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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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great question. we keep asking all the time. it is very internal and they are trying to prevent another leak on that investigation but we know it's going forward and going forward intensely. tomorrow on "special report" we are expecting the final rulings of the u.s. supreme court term. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is next. hey, jesse. >> jesse: hey, bret. thanks so much. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: we have all had something bottled up inside of us before. you know, something you just want to scream out about. maybe you are not loving a special someone's cooking. >> what about this candle abra. >> that was grandma's also. she brought it on her trip to europe in 1926. >> i'll thrilled you like my mutton. i was afraid you only ate salad. >> salad has got nothing on this
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mutton. >> maybe you have to lie about the smell of someone's new cologne. >> called six panther by owed i odion,illegal in nine countries. >> formidable scent, stipulation the nostrils in a good way. >> you don't want to rock the boat. one day something happens and you just burst. >> i am not like my mother. >> you are and you are like my father. you are also like my mother. you are all the bad things about all of those people but mostly your mother. when we would lie in bed together sometimes i would look at you and see her and feel so gross. >> jesse: the democratic party is feeling very angry right now and they are finally telling us how they really feel about us. the democrats have just come out and said it. they think they're better than you. don't disagree redneck. know your place they aren't even trying to pretend anymore like they respect us.
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comedian wanda sykes who mostly just does voiceover work for cartoons these days literally said what liberals have been thinking for years but didn't have the stomach to say. >> fair fight. the problem is that middle stuff. it's those states in the middle that red stuff. >> um-hum. >> why do they get to tell us what to do. when the majority of us live out, you know, new york, california and we're paying for all this crap, really, i mean, right? [laughter] we're footing the bill. if i'm footing the bill know your position. do you know what i'm saying? >> jesse: know your place, middle america. if you don't live near the ocean you are a second class citizen. why don't we educate wanda on who actually pays for what around here. you may think you are paying for sikes. but middle america put that dinner on the table. you're welcome. middle america is putting the gas in your car that you are driving to the restaurant keeping the electricity on at the restaurant and providing the
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soldiers that keep that restaurant safe. so sit back and enjoy the meal. but realize middle america is what makes america work. but to the left you are just a basket of deplorables whose opinions on anything don't matter, especially roe v. wade. they want you to just shut up and follow the people who destroyed california. if california is so rich and evolved why is that state such a disaster and why would the rest of the country want to copy california? do you think middle america looks up to california? do you think you are impressing us with your filthy streets, high crime and weird schools? see, within a darks she wants mob o'reilly rule. >> it sucks, man. it really does. i mean, you know, it's like the country -- it's like democracy, it's no longer majority rule. >> certainly not.
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no long the supreme court. >> funny that wanda is talking about democracy with the late show insurrectionist. democrats can't be more clear they don't want to live in a republic and they don't even know they live in a republic. they think winning the popular vote means they won the election and if they don't they say the election was stolen. wandas is s. not as smart as she thinks she is. if she paid attention in schools she would know how the founding fathers framed the country. it was to avoid mob rule. checks and balances aren't banking terms here, wanda this did you know tri has never been majority rule. and maybe someone should tell wanda you can still get an abortion in california. the people in middle america probably know that and they probably know the abortion issue has returned to the states unlike the angry mob who attacked police officers and shot flame throwers at them in your home state of california
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over the weekend. [explosion] [bleep] [shouting] >> jesse: that's the angry mob that wanda wants running the country. no thanks we will do just fine without them. these people haven't thought anything through which is why joe biden named kamala harris abortion czar. to explain complex issues to you simple tons in flyover country. >> i thought of it was an aunt of preschool children. >> and a woman yourself. >> and a woman myself and the daughter of a woman and a granddaughter of a woman and, you know, my husband and i are actually talking about it everyone has something at risk
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on this. first of all, if you are a parent of sons, do think about what this means for the life of your son and what that will mean in terms of the choices that he will have. >> jesse: we here at "primetime" are humbled by the eloquence of the abortion czar most of what she said went over our head. we assumed that it was just too thought provoking for you out there as well but if we had gone to college in california maybe it would have sunk in. california kamala just knows better than us as a daughter of a woman -- i mean a birthing person. i don't want to offend anybody. but, we don't know any better. i mean, apparently the supreme court justices lied to us during the confirmation hearings and we were just bamboozled. >> like these judges that just, they basically lied when they were, you know, being -- during their confirmation hearing, right? how can you be a supreme court justice and you just lying.
