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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 29, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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sacrificed so much to fend the cause of freedom and democracy. we will miss you, woody. you can learn more about him and about other american heros in a series that i'm honored to be a part of called the secret history of world war ii. it's available on fox nation and an unknown valor as well. thanks for being here. that's "the story" for today. >> neil: if your plane is grounded, should you get a refund? at the rate we're going, that would be a lot of refunds. senator bernie sanders says yes, you should get a refund. he sent a letter to the transportation secretary pete buttigieg saying we bailed out the airlines now the airlines need to bail out stranded passengers. he wants refunds for flights delayed more than an hour. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." more like your bumpy delayed world because for ten days
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running, we've had better than 2,000 flights either delayed or outright cancelled. the trend will not be the traveling friend. mark meredith on the latest in washington. mark? >> hi, neil. good afternoon to you. both airlines and passengers are bracing for turbulent days, a record number of travelers, this could create a perfect storm and major delays. they're pushing back that this is somehow their fault and blaming staffing shortages. major u.s. carriers says the industry is doing everything possible to create a positive customer experience since it's in the airlines interest to keep customers happy to return for future business. bernie sanders does not buy it. he says airlines won't act until money is involved. now sanders is calling on the department of transportation to do a couple things. requiring airlines to refund
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people for delays quickly and wants a $15,000 time per passenger on domestic flights delayed two hours or more as long as weather is not to blamed and airlined fined $55,000 per passenger if they schedule flights that cannot be staffed. sanders says taxpayers kept them afloat during the pandemic. for his part, pete buttigieg says the administration is paying attention. >> there's going to be value chengs. we're watching it closely and we're talking to the airlines every day about their responsibility to make sure that they can accommodate any issues that weather or other curveballs might throw at them. >> a lot of different airlines are dealing with this. delta had an unusual travel waiver. they'll let passengers move their flights until after the holiday if a passenger wants. the passengers won't have to pay any extra if they want to change their flights from there.
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so you can push back your vegas trip back a few days. >> so grateful for so little. that's common sense for all the suffering people have had to deal with. thanks, mark. i know you have to get back on your private jet to follow-through with that. meantime, let's go to lee, a travel export that can help you and guide you. lee, as you know and already have reported, it's going to be crazy at airports. now i'm wondering what we do when we're in that kind of dilemma. a lot of people say you have to make multiple bookings, take advantage of what you can when you can. help us. what do we do? >> you have to be proactive. this is kind of an unprecedented situation. the airlines are cancelling flights left and right as you know. delaying, interrupting. you'll be disrupted most likely. you have to be proactive. what i mean by that, you can do the multiple booking thing. if you have something that you have to get to like a wedding or something, i do recommend having
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a backup plan. because you can cancel for free and get refunded, which is the best thing to come out of the pandemic. >> neil: isn't there a time limitation to that? >> yeah, you can cancel before you board. you can do that. i do that all the time actually. in fact, i'm flying this weekend. instead of flying out fred afternoon, which would be the last direct flight to mexico where i'm going, i changed it to saturday morning because if i do have an issue with a delay or cancellation, i'll have more opportunity to get there. whereas if i take the last flight out, i'm screwed until the next day. >> neil: all right. why is this happening, lee? i hear, you know, pilot shortages, worker shortages, ground crew shortages. i hear soaring fuel prices and weather. what is it? all of the above? >> it's a combination of all of that really. mainly staff shortages, whether it's pilots, ground crew and the
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people that move the jet bridge from the airport to the plane. you can't just hire these people off the street. there's training that goes into these types of jobs. so there's a shortage of this. as long as the demand to travel is as high as it is, which is as high as it's been in years, the planes are full. they're going to go. if they're short on staff, they're going to be forced to cancel flight. this is the new norm for the time being. >> neil: they've been drawing back the numbers of cities that they go to and the number of planes for some time now. but we taxpayers gave them better than $60 billion through covid, which they needed. i mean, it wasn't their fault that we had this pandemic. so their business was ground to a halt after 9-11. what did they do with that money? >> that is the age-old question, right? i mean, you can look at a lot of different avenues that they've been spending money. there's no question that the travel industry and the airlines
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got hurt more than most industries. i know from my own personal experience that we got crushed as you know. so i don't know where all the money has been, but it hasn't been going to the consumer because prices are going up and customer service isn't going down. as far as you can see with the naked eye, the hiring hasn't exactly exploded. that could be as a result of people just not rejoining the work force and not wanting to go into that kind of specialited occupation. >> neil: thanks, lee. enjoy mexico. >> great to see you. >> martha: thanks, lee. i want to go to larry glazer to follow the business side of this. larry, i was looking at this. we just got word that the economy contracted more than we earlier thought. 1.5%. now 1.6%. yet we're getting all of this booming consumer activity. they're out on the roads, there's going to be record
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numbers on the roads with record high gas prices this july fourth weekend. the same at nation's airports. with all of the hassles and headaches. people are just breaking out. they want to get out, they want to do something fun. so there's like a dichotomy there. what is going on? >> the last thing any of us want to hear going to july fourth weekend is that dreaded r word. the conversation like recession. nobody wants a debby downer at the july fourth barbecue. the reality is, the financial markets are telling a different story. most americans so a slow down and acting accordingly, this summer, people are out and on the roads and spending money that they don't have. they were taught the stimulus moneyment you could spend above your means. the reality check is in the financial markets. consumer behavior is showing they're not buying goods. target is having trouble, walmart is having trouble.
