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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 30, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> the supreme court handed president biden a big win in an immigration case. it allows his administration to do away with the trumpet you have remained in mexico policy. chief justice roberts sided with the court liberals in a 5-4 decision that effectively ends the program that requires asylum-seekers to stay in mexico while that process plays out. opening up the country to a flood of migrants. also breaking right now, fox news has just gotten dashcam video from a migrant being
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struck and killed on the highway. tragic. you want to warn you this video is graphic. it's from june 10th during a smuggling arrest. the suspect was pulled over. about half a dozen illegal migrants who were in the car decided to bail out. and one man ran right into traffic and was hit by a car and killed. just tragic. the smuggling suspect is now charged with his death. this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone. i'm kayleigh mcenany here with my cohost, emily compagno. joining us, julie banderas, cassie smedile, and jerry jones. first about remain in mexico, this was obviously a loss for the conservative wing of the justices and a win for the biden administration. here is what she said. the border patrol issued more than 107 million encounters with aliens along the mexico border.
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it appears that one of these is not admissible. the government simply releases the sale into the country in hopes they will show up for hearing and his or her entitlement to remain will be decided. congress has provided clear answer to that question and the answer is no. he goes on to cite the statute. in other words, congress has been clear and explicit according to the alito dissent but the majority opinion decided otherwise. >> emily: the other argument is the real losers here are the american public. we have had the state and local governments around the court, quarter and the entire united states, the attorney general and governors as far north as iowa and idaho have joined the lawsuit this is absolutely depleting our resources. this is a complete health and human impact on us to the negative and for the progressives remember that this
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actually only impacted 3,000 migrants since december. the argument is one of deterrents but the remain in mexico policy has real value and they argue otherwise there is none. what else exists at the southern border to deter these migrants from flooding over and creating terrible situations like that loss of 53 lives in the tractor truck there? lynette ran into traffic. these are horrible predictable foreseeable consequences. by the way, on that note, the reason why the smuggler could be charged with the death of that migrant is because it's a foreseeable consequence as his original felonious activity. i think we really we can't underestimate or overemphasize it for how many communities are absolutely going to be broken by this. >> functionally, looking to at this opinion, the administration
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has already rolled back title 42 under which there have been 1.9 million migrants expelled. it's a policy to essentially keep the board are airtight and it's wiped away. now remain in mexico is wiped away. so essentially open border is the law of the land. >> under president trump, those laws actually in fact stopped a lot of migrants from coming into this country and presented a lot of lives from being lost. they are talking about these 46 migrants that were killed, essentially murdered, because they were left in a tractor-trailer paid with the remain in mexico law no longer, it means those who should have been waiting, even those seeking amnesty, should be waiting in mexico, wait in line, wait in mexico. it's not a problem. the administration is essentially coming in and saying, you can just come in through the front door, and they are responsible for the death of these migrants. i believe that -- >> kayleigh: 53 now. >> julie: originally 46, and 53 of these people who believe there is an open border policy in this country. so they have an open
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administration. the fact that kamala harris in fact attacked abbott for saying that he turned quickly to politics, this is all about politics. this is failed politics. the blood of their hands is on the biden administration as far as i'm concerned. >> kayleigh: to your point, that was just before she went. watch this. >> how the governor of that state responded highlights part of the problem. with 50 dead bodies in his state, and his response is to go straight to politics instead of dealing with the realities of the issue. >> the newest justice, ketanji brown jackson, about to be officially sworn in. she replaces retiring associate justice stephen breyer. and chief justice john robert is administering the oath. and her debut as historic as justice jackson is now the first black woman to serve on the supreme court.