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they had their fingers crossed or something? or what? i mean, it's just a bunch of horse [bleep] it really is. [laughter] [cheers] >> jesse: we play sound of all the lies from kavanaugh, coney barrett and gorsuch but there are none. none of them lied during the hearing wanda is repeating a talking point that she heard on "the view." let that be a lesson to you never repeat anything you hear on "the view." you will sound like an idiot. i'm trying to do you a favor here. wanda sykes represents everything the democratic party stands for. a rich, ignorant snob. but no one is more of a snob than crooked hillary clinton who slithered out of chappaqua to call clarence thomas an angry black man. >> i went to law school with him. he has been a person of grievance for as long as i have known him. resentment, grievance, anger.
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>> jesse: the most bitter woman in american politics must know anger when she sees it, but that's not the clarence thomas everybody knows. every time you see him is he all smiles. even when he is getting ambushed by tmz. >> any chance president obama might nominate judge -- >> who do i know? >> he has a chance. >> i'm just a civil servant. [laughter] >> lance need to retire he is going to be looking for some work a little bit, no? >> you are a funny guy. >> jesse: catch him in the summertime when he is away from washington. he is driving his rv around the country grinning ear to ear. is he appreciate america. vacationing in what wanda calls the middle stuff. something democrats might want to try once in a while. heck, even the wise latin that herself justice sotomayor says thomas is probably the nicest guy on the court. >> justice thomas is the one
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justice in the building that literally knows every employee's name. every one of them. he is the first one that when my step-father died sent me flowers in florida. he is a man who cares deeply about the court as an institution, about the people who work there. but about people. >> jesse: he is a man of the people. but since he is a black conservative, he is uncle clarence. that according to samuel l. jackson, another california kid telling real americans to know their place. they hate clarence because he is a black conservative but they especially hate him because he is happy and nothing drives the libs more crazy than that i don't know about you, but i will take clarence thomas' any day of the week over people like wanda sykes. clarence has principles, he doesn't pander and never moved
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by the mob. >> you can be in the middle of a hurricane or you can be on a calm day north is still north. you can be in a thunderstorm, north is still north. people can yell at you, north is still north. it doesn't change fundamental things. and in this business, right is still right. even if you stand by yourself. >> jesse: this is why they hate clarence thomas because he can't be bought off, silenced or intimidated. that's the most threatening kind of conservative to the left. a man who doesn't do what's popular, a man who does what's right. that's why they are sending lunatics to the homes of justices. they can't believe they are not getting their way so they are throwing tantrums like children. [shouting] [bleep] >> jesse: that pass a mob
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outside of alito's house yesterday. the attorney general is allowing that and the media is cheerleading it. these are dangerous times. benjamin franklin famously said we're a republic if you can keep it. and if wanda is watching, benjamin franklin was a founding father. buck sexton is a former cia analyst and co-host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. so, wanda wasn't supposed to say that. you are not supposed to say that you are supposed to think that, but you can never say that as a democrat. >> you have two major things happening right now for the democrats, jesse. one is the end of the make believe living constitution jurisprudence that they lived with and used as a certainly a step. in something that comes in when they can't get what they want through the legislature for decades while simultaneously you also have, i think, the impending realization that they're facing electrical
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annihilation in november. that's why you are getting not precise comments even legal commentators at cbs and nbc don't pretend they read the recent roe v. wade decision. instead it's mobs on the streets and people repeating ridiculous arguments on tv. some of the things that they are saying returning this issue of abortion to the states is anti-democratic? it's an absurd argument obviously. what the court did decades ago was anti-democratic. they don't even bother with what actually has happened here instead they just realized they are going to have a very angry democrat base and they are going to lose a whole lot of seats coming up here and they have no answer because joe biden is in office. >> jesse: they have lost their incident electric actual muscle during the trump years. because they got used to screaming racist nazi, hitler, traitor. and now they have to make precise arguments like you said. they actually have to legislate, not only on the federal level but they have to legislate on the state level. and they don't know what they
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are doing. they are used to sending mobs to people's homes. they are used to throwing the race card down. that's not working this time. and i have never seen the left so pflum mixed on a policy issue. have you? >> no, what a lot of them are realizing is that this constitutional right they were told existed they were effectively lied to now 50 years. they were told something anybody with a 3rd grade reading level of a constitution would understand isn't there. now they are favored with the prospect state by state over having to make issue of life and combat the pro-life movement over the battle field of ideas instead of shouting in slogans although they will do a lot of that, too. also, everywhere elsewhere they have had democrat control particularly over the pandemic in the last 18 months or so, everything is getting worse. the economy is getting worse. crime is getting worse. the border is obviously given the tragic events of the last 24 hours a complete and utter mess, everyone sees that now.
