pm
nobody can live with. and we can't have this level of frawltd anymore. >> bret: understanding that every republican leader in washington says that joe biden is the legitimate president, every one but i understand what you are working on. >> they are sitting here in washington. they are sitting there in washington. they are not here in arizona. >> bret: this is what you are running on. >> journalists come out here and dig through this. >> bret: let me ask you one thing. as a candidate you come under scrutiny. "the washington post" has a story today says arizona g.o.p. candidate who criticized drag queens was once a fan according to a drag queen. >> this is the quote arizona g.o.p. gubernatorial candidate kari lake who has attacked drag queens as dangerous to children attended the shows of drag queen richmond stephens 20 years and once hired him to perform at her home. do you care to address. >> i do care. i actually do care to address that i'm really shocked. i'm actually appalled that fox news would take defamatory story like that and we are pursuing legal action against this drag
3:43 pm
queen. i'm appalled that you would bring that up when you have not talked about our stolen election. >> bret: we just spent three questions ms. lake talking about. >> you haven't. >> bret: a number of questions about it. i played the arizona house speaker. >> this is the first of it. >> bret: let's address this story in the "the washington post." every candidate takes tough stories. >> i'm happy to address it i'm happy to address it. but i'm really disappointed in fox. i thought you were a little better than cnn. this is a person who i covered for decades, for decades, 20 years. and he has never been in my home. he says he has been in my home for a drag show? that's ludicrous. he has never been in my home. he has lied. we tried serve him defamation papers. is he so shady we can't track him down because is he not even welcome at the places he worked. >> bret: last question i'm going to ask. what about these pictures with him richard stephens? what about the post i performed for kari's birthday and in his
3:44 pm
or her home. >> that's not true. >> bars in phoenix. i don't want to ask these questions. i asked you to address them. that's tnchts actually i think you do want to ask them but you don't want to ask about 2,000 mules. i think you do want to ask about this. this is absolutely ludicrous. i'm talking about drag shows in schools. this is what triggered this man. somebody who goes to a drag show with female impersonators is one thing. we don't want our tax money going into drag shows at school. >> bret: i assistant you are making a difference there. you are saying his allegations is wrong is what you are saying. >> yes i am. i'm really appalled that you would spend time on a false story like that. it's shocking. >> bret: it's important to have candidates address things that are coming up that might effect the race. >> that's true but you didn't ask my opponent the establishment opponent who was here last week. didn't ask her about her votes to allow illegal alien students to get a lower tuition than american students. you didn't ask her about the
3:45 pm
70-plows times that she raised tuition on american students. you didn't ask her any tough questions. >> bret: that's not true. >> here you have me on and try to bring a defamatory story out. it's really sad. >> bret: ms. lake, i really appreciate your time. we thought we would address all issues on the table. that is one of them being covered today. we thank you and we'll cover the primary. >> thank you. please send reporters out to cover this corrupt election we would appreciate it. >> bret: thank you. up next, the panel. i'm mark and i live in vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children. ruthann and i like to hike. we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be. my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> this is a matter of life and death. >> this is not about contraceptions or same sex marriage. a very limited decision on this particular issue of abortion. >> i believe we need to get some confidence back in our court and that means we need more justices on the united states supreme court. >> bret: well, some of the reaction to the roe v. wade overturning on friday. let's bring in our panel guy benson political editor at town and host of host. and former white house press
3:51 pm
secretary ari fleischer. guy, what you saw from the response from both sides in the wake of the ruling friday and what it means politically. >> well, i think it's too soon to tell exactly how this will play politically. early i may the leak came out. everyone had these battles i call it a dress rehearsal for the real thing. we significant uptick in chatter on the issue. we saw a little bit of polling come out around that time. and then things subsided by the black hole of inflation and gas prices is just sucking everything else in. in this election cycle. i would guess over-the-next few months that's probably going to remain the arc of this election. but, look, this is a highly emotional issue. people on both sides feel very strongly about it. it's now out in the states. so there are going to be debates all over the country about it. and we are playing out and watching in realtime this very
3:52 pm
aggressive conversation that we previewed a little over a month and a half ago. >> bret: susan? >> you know, i think that this is a seismic decision that we are going to be dealing with nor years to come. i think it's something that really inflame a new culture war in the country. if you are asking does it effect what will happen in the november midterms i'm not sure we know. americans are worried about the cost of gas and food and the ability of infant formula and those are things that tend to be top of mind when people go to a poll. so i'm not sure about november but we are are going to be talking about this for a very long time to come. >> bret: as you look at the map, we have for these states that they have these triggered abortion laws after this ruling, now, ari, there are a number of them that have challenges, lawsuits in these states and that's really the next battle
3:53 pm
that we will see. >> different rules and different restrictions that can be added to this. but the fundamental issue is this was never a constitutional right to begin with. like some other issues that are not constitutional there are multiple sides of them and get adjudicated by the people's representatives and legislatures. if there is appeal or rejection it goes through state courts. we are going to ski this. i think at the end of the day, brit, you are not going to see a dramatic reduction of abortions in america. blue states are going to keep on providing them. red states have previously made it harder to get an abortion. there just weren't that many abortions in those states to begin with the states that are going to be triggered to stop abortion, it's not that great of reduction. so, at the end of the day, not going to change a whole lot on the ground but it's a good kay for the constitution because you can't just invent a right and stick it in the constitution because you feel like declaring one which is what the court did 50 years ago.
3:54 pm
>> bret: guy, another map we have states voters switching to the g.o.p. analysis by the associated press before the ruling on friday. but, you know, for all the optimism the republicans have is there are cautiousness after this ruling that effects independents in the suburbs especially. >> yeah. and i think the democrats own extremism on the issue of abortion could cut against that in some of these races. but the big ticket issues that we talked about a moment ago in this election remain white hot. i think that's where voters are going to be mostly focused heading into november. and the president has a very poor approval rating. and most americans believe we are on the wrong track by a large margin. those are fact of the race right now. >> bret: last thing, quickly, susan. most candidates are not focusing on 2020 as opposed to our last guest who we questioned about that. and they are not focused on january 6th. they are really focused on how they feel about the economy. >> yeah.
3:55 pm
and how they feel about the future of the country. and this is landscape of concern about the future of the country that favors republicans. does the abortion decision upset that? i think we will have to wait and see. >> bret: okay. panel, thanks. up next an update on our top story. ♪
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>> bret: updating top story three people killed several others injured we don't know how many. train was traveling from los
4:00 pm
angeles to chicago when it hit a dump truck and derailed. more later. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts this week right now with five extra seconds. jesse? >> jesse: i will take them and run with it thank you so much, bret baier. >> bret: see you, buddy. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: the supreme court overturned roe v. wade on friday and just like we predicted, some people on the left aren't taking it so well. >> trauma and destruction kind of the thing that i love so if you guys want to join me in mailing blood from your uterus to supreme court. >> i was kidding.