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plus, with her addition, the high court has four women for the first time ever. let's watch. >> i, ketanji brown jackson, do solace where -- >> i, ketanji brown jackson, do solemnly swear -- >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> that i take this freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. >> and i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> thank you very much, now i
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will turn things over to justice breyer. >> the judicial oath. will you raise your hand please? i, ketanji brown jackson -- >> i, ketanji brown jackson -- >> do solemnly swear -- >> do solemnly swear -- >> that i will administer justice without respect to persons. and to equal right to the poor into the rich. and that i will faithfully and impartially -- >> and that i will faithfully and impartially -- >> discharge and perform -- >> discharge and perform -- >> all the duties -- >> all the duties -- >> incumbent upon me -- >> incumbent upon me -- >> as an associate justice of the supreme court of united states -- >> as an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states -- >> under the constitution and laws of the united states -- >> under the constitution and laws of the united states.
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>> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> now, on behalf of all the members of the court, i am pleased to welcome justice jackson to our court and to our common calling. [applause] >> kayleigh: you just watched justice ketanji brown jackson, who took the oath from justice breyer. significant, she was his clerk and now she replaces him as a 104th associate justice on the supreme court of the united states. joey, going back to our discussion, i want to play that sound bite from the vice president. let's look at what she had to say. >> how the governor of that
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state responded really highlights part of the problem, because his response, or there are 50 dead bodies in state, is to go straight to politics instead of dealing with the realities of the issue. >> kayleigh: so it's a form administration issue except we brought the numbers for you. just take a look really quick at this. this is may 2022 encounters at the southern border. 239,416. may 2020 is the last that president trump was president, 23,000. in other words, that the 930% increase. 216,000 nor encounters in the setting border. i'm not sure what she means. >> joey: the realities of the issue, i grew up in dalton, georgia. the carpet we are sitting on right now is made in dalton, georgia. i promise you, all carpets are made there. you know who makes that? immigrants. this country doesn't make it
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without import labor. that's part of who we are and part of our fabric. when you come here illegally, you live in the shadows. he lived two or three families to home, and back to mexico to support a family. they get lonely and they start a new family. it's not fun to live here in the shadows, to live in a way that your home is in mexico and you can't go back and forth because you might get caught, so you live here, you don't have most of what is afforded to america as far as human rights go unless you do so illegally, and then there's no guarantee guarantee behind it. and you can go to the local health department for benefits. that's about it. it's not fun to be here illegally. what has happened is the children of those people who have come here illegally, and started once they started here, those are american citizens. and they've come of age now. they can vote now. they look at with a mom and dad went through. and that is a ridiculous way to be part of this country. that is not the way this should happen. and they are voting for republicans are promising to do
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something about it. when the supreme court hands it back to the administration, to an executive branch that can change every four years, but that really means is the american people can put a lot of pressure on congress to codify immigration reform and fix fully have broken. >> kayleigh: cassie, leave her at all the time from democrats. they like to see themselves as a great humanitarian party when it comes to illegal immigrants. that is the messaging, except it's not compassionate when 53 migrants die of the heat in the back of a semi, essentially, as the individual who is the perpetrator that was very high on meth. it's not compassionate when little girls are in facilities and don't have a place to use the restroom and are on suicide watch. >> cassie: this policy or lack thereof toward immigration and open borders, it's inhumane. it's not fair, to your point,
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for the people coming over illegally. it's not fair for those living in border communities who just have been ravaged by al of the crime. it's a flood of people coming over. it's inhumane and there's a lot of compassion for people trying to escape a life that we can't even imagine. but let's work on the policies. what we've learned from all these supreme court decisions over the last couple weeks, they are saying, do your job. legislators, do your job. don't rely on the supreme court to do your job for you. as voters we should be very in tuned with that, as well, who we are electing of the job they are going to do. what we have is an open border policy. >> kayleigh: and joe biden, the open border president, make no mistake. ahead, another round of bad poll playlist for president biden, and even democrats and republicans seem to agree the country is heading in the wrong direction. more on that next. ♪ ♪ every year we try to exercise more,
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>> kayleigh: any batch of bad poles for president biden. showing democrats and republicans can agree on something. america is headed in the wrong direction and president biden. 85% of voters say the country is on the wrong track and that includes more than 90% of republicans, get this, almost 80% of democrats. biden's job approval now syncing to an all-time low. the real clear politics average putting his approval at just 38%. this, as the president sets his sights on a second term, but a new report is saying that biden is still trying to sell his own party on the idea. the headline from nbc, "biden pitches democrats on biden for president in 2024." cassie, ian read, i'm sure, behind the headlines like i do.
