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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 28, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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is it pinch hitter? what is a pinch hitter? >> somebody who hits for somebody else. in a pinch. you go to john. [laughs] >> thank you for that health, trace. i appreciate it. sandra smith is in for harris faulkner. if she is. >> sandra: you learn something new every day. set to unveil the so-called action plans after the supreme court decision to overturn roe v wade. the left demanding i made a response floating ideas now like travel vouchers, federal abortion clinics, and the public health emergency declaration. this is "the faulkner focus." i am sandra smith in for harris. that to speak any moment now, potential next steps, including boundaries. >> this is something that we are looking at because in terms of
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how this is actually going to impact real people, they are going to have to travel. they've got to find day care and pay for it. they are going to have to figure out how to afford it, so we want to make sure that this does not result in extreme disparities or any disparities based on the care, how much money they've got. >> sandra: democrats are now turning on their own. kellyanne conway with the spirit >> the democrats are actually mad at themselves, and they only have themselves to blame. i am shocked that joe biden stepped foot on that plane to europe without doing something. 34 senate democrats wrote him a letter this weekend. he took no action. 20 black democrats said please declare a public health emergency, and you know the answer was, including my kamala harris? talking about ending the filibuster. they want to pack the court. >> sandra: gillian turner live in washington for us to kick
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things off. hello, jillian. >> the reason that we are anticipating that they may have a big announcement about travel vouchers for women seeking abortions across state lines is because he himself flooded this very idea on saturday. hhs department is looking into "assisting women with transportation." >> we are not going to try to speak for the states moving to deny women access to the kind of care that they need, but we are going to work with those women, work with providers to make sure that at the end of the day, women access the care that they need. it may mean that we have to see a woman jump through hoops that we never would have expected. >> providing women with transportation benefits to cross state lines in order to obtain abortions isn't something that typically falls under his department's purview. another proposal being circulated by democrats including elizabeth warren's to support women obtaining
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abortions on federal lands in and around states that are banning the procedures. vice president kamala harris seemed to pour cold water on this idea. yesterday she said "it is not right now what we are discussing." but apparently the biden administration is discussing this. >> we will do everything within our power in the administrations through the executive branch to ensure that women have access to the medication they need. by the way, fda approved. and that they will have freedom of travel and not the travel should be unrestricted. >> according to the vice president vice president, they are focused on helping women travel across state lines to get abortions and also to obtain abortion pills across state lines. not on the table according to her is helping women get abortions at national parks, wilderness areas, military reservations. these are what constitutes utter lands.
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>> sandra: gillian, thank you. jonathan turley joining us now. constitutional law attorney and fox news contributor. all things supreme court, you have been joining us about several days. all of the breaking news that has been coming in. we are left wondering what exactly the details of this announcement will be by the hhs secretary. that is expected to happen any moment now, but we do know that the white house has been exploring ideas and ways to respond to this scotus ruling. what you expect? >> well, i expect that they are going to give comprehensive plans to try to support women in states that prohibit abortion. some of those elements of the plan however could be challenged in court. when you deal with funding of abortion services that has long been an issue of great contention and conflict. the most important item on the likely list is availability of
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the so-called abortion pill appeared roughly 60% of abortions in the united states are carried out by medication at home. and so many pro-choice advocates want to iron plate thought process to guarantee that women can get those pills, even in states that prohibit abortion. we saw some political leaders in the last couple of days moving to try to limit that availability, but it could create a conflict between the state and federal government. >> sandra: to that point, 13 states have passed me so called trigger bands that are to go into effect following the supreme court's decision immediately. but several of those efforts in louisiana, kentucky, idaho, and texas have already been quickly met with lawsuits filed by abortion providers and other groups. judges in louisiana and utah, jonathan, have blocked those
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trigger laws from going into effect. so what does that say or mean for the future of this ruling in the states? >> well, this state was entirely predictable. many of those laws have been on the books for a number of years, some even predate roe. they were designed to come into effect at some point if roe was overturned. but we expected there would be challenges us to whether those laws as written can go into effect. most judges will grant an injunction initially, to especially freeze everyone in place so that the court has a chance to take a breath, take a look, and make a decision, but it's clear from the supreme court that states can prohibit abortion services. most people in the united states are likely to continue to reside in states where abortion is protected. you do have these 13 states that