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bed bath and beyond blew up. >> neil: why are they paying through the nose nor the air tacts and elaborate resorts in look at hotel, hospitality businesses. they're on fire. what's going on? >> nothing is getting -- between them and that vacation this year, they've been stuck in their house for two years. they want to get out. the consumer stuck. look at travel stocks. they're suggesting a slow down is around the corner. cruise stocks, hotel stocks, airline stocks. so this is as good as it gets. as we get into winter heating season and you see 100% increase in oil prices, people won't be able to repeat this trip next year. they're going this year, neil because they haven't been out. god bless them. they're entitled to it. >> neil: i'm wondering when you look at the markets and the zigzagging going on and the prospect of interest rates going higher, people are saying we're in for a bumpy road now. obviously the quarter we're in
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ends tomorrow. right? if it's a negative or if it's contracting again, that is the technical definition of a recession, two back-to-back negative quarters. do you see that? >> washington was the last to see inflation. they will be the last to see the recession as well. the good news is by the time that you're in a recession, the damage has been done to the financial markets. when it's official, which is coming sooner rather than later, the worst is over. you can look towards a recovery. so rather than be the debby downer at the barbecue, let's talk about how we fix it. fix washington. you're not going to get the steak on the barbecue this year. you'll get hamburger helper. that's okay. we'll make things better next year. i think people don't care how much gas prices cost. fireworks are up 40% from last year. they're getting the fireworks. next year will be a different story. so we need to think about living within our means and using washington as a good example of
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that and they haven't been a good example so far. >> neil: i'm wondering how you do hamburger helper on a grill. you have to be creative. thanks, larry. a good read of these markets. by the way, we should also let you know there's a couple of developments. we're waiting for the final few decisions from the supreme court tomorrow as they end their term. one big one is that policy of keeping migrants on the mexican side of the border. we're on that and new revelations about that sweltering tractor trailer in which 53 migrants suffocated to death. more after this. if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer.
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>> neil: it could happen again. a warning from texas governor greg abbott about that tractor trailer in which some 53 migrants trying to make their way to this country died in that vehicle. he blames it on the administration. griff jenkins in eagle pass, texas with more. griff? >> a couple of big take-aways from the governor's press conference in eagle pass just overlooking the river mexico on the other side there. he says he's going to take additional measures to try to prevent this human tragedy like we saw this week. you're right.