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where the leaks are coming from, and to try to pinpoint it. there is this barrage of articles, all people leaking democrats saying, "we don't want him." one "washington post" headline, he is running, probably planted by the dnc or the white house or someone. they have him trying to court democrats at a time when they are sour on him. >> cassie: it's almost become a part of the talking points to say, i won't campaign with biden, i am a candidate, and there's a badge of honor that i'm separate from him, which doesn't speak good of how popular or unpopular he is for their party. but i would just note that everybody take a look at the democrats voting records. if they vote with him, 95-100% of the time. to save your own hind in your own election, yet you keep voting with him. but i do think it is important that democrats are like, we'd be fine with somebody else. but who is the somebody else?
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>> kayleigh: and you wonder what a midterm shellacking will do to that calculus. i imagine the cries to get them out will be louder. and key to maintaining your hold on the party as cassie is suggesting, is being popular among voters. he has like 70% approval among democrats. >> julie: i've never run for office but let's say i'm a democrat and i'm running, i would want democrats voting for me, right? that's how it works? [laughter] nearly 8 out of 10 democrats are not supporting the president. so that is going to be a fundamental challenge when it comes to the midterms in november. and as far as those democrats that say there is no red wave coming, look your partners and your colleagues, your friends, because they are the ones turning their back on the president. why? because of the economy. it's the number one reason why democrats are turning their back on this president. the economy and gas prices. by the way, this administration has basically handed to the fact that, get used to it and stop complaining, it's not that bad. even though in some places it is nearing, wet, $7, $8 in
9:20 am
california? and economy is not going to get any better, by the way, come november. it's going to get worse. so i think your republicans republicans have it in the bag. >> kayleigh: check out this antipolitical footwork from the vice president. he is what she said on 2024. >> joe biden is running for reelection and i will be his ticket mate. full stop. >> kayleigh: it's "running mate," but she is "ticket mate" a second time. she change that to say that he intends to run and if he does i will be his ticket mate and we will run together. a spokesperson reached out on background and said she's just doing that to avoid fcc rules she would trigger by being so certain. >> emily: i think you're being generous saying it this antipolitical footwork. [laughter] i think the original articulation in the beginning, he should be surprised about that?
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going back to your point about the economy, oftentimes people are free to eat a single issue candidates or single issue voting records, but to me it is fundamental. what is so interesting as we discuss every day the plummeting approval rates for the president, part of the reason why they are plummeting, it's being driven by the skyrocketing disapproval ratings coming out of the democrats. just one year ago 37% of democrats described to the national economy, for example. but just one year, now 67% of them say the national economy -- this is in addition to 8 out of 10 saying that the national economy is in poor condition and they disapprove of biden's handling of it. remember, it's the single most important fundamental issue hand-in-hand with inflation. so i think while they continue to vote with them, perhaps in certain policies in general, come the midterms and come 2024 it'll be a different story. >> julie: and add immigration to that, as well. >> kayleigh: joey, we do have that 51% of the economy and now
9:22 am
it's 28%. as they say, it's the economy that is stupid, not roe v. wade and dobbs. >> joey: if that was fancy for, i've got a set of legs he can borrow. [laughter] it's not all that difficult. when you look at president biden, our money's worth less, things cost more, the military can't get anyone to serve anymore. congress is in complete disarray. we have hearings over january 6th while we are trying to figure out how to pay for things. it seems like their eyes are all on the wrong ball or something of that speak. i think it's a bit disingenuous but also politically advantageous for democrats to blame president biden for the state of things, because the state of things are a result of a perceived moderate fully embracing the democrats' mainstream progressive views. president biden gets into office in the first thing he does is to the energy sector. roe v. wade, it's been around for most of his clinical career.
