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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 28, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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a decade, i consider her friend and i and i like her a lot. i disagree with her fundamentally on this and i think she's completely wrong. i think in fact, the exchangems that the gop has made here in terms of moving more on the cultural side towards this rising number of hispanic immigrant diverse group of voters who are not just brought into the coalition of 2020 but i think in there republican coalition going forward on these culture issues, the very issues she cites are a hugee number, a much bigger number than the number of suburban wealthy women who were going to be pro-abortion, you know,s shout your abortion kind of voters who are also going to be convinced to vote for mitt romney. i just don't't think that was a long term proposition that would work in any way.nk i think that the autopsy
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that was done in 2012 was about a party that was dead and thishi new coalition, this ones that i think is far more passionate that has a lot more going forbo it. and about the american familyut above all things, you know, is something that actually represents a long term and very beneficial development for the country, a move away from the harsh economic perspective of the past and one that actually meets familiesli where they are and prioritizes the issues as they see themm as opposed to the way that thes new york times editorial board believes they ought tord. d the right. and the gop establishment will throw them in there as well. charlie, and it's so great toee see you tonight .gh >>t. and now allies what allies >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> now whenever biden meets with world leaders, especially when he's over in europe, you know, america is going tone get taken to the cleanerso one way or another.on and today was no exception during his meeting with the w g-7.en okay, this is what went downn first before biden even showedt
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up, america gotle lecturedse by several of our so-called allies. so it was france, canada and the u.k. they felt the need to respond to the supreme court's decision to overturn roe versuspr wade with very shap criticism now for boris johnson who has single handedly destroyed the toryho party joining the dogpile on the us for him. well, that's really rich because he didn't tell you that the united kingdom in many ways has tighter restrictions on abortion than many states in the united states because they require two doctors to sign off on an abortion in the uk now versus critique is a transparent effort to bolsteri biden and to appear as a unifier in pushing for more ukraine aid. good luck and unifying anyone on that. now this isn't the first time nor will likely be the last that our allies in name only have expressed strong opposition to america's conservative populismst that ben m was just referencing that they hated trump .
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of course, for a lot of reasons. but chief among them was his demand that europe spend more on their military after decades of essentially what was free riding on the united states.stut when you w rememberhen back on trump when he would go over there, he was pretty pragmatic. he was unabashedly pro-american and he was consistently blunt. those are three qualities the europeans generally loathe about us now europeansntly preferred president to badmouth or apologize for america first obama in america. there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. america has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive. our country still struggles with the legacy of slavery and segregation, the past treatment of native americans. we we've times been disengaged and at times we saw to dictate our terms. he was embarrassed by and he didn't care that his
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slamming of america to world leaders gave less leverage and hurt our moral standing on critical issues m. america and he's talking america downow routine has only gotten worse with the current occupant of the white house, the american experiment in democracy is in danger like it hasn't beent in my lifetime. it'sr in danger this hour. the anti voter laws that manyan states have passed are part of a an intentional effort toar exclude americans fromti participating in our democracy. this corruption here at home, especially when it comes to how people pay taxes or ratherdo how they don't seen' racism, ugy poison and as long haunted and plagued our nation , a racist nation that also hates women if we can still use that word women. now remember, obama also believesup our supreme court now is misogynist. another great message for