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so what really are they offering other than january 6th committee. what really are they offering other than the ongoing soap opera of their trump obsession. they have nothing which is why the arguments all turn into you are dumb we hate you red state america. like they are toddlers. >> jesse: i don't think wanda is going to do too well next time she does a show in middle america. i think she should stick to california. she might not be very well received. buck sex tony thanks so much for coming. >> in jesse, thanks for having me. >> jesse: where does planned parenthood go from here? liz warren has one of the crazest ideas we have ever heard. we will tell you about that next.
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>> jesse: it's been five days since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. things are not going well on the left. it's a struggle. in between shooting flame throwers at police officers and trying to impeach the justices and pack the court, they are now lashing out at the biden white house. president biden isn't cooking enough for the far left they want to station abortion doctors inside national parks. >> it also means asking the can thepresident of the united stats to make abortion as possible with the tools he has including medication abortion. including using federal lands as a place where abortions can occur. one of the things that we know, too. there are also actions that president biden's disposal that he can mobilize outside with the babyist of the babyist of the baby steps. open abortion clinics on federal lands and [inaudible] right now. right now!
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>> jesse: did you hear that they want to put pop up abortion clinics in our national parks like little food truck force abortions. imagine taking a family trip to mount rushmore and to your right is a planned parenthood or you are hiking through yellowstone and a guy in a lab coat comes over and asks you if you want to terminate your pregnancy. sorry, doc, just doing a little camping. this is crazy. it's even too crazy for the biden white house. >> we understand the proposal is well-intentioned here's the thing it could actually put women and providers at risk and importantly in states where abortion is now illegal, women and providers who are not federal employees as you look at the federal land could be potentially be prosecuted and so this is -- as we understand, why they would put forward this proposal. there is actually a dangerous ramification to doing this. >> jesse: she is right for the first time. not only is this crazy, it's
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dangerous but the thing about the biden white house is their message is always changing. can you never get a straight answer from these people on anything. so a few hours after pierre's comments biden's secretary of health and human services whoever that is said this. >> what i can tell you is we are aware of a number of ideas and proposals, many of which we have been considering internally ourselves. we have made no decisions yet. we certainly would have a conversation with the president to make sure we implement his directives to us in trying to protect women's reproductive healthcare services. but, as i said, every option is on the table. >> jesse: so now it is on the table. partial birth abortion clinics at yosemite? the biden team is under so much pressure from the radical left they don't know what they are doing. even if it means placing abortion tents in national parks. south dakota governor kristi noem is the author of the new
4:23 pm
book "not my first rodeo, lessons from the heartland." governor, are you expecting a phone call from the white house? maybe they want to place an abortion clinic at one of your great, beautiful parks, mount rushmore, perhaps? >> i can't even imagine that jesse, this white house has never called me. so we don't have a great relationship right now. it seems like every time i turn around i'm having to sue them in federal court for overstepping their authority against my people. i can't imagine a world where they can think they can justify what they are even talking about. so mount rushmore is a symbol of freedom of this country. people who led our country through challenging times to put something like that even remotely close to it i think would be absolutely devastating and a stain on this country. >> well, they do call you, i think they called you to say they don't want you blasting off fireworks on the fourth of july at the park, right? >> i think that was actually the national park they called me and said no, you are not getting your permit. >> jesse: so you don't want
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fourth of july fireworks at mount rushmore but they want abortion tents at mount rushmore, is that what is going on. >> it appears that's what they are requesting. remember this questions the last couple of days that have been absolutely insane. they are using fear to scare people into thinking that the supreme court decision was something different much different than what is it was. it fixed a wrong decision years ago that turned these decisions back to the states. to people that are elected by the public and make the decision each individual state one at a time. south dakota had a trigger law in place. right now abortions are illegal in our state, except to save the life of a mother. and we are certainly proud of the fact that we recognize that every single life is precious. >> jesse: wanda thinks you are just an idiot in the middle. so we can talk about that another time. have you seen some of the footage from some of these crazy pride parades? i mean, we support priode
4:25 pm
pride paradeif you want to do i. some of this behavior is outjaj just. do they do that in your state. >> i have not seen that i know they have had parades. i have not seen anything like that from the people of south dakota. >> jesse: they don't do that in south dakota? >> i hope not. i really hope not. because, in many places and communities, that would be a ticket, a violation of something that we would not want our children to be seeing. >> jesse: tell us about not my first rodeo. i have a copy right here. >> well, that's a book that i have written that most people would think would be a very political book. and it does have some political stories in there but i mainly it's my story of a life lived so far. most people probably heard my name for the first time during covid. and i thought maybe, you know, i was new to the scene that i haven't been through challenging times in the past. and that was not my first rodeo as far as something hard to get through, but this is a story of america.