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he is embracing this progressive agenda. the one place he has shined in his incompetence is responding to crisis page talk about afghanistan and ukraine, the border, everything from baby formula to inflation and energy. on top of their policies, he has shown an inability to lead effectively, to see anything coming. he can simultaneously tell us that all of our intelligence community new almost to the date when ukraine was going to be invaded, but seemed to respond in a way where he was caught completely off guard. and it's that way through all of these crises. the baby formula, the same thing. >> kayleigh: like afghanistan, he is very stubborn, which means he's going to run in 2024. mark my words. coming up, a 20-year-old mom pushing her baby in a stroller -- so sad -- was shot at point-blank range in one of new york city's most upscale neighborhoods. america's growing crime crisis is next did you know there's only been two times in american history
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speech >> emily: a horrific scene in one of new york's welty's neighborhoods. at 21-year-old mother was pushing her 3-month-old baby in a stroller when a man dressed in black walked up and shot her in the head at close range, killing hooray they are. children were playing at the nearby park and heard the shot. one witness saw the young woman fell to the ground. a manhunt for the gunman is now underway. we are told the baby is unharmed. the mother of the young woman told fox news digital that she believes the suspect is the child's father and said the city was supposed to protect her daughter after she alerted authorities over alleged domestic violence. julie? >> julie: i was just speaking with a high-level nypd source that tells me basically this is not only a domestic violence case, the mother has an absolute point here. she should have been protected. this case was open back in january. we are now almost in july and this is the reason why these murders are happening in our city. this happened at about 8:30 p.m. at night. this could have happened in
9:29 am
broad daylight, quite frankly, because the police officers here have no control and they are not being given the power in order to follow up on domestic violence cases because even if he were to be arrested, he be released within 24 hours and able to be free to reoffend. here's the quote from my high-level source here. this is a reminder of where this city is going. with no help from politicians and officers leaving in droves, there is no end in sight. so the nypd themselves are saying we know it's bad, we think it's going to get worse. why? because of politicians. you got a new mayor who finally stepped foot in sibley and he said himself he is shocked how bad it was paid he's been in office how many months and he just figured that out? obviously there hasn't been preplanning on the issue and it is going to get worse before it gets better is what the nypd are telling me, which is not a good feeling if you're a new yorker. >> emily: we've been reporting on double-digit resignations by nypd detectives.
9:30 am
no backing. they are literally retiring early and taking their pensions early and moving to florida. i know so many of them with families and young children. you know it? they were stationed in the bronx. i know three off the top of my head that worked with the patrol in the bronx and located in harlem and these precincts where they were getting shot at or attacked, and they couldn't even fight back. so they are retiring because there is no backing for nypd or police and law enforcement in the city whatsoever. >> emily: as well as >> emily: as well as resignations by assistant district attorney who are sick of the soft-on-crime policies that are also being represented in cities throughout the country. that's why americans come in addition to inflation and economy, place public safety is a top priority and are confused by city council decisions in los angeles that are still voting to defund the police, defund sheriff offices, despite triple digits there in an increase in crime. >> joey: talking about the city of west hollywood, 264% increase in crime, and the council just voted to take money
9:31 am
away from police officers and spend on things like a russian arts festival and making the crosswalks more lgbtq friendly. whatever that means. i'm not sure. i don't know how it makes your city safer. l.a. county is in complete disarray. i have posted "fox & friends first" all weekend. we have had three or four guests throughout the week from buckhead atlanta, l.a. county los angeles, chicago, almost everyone of them, just before you bring them on, there's a new story of a new murderer or a a new crime that's happening in the city that we are adjusting to talk about. it gives full evidence right away. you see on social media, people are mocking and running away from the men holding up a cell phone saying you can't chase, you can't chase. the two cops murdered in l.a., the young man who murdered them had not seen his parole officer in six months. the root of this problem is through covid they have completely disconnected the physical check-ins on their parole officers.
