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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 30, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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inclusion, or whatever the latest fad is. it's about ensuring our nation's security, first principle. so god bless you, woody, and every other veteran andnd curret service member tonight and always. remember, it is america now and forever. ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert, a manhunt is underway after a 20-year-old mother is shot and killed on the sidewalk in new york city while pushing her 3-month-old baby and a stroller. police say the suspect fired a fatal shot into her head at very close range. it all happened right across the street from a playground where kids were playing at the time. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> and joey jones. the horrific tragedy happened in the upper east side, known to be
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one of new york's safest and upscale neighborhoods. violence and homelessness runs rampant in the city. live in the studio, ashley? >> the 20-year-old mom was pushing a 3-month-old baby in a stroller when she was shot point blank in the head by a suspect he came up behind her. it happened as he said, joey, in the upper eastside on wednesday just before 8:30 at night. fortunately the baby was not hurt, but when first responders got there the mother was unconscious and pronounced dead an hour later at the hospital. mayor eric adams blaming the gun violence epidemic for taking so many innocent lives. listen. >> when a mother is pushing a baby carriage down the block, or an individual, a woman is pushing a baby carriage down the block, and is shot at point-blank range, this shows how this national problem has impacted families. we are going to find this person who is guilty of this horrific
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crime. they are going to find him and bring him to justice. >> and a young girl playing at a nearby playground says she thought the gunshots were fireworks. >> i realized, oh, no, this is serious, and there was a gunshot. they really frightened me because i was right there at the park playing, and i would never have thought ever that this would've happened. >> in new york city, total crime has surged 38% since last year at this time. grand larceny is up 50% and robbery up 40%. that's just to name a few, according to the nypd. the boyle president, "we cannot simply allow this epidemic of gun violence to continue." as a last check, the killer is still on the list. back to you guys. >> carley: let us escape really don't have a motive or no if it was targeted but what an
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absolute tragedy. thank you. a memorial service for two file in el monte police officers is set for later today as a new report reveals the probation officer hadn't seen him in at least six months. this comes at 37 los angeles county cities have now issued a vote of no confidence in district attorney george gascon. >> joey: joining us now is rachael hart, who was hit by a car while pushing her baby in a stroller. she's now calling for gascon to be recalled. good morning. >> hi. good morning. how are you? >> joey: we come here this morning with new tragic news, a mother shot and killed here in new york, and how we look at gascon and some of the things that have happened there. l.a. county is not a good place. are you intimately involved with this we call yourself? >> you know, i wasn't initially, but i am now. if you go to the website for the
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recall campaign, the first thing you see is a video of me popping up telling you to sign the recall petition and how to do that and turn it in. there's a memorial service for the two el monte police officers later today, and the parents of one of the officers, they joined us earlier this month. take a look at what they had to say. >> he needs to give his job to somebody who is going to -- how many more lives to have to lose before something is done? >> gascon needs to be recalled immediately. he has destroyed so many lives and completely destroyed hours. >> and the killer was a known gang member who should have been in jail for being a felon in possession of a gun, but because of gascon's soft on crime policies we are now learning that the probation office hadn't seen this guy in six months.
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the oversight is absolutely infuriating. >> it's devastating. if this guy continues to stay in office, unfortunately even if we get the signatures we need for the petition to get him on the ballot in november he is still our d.a. until november. this is going to continue to happen. the guy that hit me and my child was out on probation at the time. all of these problems start from the top down. the probation officer certainly made a lot of mistakes, it sound like, but had it not been for gascon's soft-on-crime policies this guy would be behind bars by now. >> joey: you have a personal reason to be upset about this. the rest of visit you and your family and baby. where are the residents of your area and the residents of l.a. who have to deal with this every day? do they feel like this is something they are intimately
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afflicted by? is crime really rampant in every neighborhood or do you have to be personally affected understand it? >> i think the crime is rampant in every neighborhood, but at least for me it was a huge learning experience. i didn't understand that the d.a. can have such a negative or positive impact on the entire county. los angeles is an enormous county and everybody is being impacted by this and it's really hard to wrap your head around the fact that one person can be responsible for so much disaster. like i said, from the top down, he is the ultimate party who is responsible for all of this. speech he would happen to you is horrifying. you've been such incredible advocate for the injustice that youth faced. what happened was you were walking down the street pushing your baby stroller, and we are playing the footage right now, which is horrifying to see.
