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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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welcome to the world, welcome to america, we can't wait to meet you. congratulations. that's it for us tonight. we will be in brazil for the rest of the week, seeing the president tomorrow in brasilia, we will bring a report. see you then, have the best night with the ones you love. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" and we begin tonight with a fox news alert. wow, what a day in the washington sewer and swamp once again while you, the american people, you know, the people who actually make this a great country, are facing, you know, a deluge of serious problems, like record inflation, record high gas prices, record numbers of illegal immigrants, record homicides in so many of our towns and cities while the swamp creatures on capitol hill, they were busy with yet another anti-trump kangaroo court and show trial where the outcome, as
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we've been telling you, has been and remains predetermined. it's been that way since day one. instead of honest hearings on how to protect our institutions, our elected officials, to protect the people's house, the capital. instead of ever allowing riots that those that occurred in the summer of 2020 from ever, ever happening again, we see nothing but blind, never ending rage, what is seemingly an obsessive-compulsive cult like rage against donald trump. it never ends. clearly trump haters, for them, january 6 this just another excuse to smear donald trump, anyone who supports him. this is not about safety and security and securing the capital or get into the truth. this is never been about having a fair and serious hearing and proceeding so we can come up with solutions. today we heard more rumors, a ton of hearsay, and, wow, a lot
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of impeached testimony that we will get to in a second and this why hearsay is never admissible in a court of law, including this wild claim number former low level white house staffer. watch this. >> the president said something to the effect of "i am the acting president, take me up to the capital now." to which bobby responded "sir, we have to go back to the west wing." the president reached up towards the front of his vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engel grabbed his arm and said sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel, we are going back to the west wing, we are not going to the capital. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunged towards bobby engel and when he had recounted the story to me, he motions towards his clavicle's. >> sean: what you heard there is an incredibly bizarre allegation from person who, according to our sources, was
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actually prepared -- she wanted to work for donald trump outside the white house when he wasn't president at mar-a-lago, and according to people that i talked to tonight, others advise the former president not to hire her. in other words, according to "the federalist" and people i spoke to after january the 6th, she wanted to work for donald trump, that bad person she's now testifying against. and now, get this, cording to nbc -- by the way, abc is reporting it, fox news is reporting it. nbc's peter alexander, we have confirmed it here at fox, "a source close to the secret service is telling me both bobby engel, the lead agent, and the presidential limousine driver are both prepared to testify under oath, under the threat of perjury, that neither man was ever assaulted and that mr. trump, then president, never longed for the steering wheel." a perfect example of why hearsay is not allowed in a real court
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of law. today the so-called witness also claimed president trump wanted to get rid of the metal detectors at the january 6 rally and allow armed individuals to attend. today, president trump flat out denied this claim and pointed out a simple fact. zero guns were ever discharged by those that breached the capital or in d.c. that day. according to so many so-called journalists in the media mob, it was hyperventilate again, we got him again, this time trump, russia, collusion, we got him, let's impeach him. anyway, they said this was a game changer. wrong again. >> the january 6 committee wrapped up a stunning public hearing, it was, we should make no mistake, one for the history books and a complete game changer. >> only 25 or 26 years old, cassidy hutchinson exploded the lies and the myths that the trump team have been perpetuating for more than a year now.
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>> this is an historic day, our defendants are going to ask us what we know about cassidy hutchinson. that's the name that they will know. they're going to ask us what this was like to watch this and to listen to this because this is a day that is going to loom very large in american history. >> one last thing big picture, liz cheney began her final comments by saying that we are in debt to cassidy hutchinson. i think america and democracy is in debt to this young woman. >> sean: really? just take our word for it. she wasn't even there. hearsay witness, sound familiar? oh, that was the other impeachment trial. amid all the anti-trump glee, the media mob and this committee to news to hide several very pertinent, important, pivotal facts involving all of this. first, president trump already faced a congressional investigation and impeachment over january 6th.
