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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 28, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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american oil then putin is going to be able to fund his war machine indefinitely. and so that's where his leadership is needed. >> carley: congressman michael waltz, thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: have a great day. have you great day as well "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ pg 46 migrants are found dead inside an 18-wheeler. >> among the deadliest tragedies in the border in decades. >> this is more death on the hands of the president. we should all be on our knees and pray. >> newly leaked voice mail from joe to president biden he did speak to his son about business dealings. >> the article was good and you been clear. >> americans need to do something about it. >> americans are paying more to
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glass. >> because of putin's war in ukraine. >> i was very disappointed and disgusted by it. >> nancy pelosi facing a backlash after appearing to shove the young daughter of the republican congresswoman mayra flores. >> our message to nancy pelosi is we are going to push her in november. >> lieutenant michael p. murphy serve a dual purpose the heritage of the navy seal. ing ♪ ♪ is ♪ an american heart. >> brian: what a great look at the are lieutenant michael p.
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murphy navy seal museum. i never saw this before. i never knew it existed. don't blame yourself it didn't exist. only one on the east coast. 11:00 today a.m. eastern time it will officially open. yes, lieutenant michael murphy navy seal museum in beautiful west sayville, beautiful town in suffolk, long island. i'm privileged enough to be here. got a quick tour this morning about 3:00 for the first time. they have been working on this for years. obviously overcame the pandemic and the delays. with us today, joining us here as well as we'll be located in new york, steve and ainsley. as you know marcus luttrell will be here. he was part of seal team 10 and the red wings. who are -- this whole thing a tribute to. michael murphy, of course, marcus luttrell only one to survive. 19 lost their lives. this whole place is a tribute to about the 18,000 that have been
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navy seals since the year 1942. just to go through and see what the navy seals today are going through. the equipment that they have. the things that they have accomplished and then see the legacy of the past dating back what they did in world war ii. persian gulf war, korea. where we are at today the war on terror that's never really stopped and michael murphy who grew up here. a lifeguard a short ways away. went to penn state. graduated with honors with two degrees and said in 2002 i think i'm going to join the military. he joins the navy. becomes a seal. and next thing you know, post posthumously sadly he is is getting the medal maureen. his mom and dad were able to receive it give you the interviews and firsthand look at this museum up close and personal. >> steve: that's terrific. they have got a good kay. weatherwise it's going to be a
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lovell day here. have you interviews with all source of people involved today including his mother. coming up this hour on "fox & friends." >> ainsley: marcus luttrell they fought alongside each other. the actor who played lieutenant murphy will be there today and i understand george bush 43 will join you virtually or at least have a speech for the crowd there. more than 1,000 are expected. we honor those navy seals. how far away is that from the city? if people around the country want to visit new york city and drive out to see it, brian? >> brian: i think it's about 55 miles. it's about 20 from my house, and i'm halfway to the hamptons, i would say about 50 miles. when you get here, you are going to love the town, love the city. taylor kitchen who played him in lone survivor. dan and more reason are going tr secretary of the navy. george w. bush has a virtual
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address to give. we will have that throughout the day. >> ainsley: thank you so much, brian. now to a horrific tragedy down in the state of texas where at least 46 migrants are found dead inside that 18-wheeler right there. 16 others also crammed inside were hospitalized and four of them are children. alexandria hoff joins us live from d.c. with the latest. good morning, alexandria. >> good morning, ainsley. the cruelty of this situation is highlighted by the fact that this tractor-trailer had been abandoned on a remote back road for how long people sat there in scorching heat is unknown right now. what we do know is 46 migrants were found dead after a city worker in san antonio reportedly heard a cry from help coming from the 18-wheeler. 16 individuals were found alive and taken to the hospital. those four children included. three people have been arrested in the presumed smuggling attempt. but texas governor greg abbott placed the blame squarely on the president tweeting quote these deaths are on biden.
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result of deadly open border policies. they show the deadly consequences of his refusal to en40s law. texas congressman tony gonzales adding, quote: lord, when will the nightmare end? and prior to this incident, harris county sheriff ed gonzalez informed the white house this weekend he is no longer interested in being president biden's nominee to become ice director. his confirmation has been stalled for months. he shared this weekend this quote: i wish the administration well as it strives to overcome the paralyzing political gridlock that threatens far more it than our nation's border. ron johnson is demanding answers from the department of home landing security secretary alejandro mayorkas. he is concerned about a leaked memo using federal funds to use migrants around the u.s. he wrote this to the secretary under dhs's plan taxpayers would foot the bill to send aliens to cities california, new mexico houston and dallas, texas. dollars should be use to secure
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our border not exploit the biden border crisis: whether he has the authority to remain in mexico policy that decision could come as soon as tomorrow. ainsley, steve? thank you so much and as brutal as we are watching what is happening at the border right now. you know you see the times in which people get loaded up. go into places like catholic charities, ngos and get a fresh set of clothes and new sneak ares and clear bag and go on planes and buses and be put through our country and become part of the social services system which we all pay for. and that's bad enough. when you understand that the danger this administration is causing tangentially by telling people if you get here, you get to stay, you pay human traffickers to pay you here. experts to get here and stay here. maybe they were part of the group that went into that tractor-trailer that they said was air conditioning.
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next thing you know they're all dead. # 6 dead. stacks of body. all because of the come one, come all policies of this administration. and a helpless texas governor and lieutenant governor to sit by and beg for help and build their own wall. you talk about abdication of duty. that's what this president is allowing to happen. that's what mayorkas who pretends to be upset about this allows to take place, here is the lieutenant governor last night with lara talking about what he saw. >> this is more death on the hands of the president. i can't think of anything worse, lara, than these people in that 18-wheeler sufficient case. >> the heat going to 130 degrees or more. trying to climb out. desperately. desperately and they died. culture of death. whether it's fentanyl that he allowed to come over the border because he has open borders that kills our teenagers, whether
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it's these 46 people that may be more, those are in the hospital are very critical. and the babies that we have talked about. if ever today with this decision handed down, lara on prayer. if ever this nation needs to climb out of the darkness we are in under the biden administration, now is the time that we should all be on our knees and pray. >> steve: here's the thing. while we show the images of that truck that was abandoned. you know, in a remote section of san antonio. by the grace of god, a city employee apparently heard people screaming and went over, cries for help. >> steve: that's a refrigerated truck. here's the thing. you can't tell from the images but it's 103 degrees yesterday at that time. it's a refrigerated truck, the kind you would carry produce in but no visible working ac unit on the rig. i'm sure when those people got in it they thought oh, this is an air conditioned truck. as it turns out, that was not the case.
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and 46 are dead. it's horrifying. as alexandria mentioned senator ron johnson sent that letter to the dhs asking for answers because united states now is a magnet for other countries who want to have the american dream, even though they did not go through the proper channels, this all was part of an msnbc report that apparently dhs leaked memo said okay we are going to fly these people, once they get across the border. and we are going to immediately process them. fly them all over the place. so ron johnson wants to know exactly where is this money coming from? because as long as the administration just keeps shoveling people across the border all across the country, people are going to come. and he also wants to know what nongovernment organizations are involved in this and how much money are they getting? because, if you want to know how it's all happening, you've got to follow the money.
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and so that is what he is doing. at this point, ainsley, it's an unlimited amount of money for them to do it. >> ainsley: we deserve to know if our tax dollars are going to these ngos to help transport these migrants. we also deserve to know if they aren't able to do it, are our tax dollars going to now foot the bill in different ways? is the government going to get involved? we reported that ngos if they can't afford to pay for these plane tickets, there's a possibility they might be giving the bill to the united states of america so that you and i have to pay for it all americans pay for it if they run out of money, then what happens? are they talking about -- is dhs now talking about all of us paying for it because ngos can't afford it anymore. >> steve: we are all paying for it it's not like catholic charities has unlimited money to do this. >> ainsley: how many of our dollars is paying for this. so horrific when you think some of these individuals went through. some of them are children, families traveling from other countries to have a better life in america. they are trapped in this truck
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and they can't wreath, it's 100 and some odd degrees outside. probably 130 inside the truck. and then you see body bags all over the ground. the officers arrive. after they got that call from a city worker who heard the cries for help. the officers arrive and there is a body on the ground. i don't know if maybe that person who was responding first is able to unlock the truck. but someone got out of the truck, was on the ground and the it truck was open a little bit. they opened up the doors when they see this horrific scene. >> steve: so many people dream of coming into the united states. this is not part of the dream. they have seen people just walking across. it's easy. going to get in a caravan, migrant caravan and next thing you know i'm going to be in cleveland. this is not part of the dream. unfortunately it became a nightmare yesterday in texas. we're going to talk to tom homan, fox news contributor. and retired acting ice director. is he going to be with us in the next hour. also, ainsley, what else? >> ainsley: still ahead, at least three people dead and dozens hurt after a train
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collideswith a dump truck. it brian, what else is coming up? >> brian: remember when president biden said this to peter doocy. >> have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> brian: oops, that's not true. a newly surfaced voice mail from the president suggests otherwise. and guess where we found it? on that laptop. we'll roll it. ♪ ♪ it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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>> carley: we are back with a fox news alert. the innings ntsb launches an investigation after train crash in missouri. the train went off the tracks after hitting a dump truck that was on a public crossing. two boy scout troops on board the train administered first aid to several victims. they even attempted to revive the driver of the dump truck who ultimately died at the scene. voters in seven states are heading to the polls today including five states holding primary elections that will set the stage for the november midterms in new york, four republicans are squaring off to clinch the g.o.p. nomination for governor. the winner of that race will likely face democrat incumbent kathy hochul. congressman lee zeldin is in that race and he will join us later in the show. mississippi is holding two g.o.p. house races steven poo lazarus zoe and steven guess are their seats from challengers from their own party. and we have a special election in nebraska following the
3:19 am
resignation of congressman jeff fortenberry who was challenged who was charged, rather, with accepting illegal campaign money. >> white house announcing president biden will not be making original final remarks this morning due to the weather instead the president departing germany early for spain where he will attend this year's nato summit. it comes as the president's international travels are being overshadowed by a long list of crisis here at home. the departure comes after it clashed with boris yeltsin over plans to cut green fuel for food production. biden will block this effort. and tennis star novak djokovic making history in the first round of wimbledon. four set victory was his 80th at the -- he is the first player ever male or female to win 80 wimbledon matches. djokovic playing in first
3:20 am
competitive tennis match since he lost to eventual champion rafael nadal in the quarterfinals of last month's french open. >> steve: he is amazing. >> ainsley: the courts are gorgeous. everyone wears white at wimbledon. >> steve: they do. famous for that carley, thank you very much. >> carley: thanks, carley. >> steve: talk about the lead story in the "new york post" today it simply says family business. you know, it has been alleged for years that when joe biden was vice president, his son hunter biden essentially was getting paid millions of dollars by foreign governments and companies as well for access and influence to the vice president. and here's the thing. we all know that the white house has denied that. we all know that joe biden has denied it. we all know that hunter biden has denied it.
3:21 am
but now, there is a smoking voice mail that was actually found on hunter biden's laptop from hell because he backed up his voice mails onto the cloud and so they were on the laptop. so, essentially, what it shows is that joe biden has lied all along. he did know about hunter and his business dealings. and the reason we pointed this out is because how many times over the last year or two have people asked the president and then the vice president about it and he has told a completely different story. watch this. here is somebody from the today show and our white house correspondent now asking the then vice president, former vice president about his son and his connection to these foreign companies. >> did hunter biden commit a crime? have you spoken to your son, mr?
