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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 4, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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step up and challenge him to initiate those changes? have a great july 4th. thank you for watching. we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution". ♪ ♪ ♪♪ living in america ♪ ♪ dreaming of red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ only in america ♪ ♪ >> it is monday morning. it definitely does not have that mandate feeling. happy independence day every day on fox news, we try and celebrate america. it is atras special when it is the fourth of july. you're watching "fox & friends first," of course, i am carly
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joined by griff jenkins in washington. >> good morning. i am sitting in for the amazing todd piro and it is so exciting to the vehicle for fourth of july. one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. this is certainly one of the holidays that i think america should rally around because it is an important one and when -- a lot of people already partying. >> ashley: absolutely. and i was able to go to one of the biggest fireworks shows in the country. it was on long island, new york. we will be showing you some of that. some of the highlights. we also have dennis been on coney island because she will be judging the product eating contest. the next few hours are going to one-stop shopping. we have some news to get to. >> griff: let's get right there. president biden is set to
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deliver his seventh fourth of july address -- second fourth of july event. >> ashley: his approval ratings are thinking. and just a few months before the midterms no less. market is live in washington with the details but happy fourth of july. >> reporter: happy fourth of july. i wish we were in nashville. people are having a good time on broadway. the president is due back this afternoon for the official white house so patient and more critics are slamming to person for the state of the country under the country under the fourth of july, the president since there has been some extra ordinary progress. you look at the polling, voters may not feel the same way. the latest survey finding that only 39% of people approved of the president's job performance down sharply from a year ago. take a listen to what the president also had to save one year ago. >> president biden: of the past two years, we have lived through some of our darkest
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days. now i truly believe. >> mark: when it comes to the economy, the president is. >> brooke: their a positive spin on things. he wrote that we put america in a position to tackle the problem of inflation. the problem is republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plan to bring down costs. the inflation rate is up sharply from when depressed and took office. however, other countries including u.s. allies are dealing with inclusion as well. voters in this country more likely -- what is happening at home. some political pendants confirmed it could also expel major trouble for democrats dystopic. we heard from -- if democrats are able to salvage they will need unforced errors by republican candidates and very shallow recession. the white house insists the recession is not and met --
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inevitable. the point that that every local and implement rate as proof that the economy remains resilient even with inflation. griffin, carly. activity. >> carley: thank you. democrats are continuing to backlit with the president but an intense to run for another term former obama dhs secretary says the president should make his plans known before november. >> i know that joe biden has made up his mind to run in 2024. i'm sure at some point that he will have the conversation with his family. my advice would be unconventional. if you are not running to make that announced her -- announcement sooner rather than later. >> carley: kamala harris said biden was running that she would be is ticketmate. she ended up walking back to comments days later modifying
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them. and kevin said america would that if it from a new faces on the ticket there. >> a turning point elections that are before us matter more than it may be most in our lifetime. but ultimately, we have all been around washington enough that we should not ask a bunch of prospective candidates to read that white paper and sometimes i think our best view is thirsting for new ideas. the country, the citizens of the country now that we are on the wrong track 75% of them, even at a time like now with full employment, the country is on the wrong track. consumer sentiment. so there has to be a bottoms up movement and hopefully this gives just a bit of a positive framework to think we can do this. >> carley: major headline. a new u.n. report reveals that u.s.-mexico border is deadlier than any other land crossing in the world to.
