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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 2, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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safety upgrade free go to jacuzzi's and remodel com or call 800 nine nine zero five one three eight. that's eight hundred nine nine zero five one three eight call now at a time thanks to kennedy. >> jim florentine cat there are two forty four that was able to come back . i thought that i love you a maverick. hello everyone. i'm judge jeanine pirro alongne with jessica tarloff, joey jones, david mcdowell and greg gutfeld . it's five o'clock in new york city and that hasew is greg. then this is the vice. >> not many people feeling patriotic in joe biden'st is america this fourth of july. and it's really no wonder whether out of touch white house telling americans suffering to just it up.
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according to a new fox news poll, just 39% of americans are proud of where the country is today. which is down twelve pointsro from the twenty seventeen and a whopping thirty points since 2011. it marks the first time a majority feels disappointed in this country. and as americans feel ame the hm from raging inflation and astronomical gas prices, the white house is doublingr down on their deal with it. >> philosophy. >> how long is it fair to expect american drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war? as long as it takes? russia cannot, in fact, defeat ukraine and move beyond ukraine. this is a critical, critical position for the world. but what do you say to those families who say, listen, weff can't afford to pay for eighty five a gallon for months, if not years. this is just not sustainable.. this is about the future ofor the liberal world order and weld have to stand firm and if
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people think we're on the wrongh track, the white house thinks you justed need to be remindedy how awesome things really are. >> 85% of us adults say the country is on the wrong track. 85%, that's up from 68% in march. nn itit appears that increasingly the american people do not approve of what this white house is doing. but these are uncertain times from when pricess are people are understandably frustrated. we have and also remind the american people that even as we go through aven this challenging period, even as we move through this transitionth, we also have madem historic economic progress. >> you know, joey, that guides j the economic counciloe director, i mean, when he points tohe the fact that you the fact that the majority of americansan feel disappointed the countryyo right now, he says, you know, they just are not looking at how great the economy is . this guy is in charge of
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the economic council forec the white house. one more personis on this network says it's td, the economy, stupid, i'm going toto i'm going to lose it like i hear it all day on every on every network that's wherear americans are. and i believe that's true when it comes to our politicians. but when we talkk about beings disappointed in this country, i think it's cultural. i think the left c looks atit our country and they see our prosperity as a symbol of oppression, centuries of oppression. they see the rejection of crt or the supreme court decision , roe versus wade and they say we're still under the thumb. it's the it's the midwives or c whatever that's called the right looks atal whatever ad not the right crt. they look at what culture and they see the decaye of what makes this country great to them. and to an extent, they're kind of both right. not that i believe that something something like what the left talks about is oppression. but there was before, the societalbu expectation ofen just presenting yourself and speaking respectfullytiha and making the point without having to glue yourself to something in the rightto sees
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the decay of that is losing what makes this great. so both sides, especially to our political representatives that play into this , see us in a really is i bad place with the question and don't think the question is how they feel about the country today. and 85 percent of the peoplero think we're headed in the wrong direction. so it's pretty clear how they feel about the country. is that different from whether or not they love the country or does play into it becausebe the country has gone in a horrible direction under biden, incorporated by any and every metric. it's worse than wor when biden k office. biden was supposed to be like a palate cleanser like champagne sorbet. instead, he's like an old crab cake that you paid five thousand dollars for. it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you're probably going to get food poisoning from that to joey's point, though, the liberal default when about being a proud american, its not
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being proud. default for conservatives historically is you are proud and this bears out in the numbers where among republicans the being america pride has fallen by twenty eight points since 2017 and then twenty one points among independents and that is because of the direction ofof the country. like when you say for republicans. yeah, we're out at wal-mart or the law buying a cuzzi. >> you know, with proud american on it. and that's right. and forit liberals that you kno, that just get you ask them arehe you proud of the united states? and they got yeah, it's fine. yeah. >> so so it's still even what jessica said in the green room. but you know, jessica, whenpr the president says that the americans should expect to continue to pay these high prices, high gas prices, then i expect the food prices
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and inflation and everything else until russia is is defeated in ukraine. what if i russia's never defeatd in ukraine? well, that's increasinglyed what people who used to be in the military and on air arear commenting or saying that iec went toen a talk recentlysa with admiral mcraven and he said unless weid kind ofno proverbial, you know what to get off the pot, we're p just going to be stuck in this place for a very long time . and the expectation is that, yes, putin thought originally i can do this in 30 days now that he knows that that's not possible. he can waitt ite out the rest of time and he can just stand there. and yes, we we have made biggerr moves m when we sent in newul missile systems this week that should changee the game a little bit. but putin has nothing but time and we don't know. messaging on this has been extremely poor. everybody understands that weweo are part ofno a global economy. that'sar not a hard concept for folks to understand. but when it seems like you don't have a choice in terms of what you are paying for , that's something that rubst people the wrong way.
