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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  June 29, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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nation's security. first principle. so god bless you woody and every other veteran and current service member tonight and always. remember, it is america now and forever. ♪ >> greg: happy wednesday, right? it's wednesday. so about that steering wheel story. it was a bombshell, all right. minus the shell part. just like all those other anti
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trump bomb shells. at that time january 6th hearings yesterday a star witness no one ever heard of testified about something she didn't see which right there makes her testimony as la jets mate as smoke signals from liz warren. so what's the gist? that is then president donald trump was being driven back to the white house after the january 6th rally and demanded the car pull over so he could snack on an injured dog on the side of the road. yeah. it was a pekingese which he then sleuthered in ketchup which he devoured with his hands. don jr. was in the back seat. she was told that anyway. actually she was told on the way to the rally donald trump stripped naked declared himself the king and all of shakespeare plays on his smith correspond 'rona processor he bothered from his head adolf hitler who isn't really dead but lives in a
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shampoo bottle in mar-a-lago pool house. maybe that ace bit much. but her claims are even much believable. she claims she was told that trump actually tried to grab the steering wheel from a secret service agent. the verb used lunged, he lunged. yes, lunge, the thing my personal trainer makes me do by holding my daiquiri out of arm's reach. about eight inches. but, yeah, trump apparently crawled out through the back window of the beast. the beast, which is the code name for the presidential limo, as well as hillary clinton. shuffled across the roof, then slid down in through the driver's side window to grab the wheel while screaming screw the guns let jesus take the wheel. sounds real, right? good thing we have a republican there to keep it all on the up and up. i kid.
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but it's odd how liz cheyney has become the vindictive ex-wife that donald trump never knew he had. now a screech owl with the fake serenity of a step ford wife. you guys don't strep stepford wives? the people who spent four years telling you trump was so out of shape one foot on the grave and the other on a pact of mayo now want you to believe i slithered around a moving vehicle like he was jackie chan. >> the president's in real trouble not least for assaulting his secret service agent. >> i confess, i cannot recall ever having heard another example of a president trying to physically hijack his own motorcade. >> to grab the steering wheel, i mean, is dangerous, dangerous act. and then whatever, to grab the secret service agent. i mean, this, this is beyond
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that trump was the wrong man for the job. >> that's going to sit for a lot of people. you know, the president of the united states, you know, attacking his secret service agent. >> greg: ha ha, attacking. the media hasn't been this excited about an attack since you know who. dusty, you're back. of course like the smollett stinky tail this falls apart like a cheese steak in a hot tub. i told them this was a cheese steak. sorry governor. first our very own david spunt which is the past tense of spat confirms on background both confirmed on the antidote dispute the lunge and peter alexander also a source close to the secret service says bobby ngle and the lead agent the driver are prepared to testify
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undersociety that neither man was assaulted and that mr. trump never lunged for the wheels and abc's john santucci they told him the secret service will push back against any allegations of assault or trump reaching for the world nor good did he suddenly grow eight foot rubber arms like he was in the fantastic four. finally cnn admits yes, an official denied saying an agent told hutchison this stoefrment even cnn. you know, when you lose cnn, you know, you lose cnn and its remaining 12 viewers. actually it's one viewer but it goes by the pronoun they. there's more disputes over what hutchinson claims. something about a note she says she wrote but didn't. maybe, i don't know. we could get into it but we'd get a more believable driving story from paul pelosi. it's all cloaked in overwrought
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that you are and not even good like you see on broadway but community theater like the play your aunt margaret has the lead in. which is why the hearing's a joke. it was a one-sided sha raid that undermines everything presented which is why no one watches it unless it's force fed to them by the media. they thought a heavily produced special created by an abc producer featuring cameos by people you never heard of would blow your mind but failed like a remake of the love boat. even testimony from charro can't save them. i'm old. honestly, how much of this guy do you need to see? you know if i were cynical i would say he's a useful idiot, a glut on for strange new respect from his temporary liberal pals. he always looks like he's about to burst into tears. what does kinzinger mean the german, anyway? karen? you know, he should save that face for when he gets a job