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he's blaming the biden administration. listen. >> the ways the biden administration is not enforcing the immigration laws is attracting people and enticing people to make this very dangerous trek, causing them to lose their lives. i urge the president, stop the loss of lives. you have the ability to stop people from losing their lives if you make it clear that no one can come across illegally. >> neil, as the nation awaits the supreme court decision of a remain in mexico, i was able to ask him a question on it. here's what he said. >> quick question for you. i want to ask you, what will you wait for the supreme court to de-sykes the remain in mexico case. should they rule in favor of texas, how much confidence do you have in the biden administration to abide by that and reinstate it? >> that decision will come out
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tomorrow. we hope that the supreme court will uphold the remain in mexico policy. upholding the policy is only on paper if the biden administration does not follow the standards. if they do not follow the standard, texas can take legal action and go to court to hold the president, to hold secretary mayorkas and other people in the federal government in contempt of court if they fail to live up to that order and that's what we'll seek to do. >> so a fiery governor abbott trying to get this crisis under control. he started up 17 months ago when the biden administration came into office and undid many of the trump policies to remain in mexico. meanwhile, the tragedies are causing these migrant deaths. i'll leave you with one last thing. since i've been here in del rio, there's been 18,000 encounters. this fiscal year to date so far,
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124 migrant deaths just in the deal rio sector. 71 from exposure. that means the heat exhaustion that we see on a regular basis here, neil. >> neil: it's only going to get hotter. thanks, griff. griff touched on this. the supreme court decision we're waiting on tomorrow, one of four that will wrap up this supreme court term. addressing the policy for asylum seekers mainly from central and south america to either be detained in the u.s. or stay in mexico. the hope is certainly among border officials that those that are detained will be south of the border, not on our side of the border, a ruling that could change somewhat. it's hard to interpret how the court will rule on this because it's a sticky situation. and the justices haven't been clear on prior rulings about this. that is the big issue, whether they will allow that to continue, title 42 provision that keeps those migrants in
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mexico. lieutenant chris olivarez joins us. it's very good to have you and thank you for your service. i was wondering if the supreme court were to surprise people here and say that that policy has no standing, in other words we can't let them stay in mexico, then what? >> well, good afternoon, neil. that's a good question. right now as griff mentioned, the numbers that we're seeing by far has escalated to compared to last year in the del rio sector. right now the del rio sector is the number 1 area with the most encounters compared to the rio grande valley. all i can tell you right now, if that's the case, we'll continue to see the influx of immigrants coming across. as it is right now, the federal government has not even acted upon the remain in mexico policy
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that has been in place since last year. they renews to do it. that's why the state of texas has to expand operations with operation lone star. we will continue to expand more operations by expanding commercial vehicle inspections to focus on human smuggling. also include more special agents and troopers to this specific area of the del rio sector to focus on stash houses to get people that take advantage of this. that's why we see the influx of human smuggling right now. >> neil: what did you make of the administration saying that the border is closed? was that news to you? >> you know, neil, that's inaccurate. the numbers speak for themselves. especially what took place in san antonio monday. that wouldn't be happening in the federal government would enact the policies. if they would take a more aggressive stance on immigration to focus on the mexican
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government to keep them from crossing over. it starts with the initial messaging from last year when they were told right now we have an open border. that's why we're seeing all the immigrants coming across and the loss of life and unaccompanieded children as well. that's why the state of texas, we'll take operation control and expand our operation and do as much as we can as a state to focus on the criminals. >> neil: the makeup of those making their way to the border, we used to think in terms of mostly mexicans. and then we had video of guatemalans making their way. last check they identified 60 different countries represented among those that were apprehended. i don't know over what period that was, lieutenant. can you tell us what we can make of those making their way here? where are they from? >> well, we know for a fact that
1:21 pm
over 160 different countries that were seen along the southwest boredner the del rio sector alone. we've seen over 100 individuals from different countries coming across. gives you a perspective on the stateside and the border patrol agents that are overwhelmed with the influx of people coming across from various countries. it's a never ending cycle. in addition to that, we focus on the human smuggling. we're seeing an increase in human smuggling along the border more specifically in the del rio sector. they're in cars, wooden crates and trucks. as a state, we want to interdict some of these smuggling events taking place. that's why the governor today launch another initiative by the state to focus on these commercial vehicles by doing these inspections to crack down and try to prevent the loss of life from these human smuggles.
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>> neil: incredible. thanks for your st. lieutenant chris olivarez. we have more coming up including fight back and forth between no less than hillary clinton and clarence thomas. they went to law school together. that's where the commonality ends.
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>> neil: finland and sweden want to join nato. many say it would be a mistake and add to tensions. we'll have more on this after this.
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>> justice thomas has floated that out there about contraception rights and about same sex marriages. other justices have pushed back to say no, he's on his own. >> he may be on his own but his signals as he often did. i went to law school with him.