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because i think if you said,ay oh , we could scale back and little bit or maybe put a few troops on the ground or build up and poland, for instance, to get a dollar off your gas bill , i think the people would say, generally speaking, i want, a dollar off my gas bill since they have tested those things so closely together, which don't think is the reason that this is happening on the proud american frontpe. i think reagan is right t that the way that liberals and conservatives talk about patriotism is just fundamentally different. i don't think that it meanss i that we actually love the country anyt differently. this trend didnd start in twenta seventeen. that includes three years ofrt the trump era. this is not just biden walking into office and suddenly everyone decided that we hate it here , but the way that folks talk about this is important to take into account when evaluating varying degrees of love for america or, a you know,me one of the lines that really concerned me was when a d i think it's d again, the economic council guy says, you know, the future of
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the liberal world order is at stake. >> we elect this guy to change the future of the liberal worlde order. >> joe biden. it'sib actually this is a really big deal . but i first am just so tired of hearing you people talking about whereer is the pride tous america. we just had a full month. we just had a full month of you guys. oh , wait, that wasn't about being an american. >> that was about sexual orientation. you can do that for a month. you betterri do that for a month . your company better send emailso on that for month. but if t you talk about patriotism, that's so old school old fashioned, what is gary fast trip from america first to america last. that liberal world order phrase used toom be something you might hear somebody on infomercials say i'm not incite infowars say, but it's actually was said it was actually said out loud that one sound bite shouldh be in every commercial forou every republican campaign. ca >> you should play that liberal world order blurb to truckers,pa
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to parents buying food, tore delivery workers because it's this kind of it's one of the biggest like reveals in history and political history. >> they're saying, yeah, l what the greater good g means, the greater global good means your suffering doesn't matter. true . it's dte very stalinist people will die. but you got to break some eggs to make an omelet. er of course, you never see the omelet. all you see are the broken eggs. it's a veryen honest comment and we're learning that the administrationhone just isn't that into us being americans. >> so what is the democratic party offering to people? >> you're eitherpa p wokeeo or e broke, right? woke destroys the internal organs of a country. everybody's fighting each other. then you have the new world order, which is the external wor breakdown. we're fighting a war thousands of miles away right. li and thatng trumps our gas price. we're willing to accept perhaps world faminexc even in our own local misery for a war that won't end because both sides, according to both sides,
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are winning and are fun forhi fueling this war and billions and billions of dollars. and there is aa price for everything, including war , which is why trump had itad right, which is you drill, drill, drill, you become energy independent. so international turmoil has no effect on you, but you can'tt have it both ways. hyou can't want cheap oilap and then go to war against the people ond that supply the,l oil, although it's only eight or nine percent, it's not a problem. r it's a european problem. yes, but well, i mean well, biden clearly says it's f a problem. that's his excuse. yes, but but biden gave them the waiver for nord stream. and while they shut downam the american oil and gas. so i mean, it's the whole thing is a frightening situation. >> >> yeah. go ask t texas about the liberal world. yes. you have 10%. that is something that is>> a gift from heaven. yeah. g that they said that they actually came out and said it. coming up, travel armageddonn is upon us . thousands of flights getting
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growing mental health brand in america. russell walmart today gives up before i do get stressed sometimes, especially when the airport looks like this . it's actually pretty tax rate. could just get there. our flight on american was delayed because of crew. so we're going too miss our connection. >> americans are sounding offne on the insane: delays and cancelations rocking airports everywhere as we head intoance the july 4th week. so far today, more than 440e flights have been canceled. more than four thousand five hundred have been delayed. airlines struggling thanks totrf a perfect storm of problem bad weather, staff shortages, pilots threatening to strike