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driving liz cheyney to msnbc. yeah, poor liz, a fatal attraction level stalker who can't get over president trump. which reminds me, donald. hide the bunny. these references, they're so old. i get them though, and that's all that matters. the fact is the committee thought this was a slam dunk. a show trial full of secondhand accounts. who would complain? the media? nah, they're laughing it up like it's aoc bath water. watching it reminded me of that game we played as kids but you sat in a circle and whispered something to the person next to you until it went all the way around the circle and by the end it was totally different than what was whispered at the start. i think it was called spin the bottle. but that's what hearsay is. and i'm not even saying it's false. why bother when the committee is false in the truest sense of the word. it's the big red bow on the box of corruption brought to you by
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the same clowns that created hoaxes for six years it's prepped to say heavily produced propaganda. i keep waiting for a propaganda to say cut, let's do that again with a little more feeling adam. designed not to uncover truth but distract you from the real truth of crime inflation immigration all the things the administration fails us on a massive scale. but we see through it like a condom stretched over a flashlight. i don't know how i know. fact is we know trump has a temper. i still remember the wedgie he gave me after i replaced his diet coke with pepsi. i've never been lifted that high in my life. so happy. fact is they created a show trial but forgot to bring the show appear now their honesty is on trial, to which i say lock 'em up. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> greg: let's welcome tonight's
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guests. she's so patriotic mount rushmore takes field trips to see her every summer. south dakota governor and author of the new book not my first rodeo, kristi noem! she talks so fast she makes sign language interpreters call in sick. outnumbered cohost emily compagno! [cheers and applause] >> greg: his jokes have him laughing all the way to the bank, the food bank. actor writer and comedian jamie lissow! [cheers and applause] push pushing >> greg: and she brings out the best in people when they report her to law enforcement. fox news contributor kat timpf! [cheers and applause]. >> greg:. >> greg: congratulations on your great new book governor noem. i love the fact that surprise,
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you have an american flag on it. >> gov. noem: i know shocker right? >> greg: i know. >> gov. noem: shocker. >> greg: and you're on a horse. >> gov. noem: did you review it on amazon yet? >> greg: not yet but i will. >> gov. noem: apparently that really matters. >> greg: i'll do that tonight. >> gov. noem: that would be great. >> greg: i'll do that tonight and i won't even read it first. kidding. so about these hearings, have you been tuning in or what do you think of them? >> gov. noem: i have been tuning in as little as pushability i've been paying attention but i can't honestly focus on it. how can you? we're literally making stuff up now. i heard a rumor outside the girl's bathroom that maybe this happened eight, nine, ten months ago but i'm not sure. okay, you swear under oath? yes i swear under oath that's what happened. it's literally what we're doing in washington, dc now. i think this government has fallen to the lowest level i could have imagined. >> greg: you know what kills me about this, too? is that, okay, this is not over yet. >> gov. noem: no. >> greg: it's open-ended. a, it's open-ended and b, who's paying for it?
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we are. >> gov. noem: you're not paying for it?. >> gov. noem: your children, you grandchildren. we've been saying that for a long time. >> greg: screw you kids. i win again. >> gov. noem: always winning, tired of winning. >> greg: tired of winning. the reason it doesn't end is because we're footing the bill. >> gov. noem: i know, i know. >> greg: it's insane jamie. >> jamie: it is. >> greg: are people watching this in alaska. they have televisions, am i right? >> jamie: yeah, we don't cable but we do have television. this cnn thing, my goodness. their viewership is -- they're going to have to start calling it nothing anyone wants to cnn. talking about the secret service for being the secret service i felt like there was a lot of names and facts they put out there. they're going to have to start calling it can't keep a secret service. i got really worried, not worried but i was thinking about, wouldn't it be crazy to have like secret service like following you everywhere how crazy that would be. and by the way just
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exaggerate -- like you said say it is true he reached for the wheel. he's not a terrorist. he's not attacking anyone. i think biden was jealous like oh, man, i just have a little toy wheel in the back. i'm just glad no one follows me around because -- >> greg:. >> greg: why? >> jamie: remember the show cheaters? >> greg: yeah. >> jamie: remember that? i feel like if they followed me people would tell me ex-wife, oh, we think he's cheating on you, he ordered two dinners from chirping chicken and then they would bust into my room and it would just be me eating both of them. they would be the good news is your husband's not cheating on you. the bad news is, he's a slob. >> greg: trusting and sad tale. >> jamie: uh-huh. >> gov. noem: we're there for you. we got your back. >> greg: when the governor says that. >> gov. noem: yeah. >> greg: i think she's lonely. >> gov. noem: i'm a really good listener. >> greg: all right emily, you're a lawyer, or so you claim. what is lacking in this committee, this hearing?