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>> griff: as the investigating could use the dhs as a country is facing intense criticism for making a shocking suggestion about who is to blame for that tragedy. brooks is here to tell us more but happy fourth. >> reporter: hey, good morning. happy fourth of july to do both. secretary of hunter mayorkas up in to claim migrants for that tragic incident. listening to this. kick. >> secretary mayorkas: we continue to one people not to take the dangerous journey. we saw so tragically in san antonio, texas. one of the possible tragic results of that danger security and so many people don't even make it that far. in the hands of exploitative smugglers. >> reporter: those 53 people are not the only migrants to lose their lives trying to edge of the united states purchased last year, at least 728 people died printed enter the u.s. from mexico. front of the 493 have been
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killed so far this year. participants our southern border deadliest land crossing in the entire world. these figures come from a new report by the international organization for migration which the united nations agency that provides services and advice to both governments and migrants. the author of that damming report writing, the number of deaths under united states mexico border last year is significantly higher than in any year prior even before the covid-19. yet the number remains an under camp. andy biggs illustrated just how bad this crisis is by posting this footage from the southern border. watch this. >> after 4:30 in the money, still. you can see behind me and that little group 150 folks right there. and is it is being overrun. anything in the detention center
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in the process. they will release these folks into the interior of the country. >> brooke: the international organization for migration says more than 1200 people died while migrating throughout both north america and south america and 2021. carley, chris? >> griff: early on this fourth of july, thank you very much. you know, carley, down at the border last week, i spoke with the governor of how the crisis is impacting america. >> it has never been worse because the numbers are higher than it has ever been. we are not thing to resident list -- lift a finger to do anything about it. the president has abetted one of the state -- actually get many of the states, all of the what a state. it is. >> brooke: and the former director of ice joins us now. jonathan karp thank you for giving up early.
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i want to get right into these numbers and the deaths of migrants at the border. they have been tracking these things since 2014. when we had this tragic 53 died in san antonio last monday, i started digging into whether or not they are reporting migrant deaths. and they are not. they have not done it since donald trump was present and look at work to hundred 47. there are 518 not including the 53 so far this fiscal year. why does this administration one to hide this from us? >> well, again, they are always try to you know, hide what is going on, you know, distract from the issue because they know they have caused this issue. they have been everything they can to encourage illegal immigration. and i don't think governor abbott went far enough because this is something the administration -- it is even worse in that. they have created the issues.
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they have encouraged this illegal immigration. they want to hide the most horrific aspects of intricate which are the deaths and as the summer heat up, we will see more of this and you'd play some of the country mayorkas' comments and it is standing. the way they are claiming that migrants and everything else. you don't see any sense that they are going to take weak spots ability. or that they are going to change policies and at least. >> carley: president lopez obrador will be visiting president biden on july 12th. the president will have an opportunity to talk about the southern border with him. what should our president stated the mexican president to try and stem the flow of illegal immigration? >> jonathan: well, i think -- but i think he should tell them to support as can to prevent that migrants from crossing into mexico because most of these are not mexican citizens. they are from central america and other countries. so mexico could do a lot to stop this.
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but the mexican president i'm sure the retort would be every policy that you have instituted has encouraged illegal immigration. have made it clear that once an olympic -- illegal immigrant gets into the united states, they will not be deported with the exception of the most extreme circumstances. the issue is not mexico. it is our policies here every single thing -- every single thing they have done. making it harder to enforce the law. that is what this is that is what is causing this issue. it is not in mexico problem. it is not a problem with any of these other countries. it is what we are doing here and if he actually wants to change this, he could look internally and change it pretty quickly. >> griff: that is a great point, jonathan park the supreme court ruling in favor of the biden administration to give them the green light. what green light. what do you think will be the end result? will it increase the number of
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migration that surging numbers work will include at least decrease it and help get it under control? >> jonathan: well, it certainly is going to increase the numbers because the biden administration was butting to end a policy that would keep people training asylum in mexico and not release them into the country to stay primly. but they have no intention and they do not even believe these are asylum-seekers or legitimate asylum-seekers, which, you know, secretary made kroskin of gave up the game is great when he is saying don't come well, if he is saying, why he's the spicy saying don't come? if? if they are fleeing persecution and torture from the country? because they are now she knows the coast these are not legitimate asylum-seekers. this will encourage more people to come and they -- the entire time, they say, once you get here, we will not depart you. you will receive every benefit making citizens get and you will
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not even -- even criticizing illegal immigration is off-limits according to this administration. so it is going to increase. it is going to get worse. we will have more deaths at the border and they will continue to blame other people other organizations, but it really is on them and they need to take some responsibility and take this issue seriously. >> carley: the governors of maryland and virginia are demanding -- and provide security to supreme court justices. after the supreme court's top ranking security officials requested law-enforcement put an end to those protests outside justices' homes. governor hogan's director of mutations and he responded to the supreme court marshall singh amid all this, our state and local law enforcement agencies have been on front lines every day protecting these communities and you say that this whole situation is a missed opportunity for the president to lead. how so?