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are moving aggressively in the opposite direction. you have roughly the same number that have moved to add protections, including colorado. one of those states that has virtually no limits on abortion till the moment of birth, so we are going to have variation among the states, and that is what the supreme court discussed. they said we interrupted a political debate in 1973 as states were wrestling with this question. in the courts that have at it. they did not say what the conclusion should be. they did not say what you should decide on abortion. they were focused on who should decide, and they left that to the people of the united states. >> sandra: as far as the white house action that we can expect and what they are actually exploring, kamala harris has set in a new cnn interview that the administration is looking at the idea of vouchers for traveling and women who need to leave their state to receive an abortion. she did in that same interview, i'm sure you heard it, dismiss the idea -- aoc's idea of
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abortions on federal land, saying that that is not something they are currently looking at. we also had secretary remind them of their responsibility to pay for contraception, so as far as what could be done here as a white house response of the federal level, what do you see being the limitations, knowing what has been thrown out there so far? >> well, those transportation vouchers are direct federal funding for abortion services. many in congress are likely to object and to say that they should be the subject of legislation, not a unilateral decision by the president, but it's important to keep your eye on the most important of these details. it is in fact that abortion bill and whether the federal government cannot only guarantee funding through insurance plans but to swap back any state efforts to prohibit those
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prescriptions within their state. that could raise a myriad of legal issues and constitutional issues. it is rather uncharted territory in terms of its specifics. >> sandra: all right, jonathan turley, great to have you with us today. okay, over and over again today, candidate and president biden denied ever seeing son hunter about his shady foreign business deals pure now there is a voice mail message, and it gets worse from there. plus, critics unloading on the bidens border crisis. >> the more people that cross the border, the more that die. they allow a record number of migrants that have already died. this administration -- >> sandra: the horrific images we have all seen by now. dozens of migrants found dead inside a semi truck. joining us now on not, next. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: our horrific tragedy at the southern border appear to 30s yesterday finding at least 49 migrants dead. they were inside a semi trailer in sweltering heat just outside san antonio, texas. critics saying the blame -- placing the blame is squarely on the president and his policies. authorities were forced to release two drug trafficking suspects arrested last week. police say they were in possession of 150,000 sentinel pills, enough to kill millions of people. and the sheriff there is serious. he joins this network last hour. >> i learned of this release, and i was infuriated. i cannot believe that we had
8:16 am
150,000 fentanyl pills, one of the most dangerous epidemic that is facing our nation today, with people in custody that we may potentially be able to impact the future of this type of drug trafficking organization and/or cartels in california in my county, and we let them go. >> sandra: griff jenkins is live with all of that. hello. >> we have tragic news to share. breaking just now, a spokeswoman, patty tanner, telling fox news that they received five of those critical patience after of course 46 were found dead. three have since succumbed to their injuries and died. the death toll now rising to at least 49. also saying that the two additional of the five they received remain in critical condition as we await for a press conference to learn more. so many unanswered questions, sandra. how long was that tractor trailer abandon?
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how high were the temperatures? how did it get there? what we do know is that it was discovered by a city worker who heard cries of health coming from that 18-wheeler, and we know that at least three have been arrested allegedly in connection to that human smuggling. and now san antonio's mayor wants smugglers to pay. here's what he has to say listen. >> pray for the deceased. the ailing. the family is. and we hope that those responsible for putting these people in such inhumane conditions are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> texas governor greg abbott holding the president, president joe biden directly responsible, saying "these deaths are on biden. they are a result of his deadly open border policy. they shut the deadly consequences of his refusal to
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enforce the law. all of this comes as the numbers at the border continue to surge out of control. just the past four days in justice sector, there have been 6,230 illegal crossings here and encounters in this sector. all of them facing perils. we can show you -- yesterday we shot this video of a migrant struggling from the heat. smelling salts under his nose. giving him water. and of course he recovered, fortunately, but it is just a snapshot of what happens here every day along with the river that all of the migrants have to cross. you can see this video that was shot yesterday that border patrol had to come in and rescue these migrants. nine venezuelans made it safely to shore without border patrol. that is just a snapshot. and ultimately, sandra, we are going to have to start asking ourselves why? what are they subject themselves to this unbelievable danger?