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>> emily: substantive due process. i mean, i will say this is all about home field advantage, right? this is just like a grand jury proceeding where it's about the prosecution, all hearsay rules, no objections, no cross-examination, there's no evidence whatsoever, and that is why grand injuries lead to a 99.9% indictment rate. and the other difference is that grand jury proceedings are secret usually where this is being played out on national television. and to me the credibility issue here is the fact that these guys are holding themselves out to be the ultimate fact finders. these are the investigators, sfliet when in grand jury proceedings, the whole point is that that kicks off whereas one of the first stepping of the criminal justice proceedings, right? they go then to trial. they go then to bring charges. but here obviously there would be a referral, but they are holding themselves out as the ultimate court and, for sure, in the court of public opinion, that seems to be what they care about the most. >> gov. noem: and election.
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>> emily: yep >> gov. noem: and that's the whole point. >> greg: i keep going back to the fact, there's no disincentive to stop. they're not even doing their job. we're paying for them campaign ad. this is an entire campaign ad. it's crazy, kat, absolutely crazy. will you ever make up stories about me? >> kat: i don't think i have to. [laughter] >> greg: fair enough >> kat: but no this was popping up on my phone last night and i didn't even click on it which is wild. >> greg: yeah >> kat: because i love tea, you know, and this sounds like this would be some crazy tea. >> greg: what do you mean by tea? >> kat: whatever. i can't make you younger, so -- [laughter] >> greg: i know the phrase >> kat: it reminds me i actually had a friend, used to be my friend, he told the best stories until i kept catching him lying and i just lost interest. he said to marks he was like you never ask me anything about my
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life. i'm like, yeah, because i never know what you're telling me about your life is actually your life and i actually reget listening so intently you told me about that story about you and harry styles in a hot tub. which he did tell me. don't think it was true. and like i'm there to be a friend but i don't want to be like, you know, the test audience for your erotic fan fiction. but it's the same, it's the same sort of thing here where it's like how many times can things turn out to be, you know, sound really explosive that turn out to be not true or overblown or people just check out. because i know that i kind of have. >> greg: up next opinions from the rich and famous to see who's the biggest ignore ray mus.
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every search you make, every click you take,
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every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> greg: welcome back. they wish to abort the supreme
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court. it just won't end. after the decision to overrule roe v wade, the left keeps melting down faster than the ice chest that holds rain. just a rumor. first the media. >> hard to imagine the republican party surviving this. between anti-abortion, anti lgbtq, book banning. >> this decision was intended to throw scalding acid into the face of people who will feel strongly about abortion rights. >> the democratic party is the world's last, best hope against fascism. >> greg: ha ha. she's so funny. she's very funny, funny lady. and some like this confused elderly woman are going after justice clarence thomas. >> i went to law school with him. he's been a person of grievance
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for as long as i've known him. resentment, grievance, anger. the people he is speaking to, which are the, you know, right wing very conservative judges and justices and state legislatures, there's so many things about it that are deeply distressing, but women are going to die gayle. women will die. >> greg: women are going to die. i wonder are they the ones who have dirt on bill's time with epstein? sleep time ghislaine. [cheers and applause] >> greg: excuse me. and then there's this. >> the supreme court has engaged in the overreaching its authority in denying the human and civil rights of any pregnant person or person that could become pregnant. >> greg: pregnant person, yeah. remember when late night t.v. was fun? if i wanted to watch grumpy old men i'd watch fox and friends.