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>> jonathan: well, you know, this is a great opportunity and you talked about it before. with us up in court ruling -- in the present an opportunity to show he is the president of the united states. that he is a leader. he cares for all of the citizens but he is not just a party bus. and he could recognize the legitimacy of the supreme court and also this is a legitimate debate in this country and just delegitimize one side of this debate is really stunning. but it really is -- it is, like you said, a missed opportunity to be a leader because he is a leader for everyone. and the fact, the supreme court is asking the state supreme court marshaled to protect the justices, they are releasing because the federal government is not doing its job and it is amazing to me that they want to step up. they have endorsed this behavior of protecting outside of the sprinkler justices' homes. and these supreme court justices, they have families. they have neighbors and they
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have no care whatsoever because they want the proto-stamp protesting and because whether or not it is this ruling or other rulings, this ruling does this really does template these justices and it intimidates other judges as well and is really disgraceful that he can't step up and lead. the department of justice can't step up and enforce that law. they won't even discourage people from protesting outside of these homes and they are leading into the governors. thankfully the governor of virginia and maryland are taking the issue seriously and protecting the supreme court justice victims. >> griff: the justices will soon be on their break. we will see if these protests end organ under control. jonathan fahey, thank you for being here and thank you for your service to our nation as well. >> jonathan: thank you. >> griff: an american hero, herschel willie -- wendy williams will
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buy. i had the distinct privilege of meeting him a few years ago. he left me with this inspiring message. watch. i'm with a real american hero but he was the last american recipient. thank you for their service. >> thank you. >> griff: any advice for folks out there? >> just be happy. every day is a good day. be happy. >> griff: be happy. he was honored in his home state to state where senator joe manchin received a round of applause after announcing that veterans would lie in honor at the u.s. capitol his medal was reported in october of 1945 for violent devotion to duty for the battle of iwo jima. the date and the details will be announced very soon. i got to tell you, carley, there are a few world war ii here was
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i met that were more amazing than what he. he would watch me sometimes on fox and sign 820 -- twitter message. he embodied the greatest in with the station resembles and he was the last living medal of honor recipient not only of world war ii but of iwo jima and today on the fourth of july if you are here. it says inscribed on that memorial, you know, marie -- marine memorial. you can see valour. uncommon valor. common virtue. in his words, resound of his generation and everything that woody meant to. >> carley: uncommon valor. that is such a beautiful sentiment and it does body, he is but he is the best among us and it is amazing to see the video that you posted to him saying everybody needs to be happy. especially considering all that he experienced throughout his
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life. i also was able to meet him during a medal of honor event in florida a couple of years back and he was so humble and such a wonderful person. truly a living embodiment at the time of american history. and it was wonderful. and it was great to see him during one of the happy moments that he got to share with you. we honor wendy today and all of our veterans -- woody today and all of our veterans on this independence day. and also on this fourth of july, our own abby a eight visited of the boston harbor felt and found out what makes people proud to be americans. >> means that i can celebrate my freedom. freedom to be who i am. >> in my opinion, the united states is like winning the lottery for something greater than a million dollars. >> carley: we will take a tour with abby sg visits one of america's most historic cities.
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>> griff: pestka congressman ronny jackson are here to start your fourth of july with "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: that is a look at austin, texas there. it is going to be bright sunshine this morning as we celebrate the fourth of july. as americans bring in our nation's birthday, the city is apologizing after posting this controversial statement about its own fourth of july fireworks show. the message reach inputs, a lot of people probably don't want to celebrate our nation right now. and we can't blame them. with backlash to that post was swift including this tweet which says that we do not share the same views as the city of orlando and find their comments inflammatory and importation. much better message.
