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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 2, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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rand paul the great job of taking dr. fauci to the woodshed on this one. in his rolling and rolling for that does it for us will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. christina coleman is in for john on the fox report right now. >> thousands of flight delays and cancellations as a july 4 holiday we can kicks off her thanks joining us tonight. i am christina coleman filling in for jon scott from new york and this is your fox report. >> travelers are frustrated at airports nationwide this week in his airline struggle to maintain their schedules to staffing shortages and other issues. meantime millions of americans are hitting the roads as high prices at the pump are putting the strain on their wallets. today's national average for gas
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is $4.82 a gallon. the average is above $5 a gallon in ten states and d.c. there are also concerns about this weekend's weather in some parts of the country. tropical storm colin threats severe warning in the east. fox team coverage senior correspondent claudia is live in los angeles. meteorologist adam is live in the fox weather center. but first to alexis mcadams why bit new york's laguardia airport. alexis are you seeing long lines there? >> christie at the lines are really nuts unless the flights of already been canceled or delayed. people are not happy and i do not blame them for they came here yesterday, today they told the comeback, white and hotel, wait a few hours they still have not left new york city but take a look here this is a check in line at american airlines. there really are not a lot of people there as we mentioned because american canceled the most flights out of any airline in the country. travelers are not happy, listen. maxwell, first i got one day in
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our july no problem. and then maybe about 9:30 a.m. i got the e-mail that said it was canceled. the agent at the gate no clue. >> other live looking see people waiting. as of this afternoon laguardia, newark and jfk had the most delays and cancellations in the country but those lines are expected to grow. take a look at your screen does the latest updates getting in from flight that was a look at the status there. there nearly 4000 delays and 600 and flight aware. to be a stricter two and half million people nationwide pass through airport security breed that is a lot of people. the first time since before the pandemic the tsa has screened that many people pray the surge comes as airlines are already struggling to keep up. travelers feel like they are getting the bad end of the deal. >> it is just the communication is not there at all.
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i have not gotten reimbursed for overs i've had to take to and from the airport. exit living in new york is art expensive and if he was saying it's not easy to keep coming back and forth. if there were not enough things happening at airports delta pilots decided to hit the picket line. you can see they are fed up after they say they have clocked in record amounts of overtime to try and curb those delays delta trying to persuade people to not travel right now and come back after the holiday weekend. offering to waive all change fees. other live look at laguardia airport. they cannot just add to each of the flight, christina because they're all booked. if you do have a delay are there any cancellations the pilot or crew don't show up you're of luck at this point. the question delta's been asking customers is how bad you want to travel? they offer people according to reports 10,000 dollars in cash, not a voucher to move their flight. people said they didn't take a lot of people said they'd rather
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take that 10k and get out of here and figure out another travel day, christina. >> 10k i will take that money might switch my flight to delta pre-dismissed connecting flights and figure out what to do with our kids while they are stuck at the airport. it is a big headache. alexis mcadams thank you again for that report. one might cost you time and money but hitting the road this holiday weekend is no bargain either. aaa says the average price of a gallon of gas is $4.82. state gas taxes are driving that price even higher. senior correspondent claudia callan is live in los angeles with more, claudia. i take christina the fireworks are still few days away. but travel this holiday weekend is off to a booming start despite inflation, despite high gas prices. $6.59 at this gas station and los angeles. way above the national average of $4.82 with kids out of school
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and july 4 landing on a monday setting up a three-day weekend weekend aaa predicts nearly 48 million people will travel at least 50 miles or more from home with the vast majority, 42 million americans driving to their holiday destination. that is a new record. but perhaps not a surprise given the chaos happening at the airports with all the flight delays and cancellations. travel experts say many americans have decided having their own car will get them a little more control over their travel itinerary. >> eight know where and when they're going to stop it is little more economic for folks. and they can decide may be to their plans on the last whim. it's not really hard for them to alter their plant and make different changes up to the last minute where is if you are flying, taking a cruise, going on a train there's a lot of other factors that may impact how you travel and may even lose out on some money. >> just in time for all of those road trips, states just raise
