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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 4, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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as americans that is what it is about for me. >> griff: so well said, thank you for your time, have a safe and happy 4th of july. >> carley: thank you for joining us, griff, so wonderful being with you this morning, happy 4th of july to you and everyone watching at home. >> griff: happy 4th of july, "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> what a great symbol of a fight for freedom. perhaps not the fight for freedom in 1776 but in 1836. that was the 78 army band performing america the beautiful from the alamo, where texas fought for their independence several decades after the united states of america established our independence. happy fourth of july, welcome to "fox & friends." lawrence jones, rachel campos duffy right here in fox square in new york city. >> good morning to both of you.
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these two are fist pumping about this coming from the alamo. >> i saw it was in san antonio, texas, but i didn't get it was the alamo. i would've changed my pin on will do it later on. >> rachel: first of all look at our beautiful background here. thank -- just a great way to bring in the fourth of july for all of you. we had a great weekend at west point. and here we are and where joined by you, lawrence. >> lawrence: thank you for having me. it is beautiful because there is often so many things we can criticize with going on. i had the opportunity to be in front of the 54th residence in these other guys were the first black soldiers to fight in the civil war and they celebrated the fourth of july. if they can celebrate the fourth of july before they were even free i will be if we don't celebrate it this morning.
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>> rachel: i love that. you just turn the 78 army bed performing america the beautiful their post editorial board highlighting the meaning behind it was a poet before it was a song written by catherine bates. oh beautiful -- i want to read it, right? oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain for purple mountains majesty above the fruit planes, america, america, because it sheds his only and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. >> beautiful. it was a poem before it became this beautiful song. reduce of the gilbert students can hear and i think transports you to celebrate the meaning of this great country b that's what i hope we can spin this morning together with you doing. going to have a great show.
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you know there are so different aspects of america that really try to capture test from entrepreneurs to pioneers to warriors who fought to protect this freedom. we'll spend time this morning with so many of those warriors and entrepreneurs who help capture the spirit of america. this poem does so well, lawrence, not many realize that's just the first verse. we don't often hear the second stanza of that poem. >> rachel: it invokes the beauty of america. a lot of americans by the way get to start to enjoy more over the summer. they get out and get in their car, even though gas prices are high you can see a lot of americans get out there and look at the beauty of america. >> lawrence: all the heroes that are going to be on the show this morning telling that story, why they decided to fight. that's important. a lot of people aren't willing to put on the uniform to others
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law enforcement or the military uniform to defend freedom. i think we have a little bit more of those verses in the song -- in the palm actually. beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved america america make god like gold refined the nobleness and every game defined. such a beautiful poem. >> that's second stanza we don't often hear. so as rachel mentioned we spent the last week of the united states military academy at west point. you hear me highlight that pioneer spirit, the entrepreneurial spirit pizza's of america but the state is about rebellion. the states but a successful revolution. the state is about a fight. and we talk about the warriors that i could be represented on the show today. i was running on west point and i'm going to bumble exactly what was said but it was emblazoned
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across one of the buildings up there, a quote by dwight d hasn't soured this is a link to the extent of the head of the aggressors only set it strength. in other words strength must be met by strength. we are yes a ces a country thatt for freedom but had to fight. in order to win that fight we have to be a country grounded in the window well the wit and strength. >> rachel: i love the rebellious spirit. we had abby coming it all week i'd. i just want to say take that come up prince harry and england. we embodied a little bit of that when we are and west point and we got a sense of duty as well when we were at west point. what discipline and poise, and these are the best of the best that -- >> lawrence: and it was a beautiful couple of days. i was watching it on when you guys did a terrific job
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highlighting our servicemen and women. let's check in with janice ahead of nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. she will be one of the judges. i know you're excited about this. >> are you kidding me? this is a bucket list that i never imagined myself to be experiencing. this restaurant has been here since 1916. corner of cerf and stillwell is being held here. it wasn't held the last two years because of the pandemic. it's back and of course to make thousands of hot dogs here for the hot dog competition. today they are probably going to set a record. tabs of thousands of hot dogs here in coney island. hi, jim, how are you? thank you for being here today. let's go over it. that's talked to jim. is there anything special you do with this girl? >> is still lowly the hot dogs above them down the crowd that we finish them on the high