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he was acquitted. second, biden's inspector general for the dod also investigated terms dod and their response to january 6th, and guess what? they found zero wrongdoing. and third, right here on this program, we have confirmed that on january the 4th, 2021, during a meeting at the oval office featuring president trump, chief of staff mark meadows, acting defense secretary chris miller, and the department of defense chief of staff, cash patel, who will join us tonight, and also the chairman of the joint chiefs, mark milley. well, the president authorized, as is required by law, up to 20,000 national guard troops be made available for security at the capital again, as the law requires. then of course that becomes the jurisdiction of nancy pelosi and muriel bowser. for the individuals in that meeting have confirmed all of this on camera, that the
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security requests in fact took place. interesting for a guy that wants to start or initiate some type of coup, that he would be authorizing 20,000 troops to prevent any trouble. take a look. >> calling up the guard and then it became -- the chain of command went to nancy pelosi and to the mayor of d.c., muriel bowser. did you, as required by law, authorize that? >> 100% and attested to by many people, and they turned it down. nancy pelosi turned it down. >> mayor bowser's written refusal, the communication between the leader of the capitol police and their chain of command so the dod refusing our request to allow national guard men and women to stage january 4 and 5 before january 6th. >> did you both ask for the national guard to be called up? >> without a doubt. we've made that very clear, not
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just once, but on numerous occasions. we wanted to make sure that there was plenty of national guard on the ready in case there was some kind of violence. >> i had a meeting with president trump on the 3rd of january concerning some international threats and at the very end, he asked if there were any requests for national guard support. >> what was the president's response to you with regard to the requests made by mayor bowser? >> filleted and do whatever was necessary to protect the demonstrators. >> sean: chris miller on this program confirms that. two of the four that were in the room actually testified before the committee and told the january 6 committee this, so why would president trump make the request if he wanted the capital to be breached that day, two days beforehand? why would d.c. mayor bowser, in writing, and nancy pelosi, refused to call up the guard?
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it's her domain, she's in charge of capital security. and by the way, donald trump made the troops fully available. he fully authorized as required by law, by the president, they made the choice, it was their jurisdiction to call them up, not donald trump's. you may remember that from the summer of 2020. why did the house the house sergeant-at-arms and the senate sergeant at arms, why did they deny the capitol police chiefs request for national guard? six separate times. and by the way, why want anyone on this so-called january 6 committee ask any of these questions? why have they not demanded the emails, the text, the phone records of pelosi, bowser, the sergeant of arms in the house and the senate, the capitol police chief and chuck schumer, who got a letter on january 5th saying the intel is saying we might have violence? they haven't brought any of these people in. of course this is not a real committee looking for real answers. if it's a political theater
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conducted exclusively only by people who already voted to impeach donald trump. every single person on this committee -- you can't make it up. everyone of them have voted to impeach donald trump. by the way, some didn't want to certify the elections of either donald trump or george bush. this is why they would not allow congressman jim jordan or congressman banks on this committee. the democrats, the media mob, this is really little more than, watch, a fun distraction from their bleak lyrical prospects? liz cheney, what, one final hurrah at the bitter end of a sad and self-serving political career partnering with the very people that called her own father -- let's see -- a war criminal, a murderer, a crook with halliburton? if lawmakers -- if they really wanted to conduct righteous oversight, protect our country, they might want to look into the current president, who's been selling access to our government for years. you wouldn't know it from watching fake news cnn or msdnc
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or any of the networks, joe biden, you know, he works mostly in the fake oval office it seems, not trump. newly uncovered audio reveals that your president, joe biden, knew all about his son's sketchy foreign business ventures. for example, in china, we now have a 2018 voice mail you can hear joe's voice, you know it's him. he mentions a "new york times" article about hunter's deal with the so-called spy chief of china, tells his son that he thinks he's in the clear. think of mcdermott listen to this. >> it's 8:15. on wednesday night. give me a call. nothing urgent. just want to talk to. about the article is going to be printed tomorrow is good, clear and anyway, if you get a chance, give me a call, i love you. >> sean: that was 2018. running for president in 2020 and he was asked over and over