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the gas taxes including california by 3 cents bringing the average cost here to $6.27 a gallon. nationally the highest prices are across the west which made this a trip to this gas station a real treat. folks weren't winding up in compton, california local city councilman sponsored a gas giveaway. everyone got $50 worth of gas free. it only lasted for a few hours yesterday. but it brought smiles and much welcome relief to a lot of people who been feeling a lot of pain at the pump. even those who had to pay more than $50 to fill up, which christina was probably everyone there, back to you. >> i am sure it was claudia. i'm willing to drive north and hang out with your prayer with these gas prices out of its going to happen i don't know if it will happen. [laughter] >> i do not know either will have to meet halfway one day, one day. alright thank you so much claudia, great reporting as
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always. the third tropical storm of the season has arrived for tropical storm colin formed early this morning of the south carolina coast. this is just one of several storms as we are watching this holiday we compared fox with a meteorologist adam joins us live with the forecast, at a very quick take christina you set it to the tropical storm is a big going to pay attention to but really across the country in the last several hours you see this explosion of thunderstorms fairly widespread. a lot of folks this evening as we head into the evening hours are going to be seen at least some thunderstorm activity. so perhaps on the biggest storms is tropical storm colin which is moving into a little bit of organization as it sits up the coast of south carolina. lifting its way up past north carolina for that's a general motion of this. very popular area of the holidays. the outer banks of north carolina. likely by sunday evening clearing conditions tropical
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storm think conditions of warnings across those coastlines. this is your future forecast. most of the heavy rain otherwise look at rain fairly widespread there. a lot of other is getting half in inch of rain. to highlight here is this is going to be clearing off in time for the fourth of july back to you. >> that is great to hear. fox whether meteorologist thank you. officials at least one person is dead of an explosion with the country's largest airshows today. what happened at the field of flight air festival and balloon festival that's about 60 miles south of grand rapids but video shows -ish jet exploding into flames. take a look at that as it raised flames the cause of the explosion is under
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investigation. after meeting with nato and g-7 leaders in your president biden is back home and turning his attention to domestic issues including abortion rights. alexander hoffa's live in washington with more, alex. >> cursing at the president called on congress this week to codify roe v wade into law in saying he supports making an exception to the filibuster to do that. that would mean 60 votes would not be required to pass legislation for the president also conceded that right now democrats do not have enough support to change senate practice for this was discussed yesterday during a virtual meeting with governors from nine democratic states vowed to offer safe havens for abortions. >> work closely to protect women's rights after the tragic reversal roe v wade. the decision pending lives in affecting the health and safety of millions of women. i sure the public outrageous extremist court is committed to moving america backwards.
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>> the president share the same criticism while on the world stage in madrid on thursday. when asked about the u.s. status as a world leader given record inflation and gas prices, president biden pinned it back to the supreme court of public display of resentment republican see as inappropriate. ask the one thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior of the supreme court of the united states and overruling not only roe v wade but essentially challenging the right to privacy. >> the fact she would go on foreign soil and attacked the supreme court of the niceties to undermine and to delegitimize it is unpatriotic or have never seen anything quite like it. >> president biden to spend this holiday weekend at camp david, christina. >> alex life in washington thank you so much. the supreme court issuing two other main decisions limits epa authority to set climate standards and allowing the biden administration to end the remaining mexico immigration
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policy. joins us now she has a defense attorney and former prosecutor. thank you so much for joining us today. let's start the epa ruling. you tell us what this decision does? >> basically the supreme court of the united states ruled that the protection agency no longer can manage will get energy from. and as we know global warming is a huge issue. the big decision and tax our lives tremendously. think the congress and the energy in the united states. >> chief justice john roberts wrote for the court decision of such magnitude of consequences rest with congress itself an agency pursuant to a clear delegation from that represent a body. this ruling is likely to be a vow to biden's climate change which cuts greenhouse dimensions by half.