1:25 am
he says today is a day for all americans to unite the country. >> america is yearning for the simple old-fashioned patriotic culture that so many of us remember growing up with. i did not grow up here. i grew up in england. as you know, i'm an american citizen now. so proud of it. and so honored to celebrate this weekend. my second independence day as an american. we are all americans. let's come together as a nation can celebrate what makes us as. this fourth of july. let's see if we can rise above the culture wars and in the years ahead remember that we are all in this together. as americans. >> griff: and no other place celebrate independence day quite like boston at this year marks the city's 40th our professed. >> carley: fox nation's everyone is this got to check it out.
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♪ ♪ >> abby: there is a reason why we are in boston. you see something that has played a role in our nation's independence. let's walk the streets of barton and find out what people are doing for the fourth of july. what make you proud to be an american? >> freedom. >> absolutely freedom. justice for all. >> holidays like this ring a lot of people together. >> i'm speechless to. i get emotional. so much. ♪ ♪ >> it me, it means that i can celebrate my freedom to be who i am. >> he not state is like winning the lottery for something better than a million dollars. it is everything. it is the greatest country in the world. >> having freedom to do things that you can't do and a lot of
1:27 am
other places and if you don't have those freedoms, having the ability to fight for your freedom. ♪ ♪ >> abby: what does the fourth of july mean to you? >> the culmination of the founding of this country. it is a reason to celebrate america into celebrate the freedom that we all enjoy. >> abby: what does it mean to have our professed? >> it is awesome. we thought we would come here and see what it was all about. ♪ ♪ >> huzzah. >> griff: fox nation is honoring military members with a free subscription.
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go to and signed up. >> carley: a nonprofit hoping to help veterans. pairing up america's he read -- heroes with songwriters. empowering veterans. what was your combat experience? >> i kind of think about one of my longest days that obstacle. probably, you know, 18 hour day started early. we actually took a pause and found out we were actually went on top of an ied that happened to not be plugged in. yeah, we got lucky there. >> carley: he got chance to put his service into song. chemical perform the song tonight during our live auction is independence day special. starting at 8:00 eastern time.
1:29 am
every -- i'm very much looking forward to the topic i'm going to be joined by lawrence jones. if you like fireworks, patriotism, you will want to join in. it is going to be a lot of fun. in the meantime, it has been a nightmare at america's airports. gas prices at record highs and thousands of flights canceled or delayed. >> griff: the biden is deporting think -- deflecting the blame again. hear the white house's response. that is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪♪ ride in a chevrolet ♪♪ >> griff: you are looking live at our nation's cattle -- capitol.
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america's 245th birthday. there will be fireworks and this guy. ours from now. over that capitol here in washington. i am griff in washington. american energy companies issue a blistering response to the president biden as he attempted once again shifted blame for skyhigh gas prices. >> carley: ashley strohmier joins us. >> reporter: president biden. it happened after the president took aim at oil and gas companies in a tweet saying "my message to the companies running gas stations is simple. this is a time of war and global peril. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you are paying for the product and do it now. ." this was the response from the oil and gas association. working on it. please make sure the white house intern who posted this tweet
1:36 am
registers for the fall semester. republic of north told cnn it is time biden opened up american energy. listen to this. >> i think the thought of energy policies should be addressed. a lot of them opening up americans energy supply again. i wish he would not have canceled the keystone pipeline. i wish he would not have stopped drilling on federal lands. i wish he would not hit so many of our industry partners. he has made as much more dependent on our enemies. >> ashley: right now, the average round-trip tickets will cost you $437 which is the highest has been in five years. and 45% compared to 2019. not only is it going to cost you more but there is bigger headaches with the delays and cancellations, travelers felt this holiday weekend. tc screen more than 2 million passengers saturday olympic
1:37 am
there have already been almost 300 flight delays in nearly 100 cancellations. the average price of a gallon of gas coming in at $4.8. back to you guys. >> carley: ashley strohmier, take it so much. did you see this? jeff bezos going after president biden for telling gas cavities to lower their prices. writing in part, it is either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics. measures county counsel spokesman john kirby says maisels is off base. >> anybody knows he is plainspoken, and he you exactly what he is thinking and in terms that everyone can understand. i think we obviously take great exception to the idea that this is somehow misdirection. the president is speaking honestly with the emergent people. about what he is trying to do.