1:27 pm
he's been a person of grievance for as long as i've known him. resentment, grievance, anger. >> neil: all right. some have said the same about the former secretary state, the presidential candidate. be that as it may, some criticism that justice clarence thomas is taking the roe v. wade decision and trying to extend it to same sex marriage and, well, birth control as gail king was pointing out there. some people say that is taken way, way out of range here. jason riley among them. fox news contributor. jason, this focus on clarence thomas' remarks after the roe v. wade decision went down had some thinking he was thinking apply the same thinking to some of these other decisions. what have you discovered? >> well, what he said in his
1:28 pm
concurrence isn't news. it's a debate that is ongoing about the application of the due process clause of the 14th amendment of the constitution. he's reiterated in that concurrence what he said many times before and other writings while he's been on the court. that was really news. what i found striking, neil, about the clip you just played is that here's hillary clinton, a yale-trained lawyer asked to remark on his concurrence. she doesn't respond with a legal argument. she responds with a personal insult. talking about him being an angry man and resentful. it's an attack. it's not a logical response to his arguments in the concurrence. i think this is typical of what you get from the left, particularly when it comes to black conservatives. justice alito is simply wrong. but clarence thomas is not wrong. he's evil. he's a sell-out.
1:29 pm
he's an uncle tom. in hillary's view, he needs therapy. i find it telling that they cannot respond to his arguments but personal attacks. >> neil: i remember those on the right saying the same thing about her and the 2016 election defeat. what do you make of where this goes from here? talking specifically about antonin scalia would have welcomed this day. he fought for it for so long, to have roe v. wade addressed and overturned. one of the things that chris pointed out, he's father would be surprised by the targeting that we've seen of conservative justices and just the tension that has developed since. what the do you make of that? >> well, i think -- this is what others have observed. i would join this criticism or
1:30 pm
this observance. that is that what have seen increasingly is the left wanting to use the courts to achieve what they can't achieve legislatively. in essence, that's what clarence thomas was getting at in this concurrence. that this due process provision is being used to discover new rights in the constitution because these are things that can't get passed legislatively or through our democratic process. so people are turning to the courts to come up with ways to push these -- this agenda. thomas is pushing back at this. this is a legitimate debate. you can agree or disagree with him. what is interesting in hillary clinton's case, that she doesn't want to engage. she just wants to reply to his logical arguments with attacks. i think we're going to see more
1:31 pm
of this. all thomas is saying whether the issue is same sex marriage or contraception, if the court is going to say that due process was misapplied in roe, they should re-visit the other case where they used due process to define constitutional rights. he's not saying that they should be banned. he said we should return them to the democratic process to be decided at the ballot box and not handed down by edicts as judges. it's not their job to do that. >> neil: it's one thing to disagree with the decision but to question the validity of the institution that provided it. it's a slippery and dangerous slope. that's one of the areas where democrats were charging republicans and particularly donald trump with that, enforcing his will on an election. they didn't like that. but they seem to harbor that particular view when it comes to the court here. >> sure. >> neil: jason, thanks very much.
1:32 pm
jason riley, "wall street journal" columnist. he got a picture of of this. given the weak economic news and inflation running out of control, it's not a surprise that so many republicans are saying joe, don't give it another go. it's very surprising when a lot of democrats are saying that. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied!
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>> neil: all right. president biden has said for quite some time here that there's actually a lot of good going on but most of the american electorate doesn't seem to sense that, their confidence and confidence in themselves and where the economy is going, in and out of record lows. depending on the survey, they're not optimistic things will turn
1:37 pm
around soon. republicans are saying he shouldn't consider running right now. what is bothering the president we're told is the growing number of democrats that say he should reconsider that as we speak. it getting a lot of press attention and says it's insulting. bob cusack is here with us now. that is stuck in his crawl to hear that from fellow democrats. not all of them but a good many of them. how is this going down? >> well, i mean, you can see that the president is -- can be frustrated. he did defeat donald trump. it wasn't easy. it's never easy to beat an incumbent. that's what the white house thinks, your best bet is with an incumbent. remember, this is joe biden, possibly considered -- he definite considered this but he didn't do it, that he would run for one term. he decided i don't want to be a lame duck if i win.
1:38 pm
here democrats, some of them think listen, we want to win. his numbers are in the high 30s and low 40s. until -- it's going to be an ugly mid-term it looks like. there's more chatter on this. some democrats think biden shouldn't run. he will be 80 later this year. there's a lot of doubt among democrats. >> neil: you think only james when he got to office, one term and had a very successful presidency. many were trying to woo him to run again. he said he wouldn't and he didn't. he goes down as surprisingly successful president. and i'm wondering how different things would have been given the cascading development ofinflation and gas prices. but it's too late for now, isn't it? >> it's too late for it. remember biden said once he won,
1:39 pm
he predicted the trump fever would break in the republican party. that hasn't happened. yes, he did get the bipartisan infrastructure bill. but we're still in very polarizing times. biden is not alone. number of presidents w., obama, trump even said everyone will unite around me. it's not happening. we're in a polarizing time and that's the way it is for the immediate future. >> neil: if you think about it, every time a president is challenged, whether it was gerald ford by ronald reagan, ford survived that or jimmy carter by ted kennedy in 1980, carter survived that. but he was so weakened by that that you could argue and the economy in both cases was not doing that great. they were divided party each running a divided party and they lost. i'm wondering whether they changed people at the top of the ticket or both people at the top of the ticket, whether that will make any difference.
