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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 28, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> emily: fox news alert. on a horrifying discovery at our southern border. an abandoned tractor-trailer filled with dozens of dead migrants. critics say this is just another tragic, preventable consequence of the president's border policies. this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone. i am emily compagno here with kayleigh mcenany, dagen mcdowell, jessica tarlov, and sean duffy. at least 50 migrants are dead
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after being trapped in a truck that had no working air conditioner or water. it was discovered near san antonio where temperatures have been over 100 degrees. 16 survivors including or go children were rushed to nearby hospitals for heatstroke and exhaustion. police detained three people in connection with the incident, but greg abbott is pointing the finger at the president's policies, tweeting "these deaths are on biden." we are learning that the administration has quietly signed a five-year lease on an abandoned school to house thousands of unaccompanied migrant children in north carolina. sean, i come to you first on this. the lawmakers have written a letter to the president, saying this contradicts what you said previously about this and comes as a complete surprise to us and our constituencies. they point out that in addition to the lack of transparency, they say it's due to your failure to secure the southern border, every state, including
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north carolina is now suffering from the impacts of this water crisis, especially those children. >> sean: well, of course. they are being shipped throughout the country. the story of 48 migrants dying is horrific. the inhumanity of an open border. the drugs that come across our border. young americans die. you have the sex trafficking that happens. i'm trying to wrap my head around that, but we are trying to win votes with open borders. you look at the hispanic, you say this is not what they care about. they want jobs, lower gas prices. they want prices to go down in the grocery store. they hate the transgender teaching in schools. they want to have school teach math, history, science. i think democrats are getting this wrong, and if joe biden would go back to securing the
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border, let that trump policy stay, we might have less people coming into the country and less tragedy. >> emily: also, if i may, we have learned that since early 2017, one out of every three people held that border patrol facilities is a minor. new data that essentially confirms that out of almost 2 million people detained, the argument to taking that a little further, with these compassionate policies, they are actually cruel because no one is using them more than those cartels taking advantage of the migrant children that are now being absorbed by north carolina by an administration that refuses to admit or be transparent about any of their decision-making. >> jessica: i would not go so far as to say that they were not being transparent about any of their decision-making. we are not doing it to win votes. there is a core constituency on the far left that does think
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that we should have an open border, and they are very open about that. that is not joe biden's possession or the bulk of the party. there are number of of outspoken democrats who have said leaving remain in mexico in place until we have a good plan to get us out of bed and breathed a sigh of relief when i judge said this has to continue. and obviously he is incredibly upset about that humanitarian disaster with these 48 dead so far in that truck. in terms of unaccompanied minors coming across the border, i always hear it is single men coming over. to destroy the country or what ever appeared kind of fearmongering about it. >> emily: who is saying that? >> jessica: nonstop footage that i have seen coming out of right-wing channels about this is who is coming into your home. this is who is coming across the border, and it is children. people are in desperate situations, and they also do you
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have a right to claim asylum here, and they should go through the system. i am not an advocate for open border system in any way. >> sean: joe biden is that president -- >> jessica: of course he is the president. >> sean: he's not doing anything to secure the border. i agree with you on the constituency, but joe biden has a body that elected him. this is a horrible policy. change it, joe biden. >> jessica: i am more in the camp that we need something else before we get rid of this policy, but there is a bit of strangeness around these headlines that you see. pounds and pounds of fentanyl. as the border open, then? does that make it an open border? it seems like border patrol is doing their job. the two fiscal year 2022 alone. yes, the border is open. on "outnumbered," we have
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covered that children in no way that i would argue that no one else had. there was an expose on cbs about emergency and take facilities about little boys complaining that they were getting feathers and bloody enron chicken in joe biden's america. suicide watch list. in bags. where is msnbc? i thought you guys were great humanitarians. we cover it here on "outnumbered." we cover kids crossing the borders. this is joe biden's america where illegal immigrants cross the border, children languish away in intake facilities, and 50 migrants die in the biggest mass tragedy that we have seen. good job, humanitarians. >> emily: district attorneys have raised that alarm. they say that these children are the ones being absolutely overlooked, sexually assaulted, background checks that people need to go under.