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again and repeated over and over again that he never one time, not once, ever spoke to hunter biden about his foreign business dealings at all. you might remember, we have the tape. take a look. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. and what i will do is the same thing we did in our administration, an absolute wall between personal and private in the government. >> do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your son's overseas -- >> yes, i stand by that statement. >> sean: we even have pictures of joe and hunter and all those foreign business partners. joel met them. where's that investigation? joe biden was straight up lying to our faces. he did it over and over and over again and it's clear from hunter's laptop from hell that
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joe profited. and why, by the way, is this why joe doesn't want to lift tariffs on china, because they have been compromised? hunter made a fortune. is this what joe biden approved vladimir putin's pipeline while simultaneously canceling the keystone xl pipeline because hunter made a fortune from a russian oligarch? the media mob, the democratic party, they don't care one bit. in fact they don't care really about the corruption, the lion, the dishonesty, or real quid pro quo's, or the violence in the summer of 2020, because they can't use it to bash their political opponents. it's that simple. have you ever asked yourself why there's never been a committee to investigate all of those peaceful riots, 500 and, what, 74 of them in the summer of 2020, thousands of dead americans, thousands of injured police officers, billions in property damage. where is that committee? the federal courthouse attacked
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every single night for months in portland, a police precinct in minnesota burned to the ground. historic st. john's church next to the white house lit a blaze? they don't seem to care about any of it. why, because it doesn't help them politically? they can't use it to bash donald trump one more time for good old fun? the media, d.c. politicians were either silent about those riots, or didn't want to anger their left-wing radical base. so they either were silent or they lied to us and said they were mostly peaceful, and we know they weren't, or they're just outright encouraged it like kamala harris did by promoting that bail fund rioters to get them out of jail and telling the mob that, listen, they shouldn't stop, they are to stop, they won't stop, we are not going to stop, and you need to take note, you need to be aware. where those hearings into 574 riots in 2020? and while we're at it, where the hearings about quid pro quo's,
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especially the one with joe? you're not getting a billion dollars in less you fire the prosecutor that is investigating my son is making millions without any experience at all. currently democrats in the media mob are so outraged over donald trump's quid pro quo that didn't exist, but they ignored the real quid pro quo. might recall. >> we are not going to give you the million dollars. they said you're not authority, you are not the president. and i said call him. i said i'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars. said you're not getting a bill in it, i'm going to be leaving her in a think it was six hours and i said i'm leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. while son of a [bleep]. he got fired buried >> sean: they fired him. all i ask for -- all he did was offer to withhold a billion dollars. that's it quid pro quo by joe. remember the media mob, democrats, accused trump of russia collusion. they live for three long years.
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turns out the only real russia collusion was hillary rodham clinton's dirty misinformation bought and paid for dirty russian dossier. the media mob and the democrats then lied on the eve of the 2020 election and they claimed without one shred of evidence -- oh, no, this hunter biden laptop, it's all russian misinformation, a complete and total lie. everything they accused trump of they are guilty of. demagoguery rules the day inside this modern, really strange, really radical democratic socialist party. but now with massive policy failures at home and abroad, their days in power are likely numbered and actions always speak louder than words. here now with reaction, the author of "here's the deal" number one new york best times selling book. and author, kellyanne conway along with the author of "oppression, deception, snobbery, and bias," doxes contributor ari fleischer and former chief of staff to the secretary of defense, cash patel.