8:22 pm
what about pregnant person. that's what they used to call me when i ate too much pasta. that wasn't even the dumbest thing said on colbert this week. >> the problem is that middle stuff. it's those states in the middle, that, that red stuff. why do they get to tell us what to do, when the majority of us live out, you know, new york, california. and we're paying for all this crap really. you know, if i'm footing the bill, know your position, you know what i'm saying? >> greg: actually, no. no one knows, no one knows what you're saying. least of all you, wanda. the supreme court just gave the decision back to the states. they're not telling california and new york what to do. that's up to the homeless drug addicts living on your lawn. this ruling only said california and new york don't get to rule the other states which you wants. that's why in kansas gas isn't seven bucks and your son's not
8:23 pm
pregnant. anyway, for more, let's check in with our adorable supreme court corespondent lil steve the baby slough. steve, what's the latest? >> awe! >> greg: i said it before, sloughers are adorable but can't do supreme court analysis. how many times have i said that? let him do the weather or traffic. kat? >> kat: yeah, what's up? >> greg: not much what have you been up to? kat, clarence thomas is a pog, a person of grievance, according to hillary, who is definitely not a pog. >> kat: yeah, she never complains. >> greg: no, not at all. never plays the victim >> kat: she exudes positivity. yeah, but i knew that something super controversial like this
8:24 pm
would come out because you remember a few weeks ago sotomayor said i just want everyone to know clarence thomas is my friend and he's a good guy and he's nice to people. and my first thought was, uh-oh. >> greg: something bad's happening >> kat: but again, and again, obviously people are going to get extremely emotional thing like gay marriage and birth control as they are about abortion. i don't understand what any of those have to do with race. kind of lost me there. >> greg: i learned if you want to be a racist become a liberal because then you can express it openly. david duke must be gelulous of george takei right? my references are not working tonight. >> i got it. >> greg: anybody in my audience born before 1965. >> gov. noem: don't raise your hand. >> greg: don't raise your hand. i saw you not gasp but rolled your eyes. >> gov. noem: what's wanda's
8:25 pm
problem with south dakota, the middle of the country that literally feeds her. >> greg: she doesn't even know that there's a state called south dakota. >> gov. noem: i don't think she does. i would love to invite her to come to south dakota. i've got a horse she should meet. maybe a few buffalo. >> greg: she might see you and go i'm coming. >> gov. noem: she might. i will accept her visit. we'll have a rodeo. >> greg: there you go. >> gov. noem: i had a feeling that's not your first. >> greg: it is. >> gov. noem: that's not my first. thank you. you are now my favorite person. >> greg: you actually coined this phrase didn't you? you invented it's not my first rodeo. what do cowboys say when they try to explain they're experienced in something. look, this isn't my first power point presentation. >> gov. noem: you spend a lot of time with cowboys? >> greg: no. i won't get into that here. where am i? so jamie, what's your take on this whole thing?
8:26 pm
>> jamie: there's a lot to be annoyed at here. >> greg: yes, there's like 15 things. >> jamie: hillary saying when she sees him he was a person of grievance. is it possible that's what people are like when they're with hillary? do you know what i mean? >> greg: yes. >> that is true. >> jamie: like, i wonder if there's some policing out there that think people don't speed because they're slowing down when they get to the guy. you know? there's so much here though. there is so much. like the person, the person of pregnant -- what was it? >> greg: pregnant person. >> jamie: pregnant person. i didn't like that. i felt like that really derails your speech to say like pregnant person. i know this might be controversial greg but as far as guys like saying guys could be pregnant, i would just like to make the point that they can't. fan there's a guy and he feels something down there, you probably have to take a dump. you know what i mean?
