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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 3, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> that does it for us. we'll see you next weekend. christina coleman is in for jon scott on "the fox report." christina. a deadly shooting caught on camera in oklahoma. i'm christina coleman filling in northerly jon scott and this is "the fox report." police out of ohio released video of the shooting. it shows multiple officers firing dozens of rounds at 25-year-old jaylyn walker after
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he pled a traffic stop. >> the shooting happened last monday after police in akron, ohio pulled over 25-year-old jaelyn walker who is black for a traffic violation. but walker allegedly sped off and a routine traffic stop became a safety threat while police say there was a muzzle flash from the car early on in the chase. walker who they say was wearing a ski mask abandoned his car and the pursuit became a foot chase with 8 officers yelling at him to stop. this is video of what happened next. but we want to warn viewers it's hard to watch and hard to hear. it shows officers firing dozens
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of shots in a matter of seconds. [shots firing] >> the police chief says still photos appear to show walker turning towards officers in a way that led them to believe he was armed. >> when you see it in realtime it's hard to distinguish what mr. walker is doing. in the still photos, there is a picture that appears to all of us that mr. walker is going down to his waist area. there is a photograph that appears mr. walker was turning towards the officer and there was a picture that captured a forward motion of his arm. >> the lawyer for walker's family spoke after the city's
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press conference showing his picture. they say he was a door dash delivery driver who stayed away from trouble. with protests starting to grow, the mayor and walker's relatives are pleading for calm. >> if you can do anything for the family please give peace, dignity and give justice a chance. >> a firearm was discovered in walker's car and a spent shell casing that may have come from that gun is part of the police investigation. while police acknowledge the body cam video was difficult to watch, he won't pass judgment until the the investigation is complete. christina: the tsa says air
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travel this weekend is back near pre-pandemic levels. but staffing shortages and bad weather caused airlines to cancel dozens of flights. there have been shark sightings up and down the coast. and meteorologist adam klotz with a look at the forecast for tomorrow's celebration. charles, have you spoke to any passengers who are -- are stressed out or worried over their flight? >> we spoke to several passengers who said they are worried in terms of getting on their flights and making it to their destinations. because of that folks are trying to make holiday travel easier on themselves. they tell us they are arriving to the airports earlier than
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they normally would and they are learning to work with abilities. >> we are waiting to check in and put our bags there. we are excited. we know if there are any troubles that come our way, we'll have time to recuperate. >> they have a lot to deal with today. more than 3,000 u.s. flights delayed and 280 canceled. there are crippling staffing shortages, namely the number of available pilots and flight attendants. we saw 100 pilots hit the picket lines at delta. their demand was higher pay after clocking record overtime. all of this running up against a surge in holiday travelers. the tsa screening 1.2 million
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passengers across the country. that's about 92% of the total of people screened on the same day in 2019. but for one woman we spoke to said she is leading a group of 20 on a missionary trip to alaska with little time to spare. >> we have a layover in seattle. once we get to seattle we have an hour. and that's kind of tight. but hopefully everything works out. >> a bit more chaos added into the mix. a glitch in the american airlines system allows pilots to drop trips through july. and many of those canceled flights have been restored. it's been quite the holiday
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weekend. no word on what's in store for passengers. but according to flight aware 64 flights have been canceled and still more to come. reporter: charles, thank you. as americans go to the beaches, swimmers are being warned of several shark sightings along the atlantic coast, with one attack in florida. in long island new york, a lifeguard was attacked this morning. >> there was a shark attack on long island. a lifeguard during a training exercise was bit by the shark once in the head and once in the chest. this is what the shark patrol looks like here on long island. helicopters comb the water from above, and they look out for
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sharks. they even brought in jet skis to monitor the 100 miles of long island beaches. a 10-foot maco shark washed up, and a few days ago another man was attacked by what investigators believe was a shark. he was bit so hard his leg was fractures. >> the first thing we do is get everybody out of the water. >> officials say a florida teen was attacked by a shark. he's still in the hospital after investigators say she was bit by the shark. the animal clamped her leg. >> she has bite marks on her hands. poked it in the eye. she woke up with a good sense of humor about it. she is joaking with us.