1:40 pm
>> democrats are nervous about the polls. right now biden wouldn't defeat trump if trump were to win the nomination. trump would also beat harris. people are looking elsewhere now because they're worried. you mentioned the history of primaries and how it weakens sitting presidents. the only reason we're talking about this is biden's honeymoon ended last summer and he's been dipping in the polls ever since. some democrats don't see it turning around. as you know, politics can turn around very quickly. i don't -- inflation will be here for a while and that will hurt his numbers going into the new year and into 2024. >> neil: your thoughts on whether the january 6 committee is putting a dent in the republicans view of donald trump or at least producing these surprisingly tight poll numbers we're seeing between he and florida governor ron desantis. >> desantis is closing the gap. there's a considerable gap.
1:41 pm
i do think that is hurting trump. i do think that the january 6th commission will have to make a decision, are they going to recommend for the department of justice to go after trump. republicans want to win. some of them are looking at desantis okay, he has the trump policies, a personality i like and he doesn't have the baggage of trump. that will be the battle. i think desantis will run for president. >> neil: all right. next time we'll talk about james poke -- polk more. what a doocy. i remember covering that. thanks, my friend. that's for another time. new york has set the table for democratic governor who wants that job on her own and her own election and the republican that is challenging her in a state that supposedly is bluer tan blue. but don't tell that to lee zeldin, the republican nominee for governor that just might pull off something that we
1:42 pm
haven't seen since george pataki after this. >> are we going to move new york forward or let the far right extremists take our state backwards. i know the answer, you know the answer. >> we're fighting for our state and fighting for our country and our future. kathy hochul, you have been warned that the people of new york are coming for your job. and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes,
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>> neil: all right. in new york, it was not close. i'm not talking about incumbent gorka think hochul easily winning her nomination to have that job as the democratic governor of new york. but the relatively easy walk that congressman lee zeldin had to become her republican challenger. with us right now is the congressman, lee zeldin. congratulations, congressman. good for you. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: i'm thinking about the last time we had a republican governor in new york, you have to go back to george pataki. that's a long time in a state that has gotten very blue. so you have an uphill battle on your hands. how do you feel about that? >> i'm not in this race to come in second. this state is going in the wrong
1:47 pm
direction leading is too entire country in population loss. you can see it with regards to the economy, the cost of living in taxes. we see it with regards to crime and public safety. the contrast is clear between somebody like kathy hochul and where i stand on these issues where albany has banned the safe extraction of natural gas. i say let's reverse it. there's pipelines that are being denied. alvin brag is refusing to enforce the law. the state of new york has the constitutional authority to fire a d.a. that refuses to enforce the law. hochul says let's give him some slack. we've seen it with cashless bail. i believe cashless bail should be overhauled. she wants more data. there's an important decision to be made by new yorkers of all walks of life hitting their breaking point regardless
1:48 pm
whether you're republican, democrat, independent. we feel confident and take nothing for granted. >> she's been pounding the roe v. wade decision. that is we're told galvanizing the base in new york. you think it's going to work? >> no, i don't. there's two problems with that. one is a few years ago in new york, they codified already far more than roe. when the dobbs decision was issued by the supreme court, the law in new york did not change. that's one aspect of it. the second is that if you ask new yorkers what is your top issue, they're talking about the economy and they're talking about crime and public safety far more than they're talking about what kathy hochul wants them to be talking about. while we talk about reversing the attacks on wallets, safety, freedom, quality of education or
1:49 pm
schools, kathy hochul is trying to distract and talk about these other issues that aren't at the top of the list right now for new yorkers. >> neil: so when democrats in the state say that you will try to make if you become governor of new york, new york one of these trigger states to go anti-abortion, would you do that? would you lead that effort? >> no. what i've been talking about and i'm pro life, i talk about where there's common ground with people in new york that consider themselves to be pro choice. i say that new york shouldn't legalize late term partial birth abortion and we shouldn't be allowing nondoctors to perform abortions. i promote parental consent. i believe we should promote adoption more. what is happening -- >> neil: just to be clear, sir, you wouldn't go so far as some of the states that have -- like texas and others that have