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you are the dash you were the chief of staff for the acting secretary of defense on january 4th. you were in the meeting are referred to or donald trump authorized up to 20,000 troops for the sixth. is that correct? >> that's absolutely correct. you laid it out truthfully, unlike with this committee is doing. i was in the oval office with the secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the chief of staff, the president of the united states, along with the 45th president and we were working on a very sensitive operation only unrelated to generate six, which is why it sticks into my mind and the president, on his own him after that meeting about a different topic said if you guys need up to 20,000 national guard's men and women across the united states for the upcoming days and any activity related to january 6, you have my authorization as commander in chief to go forward. that was the authorization as you outlined that the law requires. >> sean: and you testified before the january 6 -- you testified to all of this before the january 6 committee, as did
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chris miller, the secretary of defense at the time. >> yep. and ask anybody else that was in that room -- as did chairman milian as you and i both no, sean, this committee would have leaked information, had chairman miller testified under oath that contradicted anything that chris miller and i have both set on your show and to this committee. and so since that lake has not occurred by the likes of adam schiff, you know that we have been testifying truthfully and anything to the contrary is absolutely false and the capitol police timeline backs it up that mayor bowser and the sergeant at arms declined the department of defense's request and authorization of national guard not only are generally but on january 5th in the morning of january 6. so they did not want us there for political optics. >> sean: now, one of the big so-called bombshells to come out of the hearing today was that donald trump got angry and demanded that secret service drive him to the capital and when bobby engel and another
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agent, tony -- are not sure how to pronounce his last name -- >> or not oh >> sean: when they were taking him, they said it's best served that we take you back to the white house where it is safer. there's reports by abc, nbc, and now fox news confirming that in fact they are willing to testify under oath that what this witness today -- hearsay witness today testified to is absolutely false. do you know those agents? >> i served with both bobby and tony, they are career civil servant agents, former military, they embody what career government officials should be. i would take their word over any word of this junior staffer who has completely i believe lying to the january 6 committee for her own for self gain. bobby and tony acted appropriately everything the time i traveled with the president, over 40 separate trips with those two individuals. i would love to have them
6:20 pm
contradict this lie with the truth, but you know, i'm a little different on this one. bobby and tony need to continue to serve america, we don't need to put them on full blast. if they are willing to come out and say that she liked, that should be good enough for both the american people and this committee because they have more service to do that help politicize this kangaroo court. >> sean: you've been watching this all unfold at this time. now we know we have another hearsay witness, the stories seems to be blown out of the water, the media was salivating all day. what's your reaction? >> that so they do and they really make -- out of anyone who is willing to become anyone going from working to -- to becoming part of the resistance. look, she was under oath today but i think it's pretty remarkable that you have secret service agents, in his case the deputy chief of staff of the white house, also willing to go under oath just to dispute the first-hand account. they were in the vehicle, they can tell us what happened and what didn't happen. it's pretty remarkable that they would do that.
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awesome law enforcement doesn't really want to get involved, doesn't like to testify, doesn't like to be seen getting political but they were watching what you were watching. i also think there's a big mistake in not cross-examining witnesses because this is not a courtroom, this is not -- it's not even really a regular committee proceeding where you would have both sides, even the minority party, be able to put on their own witnesses or in effect ask the questions of the witnesses. i would have had a lot of questions for her today and i think it's important that the president also denied any of this happening. i've been in the beast many times, i've been in the suvs countless times. i would find it very difficult to lunge into the front and be able to do that, if not developed that way. the president has denied this, he's done by this publicly, he's denied this privately too many people today, and i think that matters. what happened -- ari has got a great new book coming out about exactly this thing, they just seem to -- they've never heard of this person ever before.
