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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 28, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> a fox news alert, judges blocking -- supreme court votes to overturn roe v. wade last week. the legal battles play out as democrats face criticism as they threaten to bypass the high court's decision which sends abortion law back to the state. you're watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: i'm joey jones in for the proud papa, todd piro. >> with this issue being given back to the state, state courts are getting involved. in louisiana and utah, judges ruled abortion services can continue for now, the ban was overly vague and restricts right
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to due process and planned parenthood wrote 55 patients were scheduled for abortions in the next week. there are trigger laws. the state's ban stands strong. >> i'm proud of the fact that my state stands for life, recognize every life is precious and this is something very clear the people will have debate with. >> she introduced a bill to ban abortion pills being provided by telemedicine. now "washington post" reporter shared an idea by senator elizabeth warren, abortion outposts should be in federal parks. federal courts may be trying to bypass the ruling.
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legislation is being prepared to codify abortion nationwide. vice president kamala harris is fending off jabs in her reaction to the supreme court's ruling after saying this. >> vice president harris: i was shocked. it is one thing to know something is going to happen, it is another to know when it happens. i thought as a parent, as a godparent of teenagers, as an aunt of preschool children and a woman myself and the daughter of a woman and the granddaughter of a woman. >> twitter had a field day with that, the vice president suddenly seems to have no problem defining what a woman is. funny how that happened. thank you. >> carley: huge win for religious liberty, supreme court ruled 6-3 in favor of high school coach joe kennedy, who was fired for praying on the
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50-yard line after games. he joined nan hannity to explain. >> i want the same freedom i fought for in the marine corps. i continue to fight and defend the constitution. first amendment is for people of all faiths or no faith at all. >> carley: here a government entity thought to punish an individual for engage nothing a brief, quiet, personal religious observance doubly protected by the first amendment. he says all he wants is his job back, he wasn't suing for any money, it was a seven-year legal bat and he will he says it was worth it. >> joe: he made kids that refused to pray captains, so no
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moment he made anyone feel unwelcome, it sucks it took so long to win it. >> carley: thing that strikes me about this case, it is simple act of a coach praying on the sidelines after games and the way this all went down was beautiful. he was praying for eight years by himself and some students were interested in praying alongside with him. one student said could we ask the opposing team to pray with us, as well. it is so beautiful, it turned into a seven-year legal battle. >> joey: freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. a tragedy in texas as dozens of migrants found dead inside an 18-wheeler. >> carley: a million voters switched from democrat to republican and we're asking some of them what was behind that
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>> this is more death on the hands of the president. i can't think of anything worse, these people in that 18-wheeler suffocating, the heat going to 130 or more trying to climb out
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desperately. >> joey: leaders in texas are blaming president biden after 46 migrantss found dead inside an 18-wheeler in san antonio. 16 others are hospitalized, including four children. jackie ibanez joins us. jackie. >> jackie: the surviving migrants were hot to the touch and dehydrated when hospitalized yesterday. texas governor greg abbott is not holding back who is to blame. he tweeted, "these deaths are on biden, result of his border policy and refusal to enforce the law," the horrifying scene was discovered by a city worker after hearing cries for help. homeland security is leading the investigation into what is suspected to be human smuggling
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situation. hundreds, if not thousands of migrants making the treacherous journey everyday. ron johnson is demanding answers on where they are going when they cross into the united states. johnson called for clarity on eshg lite memo revealing migrantss are being transported to big cities across the u.s. he wrote, under dhs plan, taxpayers send aliens to los angeles, california, albuquerque, new mexico and houston and dallas, texas. taxpayer dollars should be used to protect the border. ice director withdrawal from -- gonzales waited for a year for a vote which suggests he was unlikely to get final approval for the job. in washington supreme court decision on whether the biden
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administration can end the remain in mexico policy could come as soon as tomorrow. trump era -- played out. carley and joey. >> joey: thank you, jackie. new york supreme court striking down a law. >> carley: joining us is a plaintiff in the case, joe borelli. joe, this law would give green card holders the right to vote in the new york supreme court agree with you and say that is illegal. what is your reaction for this win? >> it is a good win for people who believe you must be a citizen to vote in election whether locally in new york. >> carley: pretty basic concept. >> joe: this is something democrats vnth held back and they want to do this in other places around the country.