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and soaring fuel costs. but if you're stressed out,se have no fear. transportation secretary jack, he's on the case. >> is the july 4th holidayci a recipe for disaster givingpehe issues with the system right>> now? there are going t to be challenges, but we'rese watching it closely and we're talking to the airlines are evey day about their responsibility to make sure that they can accommodate any issues that weather or other curveballs might throw at a lot ofcl people, including me, are expecting to get to loved ones over this holidays weekend. and we need a system that isek resilient enough to get them there. stem good customer service when an issue does come up. >> greg, whenen g this administration uses the word challenge, you know, it meansre how you i just love i can't get enough of the airport arrival't on this repetitious cliched clips of people giving these exasperated
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quotes, you know, at the departing gates and stuff. this is just great stock video every year. so we don't have to go toam the airports and report on it. just use the samee stuff over and over again because like it's like we go to a twitterr. yeah.>> it's that's all it is that people people i enjoy vicariously when i'm notwh traveling. >> soer i'm not going anywhere.d so i get to sit there and i go and the thing is they areik there. so it feels like to me that no matter how bad it gets, it s never really is going to stop you from going anywhere. you'renywh still going to go because as human beings you believe out my flight isn't, going to get canceled. t their flights are i going tohe get canceled, you know, and thenen you show up there and generally most of the time you're right. >> but this is like this is one of those stories you do in the summertime because, you know, more people are flying. more peo i'm i predict in this w another story on sharks. d don't give it away. that's along with a judge. >> it's just simply too much demand, not enough supply.
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>> it's very simple. v but you know what i love put a chance because this guy has tremendous waste your time, judge, whether it's whethere. it's a supply chain or whether it's safe to do something.. and i wrote down the quote, the guy is talking to t the airlines every day. he's watching the airlines and he wants them to accommodate the pot, the fliers. what how else are you doing? i mean, really? and that's during the supply chain. you know, we had the supply chain problem every home with the baby . so,h you know, and they want tot run ithe for president. we'll have another joe biden. b but the guy i am impressed with is the delta ceo and i love delta. i think delta is always on time . i have no stock in it. don't worry about it. this guy says i apologize. he actually came out, tooke responsibility that i apologize and then to get people to not fly on overbooked planes, g he said, i'll give you g ten grand.
2:19 am
i want to book a flight just to get the ten grand to cancel it. that is i a true story. i did a deep dove on the ten t grand and made it a high ranking airline like manager and operations service manager has to green light that . but that was a puddle jumper flight fromfl it was from grand rapids, michigan to somewhere in minnesota. i said to minneapolis and theyto gave people they were offering00 eighty thousand dollars, ten grand to a different people. but0,0, they started doing thatn 2017 when that man was draggedai off the plane. so they're afraid that they'll have to drag somebody off d the plane and volunteerra. lu >> so they're given who didn't take what idiot didn't take ten grand. >> he had a girlfriend. there's somethingni dumper. what dumper. take the money.: my flight.t. my wife needs me with her. with no, she doesn't matter. right. you're going to a family event or something. i can seeil people who haveyo a wedding to get . but yes, ten thousand dollars should be quite inspirational in terms of turning it over inod
2:20 am
today's dollars. >> what isay, that ? 10% still ten thousand bucks. i meanbe inflation maybe. thank you , joe biden. all right. so you already answered the question. >> yeah, just looking like we've got time to q talk. thank you . want a burger? so people put judge in defense what he started. he was on paternity leave. w i need a kid on a ventilator. soso that's a very seriousat accident. okay,s thank you . so the administration is kind of if they do, if they don't. so people will say, well, why aren't you saying anything or why you're denying reality? they these things are all going on and then he's terrible for that too. also these airlines gotut billions of dollars in bailouts. that's why they need tos. they be able to fix this . i get it. the delta ceo t smart to be they first one to say that they're the americannnowow airlines guys like, oh , why didn't i do that in guys like w why didn't i do that ? so 100% get out there, puts a face to what's going on and say, i hear you . i see s you .