3:22 am
>> i'm proud of my son. >> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings. >> i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. >> do you think it was wrong for him to take that position. >> no. >> knowing that it was really because that company wanted access to you. >> well, that's not true. you are saying things you do not know what you are talking about. no one said that. who said that? >> ainsley: okay, if you look at the dates on all those soundbites where he is denying that he ever discussed his son's business dealings, december 2020. looks like 2019. february of 2020, but the voice mail, the date on that was december 11th, 2018, is he talking about this article that's coming out the next day that the "new york times" covered. and he left this voice mail for his son hunter that he knows about his business dealings.
3:23 am
listen. hey, pal, it's it's dad. it's 8:15 on wednesday night. when you get a chance, give me a call. nothing urgent. i want to talk to you. i thought the article at least that's been online. it's going to be printed tomorrow in the "times" was good. it clear. anyway. if you get a chance, give me a call. i love ya. >> ainsley: then we saw that interview, brian with tony bobulinski i have heard joe biden say he has never discussed his dealings with hunter biden. that is false. >> brian: right. obviously this is the -- this is the biggest non-surprise ever. it's amazing to me that more people are avoiding this story. i don't know how much longer you can. the president, not the former vice president, is involved with international business dealings and most inaccurate thing he said was not an emergency, nothing urgent. oh that multi billion dollars
3:24 am
business deal done with the chinese businessman looks as though it's going to get written up in the "the washington post" but doesn't look that bad? nothing urgent? first off, where is this money? these millions of dollars seem to be gone because a little bit later it turns out he is asking his dad for money because he needs it because he wants to -- his dad evidently didn't know what it was for. he has to pay tens of thousands of dollars for russian prostitutes. what is the fbi looking into? we have got the gun charge, we have got the international business dealings, his business partner devon archer is in jail. this guy patrick ho or whatever his name is. this guy is missing one of the richest guys in the world. he is gone. so, this hunter biden on some level wants to get caught and destroy his family. who else backs up their voice mails to a cloud especially when you are doing such international deals that have such peril with
3:25 am
them. it, to me, is flat out incredible. here is miranda devine who wrote the book "laptop from hell." wondering why people now are just understanding how serious it is. >> it, again, just puts the lie to joe biden's repeated insistence that he knew nothing about hunter's overseas business dealings in fact he was intimately involved. you hear with his own voice where he says to his son about this "new york times" story, you know, i think you're clear, as in you are out of trouble. this is, you know, at least evidence of some sort of guilty knowledge. and it what it shows is that they were in trouble because the "new york times" had come very close to the story about the whole biden family, hunter, joe and his brother uncle jim biden. their involvement with this chinese energy company.
3:26 am
>> steve: you know, given the benefit of hindsight and all of these emails and all of the reporters who have put together the story. we now know exactly the timeline. the tiktok of all of it joe biden launched his presidential campaign five months after he left that message on his son's iphone 10, which then wound up getting backed up by the cloud. and then somebody was able to -- because the laptop has been out there for a while. somebody was able to figure out what the password was. popped it open and we know that those many times joe biden said i have never talked to my son about his overseas business dealings, he did. we haven't heard exactly what they talked about. but he certainly was cognizant of the deal with the chindz energy conglomerate where hunter was paid a lot of money. >> ainsley: isn't it amazing almost two years after the
3:27 am
election being uncovered. the tried to release it before the election they were censored. elise stefanik says when they take back the house they will get to the bottom of this, brian? >> brian: it's just amazing to he moo,joe biden is letting everybody -- big story last night i want to run, why won't anyone take yes for an answer? believe me, if the republicans get control of the house and just do a minimal investigation, he will have no -- he will be so disgraced, he won't be able to run. because this isn't the story of a crack addicted hunter biden. this is a story of the bidens all making money off their crack addicted relative, in jim biden's case and son in joe biden's case. why they have this guy at the tip of the spear doing this international business when he is the least qualified with his teeth rotting out from the crack that's going through his body, with the prostitutes in his background, with the pictures
3:28 am
online, it blows me away that this is the president of the united states' son and now we have a voice mail directly linking along with all the emails. this is a slow rolling disaster for the biden administration. >> it is the family business. the way the "new york post" puts it all right. more on this later. >> ainsley: still ahead. be prepared to get less bang for your buck this fourth of july. the cost of the cookout is going up 17%. stuart varney is going to join us live to react. ♪ come on to me ♪ now, boom, crack ♪ sound of my heart ♪ the beat goes on and on and on and on ♪ it's still the eat fresh® refresh at subway®, and now they're refreshing their classics... with a classic! refresh because their classic sweet onion sauce is getting refreshed
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attend all treatment appointments. every other month and i'm good to go. ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. >> ainsley: inflation is taking aim at your independence day. the cost of food items for the fourth of july barbecues are up by double digits and as americans are facing sky high gas prices, the vice president is being slammed is there anything else you can do to help bring down the cost of gas. >> this is one of the highest priorities of this administration. this is the piece that is about gas and bringing down the cost of gas which, in large part, has exploded because of putin's war in ukraine. the president is in europe right now talking as he has been to bring our partners and allies together so we can have a common defense around what we believe to be democratic principles there are other things we need
3:33 am
to do. >> join us now host of varney and company on fox business stuart varney. we were talking curing the commercial break. when you go to the grocery store you buy what you need because it's so expensive. you can't buy two or three boxes of toothpaste or stock your freezer with chicken. >> chicken is up 33%. 8.99 a pound. ground beef up 36%. that comes as a real shock to the system. when did you go to the grocery store and you see this kind of thing. i think this july the 4th weekend is going to bring together a series of crisis cease that are inflicting the administration. the travel prices can you get there with airports in disarray. can you afford the gas, it's 4.88 a gallon now against 3.12 last year on the #th. can you afford to get in the car and drive to the barbecue. then you have got the food. if you look at the farm bureau, for a party of 10, a price for a tookout today is 69.68.
3:34 am
>> ainsley: i think it's more than that. >> i agree they say it's up 17%. then you have the food supply chain problem. are you going to be seeing people going to the grocery store trying to buy as much as they possibly can ending up with empty shelves this weekend? there is four crises coming together, travel, gas, food, supply chain all coming together this weekend. as you saw there from vice president harris. they haven't got a clue what to do about these crisis crises and food price that is going to hit us hard july the 4th. >> ainsley: why are the airline prices to expensive right now obviously gas. is there another component? >> two ideas number one jet fuel straight up. number two they can. they can fill any plane that they put in the air. and they can sell more seats than they have got available. so they do. that's why air fares are up so much. i'm not sure the precise number. but in the last six months i think it's up about 20, 25%.
3:35 am
sometimes and i have flown from new york to florida. the price from january has doubled by the time you get to may. airline flight to florida. >> ainsley: you have a new episode of american built. >> particularly good one. do we have a soundbite. >> ainsley: we do. >> do you want to roll it. >> ainsley: i do. >> let's roll that thing. long and windy idea. >> really were a visionary. >> to build a road from coast to coast. >> this is much better than a muddy road. >> the mud, the blood, the sweat and the gears. >> it's a life and death endeavor. >> it seemed impossible. >> how they created the ultimate road trip the lincoln highway. >> by the way that was the first transcontinental rock road in america. the written con highway as it was called. >> where did it start and where did it end? do you know? >> you got me. you got me. i don't actually know the town from where to where but it was the first rock road. >> ainsley: that's really cool.
3:36 am
i can't wait to watch. tonight at 8:00. >> it is. >> ainsley: on fox business. >> correct. >> ainsley: watch stuart at 9:00 a.m. eastern and every day on fox business as well. thank you, stuart. >> thanks, ainsley. brian. >> ainsley: brian, over to you. >> brian: let me tell you what's coming up on thursday. ahead of the july 4th celebration which has cost us 17% more. fox nation will be celebrating with brand new season of what made america great. working on this for the last six months it all kicks off with my visit to the uss york town to explore the 100 years of aircraft carrier use. yes, here's a little of the 100 year lookback at air crafted carriers in american history. >> there are 12 nuclear aircraft carriers in the world and united states has 11 of them. france has the other one. >> it's about half the size and a fraction of the capability. so it is aircraft carriers that make the united states a super power. >> brian: do you know roughly how many planes it can handle?
3:37 am
>> 75 come bat aircraft on a typically united states carrier today. >> brian: yeah. so that is season 9 of what made america great. first started when you put a platform on top of a coal ship and they said we could probably do this with planes. and next thing you know they are invaluable at winning world war ii. all part of a new season of what made america great. it drops on thursday. meanwhile, what makes this show great is what is next. i come to you from the u.s. michael murphy u.s. navy seal museum. still ahead on this show, speaker nancy pelosi accuses the media of misrepresenting this video in which she clearly pushes congresswoman young daughter during a swearing in ceremony. fox news contributor and pushing expert joe concha business case, next.
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>> i was very disappointed no child should be pushed to the side for a photo. my message to nancy pelosi is we are going to push her and her friend because they are in november. >> newly elected congresswoman from south texas mayra flores lashing out at speaker pelosi for appearing to kind of nudge her young daughter during her swearing in ceremony earlier in the week last week. but pelosi seen telling a different story. her chief of staff firing back quote it's sad to see news outlets that know better misrepresent the speaker's effort to ensure that representative daughter would not be hidden behind her in all of the photos for such an important moment in their family. all right that's what drew hamill says. let's see what joe concha has to
3:43 am
say. that's what nancy pelosi was doing. she was trying to make sure the little girl was if the picture. >> right. by pushing her in another direction away from the picture, right? two minutes for checking. stanley cup finals have ended. i'm still that mindset. imagine if a prominent republican speaker happened to nudge in that manner a democratic lawmaker's daughter in the democratic lawmaker mexican sworn during a swearing in. this steps on the bigger story which is mayra flores winning in texas 34. that was a district that hillary clinton won by 33 points 2016. flores win bias 8. what a shift in the hispanic community right now. we are not talking about that. we are talking about -- >> steve: we take a lot of pictures when people come to visit news new york city out on the plaza zavment we try to make sure the little kids are in the picture. we actually but the them in front of us to make sure.
