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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 28, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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experience. >> laura: the good thing is you get to meet george jackson too, really fun. would you try it? that is it for us. remember get your usa freedom matters gear at and it goes to the network this month, great stuff, greg gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ >> carley: fox news alert, we are learning to men accused of smuggling fentanyl potentially build several million americans and released from prison in california. the place saw 150,000 capsules to deadly drugs of the two suspects during a traffic stop but the men, they were released on their own cognizant after a risk assessment. a local sheriff disagrees with the release of these men as a matter of public safety.
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you are watching "fox & friends first" on tuesday morning, carley shimkus. >> joey: joey jones in for todd piro. 46 migrants found in an 18-wheeler. 16 others are hospitalized including four children. >> carley: a tragedy they were jackie ibanez with texas officials and the biden administration, jackie. >> that is right an absolute tragedy. those surviving migrants were dehydrated and hospitalized, the tragedy in the recent border as greg abbott is not holding back who he says is to blame for this. he tweeted "these deaths are on biden. the deadly open border policies. they show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law." it was discovered by a city worker after hearing cries for help. homeland security is leading the investigation into what is suspected human smuggling
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operation. three people are in police custody this morning. it is the latest reminder of the grim situation at the border with hundreds if not thousands of migrants making that treacherous journey each day. ron johnson is demanding answers on where they are going once they cross into the u.s. in a letter to the dhs. he calls for clarity with migrants being transported from border communities to big cities across the southwest. he writes "under dhs plan, the taxpayers would fit the bill to a lien such as los angeles, california, albuquerque, new mexico, and dallas, texas. taxpayer dollars should be used to secure the border not to exacerbate the biden border crisis. meanwhile president biden nominee for isis director draws inspiration for texas sheriff ed gonzalez who waited a year for senate confirmation vote which is unlikely to get final approval before the job. back in washington, the supreme court decision whether
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the biden administration can end the policy could come as soon as tomorrow. the trump era program allows dhs to send migrants back to mexico while asylum is being played out. back to you guys. >> carley: so much going on at the southern border, jackie thank you. let's bring in former eyes director and dhs assistant secretary to help us break it down. good morning to you. these two illegal immigrants that were found to kill fentanyl with millions of americans come is there any reason to be released from jail? >> you know, not that i can see. on one hand if illegal immigrants with fentanyl, they should have been held to be deported by i.c.e. at the end of their case and one reason to prevent them from being released. but to have that amount of fentanyl to kill so many people and we know it is killing so many people. it just shows a lack of seriousness that not only this
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administration but certain prosecutors throughout this country are taking towards deadly drug epidemic. the worst our country has ever seen. we have over 100,000 people die from drug overdoses last year. it has got to be higher this year, would be my guess. >> joey: jonathan, we talk about the migrants being transported on taxpayer dime from the border to places like texas, utah, mexico. is this any kind of policy that is completely illegal to do and looks bad or actually a case for this to be stopped? >> that is a good question. i really don't know if there is a legal issue because these are people that they are processing and releasing into the country and transporting them. so basically they have sort of given them legal status after claims for asylum and things like that. but the amazing thing about it is, which i think
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senator johnson head on, the amount of money being spent to basically transport these illegal aliens throughout the country. dhs and border patrol essentially acting as a concierge service of the illegal immigrants once they get here. instead of using the money to secure the border, may be prevent the drugs from getting here. they spend all of this money to disperse them throughout the country and the other part of it that they are doing is it doesn't seem as bad at the border of dispersed throughout the country. but the problem is still just as bad and shows a lack of seriousness or any desire whatsoever for the administration to enforce the law at all. >> carley: senator ron johnson is saying tax your dollar should be used to secure the border but not exacerbate the crisis. at the same time, we are seeing a record number of illegal immigrants try to enter the country. we don't have a i.c.e. director, nominated sheriff ed gonzales over a year ago. he was never confirmed and
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yesterday he decided to withdraw consideration. what do we need to know about this? >> you know, it seems -- it is kind of interesting because, you know, the person they nominated who was a law enforcement officer, but he really was committed to the open borders policy and the amnesty agenda. so i think this administration is in a trick bag because they want someone with law enforcement to seem like they are going to enforce the law. they want the law to be committed to the open borders agenda, which is a tricky situation they are in. it shows this administration doesn't care about enforcing immigration law. the tragedy that you just talked about, you know, what makes it even more tragic is the fact that this and other things in many ways are preventable. they will prevent them. we will see that throughout the summer as it gets harder. i don't know what they will do with the i.c.e. director.