2:21 am
i am so sorry about that .o but also just fix it. you haveve the money to fix it, hire people back the pilots strike. t i'm not a pilot trainer. the thirty two hours per weekur when we have surgeons that are operating on no sleep, can we up that . >> i don't know if it's more than that . you sound very proud to do one more day to do all week if you're flying thirty or if the majority of your off time is somewhere else because you're waiting to get back on the plane. so you might be going sixty hours a week from your home. >> it's got to are fly isn't a problem. they can just fix because you can't just go make y more pilots right away. that'seig part of the problem. but we'll tell you this. i live in atlanta finding anta airport where delta is headquartered. the five tenants and pilots for delta orre the normal and they watch us . they're watching right now,ht the management and delta has had hiccups. i think in the grand scheme of airline business, any better ora worse. but they kind of got stuck in this problem because of the pandemic. i mean, you have all these
2:22 am
pilots that go and retire early. there's all this ambiguity on are , going to require vaccines, are they not? deltaa did step on it when they started basically charging insurance premiums to those that chose not to get thepr vaccine. but but this is the most important part of the segment is that nobody makes kamalalo harris look better than pete mutagens. no, i mean, because you talkri about crisis after crisis up or not beenf isi effective on . i mean, look at allan the transportation problemse we've and he wasn't on maternity leave for all of it.t. and hehe never has a good answer . and i'll telle you what, ifil the industry that can make billions on being effectiveli, f moving people around, t if they can't get it right, what'sh the government going to do? how are they going to fix it?ng they're not going to fix it. well, they're going to stranglel the airlines cause the airlines to 150 billion dollars in a bailout so that gives you a little bit of auto money. it is the most choice and most important part of this segment is the fact that i'm flying delta tomorrow morning and i better get off the ground. well, we love delta and i sate for one quick thing. it was united that had
2:23 am
that answer with the pulling the man off the plane wasn't delta delta sayingg you ten grand. of up next , democrats in the media now warning that thehe planet is in jeopardy and their latest supreme court meltdown that the 20% 1% on fox friends and your right wing, plenty ofho room for discoverer's accepted that . 99% of places in the u.s.. hello, i'm mike lindell inventor of mypillow. just like you . i had problems sleeping. i tried every pillow out
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you have up to four times greater risk of stroke, heart attackay even at your age. once you go, you're still at risk, which if ignored, you give may put you in one of those or even worse, too much.t >>wa that's the point.t get real about your riso something about it. talk to your health care provider about ways to lower your risk of stroke, heart attack or death. learn more and get real about diabetes, .com and mickey mouse last week called liberals are lashing out of supreme court and some even calling to dismantle it altogether over a string of legal toet setbacks.he and after attacking the top court for outrageous behaviorre while on foreign soil,si president biden continuing to hammer the top court h while meeting with the governors ofgo some several deep blue states. >> i share the public outrage at this extremist court as committed to moving americaac backwards with fewer rights, less autonomykw and politicians invading the most personal decisions, not only women, but
2:28 am
we'll find to expand, expand on this decision mens as well. >>d but as i've said last week, this is not over the far left and the media warning the planet is in danger over the court's epa decision, which limits the government's power to reduce greenhouse gasrn emissions and returns it to congress. well,s the supreme court is ono an absolute reactionary rampagen . i mean,utte the court is utterla fraudulent. and the only thing that can explainnd o their decisions is t is right wing republican in the same way that the abortion decision has catastrophic consequences. this decision means that the health and well-being of the entire planet is in jeopardy. >> it's devastating. and it is yet another example of the court's unwillingness toh protect the health and safety of the american people. >> when the court says it's upto to congress to address climate a change, they know what they are