8:27 pm
i don't, i don't know. >> greg: yeah. is that what pregnancy is like? >> gov. noem: not even close. >> greg: according to science? science claims. >> gov. noem: we wish it was that easy. yeah. if your world it's like that. >> jamie: my goodness there was just so much there though. for me when a girl sleeps with me that's plan b. [laughter] >> gov. noem: oh my goodness. >> greg: i know, i know. emily i believe that donald trump has had the best second term a non-president has ever had. >> jamie: yeah. >> greg: this year alone he overturned limitations on permits to carry in new york. he also ended roe v wade. and then he got prayer back on the football field and he's in mar-a-lago golfing. all of this happened because of him. kind of crazy. >> emily: having a field day. i think the hillary clinton thing, that's just one more educated liberal white woman
8:28 pm
telling everyone else what they should do. telling people of color, everywhere, how they should vote, how they should think. it's the same thing that president biden did when he said you're not black if you don't vote for me. because she knows better than justice thomas. and remember what the media was doing before he wrote that concurrence. they were all over his wife, right? for being an advocate for conservative causes. so he's been in the cross hairs for quite some time. but to your anti racist point the notion that samuel jackson can call him uncle clarence and all of a sudden that's okay? there would be an absolute uprare if anyone on the right or even resembling someone on the right said anything like this and her going for him personally shows the weakness of her character which we've known all along and you think she would get after twice failing to run for president. by the way isn't the saying cowboys say is save a horse ride a cowboy. >> gov. noem: why is hillary
8:29 pm
still talking? is she relevant. >> greg: she might run again. >> gov. noem: you think? >> greg: what are they going to do? they need youngblood. >> gov. noem: that's not her. >> greg: and she is slightly younger than count chocola. there was an underrated cereal, right? no fruity pebbles though. up next will adding pronouns to people's names be an idea that goes down in flames. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [submarine rising out of water] minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st.
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big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave.
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i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time. it's a buick. let's be real. don't make me turn this alexa around. oh my. it's painful. the buick enclave, with available alexa built in. ask “alexa, tell me more about buick suvs.” >> greg: adding pronouns to sfwhavrngs customers say no thanks. halifax bank is under fire for adding pronouns to their employees name badges despite complaints from customers. halifax, a division of bank of scotland, or bop announced the name tag on twitter yesterday. that wasn't as funny as i thought it would be. so they announced this on twitter that they're going to start putting pronouns on their name tags making it the most
8:34 pm
blatant virtue signaling when i said i would give up hoe bows for lent. i lied. some customers threatened to close their accounts over the nonsense to which halifax responded, quote, we strive for inclusion, equality and quite simply in doing what's right. if you disagree with our values, you're welcome to close your account. well, agree with our woke nonsense or get lost. now that's customer service. the shareholders are going to love their new motto. pronouns over proof its. they're clearly echoing the great william wallet who clearly said you can take our lives but you will never take our he, she, they or they. that's from brave heart. no one goes to movies anymore. oh, my god. this is crazy. anyway seriously how are gender identity name tags at scottish banks a priority right now? it's not. it's about pr.
8:35 pm
which banks so desperately need. a bank rep said they wanted to open a conversation around gender identity when really most customers prefer a conversation about security features or ridiculous fees and why there's always a junky turning my atm vestibule into a shooting gallery. i miss the old days where they used to answer gender questions by hiking up their kilt. >> gov. noem: yeah. >> greg: emily? here's an obvious truth and i don't care if people are upset by it. maybe display your pronouns if people find it confusing looking at you. right? i don't really think anybody here needs to tell people their pronouns. and i include jamie, whose name goes both ways, and he does have a lesbian hair cut. [laughter] >> greg: and that's a
8:36 pm
compliment. it's a compliment. what are your thoughts emily? >> emily: yes, i hear what you're saying. i was with a girlfriend the other day and her daughter was telling us, she's 16, she was telling us that one of her friends insists on being called he -- basically all three. and the person interacting with her has to rotate between all three, he, she, they, or they get upset. and this is one more reduction of name badges into missing the whole forest for the trees. it's missing the entire point. financial health? who cares. taxes? who cares. running out of money? who cares. it's only about you seeing what's on this because they're afraid of misgendering people. at totally blown out of proportion. >> greg: where's the fear coming from? from the loudest voices in a very tiny room. this is a freaking bank the only equity they should care about is financial equity which i don't know about because i'm not
8:37 pm
bright but this is garbage. and jamie they say this is inclusive but whenever you hear about the pronouns doesn't it feel exclusive like it's compelling anytime somebody is compelling you to say something it's exclusive. >> jamie: that's what it means. the lines at my bank are so long i can figure out what everybody wants to be called by the time i get up there. i knew a guy he was a professor and said one of his students wanted to be be he/him on certain days and her/she on other days. if you're at a nightclub and you have to go in the bathroom and before you go you have to check the time to figure out what to go into. how confusing. did you know i used to work at a bank? >> greg: no. >> jamie: yeah, i was bringing home $50,000 a week for a while. >> gov. noem: for about a week. >> jamie: i used to work at arby's too, come over here i can get you a free sandwich.