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that's a blessing because we could have lost her yesterday. >> out own cape quod, a great white shark showing up just in time for the busy tour season. overall, according to the international shark attacks filed. there were 273 attacks across the world. investigators say they are still trying to comb the waters at smith point beach. authorities say there are weekly sightings of sharks here on long island. reporter: you definitely have to be careful at the beach. tropical storm colin said hello to warm temperatures. meteorologist adam klotz has the latest on the holiday weekend
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forecast. adam: the heat is a big story. and we are seeing pop-up showers along the midwest. 100 degrees in dallas. 80 in atlanta. but close to 90 in kansas city. all of this with all the humidity that's outside is firing up a whole lot of big thunderstorms. particularly in the last few hours we see an explosion of thunder and lightning. everyone of these yellow boxes is a severe warned thunderstorm. i think these will be firing up for the next several hours into early tomorrow morning. we could see severe weather today and a spinup tornado in this location. as you look toward tomorrow. similar location for some of
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these storms. if you live in the southeast, more pop-up thunderstorms across the portion of the great lakes region and the upper midwest. outside of that area it will be great weather for the 4th of july. clear in new york city and clear in the mid-atlantic. in the evening hours a couple spots where we are tracking the possibility of thunderstorms. outside those areas it will be clear and good for fireworks. chris. christina: there are growing concerns about the security of supreme court justices as the state and federal authorities go back and forth about who is responsible for protecting them from security stwhreats. reporter: friday governor judge
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kin received a letter from the supreme court asking for them to shut down protests at the justices' homes. under federal law it's illegal to protest outside the home much a justice or judge with intent to intimidate. >> it's on the federal books that that's punishable up to a year in prison. governor hogan and i asked the turn general to enforce this law. reporter: the protests started in their states after the draft was leaked. but hours after an assassination attempt on justice kavanaugh, the department of justice responded, declining to enforce the law. both governors stated they will
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continue to utilize law enforcement to the extent their state laws allow. a spokesperson for governor youngkin said the attorney general of the u.s. should enforce the federal law. u.s. marshals should be involved. the justice department has not stopped any of the protests, u.s. marshals have assisted with security. christina: millionaire jeff bezos fighting the white house over gas prices. the president said the companies running gas stations should lower the price for the product. the amazon founder tweeted that the president has a basic
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misunderstanding of the pricing dynamics. use. no response yet from bezos. the nationwide crime surge is a shock to the system for many communities. it's so high in atlanta that some community leeshesd are actively working to break away and form their own cities. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ sfx: submarine rising out of water ] minions are bitin' today. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ minions: the rise of gru, only in theaters. ugh-stipated... mini feeling weighed down the r by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body
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duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. christina: the public training center in atlanta continues to have protests. jonathan serrie has the story. reporter: atlanta police releasing video they say shows a molotov cocktail exploding near a group of officers. they say it's activists fighting
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construction of a public safety training center for officers. reporter: opponents call the training center cop city. outside the offices of constructions affiliated with the project. one contractor working at the site in georgia believe protesters tracked him to a friend's construction site 20 miles away, and spray painting the project even though the contractor has nothing to do with the project. >> guys who do work down there at a later point in time, it has everybody a little bit shaken. reporter: activists deny responsibility. police made at least 7 arrests.
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>> we are not extremists. we are neighbors of the forests, neighbors of south atlanta. and we are responsible people who know the future of the forest is on fire. reporter: others point out the destructive behavior of individuals justifies the need forr for well-trained officers. christina: a recent surge in crime has some residents demanding more protection. they say it's the only way they can fight the crime which seceding. how much support is there for buckhead to form its own city in. >> thank you.
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the team work so hard today to bring us news, we are living in a war zone. a man from georgia tech says he knows date and can do the math. we are short 80 officers in buckhead alone. we pay more taxes than any small section of the city in the history of america. our taxes just went up. when we are in control of buckhead city we'll have 300 officers. and we'll make a better atlanta by making buckhead safe again. we are planning to be on the ballot next year. we are polling at 72%. the first time a sliver of a city the size of buckhead will
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return to the citizens to create their own destiny. we are dealing with a lot of tension. business powers and money powers that don't want us to separate. but we have a lot of diverse support in buckhead. and i think we'll get it over the hump this coming legislative session in georgia. christina: what was the tipping point for you? what made you and many others saying enough is enough. we need our own city, we need our own police department. >> that's a great question. it takes a lot to get tha there. i think the families in buckhead felt exploited for a long time. we sent $280 million to city hall and we never know where it's going. you are showing a video of the third murder outside of that
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lovely section near the buckhead theater. one of the things that motivated me was my sister-in-law's house was home invaded. thank god they weren't home at the time. but weeks later their neighbor was home invaded with guns. i just got a text that our neighbor was robbed on buckhead, one of its most prestigious roads. when the detective called two hours later and said there is no one around to do the fingerprinting. it's good to get something back to where there is law and order, and not carrying a gun when you go to the gas station to get gas. it's expensive enough. then you have to bring a gun, it's nuts.