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our children and the world serialization of an extremere ideology so extreme that women and girls are forcedme to bear their child now hearing all this , of course, european leaders wouldn't think twice about jumping the scrum to slam the court do it as well. and by doing it, why can't and even think it was perfectly fine to make our taxpayers foot the lion's share of the bill for this point, this war at this point in ukraine? because when they all agree today that they are unanimous that the alliance will support ukraine for the long all i'll tell you what that means. tha that means that americans should be preparedtea to fund a disproportionate share of the war effort forre years by te national security adviser apparently thinks money grows on trees and he's seen reports i've seen the reports of specific o details around advanced air defense capabilities that the united states is preparing to
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provide to the ukrainians.n a i can confirm that were are in fact in the process of finalizing a package that includes advanced air defense capabilities. okay, this is complete madness.s manage is losing the waro and biden has no idea what he's doing. who trusts million often? i don'tt now back in may, congress approved a staggering 40 billion dollar ukraine aid package which included five billion dollars and we were told congress assured us was emergency food assistance to the areas hardest hit. they were hardestth hit, by the way, forat starvation. that was the risk they weredu facing due the conflict and all the agriculture lost . >> but according l toaw. politio today, more than a month after congress approved that emergency measure, usaidni and the administration have yet to send outst any of the funds even as president joe biden and itssre top officials incread their public warnings about the war's impact on food prices and growing world hunger in various speeches and the g7
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meeting. okay, the guy who can't handle five billion thinks he should be trustedul with mobilizing 600 billion dollars. think of the potential for waste, fraud and abuse there, especially since biden is betting on a trifecta. a globalist brainiac dgi fantasy collectively where to mobilize nearly six hundred billion dollarsrly from the g7 by twenty twenty seven . the strategic investments are areas of critical to sustainable development and togl our shared global stabilityob, health and health security, connectivity, gender equality and equity. >> climate and energy security at the socialist mouthful isn't? it? why are they all wearing creepy costumes all the same now when biden says collectively as he did just there and he wants to
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mobilize 600 million, who donk you think is i going to pick up most of that tab, you? >>ig but don't worry because our allies are cheering biden as he also sells outpe us manufacturing. the u.s.s. government just facilitated a new partnership betweenta two american firms and the government going to2 just twobi billion dollars and building a new solar projects in angola is a partnership that'll help angola in its climate goals. >> of course our allies are thrilled about all of this . ami after all, you america, you have a lot to atone for, especially under trump . when our economy was far outpacing europe, remember we were energy independent wages were rising, no inflation. families could actually go on vacation. people were pretty optimistic that made the elites, especially the euro elites, absolutely miserable. if americans could be so free and prosperous, it was d only a matter of time before
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their own people demanded better results from them in europe. >> just look at the trouble macron is having now. that's of course they recoiled at america first. they prefer america apologetic . bidenng is t going to give themh anything they want and they're going to he's going to ask zero in return just how they liken. it. the time has come for republicans to ask themselves which countries are truly a allies of the united statesf and which are only allies of the democratic party because if the purpose of this alliance is to promote abortionn, climate mandates and endless pointless spending on wars, how can weby ask american soldiers, many of t whom by the way, are devoutly f religious to fight and possibly die for it, for that matter, ift our allies are only willing to help the democrats butut never the republicans, why should republicans in congress funds this alliance at all? >> and that's the angle that the supreme court continues to deliver win for conservatives and the reaction
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has been amazing to watch. missouri attorney generalen. eric schmidt and texas lieutenant governor dan patrick are next . plusasas, some breaking news ouf a smuggling ring gone bad in texas tonight . tonight that is horrific. stay there. that is horrific. >> father, hi. this is mike huckabee. isn't it amazing how so much that president trump said still rings true , but schools in the media don't want our kids to hear anything positive and that's why my team created the kids guide to president trump . it'll teach our kids all about president trump's accomplishments and his vision for america. and i want you to have it for free to order your free give the president trump gift bundle. just visit three trump guy .com. that's three trump guy .com. it's the number one testosterone booster and it's available at wal-mart nationwide. ageless male made with a whopping six hundred seventy six milligrams of ksm.