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i think there is a level of responsibility that this administration admirably holds, but because they are being discarded, the cartels are discarding these people. they are discarding these kids. so too is this administration. 150 people diana truck and trailer that is going to be ignored. i am sure that we will not hear about this from this administration. the leading unnatural cause of death for american kids 18 to 25. let alone those coming across the border. i want to place a clip for you. reaction to the fentanyl situation. standby. we will watch. >> come monday morning, i learned of the sand was infuriated. i cannot believe that we had 150,000 fentanyl pills, one of the most dangerous epidemic that is facing our nation today, with people in custody that we may potentially be able to impact the future of this type of drug trafficking organization and/or cartels in my county, and we let
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them go. >> emily: human smuggling in the narcotics industry that these cartels are engaged in, and again, who is being discarded? humans. that migrants and children. >> dagen: children are being poisoned in this country, and i have not seen anyone in that's biden administration going to a funeral. i said this at the very beginning when they started rolling back the immigration policies. they have intentionally laid the foundation to allow human traffickers and drug traffickers to profit and prosper for human misery, suffering, and death. and the fact that it has not been reversed, the fact that the border patrol is not backed up by this administration seems to suggest that the biden administration is perfectly fine with us. i talked with mark lam, sheriff in arizona, and he said
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can you imagine if 50 people were dead in a shooting? today. the outrage that you would be hearing and how berserk people would be on from the other side of the aisle, on the left, and he also pointed out that horrible. 50 people dead in the back of this tractor-trailer. he said go back and look at all of the people over the last year and a half who have been found who are in the back of you calls, who are being suffocated to death by human traffickers. march this year, 17 adults, one unaccompanied child in the back of an unventilated u-haul. 16 migrants, including a child inside a tractor-trailer in el paso here last july, on my granddad after several others were found inside a u-haul in
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new mexico. 33 migrants found crammed into eight u-haul in near 100 degrees heat. these deaths today, completely avoidable. somebody in washington, in this white house gave a flying -- >> emily: what do we have now? 1.5 million person waiting list. waiting up to five years, those that came here legally. because of that compassionate approach, they called to the trump administration "cruel." yet if that were to be reversed, the waiting list would exponentially increase. the cruelest thing, they are looking the other way. all right, coming up, the mainstream media's double standard on display yet again as they stay silent after the left goes after justice clarence thomas using some pretty racist language. for every veteran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america.
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duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> kayleigh: from and hollywood are going after supreme court justice clarence thomas after he said the court should reconsider other rulings on contraception and gay marriage. all without sparking any media outrage. chicago mayor lori lightfoot still not apologizing for the curse word in this attack. >> [bleep] you, clarence thomas! do you think we are going to stand idly by while they take our rights? speech use chicago's mayor for you. samuel l. jackson refer to him as uncle clarence.
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and with the goldberg lashed out with this warning. >> you better hope that they don't come for you and say that you should not be married to your wife, who happens to be white. because they will do that. and you better hope you are not in the constitution, back to being a quarter of a person. that is not going to work either. >> kayleigh: jessica, i imagine if this was just eschatology around them, they would be some coverage on cnn that we would see in other places, that we are not seeing coverage of justice thomas. >> jessica: sure. we have talked about this before, kayleigh, conservative women often do not get held up as feminist icons, and my position has always been that it is especially important that if you are someone who is from a traditionally disenfranchised group to make sure you are advocating for the most possible and certainly for your own group. i have heard great defenses from
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liberals who go after someone like justice thomas, considering his intelligence, his right to be on the court, his personhood in any way, but saying that this is somebody who does not represent the broad swath of african americans in this country, who does not think that way. with whoopi goldberg, "uncle clarence" is completely inappropriate. samuel jackson is also a black man. that is something that i think is on intercommunity. it's none of my business. whoopi goldberg sang you better be careful that they are not going to come for your marriage, why should she not be saying that? originally, women were not even in the constitution. black, three fifths, et cetera. why shouldn't we be talking about the implications of what he wrote that? saying that we should reopen the conversation about contraception, same-sex relationships, he put a stake in the ground that alito was not willing to appear that kavanaugh was not willing to appear they made a case -- i disagree with