9:32 am
we talk about these woke policies, it's heading everything, not just new york. >> emily: it is, especially lips vulnerable communities. but this administration and the progressive left want to protect. the irony is similar with the parallel with the southern border where compassion becomes cruel. november we report on the guy he was the serial shoplifter and also an assaulter who had been arrested over 40 times connect finally he was put in jail and he said it was the best thing that ever happened to him. "finally i am sober." in stark contrast to the progressive speaking for him and saying, no, baler form is what is important. meanwhile the community is devastated and this poor man almost died because of his addiction and now he is sober and saying thank you for putting him in jail. >> kayleigh: follow up on that, mayor eric adams, his response to this gets more and more tone-deaf to me. when a mother is pushing a baby carriage on the block and is shot at point-blank range, this shows just how this national
9:33 am
problem is impacting families. using the word "national problem" was intentional because that somehow suggests this is not a new york city phenomenon, but national. has an article about six cities that are on pace for their 2022 violent crime numbers to outpace 2021. they probably need to find a commonality here. baltimore, los angeles, philadelphia, washington, d.c., atlanta. new york city. democrat-run cities. it's not a national problem, it's a democrat problem and a lawlessness problem, as julie knows. steel and yet democrats still refused to acknowledge the public safety component that voters want and need and instead they say it's a nesting problem. they refused to admit a red wave is coming and has already started coming, and the reason behind it, primarily because of public safety. >> cassie: first of all, hats off to these men and women showing up for work knowing that they are not supported but who believe in this bigger charge
9:34 am
and cause. thank you for doing your job. but yes, the red wave is coming. not even in red states. san francisco where they are becoming their d.a.s because they have that power, so we vote you out of office or move ourselves out of your cities, and then good luck to you and you lose all the law-abiding citizens in your city. >> emily: moving forward, gun rights advocates are condemning california's attorney general for releasing the names and addresses of 200,000 concealed carry permit holders in the state. we will discuss this major breach of privacy next. ♪ ♪ (vo) red lobster's seafood summerfest is fire! turn up for the grilled lobster, shrimp and salmon trio ...and our hottest summer duo, steak and lobster! it's lit! don't miss red lobster's seafood summerfest.
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>> emily: california's attorney general is investigating a data breach that exposed the personal information of hundreds of thousands of people who have applied for a concealed carry permit within the last ten years. the state justice department says the breach happened just hours after the agency updated the firearm dashboard portal with new data.
9:39 am
the move would improve transparency and trust but instead it leaked personal information found on people safety certificate, gun sale records, and more. joey jones, include specifically the folder name, nickname, the date of birth, address, and the race of these hundreds of thousands of people. and it found that in the l.a. county database around 420 where reserve officers and 244 judges were among those who had the information leaked. >> joey: think about what happened a couple weeks ago with the supreme court justice. you tell me we don't have a generation of weak men that are looking to have power or influence, you think there aren't people out there who have this mindset that would use this information negatively? if you want to know why we can't have universal background checks, this is why we can't. universal background checks come on its merit, is not a terrible idea. but the risk of how it would put
9:40 am
people in jeopardy and create a class of citizens the government could go after at will, this is why that's a bad idea. this is why most new gun legislation's are completely untrusting. the senate just passed a bill and i don't know where it is in the house, i haven't checked, but the senate just passed legislation, gun legislation, probably about as weak gun legislation as you can see for two reasons. the american people don't support it. they don't trust the government to take more rights away. two, they know that's not the answer. they know gun legislation is the answer to the problems we have. when states like california do this i believe it's 100% on purpose and it continues to deteriorate the trust between americans who want to partake in the second amendment and a government. >> emily: let's give a benefit of the deaf or sickening case it wasn't purposeful. >> joey: i won't. >> emily: that said, in legalese there is negligence that rises to a level of criminal culpability regardless of intent.