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a good time you havee
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the minority telling the majority exactly how they're how they're going to live, how their children are going to continue living in fear, how how rape victims are going to be compelled by the state to carry babies tot term a woman can behe prosecuted right nowma for taking anything or using any device that is not intended to increase the likelihood of survival off a fetuss. that means anything that prevents implantation of this . >> i got okay the unhinged reaction to roe continued this morning. now that was until yet another victory for conservatives was handed down. the court sided with the former d with state high school football coach over his right to pray on the 50 yard lineft immediately after game out
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that simple act>> is apparently quite triggering for the commentariat. the u.s. supreme court decision coming down today on a religious liberty case that further erodes the line between church and state. this is really another decision from this court that has the effect here of erodingng a barrier between church and state a third time this term that slightly reducedy the wall of separation betweenwe church and state, the echo chamber. it's a beautiful thing to behold. joining me nowow beae t, eric s missouri attorney general, candidate for u.s. senate in texas, lieutenant governor dan patrick. attorney general schmidt, you filed an amicusan brief i know in support of coach candidate. f we've hadil him on the angle a number of times. th what do you say toin people saying that this decision is a separation of churchh and state issue? ne these people have lost their minds and their real objection is with the constitution. this country was che founded on the idea that people could express their religious beliefs and the government would protect that right. bhathe god given right not
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infringe upon it. and so here you had a coach engaged in voluntary prayer and the left has lost their minds that it's not protected. and we're led to believe, by the way, by these o same people that it's perfectly okay to force your kids to sit through drag queen story our in this woke indoctrinationin, our schools. they're okayup with that. they want to push that . but the idea that youen actually have a constitutionally protected right to engage in prayer isou very affirming that the courtrt issued this opinion todayknri because this is exactly the right way the constitution is supposed to protect these endevourha rights in the right o express yourself through prayer is certainly protected is a big win for for religious liberty here today. t and on the issue of roe , kamala was asked tonight about federal financial resources fora women who want abortions. wa >> watch.rris: what what about the idea of financial resources, some form of voucher for travel for women seeking abortions in states
12:26 am
wheree it's not legal? you're asking a very important a point and makingsk a veryim important point, which is what are the details that are going to go into ensuring a that women have the ability to actually travel without impairment. so this is something that we are looking atex dance you're: talking about, i guess helping women travel out of states likeh yours, which is currently beingn sued right by the aclu relaxium . this is a culture of death in this administration and nowhi they want to give a voucher to go take the life of a baby. youug know, through this entiref discussion over the last couple of days since roe v. wade was overturned, i have not heardft one person on the left say anything that seemed to care aboutif the life of the baby. i haven't heard one person say we wish every baby was was born. we don't support abortion. we just support choice. but wee do care about the babies
12:27 am
as well as these mothers. talk i haven't heard a word they talk about they talk about these innocent babies in the as if if they're notot human, th as if they don't even have i don't think they are absolutely sickening. 't i mean, they don't think they are human. and general smith bennettave warren wants to carve out spots on federal land for abortion providers on the hhs secretary. >> have they ever sarah didn't rule it out. watch. there are a number of conversations on any number of options that can be out we will certainly take a a close look as we made a commitment some time ago, months ago as we were planning form whatever might come fromoo the supreme court. wek will take a look at every option to make sure a woman has access to the caree that she needs. i mean, in general, this pop upt abortion stance outside of glacier national park, what are te? alking aboutio yeah, i mean, look, justice alito had itt right that the minute the day that the roe vs.n wade decision was handed down, it was on a collision course
12:28 am
with the constitution and the court got it right after forty nine years and return this issue to the states inside missouriri. when i issued the attorney general opinion, you know, moments after that became the first state to effectively end abortion and we need to be unapologetically pro-life here . and the idea that the left is going to continue to, you know, come up with these crazy ideas i ,continue to try to intimidate justices, let's not forget we ought to have hearings. i mean, the january six hearings right now are h a total joke. weav actually have hearings abot chuck schumer encouraging violence, people actually violating federal law, trying to intimidate justices to change their minds. an assassination attempt against justice cavanough. this is third world banana t republichi stuff. it's serious, but the lefthe there's no law, norm or rule. they're not willing to get thee. desired outcome. now i think it's an intimidation game and they're not going to stop until they're stoppedyil by law enforcement and there's real repercussions then we have to get to the breaking news tonight out