1:38 am
>> coming to her boss' defense considering that the billionaire ceo does not understand basic market dynamics. gas stations make no more than 225 cents once their costs are factored in. the president should start taking accountability for his actions. >> it is insulting to the office. he is dishonest. he is not taking credit for his failures. keep shut down the keystone pipeline. he has basically destroyed economy because he sold his soul to become president. he has double down on punishing americans. at all costs. he is not suffering. but american people are suffering. he put the american people last. he put the democratic party first and that is why we are suffering. >> carley: reporting, the legal standing hesitate a steep slide since last year. a big part of that is the president's dismal approval
1:39 am
rating down 20% since his last fourth of july. >> griff: a retired brigadier general who is running for senate in new hampshire. he is joining us now. thank you for it was service. we want to get to your fourth of july message. first, let us play for imprinted biden's remarks from last year's fourth of july celebration where he claimed that year ahead would be america's brightest future. watched his. >> president biden: over the past year, we have lived through some of our darkest days. now i truly believe we are about to see are brightest future. >> griff: in reality, a different story. inflation continuing to skyrocket. a poll released -- revealing more than 80% of americans are concerned about inflation. what say you?
1:40 am
>> first, it is an honor to be here today. and i want to wish america happy independence day. this is the best nation in the history of the world. i hope and pray for many more holidays. you know that this is not guaranteed. it requires a lot of work. that our citizens will remember the brave men and women who helped keep this nation free. i think really the president's message gets to the bottom line here and it is the fact that the problem in america today is an effective leadership in clear politicians and issued -- usually an effective system that is hurting not only this but americans four. taking our country in the wrong direction. 76% of america believes it is going the wrong direction. he made those comments before the huge debacle in afghanistan. the in action in the ukraine. and all of his economy
1:41 am
decisions, his decisions to hurt our energy sector and more importantly, he has really hurt the safety and security of americans both at home and abroad. this is the real problem that we need to start reading dedicating ourselves to our values and our principles embodied in the declaration of independence and in our constitution and we got to get back to god family community country. >> carley: country is facing so many problems from high inflation, high gas prices, high crime. what does dependent need to do -- the president need to do to address these issues rather than just make excuses? >> don: first of all, he needs to take responsibility and accountability for his actions. he has demonstrated poor leadership and my u.s. senate opponent has been with him 100% of the time. we have a congress that can't get anything done for america to help our economy, to stop the
1:42 am
spending, and to make america safe and secure. this is a huge problem. and taking responsibility and accountability as a leader is the number one thing that you need to do. this is a leadership problem. everywhere i go in that granite state, people are worried about who is going to lead us in the future. this is a great holiday and we should all remember why it is a great holiday and all of the sacrifices that our country has made to get here. but right now, this country is heading in the wrong direction and if it continues, this could be a real problem for america freedom, let that liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. >> griff: such a good point, general. and a recent fox news poll text only 39% of americans have pride in this country. and it troubles me. does that trouble you? how do you turn that around? >> don: it really troubles me. and the reason is we don't have
1:43 am
a national dialogue on god, family, community, country. we don't have political leaders that can stand up and talk about our values and principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. our god-given rights. these things that make this country great. we need to look at our preamble of our constitution, those 52 glorious words that set this country up for success. every single one of those lines is in jeopardy today. it is a simple be looking at that and saying, hey, we want to become a more perfect union. we will need to do this. if we want to establish a justice and ensure tranquility, we have to do this and they are not doing that. they seem to be doing the opposite which is very concerning to me and that is why we need change. >> griff: brigadier general don bolduc thank you for your service. and your message. have a safe and happy fourth.