3:44 am
>> great point. >> steve: instead over on the side? >> i don't touch any kid. any kid that's know my kid don't touch item in any shape or form. it's a bad look anyway. >> another story we are not talking about that's paul pelosi who crashed his porsche while driving under the influence and we barely hear anything about it imagine if this was the husband of a republican lawmaker who happens to be female. you would have to add another hour in 24/7 news. >> steve: c'mon, man. joe concha has a new book coming up on september 27th. preorder it right now it's called c'mon, man. the truth behind joe biden's terrible horrible no good very bad presidency. steve: i wonder what that's about. >> it's about, you know, we hear the comparisons all the time between joe biden and the last one term democratic president who was jimmy carter. it's a very unfair comparison to
3:45 am
jimmy carter. that's how poorly things are going right now. and i really tried to take a hard look not just at the biden presidency. but at his candidacy, and then his life in general leading up to it what you see, steve, unfortunately is a very disturbing picture. this is somebody who is a serial plagiarist. whether it be in law school. whether it be the first time that he ran for president. y it's the speeches he does recently as a senator. >> you hear the stories that he has told over the years. goal da mayor, israeli prime minister he advised her on the six day war back in 1960-something. the problem was she was not in office at the time and biden wasn't in law school. things that literally didn't happen. but the corn pop story is what really compelled me to write this book. can you imagine this? joe biden who has 21-year-old kid working at a community pool. screams at a leader of a gang named corn pop to get the off
3:46 am
the diving board he didn't have the proper swim cap embarrasses in front of the other gang members playing sharks and minnows. biden in the parking lot afterwards when pop comes with razors at him flanked by other snap and crack whoever theist their names are on in this gang biden stares them down is not going to apologize for getting off the diving board. corn pop said this is good. that would totally happen in watts or chicago or new york, steve. >> steve: so many people have not fact checked joe biden but joe concha is going to in his new book called come on, man. coming up soon. >> media how they were so concentrating on trump and getting rid of him and they failed to look at the guy who replaced him. now we have things not going well. >> steve: we have is that smoking voice mail. >> yes. we will be hearing that when the republicans take back the house in november.
3:47 am
>> steve: my neighbor, joe concha, thanks for showing up at work. >> thanks, neighbor. bring back the salt shaker. >> steve: you have got my ladder. all right, carley. that's a problem when you live near somebody you know and they come over and borrow stuff. >> carley: clinging on to that salt shaker for life as well. headlines here. the house investigating the january 6th capitol riot is calling a surprise hearing this week saying they have newly obtained evidence. no more on the subject matter of the hearing committee spokesperson declined to give a comment on a content. the committee had previously said they would pause all public events until next month. the new york supreme court striking down a law that allowed non-citizen residents to vote in municipal elections. that law was passed in december by the city council allowing non-u.s. citizens to live in the city for at least 30 days before an election to cast a ballot. this ruling comes just one day
3:48 am
ahead of the state's primary election. major league baseball handing out 12 suspensions after sunday's massive brawl between the los angeles mariners and seattle -- los angeles angels and seattle mariners. mariners outfielder jesse suspended for seven games for quote actions that caused the fighting. hit him with a switch that sparked the brawl suspended for three games and los angeles manager phil nevens suspended for 10 games camper threw out after both teams were warned. >> whether a a deback. headlines. janice dean has our fox weather forecast. hey, janice. >> beautiful day in new york city. showers move through last night and cooler more refreshing air in the forecast today. we will get up to 80 here in new york. it's 67 and spectacular right now. 54 across buffalo. 56 in albany and 62 in boston. you see that front that just moved offshore last night. we had some thunderstorms but a
3:49 am
really good looking day ahead. we do have the potential for stronger storms across the upper midwest. the great lakes. and look down south across the gulf coast. that could be an area of low pressure we have to watch over the next few days. temperatures are hot across the south and the southwest where we have heat advisories in effect. and that's the area we are watching. regardless of if it gets a name or not it's going to bring the potential for heavy rainfall across texas in towards louisiana. something we have to monitor. and then we have potential tropical cyclone too. not going to affect the u.s. but we need to watch for central america. steve, of course fox for all your latest details. >> steve: check it out. j.d., thank you very much. all right, still ahead on this tuesday, we are live at the grand opening of the lieutenant michael p. murphy museum in new york. how the museum will help share the legacy of american and other navy seals at the navy seal museum in west sayville, new
3:50 am
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(sirens) (news report) -hi, i'm smokey bear and i made an assistant to help you out. because only you can prevent wildfires. -hey assistant smokey bear, call me papa bear because i'm "grrr-illing" up dinner. haha, do you get it? -yes. good job. -so, what should i do with all of these coals?
3:53 am
-don't just toss them out. put them in a metal container because those embers can start a wildfire. -i understand, the stakes are high. assistant smokey vo: ha-ha, ha-ha. -see, smokey think's im funny! >> brian: all right. welcome back, everyone, to the murphy navy seal museum.
3:54 am
today is the grand opening of this museum. it's a really exciting time. >> in west sayville, new york. long island. we are going to offer a behind the scenes look shortly. joining me now three very special people the gold star mom lieutenant murphy mom maureen is here along with the 74th secretary of the navy who served under george w. bush dr. rodney winter is here playing wide right on my set u.s. michael murphy they named a battle ship tom schultz, welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> brian: maureen, it has been 17 years since your son was taken on the battlefield of afghanistan. >> yes. >> brian: what your thoughts today 11:00 museum with your son's name on it open? >> home, i think this museum is great because it not only honors mike but everybody on that wall there that, you know, their service and sacrifice. that's what i like about this.
3:55 am
and, also, people from world war ii, korea, vietnam, dessert storm and the war on terror. it honors everybody. i like that. i like the idea that that this museum is on long island and the children that will come through this on class trips will understand a little bit better what these brave warriors do and the way we live. >> brian: hopefully around the country. >> yes. >> brian: he was given posthumously the medal of honor. why did he get it? >> he was a leader. he was the epitome of what you would hope for in a leader. and he took charge in the middle of a very difficult situation. he knew what had to be done. he put his life at will risk it be able to communicate back to get help. and it cost him his life a
3:56 am
leader is somebody who is willing to put the mission and their team above themselves. and he showed that. as a result of that, there's nothing else we could do other than provide the medal of honor, unfortunately posthumously in this case. >> brian: captain, you were captain of michael -- the ship that's named after michael murphy. what was that like and do these sailors on the ship understand who he was? >> it was an honor for both myself and really for all the sailors that had the opportunity to serve on that ship. maureen is the sponsor of the ship so essentially the mom of the ship. she really brought lieutenant's spirit and the spirit of all the other heros to that ship so that every sailor that serves or that operates with that ship understands the service and sacrifice that those heroes gave. >> brian: red wings are the unit and 19 lost their lives on that mission. march columbus luttrell joining us later the only survivor.
3:57 am
you referred to these men who lost their lives as navy seals behind you. the selfless way in which michael lived his life. you are always deflecting to othersnot just about michael. but in particular for you, you brought up something. you are the mom to the ship, right? is you have a role with that ship as women and women get off you still mail cookies. >> yeah. every christmas. only one saint patrick's day. they won't have beer on the ship. [laughter] >> but, yes, i do. i send little presents and i get a lot of people to help me out and there is some other moms that other moms help me out, too. >> sponsor. this is the perfect situation. you have got a contemporaneous hero as the namesake of the ship. somebody that the sailors on board that ship can relate to. and you have a sponsor, the
3:58 am
mother of the namesake who is actively engaged with that crew. it doesn't get any better than that. >> brian: what i also think is important in the history of our country is only 18,000 roughly navy seals that qualify to get here. this is only the second museum in the entire country for them. mr. secretary, what does that mean? >> i think it's very important. all too often the seals and actually the rest of the special operations community really doesn't get the recognition that they should because of the fact that they have to operate in the shadows so to say. and much of what they do never comes to light of day. this is very important. most importantly, i think i am hoping that it will inspire the younger generation to serve and to lead. and whether they decide to become leaders in the seals, leaders in the military or leaders in civilian life, i
3:59 am
think that the example that michael shows can be valuable. >> brian: will maureen, lastly what do you miss will michael. >> i miss his sense of humor and he had a heart of gold. he was the most humble person and he had really good manners because while that battle was going on, his last words were roger, thank you, sir. he was so polite, like even at the end. he was wounded at that point. he just was. he was a blessing. it was a gift. and i have a couple other gifts that god had given me. he gave me other kids that turned out of fine. >> brian: what are you going to be thinking about today when those doors open at 11:00. i'm going to be thinking about all the sons and daughters, the young americans have all the opportunity to see this museum through the years and really what it will give future generations of americans learn
4:00 am
about service before self. >> brian: i'm going to see you again maureen in a little while. thank you so much. captain great meeting you and mr. secretary, so glad to have you on the set. >> pleased to be here. >> brian: meanwhile, 67 more coming to you from the museum. still ahead actor taylor kitch who played your son he played lieutenant murphy. marcus is going to be live, too. the next hour of "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> tragedy down in the state of texas where at least 46 migrants are found dead inside that 18-wheeler. >> this is more death on the hands of the president. we should all be on our knees and pray. >> shocked after the supreme court rules to overturn roe v. wade. democrats threatened to bypass the high court's decision. >> i thought about it as a parent and a woman myself. >> never get married. he will never see his first child. >> fox news analyst gianno caldwell fights for justifiable
4:01 am
in the killing of his 18-year-old brother. >> the city has decided not to get tough. >> i'm very disappointed and disgusted by tnchts pelosi facing a backlash after appearing to shove young daughter of the republican congresswoman mayra flores. >> my message to nancy pelosi we are going to push her in november. >> brian: michael murphy navy seal museum 18,000 that have been navy seals since the year 1946. >> these are the days of america ♪ brothers and sisters hand in hand ♪ these are the days of america ♪ >> ainsley: what a beautiful site that is out in west sayville, new york. a place to honor our navy seals and the medal of honor winner lieutenant michael murphy who died in afghanistan fighting for our country. he was with marcus luttrell who will be there and you know
4:02 am
marcus luttrell wrote the book which turned into a movie called lone survivor. marcus luttrell was the only one who survived that mission. and the actor who played lieutenant murphy is also going to be out there. brian, we just watched your interview with lieu tenant murphy's mother. very touching. >> brian: yeah. and his dad will be out in a little while. a little bit later and taylor kitch will be here who played michael murphy bigger than life. his family understands how special he is. he wanted to make sure everybody knows this is for all the navy seals. the ones who served and haddance that. this is only their second museum in the entire country the first in the northeast. 5,000 square feet. about 3:30 in the morning i got my own private tour. it is awesome. we had chance to go through a lot of these libraries and museums and monuments and presidential homes, this is as good as it gets. and the hope is that people get inspired to serve because of it. they have a sea cadet which is youngsters who not necessarily
4:03 am
were on a path to get into the military but learned leadership in mike murphy's name because he grew up right around the block here and you are getting a quick look at what is hang. also very interactive. you will see not only what it looked like in abottabad when they took out bin laden. scaled down model. see some of the things still used today to actually bring the seals under water for would be subversive attack. it's pretty special. i just think there is going to be thousands of people out on the veranda at 11:00 when they officially make the michael murphy museum a place to go to destination site. let me add this, a lot of times they will put great museums in towns that are struggling to try to revitalize them. you will love the town of sayville when you come out to see this museum. this just adds to it. right by a beautiful golf course.