6:22 pm
it happened time and time again. they've never heard of them, but boom, if the person says one thing or two it's one thing or testifies to one thing, they are -- the whole country owes them a debt. everybody will remember their name. they are the next, the next john dean. and it never really works out that way, does it? the mueller investigation, the two impeachments that weren't convictions, but then they shut down -- let's see where this all goes but look at the polls. twice the number of people say that they're not going to watch anymore than the number of people who said they are watching and they know what's important to them. >> sean: let me move on to ari, your book is coming out, let's talk about this unholy alliance. remember, the whole ukraine impeachment was based on a hearsay witness. it wasn't even a real witness, a hearsay witness. you know, the media never really cared about a real quid pro quo, we have joe biden on tape admitting he withheld 100 -- i'm
6:23 pm
sorry, billion taxpayer dollars to get a prosecutor in ukraine fired. the media mob and democrats lied about hunter 'laptop just weeks before the 2020 election. that could have changed the outcome of that election. they lied about trump/russia collusion. the only one responsible for colluding with russia was hillary. i mean, how many more times do they get things wrong and they just go about their business and do it again like they did today? >> here's the problem, and this is one of the points i make in my upcoming book. you know, there's an expression of local news, if it bleeds, it leads. there's an expression that should be in place to cover how the press treated donald trump, which is if it's anti-trump, it gets a bump. the press lunges for these stories. they want the stories to be true and we have seen time and time and time again stories aren't true. as for cassidy hutchinson's allegations that donald trump leaned forward to grab the steering wheel and put his arm up to try to attack the lead secret service agent in the
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passenger seat, shawn, this is starting to feel to me like the steele dossier all over again, a sensational allegation the press falls for, they herald the brilliance of the person making the allegation and it all falls apart. >> sean: the hearsay with us again. >> cnn just reported that tony, who kassidy hutchinson said was her source, he denied telling her, according to cnn, that donald trump longed for the steering wheel. so we already have the person that she said hold her this say it's not true. and she is a witness. her actual title should be not a witness. she wasn't there so she is just telling someone that somebody else said. i don't know her, i don't question her motives but i think here she played a game of telephone and got it wrong, and we've been through this time and again. in the press takes sides and they believe anything that's anti-trump instead of digging into see if it's true. >> sean: well said. and you know what, they have a duty to be better than that and
6:25 pm
they never change. they get it wrong with him every time, and it's by design. thank you. kellyanne, ari will be number one right behind you, guarantee you and behind pete hegseth. coming up, a horrific story of san antonio where 50 migrants are found dead inside a tractor-trailer. a sara carter is live on the scene and congressman chip roy will join us straight ahead, and the great one, mark levin.
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one of the leading causes of stroke. ♪ ♪ >> sean: now we turn to a very real crisis, this time at our southern border, that democrats don't really seem to care about. despite joe biden's claims that the border is totally closed and secure -- by the way, last month we set a record of people entering the country illegally -- all is not well. in fact, we are now witnessing a
6:30 pm
massive humanitarian crisis. why? because joe biden it pretty much said come to america, we will process you, give you a free phone, you won't have to get a vaccine, and we will give you a free transportation to the location of your choice. it has far-reaching applications including a horrific story from san antonio, texas. 51 migrants now found dead inside a steaming hot tractor-trailer as you can see there after human smugglers packed them inside, no air, no water, joe biden didn't want to talk about it. probably wasn't given permission. get mad at me and everything, if i talk to the media i always get yelled at. and i go look. >> thank you for your hospitality. >> [indiscernible]. >> sean: now with more on the ground in texas tonight, our very own sara carter. what's going on? what a tragedy. >> it is a tragedy, shawn. i'm here in san antonio and you're right, 51 people have now
6:31 pm
lost their lives in the back of this 18-wheeler that dps told me could have been as hot as 170 degrees inside. that is just incredible to me. 39 men, 12 women, and more than a dozen people hospitalized. and sean, i want to show you right behind me i'm a we are here at q81 on the highway system. this is what the human traffickers and the drug cartels are fighting over. they are fighting over our highway system into the united states and they are moving people every single day. i spoke with dps, they shared exclusive video with us showing that every day is like a needle in a haystack, whether or not they're going to find people in a trailer, whether they're going to find them in the back of a car. it's a deadly situation. they are seeing those increases actually of migrant deaths this year much more than they saw the last fiscal year. i spoke with texas dps lieutenant, christopher, and he puts the blame right at biden's
6:32 pm