1:44 am
>> don: god bless you and you as well. thank you very much. >> carley: absolutely. >> griff: dozens of americans flags are being stolen in an apparent effort to slow the local tradition. a patriot on that block is replacing each missing flight to ensure the stars and stripes lined the street is always on the fourth. >> i would consider myself more than the average patriot guy. it matters to me. the country matters. the people that defend the country matter. i think when somebody steals an american flag, they are doing more than they know. >> griff: the alleged thieves were caught on surveillance cameras. washing county sheriff's office is working to track them down. and one of the strongest movements we have seen this year, led by parents taking back their say in education. we are talking to a group of
1:45 am
newly elected school board members who are making sure patriotism remains in the curriculum. >> carley: and what is independence day without fireworks? ♪ ♪ >> so beautiful! [fireworks popping] >> carley: i got the chance to get an. close and personal look one of the biggest fireworks shows in the entire country. we work going to shared with you. you don't want to -- are going to share with you. you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: americans nationwide are fighting for a say in their children's education. critical race theory remains a threat in classrooms. two newly elected school board members join me now take a look into carol, texas, isd board and mark was in the school board in april. mark, i will start with you. what was your message that led you to win a seat in the school
1:51 am
board? >> good morning and happy fourth of july. to all of my americans. my message on that school board was listening to all children in this country can make it and be successful if we instill in them the values and american values, hard work turf achievement, self responsibility. isn't the greatest country in the world so we know that children who look like me and all children can thrive if they work hard to do so. >> carley: alex, you are a air force veteran and a poll found that 39% of americans say they are truly concerned about what is taught in public schools and 34% say they are very concerned. what do you think schools should be focused on? >> we should be focused on getting back to the basics in education and teaching kids how to think and not what to think. we need to think them to -- teach them to think critically and take care of others.
1:52 am
we must teach them how to think. >> carley: marquell, i was taking back to the last fourth of july. cougs min cori bush said this land is stolen land. what is your response to that? >> marquell: i'm free as anyone and ends in country. america has come a long way with providing the opportunity for all people, including those who look like me. many of us are teachers, doctors, lawyers and newly elected school board member. those are false accusations if we take a look at this country, america is a birthplace for -- for everyone to have the opportunity. >> carley: and alex, critical race tyreek teaches that our country is not a place to be proud of and everything should be looked to that view --
1:53 am
through -- look through a few of race. if that continues to be taught to our young people, what does the future of our country look like? >> alex: and would be a dismal future and it is not consistent with the way the majority of these people believe in america. we simply -- last night in southlake and had a huge celebration with people from all walks of life. and it was fantastic. you can see the pride in america. >> carley: marquell do you think critical race theory is a threat to our future and in classrooms? >> marquell: this is my own opinion critical race theory is a threat to our future in america. we have seen in other districts that crt is certainly into the curriculum and repackaged. we have also seen divisive hundred -- brodric in classrooms and it has taken off the focus
1:54 am
to achieve academic success. we have an active school board tackling this issue and prioritizing academic achievement but we have seen divisive rhetoric across our schools and the nation and basically telling children who look like me that they should be angry at this country and angry at people of different racial group for some reason, things that they supposedly have done wrong to them, which is not true. what true is all of us needed to be united as americans and move this country forward. >> carley: i can see why. thank you so much for joining us this morning. have those happy fourth of july. >> marquell: thank you. >> carley: griff, over to you. >> griff: it has been a long road. a nascar driver's dream finally comes true. tyler reddick with the thrill of
1:55 am
finishing first. watch. >> tyler: i love the fans. i love that race track. it is special. >> griff: beating chase elliott in wisconsin. he continues with first-time winners on road courses. our own reporter is in coney island there she is judging the hot dog eating contest. >> carley: and she is going to be joining us with a live preview. you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪ buried in receipts, invoices and other paperwork that's preventing you from doing what matters most? then get the all new epson rapidreceipt smart organizer to scan, digitize and organize your documents and
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♪ ♪ >> carley: if you are waking up with a smile once, you are not alone. happy 4th of july. on fox news, we try to honor and celebrate this country, but it


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