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of san antonio. speaking of the culture of death, law enforcement telling fox that at least forty six migrants forty six have been found dead in a tractor trailer more tha a dozen hospitalized. i understand there's beennee three arrests made. m twhat can you tell us tonigh? >> this is the cause of joe biden's open border, though i can tell you that this ishi more death on the hands of the presidents han. i can't think of anything worse. se,laura , than these people in that 18 wheeler suffocated the heat going to one hundred and thirty degrees or more trying to climb o desperately, desperately and they diedd culture of death, whether it's fentanyl that he allowed to come over the border because he has open borders that kills our teenagers, whether it's w these forty six people and it may be more those arere in the hospital very critical.e babiest and the babies that we've talked about, ifha ever todays with this decision handed down, on prayer, if ever this nation
12:30 am
needs to climb out ofrk the darkness, we are in a joe biden the situation now is the time that we all shouldng be on our knees and pray seven second commentariat seven 714 if my people and we need to pray because america isan in darkness right now. well, i think there'st : a lotf light out there and we're seeing things in bad news. but that court decision was a great, great moment for this country. was a gentleman great to see you both. and things areot so bad in new york city where we are with crime surging nearly 40% that mayor eric adams forced to admit he was shocked at how bad this place is. but new york governor kathy hochul has taken a different tack not just ignoring the plight of her constituents but getting angry when they are afforded new rights.when i'm sorry this dark they day hs come there. we're supposed to go back to what was in place since 1788 when the constitution united states of america was ratified. d and i would like to point out to supreme court i justices
12:31 am
that thehe only weapons at the time were muskets. go back tod to muskets. nt >> joining me now is new york congressman and gubernatorial candidate. please tell them, congressman, great to see a big primary tomorrow. get out and vote if you like. and acr what's happening in this cityosh and across the state definitely vote for hochul. but i think a lot of people hear stuff like that and this woman is just not serious ,totally out of touch with reality. and you're talking about muskets 18 century. and shesh was talking about weapons of war and fully automatic weapons as if people w who want concealed carry are looking to putanle one of thosea fully automatic scary looking weapons of war on their on their hip pocket.t. she was,, by the way, formerly a rated nra endorsed member of congress, kathy hochul, just like kirsten gillibrand. oh , yeah, they're moderates in the house. and then o they're statewide ina liberal state likee new york and then suddenly they're trying to act jane fonda. there wasas another attack on the subway i think over the weekend. bed in the man stabbed in the back as
12:32 am
he was walking toward the subway in a subway just i mean, i used to ridee the subway. i don't ride the subway. i just i know a lot of people aren't riding the subway spacy are justthemselves not going to do it. >> i think it's actually better parenting for me to takere my daughters down the las vegas strip than taking a ride in new york city subway a. and when kathy hochul got confronted on capitol bail, she saidco i need to see more data when she was confronted on minhad district attorney alvin bragg, she says cut him some slack. he's doing his job. he just got there. so it's very divorced from the reality of the moment that crime is surging. we should be unapologetically backing our blue. the streets of new york city should be ruled by law abiding citizens insteadtead of crimina and across the state, people who haven't had a chance to travel new york . >> it is one of the most beautiful states upstate g new york finger lakes go up to lake george champlain. this is a spectacular state.ul this state shouldar be a hub of manufacturing. it should be another silicon valleyey. p
12:33 am
it's possible with the right fiscal policy. but albany's c corrupt and thiso woman has gotma to go . i'm sorry, new yorkers, you've got to get rid this one of the worst talking about a forkon in the road.alk about the fork in the road they have one party rule. they have supermajorities in the assembly and senate outsized power, people who self-described socialist they want to ban for their next bill on energy policy. gas all gas hiccups on new construction statewide. what we see in the marcellus and utica shales we should be safely extracted. you breathe even marijuana fans all over the city. i mean, you you get high just walking down the street. they are going to sell if you want to be dispenser. they give frontline access ifcr you have a criminal conviction for drugs that actually gets you to the front of the line to get the license. so pro pot, pro, antisec, anti first amendment, anything else great about the pro criminal? the other other than that by the way, working well free it's a free state. sa feel safe. everything else is otherwise good people p are running to the carolinas, tennessee, florida, texas. they're hitting a breaking