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my guess is they will let it fly into after midterms. >> carley: johnson, to a follow up words of former i.c.e. director. we don't have one in our country right now but what sort of issues will arise from not having that sort of leadership position right now when we are at a crisis level and it comes to illegal immigrants in the country? >> well, that is a good point. now that they have somebody in a active capacity of the entire time. and i think it shows probably one of the biggest national security, national issues with immigration, illegal immigration issue with all of the problems associated with it. it shows this administration really doesn't care and not even prioritizing this. they won't take it seriously. it does not seem they tend to take it seriously but it is almost as if they hope it will just go away or other issues will take over and they will just be able to continue on with
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open borders agenda. but it just shows a lack of seriousness, a lack of will. they don't care about these poems like the overdoses, like the tragedy of the 46 migrants that died yesterday. and it is really disgraceful how they are treating this issue. the american public deserve so much better than what this administration is giving them. >> joey: jonathan we talk about the leadership, dhs, border control, and we were watching videos and you were talking hundreds of thousands of migrants passing through eagle pass, rio sector. a record 3,000 encounters the last 48 hours. one specific stat stood out, five afghans caught crossing the border. and there might have been a group of ten or 15 others that got through. when we just finished a war with a country and now they have people migrating across the southern border illegally, how can you say we have national security when the border is that porous and we are capturing
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people from afghanistan? they can get into mexico and eventually our country? >> that is a great point. we can't say that we have a secure border or national security. we are secure because of what is going on at the border because a lot of the people that are getting apprehended at the border are people self reporting or turning themselves into border patrol. if terrorists really want to get through, the border patrol is so occupied with processing the migrants turning themselves in, that they could easily sneak across any many ways across the border without being apprehended. everyone knows there is no security. i think the number of got a ways last year was 600,000. these are people that we know of that got across and that border patrol did not encounter. we have no idea who is in that group here that is much higher than 600,000 spirits are really, no national security, no desire
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to prevent people from coming across and something really bad is likely going to happen and it will be preventable. we know it right now, and they still won't do anything about it, which is just so awful. >> carley: per 50 people on the terror watch group and begs the question how many people were not? it feels like a ticking time bomb. jonathan thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> joey: all right, new evidence emerging that president biden knew more about his son's business dealings than previously lived on. >> carley: a leak the mail came by "the daily mail" shows the president was worried to cover his son's relationship with chinese energy tycoon. brooke singman is here to tell us more about this email. brooke, good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys. leaked 28 voice mails from joe to biden with the daily mail proves the president did speak with his son about his business
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dealings with china. listen to this. >> in 2015 on wednesday night, a chance -- i just want to talk to you all. they released it online. and i want to make it clear. the code of the article of the president was referring to published by "the new york times" december 2018. the times reported a private meeting between the chairman of defunct chinese and the biden in a miami hotel. quite the comments and the voice mail is the latest piece to have the evidence found on infamous laptop and suggest the president was aware of his son's business dealings, despite what he told our own peter doocy on the campaign trail, listen. >> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about overseas dealings? >> i have never spoken to my son about his overseas dealings. >> i have never discussed with
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my son or brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. >> the voice mail released yesterday also seemingly reveals the president was concerned about how the press would cover the story. >> this is, you know, at least evidence of some sort of guilty knowledge. they were in trouble because "the new york times" had come very close to the story about the whole biden family. >> guy is coming in a separate report into biden laptop, referred to another top executive at the chinese energy company, carley, joey. >> carley: the laptop that keeps on giving, brooke, thank you so much. at this point, it feels like joe biden is making things worse himself by not coming out and saying "yeah, it was family business. i did have dealings. i didn't know what my son was
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doing. of course my dad." >> joey: what is so astonishing is ten years ago the story itself the president son who was around politics eight years while his dad was president and nefarious things he was involved in commit seems like it was baked into the election and how it was covered up. so it hinges on something completely illegal happen and some think that compromise the country happened and not just the fact joe biden was doing these things that were despicable but now that we know that to cover it up may not move the meter up. it has to come down what was actually illegal. i don't know what that says about the state of politics and what we expect from the politicians. >> carley: like i said, the like i said the laptop that keeps on giving. so much reporting that trickles in on how closely linked joe biden really is to his son's business dealings. you have this article from "the new york post" i have in my