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hopefully other jurisdictions see the problem and decide not to go forward with this. >> joey: as far as why you were able to win the case, this goes right against the state institution and legislation. >> joe: yeah, some states are trying to implement citizenship for voting. blue new york had one for generations and decades really. it says you must be a citizen to register to vote for all elections in the state. democrats thought they could throw something against the wall and hope it sticks. unfortunately for them, we had republican judges in new york city who understand the law and can read and understand what the law actually means and they sided with us. >> carley: what do you think the ultimate goal was? do you think this is one step away from allowing illegal immigrants to vote and democrats think it would work for them?
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>> joe: yes. a fun fact, more democrats on the city council voted against this than republicans, more democrats voted no, these people don't want to see their own representation suffer empowering 800,000 people, which is larger than most cities in the united states of america. look at voting rate, you would have seen 250,000 more votes for city elections. >> carley: it would have made a difference. >> joey: who they could vote for, mayor, city council members, they would have had a lot of say, 800,000 or more would have had say in how the city is ran. >> joe: we are bigger in population than switzerland, these are real consequences. people who are here for 30 days is requirement, we don't want them to have sayeh tavangar in
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debts, pension. it is good move for people who are here legally and are citizens of the city and state. >> carley: who do you think will win the republican pri345er for governor today? any chance that person would beat kathy hochul in november? >> joe: i'm supporting zeldin, lee will be a great governor and he has finances and wherewithal to beat kathy hochul in november and save our state and finally save our state. >> carley: all right, joe concha, thank you for joining us, congratulations again. turning to this newly leaked voicemail indicate president biden lied when he told americans he never talked to his son about foreign business dealings. >> the article online will be printed tomorrow in the times was good, i think you are clear. >> joey: is joe biden going to run for president again?
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democrats might not be happy about what kamala harris just said. we're talking about it with joe concha.
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>> carley: new evidence emerging that president biden knew more about his son's business dealings than high let on. >> joey: leaked voice there it is mail shows the president was worried about how the press would cover his son's relationship with a chinese company. brooke singman will tell us more. >> brooke: newly leaked voicemail from joe to hunter biden obtained by daily mail, reportedly proves the president did speak with his son about business dealings with china. listen to this. >> president biden: it is 8:15 on wednesday night.
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nothing urgent, just want to talk to you, i thought the article online that will be printed in the times is good. i think it is clear. >> brooke: published by the "new york times" in december 2018, times reported private meeting of a defunct chinese energy company and hunter biden. the voicemail is latest piece of information founda hunter's infamous laptop that shows the president was aware of his son's business dealings despite what he told peter doocy. >> how many times have you spoken to your son about overseas business dealings? >> president biden: i've never discussed with my son or brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. >> brooke: the voicemail reveals
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the president was concerned about how the press would cover the story. >> at least evidence of some sort of guilty knowledge. they were in trouble because the "new york times" had come very close to the story about the whole biden family. >> brooke: the president's son referred to another top executive as the spy chief of china. carley and joey. >> joey: thanks for the update. let's bring in joe concha, fox news contributor and media extraordinaire. we have sound on tape, joe biden telling his son, man, i think you are in the clear while he told people forever he had no conversations with his son at all. >> joe: yep, those comments are
2:23 am
on tape, as well. "it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to evidence mounting against the biden crime family. when republicans take back congress we will uncover the truth for every american as matter of national security and that is exactly what is going to happen when the gop takes control of the house 130 days from now. there will be oversight and hearings, the question is will the media cover the hearings like they did the january 6 hearings still ongoing. we know the answer, guys. >> carley: vice president kamala harris was asked about 2024 and had this announcement. take a listen. >> your friend jim kliburn said you would be first on his life in 2024. have you talked to president biden about reelection and what did you say to kliburn.