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this teenager was going the wrong way and a stolen car and you say you made eye contact dominic eye with him and he veered into on purpose. what was your reaction to that? >> i was infuriated. i still m. we were told by the detective not to expect anything to happen, we are told by police officers. i spoke to one of the deputy district attorneys who guided guided me through this process because i didn't know what to expect. he said, "unfortunately, don't expect anything to happen." and i thought maybe he would get five years. five months is what he got. >> joey: back to your personal story, watching that video makes me mad and upset all at the same time to see something like that.
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in my mind, that is attempted murder. when you look at how this young man was charged, was that ever even on the docket? was that proposed that intent would be charged? >> in a normal situation, that would totally be on the docket. with george gascon, absolutely not. you can't charge a minor with a felony offense -- i'm sorry, a strike offense. so the toughest charges we are able to bring against him, mind you, i had to fight for these charges. we told he would be charged with one count of felony hit-and-run and because he met with the juvenile d.a. and pushed hard for the toughest charges possible we were given two counts of assault with intention to harm and one felony hit-and-run. >> carley: we are so glad that you are okay, and your baby is okay. thank god. but this is such an injustice
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that you faced and we thank you so much for waking up early this morning. this clearly means a lot to you and for good reason. thank you. >> thank you for having me. and please sign the petition to recall george gascon. >> carley: absolutely. the recall effort will likely appear on the november ballot, but they are still collecting signatures, so that's important to get in. thank you so much. >> joey: let's turn to this. testimony from the january 6th committee's surprise witness on tuesdays being called even further into question. >> carley: the secret service is refuting cassidy hutchinson's allegations against former president trump and is calling out the panel saying they were not consulted before her claims were aired. the latest details. good morning. >> good morning, guys. the secret service is the january 6th committee did not reach out before moving forward with tuesday's testimony by former trump white house aide
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hank cassidy hutchinson. she claimed he launched at an agent and tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle in order to steer it to the capitol engineer six. a spokesperson telling politico, "we are not asked to reappear before the committee in response to yesterday's new information and we plan on formally responding on the record. we have and will continue to make any member available. we want to do so again in public," but she says she stands by her testimony despite criticism. "because of this courageous woman and those like her, your attempts to hide the truth from the american people will fail." this after she admitted it most of what you told the committee are second and third-hand accounts and in some cases drawn from conversations she had only overheard. kevin mccarthy says the left is
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hell-bent to take trump down at any cost. listen. >> remember who they hired to put this on: an abc producer. they are obsessed with trump and this is all they want to do. but this hearsay would never be allowed in a court of law. >> former president trump also responded to these claims on his social saying he has no memory of even working with her. carley, joey? >> carley: let's get to the media reaction to this. ari fleischer says the media is in the bag for democrats. watch. >> it staggers me to see how the american press corps is from venus and the american people are from mars. when you look at the press corps and a lot of the democrats on capitol hill, almost all of them, they think the entire election is about january 6th. they think the entire election is the american people have risen up in favor of roe v. wade instead of being equally divided about roe v. wade. they are so out of touch with the american people. they think everyone is glued to their tvs watching these january 6th hearings and they
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are the only things people should talk about or care about or vote about. the american people are in an entirely different place. >> carley: turning now to this, texas governor greg abbott is not holding back after vice president kamala harris accuses him of politicizing the text big rig tragedy. >> joey: as the migrant death toll in san antonio has now risen to 53. >> it sure has. good morning to both of you. the texas governor says he will step up his border enforcement in the wake of this tragedy. as you mention, this left mike and said another struggling for their lives. federal investigators still trying to piece together what happened and where each of those people killed came from. the tragedy already being described as a deadliest smuggling attempt ever in the u.s. on wednesday governor greg abbott vowed to make changes to prevent something similar from ever happening again. he says the state is going to increase checkpoints but we don't know yet but how much. we want to see if president biden has no reaction. he's got a news conference about four hours from now.