doorstep. listen to this. >> people are just coming across the border, they being told as i meet them, as you meet them, they're being told it's because biden wants them here. doesn't some of this rest with the federal government as well? >> it does and there has to be some accountability and the federal government right now has become complicit in what's taking place right now with these events, the loss of life that we are seeing in the massive loss of life that we saw yesterday in san antonio where we see 51 immigrants lose their lives because of human smuggling policies.l goes back to the if the policies that were working, why would they cancel a policies? and now because of the fact that they've canceled all the policies, took away all the tools from u.s. border patrol, the enforcement action from ice, now we are seeing the mexican cartels, the smuggling organizations that are exploiting that and using that to their advantage by encouraging these immigrants to make this long, treacherous journey. >> shawn, federal law enforcement officials here at the border and state and local law enforcement officials say that if the federal
6:33 pm
government that is the biden demonstration doesn't give them the resources they need and the authority they need to stop this, they are going to see those deaths increase throughout the summer as those temperatures rise, and that really is a tragedy. >> sean: so sad, sarah, great reporting as always, we appreciate it. california's soft on crime policies have now reached a new low. two drug traffickers arrested with 150,000 fentanyl pills, you know, the ones that are killing american kids. now released on their own recognizance? despite the surging drug crisis, 300 dead people a week on average. here with reaction to this development is texas congressman chip roy. congressman, while all the resources now are utilized because of joe biden aiding and abetting lawbreaking and human trafficking, that means the rest of the border is wide open. there are more drugs, i'm told, by people on the ground crossing our border than ever before. >> yeah, shawn, that's exactly
6:34 pm
right. in fact, i was on the phone yesterday, i'm heading back down to the border next week. i go regularly. eagle pass, del rio, laredo next fall. none of this is new. it is all happening in real time every single day and border patrol is overwhelmed. dps, texas law-enforcement are overwhelmed. when ted cruz, your friend and mine, he and i were in laredo last september, look at this. that is a truck with bodies in the back of a truck that we saw great when we were coming through in laredo just last september. this is everyday life in south texas, and the fact is border patrol is distracted. when i was on the phone yesterday and the stories of news accounts were coming in a 50 dead migrants in the back of a trailer, these people are hard broken. our law enforcement personnel, this is the kind of thing that they can stop if they're not distracted because they are having to process all of these people because biden refuses to enforce the law. if making policy choices that are leaving our border wide open on the false theme of compassion, human beings are
6:35 pm
dying. talk to brooks county where we have a mobile morgue in south texas with the bodies of migrants. you remember when the national guardsmen's body was found in the rio grande. there were four migrants found in the river that day or the day or two before and after. this is reality in south texas and then the fentanyl is pouring and because our border patrol can't actually release the border. you talked about 150,000. there was another stop -- >> sean: where it has also out -- where it has gotten out if you get to the border, you'll get in, will be processed, they tell people what to say to border patrol. they will seek asylum. they will get across the border, they will get a free phone, they won't get a covid test, they won't get a background check, they won't get a vaccine mandate. then they will get free transportation to some other state and then it's up to the states to take care of illegal immigrants. you did it, i did it, it would be called human smuggling and trafficking. congressman, thank you. straight ahead, some prominent
6:36 pm
democratic lawmakers floating the idea of putting abortion clinics at national parks. really? that, and of course reaction to what blue up later this afternoon on the january 6th committee. we check in with a great one, mark levin, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ >> the day you get your clearchoice dental implants makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... >> mm. >> ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" day... a "perfectly delicious" day... >> mm. [ chuckles ] >> ...a "love my new teeth" day. because your clearchoice day is the day everything is back on the menu. a clearchoice day changes every day. schedule a free consultation.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, today's wild hearsay testimony from the sham january 6th committee is now imploding. here with reaction, the host of the number one show on weekends, life liberty, levin. also syndicated radio host, i call him the great one. you know, mark, i want to look down on my notes for a second. for three years we get lied about trump/russia collusion, the only collusion was hillary's dirty dossier. the media mob and democrats ignore the real quid pro quo
6:41 pm
when biden demanded a prosecutor in ukraine get fired for investigating his son. they ignore all the family corruption, all the money made in russia and china and all the favors joe looks to be doing for them. they ignore hunter's laptop weeks before the 2020 election. now we have the secret service blowing this testimony that the media is telling us is so bombshell right out of the water and they ignore the fact that donald trump authorized 20,000 troops before january the 6th. doesn't sound like a guy that is not concerned about insurrection. >> let me try and help -- i guess tonight i will try and help joe scarborough tonight. do you want me to talk slowly, you listen slowly, see if i can educate you and all the rest of them. this committee is filled with these people on this committee, these phony former federal prosecutors behind the scenes. you know why this woman testified today the way she testified today in my opinion?