9:18 am
it. i hope we will have some movement on this, and women in this country will be able to have bodily autonomy again, but he went a step further and open himself up to a lot of lines of attack you're not the dirty language, but certainly someone who is benefiting from changes to the constitution and saying that it should be wiped away for other people. >> emily: i do think it is fair to question his statements on those cases. the two-year point, the "uncle clarence," we have seen this before when tim scott gave that beautiful rebuttal to congress. we always give black republicans -- they seem to be the target. >> emily: the thing i have an issue with, someone has been identified by a liberal human or someone is having a certain skin color, certain characteristic that all of a sudden they have to vote, think, feel a certain way. because my uncle connotation is
9:19 am
saying that because he dared to actually think for himself and it was a concurrence dissent on that from the other justices, that he somehow is a reflection of colonialism, slavery. the most disgusting things to me is how everyone immediately assumes and expects, especially coming from the left, that people need to vote -- these voting blocks. bite and it too. you are not black if you don't vote for me. that kind of thing is exactly what it's penetrating this entire movement. everyone has to jump on the bandwagon and see us up in arms, totally ignoring justice thomas' point, but apparently it has gone out the window because it's all about skin color and the color of his wife. >> kayleigh: hillary clinton gave us these remarks on justice thomas. >> just in time a sort of floated that out there about contraception. and about same-sex marriages, but other justices have pushed back to say he has really sort
9:20 am
of on his own with that. do we believe that? >> he may be on his own, but he is signaling as he often did -- i went to law school with him. he's been on the person of the reasons for as long as i've known him arid resentment, grievance, anger. >> kayleigh: let's bring in justice sotomayor. she said this to her credit. "justice thomas is the one justice in the building that literally knows every employee's name, every one of them. he remembers their family names, histories. he is the first one who will go up to someone and say is your son okay? how was your daughter doing in college? the first one that when my stepfather died, send me flowers in florida." a little different than what hillary said. >> sean: you may disagree with him, but he is a good man. he is a free thinker. he is not bound, to your point, to vote a certain way because of the color of his skin.
9:21 am
just like with white americans, men and women, and he has a right to think differently. that is called freedom. he is being given a hard time for that. you listen to the rhetoric from the left. it is so violent. even the violence against churches and pro-life centers. even the threats against justices. you compare that to the pro-life movement and much care for the most part, all peaceful. when you do have violence -- there has been violence on the pro-life side. everyone has condemned it. where is the left condemning the threats and violence taking part? it does not exist because they agree with the violence. if you do not agree with the position -- go ahead. >> jessica: you can't go that far. you really can't. it's irresponsible to go that far. i do not think that anybody condones violence -- yes, it
9:22 am
is -- >> emily: you asked every day for president trump to condemn violence. that is exactly the same thing here. >> jessica: didn't buy it and go on speech on the roe decision? violence is never acceptable. kamala harris also echoed those sentiments. >> kayleigh: it took three weeks. we did not hear condemnation ever. it took three weeks to say peace, peace, peace. >> dagen: it did. speaking of hillary clinton, she is the woman who said that she was using some language i would disagree with when criticizing clarence -- justice thomas. when she was asked why she didn't drop out of the race for about 2008 democratic nomination, why she was still hanging on, her response was -- remember, she was running
9:23 am
against president -- and then candidate barack obama or senator. she said well, rsk got shot in june. so in terms of intentional or accidental insensitivity, i think that that was on display now and before it. and i do think it is the responsibility, which adam coleman, who was a black writer, said in "the new york post" that you cannot claim to be antiracist if some racism is okay with you. and that was -- he was talking to black america, black celebrity is because there is a lot of heinous language being used by white liberals on social media to describe clarence thomas when they should be debating why he said that in his concurring opinion and why he left out loving v virginia. could you let me just say we did
9:24 am
hear condemnation from the press secretary to emily's point. they always wanted it from the president. americans did not want her as a president in 2020, and now these comments from kamala harris are not going to sit well with progressives and her party and could be hurting her presidential process. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> kayleigh: vice president kamala harris is becoming increasingly unpopular with voters, and now she even seems to be making members of her own party met, facing backlash over in a tone-deaf tweet where she vowed to to fight for abortion rights as she watched the protests unfold.