8:38 pm
a bank was good, i was like greg come cash your check in my line we have tons of this [bleep] back here. >> greg: didn't last long did you? >> jamie: no. >> greg: they have fwhafrngs south dakota, kat was connedering. >> gov. noem: put all your money in south dakota. >> greg: why do you think our priorities are so skewed? it really is fear isn't it? fear of being called out or cancelled. >> gov. noem: fear because we have so many people in this country that are offended by each other now right? and we quit talking to each other. so now it's easier to fight and argue than it is to really figure out why people are the way that they are. and a lot of this situation of trying to figure out a way to divide people, this is another way to do it. it's a way to figure out a way to set an agenda that keeps people from talking together and uniting. to love this country. you know we have a pretty special country. last i checked it's the greatest experiment in human kind that's defended our liberties for
8:39 pm
hundreds of years. heaven for bid our kids spent time learning that. >> greg: that would be a good pronoun for a pay tree on and call yourself pat >> kat: i think that's exact liz what she was saying. [laughter] >> gov. noem: or we could read the bill of rights or something. so, yeah, it's consuming their time, their energy. they're not spending their time necessarily. >> greg: it takes a lot to read. >> gov. noem: there's not that many there. >> greg: i'm pretty busy though. >> gov. noem: are you? reading that book? >> greg: with my youtube video. kat, i don't really care what people want to be called. i just care if somebody tells me what i have to do. that's the whole thing. in any kind of like right movement, it's about rights for yourself. but it isn't demandings somebody obey you. that's where this is screwed up i think >> kat: i just honestly don't care if the bank respects my identity. i want to get in and get out before i have a meltdown about why am i here why couldn't i do
8:40 pm
this on line. the whole statement was absurd to me. like we care about our customers. like bro you're a bank. your whole business model depends on your customers doing so poorly they can't pay you you can decimate them with interest and fees. so it's clearly phot that. >> greg: exactly. well, bro, you used the word bro >> kat: i use it several times. it's gender neutral to me. i use bro in a gender neutral way. i'm a pro, we're all bros here. >> greg: problem solved >> kat: that guy gets snit i would support a pregnant bro over a pregnant man and i don't know why. >> interesting greg: something wrong with my brain. coming up a psa with a noble objective but was it effective. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand.
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>> greg: that's very local tv. welcome to is this effective?
8:45 pm
the segment where we test mysterious ointments that are sent to us from viewers. [laughter] >> greg: but it's also a chance for me to force you to watch weird stuff i found on the internet with me. sorry governor. >> gov. noem: it's okay. >> greg: first up an ad from poland, one with a twist that may involve a tryst. show it! ♪♪ ♪ >> greg: i know what you're thinking, that's one sexy showroom over at raymour and flanigan. i don't know what they were saying. but, wait. there's more.
8:46 pm
[speaking foreign language] >> greg: yeah, this ad is meant to shame people who park in handicapped spaces when they're not disabled. it's called don't occupy the spot of those who need it and i guess the lesson is, how would you like it if i parked in your wife? which seems kind of crude, but i guess the guy should thank god he didn't park in the fire lane. then this lady really would have been hosed.
8:47 pm
>> takes that sexists would say. >> greg: who writes this emily? i am appalled. was the ad effective. >> emily: the version i watched didn't have the english translation so it was up to me to extrapolate what i was saying. so in my head he was sleeping with him because he had the disabled parking placard. >> greg: that's a better angle. >> emily: i don't fault her. >> greg: that's a better angle. kat i was watching this. i found the guy in the wheelchair to be very swarmy. forget he was in a wheelchair i found his personality to be a problem >> kat: yeah. >> greg: look at him. cocky cuck holder >> kat: no, he's not the cuck the other guy is. . >> greg: cuckee. those are actual terms >> kat: i'm well aware. i think they would be more effective if they instead just made it a law.