6:42 pm
this was her fifth interview. they had her behind the scenes for four interviews, they were down, in my view. she changed lawyers. they said she had to testify today because of death threats. she, what, she couldn't testify last week or the week after that? this committee is a farce, it is a stalinist committee. i want to tell kevin mccarthy and the republican leadership, you need to put out the equivalent of a protective order right now and let nancy pelosi know in this benny hill thompson, who runs the committee, and dizzy lizzy, and you need to tell them right now they are to preserve all the records that this committee and the staff has pulled together. whether it's texts, emails, documents, phone records, and while we're at it, they need to preserve their own texts, emails, emails, documents and phone records and they need to nancy pelosi to preservers and steny hoyer too in their staffs, because this is the greatest -- well, russia collusion was the
6:43 pm
greatest. this is the second-biggest farce farce against the american people. they bring this woman up to testify. she's about 25 years old, among other things, what does she say? that the president knew that there were going to be threats. president knew that people might be armed. the president knew there might be violence. yeah, which is exactly why the president offered the national guard on january 4th, according to five eyewitnesses of which she wasn't one and it was turned down by nancy pelosi. it was turned to turned down by chuck schumer. we have a thousand witnesses, how about 1,001? nancy pelosi, but no, this committee still was stooges for nancy pelosi, no questions for her. if they knew there might be violence, she knew. so why did she do what she did what she did? because she called them stormtroopers a month before or two months before. here's another piece of information that this committee has that they haven't reported. how do i know?
6:44 pm
because of cash, your same guest. he said in november, right after the election, donald trump authorized transition to the biden administration from the trump administration and the department of justice buried in cash was in charge of debriefing scores and scores of biden people who they assumed will come in. if you're plotting an insurrection with the proud boys and the oath keepers, you not only do not offer 20,000 armed military to protect the capital, you also do not participate in a transition period and order the department of defense to work with the biden people. they have no evidence for any -- this committee has come up with nothing, despite the fact it's all one way. and i want to encourage networks all over the country who i'm sure will listen to me, fire your legal analysts. fire them!
6:45 pm
there's too many former federal prosecutors. this isn't about a federal prosecution. these legal guys, they keep coming on, they know nothing about the constitution, a president, a candidate has the right to lobby. lobby the state legislature if he or she believes that the electors should be for them. it's a political process protected by the constitution. they have a right to litigate. they have eight -- ask al gore. they have a right to make allegations. they haven't called a single democrat official before this committee who violated article two of the federal constitution and changed the election laws because of hundreds of lawsuits brought by the democrat party before the election. we could even put aside ballot boxes and all the rest. they changed the laws. now, you know the supreme court under william put an end to that with the florida supreme court but under roberts, they didn't
6:46 pm
stop the pennsylvania supreme court. they're trying to criminalize a political process. and while, we have this hack u.s. attorney in washington. what are you going to do, take my iphone next? go after eastman? go after another guy? you have attorney-client privileged information there. this is made he is violated due process, this committee is withholding evidence, this committee is withholding exculpatory witnesses. you have a u.s. attorney was violating attorney-client privilege and confidentiality and then you have a u.s. attorney who, what, we are talking about -- i want to redo something before i go. here is saul wisner hammer or whatever his name is. quoted by "the new york times" peter baker. did trump commit a crime? this is the smoking gun testimony today, says saul, former deputy to ken starr. there isn't any question this establishes a case for his criminal culpability on seditious conspiracy charges.