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why did they pay thousands of dollars to ultimately -- it is because of that factor of them knowing if they do indeed survive and make it and get relief, there is a good chance no one will come looking for them and send them home. that is really compounding the problem here, sandra. >> sandra: wow scared griff jenkins on that story for us. thank you. joining us now, fox news contributor, just the horrors of this and the people that died in those tragic, awful ways. a lot of the blame as we have seen from republicans, they are blaming this administration. and president biden's policies. saying this is the result of bidens deadly open border policy. ted cruz calling this horrific and wrong, asking how many more people have to die before democrats give a dang? >> this is unconscionable.
8:20 am
the biden administration has basically ignored, purposefully ignored the crisis at our southern border, which results in these horrible, inhumane situations. death from all of the traffickers and smugglers who don't care at all about the plate of their victims but rather reaping billions of dollars because the biden administration has left our border on security. but sandra, that danger goes beyond the southern states and our border states. think about the fentanyl situation. we have 80,000 people in the united states die last year from fentanyl. where is it coming from? largely across the southern border. that is what leaving this board are wide open doing to all americans. it is risking all americans because the fentanyl scourge is just beginning, and the numbers are staggering. by the way, it is also the case that so many people are being sent now across the entire country, and they are landing in
8:21 am
hispanic communities largely, and they don't want them. they know that they cause trouble, increase the cost of everything that these communities already have to bear. there has got to be answered here, and it's amazing to me that the biden administration is absolutely ignoring it. out of, democratic legislators with a very few are doing the same thing. i just can't imagine how this is not going to hurt them in november. >> sandra: just horrific, liz. now it appears there is a big "thanks, but nothings" for biden's pick for next director of customs enforcement who withdrew from contention more than a year after he was nominated. harris county, texas, sheriff writing on twitter "i'm grateful to president biden for the honor of nominating me, and i wish this administration well as it tries to overcome the paralyzing gridlock that threatens our
8:22 am
nation's border. frankly, the dysfunction threatens america's heart and soul." but he does not take the job. >> who could blame him? what does ice come in for better ridicule and defaming mainly from democrats used to think that their task is to carry out inhumane activities. what is inhumane is not making it very clear to people who are tracking north to come across our border that they are not welcome here, that it is a very dangerous thing that they are doing, and it is illegal, and we are basically going to prevent their entry. really, sandra, at some point, our country has to get serious about not affording all of these people who come in to our country illegally so many benefits, whether it is medical care or schooling or, by the way, the chance for every child born in the united states to become a citizen, even if their parents are not. these are very tough questions, and by the way, i am totally
8:23 am
pro-immigrant. most republicans are pro-immigrant. we know it's good for the country. it's good for the economy. we are not pro-illegal immigration because we have no control over who comes into our country. and by the way, just in the last year, 50 people on the terror watch list were apprehended. that is not a really very good thing for our national security. so we have to have serious people looking into this. >> sandra: very similar message you hear from some of those members of congress on the border there in texas, including henry clay or dominic or others. ron johnson, u.s. senator from wisconsin meanwhile is demanding answers on a dhs memo about transporting migrants across the border using taxpayer dollars. johnson citing an nbc report that taxpayer dollars should be used to secure our border, not frederick exacerbates the biden border crisis. all of this after they plan to house illegal immigrants in
8:24 am
south carolina, something they denied during congressional testimony back in may. listen. >> have you already send or plan to send miners to north carolina? >> there is no plan to shelter children in north carolina. we are always looking for sites where we can provide the types of safety and security that children need, and we have throughout the country, but no plan that i could tell you right now chance shelter children in north carolina. >> sandra: they say they were just notified of the plan and that the community is in no way prepared to observe thousands of these unaccompanied my grandkids, liz pugh g.o.p. lawmakers demanding answers. we will see if they get any. >> says is not the first time that they have lied to congress. this man should have been out a long time ago. i hope after the midterms that republicans do whatever they can to get him out. it's really unconscionable that
8:25 am