8:48 pm
you take somebody's parking spot and they get to bang your wife. [laughter] >> greg: you should run for office. [laughter] >> gov. noem: i'm not going to bring that bill in south dakota >> kat: really? oh, man >> gov. noem: stay out of this conversation >> kat: i was hoping to get a spot on your staff. [laughter] >> greg: do you think this analogy was appropriate or is it kind of crass the idea of comparing your spouse to a parking space? >> gov. noem: jamie? >> greg: he's divorced by the way. you know what? i think you just micro triggered him? >> jamie: i will say i think the guy doing the cheating, the disabled guy, and the guy coming home could at least use the same excuse for wa they did. they could just be like oh, i'm just delivering a package.
8:49 pm
i'll just be a minute. >> gov. noem: is that a couch? is that a couch? >> greg: yeah, why the couch. >> gov. noem: i was trying to figure that out. >> greg: yeah, why the couch. they must have had this discussion that it had to be on a couch and not in a bedroom. >> gov. noem: where was this ad at? >> greg: in poland. you're polish >> kat: sure am. >> greg: you proud of this work? >> kat: yeah, i'm proud to be polish. >> greg: all right. good for you. i think we'll end on that note. wow >> kat: thanks everyone. >> greg: is it defective? apparently this segment isn't. wow. up next, would bed, bath and beyond regret making their customers sweat? if you're swissing it, then you're missing it. fryin', flyin', savorin', favorin'. over rotini. inside a panini. egging, maining, siding, plain-ing. debunk the inglorious. one shape's victorious. kraft singles. square it.
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and it stays off. (soft music)
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8:53 pm
♪ >> a story in five words! ♪ >> greg: a story in five words. bed, bath and beyond burning. yes, jamie, apparently bed bath and beyond is accused of turning up air conditions to save money in biden's america. >> jamie: i love it. i love a sauna. i really like this idea. i was in arizona the other week appear it was 120 degrees outside and there's a sauna out there and i look at the temperature and it's 120 degrees in the sauna which is the same as life in arizona. i was like dude if i ever owned
8:54 pm
a gym in arizona i would have a door that said sauna and when you opened it it would just be the exit. >> greg: governor, this is just another example of joe biden's america. destroying an institution like bed bath and beyond. >> gov. noem: it is, it is. but, you know, what do you expect? they were next. they were next on the list. already taken care of the american population, he's taken care of the economy, national security issues, he's -- so bed, bath and beyond. they were next. >> greg: kat first it was the fbi, the country, now it's the bbb. >> kat: i love it. i hate air conditioning, it ruins my summer. >> greg: why? >> kat: because i wait all year, i'm cold outside all year long and then it's nice out and then i'm cold inside. i love you bed bath and beyond. >> greg: have you ever been in one? >> kat: probably. >> greg: looking for the bathroom. >> kat: yeah. >> greg: that's me. i call it the bed bath and looking for the bathroom. i got a laugh at that.
8:55 pm
one person laughed. >> kat: okay, you're your target audience. >> greg: yeah, i'm my target audience. emily what say you. >> emily: i live across the street from one so i'm in there all the time. >> greg: what's the address? >> emily: it's amazing. anyhow. if they want to sell more inventory they say they were out 125,000 because of issues, wouldn't they turn it up to get people to purchase their stuff. have a garage sale inside, everything half price, everything sold, you'll make the money back and you can turn the ac back on but expelling customers is the wrong way to make more money. >> gov. noem: have you noticed it's warmer in there? >> emily: no. >> greg:. >> gov. noem: so how much did they turn it down? >> greg: this might not even be a world story. governor the mistake you just made is substance in what is really the point in the story. >> gov. noem: sorry i was operating in reality. i didn't know. i'll get better next time.
8:56 pm
i'll do better next time. please have me back. >> greg: i didn't even read this story. all right we have to move on. what a great show though, a lot of fun. don't go away, we'll be right back. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from discover.
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. >> greg: we are out of time, buy this book. thank you governor. emily compagno, jamie lissow, kat timpf, our studio audience, fox news at night with evil is next. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you america. ♪♪ >> hello and welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight federal authorities charging four men with human smuggling following the deaths of now 53 migrants. found in a sweltering track for trailer in san antonio greg abbott blaming the biden border policies but critics from the left say it goes back to the


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