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biden called a debiting decision. of course angry liberal progressive britt aoc tweeted the decision is catastrophic i filibuster carveout is not an equity to reform or do with the whole thing for the sake of the planet. this is not just impact the epa. what is the broader effect this will really have an executive branch regulatory efforts with other federal agencies? >> is a doctrine called the major decision doctrine. i'm sorry your questions doctrine. basically what that means is the government agencies only have the authority to implement the will of the congress and elected officials with that basically takes the power away from the experts and puts all of that power in the hands of congress and elected officials. we all saw it happen for president trump with how he handled covid. he put it in of politicians instead of the experts we had a
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horrible amount of death due to covid-19 pandemic. >> you know, there were people here 19 republican lead states led by west virginia. they supported that trump era policy. they were fighting the lower court to uphold the decision made on the clean air act where they argued us to the epa to remix u.s. electric system. it went well beyond congress, what congress was intended to do with what biden had in place. fête felt this ruling was right. you're going to move him or onto the remaining mexico policy. the supreme court ruled that policy can be canceled for the bite administration can do that. he talked more specifically about the court opinion on that. >> absolutely. the federal government has discretion to decide if the current and former president trump's policy with regard to immigration. in what they remain in mexico
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policy basically means is that if someone issues the united states illegally there automatically sent back to mexico instead of having them detained or allowing them to be released back into the united states while her immigration proceedings are pending. this actually is good for biden's administration because he gets to use this discretion and end of that policy. >> i understand. critics are saying even though this is good for the biden administration this will contribute to the humanitarian crisis we are seeing at her open border. do you think this court ruling, do think this will impact the lower court? >> is going to get kicked back to the lower court read the lower court is going to basically make sure the way the policy changes implemented it still is confined within ministry procedure act. so basically present biden can end up but he has to make sure it's done properly. when you weighed the pros and
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the cons of this policy ending, i don't see that it is going to be a bad thing. we've had children separate from their fit parents there's more border patrol issues other than mexico. with former trump former president trump's policy it's distracted away from the other more high priorities for control issues. >> also interesting points to make and again for the people who live in those border states, for the people who have their homes and backdoor to the rio grande they say they are frustrated pretty have the open borders calming of hundreds of migrants every day. border patrol i have been there i have seen what these law enforcement with the agents are going through. it is sad it is a disgrace. we hope this problem gets better. thank you so much. no talking more about immigration in this ruling later in the show. now to shark sightings and a word of at least one shark attack in florida is sparking
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mexican techie community is mourning the loss of three police officers and a police dog killed in the line of duty. coming under attack at home about 200 miles east of louisville while trying to serve a warrant for the sheriff there telling reporters the officers encountered pure help for hours but at least four other officers and a civilian were hurt before police could stop the suspect. charles watson is alive with the latest, charles. >> yes hey good evening christina by the suspect in this case lance's torso was arraigned in court on friday where he pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of murder of a police officer. following a deadly shootout with police in allen, kentucky late thursday evening. the franklin county sheriff saying describing the attack as an ambush. saying the four officers who initially responded to the scene quote had no chance as they approach stores home to serve a warrant related to domestic abuse. authorities say the 49 year old
3:21 pm
suspect almost immediately began firing hundreds of rounds at officers from multiple positions and his helper it ultimately killing three officers, a police canine and wounding at least four responding officers and one sibling in the standoff that lasted for hours. >> absolutely he was ready to go to war with the police. i am hoping he himself will face a death penalty. this clearly was a planned execution of police officers this is the fourth of july weekend we celebrate our independence. in kentucky now and in this country the grieving the loss of these officers. >> after some negotiations authorities say stores it did surrender it was taken into police custody battered and badly bruised. among those is accused of killing as a prestons burg police captain ralph fraser a 39
3:22 pm
year veteran officer who served the press and burg since 1983. officer jacob shea fence at three or law enforcement veteran who served the preston berg pd since 2019, his canine drago adduct detection canine was six years of experience. not pictured here at deputy william petrie of 41-year-old law enforcement investment who spent two years with the rankin county sheriff's office. on friday kentucky governor officer beshear code trent called it a tragedy but he and the first lady are praying for the families of those lost, those injured in the entire community release hero sacrificed everything to protect their people and certainly a tough time for christina to according to the national fraternal order of police at least 178 officers have been shot in the line of duty in 2022 resulting in 33 deaths.
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certainly something officers have to worry about as they try to go home to their families. >> such a tragedy. charles thank you for that story. in new york city, police have arrested a suspect in a shooting death of a young mother who is pushing her three month old baby wednesday night they said the suspect is the victim's ex-boyfriend and the father of that baby. please accuse him of shooting 20-year-old asia johnson in the back of the head of point-blank range in a well-to-do upper east side neighborhood with the mother said she and her daughter called the police multiple times to report the suspect the baby was not hurt. officials say the bodies of a mother and her three children have been recovered from a lake near st. paul, minnesota. the triple homicide suicide put all children under the age of six multiple agencies were searching for the children and their mother at the lake since yesterday. please to the children's father was found dead in a nearby city and an apparent suicide.