12:34 am
point. what do they have to doo tomorrow? they have to go vote. they have to go for change. i meanis otherwise enjoy enjoy things continuing to deteriorate not just in the city but across this beautiful state. there's no reason this has to happente's n in new york. noc reason whatsoever. congressman, good luck. thank you . we'ree watchingre w closely tomorrow. everyone get out and votee new york . but up ie next post own media and celebrities declare america is over and they're blaming religion for the end of democracy. raymond arroyo has it all and seen it on scene which is next streaming now on fox nation. laura's taking us on a journey across america. i mean, come on , look at this . how on earth did you pull this off? uncovering the rarely seen places? this museum reminds us that one person really can help save our heritage and fascinating places. do you remember the first time you saw him bill smith works? i do. i was bowled over better are writing the next chapter of our nation story. so the history is represented in the flood. i'm kidding. gems with laura
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12:40 am
>> look, no matter who's in power or where the ruling goes from the supreme court, no american should ever lose hope e in their country or its promise. this is jake tapperth talking to the uk's boris johnson trying to convince him that america is finished. when i talk to friends in canada, uk, australia and elsewhere, people expresss concern about the united states as the united states, about the united states in terms ofth our ability and our institutions to thrive and continue afteriv what happened with the election of 2020. they worry that democracy isoc on life support. do you know i will say this toev the people of the united states reports of the death of democracy in the united states are grosslyhe, grosslye exaggerated. i continue to believe that america is the greatest global guarantor of democracy
12:41 am
and freedom. boris johnson hasdo a better understand of america thanom some of our own citizens. and asewn far as this rural rulo is concerned, they've given democracy back to the people. rt it goes to the states. awa so we're not taking away any rights you're givingy a to the people to decide like how he played at the fair and then he went guarantor of: that was kind of well, no, i wasn't surprised to see heated reaction to this overturning roe v. wade. what is surprising is i the nearly traitorous denunciations of the country abroady. this is green day frontman billie joe armstrong during a london concert he yelled f f america and said he's renouncing his citizenship over the supreme court decision and then olivia rodriguez also on the english stage did this to the justices. samuel clarence thomas versus
12:42 am
tagalong preheating. they're singing f you too the supreme court abroad and denouncing the country abroadupnd. you know, protest all you want at home doing it abroad. laura , is the real problem and then give back all the royalties from all those ugly americansan. a lot of them probably voted or parents voted for you know, fore republicans to put c these peope on the court. i mean, give it all back . they talk a goodd game but they'll never give it k back because most of these people don't know what they're talking about. their totalng fraud. well, and billie joe armstrong should change the eyelinerli. he did sing american idiot following. however, aren't we tired ofot that ? all right. so who wrote shut up and sing l again? oh , you did the bughouse today. tried to blame v religion bel fr
12:43 am
this reversal of roe . t r well, in the bahamas, the justices there are six catholics on the bench. . this is an activist supremeac court and they should notti be deciding the law based on their d separation. yeah, no, they don't anymore. we have a nine justices were born or raised are or were raised catholic. 22% of america is catholic lawaw just to stay with our view, we decided we'd also shield. our eyes. but you knoww what the problem with all this is? they are demonizing religion and religious people at a timeif when we're seeing pro-life centers attacked, churches defaced. this is the worst impulse, ho particularly from people who claim to be catholic to denounce catholicism. these judges didn't rule this way, these justices because they'rere catholic, they voted this way and ruled this way because they're jurists and that's being lost in this trying to portray
12:44 am
this as some kind of theocracy at play. that'se not what happened here . i keep thinking joe biden is on the set when i see youes and these glasses you're making such goodus points. >> but i really can't take our take our glasses off. i prefer joy behar and i think that's actually a she already looks like she's inal the home. yeah. so now it makes it work perfectly well. the other thing here , laura , no one condemned faith when it drove the other great civil rights movement ofatat our time, the african-americans trying to get their rights and toaf be fully free and to get the vote that was also propelled by religion. this pr so is this pro-life cause? so it's nothingo- to i to look n on or certainly to bongani in the bahamas? do we know know they should only stay there for much longer and let's hope the saddle week we gotinningng billie joe armstrong heading out of the country. we got olivia rodrigo worked up . i mean this isth pretty good so far . we've got this great supreme court winning hashtag winning gold. all right, raymond,sh win thank. all right.