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meantime, vice president kamala harris is sounding off accusing the governor of politicizing the tragedy. >> the governor of that state's response really of the problem, because his response, where there are 50 bodies in his state, is to go straight to politics instead of dealing with the realities of the issue. >> but governor abbott is firing right back, accusing the vice president and so-called border czar of not doing her job. >> i forgot she was the board to czar while she and joe biden twirled her thumbs and do absolutely nothing to solve this catastrophe that took place just this week. speak of the political debate not likely to end anytime soon especially as federal prosecutors move forward with their case against the driver. investigators are charging him with smuggling resulting in death. the texas native is scheduled for his first court appearance
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later on today. a28-year-old man has also been charged with conspiracy for allegedly communicating with the driver about the smuggling operation. a tragedy nonetheless. back to you. >> carley: mark meredith lives for us. new uncertainty about president biden's 2022 reelection plans, telling a press pool on wednesday, "the president intends to run and, if he does, i will be his ticket mate." though it has are poorly saying here is wanted to clarify after making a definitive statement days ago. >> joe biden is running for reelection and i will be his ticket mate, full stop. >> carley: progressive congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez posting this tweet appearing to take a shot at president biden's frustration over speculation about whether he will or won't run again. what a strange clarification there. jesse watters and kayleigh mcenany say democrats are desperate to get rid of
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biden. >> joe biden is america's washed up boyfriend. every hot-blooded lib with a pulse is flirting with the white house right in front of him. it's only been 16 months into joe biden's presidency and other democrats are openly workshopping presidential runs. i've never seen this before. we are not even at the midterms yet. >> i can't get it out of my mind, having been in this position for the night before, writing air force one back and forth, it's this moment when mayor pete, david air force 2, kamala harris' plain. she's the next in line, the heir apparent, and he is asked by the press corps, "are you going to run into any 24 guilmette" and rather than saying the present will run, he said it's 2021 and the whole point of campaigns in elections is eager to govern. it's her michael. but this goes back to last year. >> carley: kevin mccarthy making this promise that he finds himself back in charge of
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the house after the midterms. >> i promise you this -- when i am speaker, he will not be on the intel committee anymore. you know what else? eric swalwell outcome either. i don't know if this is a high bar but these relations with a chinese spy, he shouldn't be allowed to be on intel committee. we are going to raise the bar. >> we may remember that eric swalwell sent shock waves through washington when it was reported he had a personal relationship with a suspected chinese spy. republicans immediately demanded speaker pelosi remove him from his committee assignment. and also going after condiment adam schiff after one of his former staffers allowed late-night comedian stephen colbert's crew to trespass on capitol hill. he also played a big role in president trump's impeachment trial. >> joey: supreme court justice stephen breyer set to officially retire at noon eastern time today after announcing his intent to step down in january. he reflects on his time on the court in a letter to
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president biden saying, "it has been my great honor to preside as a judge and effort to maintain our constitution and the rule of law." he'll be replaced by his former law clerk, judge ketanji brown jackson. jackson will make history as the court's first black female justice. in a salute this morning to the last surviving medal of honor recipient from world war ii, who died wednesday at 98 at the va center bearing his own name in west virginia. marine corporal herschel "woody" williams earned the military's highest decoration for his bravery under fire in the battle of iwo jima. williams was awarded the medal by president harry truman after using a flamethrower and explosives to clear seven concrete bunkers known as pillboxes while under heavy machine gun fire in february of 1945. he kept pushing forward after all the men in his company lay down their lives. listen to what woody had to say
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back in 2020 about that day. >> they sacrificed their lives. i keep saying over and over, why me? this medal represents them. >> joey: corporal williams will lie in state in the west virginia capitol rotunda on saturday. he'll be laid to rest on sunday. >> carley: what an incredible life you lead. i got a chance to interview him during the medal of honor event in florida. what a special man, and he will certainly be missed. >> joey: oorah, as we say. a violent brawl breaking out at sea. we will tell you what set off this massive site on a cruise ship. >> carley: that is not good. and chaos in the air as well is hundreds of more flights are canceled ahead of the busy holiday weekend. now washington is stepping in.