1:50 pm
banned it at the moment of fertility or conception? >> that's not happening next year. the reality is that there's no way that in 2023 that even will be the debate let alone what will actually happen. >> neil: so this other supreme court decision on the right to carry concealed guns, mayor adams in new york has said it could lead to a new dangerous crime wave. you supported the court's decision. how do you feel now? >> i believe the supreme court issued the correct decision. i believe that we need to draw a difference between a law abiding citizen that wants to safely and securely carry a firearm for their personal self-defense and a criminal who is going to keep committing additional offenses and because of the justice system in new york right now will keep ending up back out on the streets and committing more offenses. they don't care what the rules
1:51 pm
are in order to legally conceal carry. it's the law-abiding citizens that are impacted by the law which was unconstitutional. the supreme court issued the correct decision in that case. >> neil: would you want donald trump to campaign with you, for you? >> i believe that he will. he is a new yorker even though he's now moved. there's a broad coalition of support put together in this state. it's going to include republicans, democrats. we're getting elected officials that are democrats right now publicly endorsing us. that will continue. there's people that are not republicans or democrats. so what we'll see is a very broad coalition of support that will put us over the top this november. i'm confident of it. i wouldn't be in the race otherwise. >> neil: we'll watch closely, congressman. congratulations. we'll see how this race moves forward. we did reach out to governor hochul. we have yet to hear back. we always try to be fair and
1:52 pm
balanced. so hope springs eternal. by the way, happy 15th anniversary nor the iphone. 15 years ago today, steve jobs introduced it to the world. some of the first reviews were goofy. it's not going to go anywhere. wrong! ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from discover. (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> this is one divide.
1:56 pm
[cheers and applause] and we are calling it iphone. [cheers and applause] today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> steve jobs then. that was the pronouncement. would come into both hands in june. exactly 15 years ago. it change the world. turned it upside down and brought up the smartphone segment. samsung and a couple other players were already there but nothing like this. mike is with us. susan, it is amazing how this has changed the world. >> absolutely. there is no doubt that this is probably the most successful technological product launch in
1:57 pm
history. for 3 trillion dollar giant. you play that soundbite from 2007, you heard steve jobs introducing the iphone, a breakthrough communication, device think it is so much more than just a fun. it is it both television. it is in your camera. it is your house tracker. it is info, does to give you a story, when i interviewed tim cooke, he was able to put down his iphone and i on the other hand was -- i cannot do that. it makes me nervous. i could feel my heart rate pulsing and i think it is probably something that people around the world can emphasize with. >> neil: a lot of people think at this is neat. how does the call sound? steve jobs got on early to take a what you can do to sort of get on the internet. which was still relatively early stages here. the pictures and mixing with music. he got the whole package, you know.
1:58 pm
>> yeah. you are right because i was one of those people because it was either you were team blackberry or you were team iphone and -- [overlapping speakers] [laughter] >> the thing is apple went to over 3 trillion. but he was obviously an innovator. with that came changing the world. i am addicted to my phone. i would give of so many things to make sure i can hold onto my phone. i checked my average screen time. i'm over seven hours a day. the average american spends -- the average american spends five and have them hours a day. >> mike: i guess you can do that. everyone has these things now. people are always on devices. and they blame him. i just remembered what he said at the time.
1:59 pm
it is elegant. it will be part of what life he was right. >> susan: i agree. back then, in 2007, this was the e-mail era. you like those clunky keyboard devices of the blackberries. >> mike: a lot of people like that. >> mike: that is true. >> susan: who needs an extra pen? >> mike: it was dismissed guys. like the walkman rules the world. you are not going anywhere. sometimes we have -- >> mike: and where do we go from here? what is going to be the next iphone? where do we go from here? time will tell. >> neil: i think you both have to put the devices down and physically writing stuff.
2:00 pm
>> mike: too old school. >> susan: it is going to get worse. >> neil: i'm going to get out of my advocates and do some math problems. we needed a perspective from young people. hurt my feelings. here is. >> carley: it does "the five." >> hello, i am judge jeanine. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ms. mac. ♪ ♪ >> president biden: there's an old expression, a little steel town. they say, we are like poor relatives. we are show up when we are invited and we stay longer than we should. be careful. we may not


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