3:24 pm
they say both incidents are related. the is ongoing for. >> beachgoers going to cape cod will not be alone. researchers worn massive great white sharks are looming around there. the are migrating on the northeast coast as the weather warms up. >> christina cape cod is on the biggest independent definitions across the country. 30,000 people in town for their fourth of july celebration. everything from parades, to fireworks. you cannot forget the beautiful beaches in this area. it is really another thing that draws people into this area. there is also assaying and cape cod and that is where there is saltwater, there could be a shark. you're going to hear that a lot this week and expect thousands to flock the beach.
3:25 pm
great whites are among the many sharks you could see in the northeast this weekend as they move up they migrate north. as that water starts to warm. they're actually meant to hunt and feed into shallow waters near the shore. just yesterday in new york officials reported a 57-year-old man bitten off of jones beach. we should not shark attacks are rare. in the state of new york they've only recorded about 12 shark attacks to date. the state of massachusetts even less. only about six. that leading state for shark attacks the state of florida. that is different to stacker before it is seen more than 800 shark attacks since the 1830s. they definitely can happen it is white experts recommend staying close to the shore pretty specially if heading to the beach this weekend with family and friends pretty also want to avoid murky water and other marine life. any possible interactions with sharks. keep your eyes peeled for if you
3:26 pm
see something report it, get out of the water. and also look for those purple flags on any public beach but he see this on the lifeguard stand that is an indicator sharks to frequent that area pretty might be something to consider before getting in the water for this fourth of july. cracks great warnings watch over those purple flags red fox weather correspondent nicole. ♪ you heard the music harbor festus underway this weekend in boston for the annual celebration is one of the nation's largest independence day events featuring fireworks, live performances and a whole lot more red fox nation host abby is in boston with all of the details on the fun festivities. ♪ there is a reason why we are in boston. it is well if you look at left, you look right you see something that played a role in our nation's independence.
3:27 pm
let's go walk the streets of boston and find out what people are doing for the fourth of july. >> what makes you proud to be an american? >> the freedom. >> absolutely freedom. justice for all. brings a lot of people together and stuff we can all be with each other. >> i am speechless for that. i get emotional. it means so much to be thankful for. ♪ looks to me it means i can celebrate my freedom. freedom to be who i am. cracks in my opinion being in the united states is like a winning the lottery something better than a million dollars is the greatest country in the world. >> just having the freedom to do things you cannot do and a lot of other places you don't have those freedoms have the ability to fight for your freedom. >> what is the fourth of july mean to you? >> the culmination of the founding of this country. >> it is a reason to celebrate
3:28 pm
america and to celebrate the freedom that we all enjoy pre- >> what does it mean to guys have harbor fest here? >> it's really awesome but it's so fun for seems like laughter there wasn't anything going on for the fourth. we thought we would come down and see what it's all about. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that was abby in boston. this is so much fun. you can celebrate america with us here on fox news channel all weekend long. abby will be live from the boston harbor fest throughout the weekend. and tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern join fox and friends weekend anchors for a special independence day celebration at west point including an epic
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fireworks show and cannot miss music from the west point band. and then monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern fox news presented independence day special with joey jones, lawrence jones, and carly and i will be part of the fund to such report on a fabulous fireworks show. the special will include music from some of your favorite, fireworks from d.c. and boston and much more. so stay with fox news as we celebrate this bright country all week along. now to some tragic news another major fentanyl seizure enough to kill millions of americans. more on that with a special report from fox hillary von on the fight to fentanyl overdoses classified as crime. that when we return. your gut. and your mood will follow.
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the colors to patrol announcing the seizure of 114 pounds of pure fentanyl on the highway last week. enough to kill 25 million people. officials say the drugs were found hidden below the seats in a car was heading towards in denver on interstate 70. they are smuggled into the country by mexican cartel. a spokesperson of the buses believed to be the biggest seizure pure fentanyl powder ever made on u.s. highway. meanwhile we can tear their series might looking at the fight of desperate parents to get their children overdose death classified as crimes within with those responsible charge with homicide. hillary von from foxbusiness reports. >> law enforcement is frustrated or. >> if you do the crime, you have got to do the time. but police say that is not always the case. >> we arrest people and we see them out of cost to date within hours of making an arrest for.