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christina: it's terrifying, especially when you talk about the home invasions. have you been talking to the officers there, with the response times? is there a dip in morale? what do they tell you? >> the police we love so much, we want to love our his, pay our police well. they are telling us they are understaffed, overworked, their police cars have no air-conditioning right now. they are not being treated right. atlanta has to back their police officers for them to want to come work. i think what buckhead city is for them is the chance to feel appreciated again and to feel loved and honored. they are willing to give their life for $48,000 a year. right now arrests are down 55%. how are arrests down 55% when
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violent crime is through the roof. for the folks who are naysayers, i hope they understand our plight. christina: that's an issue many cities are facing, what to do with this rising crime. thank you so much. >> god bless you all. have a great weekend. christina: russia's defense minister says another key city has fallen to russia's forces.
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♪ [slow, uplifting piano, violin]
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[buzzing, car] [female narrator] we may be thousands of miles apart, but we can still walk together. when we connect, we make things better. we connect millions of children around the world with what they need to grow up healthy, educated and safe. join us. together we can all get to a better place. walk with us today at childfund dot org. christina: protests in akron, ohio are growing tonight after police released a video of the deadly police shooting of 25-year-old jaelyn walker.
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the police body cam video shows multiple officers firing dozens of rounds at jaelyn walker after he fled a traffic stop. walker's family is pleading for calm. here is a look at some other top stories. bail is set at $3.5 million for the woman accused much a texas love triangle murder. armstrong is accused of killing maria wilson in may. police say a gunman turned the gun on himself after injuring four others. so far a motive is not clear. the first lawsuit has been filed
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after an amtrak derailment killed four people and injured 150 others. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app or go to another ukrainian city falls to russia. vladimir putin's forces have taken the last major city in the luhansk province. reporter: after a denial from president zelenskyy earlier today ukraine's armed forces released a statement saying they
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are withdrawing from the last ukrainian holdout in donbas. now that luhansk is taken, many expect russia to push for control of donetsk. another tragedy today. local officials say at least 6 civilians were killed after intense russian shelling. fox news is working to confirm that number. meanwhile look at this map. ukrainian officials say they are seeing a lot of activity from the southwestern corner of belarus. listen to this assessment. >> according to the information the republic of belarus council.
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air defense systems are reinforced by units of military districts of the russian federation armed forces. reporter: that region is directly north of where we are. the mayor of lviv met with military leadership to discuss plans for a pops invasion. we'll send it back to you. christina: incredible reporting, nick, thank you. here are other headlines from around the globe. in denmark officials say several people were hurt. heavy rain is believed to be a
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factor. in australia, thousands of people were told to leave their homes. today as rivers overflow. but authorities call it a life threatening emergency. north korea, leaders are criticizing joint efforts. they say it targets north korea and warned the country is boost its capability. in puerto rico superstar ricky martin was slapped with a domestic violence restraining order. in england, roger federer spoke at the 100-year celebration. that's a look at some of our stories from around the globe. house of americans take part in the annual tunnel to towers run to raise money for the families of fallen firefighters, police
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officers and first responders. details on that amazing effort ahead. [♪♪♪]
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>> 22 mortgages for first responders. memorial day we did 21 gold star families. there are so many police officers and firefighters, they don't often get recognized if they die in the line of duty and
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they are forgotten about. police officers you know how many are being shot and killed and give up their lives every single day. christina: that's tunnel to towers veo frank siller. it's expanding its mission to help address another important issue, veteran homelessness. brad blakeman joins us. he was an advisor to president george w. bush. thank you so much for being here. your organization does so much. tell us how it's working to accommodate veterans who are homeless. >> six years ago frank siller and our board got together and said we are doing a lot of things and helping a lot of people. what are we missing? we pay off mortgages for
3:41 pm
families of fallen veterans. we could be doing more. we understood there were 30,000 or more homeless vets on the streets of america. and frank siller said that's not acceptable. in the last six months we made critical investments in los angeles and san bernardino county in california. we are look for property in florida and elsewhere. our mission is to eradicate homelessness. we'll build what we call comfort homes. 500 square foot homes where they can live with dignity and respect. and make sure they have the best services with regard to their healthcare, drug abuse, alcoholism, job training, job placement. it's note enough to house
3:42 pm
someone who is on the streets. that's what we are going to do. we are going to do it as well as we have done our other missions. and it's only due to the generosity of the american people who donate $11 a month. christina: what are some of the main challenges they are facing? >> the main challenge is providing a roof over their head. to live in dignity, respect and comfort. when they serve overseas they have a great credo they live by, leave no one behind. but when they come home, it's every man and woman for themselves. that's unacceptable. for the folks critically
3:43 pm
homeless on our streets, make sure they have shelter and marry that up with services to get the best care. it's not enough to house someone, not without servicing. frank siller and our board made this a priority and we'll make a difference. christina: it's important to remember on this july fourth holiday when we get caught up in pools and fireworks. the people who fought for our freedoms we are celebrating, that we work to help them the way they helped us. brad blakeman, thank you. this letter was written by alexander hamilton in 1880. we'll tell you where it is now.