4:04 am
people in your family served in the military, they also are surviving on private donation. if you go union lining to michael murphy museum and want to do something good today. >> steve: that is fantastic. generous viewers who love the military. i'm sure many are going to be looking up the website. >> ainsley: i wonder if you put a donation in someone's name both of my grandfathers were in the military. >> steve: that's doable. just saying. brian is going to be there the next two hours for this great tribute to this great facility and we will be watching that in the meantime let's bring in tom homan, a fox news contributor and retired acting ice director. tom, good morning to you. >> ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: the reason we brought you in at the top of the hour was there are three people under arrest in the san antonio area because yesterday, we got the news late in the day 46 migrants found inside a tractor-trailer just outside of san antonio on a
4:05 am
deserted remote road, there was no water. it was 103 degrees on the outside. it was a refrigerated tractor truck with you about the refrigeration was not working. tom, as you look at these images, they are just heart breaking. but this -- you know, the governor of texas, greg abbott said these deaths are on joe biden. they're a result of his deadly open border policy. >> well, absolutely. last night brought back a lot of bad memories for me. that was the worst day of my life. i stood in the back of a tractor-trailer at a crime scene when 19 dead migrants at my feet, including a 5-year-old little boy that suffocated to death. these cases are similar. both locked in a steel box no, water. they weren't using the air conditioner that worked. and people died a who are risk death. i want to see -- it angers me. i want to seat secretary of homeland security come out and do a statement and continue it lie to the american people that this border is secure and it's
4:06 am
closed. that you have operational control of the border, that your policies are safe, orderly and humane? because the fact is your policies have has caused record illegal immigration. the more people that cross that border, the more that die. under this administration they broke a lot of records. record number of migrants have already died under joe biden 700 now add 46 more to it. more americans i do drug overdoses from drugs coming over an open border. this administration is breaking a lot of records. the records are all bad. historical illegal immigration. by the end of this fiscal year have close to 4 million encounters. add to that another million got-aways that's 5 million this administration their policy is inhumane. that's why to this day i supports president trump. when he was president, we had the most secure border of my lifetime. a 40 year employee. illegal immigration 43%. when you secure the border at that level you save lives. save lives. sick and tired of this administration telling me how
4:07 am
humane their policies are and how secure the border is it ain't. especially in case i have been there. it changed me forever. these people died horrific tragic death. >> ainsley: tom, you were the acting ice director under president trump. the man gonzalez who has been tapped to lead ice under joe biden has actually withdrawn his name from consideration. and he says "i am grateful to president biden for the honor of nominating me and i wish this administration well as it strives to overcome the paralyzing political gridlock that threatens far more than our nation's border. frankly the dysfunction drens america's heart and soul." what is your response to that? why do you think he withdrew his name? he is saying that the administration is dysfunction d. >> he has a lot of things in his background prevented him from passing vetting. best thing that could have
4:08 am
happened to the ice agents that he withdrew. this search is far and wide on who did not cooperate with ice. who talked bad about ice. who didn't believe in immigration enforcement. they found gonzalez. same thing cpd. find a chief of police refuse to talk about the border patrol and talk bad about the trump and they found the cbp director magness. this administration picked two leaders cpd and ice that they knew despised the very organization they were going to lead. why? because they want you want got madness not doing a thing to secure the border that's exactly what they want. and gonzalez get the ice director's job and not allow ice to do their job. this is the best thing that could have happened. >> brian: so, over the weekend, they found 109 pounds of meth, 18 pounds of fentanyl, 1260 migrants and seven large groups. seven sex offenders, one active warrant. one gang member. one assault. they find two guys with enough
4:09 am
pills to kill millions of americans. these guys who were caught are out on supervised release which is nothing. i mean, can you believe these series of events that we are reporting on? you just list them and you are horrified. >> i'm disgusted. i'm disgusted because i don't -- look, anybody that is watching this program now. i don't care what your opinion is on illegal immigration. because when you have record illegal immigration that takes up to 70% of off the line. 70% are off the line. that's when enough fentanyl comes across to kill 100,000 americans. over 700 migrant deaths. i don't care what your position is on illegal immigration, you should be disgusted as well as i am that this administration is allowing what is happening. the consequence of open borders is drugs from across the country and known suspected terrorists across the country. they have arrested 50. they got over 800,000 got aways.
4:10 am
how familiar of those 800,000 got-aways national security threat come to our country to do harm. if no one is going 800 got away you can't convince me none of the 800,000 got across and got away and planning attack against this country. again, i don't care what your opinion is on illegal immigration, this is a national security issue. this is a public safety issue because of drugs. and certainly a public health issue because you your overdoses and covid coming across the border. people have got to stand up and demand accountability from this president and the secretary who needs to be impeached day one if we take back congress. he has failed the american people. he is a secretary of homeland insecurity. we're less safe under his leadership. he has failed every month. >> steve: well, tom, you know, these guys were able to -- they figured they could sneak the fentanyl into the country because all of our agents are busy processing the millions of people who are coming across because of joe biden said don't come but really he is letting
4:11 am
them just come on in as quickly as they can. at the very beginning when we described the scene down in the san antonio area where the 46 migrants died from the heat being trapped that box, you said you had been inside a box truck just like that. take us inside, explain what goes on. is it just an empty truck? >> my situation, when i got to the crime scene, i got in the back of the tractor-trailer, there is 19 dead people at my feet, including a 5-year-old little boy. everybody is in their underwear, trying to escape the massive heat. it's over 150 degrees in the back of that truck. it was black, it was a steel chamber of death. they couldn't breathe, there was no water. there is an air conditioning unit, a refridgation unit that the truck driver didn't want to use he didn't want to draw attention to border patrol balls is he supposed to be carrying
4:12 am
nothing. i have had a long career, worst day of my life and changed me forever. when i looked and thought about the last 30 minutes or last hour of their life and thought about the little boy crying for his dad to help him who couldn't help him. that changed me forever. and that's why people say why do you get so emotional on tv? why do you get emotional at congress? because throughout my career, steve, one thing i have learned security borders save lives. when you have a secure borde bo, less people cross, less people die. less vulnerable people putting their hands in the criminal organizations who don't give a damn about these people. just a way toe money. that's why keep going back and i talk about securing the border. president trump was the greatest president in my lifetime when it comes to the border security because he saved lives by securing the border. this administration came in and purposefully unsciewrld it and now we see the results. thousands of americans are dying. we got over 700 migrant deaths. now another 46. it's disgusting.
4:13 am
and that's why nightmare. >> brian: that's why mayorkas -- you could impeach him but the next person is going to be just as bad because it all comes from president biden. he does not care. and if he cared, mayorkas would -- it doesn't matter. you will could have that job, tom, they wouldn't let you do it. you would have to quit. >> i understand that. this is all joe biden he ran on open borders. he signed over 90 executive orders basically abolishing everything from the trump administration. >> brian: nuts. >> american people need to stand up and raise hell. people are dying. we have to stop the madness. >> ainsley: i don't know why they get in the back of these trucks. i see so many videos of lines of people just walking through the rio grande, walking across into america. they don't even need a truck. tom, it's just heart breaking. >> because these people don't want to be arrested. they are paying the criminal cartels. they know they may get arrested.
4:14 am
they want to get away. smuggler take a pickup truck and smuggle 12. or tractor-trailer and smuggle 8 they will make a lot of money. they don't care if they put them in a steel box with no air conditioning. they care about the money. criminal organizations are animals. they are vicious. >> ainsley: sod is a. thank you for coming on with us, tom. judges temporarily blocking abortions in utah and louisiana after the supreme court rulings to overturn roe v. wade. >> steve: bypass the legislation legislation perhaps through congress, travel vouchers or even abortion tents. alexandria hoff is live in washington with more. trying to figure out okay, the supreme court said one thing. how do we do something else? >> yeah, there is some pretty creative solutions that they are coming up with. talk about laws brought in louisiana and utah.
4:15 am
trigger laws that banned abortion as soon as roe v. wade was overturned the block is temporary. abortion services can technically resume in those two states louisiana and texas. lawsuits texas, idaho mississippi. states where trigger laws are going into effect. in an interview yesterday, vice president kamala harris says that she feels women who are financially stable will be less impacted by the varying state bans and the administration is looking at possible vouchers for those who cannot afford to travel to terminate a presidency. >> we want to make sure that there does not result extreme disparities or any disparities based on who can receive care based on how much money they have got. >> here is where it gets interesting. a "the washington post" reporter shared with senator elizabeth warren that abortion outpost should be established complete with tents within national parks which are federally controlled.
4:16 am
at the same time house democrats are legislative approach bypass ruling. letter sent toe democratic colleagues yesterday. house speaker nancy pelosi wrote this following the release of this decision, our pro-choice house democratic majority has been hard at work preparing for the possibility of this tragic outcome. legislation is being introduced to further codify freedom which americans currently enjoy. more information to follow. now, this weekend south dakota governor kristi noem said she signed a bill that bans abortion prescribed by and that is leakily to prompt a legal battle with the biden administration which has promised to protect access to such medication. brian, steve, ainsley. >> ainsley: alexandria a thanks so much. hand it over to carley for more headlines. >> carley: i certainly do. start with this. russian missiles striking a crowded shopping mall in central ukraine yesterday. ukrainian officials saying at least 16 people were killed and 59 were injured in the attack. the strike coming as the g-7 leaders vow to give ukraine more
4:17 am
aid during a virtual meeting with president zelenskyy. russia announcing sanctions against 25 americans including first lady jill biden. first daughter ashley biden and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. republican senator susan collins and chuck grassley also sanctioned. air travel nightmare continue this week for americans. new data showing the number of domestic flight cancellations almost tripling in just seven days. industry experts blame the current conditions on a pilot shortage they say could take years to resolve. the news comes as a.a.a. predicts almost 48 million americans will travel this fourth of july weekend. have you ever wanted to live like dolly parton? well, now you can. fans are saying dolla lieu i can't. now you can stay in the tour bus overnight dolly wood. even dolly's wigs closet. it will cost you a pretty
4:18 am
opinion at $10,000 per night. but a portion of the proceeds for every stay will be don't 2345eu9ed to the dolly wood foundation and dolly parton's imagination library. so it's a cool experience. it is expensive but cool, nonetheless. >> steve: in 25 years of the fox news channel, you are the first person to ever say dollalleuah. >> ainsley: she is my daughter's favorite. yesterday she was singing why did you come in here looking like that. belting it out in the car. i should do that. expensive birthday party, wouldn't it? not spending that amount of money on her exactly, no. but what an experience. that's really cool to try on her wigs and her shoes. she is the best. i love her. >> steve: all right. carley. thank you very much. >> carley: you are very welcome. >> steve: coming up, we are going to switch gears and talk about the simplest chicago violence hits close to home our own gianno caldwell loss of his 18-year-old brother after he was
4:19 am
tragically shot and killed friday morning. gianno's message for the perpetrators and the city of chicago and america as well is coming up next. ♪ for a limited time, save $500 on all tempur-breeze°™ mattresses.