2:29 am
really saying is we don't w want climate change addressed to. yeah, you'vee got to hear from you in there, judge. dg i want to go to you first on something a little bit more serious than that highlight reel of hypocrisy. igh did the supreme court overreach in its power or is it being incrediblyly consistent in tryig to get as much opportunity back to the states possible? >> you what amazes me is all>> the comments that were made, roe orabt's about j whether it's about the epa and this decision, they basically are turning everythingng back to congress and to the people. t and yet the democrats arede saying, you know,mo this is fraudulent, this is t wrong, this is reactionary, they're wrong. >> basically what the united states supreme court is saying, whether it's roe or whether it's in this epa case, which was a six to three case. yeah, i mean, john roberts is on the case as well. l, and all t they're saying is the epa lacks broad statutory authority to curb greenhouse g gas emissions from power plants
2:30 am
that they under the clean air act congress did not give the epa constitutional authority too implement regulations on states to reduce the carbonns dioxide pollution by moving away from coal fired carbon plants to other forms of energy. what the left wants is forhe the epa to do all the work to get us from coal to g green energy and in the supreme court said no, they don't have that regulatory power. this is something that congressf has to decide. and the amazing part of all of this is they're saying that it's damaging our ability to keep clean air. isn't. just like the clean air act wasn an act of congress passed another act. this iss a democracy.. well, i'll>> tell you this. ifou you're a small business b owner,us it produces anything you can do a little fist pump. but l this because no government agency reaches too far into people's pockets than the epa. they have supreme authorityey until they don't now they don't they ?
2:31 am
>> and what do you think about it? i think this won't stoppt the ea . no. one , there's and it's beenbe written about in the wall street journal where" the epa is going after the shale oil production in the permian basin, sayingdu that these areas and 43 percent of oil production in the us comes from this area in texas and new mexico in non attainment with the ozone standards. soen that's not going to stop. but i think that the hair pulling and pearl clutchingin and the shrieking and the vapors from the left is just a sign of the world's coming tos end. t it's the same thing s we saw during the covid craziness. the michigan there, the pandemic panic and the scare tactics like fear equals control and control equals power. and they're purely concerned about getting outre of vote for the midterms because they see an unmitigated disasterteee. this is only about their party, their retention of power.
2:32 am
>> it's never about country. it's always about them.s always. >> joey: and highlight reel of progressive agreements. >> i guess there's a senator schumer's statement i want to read because i think it's fantastic. this mega regressive extremist supreme courtup is intent on setting americaad back decades, ifes not centurie. the extremist maga courts ruling today in west virginia vs. epa will causel more needless deaths. and i'm just curious if you're sitting here and they're complaining about roe vs. wade, you're pro-life. the idea reining back the epa, i jessica, is it goingt to cause more deaths than i don't know, abortion? does late term abortion orte maybe freezing people to death because they can't afford utilities? >>ea how late term abortions actually occur here in american out from pollution last year? i'm sure that a lot of we could talk to the people in cancer who live with illness fore the rest of their lives becauseh they didn't have clean water. and all of this is an invented and it was first of all,
2:33 am