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millions have made the switch from the big three to xfinity mobile. that means millions are saving hundreds a year on their wireless bill. and all of those millions are on the nation's most reliable 5g network, with the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. that's a whole lot of happy campers out there. and it's never too late to join them. get unlimited data with 5g included for just $30 a line per month when you get 4 lines. switch to xfinity mobile today. >> joey: welcome back. chaos aboard the carnival cruise ship magic triggered by an
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allegation of infidelity. dozens of people are caught on camera brawling on the dance floor for about an hour. beer bottles were smashed and punches thrown. it got so bad that security called in the coast guard. they say the fighting began over cheating allegations between. police were waiting, but it's unclear if anyone was arrested. and lawmakers on capitol hill trying to get major airlines to take action to address the nightmares playing out at airports across the nation ahead of a dizzy fourth of july weekend. senators ed markey and richard blumenthal sent a letter to ten major airlines. flight cancellations and significant delays have real-world consequences for travelers who may miss vacations. and they'll sacrifice time with loved ones and there's the financial cost. airlines for america did fire back saying that although airlines are the de facto public face of delays and cancellations and media reports, it is not to
1:25 am
consider systemwide challenges for a larger context. however, pilots are now blaming the covid vaccine mandate for staff shortages. over 400 delays. meanwhile, yesterday's numbers because nightmares for travelers, leaving over 5,500 delays across the u.s. >> carley: a texas ice cream truck owner says inflation is melting her business. she and other truck owners are being forced to raise their prices as food costs surge and the price of gas is crippling americans. that ice cream truck owner joins me now. good morning to you. how much do you normally pay for gas and what are you paying for now? >> we were used to paying about $2, $2.50 a gallon. now we are seeing this double to $4.50 or higher. >> carley: paying double for gas. not sounds like you have to drive around sort of break even.
1:26 am
but as you drive around to sell ice cream, you're wasting money on gas. so how are you dealing with this? >> right now we started working half of what we used to do. for the summer we used to run two shifts, early in the morning from 10:00 to 2:00, take our lunch break, then go back out around 5:00 until 8:00. we stopped doing the morning shift and now we are just doing the afternoon shift to try to save on gas and focus more where we have our higher selling points. >> carley: said gas prices are up, but what about ice cream? is that also more expensive? >> yes. with inflation going up, gas prices going up, our inventory costs have gone up about 3-$4 per box, making it a lot harder
1:27 am
for us to maintain the lower prices for our customers, and cheering if more of a process for us. we have even had to remove certain items off our menu just because the prices went up higher, but the ice creams are being made a lot smaller, which means it's not good for our customers. >> carley: yeah, just not worth it. it seems like such a balancing act because you have to raise prices to make a profit, but he raised them too much, people will stop buying ice cream. have you been able to find that balance? >> so far, yes. like i said, having to remove some items, trying to look for other local vendors, small businesses that are focusing on building up right now. we still maintain good quality,
1:28 am
which means our customers are happy. >> i know that you have a family owned business and it's been your family for a while now. is this the most expensive summary have experienced so far? >> yes, it is. like i said, we stopped working half of our routine because we kept the same schedule, there was no way they'd actually be in business right now with all the prices going up. >> carley: how many ice cream trucks you have? >> originally we had five in our family but we have gone down to three. >> carley: why did you go down to three? >> prices, inflation. >> carley: because he had to fill up five tanks of gas at double the price. it's harder to make a profit. that is so unfortunate. well, it's not just you.