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christina: a piece of history is on display and it's decades in the making is this letter was written by founding father alexander hamilton in 1770. a federal appeals court ruled that it belongs to the state. the secretary of state says it's being featured at the commonwealth's exhibit. the boston tea party changed the course of our nation's history. abby hornacek is here with the latest. you have the best assignment. abby: hopefully we can bring a
3:49 pm
little bit of this to you. something we all already had about in class. while we were in the cradle of liberty we went to check out where it all went down. take a look. we are at the boston tea party ship museum. let's go find someone to show me around. shall we? you seem like the guy to talk to about the overall history and more about the museum. what was the role of the boston tea party that led to around independence. >> we look at it as the single most important event leading up to the american revolution. it was the catalyst.
3:50 pm
england's response propelled america down the road to revolution. >> these are some of the teas destroyed during the boston tea party. there were two black teas and one green tea. this was the most expensive in american colonies and a favorite of george washington and thomas jefferson. let's learn how it got here. >> i hope you are well prepared for knowing what lies aboard this vessel. you have four cargo.
3:51 pm
and right here we have one of our largest chests of tea on board. in the cargo hold, and since you know a little bit about the tea, you want to join us in throwing it overboard? let us make a salty brew for the fishes. one, two, three! okay! abby: the colonists had to break open the crates. after almost three hours they were able to destroy the tea.
3:52 pm
so much fun. abby hornacek, live in boston. thank you so much. you can celebrate america with us on fox news channel all weekend long. "fox and friends" anchors will be here for a special independence day at west point including an hic fireworks show. and tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, fox news presents an independence day special with joey jones, lawrence jones, and i will be part of a fabulous fireworks show that includes music from some of your favorites fireworks from d.c., boston and much, much more. so stay tuned with fox news as we celebrate this great country
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all weekend long. the city of orlando, florida is apologizing for a controversial post on its website. friday the city wrote, a lot of people probably don't want to celebrate our nation right now, and we can't blame them when there is so much division, hate and unrest. why would you want to have a party celebrating any of it. the message went on to say america is in strive, but we already bought the fireworks. as you can imagine it got a lot of backlash. one day later the city of orlando posted this apology. we understand these words offended some of our residents which was not our intent. we are thankful to our men and women who have fought and continue to fight and the 4th of
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♪ ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ ♪ christina: i love our music, despite delays and cancellations there is one bit of nice airline news, guinness named longest, oldest serves flight attendant, betty nash of boston, she began as eastern airlines attendants and now works with american with no gap in her employment over the years, she can be home to care for her son who has special needs. >> a lot of hard work. >> i can barely wait to tell you about the next story, some zoo we came across, a black bear sauntering up to a king size wash tub and climbing in on a hot day
3:59 pm
last week at portland. zoo in og a good time, he is grinning, cleaning his paws. he is having a leisurely outdoor bath. a scorching heat wave with triple digit temperatures in iraq has staffers at baghdad zoo working hard keeping animals cool, the tigers get to take a dip in a pool and others are sprayed down. it has about a thousand animals. >> and that is it for "fox reports" this sunday july 3, i am cristina coleman in for jon scott, thank you to your wonderful viewers. have a safe, wonderful 4th of july, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is
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next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it's "sunday night in america," this week we celebrate our 246 birthday, it should be cause for celebration. we have survived a revolution, two world wars, a civil wear, the great depression. the fight for inequality, pandemic and diseases. and acts of terrorism committed on our


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