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4:23 am
for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> steve: chicago's gun violence crisis taking another victim impacting a member of the fox news family the younger brother of our political analyst gianno caldwell 18-year-old christian caldwell was shot and killed friday on chicago's south side after gunfire broke out early in the morning. two others were also injured. no arrests have been made. gianno joins us right now. gianno, good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me, steve. >> steve: what happened? >> well, first and foremost i want to thank our fox news family for the outpouring of
4:24 am
support across the country. people have reached out in support of our family and prayers specifically our colleagues have reached out. thank you for making my brother christian a name known around the nation especially in chicago which hopefully will lead to tips of the people to do this. on friday morning i received a call saying that my little brother christian was outside of a venue when an ablack suv pulled up and three to four men got out and began firing. two people were hit. a young lady and another man who was then rush to the hospital. my little brother christian never had that opportunity to be in critical care. i'm floored by the culture of death that exists in the city of chicago. yesterday we had a balloon release for my little brother a private event with family and
4:25 am
about 60 people total. members of the community came around and celebrated his life. there wasn't a dry eye in the house that made me feel good there were so many people that loved my baby brother christian. there was a young man there who i spoke to because i greeted everyone. and he was saying that he had just came from the hospital. and i said why? he said my father was just shot. and i said oh my god. i'm so sorry. he looked at me like, yeah, i mean, it's kind of life. and the fact that that's the belief in the city of chicago that your number one day will come up and you will be murdered is just beyond belief. we sit here and we talk about the violence in chicago on a weekly basis the people there live it. they are afraid to leave their homes. we are not talking about people in gangs or street activity. these are every day working
4:26 am
people who are afraid for their safety. living in chicago should not come with a death warrant. but for so many people there it does. and that's why it's so important for me to keep my brother's name alive in hopes that people will reach out to the police if they know anything, the chicago police. if you don't feel comfortable talking to the police. dm me on instagram, facebook, message me, tell me, i will forward it onto the police. you don't have to be involved. we need justice for my baby brother christian. that's all that i want. i would rather not be here talking to you, steve, honestly i would rather be with my family right now. yesterday for the first time in my life. i went to the funeral home to plan the burial for my baby brother. i'm paying for a funeral, steve for my baby brother. my baby brother is supposed to be burying me not the other way around. this is where we are right now. i pray for justice for my baby brother christian. one last note. my baby sister. i was so proud of her yesterday. she spoke to the community control and she said you, all of
4:27 am
you, let this be a lesson to everyone. my little brother was innocent. but for those who may not be doing the right things? it's time to get right with god. i prevent the message she said it was so powerful. people began to cry and we prayed and we prayed and we will continue to pray. i ask our viewers at home please continue to pray for my family. please continue to pray for justice. please continue to pray that these men are arrested. please. >> steve: we know you are planning a funeral right now. the only reason you came on, number one, you are one of the strongest people i have ever seen. >> thank you, steve. i have no choice at this time. >> steve: but you want to find the people who did this to your brother. >> absolutely. >> steve: we showed his image. we know he was the youngest of nine children. you were the eldest. tell us about your brother. >> my baby brother was a bit of a comedian like me, steve.
4:28 am
that's what people said is they went around and spoke about my baby brother. hey, if you had a down day, chris was the one who would say something to make you laugh. he was the kid that always had a joke. he was the kid that was the light. he was the energy of the room. and it was such a pleasure to hear from so many people in the community that knew him in the same way that i did. and in the same way that i will remember him. and it's just heart breaking to me. our grandmother, who really raised us, when i saw her, when i got to chicago she says she doesn't even want to go to his funeral. it broke my heart. i said, nanna, you have to go to his funeral. she said i can't, i can't. don't make me go to his funeral. i want to remember him how he was. and i mean, that's so powerful to hear something like that because i never would have anticipated to hear something like hearing a grandmother
4:29 am
mention a funeral for my bear broken christian. here we are. now what i'm ghoog forward as i look for justice for my little brother, i talk to members of executives of the national black law enforcement executives. talking to state legislators. we need to review these soft on crime policies. we need to drive legislation to revive -- reverse some of these policies that could have prevented my brother's death. that could have prevented. because, criminals here. they don't capitulate to the law and they are not afraid of the police. they are not afraid of the prosecutors. the belief there, from what i was told from some of the young men even yesterday, is that if someone does something, they are likely not going to get arrested or if they do, they may not get prosecuted. it's an in and out system that must change. we have got to get tough on crime in chicago because, literally lives are on the line. >> steve: absolutely. gianno, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: hang in there. christian caldwell was 18. god rest his soul.
4:30 am
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>> ainsley: it is election day across america with seven states heading to the polls to cast their ballots. >> steve: today here in new york state, the republican race for
4:34 am
governor will be closely watched. the winner will likely face off against the current incumbent, democratic governor kathy hochul. >> brian: yep, gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin said lose something not an option. it is officially out of your hands, congressman and you are on long island and a short -- just a jog from where i'm at. what are your thoughts today about this nomination, the real clear politics average had you up by about 20 points. what do your internals say? >> our last poll came back a little over a week ago. had us up 21 points. that requires all of our people to actually show up and vote today. this campaign started on "fox & friends" april 8th of 2021. we have been crisscrossing this entire state. the support has only grown since then. people are only more concerned now about crime and public safety. about affordability. they are seeing more attacks on
4:35 am
freedoms. when we were all getting together on april 8th of last year, andrew cuomo was going to be our opponent and now here we have andrew cuomo 2.0 who is even worse than the original. the polls have us up but we need everyone to get out and vote. the polls are open today until 9:00 p.m. >> ainsley: i was driving in glen cove and in the bayville area every single sign i saw were your signs. i didn't see any for the other candidates. i know you represent that area so a lot of people love you out there. one of the have we have been reporting on had anti-semitic death threat on it one of your signs in someone's lawn. a swastika was drawn on it and the number 187 which is code for murder. we are seeing so much violence with the abortion ordeal with some of these elections. our country seems so divided. what's your response to the person who did this? >> we settle our scores at the ballot box. and whether you are talking about supreme court cases, we don't try to intimidate justices
4:36 am
at their home. i remember five years ago when a shooter showed up at a congressional republican baseball practice and fortunately, thanks to capitol police, the only person who lost their lives that day was the shooter. maxine waters calling for confrontation when jen psaki the white house press secretary was being asked about doxxing addresses of supreme court justices and showing up at their homes, she was essentially covering for it. so, in any form, we are talking about in politics the political score settled at the ballot box. in new york a lot of nonpolitical raw violent hate we are experiencing. the asian community is talking about one of their own being pushed in front of oncoming subway car or stabbed to death in lower part in manhattan or beaten to death in w. a hammer on the streets. that's one community rallying around each other. there is a lot of raw violent hate out there. in politics now we have to
4:37 am
combat all of it. >> steve: lee, we were just talking to gianno caldwell who lost his brother to a senseless crime in chicago. and here in new york, everybody is concerned with crime as well. >> i can't hear. >> steve: can you hear me, lee? hello, lee? well, you know what? he can't hear me. so what i was going to point out-thank you very much, sir. was that he has said. lee zeldin has said that if he is elected governor, he will get rid of on an expedited basis alvin bragg who is the d.a. here in manhattan. so if he is elected. you know, come november, look for that change because there are no recalls of d.a.s in new york, but they can be fired by the governor. >> ainsley: brian and i both have the opportunity to vote today. that's what everyone's issue is in new york. it is crime. we have seen crime go up. people don't want to ride the subways because of all the things, the horrific stories we are hearing. >> steve: scary. >> ainsley: all right. brian?
4:38 am
>> brian: 23 minutes before the top of the hour coming up. a former high school football coach scoring a victory on the supreme court after justices say he had the right to pray on the field after games: we are live in long island, new york, after the opening of the lieutenant michael murphy navy seal museum. very few have seen it yet. you are about to get it. keep it here on "fox & friends" ♪ announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone.
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>> brian: welcome bag back to west sayville, new york. the home of the michael navy seal museum that opens up in about two hours. you are about to get an exclusive tour from the executive director. chris wiley seal team two guy in
4:43 am
civilian clothes, no face paint. let's get a quick tour are you ready, chris? >> i'm ready. >> brian: first thing michael murphy great portrait of him wearing the -- >> medal of honor. >> brian: down here is the actual medal of honor given to him by george w. bush. right there in the open. what's this wall? >> this is the heart of the museum. this is all of the donors that have donated services, materials, labor, blood, sweat and tears to make this happen. >> brian: all right. so let's go inside. the navy seal really came into being, what, 1942, world war ii. >> yeah. it started as out the ncdus. udts longer. demolition team. a lot of people saw under water demolition units at the beaches of normandy. this is depicting world war ii. >> brian: right here, right? how amazing is that. >> guys went into combat with a knife and satchel. >> chris, let's move on. what era are we looking at here
4:44 am
vietnam? >> vietnam. go over ground water navy vietnam war. and this is when the seals were actually named navy seals. >> brian: you got little museum theaters, little theaters there where you get an idea of what it is like to be a navy seal. some of the training. s are played a role in the space program, right? >> they did. that's a fact most people don't know about all b. all the al pole low recoveries. guys jumping in the water. >> steve: you have grenada, persian gulf war. here is some of the most important part. now, this is the most famous navy seal operation. this is the scale model of? >> abbottabad. usama bin laden raid. we have the full scale model of the bin laden compound and showing where bin laden was openly killed. >> brian: real quick this is where michael murphy and the seal team last expedition where the red wings gave the ultimate
4:45 am
sacrifice. this is the hindu cush mountain. create the whole thing. that's what it looks like right beyond, steve. you might want to turn around. that is what we are up against, the taliban knew exactly where they were going and they were just put into that mountain range and they had to try to survive. that is the story. that's a quick look at the michael murphy museum. so much more to see it. you have 5,000 square feet. chris put it all together. i know you are excited about everything. >> super excited and thank you for covering this today. >> brian: all right and talk to you later. ainsley back to you. take it away. >> ainsley: do they have tour guides if we went out there? we will ask him in the next segment. >> brian: yeah will have tour guides when you come out. >> ainsley: thank you. huge win for religious liberty, the supreme court ruling 6-3 in favor of former high school football coach joe kennedy fired in 2015 for praying on the field after games. here is his reaction on what this victory means for america.
4:46 am
>> i just want to be able to have the same freedoms that i fought for 20 years in the marine corps. it's just great great that i have still been able to continue the fight and defend the constitution. the first amendment is alive and well for all americans. people of faith, different faiths or no faith at all. >> ainsley: here so react is "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain. good morning, will. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning. >> ainsley: this was a huge win for religious freedom across our country. he was fired seven years ago. he was been battling this out a long time waiting on this ruling. what's your response. >> the top line response, what we should understand without necessarily getting into the legal arguments of the supreme court is what the supreme court has said if you do not have to extricate. you do not have to surgically remove religious beliefs and religious life from public life. you are allowed -- the constitution, you know, and the establishment clause that establishes the separation of church and state doesn't mean
4:47 am
that you have to particularly discriminate against religion so that it's no longer evident whatsoever in public life coach kennedy then in this example is fine to go to the 50-yard line at the end of the game, neil and pray quietly as we have seen athletes do from the professional to high school level for most of the past century ains ain't the district said they don't want to see displays of religion and displays of worship. that would mean if a female wears a little cross around her neck or a chain then you could kick them out of school. steve. >> ainsley: if so then gorsuch said you could kick a muslim for wearing a head scarf or. you quietly praying in the cafeteria. you can't take religion out of someone. if you are in love with christ with someone you are 24/7, will.
4:48 am
>> will: yeah, more specifically as it applies to this argument the constitution doesn't require that you do that, ainsley. here's what gorsuch said, he said first of all there was no coercive pressure that required students kneel alone with coach kennedy. their estimation would violate the establishment clause. this was no requirement. virtually no evidence that any student had felt coerced even though they did join him they did it under voluntary choice they wanted to go pray at the end of the game. on top of that they said that the game had ended. his duties had ended. at this point in time, anyone, a coach could have called a restaurant and made a reservation for the restaurant. people were mingling with their friends after the game. his official duties had ended and he was free to be the person
4:49 am
and hold the beliefs that he does. you are right. and then finally gorsuch argued the slippery slope of where this could head someone quietly praying over the school at the cafeteria seen as something removed from public life that's not what is asked of the constitution. apes apes he says he wants his job back at bridgerton high school we will see if they allow him to come back and what the response will be from the community. thank you, will. >> will: thank you, ainsley. >> ainsley: you are welcome. you have seen the heroic story of lieutenant michael murphy told in the movie of lone survivor. brian is talking to the actor who played with him along with the actual lone survival marcus luttrell. retired navy seal and our friend there is marcus right there. ♪ ii-der sunday!