9:41 am
if something happens to those, i think they should be criminally prosecuted now. that's unacceptable regardless of the incompetence that seems to continue emanating from that office. >> kayleigh: totally unacceptable. how does this happen? by the way, seven days after the new york case was decided by the supreme court, seven days? i'm sorry, the timing seems a bit suspect. i agree, we don't know, it could have been accidental negligence, as he said. the timing is crazy. gavin newsom says there was a portal created to improve transparency and information sharing for firearms related data. it seems like a doxxing portal. how does data just accidentally spilled onto the internet? >> emily: that's right. cassie, doesn't this underscore, too -- if there's one thing you can rely on the government it's actually incompetence. it's the blundering fumblingness of an overblown, bloated bureaucratic institution,
9:42 am
especially coming out of california and gavin newsom demonstration they are. why do people keep arguing the answer to the problem? to me they are the absolute because of all of our problems. if there's anyone i trust to protect my personal information, believe me, it's not the california government. >> cassie: that's right, it always gets a good laugh because no one believes it. we have seen time and again how the government has done us wrong. and broaden this out paid media not a gun owner, but we disagree with that so you're going to get doxxed'. and that's why we say, what next? i'm with you, i don't think it's an accident. >> julie: there's a gun rights group firing back and calling for the ag to resign. i believe that he should resign. joey, i thought was interesting, you mention something in the break. those who hold gun licenses and are licensed to carry actually
9:43 am
carry out less crime. i want you to share -- 's behind the amount of work it takes to get a permit to carry in places like new york or california, those are the people committing gun crimes. they are the ones willfully submitting personal information and showing they have training. they are doing their due diligence. they are law-abiding citizens. no state should have any fear of someone going through hurdles to carry a gun for their safety becoming the criminal. it just doesn't happen. the data doesn't show that it happens. people who are willing to commit crimes are willing to do it with a gun illegally. >> emily: and these are the same people advocating for genetic privacy, to reduce the cold case homicide solution rate by 3 million down to 30,000 or whatever it was. but the second you are a law enforcement officer or a judge -- exactly. coming up, a school board member in california is now calling for a boycott of the july 4th holiday, independence day. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: president biden facing an uphill battle from his own party with his ability to do
9:48 am
the job. brian kilmeade joins us on that. as inflation worries and other countries as the president claims? we will dig in and as we enter holiday weekend, grocery store owner stu leonard is here to talk prices for your fourth of july cookout. come join us in "america reports," top of the hour. ♪ ♪ 's pt welcome back. the fourth of july is just around the corner and while many americans plan to celebrate independence day with barbecues and fireworks, california school board members are calling for a boycott after the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. she says she hasn't felt patriotic for quite some time now. she posted this. "i haven't celebrated the fourth of july since 2016 and i don't think it's a holiday to
9:49 am
celebrate." what do you think, julie banderas? >> julie: let's see... i would say you are hispanic, so let me just talk about how, first of all, hispanics in this country are very proud to be here, those that came in legally. my mother emigrated from columbia many years ago and she's a very proud hispanic colombian american. to say she's not proud to celebrate this country's freedom on independence day, that she has been celebrating since the year of 2016, it's a shameful representation of legal hispanics in this country. she is what gives hispanics a bad name in this country. so thank you, but no thanks. >> kayleigh: she wrote "boycott fourth of july" in all caps. we will be boycotting here. we'll be here from 8:00 to 10:00. >> joey: it shows me how amazing this country is that we can be so free and that freedom can be so paid for by others that you can be spoiled and say,
9:50 am
"i don't even feel patriotic. as a matter of fact, i feel so unpatriotic and going to type up the most offensive thing i can and send it out to the entire country and not one bad consequence will happen because i have that freedom." that's how unpatriotic, the irony in this. there's no soapbox to get on that would make sense. i hope she finds peace of my patience is an angry petty woman, i guess. i don't know where you're coming from on this. >> kayleigh: i also don't know why she chose 2016 to all the sudden boycott. >> joey: i know why she chose it. [laughter] >> emily: that was actually my home school district, contra costa county. when i was growing up in it, and public school, it was called the richmond unified school district until it went bankrupt and we had to change our name to contra costa because of the resulting situation where they banks wouldn't loan to the school district.