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hand, "joe biden met with hunter biden's business partners at the white house." this one right here. then i have an article from "the new york post," a dozen times joe biden played a role in hunter biden's business dealings. and it goes through the list. joe biden met a college recommendation letter for chinese business partner son. all of these pictures of the president with hunter biden and hunter's business partners. they were office mates. ten for the big guy. you have to wonder how the media is going to report on this voice mail. joe concha says the 11th commandment of journalism "thou shall not cover anything the various related to hunter biden." >> talk about critical skilled writing, they will get creative to write their way around this. i think americans will have to dictate what kind of excuse making kenny make? it is more than business
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dealings with china. there have been some terrible things hunter was involved in. now, starting to connect president biden two. listen, i completely understand do whatever you can to keep your kids out of trouble but to compromise our country and things that... >> carley: that is the question. reporting on hunter biden having a meeting with four russian oligarchs and one wanted for murder when joe biden was president. and you have to wonder, would any of these people want to meet with hunter if his last name was not biden? now that his dad's president of the united states, it does raise a lot of questions appearance me when i have a friend that says a lot of people things politics a lot more veep. this may be more like a scandal. >> carley: exactly. or jerry springer with the hunter situation. all right, turning to this now a judge temporarily blocking abortion bands in utah, louisiana after the supreme court rules to
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roe v. wade last week to overturn it in major criticism as they threaten to bypass the high court decision which sends abortion laws back to the state. >> joey: joining us from washington, alexandria hoff. >> good morning, carley, joey. louisiana argued the band was overly vague and in utah's laws for planned parenthood an acl you scheduled for abortions next week. the judge sided with those two suits in the states temporarily blocking the abortion ban in utah and louisiana. the third district judge in utah wrote this "doctors are threatened with felonies, state, local medical treatment to terminate the pregnancy. similar lawsuits in texas, idaho, kentucky and mississippi, south dakota, kristi noem said the ban is strong. >> i'm proud of the fact that my state stands for life. they recognize every single life is precious. and that this is something that is very clear that the people
1:17 am
will have a debate with. >> carley: "washington post" reporter carolina christman shared elizabeth warren suggested establishing abortion outpost complete with tense within national parks, which are federally controlled. house democrats to bypass the supreme court ruling. after all a litter to democrat colleagues, house speaker nancy pelosi wrote legislation prepared to codify abortion nationwide. meanwhile vice president kamala harris once again sending off jabs in her response to this latest ruling after saying this: >> i was shocked. you know commit is one thing when you know something is going to happen but another thing when it actually happens. so i thought about it as a parent. i thought about it as a godparent of teenagers. i thought of it as an aunt of preschool children. >> and a woman yourself. >> and a woman myself.
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and a daughter of a woman in a granddaughter of a woman. >> she said woman a lot in twitter had a heyday. and she has no problem understanding what a woman is, carley and joey. >> carley: thank you so much hillary clinton mocked for this comment has been granted by some conservatives as one of the dumbest tweets ever. she said "it shouldn't be harder to obtain an abortion then an ar-15. in responding to hillary clinton wants to make it easier to kill defenseless unborn human beings then to purchase a gun. colorado congresswoman says "tell me you've never purchased an ar-15 without killing me." turning to this a terrifying scene unfolding in missouri when amtrak train collided with a truck and flies off of a track. the latest on the investigation. and new details about some young heroes on board. >> joey: then, we will tell you more about why 100 sheriffs
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in georgia publicly committing with candidate stacey abrams. >> carley: tomi lahren and congressman michael waltz on deck. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: this just income at the white house had president biden will not make his originally planned remarks this morning after the final session of the g7 summit in germany due to the weather. instead, the president will depart early from germany and head to spain where he will attend the nato summit. the presidents international travels are being overshadowed by a long list of crisis at home. associated press zeke miller said in one year, president biden has managed to go from america's back to america's backsliding. joey. >> joey: america's crime is not just targeting big cities. suburban residents are rattled and demanding more protection in their communities. in buckhead a suburb of atlanta is up 70%, robbery 70% and burglary 26%. those numbers are part of the resent the next guest wants to see from what lynette to go on their own and have police
1:25 am
involvement. bill white of buckhead city, good morning, bill. >> good morning, good morning joey, how are you? >> joey: south of atlanta and you are on the other side but tell me why you need to become your own city. >> you were born in the great capital city, as i understand, so it is great to be on with you and especially thank you to your service to our nation, joey, i mean that from the heart. we are really feeling like this is a war zone. and i don't say that lightly, especially given what you experienced in a war zone. this is murder and mayhem. we have shootings up 164% over the last year. we just had another violent home invasion. these home invasions are happening at the home of mr. carter an nba player for the hawks who lives in buckhead. we've had three murders in the last several weeks. people can't go to the gas station without putting a gun in
1:26 am
their pocket, which is what i do. my sister-in-law will not go to the gas station. she has her husband take her car to go get gas. her home was invaded while a neighbors house home was invaded with daughter and granddaughter home at gunpoint. it has gotten to be crazy. so listen, we are dealing with a mayor who voted to defund the police. it is obvious that the police officers don't want to come work for a mayor or city that does not back them here and so buckhead wants to take things into its own hands. we have a ballot referendum coming up next legislative session coming in january. the speaker of the house, speaker promised us he would give the city another year to get crime under control. in six months in and he's only hired three cops for buckhead to purity we are short 180 police officers. so what are we supposed to do?