4:50 am
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> janice: good morning, everyone. i have friends tennessee what's your name. >> asher. >> what's your name. >> an bell. christa,. >> what's your favorite part so far. >> world trade center. >> are you going to the mets game tonight. >> yes. >> you are from florida and like the new york mets. >> yes. >> that's fantastic. i like it. take look the a your forecast. it's a beautiful day right here. i know you were telling me it's
4:54 am
a little bit cold. you know what? it's beautiful. 68 right now. we will get up to around 80 degrees. we do have showers and thunderstorms that have just moved off the coast so it's going to be absolutely spectacular here in the northeast. showers and thunderstorms for the upper midwest and the great lakes as well as the gunk. we are watching an area of low pressure in the gulf that could develop over the next couple of days and that's going to bring heavy rainfall and of course the heat will be the biggest story. there is the precipitation over the next seven days and really hot across the south and we have heat advisories for southern california. all right, you guys, you want to say hi to anybody at home? >> yeah, mama and pappa and poppy and nanna. >> janice: very nice, we will toss it over to brian kilmeade. of the navy seal museum is open. that's something we have to see in the future. brian, over to you, my friend, with some friends that we all love. >> brian: yep. another great reason to come to long island and not to got hamptons or montauk. how about sayville. michael murphy museum.
4:55 am
second one in the country. 5,000 square feet. one of the people we are very privileged to have with us two very special people. in fact, every guest is special. especially here today. a lot of people this became a mainstream story when marcus luttrell wrote his book "lone survivor." it humanized the story and brought us up close and personal to michael murphy. here is a clip from that movie. >> what do you think? >> let me see you make a tactical decision right now. >> well, i could go both ways on this. he did lose but he is close. and you are mike murphy. >> mike murphy. >> operation. >>that is a good point. >> grab my razor. >> brian: this is one of those times in which we're in the perfect place with the perfect people. taylor kithch who played michael murphy and marcus luttrell who didn't play yourself in the movie but you are playing yourself now marcus luttrell.
4:56 am
first of all, give us an idea of the unit. that's the red wing unit, right? >> it. >> who is there. >> that's our senior chief right there dan and james, shane and of course mikey. >> brian: we just saw the clip of taylor, you win the race as michael murphy, but i think it was a chance in the movie to point out when the new recruit was able to say well, you are murph you can do anything. what did they tell you about michael murphy. >> oh, man, i think it was really just the leadership. one of the biggest things i learned about mike is just how to lead it is giving the power to the other guys and letting them do what they do best. i think at times, or even for my personally what leadership was was just kind of delegating, telling everyone where to go and what to do. that was a major point for me and obviously you see it in his face in the show.
4:57 am
>> brian: you are in there. on the set with this guy for how many months. >> a few of them. >> still together as a matter of fact. >> brian: you ask questions what it was like. >> yes. >> he was a resource. >> started in the beginning. before we had preproduction. we got together and every day sun up, sundown, asking questions, answering questions, getting out to the range and implementing the process. >> so we went one thing he was an athlete, murphy was an athlete, physical he could do. what did he mean to you. >> he was an athlete. little ridiculous and overwhelming at times to be under his leadership that was great part about having them. i tell people is he kind of a guiding light. you will see his father say moral compass was on point. it was pure heart. wicked mind. appetite for destruction. he led us that way. he let us do our business and always over the top of us to make sure we got it done right and effectively. you have a leader like that, it pushed us in directions that we never could have imagined. >> brian: this the is moment,
4:58 am
i'm going to roll this clip in. and it's one of the moments in which mark wahlberg playing marcus luttrell had an exchange and basically you could see his confidence dropping. and here's what you said. take a look. >> marcus. never end the fight. >> we're going to need air support. >> brian: you said you get chills. >> yeah. it's tough, man, to not be emotional. i haven't seen that in a long time. so,. >> i remember when that happened. i remember the feeling i had when like really positive motivation in this moment right
4:59 am
now? good job. but. >> brian: did you think you were going to die. >> sure all the time we sign up for that and death at the door it's a different story all together. there is something when you are alone it can crush you. if you have somebody there with you and you know what is happening. then that's what perpetuates you in that position to push out of that and that's what happened in ha moment right there. >> brian: instead of looking at mark wahlberg, mark wahlberg was you and that really happened. and just to think that michael murphy's name is going to be on this building and you are here for this moment, what does it mean for you? >> to be with mark on the anniversary, to be with dan, maureen, john, the whole family, this experience everybody very lucky to play a lot of guys that have led and have come and gone and true stories, but this truly, truly is an experience that is just has left me with a brotherhood and something that is very hard to put into words.
5:00 am
>> final thoughts, marcus? >> thank you for everything you all have done. this will open up doors for young men coming up to catch a path in the right direction and become great men and serve our country. >> it will get a guy from texas to come to long island so you could stop by my house. >> all right. >> this is the mountain where it all took place, where it all happened. >> it seemed a little bigger back in the day. >> final hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> at least 46 migrants in texas found dead inside. >> we have to stop the madness. >> voice mails reportedly proved the president to discuss
5:01 am
business dealings with the sun. >> americans are paying more for gas. vice president kamala harris struggled to a group trust what they help administration is doing. >> they haven't got a clue what to do about these crises. >> i'm very disappointed by it. >> young daughter of the republican congresswoman. >> have to imagine this was a republican congresswoman who happened to be female. >> 18,000 that have been navy seals since they are 1986. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, everybody come on this june 28th 2022 you're looking life at the michael
5:02 am
murphy navy seal museum in west sayville new york, where brian has been all morning long. beautiful day there today. 64 degrees comments can be sunny and 77. we are about two or three hours away from the grand opening. >> it's pretty exciting. thousands of people are already coming here for it. i think about all the people who put this together. i didn't get a chance to show the wall but donations from $5 to $5,000 to millions of $ scored the building this. can you imagine this lifeguard e as a double major honors graduate, he sees what's happening in 2002 it says you know what? coming to call an audible, when the going to the military. i'm going to choose the navy pier than i'm gonna -- i heard about these navy seals, think i could do it. can you imagine being one of the greatest ever in american history? so great in your short time you served so well you get the medal of honor, your parents, sadly, have to do it in your honor,
5:03 am
then your story goes to the big screen in the movie based on marcus luttrell's book, then they build a museum with your name on top and your parents are as humble and make them nice as i know you are sure meet because they just want to attract people to the military, to the valor, to the leadership and just understand that michael murphy is one of the cogs in this wheel. guys come in the more people you speak to this guy was so special on one thing said to his mom, he said why are you doing this? he said mom they are bullies in this world and they have to be confronted. where'd you get that type of courage? >> we cannot forget every year we honor him with the murph challenge. he also started the body armor work out on crossfit. even the navy seals are using that workout. he would work out with his body armor on. >> and with the navy ship named
5:04 am
after him by the way. and his mom says make sure those ships get the holidays represented no matter where they are represented around the world. and it's a wonderful vessel i understand. it's a pretty special day. my hope is that you guys will say this is so special i have another reason to go to long island. i know, ainsley, you do, but, steve, from new jersey braving the traffic is worth the trip. it's nestled up to a golf course. and they've got these see cadets next door so these 12, 16-year-olds or be applying for leadership academy. if they don't necessarily have to go to the military but if it's good for college. >> if you're traveling to new york take your kids out there. at the 55-mile-an-hour drive out to long island. >> steve: i think working to make the trip. you've done an effective job of showing what's there and i want to know more.
5:05 am
i know some navy seals but i don't know the history of the whole program. you've done a good job detailing it and we are going to talk more about it coming up in this final hour. happening down in the san antonio lawmakers are slamming president biden after at least 46 migrants were found dead inside an 18-wheeler. 16 others also crammed inside it were hospitalized including children. craig jenkins joins us live from the park border. graph, do you know where you are in eagle pass it's hot but at the time they were able to open that door was a hundred and 3 degrees in san antonio 80 have to figure it was hotter inside that box because all those people. >> absolutely. good morning, steve ainsley and brian, this is the true perils of smuggling. for how long we truly don't know
5:06 am
or how hot it got in the box. enough for this 46 to die. now three had been arrested in connection to this alleged human smuggling operation. tony gonzalez, the congresswoman representing the district was little the first to react tweeting this, death count rises to 46 with another 16 in the hospital to include four kids. lord, when will the nightmare end? texas governor greg abbott also reacting blaming the president tweeting this, saying these tests are on by then, they are the result of his deadly open border policies. they show the result of his consequences to us who enforce enforce the law. this tragedy counts as harris county sheriff gonzales has withdrawn his nomination come a long stalled, to become the ice director. here is some of the tweets he put out, he writes i wish this administration will as it tries
5:07 am
to overcome the paralyzing political gridlock that threatens for more than our nation's border. meanwhile also related in all of this senator ron johnson over the shipping of migrants all around the country. he's upset the taxpayer dollars are being used for a border crisis. this is so unfolding amid the unprecedented numbers. steve, ainsley, and a pile in which he would heat exhaustion and the scorching thames felix. i shot this video yesterday myself. not far from where i'm standing with his migrant crossed in front of a group of about a hundred and 50 in the middle of the day with those times well over a hundred businessmen fainted, they had to give him water and he continued to be laid out on the ground. they had smelling salts and they were in border patrol custody. soviet help but yet he was still
5:08 am
suffering. there's also the perils of crossing the river. you can see are drawn over the rio grande right now. we were here yesterday right behind me were a group of nine venezuelans got caught in the current and began struggling. he can see the border patrol had to get their airboat out and rescue them and bring them to safety over here on the shore. in the four days since i've been here there've been more than 5,000 migrants encountered here just in the del rio sector alone the fiscal year today was already north of 320,000. think about that for a second. that's the entire population of st. louis, missouri, was pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it's more is 60,000 more than last year's fiscal total which was a record of the books. that record was combined all nine fiscal years previous to last year, that is less than
5:09 am
were last year was. we are on pace here to break records never before seen with the dangers we are witnessing. >> ainsley: thank you so much. that truck was a refrigerator truck and we were told that either was a working or it turned out. he said sometimes they don't turn on the refrigerator truck part of it because they don't want to alarm any of the border patrol agents. they're trying to -- >> steve: yeah wise in the air conditioner worker and get supposed to be empty? >> ainsley: he said this is happening constantly when he was the asking ice director. he witnessed something similar. they were all dead when he opened up the doors and they found a little boy. here's tom. b1 i stood in the back of a tractor-trailer and a crime scene with 19 dead migrants at
5:10 am
my feet, including a 5-year-old little boy that suffocated to death. these cases are similar. both full locked in a steel box, they weren't in using an air conditioner that worked and people died horrific deaths. i want to see the secretary of homeland security come up to the present give a statement to get to newt to lie to the american people that this borders a carrier is closed they have operational control of the border and that your policies are safe and humane. people at the bees standing up and demand accountability from this president and secretary that needs to be impeached. he has failed the american people come he's the secretary secretary of homeland insecurity. >> steve: the problem is the president's policies and may your case as no problem going along with this terrible anti-american behavior. five other reporters talking with griff about the american elm like horrific nature of their broken border is beyond me. it makes no sense. maybe someday it will be at how
5:11 am
about this? president biden knows what a son has been up to, hunter biden, for years. he denies it to everybody's face that he has any idea who his crack addicted, now he seems to be on the straight and narrow, fan of every at he can get a hold of come he spent it on the money doing both of those things, he still had his son, hunter, head up the family business of international finance and the money that seemed so unsavory. but to this point, there's been emails and inferences about joe biden's role and knowledge of what hunter biden was up to. then on that infamous laptop, found on the hard drive, is this is joe biden first off, this is what joe biden said in the past about being involved with hunter biden's overseas business dealings.