9:51 am
my advisor would be to focus on education. i don't know how much more improved has been. i would say the chairman of the contra costa republican party said the rhetoric is disgusting and speaks more volumes today very twisted thinking and ideology. most americans don't want this type of behavior or rhetoric in this education system. >> julie: it is so sad, by the way, that she is. it's a shame. she should educate yourself before she educates our youth because she'll be spoiling in their minds periods pt one of the comments was that on the fourth of july they should bury the constitution and the american flag instead. >> cassie: i want my kids to learn about that if people are proud to be americans. they fought really hard for the right to disagree and not celebrate. isn't that a beautiful thing? i will make one note, there is a lot of communities in the fourth of july that aren't doing fireworks shows because they can't afford them, they are
9:52 am
expensive. so maybe she can go to her local fireworks stand and send some to some of those communities that really would love to celebrate and can't because of joe biden. >> kayleigh: i read about shortage. >> joey: i get mad when we gok over the royal family. that bothers me. i promise you, the farmer that picked up a musket in 1775, i have more in common with him than anyone who lives in a castle. we believe in freedom and we are willing to fight for it. that is american culture. with that freedom is from one generation to the next may look a little different because we get a little back, but this is a country where no matter what you look like, how you pray, how you speak, what food you make, the vote for, we are all on equal footing. when we walk out that door in the morning and someone falls down, we don't take any of those can things into consideration before we pick that person back up. i know because that is what happened to me in 2010 when i was blown apart. people put me back together and
9:53 am
not just out of gratitude of my service but because i was a fellow american who needed help. we don't build a country like this if we don't understand how necessary it is to appreciate each other and build it together. and how you can't be on board with that message and respect where we've come from in the last couple hundred years, that just shows the amount of spoiled bubble life you are living. it's not lost on me that the people who complain the most about this country, but being oppressed, generally are the ones who have made the majority of their living off of the public trust, some school board or some public defender, what have you come and then complain about the fact that they are not contributing anything to begin with, in my humble opinion. these kind of things really irked me, they get on my nerves periods pt we celebrate our country but we also celebrate you, joey jones, and all the men and women who have made it possible. >> joey: i am 1 of millions. >> kayleigh: the best among us. more "outnumbered" in just a
9:54 am
moment. ♪ ♪ with best western rewards you get rewarded
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♪♪♪ >> last but not least, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. when you order wine at restaurants, there actually is less in the glass. shrinkflation has hit the bottle. restaurants are feeling the heat and left with no choice but to give patrons a stingy poor. that is something whine about. i call this a national tragedy. >> it's a national emergency, the song "hole in the bottle"
9:59 am
will give me nightmares. where was this when i was doing weight watchers? the wine serving used to be six ounces, then five, now four ounces, in weight watchers you are in luck, only two points. but the rest of us that want a hearty pour, that sucks. >> kayleigh, i know you are not drinking wine right now. >> i won't care about the story until november, but i do care, pour the wine for my friends. >> the reality is, the restaurants have no choice. passing on either the cost or -- >> i don't drink wine but i keep ordering coca-colas, and it tastes so bad, tastes like pepsi, put too much carbonated water in. >> national emergency. now cassie has told us about a local fox viewer and friend celebrating a big milestone. 100th birthday to grady
10:00 am
thompson, from georgia, he served in the navy in world war ii on the u.s.s. thomas jefferson. his ship was one of the first ships to unload infantry troops on d-day. he was married 72 years, 62 great grandchildren and eight great, great grandchildren. grady, happy birthday, and thank you for your service, sir. and now, here is "america reports." >> thank you, emily. fox news alert, a brand-new hour. president biden wrapping the nato summit in spain facing questions about raging inflation here at home. the president repeating claims that prices are higher in other countries. >> i can understand why the american people are frustrated because of inflation, but inflation is higher in almost every other country. >> the numbers show the statement is simply not true. steve forbes weighs in on that, and


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