1:27 am
they say this has never been done taking a part of the city out and making its own city from that. but we are going to do it. we are absolutely going to love our police and pay them comic give them a take-home car. honor them every day and make up for this dumbest move of the century to defund the police and turn that on its heels and put the smack down on the crime in buckhead once and for all and have a happy place to live. >> joey: you talk about the speaker of the house and the city governor. they were not incredibly supportive right away, but you said you will get your battle ground. when we look at this gubernatorial race, the big race in georgia, stacey abrams being the democrat nominee. and the kind of explaining what she thinks about defund the police here. >> do you think women should have the right to have an abortion all the way up to nine
1:28 am
months? >> i believe abortion is a medical decision. i believe that should be a choice made between a doctor and a woman and with consultation with her family. this is not a political issue. it is a medical issue. >> up to nine months in some cases depending on the woman, correct? >> that is not what i said to. i said this is a medical decision. >> joey: obviously, that was not about defining the police. she is a good communicator and knows how to answer the question without answering the question you asked about defund the police, we find out she is on the board of an organization primarily for orienting the funding the police and speaks out from that a little bit. she is not about defunding the police but about policing stronger. how will that work out for stacey abrams running for governor if tough on crime is on the ballot? >> listen, that is why we are supporting governor brian kemp. i think you were reporting that he has several hundred sheriffs
1:29 am
across the great state of georgia that supported him here the governor and the state police he has had to send into buckhead because atlanta has a stupid policy where they will not chase someone shooting at someone out of a car. so, any other normal place that isn't run by defund the police folks, you would see somebody shooting out of you out of a car and you would arrest them. so thanks to governor kemp he has come to save buckhead. he is it is a temporary fix. but stacey abrams was the governor, this wouldn't be happening so that is why we are voting for brian kemp for governor. >> joey: absolutely, 100 georgia sheriffs supporting brian kemp and stacey abrams stance on defining the police. the mayor of buckhead, good luck with that. >> thanks, joey.
1:30 am
i will have you down here for the celebration. god bless you. >> joey: you too. moving on fox news breaking down in tears as fights for justice and the killing of his 18-year-old brother in chicago. >> my little brother was considering which college he would go to peer that is what he was thinking about. now he doesn't have that option. he will never get married. he will never see his first child. >> carley: we are talking to republican congressional candidate on the ballot in illinois about what needs to be down to turn things around in the windy city.