1:29 am
it is affecting everybody. but we know you are doing the best you possibly can. we love having small business owners on. if anybody is in the area where you going to be and they want to get some ice cream, where you going to be later today? >> later today we have some events. that's one of the reasons why we are still staying in business. i've been focusing on doing office events, fund-raisers with schools, church events. so later on today we actually going to visit the university here in our town to give the athletes a bit of a treat for working very hard, and later on we are going to visit different realtors and give them a nice treat so they can stay cool. >> carley: thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: a suspect opened up fire at police officers at point-blank range right on the streets of chicago or the chaos
1:30 am
and crime is so bad it is chasing businesses away. the republican running for governor of illinois is here with his plan to restore law and order. that's coming up. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients
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♪ ♪ >> carley: the nato summit in spain wrapping up today as president biden attends a meeting of the north atlantic counsel. leaders will continue discussions on the west response to russian invasion of ukraine. yesterday president biden announced the largest u.s. military expansion in europe in decades and includes setting two fighter jet squadrons to the u.k., two destroyers to spain, deploying thousands of american troops in romania, and the establishment of a permanent army base in poland. meanwhile, moscow is going to respond with "compensatory measures." the american people not happy about the direction of the country under president biden's leadership. and new ap poll finding the 85% of americans think the united states is heading in the
1:36 am
wrong direction. 79% say the economy is in poor condition as the average cost of gas, food, and consumer goods continue to rise. tennessee senator marsha blackburn says the biden administration is to blame. watch this. >> the problem is they have been driving this inflation rate to the highest point in 40 years. every economist you read is saying they two the biggest contributors to the inflation rate are those two items. energy and the out-of-control government spending. >> carley: president biden's approval rating followed to itst point with americans disapproving of his leadership. >> joey: turned to the peach state, my home state, one of the leading issues for candidates running for georgia governor. governor brian kemp and stacey abrams now battling over how to reduce crime.
1:37 am
kemp calling at deceiving language around defund the police. >> she says she wants to reallocate. that is code word for defunding the police and sending the money elsewhere. if she wants to do something like that, if its priority, you can find the money elsewhere besides defunding the police. >> joey: an uphill battle for georgia republicans out of the midterms particularly in the senate race. democratic senator raphael warnock is leading by double digits. incumbent illinois democratic governor j.b. pritzker coming out swinging against his g.o.p. opponent ahead of the midterms. >> the extremists have taken over the illinois republican party. that's who is showing up and that's what he won. >> carley: aaron bailey joins us now. good morning. congratulations on your primary win. he heard the governor call you and your supporters extremists.
1:38 am
what is your response to that? >> unfortunately this man is calling the u.s. constitution and extreme document of which he has been doing for quite some time. we have a mess in illinois and it's time to clean it up. people are getting tired. >> when he talks about extremists, you are antichoice on abortion, you've called for term limits, opposition to gun control and raising taxes. that seems a little more mainstream republican than extremists. >> here in illinois we have been the epitome of a local liberal government for too long. and we just needed someone to stand up and push back. i sued governor pritzker as state representative in july of 2020, just over two years ago now. i won that lawsuit and that propelled us, put us on the front burner, traveling the state and encouraging parents to take their schools back, encouraging churches in business
1:39 am
and local governments to stand up, because a tyrant governor, one person, can't stand up and tell us what to do. but unfortunately governor pritzker continues to issue executive orders, having a clamp down on the state of illinois. people are shrugging that off but they need a message of hope and that's what i've been doing, and it's resonating. >> carley: right now they are bleeding businesses. they all just moved their headquarters out of illinois, and you would think that the reason would be the high taxes, and that may be part of it, but the other reason is crime. take a look at what he had to say. watch this. >> there is nowhere you can feel safe today walking home at 9:30 at night. and you worry about your kids going to and from school. that is no way for our city to exist. >> carley: what is your reaction to that and what does it mean for illinois to lose three of its biggest employers?