2:24 am
>> vice president harris: joe biden is running for president and i will be his ticket mate, full stop, that's it. >> carley: joe, do you believe it? >> joe: of course not. she's saying that because carley there is no other option to say otherwise with the midterm coming up in 130 days, it would be interesting if she said i will be the 47th president of the united states, the baltimore i don't recalls have a better chance of winning the world series than that happening. democrats will stick to the script. look at putin price hike all these months later being pushed when no one is buying that or the vice president when she says joe biden is running, i will be the running mate. you could save this tape and playback in a year or two. >> carley: oh, we'll do it. >> joe: i know you will. >> joey: she will be his running
2:25 am
mate. mika is begging people to vote blue, take a listen. >> it could be argued today's democrats are too fragile, woke, elitist and yet the democratic party is the world's last best hope against fascism. >> joey: how surprising is this, joe? >> joe: i believe, hyperbole, you get a video clip and that's it and she can say things like that, she is in the richest of the richest percent. gas prices don't really impact her that much. if democrats run on vote for this party, they will save democracy from our opponents then there is red tsunami coming in november, people vote with pocketbooks and fact they see what is going on at the border and know fentanyl is killing
2:26 am
americans in records. they have been use thanksgiving line with voting rights or build back better. simply you say something enough, like the boy who cried wolf, nobody will listen anymore. >> carley: they switched from democrat to republican chltz that will be news to them. thanks for joining us. >> joe: great being second straight day without pirro, this is holiday week. >> carley: he misses you. janice dean has the fox weather forecast. >> janice: take a look at showers and thunderstorms starting to perk up the map across the gulf coast, the upper midwest and the cold front moving through yesterday that has moved offshore. we are going to look for lingering showers across the gulf coast and southwest and the southeast. we will watch heavy rainfall
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over next seven days, watch houston, we are seeing an yea of low pressure across the southeast and florida and will see heavy rainfall for the plain states as next low pressure moves in. forecast highs in the '90s, we have heat alerts and it will feel oppressive for the areas. close to 90 in los angeles and 100 degrees, 100-teens in california. that is area we will keep on alert and this is area of low pressure, we don't think it will develop or get named, it will bring heavy rain and it is that time of year. not a bad idea to be prepared. >> carley: good to see you. over 100 georgia sheriffs are blasting gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams and we have the scathing letter.
2:28 am
>> joey: plus house speaker pelosi caught on camera shoving the daughter of a newly elected woman from texas.
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>> carley: sheriffs calling out gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams saying she's soft on crime. we talked to the ceo of buckhead committee who wants to secede
2:32 am
from at lant and and get their own police department. he says is stacey abrams becomes governor, his state will not be safe. >> atlanta will not sheas someone shooting at someone out of the car. if stacey abrams was the governor, this wouldn't be happening, we are voting for kemp for governor. >> carley: kemp is calling for stacey abrams to resign from her role with a group that wants to ban the police. >> joey: mayra flores calls out pelosi after appearing to shove her young daughter during a swearing in ceremony. >> i was disgusted, no child should be pushed to the side for a photo. we will push her and -- in november. >> carley: tomi lahren joins us
2:33 am
now, tomi, you see the video and you have flores deputy chief of staff coming to the speaker's defense. what do you make of this? >> i mean, the video is pretty cut and dry, i've never seen someone try to move someone with their elbow in such a delicate and loving way, what this reminds me of, part of the grinch stole christmas, the grinch sees cindy lou-who, i'm taking it back to the shop to fix the lights. that is what pelosi and her team are trying to pull here. the video and cut and dry, she's elbowing the little girl out of the way. it doesn't look good. i wish nancy pelosi would answer
2:34 am
for herself. i think nancy needs to speak about it, if she was trying to do the right thing, let's hear from nancy herself. >> joey: the little girl stands there resolute, it was display of the little girl being strong, she basically didn't take the shove, moved back in the spot she wanted to be. high school football coach will be able to pray on the court after supreme court ruled he was wrongfully punished for doing so. take a listen to his reaction. >> i think every american should have the same freedom of everybody else. first is clear and awesome this was a big win and if totally protects all americans, so i don't expect to be writing on this, i think everybody should be partying right now and saying hey, first amendment is live and
2:35 am
well for all americans, people of faith, different faiths or no faith at all. >> joey: tomi what does this mean for schools, do you think we can bring prayer back without being fired for it now? >> tomi: i don't think we are there yet. remember this coach was kneeling and praying on the field after games. it only became an issue when other players decided to join him and were inspired by his praying and his message. he didn't compel them to do so, they were simply inspired by his faith, if that is the worst thing going on at high school campuses in america, that is okay. the left is upset their narrative didn't stick. this goes back to hypocrisy of the left. if this coach were kneeling for blm or george floyd, the left
2:36 am
would feel different about this, it is for prayer, they are up in arms, nothing to do with separation of church and state, this was a private moment and he won in this case. >> carley: check out tomi lahren on monday, wednesday and thursday on outkick. tomi, thank you for joining us. >> tomi: today is my mom's 60th birthday, happy birthday, truedy lahren. >> carley: do you think they will take responsibility for how much more you will be forced to pay this year? >> joey: cheryl casone is crunching the numbers with us right here next. psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,
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break free from the big three and switch to xfinity mobile. >> record inflation sending cost of independence day cookouts up by double digits as americans plan to pay more to grill and for gas this holiday weekend. >> joey: cheryl casone is here with more.