3:35 pm
>> last week in central california sheriff's deputies caught two traffickers with a truck load of fentanyl. a judge assigned court order let them go. >> let's just go back and make the use of drugs in the sale of drugs a felony or you have to be held accountable and served time in jail for. >> parents whose children are being sold poison pills with deadly doses of fentanyl want answers but 18-year-old adriana died after taking percocet she did not know was laced with fentanyl. the drug dealer accused is an illegal immigrant who is out on bail for another crime. >> this person should have at least been behind bars or been deported by. >> siding for just at what dealers behind bars for murder. the drugs they sell kill. in states like california softer drug laws, federal prosecutors taken their case might be their only hope. >> it ties the hands of the police. it ties the hands of the district attorneys. until they are having to find other ways to go about
3:36 pm
prosecuting these cases protected took a retired chicago police officer five months to convince placer daughters overdose was foul play pre- >> how are these other parents who don't have this background in law enforcement able to get some form of justice? >> so many parents never get that closure. the conviction rate for fentanyl dealers in some places is zero. san francisco had 648 fatal fentanyl overdoses last year. the net recalled district attorney failed to convict anyone for dealing fentanyl in 2021. in washington hillary von fox news. >> drugs magus of the only major issue on the border. smuggling is also a huge problem this week we saw the deadly consequences of this when more than 50 illegal migrants or found dead in the back of a tractor-trailer in brutal texas heat. this is a live look at our southern border and eagle pass, texas u.s. supreme court wait
3:37 pm
texas governor greg abbott other officials in the region worn this is only going to make the migrant crisis worse. let's bring in art vice president border patrol agent pre-thank you sir for joining us today to discuss this humanitarian crisis. first off what you have to say about the court's ruling? >> it is upsetting. there has been so many individuals getting brought into the united states illegally now. it is preoccupying the agents with transport, with processing sometimes with hospital watches. that allowed the cartels to operate in other areas and bring in drugs into the united states. with this ruling it's open the floodgates completely but anyone can come across but as for some type of asylum. it will have agents working with those asylum cases with what i just mentioned processing, transporting everything else but was not going to do?
3:38 pm
when further open the door for the drug cartel to continue bring in dangerous drugs like heroin, methamphetamine and fennel into the united states. it is ridiculous they're doing something like this but i do not understand how we can have leaders in washington that if templates on the back of the american public. for the back of the rule of law to allow criminal cartels to run the border even more than they have been doing now. >> it is such a devastating problem. let's take a look at the death toll to be talked out bout with border pricing some of the migrants who have died trying to make the dangerous truck here into this country. you can see those numbers to under 47 people have died in 2020 since biden has been in office were you can see how that death toll has grown with 518 so far. we are only in the middle of the year. but we look at those numbers,
3:39 pm
that is bad enough. as you mention the fentanyl, the drugs pouring across our open borders. it does not seem to stop and it is so sad the impact it's having in our communities. do you think the fentanyl crisis to think this is going to continue as long as we have the white open borders? >> it will definitely continue because we have created that magnet to allow the individuals to make fun and laughter immigration policies. it is a domino effect people need to understand. you go ahead and create the magnet and allow people to ask for asylum freely agents are meant for one spot to the other the cartels do not work on a budget. they are out there. that endless amounts of money and technology themselves. they are running that southern border. they realized when they put of a lot of individuals in one site and distract the agents the other side of the border is completely free reign. that is part of the problem but it's going to take a lot of political will. the summer months are coming.
3:40 pm
the heat is going to be even worse. in a country people scream when a dog is left in a hot car during the summer months in a shopping center, how is it we cannot come after and truly take seriously the individual smugglers that are bringing people in vehicles and trunks of cars, tractor-trailers like we saw in texas. when you take this serious and it takes political will. >> that's right speak a political will do think the buy demonstration is showing up when it comes to dealing with this crisis? what would you like them to do to support your border agents? >> first and foremost they've got to see what's going on and admit there is a problem. they've got to put ego on the side and understand policies that worked under the last administration are policies that help interpret help protect your southern border. it helps us come to for generations right now the way things are going i feel sad for the american public. i feel sad for future generations because this is
3:41 pm
something going to impact us for many, many years to come unless we start taking border security series. the drug cartels that do not care what side of the aisle you are. the people being affected by drugs or both sides of the aisle. we owe it to the american public and we owed to future generations to take the series and stop it now. how do you do that? by putting policies in place that prevent these things are happening. >> okay definitely a bipartisan issue. national board patrol council vice president thank you. more on fox report in a moment. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to.