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hello, colonial penn? ♪ ♪ >> joey: welcome back, a heat investigation after three people killed and at least 50 killed in an amber track in missouri. went off the tracks after meeting a dump truck on a public
1:36 am
crossing. several videos taken just after the crash shows passengers gaping through the windows of the overturned cars. these two boy scout troops aboard the train on their way home to wisconsin sprung into action and put their seals to use. they administer first aid including who ultimately died at the same. several scale suffered injuries including broken bones. in the new york supreme court striking down the law that allows noncitizen residents to vote and the law passed in december by city council allowing non-u.s. citizens who live at least 30 days before an election to cast ballots. this ruling comes just one day at of the state primary election. new york city councilman john burley with a plaintiff in the case and will join us to discuss the big win. >> carley: fox news analyst speaking out after 18-year-old brother shot dead in chicago. >> my little brother was
1:37 am
considering which college he was going to go to. now, he doesn't have that option. he will never get married. he will never see his first child. he will never have a real career. >> tough on crime policies pushed by media officials and only causing more crime. you need to cuff the police. >> carley: michael coolidge is a republican candidate and illinois and radio host of the michael coolidge show an army and you were running for a congressional seat in illinois 14th district which is right outside of chicago and crime they are keeps getting worse. what needs to be done to make things better? >> first, our hearts go out to your colleague gianno caldwell, who lost his brother in this awful soft on crime policy that democrats run the city's in chicago in the cities throughout the country, really that crime
1:38 am
is supreme to the communities outside of cities like chicago all over the eastern parts of the district i'm running in, the 14th district, joliet, sherwood, south naperville. people whose doors i knock on every day tell me the border on crime, crime especially is what they are worried about because the illinois democrats, unfortunately, it's not just the city policies but should call go, they have no cash bail policies that are going to come into effect in january. and trust this complete lack of seriousness about addressing crime like so many of our politicians in illinois. it is unacceptable and we are trying to do something about it. >> carley: in chicago, this is a statistic for you and i can't get over it, 1400 people commit 86% of the crimes. so why would no cash bail will help the situation? >> it wouldn't and what happens
1:39 am
is, criminals are emboldened here they know that not only if they commit a crime but they will be back on the streets the next day in many cases. but they will not be prosecuted. we have these prosecutors like kim foxx in cook county who will not prosecute criminals who are going to harm our communities. and the mentality gets out there and work on the street, you can do petty crimes, mid-level crimes or maybe a larger crimes, and the consequences aren't going to be that bad. that just spreads and spreads and spreads. we have a situation, too, police officers can't trace criminal suspects if criminal act. the police can't pursue them on foot. that, again emboldens criminals to be able to do whatever they want. it is just the entire culture of
1:40 am
just lack of any sort of attention towards crime in chicago and the surrounding communities again spread out to the 14th district that are absolutely hearing from voters. they will not take it anymore. >> carley: and this issue absolutely deserves attention. look at these numbers and chicago robbery up 21% burglary 31% motor vehicle at 14%. lori lightfoot has not done much to help with murder, up 34% since she took office, robbery 34% in a motor vehicle theft 48% purity when it comes to the soft on crime policies, not allowing the police to chase down the criminals, even if the police officer sees them commit a crime, you have to wonder why. what is the greater goal here? it is clearly not making people safer. >> no, it's not. we would love the city of chicago and illinois. the biggest city and state in the midwest.
1:41 am
we love visiting in but people i'm hearing from when i knock on doors every single day, half of that seven months of the illinois district county, it is not just when they go into chicago they worry about their safety and. it is their own communities because it is spreading outside of chicago and this again, something that democrats who run so many of the cities and, frankly, the democrats i'm running against eventually and the fall with the primary today, a lot of the democrat politicians over the last two years have supported, you know, nonpositive police defund the police movements and defund the police. lori lightfoot started to backtrack on it but it is clear one party that shrugs their shoulders at some of the problems facing our country. that is the democrats. the other party that is trying to do something about it, republicans, who voters, especially in the district that
1:42 am
i'm running in the illinois 14, they are saying they have had enough and want change and voting republican in the fall. >> carley: you are a veteran, radio host, active in your church community and running that republicans could pick up in november. best of luck to you during the primary election today. we will talk again soon. >> thank you, carley. >> carley: you are very welcome. this last year white house took a victory lap on the price of your fourth of july cook out going down a total of $0.16. remember that tweet? this year, completely different story. we will tell you exactly how much more you will have to spend for your patriotic gathering. >> joey: it turns out liberals want to cancel the holiday altogether. we were talking to legal immigrants with a present government that want to change america this fourth of july. ♪ ♪
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1:48 am
likely face democrats kathy hochul. she has joined for her first full term as governor with andrew cuomo sexual harassment candidate. the g.o.p. runner congressman lee zeldin said new york will not be safe until she is out of office. >> kathy hochul got confronted and she said, i need to see more data. when she was confronted, she said, cut some slack. he's doing his job and just got there. it is very divorced from the reality of the moment that crime is surging. speed to moving utah where some dramatically facing two challengers becky edwards former state representative and ally and some from a business and community leader. both find twin seat the trump backed senator in oklahoma. a huge pool of republicans looking to retire senator jim. mark, the one to beat, a dozen