the epa invented by republican richard nixonby who you know,as i know some people say it wasly one of the greatest liberals actually in disguise of all time , but i'm pretty surel what his political affiliation was. and he, and thought that making sure that the federal government played a role in regulating what's goingng on with climatede change, which is manmade, is something that's important. now, chuck, schumer also had statements about what's goingay on with roe v. wade being scaled back . and to david's point about this is just about the midterms. yeah. would we love to win the midterms? sure. but what we would most loveer is that womenms all across this country continue to have some degree of bodily autonomy . and we know that in about halfh, the states within a month that people will havehat such severe restrictions placed on them anywhere from these personhood bills to these heartbeat bills that there will be questions about whether there areout , exceptions in states like texas. so, yeah, that's a five alarm, fire . i actually don't thinknk that this was over the top and it it's it's it's just insane to mee that people on the conservative side that this isn't a whollyid
2:34 am
political thing. mitch mcconnell held up merrick garland for months and months before ann election ramdani barat through a month ago to the presidential. everyone has to be approved. but we had the federalist society s. >> joey: we we had to be supreme court. wet have and we have it by the rules of the senate and that we govern by gregg is more ofe a libertarian. a >> how does it feel to have a supreme court that recognizes federalism? well, the point is , if you're g talking about restrictions, there's nothing more restrictive than in leaving this decision up to nine judges. right? i mean,hi pretty restrictive. everybody said we don'tth want to leave ites to these old white men, including some black men and some women. i but it's always that sameme argument you get out off my bedroom, you know, unless they want to tellmy wan you what they do in the bedroom. but it's curious to see how the country reacts to this . will they be as unhinged ord apocalyptic? and you're not seeing o that right now. we how long to be the night of rage last? barely. a night. it's not like these chicken littles with clarence thomas derangement syndrome. life went on .il
2:35 am
and i think that's what you're going to find out is that lifego will go on with o roe v. wade, think it enhanced rights for people to actually vote and decide what will happen locally. and if they don't like it,de they can move. that'ser what we said about everything else. that was the whole point. if you don't like your state, you can move to another state that has been kind of the philosophy. so i don't i do think and you can't judge a lot of what anybody's saying when they're unhinged all the time. we had one quick thing. i don't think people in red states really by the ocasio cortez's all of a sudden concerned about women's rights across flyover country. we've got to go the bitter clingers with our guns and bibles, all those deplorable that the left hateded so desperately. i don't know.ks a couple of weeks ago we'rein in a basket with a baker's dozen or the fastest is up next featuring more unhinged leftists gluing themselves to random things. this on hussein
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year. fox nation america is streaming so gold. welcome back. it's time for the fastest first step, throwing yourself into things as an act of protest seems to be all the rage to climate change activists adhering themselves to van gogh painting at a londonlo museum and forcing the gallery to shut downhu for the day less entertaining than the italians that you love so much who are thrown off the highway. oh yeah.e i i love the italian stroll outside where i love the wayay they threw them up. you know, this is just stupid of me. it's stupid.d. i mean, i'm going to look atmy them and say, oh my gosh, i have to changee my mind about climate change. oh , they're really getting tong me. no, they're stupid and they'reo pain in but saying leave van go alone. hey, he had bipolar disorder and a borderline personality disorder here .
2:41 am