he would deny -- by the way, denies also these programs where they are playing people into westchester airports and others in the country under cover of darkness. i really tells you, sandra, everything you need to know about how it is sort of dishonest about how they are handling this, but we have 200,000 people a month coming across the border. what are we going to do with all of these people? that's why we have to -- i hope that the court rules in favor of remain in mexico. people say that that's inhumane. nothing is as inhumane as what you started this program with, the death of all of those people in a truck in texas. it is horrible. >> sandra: we appreciate you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> sandra: speaker pelosi ramping up for criticism of the supreme court after the roe v wade reversal. she is calling it "extremist," even as they target the homes of
8:26 am
conservative justices. remember all of those times president biden denied ever talking business with a son, hunter? now we have this. >> you here in joe biden's own voice, he is assuring his son, hunter, that "you are clear." "i think you are clear." >> sandra: the newly discovered voice mail that could be a smoking gun as the hunter headache gets bigger and bigger. that is next. ♪ ♪ to glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> fridays supreme court decision was despicable, but it was not unpredictable. hhs has been preparing for this for some time. this is a critical moment in our history. how we respond will speak to how we view the rights, that
8:32 am
dignity, and the well-being of women everywhere. >> sandra: i was just a few moments ago. hhs secretary becerra laying out what he called a plan of action in response to the supreme court overturning roe v wade. democrats have been clamoring for the white house to do something. he did lay out a few things, sort of a four-point plan which included increasing access, he said, to medication abortion. i was number one. also he said he's working with his office and with the office of civil rights within hhs to ensure patient privacy and nondiscrimination for those seeking reproductive health care. also he says he is examining his authority under the emergency medical treatment act, to respond to the overturning of roe v wade. in addition, he talked about a big effort within his agency to make sure that all providers including doctors and pharmacists have appropriate training to respond to family
8:33 am
planning needs. so we will see where all of that because of the white house is called on to do by many democrats to the overturning of roe v wade. not really coming down on friday. we will bring you any more news out of that as we get it. meanwhile, president biden's son, hunter's problems keep getting bigger and bigger. you can hear joe biden on a call with hunter back in december 2018. he said he wanted to talk to his son after reading "the new york times" story after he is dealing with a now defunct chinese oil company. >> the article released online was going to be printed tomorrow. i think you're clear. anyway, when you get a chance, give me a call. i love you. >> sandra: that voice mail found on hunter biden's infamous laptop flies in the face of all of the spirit >> i have never spoken to my son about his
8:34 am
overseas dealings. i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period can't >> do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your sons overseas business dealings? >> yes, i stand by about. >> sandra: get to see you. is this the smoking gun then, raymond, that he did indeed discuss the foreign business dealings with his son? >> hunter biden is on michael myers of the biden administration. he just keeps coming back. he will not go away. every revelation from his laptop opens a new vulnerability in joe biden. here you have him clearly contradicted with his voice mail, but joe biden in that call, he said you're all clear now because of this "new york times" piece that seems to shuffle hunter biden to the back of the controversies of the criminality related to this chinese oil company.
8:35 am
but he and hunter shared bank accounts. the money is that he got from these very possibly to elicit dealings in china, russia, ukraine. i mean, hunter in his own words that he was doing business with the chinese oil venture, the spy chief of china. yet you have joe biden profiting from this possibly of those reports are to be believed that they shared bank accounts and that joe biden and hunter biden were paying each other's bills. this is a little too close for comfort, and i think this revelation just opens up more questions. that the republicans are going to have to look into. >> sandra: to that point, the "washington examiner" reporting that joe biden apparently unwittingly financed his son's participation in an escort ring tied to russia. a copy of hunter biden hunter
8:36 am
biden's abandoned laptop. in a three year period, hunter allegedly spent $30,000 on escorts. that was in part funded by wire transfers from joe biden, totaling $100,000 from december 2018 to january of 2019. that money from the president was reportedly intended for hunter's bills. does this spell big trouble, raymond? >> i think it does appear to be investigated president trump for a phone call that he made to the ukrainian president. i went on for years. they had a huge investigation. they try to him over it. this is far more hands-on, if you will. this is monies being transferred. in this case, bidens wires $100,000, $30,000 of which goes to pay for these escorts. but the question is way to the monies come from? how much did joe biden know? and he clearly used his prestige, his name as