4:26 pm
i think people are intriggered by rural america right now. the west and the way of life that we have and south dakota is pretty special. i think they will be entertained. they will also learn more about how i made my decisions when it comes to this public office i hold. >> jesse: there is juicy personal stuff in about you right? >> there is stuff that will surprise you. >> jesse: lots of juicy personal information about the governor if you want to buy that book. >> jesse, lots of secrets about jesse as well. >> jesse: lots of secrets in here never before told. thank you so much, governor. >> thank you for having me. >> jesse: more than 50 migrants dead and dozens more are swimming for their lives just to get into this country. but does joe biden even know? we ask governor greg abbott next. ♪ >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield
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♪ >> jesse: joe biden's horror show on the border just got a little more grizzly. on monday, more than 50 illegal migrants found dead in a
4:32 pm
sweltering tractor-trailer abandoned near san antonio. they were practically baked alive in the oppressive texas heat. smugglers tried to cover up the rotting smell of the dead by sprinkling them with steak seasoning. and then they just ran away. abandoning the few people who were still left alive. there were children in that truck. there were families in that truck. they were smuggled by coyotes due to joe biden's broken border. governor greg abbott lays the blame at the feet of our president tweeting these deaths on r. on biden they are the result of his deadly open border policies show the deadly consequences of the his refusal to enforce the law. but joe biden says it's not his fault saying this: exploiting vulnerable individuals for profit is shameful as is political grandstanding around tragedy. and my administration will continue to do everything possible to stop human smugglers and traffickers. joe biden is doing everything
4:33 pm
possible to stop smugglers? kind of like he is doing everything possible to lower gas prices. which is nothing. joining me now is texas governor greg abbott. has the white house called you? have you heard from them about the mass casualty event. >> no he has not. the thing that struck me. he said is he doing everything possible to stop human smuggling. that's a lie. he has stopped doing everything that had been done to address human smuggling. he has defunded and inadequately funded border patrol. he has dismantled ice. he has eliminated all of the border security efforts that were put in place by president trump. it was just a year and a half ago when we had the most secure border in decades and today we have a worst human smug imling
4:34 pm
problem than ever before. these people who lost their lives, they did so because president biden has empowered and emboldened the cartels to do exactly what you saw happen. it's a tragedy and it's not going to stop until biden begins to enforce the laws passed by congress and the united states of america. >> jesse: the cartels are getting richer than they ever have before, governor, have you heard what the white house plan is to take out the cartels? do they have a plan to go on offense against the cartels and the coyotes? >> jesse, the only thing that we have seen is exactly what president biden campaigned on when he ran for president. he was quizzed during the debates. if if he supported open borders and he said yes. all he has done since he has been president is employ open border policies. that means basically ceding the border to the cartels to engage in activity just like this.
4:35 pm
these are not the only people who have died coming across the border. this is just the most recent example this happens all the time and can you see the numbers skyrocket in the hot texas summer setting in now. it's a tragedy what president biden is doing. he is knowingly allowed this to happen as well as what's happening with regard to the infiltration of enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman, and child in the united states of america. >> jesse: hopefully this president can be publicly shamed into doing something more than he is already doing. we have our fingers crossed but we are not expecting that to happen. governor abbott, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: democrats are drafting hillary to run in 2024. and joe biden is not happy about it. ♪ ♪ i recommend nature made vitamins because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp...
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> jesse: joe biden might be asleep on the job but the american people are waking up to his failures and things aren't looking good for the big guy. biden's average approval rating is circling the drain.