1:40 am
>> i'm afraid there's more coming because the business climate here is not good. i'm a farmer, i own a trucking company and excavating business and i have faced this first hand. a little over a month ago in a debate i called chicago a crime-ridden, corrupt, dysfunctional and i got a lot of pushback on that. but you know the irony of that is? within hours of me making that statement a homeless man is burned alive in downtown chicago. the interesting thing is the person who committed this crime was out on bail. and this is the problem. ever since then chicago media has been trying to get me to walk this statement back. i'm not going to do it. i'm a farmer, we point the problem out, we identify it, and we fix it. that's what we have got to do here in illinois. >> joey: looking at crime in chicago specifically, the total crime in the city has surged 34% with theft leading at 65%
1:41 am
increase. you say you oppose gun control. chicago has one of the strictest gun control measures in the country. do you think those measures are part of the problem? >> yes, they are. that coupled with the fact that chicago is a sanctuary city and illinois is a sanctuary state. there is no check on gang activity coming up from the border. human trafficking, drug trafficking, they are rampant problems in the city of chicago and they are going unchecked. so yes, major problem. >> carley: this past week and a five or 6-month-old baby was shot in her car seat and killed in chicago. gianno caldwell's brother was murdered in chicago this past weekend. my husband and i have a place downtown and there was just a mass shooting recently outside our apartment building in an area where you would normally expect that to happen. but chicago is the bluest of the
1:42 am
blue areas. do you see any sort of avenue where you can chip away at that and get some of those votes? >> well, we are. as i suggested, ever since i was blessed with the idea and the victory of the lawsuit, for two years my wife cindy and i have been traveling in the area. we have been invited by the small freedom groups to speak in the areas of chicago and the messages resonating. interestingly enough, that's it, it's the lack of a message of hope to lead the people of illinois know that we can bring safety back to our streets, that we can restore education, that we can support working families to live and thrive in illinois again. we just have to get out and get that message, because the good people of chicago have not heard that and they have been burdened by a luke meier, estate attorney, and burdened by a tyrannical governor. that's a problem in illinois and we've got to shake that off and lead to.
1:43 am
>> carley: thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: chicago is also ravaging local west hollywood where leaders are using money for things like an $80,000 if pride-themed crosswalk. we are asking if you will want this. >> joey: we've heard from celebrities but now i school board member is going to boycott the fourth of july. more on this radical and ridiculous proposal, next. ♪ ♪
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saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> carley: san francisco's district attorney only has a few days left in office after being recalled by voters, but he is not ruling out another run. in his first interview since being ousted, he tells "the san francisco chronicle," "a lot of my supporters and endorsements and donors and democratic clubs that were behind me are urging me to run now or in 2023. i am committed as i always have been my entire life to doing the work to support our communities to fight for a fair system of justice." well, 60% voted in favor of his recall and his critics say the outcome is a clear repudiation of his soft-on-crime policies
1:49 am
and a sharp rise in crime across san francisco. joey? >> joey: also in the golden state, the city of west hollywood has voted to cut sheriff funding and take debby's off patrol all while the trendy neighborhood sees a 264% increase in crime from last year. >> prioritizing people's safety doesn't just mean people with guns and badges on the street. reimagining policing means reallocating funding. >> soledad ursula is a venice resident and member of the public health and safety committee. thank you for joining us. >> hi, joey. good morning. >> joey: lets go right into what they'll use this money for. the reallocation of funds, they'll have unarmed security ambassadors, updated the lgbtq crosswalk to be more inclusive, and a $50,000 russian art festival.