2:41 am
>> cheryl: good morning. the holiday weekend going to be expensive. according to american farm bureau, summer favorites like chicken will be 33% higher, $8.99 per pound. vanilla ice cream up 10% and hamburger bun prices jumped 16%. this tweet from the white house has not aged well. remember july 1, 2021, they bragged how barbecue would be cheaper? this as the vice president gave this nonanswer on gas prices. >> vice president harris: let's say this is a very real issue, there is a piece about gas and bringing down the cost of gas which has exploded because of putin's war on ukraine, the president is in europe right now talking as he has been to bring our allies and partners together to have a common defense around what we believe to be democratic
2:42 am
principles around sovereignty and integrity. there are things we need to do. >> cheryl: bit of a rambling answer. gas prices $4.88 a gallon, up from 3.09 a year ago. >> cheryl: new budget deal reached between state lawmakers and governor newsom. 23 million cal forians will receive $350 and sale suspension of diesel tax, more money to help pay for rent and ushg -- utilities. >> carley: voters are heading to the polls this morning, setting the stage for the november midterm. starting in new york, four gubernatorial candidates battle for the gop nomination, the winner of that race will likely
2:43 am
face kathy hochul. she is going for her first full term in the wake of disgraced former governor andrew cuomo sexual harassment scandal. in oklahoma, republicans are looking to fill doug inetwork hoshg ffe's seat. pruitt served under president trump, in sandy hook /* /* colrado. a showdown is shaping up in illinois with six gop hopefuls looking to flip the 14th district red. candidate mike cooldge says they are preparing for a red wave in november. >> voters, especially in the
2:44 am
district i'm running in the 14th are saying they have had enough of it and want change and that is why they are voting republican this fall. >> carley: the winner of that race will go head-to-head with lauren underwood who is running unopposed. one million voters have switched party affiliation from democrat to republican, all signs are pointing to the red wave in november. joining me now are two democrats, turned republican. harriet and jim join me now. good morning. where did the democratic party go wrong for you? >> well, it went wrong when they stopped listening to the people and when they continued to give out instead of giving a hand up. they keep giving out and it will
2:45 am
cost taxpayers so much in the future our children will be paying for all these tax and free money being given out right now. >> carley: just saw the story about gavin newsom, he said he will give more money to californians. jim, why did you decide to switch parties? >> well, from a general response, all of their policies are failing us. from a law enforcement perspective, let me hammer on it. the party, as a lawman, i cannot support sanctuary city and also the current bail bond reform, i do not support it and also, the current democrats are after law
2:46 am
enforce toment defund us and also to strip us of qualified immunities. so last month i was elected as a precinct executive during the primary for the republican party in hamilton county, ohio and appointed to the executive committee with decision-making responsibilities for the hamilton county gop. i've not only moved to republican, i have an elected position in the party. >> carley: there are a lot of other republicans in your county who voted for you as democrat and now deciding to vote for you as republican, which speaks to the shift we're talking about. ronny mcdaniel said this about the voter switch from blue to red. democrats are out of touch with
2:47 am
the american peep and he will voters are flocking to the republican party in droves, american suburbs will trend red for cycles to come. do you think she has a point? absolutely. absolutely. united states can see it and this year i left the democratic party coming over to the republican party. there is a huge shift and it is one person at a time coming from the democratic party to the republican party. i am speaking to my friends shifting over right now. we will continue to leave the democratic party because policies are not working for all americans. you have to pay extreme high gas prices just to get to work, that is not going to work for the american people. we got to get back to the basics. the republican party is back to the basics and making sure everyone has an opportunity, not a handout, but an opportunity to
2:48 am
work hard to do the things they need to do to support their family. all the handouts and what is going on in california, once again, i think about my grandchildren and my great grandchildren having to pay all the taxes back. >> carley: just two of the one million americans who switched from blue to red, thank you for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome, tell joey i'm a certified bomb tech. >> carley: joey should have done the interview. the white house is warning if republicans take back congress, should americans be worried about the biden agenda? michael waltz will weigh in next. >> joey: let's check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on friends. >> steve: thanks, good morning to you and everybody watching on
2:49 am
this tuesday. today's grand opening of the michael p.murphy museum in new york, brian is there at this moment. fireworks not the only thing exploding, so is the cost of food. south dakota governor breaks down inflation's impact on your independence day. plus new york congressman zeldin is here and he will tell us why he believes he is best republican to take on democratic governor kathy hochul this fall. will cain and rachel campos-duffy, sean duffy and their nephew, eric johnson. eric just won the stanley cup with his team, the chicago -- the colorado avalanche. he will celebrate with us. a busy three hours kickoff 11 minutes from right now.