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on gun rights largely rendered california's restrictive gun laws much like new york's unconstitutional. but that's not stoppingg from looking formi new ways to deny gun permits. and a letter to the states vas and police chiefs attorney general rob bonta said that applicants must provide proof of that good moral character and that the state can go through social media accounts m to cut against it. joining me now is ami dillon of the dillon logger's founder of the center for american liberty halmet. we warned about this givingng license to political actors to take away constitutional rightst on the basis of ideologys. your thoughts tonight ? well, you're absolutely right, i laura . and california is signalings very hard that it is notis going to make it easy for law abiding citizens like myself sitting here in san francisco mys to be able to go and get a concealed carry permit, which is now my right under the new supreme court precedent. so the only thing that rob bonta, our attorney general, has signaled will change is
12:51 am
that we're changing from a may issue to a must issue or c shall issue. but he says that it's okay for the sheriff or the policeou department to stillr ask youas what is your reason? what is your good causeat for having a weapon? they're also requiring that wet go through firearms training ata our own expense and yound that's part of the statute. so that's another barrier to entry for people of limited means. and then finally, of course, they can ask for this good moral character which as we c know is extremely subjective and can let the government allow us to prevent us from getting these permits simplywe because of things we say on social media or our opinions or to reexamine the 2020in election. yeah. let me let me read something. .s this is what the ag cited as an example of successful good cause requirements writing the riverside county sheriff's department policy, for example, currently provides as followsig respect for the rights of others, absence of hatred
12:52 am
and racism, fiscal stability, profession specific criteria. >> hami now how does that and most of that relate to your right to keep and bear arms and certainly abide by the new court decision? well, it doesn't, laura .it it's flatly unconstitutional. i represent the national association for gun rights at my firm or currently hack'sging san jose's on gun ownership. and we're going to be challenging this as well. if they stop if they stop citizens from getting their rightful right too concealed carry here in california and why should i have to jumpy through hoops o go through an extensive check of my social media and my opinions to exercisee my constitutional right? i don't have toto do that for the first amendment or to buy a house. it shouldn't be harder to get your constitutional rightht than it is to say get a job or exercise any other normal
12:53 am
things that we do in society. so the attorney general isws looking for litigation. he knows he's going ton get it and they're probably going to try to fundraise and virtually single off of it. but this is not going toff be te end of litigation here . l yeah,au halmet on whether it's i the second amendment issue or their dobs case, we're just going to see endless litigationn right on both sides. that >> but about the left and the second amendment, there iss an enumerated rights right? so but they want to deny that . but on the abortion question, there is no rightre to abortion. there is no right to privacy in the document the constitution. but they want to read a right into the constitution doesn't exist. so they have no consistent philosophy, a judicial c philosophy at all. it's just completely emotive at this point. >> absolutely. ornt i mean,. look, even in the wake of prior decisions, yous have the state of california are trying toax tax weapon owners. that's unconstitutional and we're fighting that right now. and so i think we're not goings to see the decision
12:54 am
be respected by certain states. we're not going to see this new york rifle and pistol decision. we are looking for a lot more litigation here . it's really unfortunate that we have to continue to fight evenwe after the supreme spoken but, ultimately law the problem here at the supreme court should never be the position of making these laws in the first place. so it has to be left to legislate. all right.. you great to see you a as always. and up next , it's being callede the future of travel, but f woud you try it? the video moments away tony fauci against. we like to make our own world
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>> laura: a yemeni engineer has created cgi example of what he says the future of travel looks like. watch. >> introducing a nuclear power hotel suspended above the clouds. it features shopping malls,g sports centers, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, playgrounds for children, the aiders, and sky cruise wedding gives you and your partner along with your
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guests a unique comic memorable experience. >> laura: the good thing is you get to meet george jackson too, really fun. would you try it? that is it for us. remember get your usa freedom matters gear at and it goes to the network this month, great stuff, greg gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ >> carley: fox news alert, we are learning to men accused of smuggling fentanyl potentially build several million americans and released from prison in california. the place saw 150,000 capsules to deadly drugs of the two suspects during a traffic stop but the men, they were released on their own cognizant after a risk assessment. a local sheriff disagrees with the release of these men as a matter of


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