4:41 pm
only 38% approval. that is awful. i bheeb, look, 56% of the country is just fed up. so it's no surprise that democrats have begun to wonder is there a better option for them in 2024? whispers have now grown into loud chatter that joe is not up for the job and biden reportedly isn't taking it that well. according to the "new york times," the president is annoyed that members of his own party are questioning his commitment to run again. but, can you blame them for planning ahead? members of his own party, they are just ready to bail on joe. they are not happy with his response to the roe decision, for instance. >> the democrats, what are you going to do about it? what are you going to do next? democrat party leadership shouldn't sugar coat it and pretend there is a magic wand to waive to reverse this terrible decision. there isn't. they do need to articulate a plan to fight back right now i
4:42 pm
got to say that's shockingly absent. >> jesse: while other democrats are worried that joe is just too old to be president. >> you think joe biden is too old to run for re-election. is that what you are saying. >> yeah. i think we need to have a new generation of leadership emerge. this is personally about biden but he will be 82 at the time of the next election if he served out a second term he would be 86 years old. i'm not sure if any of us know of any 86-year-olds who should be running the entire country. >> jesse: people are starting to talk. joe can't even find his seat if he doesn't have a note card pointing him in the right direction. remember this from last week? you sit in your seat. well, just look at what happened at the nato royal gala dinner when biden was left unsupervised he just doesn't even know where to go. he is like a lost puppy. this is embarrassing. this is the president. he doesn't know what he is
4:43 pm
doing. so if joe is a no, then who will the democrats rally around? bernie? liz? mayor pete? no. they got baggage. and instead, the left is playing the classics and they are going to run it back with hillary. you knew it was only a matter of time. the media is rooting her on. cnn is doing a full-court press calling a clinton comeback and hillary herself hit the airwaves this morning. >> former first lady, former secretary of state. former senator. do you miss politics. is there any scenario in your brain you want to get back in. >> no. i miss it. >> no scenario in 2024 that you would even remotely consider? >> you know, i can't imagine it. i really can't. but. >> it's not a no. >> jesse: gail king doesn't even like joe biden. gail is begging hillary to run.
4:44 pm
and hillary is leaving the door open for maybe, just maybe that third run at the white house. i knew the democrats had a short bench but i didn't know it was shah short. michele bachmann is a former u.s. congresswoman and the dean of the robertson school of government. all right, so let's run the woman who lost to trump against trump again. does that sound like that mike work? >> my favorite line is when hillary says oh, i can't imagine it you know, that she has got hillary for president 2024 posters in every wall of her bedroom, of course this is what hillary clinton would love to do. and as a matter of fact, she is probably considered a fresh face to the democrat party. so, hillary clinton is there, probably more than anything, to do exactly what joe biden is doing. he is the cardboard cutout president of the democrat party.
4:45 pm
and, actually, i think they love it that way. i think the people behind the throne who are actually running this government whether it's ron klain or barack obama or susan rice or who knows who is actually running the government i think they love it they have this cardboard cutout that takes all the flack off of them. if they can put hillary clinton up as the next cardboard cutout for 2024, that works just fine with them because, remember what barack obama famously said five days before he was sworn into office and that was we're going to transform the government of the united states i guess so. they don't like a free republic very well. so they are doing everything they can to dismantle a free republic and put in place something that we no longer recognize in this country. so, hillary clinton is their new cardboard cutout for 2024. because they have got to have somebody run in 2024. and apparently pete buttigieg
4:46 pm
his numbers aren't high enough. kamala's are in the tank. so there is nobody out there that they can run. i think it's hilarious. special on the day jillane maxwell gets 20 years in the slammer riding on the lolita express with bill clinton. interesting timing they are throwing hillary clinton out there as the next nominee in 2024. >> jesse: perfect pivot, michelle, because we are going to be discussing that sentencing of ghislaine right now. thank you so much for joining us. as always, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: now, crooked may be thinking about giving it a go in 2024 but her husband's connection to sex trafficker jeffrey epstein could end her run before it even is it starts. and hillary is not the only one of epstein's ladies making headlines this evening. ghislaine maxwell, epstein's long-time partner was sentenced
4:47 pm
to 20 years in prison today for conspiring to sexually abuse minors. but if you thought the saga was over, think again. because apparently there might be a third conspirator involved. with the government saying in an august 2020 letter, quote: the investigation into the conduct of the defendant in this case and other possible co-conspirator of jeffrey epstein remains active. the full scope and details of that investigation, however, have not been made public. so why hasn't this been made public? why is the government protecting this mystery person? does anybody even karen about -- care aboutgetting to the bo? it sure doesn't look like it. maybe it has something to do with the fact that james comey's daughter is a lead prosecutor on this case. is she trying to protect somebody? is this another blackmail situation? her father is very familiar with the art of blackmail.