1:49 am
other hopefuls including former environmental protection agency chief scott pruitt who served under president trump. in colorado trumps endorsed lauren boebert with moderate senator don corum. >> joey: vice president kamala harris with a biden-harris ticket will be in full effect 2024. >> president biden about reelection? >> joe biden will run for reelection, and i will be his ticket mate. >> joey: the vp response after "new york times" said that president biden fed up with questions about whether he will run for reelection and as bad as his poll numbers are. >> carley: americans are paying more for gas and food to put on the grill. and up by double digits. the price hike comes about a year after the white house
1:50 am
posted bragging about saving americans a whopping $0.16 on the cost of the cookout. aaa predicts a record number of americans will hit the road for independence day weekend. president mike vice president kamala harris failed to address what they are doing to help the american people. >> you can do to help bring down the cost of gas. >> first of all, let's show say this, this is a very real issue. and we have to do something about it. it is one of our highest priorities in this administration. so, there is the piece about gas and bringing down the cost of gas, which in large part has exploded because of fentanyl's war in ukraine. the president is talking as he has been to bring our allies and partners together so we can have a common defense around what we believe to be democratic principles and territorial integrity. but there are other things we need to do. >> carley: got it. today's national average price
1:51 am
for a gallon of gas $4.88 per gallon. >> joey: celebrities are calling to boycott the fourth of july holiday over the supreme court's ruling roe v. wade. [bleep] >> that is a miserable [bleep]! >> joey: joining me now are three immigrants who escaped and are proud american legal citizens, two immigrants, venezuelan daniel martino, and irina vilarino, peter luma, welcome to the show, everybody. peter, i will go to you first. it seems like american exceptionalism is this thing specific to white working middle class and it's not inclusion or
1:52 am
bring in other cultures. it doesn't bring in other people. i think you three are an example of the opposite. how does it make you feel when celebrities stand on stage and say as the united states because they don't like the supreme court ruling? >> everything that america stands for is undone by the left. the declaration of independence says all men are created equal, and we aren't created for certain unalienable rights, largely in pursuit of happiness. this is a biblical proportions. no other country in the world has a document that states such a thing. that establishes a relationship between the government and the government is of service to the people. but for the declaration, but with those words, a former romania would not be able to come here, learn english, go to college, and now running for united states senate as a candidate. so respecting the greatness of the united states and the
1:53 am
exception of these documents come i think every time the left, they should look at the greatness of this country through the eyes of refugees. as reagan said it, you see better through the eyes of refugees. they can talk to us and tell us the story about the united states. >> joey: we have a quote on twitter saying for the fourth of july is canceled due to the shortage of independence. you can't celebrate a country that has failed its people. america does not deserve a holiday to celebrate freedom and independence if they take it away from its citizens. this is obviously talking about abortion. i have seen on social media people saying places like china or under sharia law are better for women. it is almost in purity to say something like that but that is the narrative. you are a business owner but tell me why this country is an amazing place for all people, but especially women.
1:54 am
>> you know there is nothing more telling than the millions of people came to the porter to get to the united states. you don't see millions of people crossing any other country. it speaks volumes what the country stands for. after reading this silliness on tweets come i get chills all over my body because god forbid, america would be the country the liberal portrays to be what would be the people on the screen right now. my parents did everything to make it to this country. my father was a political prisoner. there is no other country in the world that provides its citizens the amount of freedom, i mean, the freedom to say the absurdities they are saying. that cannot happen. so many countries, so many countries, to get this amazing country. and it is mind-boggling to me because i came to this country when i was four years old. we have lived as americans as if we had been born in this country
1:55 am
country. we have been treated fairly, justly, given all the other opportunities that every other american has had. we simply have taken advantage of them and worked hard to make this a great nation. perhaps they should try to do the same. >> joey: absolutely, dana, you are from venezuela. why are you celebrating the fourth of july? >> well, first, i'm not an american citizen yet. i have always celebrated the fourth of july at the six years i've been in this country. and i don't think the people who were boycotting the fourth of july ever celebrated the fourth of july. i think people in this country unfortunately not proud of being an american by being born here. that is a shame and something we need to fix it on the system because it is something i experienced and i went to college my first freshman class, a girl told me she was not proud of being an american. she said she was born in a different country. and i think meaningful to people
1:56 am
like us waiting to immigrate to this country. there are americans, thousands or more that want to announce their citizenship. i think it would be better if they did leave this country and just let in people who want to be americans. >> joey: i tell you what, daniel, this is an amazing country in the three of you represent something all americans need and that his perspective. thank you for joining us. have an amazing fourth of july and i'm proud to share this country with you. irene, daniel, peter, thank you. >> carley: a big show ahead, joe borelli and michael waltz still ahead on "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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