9:29 am
then she fumbled her first comments with this. >> the court actually took a constitutional right that has been recognized for half of the century and took it from the women of america. i thought about it as a parent. we have two children in their 20s. a son and a daughter. i thought about it as a god parent of teenagers. i thought about it as an aunt. >> and a woman yourself. >> and a woman myself. and the daughter of a woman and the granddaughter of a woman. >> kayleigh: she also used a forbidden word. you heard it there. >> took it from the women of america. >> and a woman myself. and the daughter of a woman. and the granddaughter of a woman. >> a woman should be able to make decisions about her own body. they will not allow a woman to
9:30 am
have access to reproductive health. women have endured such violence. women have access to the medication they need. prohibit a woman -- a woman should be able to have access to it, unfettered. being sure that we can actually travel without impairment. women who have access to resources will probably be far less impacted by this decision then women who don't have resources. >> kayleigh: aoc is not going to be too happy. >> dagen: pregnant people. she did have to be reminded to bring up that she is a woman. if you listen to it closely, and she had to say "you're a woman." oh, yeah, i forgot that. i guess she was told to bury that somewhere. that she was speaking a little bit more coherently than she has in the past. this is from may on the climate crisis. we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues and tackle
9:31 am
these challenges and to work together as we continue to work. so, what has she taken on before? voting rights, space, and not standing up for women's rights. let's see if she does as good of a job as she did on those prior issues. >> and when we think about it, everyone has something at risk on this. first of all, if you are a parent of sons, do you think about what this means for the life of your son and what that will mean in terms of the choices he will have. >> kayleigh: like supporting the women. >> sean: right, the women. those were great clips of "women, women, women." they must have lost their mind. people who have unplanned pregnancy, it has completely change their lives completely.
9:32 am
and again, men can want to have little kids in their lives. to think that men are only concerned about the fact that they might have to help supports a child that they brought into the world, we are more complex than that. more dynamic than that. this whole thing is insane from kamala harris. to your point, it was very well said. it was actually coherent. [laughs] >> kayleigh: she clarified something for us. >> your friend, the congressman, jim clyburn said last week that if president biden does not seek reelection he would be its first on his list in 2024. have you talked to president biden about reelection? and what did he say to you congressman clyburn? >> joe biden is running for reelection, and i will be his ticket mates. false. >> falls to. >> kayleigh: it is running
9:33 am
mate, not ticket mate. [laughs] >> emily: i got two messages from that. i think you are so generous, saying that it is coherent. an analogy to your point about the antiracism, but it's okay for her to focus about being a woman and having funds being allies because it is in a context where it is acceptable. you should not even use the term "woman" because gender is so fluid. the federal government is your answer to everything. her entire life identified positions in the larger government that she wants to hold. she will stop at nothing, but any time there is a policy that works, so contrast again, i mentioned it yesterday, michelle obama's response after roe v. wade -- after dobbs was released. she said here's how i feel about it, and if you feel the same way, here's what you can do. organizations you can donate to.
9:34 am
the local and state level, here's how you get involved. she is essentially wringing her hands publicly, losing her mind without a call to action. at the end of that interview, where we left? disappointed by her intellectual caliber, not knowing what to do because she wants all the power in the federal government. instead of saying start volunteering, this is why it is so important to elect someone that is aligned with how you feel because this restores the authority to you as an american citizen. instead, it is just all about her, and that makes no sense. >> kayleigh: are you impressed by that interview? >> jessica: i thought it was fine, honestly. [laughter] it is not about a low bar. there have been some genuine word salads, where you say she got stuck in a feedback luck, and we all talk on television all the time. it can be difficult, especially when you're dealing with issues that i that's important. frankly, it captured a lot of the feeling that i had
9:35 am
personally and a lot of women i know who felt like they woke up last free for the first time in their lives. that is what i was overwhelmed by it in the morning. i got up early to feed my baby and went back to sleep. then the decision came down, and i went on twitter, and it was a real got punch. looking at my daughter, thinking about i am raising her in new york, but if she wants to go work in a state like ohio or texas or go to school in one of those states, she will be less free than an american citizen should be. and i think the vice president here is capture that. when she talks about sons, it's great, i love the idea that you cannot get pregnant by -- working out great, that is not what happens all the time he had limiting people's choices is something that runs counter to what i hear from republicans all the time. "get your hands off my guns." get your hands off my uterus.