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california paid the jet is virgins force launch and first tonight for the sidelights will conduct conduct radio signal monitoring test and a joint project with united kingdom ministry of defense. 1988 hit which was released through virgin records. there may be a new holiday vaccination in your future just look up. a fresh experience awaits those who are brave enough and have enough cash. [inaudible] >> on this modified 727 lifelong dreams of zero gravity come true. this is christina and tom having the time of their lives 30,000 feet above the gulf of mexico. >> it is an amazing feeling when he hooked feel your body start lifting in the air. >> inside the plane is entirely padded for the very uncontrolled
3:47 pm
loading, spinning and bouncing around into each other and everything else. >> the great thing is that you do not have to be a nasa astronaut to do it and to enjoy it. >> enjoy it we did. feeling like weightless astronauts for about 30 seconds of time. the way it works is the plane does 15 parabolas climbs to the peak and then a steep lunch over and over again. and unlike space tours flying up blue origin or virgin collected, which cost about half a million dollars, the more recent accident when asked her pay $55 million each to spend ten days at the space station printed 8000 bucks. fortunately for future astronauts, chloe and cara, mom and dad picked up the tappet. >> you guys are doing again question. >> yes definitely. we definitely do it again for. >> the majority of zero jeep flights are for science.
3:48 pm
teams of investigators doing seo biolab research for medicine. the rest of flights are like this astronaut want to be thrill seekers. and a thrill ride it definitely is. floating over the gulf of mexico for locating fox news. >> so much fun. now to the weather. we have some dangerous weather headed for several states heading into the holiday weekend including a waterspout spotted offshore is a tropical storm forms up the carolina coast. fox meteorologists adam is next with the dealer enter details ♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in itthe ozempic® tri-zone.ack.
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♪ ♪ 50 million americans who have fourth applied weekend plans dampened by store and pursue parts of north carolina are experiencing heavy rain the northeast is bracing for severe thunderstorms is deemed impaired fox weather meteorologist joins us live with the forecast. tell me it ain't so, adam pretty much sunny skies this week and
3:53 pm
bring. >> i know we do christina there are going to be couple areas out there you get it. even so far this afternoon and use it the last couple of hours the whole national satellite and radar and explosion a big thunderstorms as we've gotten into the afternoon for the heat, the humidity fueling a lot of the monsoon showers are seeing out across the desert southwest. and across the south each much of the same. on the carolina coast is becoming a disorganized store but we are tracking what is tropical storm : lifting its way up the coast. if you make plans in this area particular the outer banks is when the most popular spots in that region, this is going be clearing up by late sunday. into monday is one to pay attention too. most of the heaviest rain from this is falling just off the coast. you're still going to see at least some rainfall. going to see wind as the entire system moves on through the area. probably getting up to run 30 miles an hour for it may be cussing over too 40 miles an hour. especially outer banks.
3:54 pm
otherwise the heaviest rain stays just outside but again christina this is going to be clearing for july 4. there's going to some spots out there people can get out and enjoy at least some of the weekend are. >> to hear. fox weather meteorologist adam thank you. the holiday weekend came to a screeching halt for some people on a right and a massachusetts super that story will be returned. t pain, plus high blood pressure. and since pain relievers may affect blood pressure, they can't just take anything for their pain. tylenol® is the #1 dr. recommended pain relief brand for those with high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor.
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like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles.
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i love this song our producer, a trip to massachusetts turned into a long hot afternoon for dozens of visitors, nearly 40 people had to be rescued from a safari sky rise you the rhode island. can you imagine it not there? it malfunctioned about 30 feet in the air, they were strapped into seat, take down and rescue crews brought the all safely down. some were stranded as long as 90 minutes, no one hurt but maybe a little sunburned. this story is my absolute favorite, the four newest honors at the zoo, it announced our pups are named maybelle, meadow
3:59 pm
and frazier, look at them having a good time. the four little ones are doing great as well seasoned mother, kate has been busy looking after the pups and keeping up with skills like how to swim. something we need to teach our kids. video released swimming in a pool of the zoo, the are cubs were born february 26. so cute. this story, independence day not just for humans. look at these dolphins putting on a show flipping around in the water with their patriotic props. look at that, ahmed, a group of bears keeping cool eating red, white and blue chomps. how patriotic is that? i want my mom to make these, it's amazing. they were treated to a happy fourth of july. so cute. that's it for fox report this saturday july second 2022.
4:00 pm
i am in for jon scott, thanks for watching. i hope your evening is as wonderful as you. ♪♪ hello, judge jeanine pirro, jesse watters and jimmy failla, 5:00 in new york city. ♪♪ happy birthday, america, we have a fun show ahead as we celebrate independence including back by popular demand, fourth of july edition of supermarket showdown, we are squaring off in a


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