6:47 pm
is this guy a smock? doesn't establish any culpability for anything! they are two secret service agents in the car said the testimony was false. false. i'm done, that's enough. >> sean: prima facie case is over. great one, mark levin, always love having you. you can watch mark right here on the fox news channel every sunday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern, set your dvr. coming up, is there a food shortage coming to this country soon? a number of disasters at food plants and what farmers are dealing with is raising alarm all over the country. we have a full report next. ♪ ♪
6:48 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: there is concern
6:52 pm
tonight over a number of fires at food processing plants all around the country and it is impacting all types of food making facilities. here's footage from a fire at the frozen pizza plant in wisconsin earlier this month. look at your screen. our team has now found at least 30 incidents reported in the past year and a half and now as far as we can tell, almost all these fires have been, they say, accidental. farm animals, livestock have also been dying at alarmingly high rates. if there's a historic drought in the western half of the country and the price of fertilizer and seed for farmers is soaring over 100% over the past year. so is all this going to add up to the next big shortage being food in america? now, roman investigated this very issue for the epic times, he joins us now along with former assistant secretary of the treasury monica crowley. thank you. roman, we will start with you. what did you find?
6:53 pm
it sounds suspicious to me -- is that suspicious in your mind? sounds like a lot of fires at a lot of plants. >> 100%. in fact, about three weeks ago, there was a very large fire in howard lake minnesota. it was a large poultry plant that supplied 3 million expert or to the local supermarkets there, so that really piqued my interest because by that point it was about the 25th fire of the year, so we at the epic terms, we split up into two research teams with one team looking at the publicly available information on a case-by-case basis for each of these fires and the other team actually picking up the phone and calling each plant to see what was up unfortunately at the very least what we found is that it does seem like each individual case had a different reason, and ammonia leak there, propane tank explosion here, fall mike faulty wiring, so it does not seem like as an overarching malevolence i'm going to affect because i thought it was maybe like a foreign actor like russia or china, some people even suggesting fbi. that could be the case but at least we did not find any
6:54 pm
evidence of that. however, what appears to be happening here, at least in my opinion, because i'm looking between the lines, what's happening is that a lot of these food processing plants, in order to deal with the economic situation, they are running on essentially 100 or 110% because inflation is so rampant up and down the supply chain that you have fertilizer 400%, diesel or 200%, even the aluminum cans that's let's say you put super vegetables and, that's up 24% annetta shrinking their profit margins is a lot of these processing plants are just running at full capacity. they don't know what the future holds. >> sean: monica, let me get your take only because we are short on time in this segment. what is your take on all of this? seems awfully suspicious to me. >> it does. the frequency and intensity of these events does look like it's too much to be pure coincidence. maybe it is, but even if it's not, you know, even if there is nothing here, sean, it does look like we are entering into a perfect storm of sorts with
6:55 pm
inflation and diesel prices and so on impacting food. the united states has always been the land of plenty and now we are facing scarcity wherever we look. so there are shortages already, parents cannot get baby formula, for example, and now people are warning of food shortages and it's not just here in the united states, this is happening across the west. you know, sean, every once in a while president biden sort of blurts out what he's been privately briefed on and he has said repeatedly warned about food shortages, so it could in fact becoming and i i would just say history is replete of communist regimes creating famine. i'm not saying we are heading there, i'm just saying we've been down this road before. >> sean: the farmers call my radio show, they're putting the fear of god into me because they can't afford to do it they usually do. thank you both. more "hannity" next. t"
6:56 pm
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>> sean: to push the, that is all the type we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. but perfect for news anytime,, entity -- in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham and "the ingraham angle" our next. have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham. bad actors, shiny options. that is the focus of tonight's angle. but i think of many favorite tweets of the day. this was really my favorite tweet of the day. has to be from scott adams. trump's second term has been a huge success. he has several major scotus victories. left better than ever her to biden. you can't win partisan that.