8:37 am
vice president to entertain and to wine and dine many of his business associates, many of whom went to jail, who was the lead partner in this chinese oil venture. that is low on where it is notated that the big guy, presumably joe biden, would get 10% of the profits. the question is how widespread was this conglomerate that hunter had built? and did joe biden cross any ethical lines by being party to it? >> sandra: those are big questions. you can count on republicans to dig in there. meanwhile, ongoing threats to the conservative justices on the court. now nancy pelosi, calling out the supreme court's reversal of roe v wade, laying out possible ways to counter it, including killing the filibuster appeared in a letter yesterday, she wrote "while this extremist supreme court works to punish an
8:38 am
people, democrats must continue our fight to expand freedom in america." she also called justice clarence thomas says words "disturbing." was charged with attempted murder. protests at the homes of conservative justices being illegal, large crowds again picketed outside of justice samuel alito's home. it is horrific to see this happening. and it certainly does not help to have the speaker of the house ripping into what she is labeling "the extremist supreme court." >> you're right. she is and bring up the volume and the tension at a time when she should try to be tamping down on these emotions. she is demonizing these justices, no doubt about it. when you call people extremist, say they are taking away rights. they did not take away any rights. all they did was clarify the rights and the constitution. they said there was no constitutional right to abortion
8:39 am
here now nancy pelosi is trying to use congress to what she calls "codify roe." they do not have the authority to define and riots. all they can do is enforce them. that's not her job, so she can go down this path as long as she wants, blow up every filibuster known to man. it will not work as it did not work for harry reid when he lowered the threshold of votes needed to confirm a judge. mitch mcconnell later checked that and applied it to supreme court justices. it never works out well. >> sandra: rehman, said to have you appear president biden me while getting some bad news at the g7 on middle eastern oil ahead of the controversial saudi arabia trip. apparently bad enough that an advertiser cut off the world leader. it is caught on video. on the followed continues after nancy pelosi appeared to shuffle a congresswoman's daughter at a photo of you >> she is clearly
8:40 am
elbowing the little girl out of the way. for whatever reason, it does not look good, and i wish that some of the time she would just answer for herself. >> sandra: now the speakers campus responding to the controversy. and so was i congresswoman. our power panel is here, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ n homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years.
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>> sandra: the president tsai to make a controversial trip to saudi arabia next month. he will be asking leaders to ramp up their oil production to help soaring gas prices here at home, but he was met with some bad news before being cut off by national security advisor jake sullivan. >> excuse me, sorry. they don't have huge capabilities tesco >> okay. >> sandra: earlier this morning a reporter pressed a small event on that. >> thinking about going to his
8:46 am
trip next month -- i am not going to characterize his comments or the content of them or this particular notion about saudi arabia. >> sandra: emergency oil reserves have hit their lowest level now since 1986. the department of energy says 6.9 million barrels were released just last week. our power panel is here. former communications director, former democratic new york state senator. thanks to both of you for joining us here. i will start with you first. i have watched that video several times, and i'm trying to figure out what happened there because everyone had another cameras were rolling. and he was definitely sending out a message to president biden. you are not going to get the amount of oil that you want from the middle east, so i don't know if the message was get up from somewhere else or start
8:47 am
producing more back at home in the united states? >> one of the first things biden did when he took office was canceled drilling in and wire, the keystone pipeline. in the gulf of mexico and alaska. it is just on hallmark. they ignore warnings, think they know best, and then scramble when it is too late. your point, they are depleting the petroleum reserves, yet it is not enough to have a meaningful impact on gas prices. they are just scrambling and very desperate right now. >> sandra: saying careful, maybe we should just step aside because of the cameras. because david, that would not be a good luck, that the president's big plan to bring down prices is to go to the middle east, ask them for oil, and macron is saying they don't have what you need. >> the president has limited resources and tools when it comes to the price of gas. and he has used the tools in his toolbox.