yeah. an alcohol problem. and then he committed d suicide and these two would get their i kicked if they were anywhere in the united states, even in new yorkk. so isn't it also just a risk to these? great. yeah, well, i mean, he i appreciate art the same way i appreciate bicycle's need a purposemuch of in my life so i don't have anything against it. but b appreciation for buth with that being said , i would just walk up and i w would pull their hand off. i don't know.t i thought it was french. it might have been italian. there's a video last and there's a man and a womanan with their hand glued to the pavement and the cop just walks up and pulls it and he pulls the girl's hand off and he goes, oh , and i pulled the guy's hand off and he just starts rolling and crying and that's that's who these people are. >> there's no better way to be not taken seriously than go are the environment. o i don't know.g? i'm looking at this down. i'm going maybebe that's the future framing guy. >> but these people have a lot of time on their hands. they probably don'ts, have jobsy they're i probably in their eary twenties. so brains aren't fully formed. i bet i could hire them to
2:42 am
be just frames just to be in my house. it just h holds up a painting like that . >> how about that ? whyy do you think they chose just the frame and not the painting? that's because let's get gets suit t into oblivion. yes. yes, yeah,ey well that would be criticized. >> we thought, well if it's an oil painting shark going to the beach this weekend, the lookout for shark scientists issuing that warning to beachgoerss so they don't get eaten. but let's keep things in perspective. you are more likely to die from being hit by a champagne cork or having a vending machine fall on top of you .ou greg wants to somehow check. well, they're talking about n this isn't just the summer of sharks, rightar? this ise the summer of o large sharks. right. so we're going to start fat shaming sharks is right to reduce attacks. hey, guys ,, stop eating bathers. you know, you notice a lot of the overweight male sharks because they're wearing the t shirts. d so how do you defend yourself
2:43 am
from a shark? sehai think you just throw your legs their way. that's what i'm hearingey that makes dogs. >> so for the legs firstne on them, you bring: a gun toch the beach, you know, hit in the nose, bring a gun to the so i bring a gun where i go.. >> what do you doing? yeah,, i think this is a ploy to get people not to come to cape cod. yeah. i think that this is a passive aggressiveve way the sharks go and they are incredibly close, multiple places s goes all through the summer. also ice creams and shark attacks have the same curve.ur sove there's something there. maybe it's correlates also like cancelation. there you go. whichio is weird. it's very eerie how in a certain period of the yearha you have highve temperatures, li flight cancelations, ice cream and sharks. cancellations, ice cream, and sharks. >> joey: ice cream thank you . ice cream control. it's ice cream.on swimmers that are being attacked by the fat sharkth because of the ice cream right . i hate m tous end this , but i y mouth right is up u next .
2:44 am
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2:47 am
2:48 am
we're answering your questions . the first one fromsw q my it's i even a name.s what is a common food you've never eaten me. it's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. >> judge what food? common food. if you've never eaten sauerkraut that common. i guess that's common. in germany. it's common. make i'll make you some like my 90%. >> yes, my favorite it and you like. yeah. you love jessica a little bit. i feel likeog you enthusiastically. aws. assuming that we had you in it. there's a show going on jessica. okay, i went to report with my colleague what is with common food>> you've never had. why this is part of my texturee problem. like i don't like mayonnaise. i don'tpr like these mushy avocados. yeah, the bed has to give it the baby killing me because i like it.
2:49 am
she loves it. okay, well i'm i want her to have great healthy fats and everything. i want you to give us her but i always round to baby sit not and not be a who admits on national tv that attv adulthood you've never hadad dagon what come in food desertss . that's not common isn't it wuerffel. >> i've never had chicken . yeah. d 35%ag delivers a delicious gisele's. i've never i've never had. well it isn't. it gives him no guess where are we go . >> we say listen when you growou up in my house you don't get to be a picky eater. you eat what's in front of you . but also when you grow up poor, you don't get to abide by the delicacy. so i'm there's plenty out there. i can't think of anything. t i saye'll sayay this if quito, you should run for office. if i say quito in the bag, i throw that stuff away. >> don't even let the dogs out. that's -- some cool stuff.e and i don't know that never even a banana. that's why i've had banana bread. but i think you've had a vote. no, i don't remember.