5:12 am
>> i never discuss with my son or brother or anyone else anyone tell mike anything having to do with their businesses. >> how much have you talked to pearson about his overseas business dealer? >> do you think it was wrong for him to take that position knowing that it was really because the company wanted access to you? >> that's not true. nobody said that. who said that? >> steve: hugh who said that? the biden family across the board all the bidens are saying joe biden never spoke to a son about his overseas business dealings. and in fact the reason that the laptop from was not something to
5:13 am
use against joe biden in the campaign against donald trump was the fact that everybody said in the intelligence community that laptop was fresh and disinformation. it's all fake. it's russian disinformation. well if it's russian disinformation how come the daily mail was able to find on that laptop from a password protected backup were joe biden, then the former vice president of the united states was talking to us on said hey, call me because i want to talk to you about that story but your overseas business dealings. not kidding. this connects so many doubts. here is a little bit of the voice mail from joe biden to his son, who was apparently busy, obtained by the daily mail. >> hey, pal, it's dad, it's 8:15 on wednesday night.
5:14 am
if you get a chance give me a call. nothing urgent just want to talk to you. anyway, if you get a chance give me a call. i love you. >> ainsley: i think you are clear. so whatever you been worried about they were going to write in this times article i think you are clear. i've already read it online. if you are clear i'm clear. >> ainsley: and the sound bites. when peter doocy and report its were asking the president do you know nothing about your presence business dealings, december 2020, february 2020 camino in that voice mail was? it was on december 11th 2018, 1 is talking to us on saying they know about your business deal, you are clear. everything is good. a year later in 2020 he tells
5:15 am
how the reporters i don't ever talk to my son about business. what bad, we knew that was baloney anyway, right? what dad would not talk to their son about what they do every single day to make money? >> steve: right pretty stocking but a chinese deal. one of the richest men in the world, the top business people disappeared, his partner, devon archer, is now in jail. he of course would also be part of the story as he asked his dad for a hundred thousand dollars. a lot of it went to and why would he run to present and bring all the scrutiny on his son and his family? this is getting unbelievably complicated for president biden. meanwhile we have a lot more to discuss -- go ahead. >> ainsley: the email of how the money would be distributed from that guy who was on the board 40 under 40 and 2016.
5:16 am
he gets arrested, this is the guy that times is writing about. they talk about how there's an email of how that money would be distributed that hunter made from his business dealings with the chinese man with 10% share for hunter, for the big guy. that's where that email comes in. >> who's the big guy, joe biden? >> by the way, where's all this money? how do you make billions and lose it all? right away. the irs is not asking these questions, meanwhile the story on fox news alert. they launch an investigation after at least three people were killed, 50 injured, and an amtrak crash in missouri. matt stewart joins us live during the crash site. >> good morning, brian, federal investigators from the national transportation safety board expected to be here within the next hour. there 14 person team will investigate exactly how this
5:17 am
crash happened. they are keeping the media about a half mile back from that amtrak train but it is still on its side it's not been moved beard waiting for those investigators to get here to figure out exactly what happened. it's going to stay like this for another couple of days. we know this amtrak southwest stop in kansas city yesterday morning, picked up some passengers and resumed its journey to chicago. there were a total of 275 people aboard a 12 crew members. around 12:30 yesterday afternoon as they came through this rural part of missouri the train came to a crossing with no flashing lights and nope crossing arms. at the same time a dump truck was trying to drive across the train hit it, eight cars derailed. throwing the passengers all around as it slid to a stop in the culvert. those passengers then broke out windows and helped each other up and out, grateful to be alive but not everybody survived. three people total died. the driver of the dump truck into passengers, 50 people were also hurt with some going to the hospital for treatment.
5:18 am
those who live around here tell us they've been complaining to their authorities about the string crossing for years on gravel, pill, brush blocks the view. they say when speeding trains came through this little time to react. the missouri department of transportation this year did put aside some's funding to fix the string crossing to make it safer, but they didn't get to it in time. this is not unique to missouri or really much of the country, there are tens of thousands of railroad crossings that you're not a flashing lights or crossing arms to come down in light of the fatal amtrak train track train track and also killed three people there will be a lot of people in amtrak to do something to make trips like this one that was from l.a. to chicago a lot safer appear those investigators from the ntsb expected to be here at 8:30 central time this morning, again they're going to try and figure out an answer to all those questions as exactly what happened. on to tell you guys, there were some pretty amazing stories of people helping each other out. a couple of boy scout troops,
5:19 am
they have been in philmont and they were heading back to appleton, wisconsin, and they were on the train. we don't know if they were jumping into action or not but they certainly had the training to help them in a note to do when that happened. that's what the boy scouts is all about, right? >> thank you very much. "the new york post" says apparently those couple scouts who were after cam paris, they spring into action. and they broke out windows, they got people to safety, and who knows whether or not they save their lives but were trying to get some of the boy scouts on the program tomorrow. >> they were assisting somebody who did eventually die, the driver of that truck, but they were there when he took his last breath, making sure he was taken care of. >> amazing. still had on this tuesday chicago mayor lori lightfoot doubling down after delivering this message of profanity against a sitting supreme court justice.
5:20 am
>> he thinks we are going to stand idly by while they take our rights? >> leo terrel reacts to that coming up next on ."fox & friends." we put our arm around the veterans. when i think of the veteran out there that needs to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for them and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique.
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5:24 am
operator: 2-1-1, how can i help you? vo: call 211 or visit 2-1-1 get connected. get help. >> [bleep] you, clarence thomas. >> if they think we're going to stand idly by will they take our rights. >> steve: they've got the mayor of chicago, mayor lightfoot, cursing out clarence thomas is the far left continues to rage the high court abortion ruling. a washington court calling to
5:25 am
establish federally controlled abortion outputs from complete with tents in national parks. fox news contributor and civil rights attorney lisa terrel is joining us for an. so those are two separate things. let's first talk a little bit about what the mayor said. she was referring to clarence thomas, who wrote a concurrence regarding the overturning of roe v. wade, which didn't end abortion, it just it back to the states. >> you are absolutely right. this is very upsetting. she sent indeed the profanity she used at clarence thomas justify why the supreme court justices need protection 24/7. steve, do you know what she did? she sent a coded message by using the f word and sing i don't care what happens to them. i don't care about his security or his safety. to think about it, she doubled out and lies about the impact of the abortion ruling. i'm to be as clear as possible,
5:26 am
30 years as a civil rights attorney come of this case has nothing to do with gay rights. it has nothing to do with interracial relationships. you know what this is? this is a distraction from the crime going on in chicago, arcola, which i saw the segment you did was a tearjerker, and she's trying to use this as a distraction. it's insulting. >> steve: it was kind of tough to hear what she said but she said if you read clarence thomas' concerns, he says thank you. f clarence thomas. it's that kind of profanity against a sitting member of the supreme court, i get that she is angry, but it's a head-scratcher. >> they are trying to politicize the supreme court. she is running for reelection. using the f-bomb, look at what happened with the attentiveness
5:27 am
up to the nation kavanaugh, they are trying to divert anger and of supreme court justice. he didn't write the lead opinion, okay? asked him to go after him. i'm telling you, this is insulting to let me be clear, we know right now in chicago before the fourth of july holiday we know this can be murders, shooting, and mayhem in that city. every week we know that. what she has to admit she's trying to distract from it, steve. >> steve: you know when i said it's a head-scratcher, she then tweeted out this, regarding it. she said i said what i said. now here's the thing, leo, "the wall street journal" has an item yesterday on the op-ed page that talked about the supreme court justices did not lie when they were up for their confirmation hearings. the reason the democrats are angry is because they've been able to use the courts to essentially pass policy. in other not good to be able to
5:28 am
use the supreme court anymore to just advanced democratic policies according to "the wall street journal," they actually have to have congress to something. and change the law and not rely on the courts. >> you are absolutely correct, steve bentley be as clear as possible per the supreme court to their top and interpreted the constitution. you don't hear any democratic lawyer trying to find that. they're mad, they are angry, they had a majority in the house, they have the white house, why didn't they pass it this year? what in the past in 2008 when the obama had super majorities? they didn't do their own job and they're trying to blame republicans. thank goodness for president but trump selecting those justices. >> leo terrell joining us from l.a., thank you very much. >> thanks, steve, thanks for having me. still ahead, fireworks aren't the only thing exploding the fourth of july, so is the cost of food. kristi noem breaks down inflation impact on your fourth of july.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
hard as prices for barbecue items are up by double digits. that's why my grocery store now has a loan officer back in the meat department. >> ainsley: [laughs] i think they all do now. and as americans are facing sky high gas prices the vice president is taking heat for this response. >> is there anything else you can do to help bring down the cost -- >> it's one of the highest priorities of our administration. there is the piece of gas and bringing down the cost of gas, which in large part has exploded because of pollutants were in ukraine. the president is in europe right now talking as he has been to bring our allies and partners together so that we can have a common defense around what we -- but there are other things we need to do. >> ainsley: governor christie know is here to react. you can ride a horse come i've seen you do it, there's a lot of ranchers and farmers in your area. when you go to the grocery store
5:34 am
if you saw him beat for a good price you would buy a bunch of it. my mom would always put it in the freezer because she got a good price or it was on sale. now you cannot do that. you just buy you what you need for the week. >> it's amazing how the food supply prices are going up and that's the thing in south dakota we grow the world's food. it's right there. but because there's so much government intervention and control by conglomerates and even companies that aren't owned in the united states of america we do have a food crisis on our hands. this is something i've been talking about for ten or 15 years, food security is national security, when we don't feed ourselves in this country we don't control our own food supply than another country controls us. this is something our federal government president needs to start caring about. it's affecting every family. >> at my grocery store. you know rotisserie chicken?