9:36 am
>> emily: they are american citizens. that baby in my belly is an american citizen. they have a right to choice, and the choice is not for me. >> sean: ohio, mississippi, in your womb -- >> jessica: i try to do this as respectfully as possible. the only person who is going to go for it on the couch, i just want to say i have always been open to a conversation about the viability line. you want to say to me want to have a conversation about 15 weeks, the european standard. we need a baseline protection for people. we have people in states with no rape or incest exclusions. >> emily: just ahead, showing a mass exodus of wealthy people during the pandemic. even the mayor said he is shocked at the current state of the cities. we will go into all of that,
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he want to escape from new york. new york city's wealthy fled the state in droves during the pandemic. officials called the exodus "once in a century shock." some .2 an unaffordable cost of living. crime has only surged in new york as it has and liberal cities across america. the subway is now a hot spot for stabbings, shootings, and innocent civilians being pushed onto the tracks. even eric adams says the big apple is rotten. he tells "the new york post" that since taking office and riding the subway himself, he has "shocked at how bad this place is." jessica, you are a lifelong new yorker. i got an email yesterday saying that my rent had been raised 25% i think in part to make up for the fact that the amount of
9:42 am
wealth that i was just told that the top 1% of earners contributed to 41% of the city's personal income taxes in 2019. that is the exodus, so now those who are left you cannot afford to move or have to stay here to work our left footing the bill. >> jessica: totally. i got an increase as well. i will text you later about the horror of the getting that phone call if you tell me people moved during covid. tracking single people who had been living in brooklyn, for instance and finally got to live on the upper west side, and now they don't know where to go because the prices have gone up in the neighborhoods they use to live in. it is becoming unmanageable. huge beneficiaries throughout the pandemic. but it will be interesting to see, since so many corporations are upset about the roe decision and are saying that they are going to make sure that they support people, whether they are going to be coming back to liberal states, to be running businesses, et cetera.
9:43 am
because some of these other states are less hospitable to women. >> emily: dagen, you live here and in florida, and the contrast is getting more and more stark appearance before i have lived in new york almost 30 years, and i've never seen at this chaotic. right now it is expensive, dangerous, filthy hellhole, and until corporations like goldman sachs, who had one of their employments murdered on a subway train, they had been giving money to a progressive not-for-profit that was suing to keep the homeless from being ousted from the transit system. until these corporations actually walk with their money, that really won't make much of a difference. the biggest problem for new york as you get into this downward
9:44 am
financial death spiral when you have people and corporations with money leaving at a time when bill de blasio has created the biggest city workforce ever before he left office. and the budget was run and at a record more than $100 billion. that city cannot support that kind of spending without the tax base. look out below. >> emily: especially here in midtown where it is sort of a ghost town. the reality is that a lot of the support workers that have to commute in long distances are those vulnerable populations that this administration purports to care about, yet they are left holding the bills, not making enough to live here. and that commute is two hours to earn essentially nothing because the wealthy have left. >> kayleigh: he is shocked by the state of york, right? he called himself the biden of brooklyn. biden is like the locusts are coming out.
9:45 am
that is eric adams attitude. this is not a comment that he has made in a vacuum. he said "the criminal justice system was responsible for the car crash." you are the mayor appear do something about it. instead of being a commentator, go to the "new york daily news" if you want to comment on the city. go fix it. this is not just happening to you. you are the guy in control. >> emily: we will pop it up on the screen. he considers himself the party may appear this is something that he has sort of fence stepping out, red carpets, socializing when every single person in the city is feeling pain. >> sean: i don't understand -- if everyone is leaving new york, i was your rent going up? we can talk about that later. i hope that everyone leaves new york, goes to florida and texas. they leave their liberal politics behind them. >> jessica: we want. >> sean: 's they are going to
9:46 am
stay where they are at. you have new york, san francisco, chicago. but you can still go to florida. what happens when democrats turn america into new york or l.a. or chicago? there is nowhere else to go. >> emily: you do it gavin newsom tried to do, which is tax your assets out of this country. all right, coming up. as americans face skyrocketing gas prices, leaders are accused of sitting around for photo opportunities, trying to look hip and trendy without ties. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice.