2:50 am
i have never seen you . h but now that i have a banana and i won't augustine crtv you have learned i neverco knew whatun you next go to cour. so i decide. this iss a good question from sidwell's. what have what have you changed your mind about over the years? i'm just going to go to you ,d joique. see what kind of oli political answer is going to come up with .av what about changed my mind about almost everything. i'm thirty six years old . if i don't change my mind on a few things about some of 60 , i'm not learning. >>le you see what i mean? he didn't give you a specific you are such a politician. that's true . now that you breast implants you're for or against. i was against then for and against maybe i'll swing back . maybe the pendulum will swing>> back and pendulum very clever, very clever. i'm on team for now. all right. i'm against jessica bellbottom.c
2:51 am
yes. that's what i change my opinione on . i didn't useds to like them and i like them now. yes. and that's no big issues being a liberal that you've changed. oh , i didn't wantei tong talkt about that . i mean, yeah, w i thought we wee trying to be like fun o on thought communism is important and now you must have changed your mind. >ca now i'm even stronger iny marxist judge. >> what what if i change my mind about no speeding? >> i'm not speeding anymore. good for you . >> you quit the i find t that i've changed my mind on soo many things about people i never liked. uti , i like them like glenn greenwald. i used to like make fun ofnn, me all the timeno. i like i beat him every day. same with matt taibbi. i find because the political culture which soic much liberals and liberals, conservatives, the liberals that have left
2:52 am
the liberals in which the liberale now i have and that and so you're everything slipping and you're meeting different are people. >> i do have one for you , creed. oh , you're no longer like them. no, like them. i didn't like them for a while. i , i think i think i don't know it was unfair unfairly. there's no country music. they are no nickelback, no i still haven't changed my mind. i'm country music. but one more thing is up next . someone could be listed as the owner of your is stealing thousands of dollars of your hard earned equity. anybody who owns work at home 80%. there's no other crime and it's so easy, so quick to lose your home, your equity and your peace of mind completely stolen in one fell swoop. i hope it seems like matthew collins. nobody thinks that i can take
2:53 am
their house. nobody thinks, believe it or not, a single page document is all it takes to transfer proof of ownership out of your name. people think, well, there's a whole huge process, but the truth is it's a one page document, but it's still must get through one final barrier. the county clerk, when someone comes in with a fraudulent deed, if it's notarized and all the states building, we by statute have to not give it back to them and say we know this is fraudulent, we're not going to file. that's against the law. it's a false sense of security. and the real bottom line is , yes, it happens and we can stop it from happening and it only takes once for everything new . and it's very sad things to watch you put your life into the house and all of a sudden it might not be your devastating crime for pennies a day. tony fauci lock the monitor your title non stop alerting you to suspicious activity. you made a warning that this first death has happened. you can stop threatening me,
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♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: before we get to "one more thing," be sure to tune into "the five" for our july 4th special. it's so good, it's airing twice. saturday at 7:00 p.m. and monday at 5:00 p.m. don't miss it. check us out. joey. >> joey: you can celebrate america with fox news all
2:57 am
weekend long as part of our proud american campaign. abby hornacek will be live from boston on sunday night at 10:00 p.m. i will join rachel campos-duffy for a west point independence day celebration peer will honor the men and women who served this country and there will be an epic fireworks display. it doesn't end there because monday night at 8:00 p.m., fox news presents an independence day special. yours truly will be hosting along with my brother lawrence jones, kayleigh mcenany, carley shimkus. you can catch the fireworks from washington, d.c., and boston as well as incredible musical performances all night long. >> greg: tonight and another great show. tom shillue, kennedy, kat timpf. that's tonight at 11:00. let's do this. greg's have to spend the fourth of july. it's really hot out here so you've got to do what this cat does. set it up first, put that right in front, find a nice
2:58 am
comfortable place. spread it all out. spread it all out. look at that. i don't think you're going to find a happier cat than that. one of those fan contraptions. here we go. there we go. that is going to be me in 90 minutes. >> judge jeanine: okay, it's my turn. we love to get pampered and this little dog is no exception. ellie stands up whenever she gets her hair blown. she is as cute as she looks. her owner blows dry her golden locks. if you want a dog that cooperates when you bathe in, this is one for you. all rights. she stands up on her own. "the five" i bet she kills squirrels. >> greg: i bet she does. don't forget.
2:59 am
>> judge jeanine: great deals on your favorite merchandise. receive 50% off on select items through tuesday, july 5. we have coffee mugs, hats, visors, tumblers, t-shirts. everything in between. come on over here. they are perfect gifts for the fox fan in your life. they are all 50% off. i am going to wear this home. >> greg: wear it at a seattle starbucks. >> dagen: give me liberty or give me death was patrick henry's flame is rallying cry to revolution you can spend the fourth of july at patrick henry's last own burial place in my hometown in virginia. festivities including a huge fireworks display and it's $10 a car. it's fantastic. please visit my hometown.
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>> jesse: every player on the stanley cup winning team gets to have the cup for a day. it went to his neighbor. walked outside and said is that the stanley cup. didn't get to take a p p p p p p


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