5:35 am
a year or two ago it was $4.99. it's $12.55 for the same chicken. but the reason it's so high is because of pollutants price hike. is anybody buying that? >> nobody is buying that. we know exactly how different it was when president trump was in the white house. it's all of these decisions in energy costs, we are spending thousands of dollars more to run one tractor for a week than they did just a year ago. you add that up, you run five or six tractors on an operation, it's costing you half a million dollars more just for energy. >> and they can't even afford the fertilizer. >> people don't realize the farmers go to the bank and borrow money to put it in the dirt. they really do. they get an operating loan, they put it in the dirt and they hope it rains. then that will be something back there to pick up and harvest and sell and feed the world. it really is a gamblers profession. and when you have a federal
5:36 am
government it's a challenge. it's a challenge. >> there is a phrase that we hear a lot, it's not my first rodeo. that's the name of your book, not my first rodeo. tell us about this book. you tell the story about losing your father when it was very young. >> it's a book -- we titled it not my first rodeo because i think a lot of people first heard my name during cove head. and they think that they know me pretty well. they think that i maybe haven't gone through hard things before but everybody's life has challenges. this is really a story about my life lived so far. rule america during cove at everybody wanted to get out of the cities and see what life was like and that's really what my background is. some excited about the book and i've never done this before but i hope people enjoy and really understand where my value system comes from and where i make my decisions. >> i can tell you about a cab i
5:37 am
had. >> nobody can make a good decision unless they've got a cab i had on. mr. russo still had company, look at you. right? my goodness. >> you cited. >> i send a fee but is that fantastic, you could do anything up you look at that. >> you guys are great. what do people attach because i grew up in the country out in the little farm. what do you feel that people who grew up far away from the big city have a better understanding of regarding things that the average person lives in new york city, and things that hamburger is just a naturally occurring phenomenon? it's just somehow grows on a tree in the box? >> well you get to see the whole life cycle happen every single year on a ranch hand on a farm but i do people all that i'm the best gift my parents ever gave me is impossible things to do.
5:38 am
you know they give us -- my dad was tough peered he was a cowboy. he gave us things to do that i never thought that we could accomplish. when i was 12 years old he put me in a semi, we were driving down the road, and he remember he needed to take another truck company said jumbo here, grabbed the with. take your corners wide. he jumped out the doors. and i remember -- >> steve: it sounds like a burt reynolds movie. beco i didn't even know how to stop the cut truck so i turned it off and let it drift to a stop at the first thing i thought was i cannot believe i lived there the second thought was i bet i could drive anything now. that's what we are stealing from our children. we have a lot of parents and grand parents that are crippling their kids by doing everything for them. our job is to prepare them for life and to give them challenges and i think that's the best gift my parents gave me. they taught us to be problem solvers and taught us to take on hard things. and it prepares you for the
5:39 am
future. >> i can't believe that we survived. kids obviously -- >> i wouldn't recommend putting your kids and a big truck. >> well now you're driving this great state of south dakota. governor, thank you very much. check out her brand-new book called not my first rodeo. it's on sale today. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up out of a big event honoring the fallen american hero. >> two and half hours until the official opening of the michael murphy navy seals' museum and with this only the second one in the country. multimillion dollar effort how to put together? a lot has to do with his dad, who will join us along with two other key members that put this together. that story, the rest of the story coming your way on this exciting day for the usa just days away from the fourth of july. don't move.
5:40 am
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>> steve: the museum honoring the life of navy seal michael p murphy is opening in about two hours here on long island and west sayville. joining us right now i'm privileged to be with michael's dad, dan comeau board member robert fanelli who ran the navy seal mentoring program and mentored michael murphy. welcome to all of you. >> first off your thoughts here today you've had many moments thinking about the white house, thinking about the naming of a ship after your son. what about today? >> by the way thank you for having me. it's an incredible day. i am touched by the people who are here and i'm happy that were able to tell not michael's story, but the navy steals story from world war ii up until the
5:45 am
present. it's a very exhilarating day we are glad we have michael's name of the building it's not about michael it's about his teammates and his -- it's just overwhelming sometimes with emotions when you see people like drew bissett, who are so busy and come to this little museum, which small but -- >> i think it's great. every step matters. he wanted to make this dell make sure this thing got bailed. what did you do? >> dan approached me about the project and my instinct was yes i wanted -- >> you had a son who had the same heroic polities and you lost your son tragically of a young age. >> he was in the indian mountains.
5:46 am
he fell off the mountain 200 meters. sort of the same ranch. >> steve: trained heroes every single day. tell me about the michael murphy you knew. >> i sort of see two types of people out there. there is the takers and there are the givers. and the takers are all about themselves and what they can get out of it and so forth and then there are the givers like michael, who wanted to serve his country and give back not only does he give back to his community, the seals and so forth, his family and his country. it's just a superb young man. >> when you saw him did you say one day this guy's got a medal of honor? you do want to lose your life in that way? do you see the heroic qualities in him then? >> i did. i mean he had that, like us that he is a giver. he would do anything for us men. if it meant giving up his life.
5:47 am
>> graduates with honors, becomes a seal and liquid admiral mcraven is saying up there and it says if you want to change the world don't ever -- if you don't -- if you want to change the world don't ever ring the bell, ring the bell means -- >> basically if you ring the bell you wash out of training. but michael was always focused. we knew that when he put his mind to it he was going to become a navy seal. it was just intuition. it was interesting when i spoke to them i said you know, michael, the training is so difficult. if you don't get through it, were not going to love you and a lass. he sat there and he said dad, i'm not quitting. and michael never had any quit in him. marcus' favorite phrase was never quit. michael would never quit on anybody or anything. >> i'm amazed -- you pick it becomes like a family. if you like a part of this
5:48 am
family? >> it's my brother. >> he is actually being very kind because rob is just so generous emma literally when i asked him about where we were building this museum he jumped. i laid the plant's out in a set of them through a quarter million dollars. my jaw dropped when he said -- because i'm thinking okay, this is our project but that was basically the seed money. >> a place like will keep people will like your son alive. in the final 20 seconds do you worry about the character of our country right now. >> certainly. it's very divisive right now. but i'm encouraged because i'm getting lots of young men who want to serve their country and become seals. it's extremely encouraging. sometimes it's not always
5:49 am
positive publicity, but for the most part it has helped. >> it's going to be a special day. a special ceremony. thank you so much for inviting "fox & friends" to be down here. if you are in this area, looking for something to do for a vacation after 11:00 today this place is open. do you recommend we come, right? >> sure. >> this is an incredible journey through navy seal history. >> thanks for your sounds, thank you for what you do every single day for the country and thank you for putting this altogether, guys, appreciate it. meanwhile we move ahead to close out in the last 11 minutes. fresh off winning the stanley cup, the colorado avalanche defenseman eric johnson joins us live along with his aunt and uncle, rachel and sean duffy. but first i will not check in with dana perino. everybody keeps asking me what's on her show. dana comeau it's in your show? >> literally everybody is asking you and i remember when rachel said that was her favorite
5:50 am
nephew so we'll see how that interview goes. thanks, brian. inhumane crime in texas has over 30 unnamed migrants perish in the back of a truck. why is this being allowed? we have live report that had. primary elections today, the democrats are losing the battle to register voters bid how deep of all they are in. this as biden doesn't understand why democrats doesn't get in line behind the 2024 election ambitions and news on the president and the sun and the business deal. we'll see you at nine. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions,
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web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> good morning everyone from new york city. you are from new jersey. >> i think this is my husband john. we brought my relatives from germany. >> there is chris from chicago. let's take a look at it. it's a beautiful day here in new york city. slight delays already. oh, my gosh. over 700 flight delays in the united states of america and cancellations, new york, atlanta, and dallas. some of the worst airport right now for flight delays business will be ongoing this afternoon as well. it's just been really awful unfortunately across the nation in terms of air traffic. let's take a look at where we are seeing showers and thunderstorms along the coast. we do have the potential of
5:55 am
showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast. otherwise the other big story of the heat basically across the country. there is that area. i don't think it's to develop into anything. it still gonna bring the potential for heavy rainfall and flooding. summertime after all. >> actually i would like to say hello to all my peeps in south jersey. >> that's a lot of peeps. over to you. >> ainsley: thank you, janice. to know to our friends. the colorado avalanche clenching its third championship in franchise history after being the tampa bay lightning for the stanley cup. avalanche defenseman gary johnson joins us alongside his aunt. and his uncle shawn. congratulations to all three of you. it's a family affair. >> it is. so excited to see eric there on screen. we love you. >> so patriotic and your stars & stripes. >> not only did you all win. you are at the bottom of the nhl
5:56 am
standings. here you are winning the stanley cup. we watched as nicholas took the cup and it fell down and it ended a little bit. what was y'all's reaction to that? >> honestly, there is a huge roar. i was actually doing an interview on the other side of the ice. i was kind of panicked as to what happened. honestly, every single one of us who had dropped the cup, nick would have done it. >> ainsley: how did it feel to hold that stanley cup? we are showing video right now. how did it feel? >> it was surreal. as a kid, that's all you ever dream of. you get a little bit older, you're never really sure if he could have opportunity. to be able to do it, a lot of guys i was teammates with with a long time actually makes it special. it was extreme having your friends and family there. just a surreal moment.
5:57 am
>> i know that you all hated rachel and sean hated that you can come to their daughter's wedding. their first child got married on saturday. and you played on friday and you played on sunday. is there a message i'll have for him is to mark >> we're so proud of you. we think you are amazing. practicing as a kid. to have this moment for you and your family. it's also for your parents and all the work they did. i want to say only eric can be as handsome without teeth. it doesn't stop. it doesn't stop you from being gorgeous. i just want you to know that. >> thank you. congrats. i'm sorry we had to miss the wedding. i'm sure we can make up and celebrate this summer little bit. >> for the day -- lesson, you guys were in dead last five years ago. 48 points in the nhl.
5:58 am
five years later you win the cup. what happened that five years? what did you guys do to bring yourself from dead last the victory? >> yeah, i think it's really just a mind-set. i think we had a lot of guys that wanted to stay and be part of the process and stick with it. the easy thing would have been to oppose food and maybe get a fresh start. when a lot of guys i really had a lot of pride and wanted to play for the team and dig ourselves out of that old. like i mentioned, four or five guys that was on that team to finished at last. to do with them is that much sweeter. we were trying to figure out where to have our stanley cup party last night in a couple of bars in denver. all the bars were sold out of bud light. we were able to find a place. just a celebrity with all those guys made it that much sweeter.
5:59 am
>> final eric, he found a way to party no matter what. >> ainsley: did you drink out of the cup, eric? >> i don't know what i drink out of. it was champagne and bud light and who knows what else. >> that's great. that's great. eric, does this cup ever get cleaned? i know it gets passed around. >> i'm a bit of a germaphobe. i will probably wipe it down. >> that is mine. congratulations. you are so loved. >> thank you so much. i really appreciated. thank thank you for all the support. >> ainsley: we love that t-shirt. you taught it well. show us some wedding pictures. because it was a big weekend for us. and was just pretty awesome. >> congratulations. >> that is gorgeous. >> they are 22 years old.
6:00 am
they were in love and wanted to start their life together. we are so proud of the two of them. it's a great day. >> did you cry, dad? >> i saw it. i was so embarrassed. >> speaking of big day -- >> yep, officially opens into ours. we will bring you all the highlights. thanks for watching him everybody. >> dana: fox news alert on the border of the white house launching a controversial plant to house unaccompanied children. as texas reels from one of the deadliest incidence of human smuggling. i'm dana perino. bill has that week off. >> trace: this is "america's newsroom." this is a tragic story out of texas. at least 46 migrants were found dead inside a tractor-trailer. 16 more including 4 children who were rushed to the hospital. on the outskirts of san antonio. police have detained three people in connection with this


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