2:50 am
11 minutes and 22 seconds. carley and joey, back in a couple, you are watching "fox and friends" on the number one channel in the world for news, fox news channel. at's guy fierig at the neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! we've got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns. sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns!
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♪ >> carley: celebrities like pop star olivia rogd lashing out after roe v. wade was overturned. early this morning we were joined by a panel of immigrants who came to this country the right way. they shared why it's important to be proud of america. >> there is nothing more telling than the millions of people that are crossing the borders to get to the united states. you don't see millions of people crossing any other country. >> they should look at the greatness of this country through the eyes of refugees. >> glook, i think it would be better if they did utilize this country. we just letting in people who
2:55 am
actually wanted. >> pro-abortion activist on twitter also trying to cancel the fourth of july in response to the supreme court decision. the white house is using the same court ruling on roe v. wade to warn against a, quote, ultra maga agenda if republicans gain control of congress. it's not the first time we have heard this phrase. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda. it's extreme as most maga things are. the ultra maga agenda. i don't want to hear republicans talk about deficits and ultra maga republicans the mega republicans. the maga republicans. i don't want to mispronounce it the maga republicans. this maga crowd is the most extreme organization that's ex's cysted in american history. >> joey: let's bring in congressman waltz also army veteran, good morning, congressman. >> hey, good morning, joey. real quick we have the sound on tape of one of those celebrities. what he had to say about red states in general last night.
2:56 am
let's check this out. >> the problem is that middle stuff. it's those states in the middle, that red stuff. why do they get to tell us what to do with the majority of us live out, you know, new york and california. we are paying for all this crap really, right? we are footing the bill. >> joey: congressman, is ultra maga is the right attacking red states, republicans maybe she doesn't know texas and florida have a big economy? what do you think about her comments and ultra maga messaging? >> look, if being you ultra maga walking walking away from out of control crime, out-of-control border and out-of-control inflation and debacle overseas like afghanistan, and, instead we get justice reform, tax reform, a border that is secure, middle east peace, fair trade
2:57 am
deals and abroad, i will take ultra maga all day long. the american people will, too. they are voting with their feet. we are seeing still 1,000 people a day coming into florida. we are seeing over a million people migrating away from the democrat party the republican party. and we will see a red wave this november. >> carley: that wanda sykes it comment was almost like a babylon bee comment what you think a democrat would say. she actually said it out loud. at the same time, you know, congressman, democrats do think this roe v. wade decision is a life raft come for them come november. how much impact do you think abortion is going to have when people head to the polls? >> i think for the time being they are going to use it to mobilize their base and turn their base out. at the end of the day infinitesimally is small people thankfully have to deal with abortion in their lives and
2:58 am
every single american is hitting the gas pump and grocery store every single day. it's feeling crime in their inner cities every single day. whether you are a border state or interior state, you are feeling that influx of migration that is taxing our already taxed government services, i at this at the end of the day, those kitchen take issues. that families are talking about every single night, are what is going to dominate this november. not this issue that while an historic one and important one isn't affecting their everyday lives. >> joey: moving on, congressman, president biden's attendance at the nato summit is going to test his resolve with president putin and also erdogan. according to former nato assistant secretary general are billingsley a. told fox news this is a crucial test for biden's leadership. he must finish brokering a deal
2:59 am
to turkey he has to get countries to deliver additional heavy weapons to ukraine, particularly germany who have largely paid only lip service to the military aid. what trying to get to there what i want to see is a real sanctions regime. right now china has increased imports of russian oil and gas by 50% over the last year. they are buying up everything the europeans are saying they are walking away from. for every european bank that's walked away a chinese bank has stepped. in and the ruble and the russian economy has completely recovered to prewar levels. for all this tough talk from the biden administration about, you know, the toughest sanctions the world has ever seen, i don't think putin is feeling it. and as long as oil prices are through the roof, as long as
3:00 am
biden refuses to unleash american oil then putin is going to be able to fund his war machine indefinitely. and so that's where his leadership is needed. >> carley: congressman michael waltz, thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: have a great day. have you great day as well "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ pg 46 migrants are found dead inside an 18-wheeler. >> among the deadliest tragedies in the border in decades. >> this is more death on the hands of the president. we should all be on our knees and pray. >> newly leaked voice mail from joe to president biden he did speak to his son about business dealings. >> the article was good and you been clear. >> americans need to do something about it. >> americans are paying


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