1:50 am
all of this instead of having more cops on the street as crime surges. what is your take on that? >> remember, the concept of defunding the police depends on the idea that money can be spent on alternatives that will reduce crime. but that's not what we are seeing and it's not something that can be done in the midst of a crime wave and a time of great unease. when you look at the data coming in, these been a major increase in crimes reported, which, by the way, are incredibly heinous crimes. murder and aggravated assault. >> joey: when we talk about the crime there in l.a. county, i would imagine republicans are going to win any time soon. as they hope to correct this? we had someone on earlier this morning who was ran over, her and her baby. is there an opportunity to get policies in that will change this? >> what this really is, another attack and attempt to defend
1:51 am
alex villanueva who is running for reelection in november. remember, he's the highest ranking democrat in california who has publicly denounced will wokeism. >> joey: on the politicians who may not support this move, the west hollywood mayor is saying, "most of the residents and businesses i've heard from are opposed to cutting the budget. they are our age that people and organizations from outside our city are dictating to the council how to run our city. the narrative we can have, either shapes are unarmed security teams, is false." it sounds like she is in lockstep with your opinion on this. how did this boat go through? >> you have to remember one of the key proponents behind all of this, her father is a billionaire with an estimated net worth of $8 billion who happens to own the "l.a. times."
1:52 am
she is a millennial who grew up in bed and lit with privilege. she has very few qualifications to be a public safety commissioner and it's very curious that she was appointed this position by the current west hollywood counsel member lindsey horvath who is now running for l.a. county supervisor and the "l.a. times" decided to endorse. we see these very low key individuals of privilege and it's almost a grand experiment of social engineering. but the problem is our lives are at risk. >> joey: what do you think will be the result of five more police officers being taken off the streets there and west hollywood? >> the real issue is it doesn't matter how many unarmed ambassadors you hire. no amount of unarmed social workers can combat this. that is the fact. >> i don't know if i'll travel out there anytime soon but i think it's sending the wrong message the idea that woke policies are going to lead in cities already seeing a 264%
1:53 am
spike in crime. you talk about someone coming in, or the citizens of west hollywood going to fight back on this? do they think they'll have a chance to work with the mayor would do something to keep policing on the streets? >> unfortunately what will likely happen is it'll take something very tragic to happen, a loss of life, for this to be reversed. even in my district where i live in venice my councilmember was one of the lead advocates to defund. today he has hired private security with our public tax dollars for his westchester office. then they are putting up fencing and barbed wire. that's what happens when you defund the police. he essentially have to pay for private security. >> joey: in any case, good luck and hopefully you find public safety somewhere.
1:54 am
cilla debt ursula, thank you. >> thank you. >> carley: listen to this, a california school board member is coming to boycott the fourth of july following the supreme court ruling of roe v. wade. this woman posted an image on facebook encouraging people to join her, even mentioning she has not celebrated independence day since 2016. she also responded back to someone's comment with "i am especially not interested in celebrating a holiday centered around freedom from oppression and government when that freedom is not a reality for so many people in this country." did you know that? that the people in this country aren't free? steel and i don't know, we should have more people fight for us. >> carley: surprising from a california school board member. house speaker nancy pelosi and her husband, who was discharged with a dui, receiving first holy communion at the vatican despite speaker's support for abortion. below we ask what he things about that. plus mike huckabee has thoughts
1:55 am
on kamala harris completed backtracking. and with it but biden plans to run for president again. a lot to unpack here, so keep it right here with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, the secret service now refuting claims that president trump lunged at an agent and said he wasn't consulted before the claims were put on television. we are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i am carley shimkus. >> joey: and i'm joey jensen for todd piro. they've been criticized as partisan and biased, as republicans jim jordan and jim banks were not commissioned by nancy pelosi to serve. live with the latest on this. >> good morning. that's right, the january 6th committee secret service said that they did not reach out before moving forward with tuesday's testimony


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