4:48 pm
and where is the january 6th committee to get to the bottom of all of this? where are the federal prosecutors? i mean, they go after the mafia much more aggressive than this. they should be pressing epstein's associates to squeal. instead, one of the perps is dead and then the other is behind bars. case closed. that's it? we're not going to let this go away like that. the feds seized videos and computers for like six estates. they know who is on those videos. they are not knocking on doors. they are not call any of these people. they are just going to stop this investigation like that. or, are they going to keep this footage as blackmail material and do what the feds do best? we will see how it plays out. a major update in the paulie p. dash cam scandal and nancy is not gonna like it. ♪
4:49 pm
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>> jesse: the investigative taupe at jesse waters prime time has been very observe very of the paul pelosi case. we looked for information. we've been stone-walled and given the run-around. the napa county district attorney said we can't have the video. it would jeopardize her investigation. she doesn't even have it. it belongs to highway patrol. after multiple records request, we gave highway patrol an ultimatum. turn over the footage by 8:00 p.m. monday, they blew us
4:55 pm
off. they left us no choice. now we have filing a motion in napa county court to compel california highway patrol to release the footage. until they left with us, we can all assume pauly p's arrest went like this. >> honey, one more drunk driving ticket and you'll lose your license. >> denise, you're a regular guardian angel. >> i hang up my spurs. ♪♪ >> please don't do this!
4:56 pm
>> jesse: brian claypool, a criminal defense attorney who has been helping us out in pap navally. how will this play out? are you going to call me to the stand to testify? do i give a sworn deposition? when i go to napa, can you buy me dinner? >> i have bad news for you. instead of your testimony, exhibit a will be that video. that will be exhibit a. i will buy you dinner. i have news for hillary clinton. news flash. things don't work out for her in 2024, she better look out. might be an opening for the napa county d.a. position. might be hope for her political career. why? there's a three-ring circus
4:57 pm
going on in napa. i re-read that press release. there's never a press release issued when somebody is arrested and a public records request. i reread it. she was accusing fox news and everybody calling for news an intimidating and trying to harass witnesses and harassing the driver of the other car that is fiction. in my opinion, jesse, that's an abuse of power on her part. why is she trying to protect pelosi and witnesses? that's not her job. this dash cam should be produced and the next move is to file a motion and compel compliance. guess what? i think fox has a good chance because the burden of proof is higher. it's clear and convincing evidence that the napa county d.a. will have to prove.
4:58 pm
>> jesse: as long as i can fly to napa and look at allie in the eye, this is my time to shine in court. thanks, brian. we're going to stay on this. >> you bet. thanks for having me. >> waters window. so kristi noem is a nice person. much nicer than i am. she brought a gift on set. she got me a cowboy hat. i wasn't going to wear it because i didn't want to mess up my hair during the whole show. i thought it would be the honorable thing to do to rock it for the text messages. let's do this. amy from new castle indiana, thinks she's funny. she's not. she's arrogant. those are two nasty traits. i'd call her a nasty woman but
4:59 pm
i'm a nice guy. gregory says thanks for sharing the clip of sotomayor on justice thomas. it was enlightening. so another says abortion tents are going up on federal land but we can't drill for oil? that's the biden energy policy in a nutshell. chris from mississippi, went isn't abortion clinics going up on indian reservations? we'll have to ask her that. she won't be coming on if i'm wearing this cowboy hat though. too soon. ken from new mexico, aoc should remember the old adage, it's better to remain silent and to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. people tell me that all the time. i haven't listened. kirby from chicago, illinois.
5:00 pm
jesse, what do you do between "the five" and prime time? i wish i could tell you i ate didn'ter but i don't eat dinner. we're going through scripts were producers. that's it for tonight. dvr the show. tucker is next. i'm waters and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson." we're coming to you live from brazil. brazil is the last significant country in the western hemisphere that has a pro american government. in a lot of ways, brazil is not that different from the united states. it's bigger land mass that the continental u.s. and rich resources. like the united states, brazil


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