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speech you as americans skyrocketing gas prices, president biden and other leaders of the g7 are accused of sitting around for photo opportunities and trying to look hip and trendy without ties. these photos are going viral on social media. critics calling them out for trying to look cool and questioning the overall message from the three day meeting.
9:51 am
emily, they look great. >> emily: i think what is self funny to me, i was with someone earlier looking at the pictures, and they said that looks like a really creepy family reunion. i think if they are trying to show a relatable vibe, i appreciate that, but otherwise, i would rather have policies come out of their meeting. >> kayleigh: sean, it reminds me of president trump's america first. taking photos. america is just one of the boys, and we are going to pay the bill. >> sean: i do not want my president to be there best friend. i want them to work on policies that are going to lower my gas prices. they are talking about green energy policy as opposed to figuring out how we can get more oil and gas in the marketplace. it's ridiculous. >> kayleigh: there was a moment about that. it does not have sound, but take
9:52 am
a look. he has the french president come up to him. at maximum capacity, saudi arabia is not going to be able to give you much. jake sullivan says guys, take it away from the cameras. it happened. someone is like maybe we should move along here. those are the conversations that they are supposed to be having. everyone has to take pictures. trump love hanging with his nato pals. in a few of them he was actually pretty excited when he got front row. it is normal. i like seeing their personalities come out. boris johnson is one of the most colorful characters and politics. i love macron. so french and never smiles. there is a lot to be upset about, including gas prices. i just did not get my panties and a bunch about this.
9:53 am
>> dagen: such a spot like seeking celebrity, that macron. you know he does that on purpose. they shut all, in that photo, have been wearing like unicorns hats because that is the land that they live in. countries like germany and italy have announced that they are going to reopen power plants because of natural gas supply, so they should have told biden and everybody to wear a unicorn hat, and then he is the only one who shows up wearing one because those guys in europe are waking up to the reality of the idiocy of green energy. >> kayleigh: biden used to be in the center of the photos. no women, also. >> emily: morris "outnumbered" in just a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:54 am
sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember.
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note ♪ ♪ ♪♪♪ >> last but not least, what was he thinking? ben affleck let his 10-year-old son samuel get behind the wheel of a lambourghini that cost over $200,000, he backed up into a new bmw, no one was hurt, appeared to be no physical damage. but for $225,000 price tag, what was he thinking? yes, there is damage. >> what was he thinking? spoiled rich kid what he was thinking and secondly, the lambo, a double thumb's down for the money. it's a crossover vehicle, it's like a small suv. and if you backed into my car i would have pulled j-lo out of the back seat by her hair. >> and son, from the parenting
9:59 am
trap, would you ever let your son get behind the wheel of a car that goes 204 miles an hour? >> no, i had three drivers, all of them crashed multiple times. sky high, no way, and by the way, how do you know how they operate? you have one? driven one? lambourghini? >> jessica, i feel on all fronts, screams the privilege people are not here for right now. >> it's not a scene everyone is into, i think jennifer garner was lucky she got out of it, and i watched "marry me" on the plane earlier this week and, or last week and i love jennifer lopez romantic comedies like that. it's fun. >> i'm a chick flick guy. >> in your household. you have to be. >> i let my daughter drive a barbie jeep, can barely turn.
10:00 am
who lets their 10-year-old, a golf cart, lambourghini, start with the golf cart. >> and the poor kid broke down and was sobbing, and ben was consoling him, don't hand your child the responsibility of something of course he's going to crash. stay right here on fox news for sandra smith and john roberts next. >> john: emily, thank you. welcome to fox news special coverage of the january 6th committee hearings. we are just moments away from the start of the sixth public hearing. it will be focused on the events of that day, 18 months ago. i'm john roberts in washington. hi again, sandra. >> sandra: sandra smith in new york. the hearing was unexpectedly announced yesterday, the committee recently obtained new evidence. today's hearing, just one witness. cassidy hutchinson, a former aid to mark meadows, former chief


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