8:48 am
he has worked around the country, and he has also asked congress to give a suspension on the gas tax, but most importantly, he has done this purposely to release a million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserves, and that has put us in a position to really help out our allies around the country. that is what economists are saying. >> sandra: you are losing me here. our allies around the country? not sure what you were talking about therapy >> and our allies around the world. >> sandra: we are not in a position to help them because we are paying record high oil and gasoline prices, and it seems that the continued messaging from this white house is this is putin's a price hike. russia's exports are higher than they were pretty worn out. selling more oil than they were -- china is buying it. it is not like that cam off of the world stage, so what are we
8:49 am
going to do to bring prices down here at home? that's when americans want to know. >> and i think the first thing is electing republicans. it is not just putin they are blaming. he blamed individual gas station owners. and you're right. we should not be sending oil to allies around the world. how about to our citizens here at home? we need to bring down the cost of oil, and the sorts of gimmicks or blame games are not going to do that job. >> sandra: i've got word for you, david. we don't put oil into our gas tanks. we put gas into our gas tanks. i do not see this being addressed by this administration. we will move on. viral video showing speaker pelosi giving an elbow to the daughter of congresswoman's daughter. it happened at her swearing-in ceremony last week. a lot of people talking about that shelf. a spokesperson for
8:50 am
speaker pelosi finally responding yesterday after loaves of backlash, saying it's sad to see news outlets that now better misrepresent the speaker's efforts to ensure her daughter would not be behind her hidden behind her and all of the photos. congresswoman florez had a much different take. >> i was very disappointed and very disgusted by it. no child should be pushed to the side for a photo. we are going to put her in november. >> sandra: i think we are all in agreement. but the question is whether or not that actually happened. there's a lot of speculation on that. shouldn't we just take that speaker at her word that she was nudging the child? so that she was not hidden for the photo? >> i have taken a lot of photos. i don't really should have somebody to outside the photo if i want them to be inside. it's on video. just apologize cute she is 12 years old. i think she is a little frustrated right now.
8:51 am
she flipped at democratic and the second -- if those seats are in play, she is poised to lose her speakership. >> sandra: that's a good point. maybe a better statement would be "i'm sorry it appeared that way. i can see how that could have been perceived as no-shows. i'm sorry for that. it certainly wasn't. >> nancy pelosi is a pro, and has taken a photo op over a thousand times. i take her at her word, and i think we all should, that she was just putting that child into a better position to take the photograph, and you see that speaker pelosi is extremely gracious and kind to the entire family and those children, welcoming them to the house of representatives. >> sandra: we hope that was the best-case scenario. we certainly do. we don't know, but we hope so. serving up some more of her
8:52 am
specialty word salad. after the supreme court struck down roe v wade. >> as a parent, we have two children who are in their 20s. a son and a daughter. i thought about it as i had a parent of teenagers. i thought about it as an aunt of preschool children. and of the daughter of a woman and the granddaughter of a woman. >> sandra: to roasting her for the unwillingness of some to say the word "woman." so now everyone knows what a woman is. got it. reaction from both of you. >> our vice president is working hard to make sure that she is meeting the challenge of today. this has been put on us, the decision by the supreme court to
8:53 am
strip away the rights of women to make choices about their reproductive health. vice president harris, former attorney general, i think is being judicial in her words, but needs to put all options on the table. >> sandra: was at a good choice of words? all right, matt. >> i just want to congratulate all the democrats who got their biology degree just after this abortion ruling. really wonderful. >> sandra: i appreciate both of you joining us on all three of those topics. we got them in. thank you, gentlemen. appreciate it. now onto this, a fox news analyst and friend of many here at this network, frequent guest on this program, he is facing unimaginable loss and heartbreak. his little brother, just 18 years old, was shot and killed last week. gianno spoke with ""fox & friends"" on that. >> i am floored by the culture
8:54 am
of death that exists in the city of chicago. yesterday we had a balloon release for my little brother, a private event with family. about 60 people total, members of the community came around, celebrated his life. there was not a dry eye in the house. we sit here and talk about the violence in chicago on a weekly basis, but the people there, they live it. we are not talking about people who are involved in any gangs or street activities. these are normal, everyday working people who are afraid for their safety if you are living in not come with a death warrant. but for so many people there, it does. my baby brother is supposed to be burying me. not the other way around. but this is not where we are right now, and i pray for justice for my baby brother, christian. please continue to pray for my family. please continue to pray that these men are arrested.
8:55 am
please. >> sandra: gianno is 1 of 9 siblings, and of course we hold him in his entire family close to our hearts right now. they are very much in our thoughts and prayers. thank you so much for joining us here on "the faulkner focus." it's been a busy hour, and we will be back with my. i'm sandra smith. i will see you with john roberts for a quote america reports." we will see you for "outnumbered" after the break."
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>> emily: fox news alert. on a horrifying discovery at our southern border. an abandoned tractor-trailer filled with dozens of dead migrants. critics say this is just another tragic, preventable consequence of the president's border policies. this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone. i am emily compagno here with kayleigh mcenany, dagen mcdowell, jessica tarlov, and sean duffy. at least 50 migra


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