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temperature so they are nice and hard. >> how many i'd like to get a make today? >> thousands. several thousand for the contest in the tens of thousands. >> gimmick for my first hotdog of the morning. breakfast of champions. this will not be the first hotdog. oh, my gosh. and that little snap, that crunch. so good, you guys. i'm so excited we are going to be broadcasting all through "fox & friends" until the heating contest i will be a judge. be dumb like >> rachel: janice ahead this morning said your husband is from brooklyn. if you have a been more impressed with anything in your career? until he became a judge for the nathan's hot dog contest? >> kentucky derby dog show, this is number one on my husband's
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last. >> lawrence: will be checking in and i have a ton of questions. so president biden had a tweet this past weekend that prompted a series of responses from america's richest individuals to the communist party of china. here's a tweet that's at the world in response beauties set my message to the company's running gas stations and setting prices at the pump. bring down the price you're charging at the pump to reflect the cost are paying for the product and do it now. telling the united states oil and gas producers it's your fault come you're couching, bring down your prices. to that the oil and gas association responded. speak to you before that the communist party basically tweeted out inside you're right, capitalism is exploitative,
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finally you're catching on joe biden. finally the oil and gas association responded in a very kind of humorous way thing working on it, mr. president. in the meantime have a happy foursome please make sure the white house intern who posts for this tweet registers for econ 101. doesn't understand supply and demand. the fact that lawrence, he shuts on the keystone play play and refused to give more leases for gas. he is pressuring banks not the finance oil and gas and fossil fuel projects into the future. i just day one of his presidency but the moment he was elected he
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saw gas prices started to go up as a result of this and policy after policy is going after the oil and gas companies. they made it very clear that precious, funny the president of the united states wants them to do something about it right now, but during the entire time these are the implications of this, he did nothing to help. this prompted a response from jeff bezos. this is what he set out set outcome inflation is far too important of a problem for the white house to keep making statements like this. i hope to prize the glycerol for jeff bezos. we all know that he hounds "the washington post." we know they were in the tank of the biden administration at the time. i just like to know come he's not the only progressive that's going against the biden administration commit thinks must be getting really bad for
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them to start going after not the president just behind the scenes, but the public. >> the world's richest individuals have also something like $60 billion to's economy year. do you hear the oil and gas association has you pointed out, saying you're feeling basic understanding of economics. if your jeff bezos actually sings another option year and that's banking on the administration banking on us feeling economics and buying their lies of misdirection. jeff bezos saying the biden administration after trying for misdirection and trying to distract. john kirby the nfc coordinator for strategic communications was asked about the biden administration putting the shell game of attention. watch. speak of misdirection is a serious allegation from a business mogul of weapons to be the owner of "the washington post." >> anybody that knows
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president biden says he has played in spoken and tells you exactly what is thinking in terms that everybody can understand. i think we obviously take great exception that this is somehow misdirection. the president of the speaking honestly with the american people about what he's trying to do to bring the prices down. >> i have to admit apple kirby is much better than coren at rick explaining things. we cannot understand the president, we don't understand which direction, he lies lie after lie not just from the podium but through tweet studies not even typing. there's -- jeff bezos pointed to a basic misunderstanding of how the market works. it's peter there's a bit of truth in what he said. he said occasionally joe biden slips and tells the truth and they did that what he said this is the great transition to green energy. that was true, this is a deliberate, intentional raising of gas prices through policies and regulations in order to
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transition people to green energy. if he says he wants to play potent because that was originally, then he blamed gas and oil. he knew that russia -- that this war in russia would cause all kinds of problems. not just oil and gas, but that ukraine and russia were the bread basket of the world and that if you put this area or region into a big long war that it would disrupt the food supply in the world really. so there's a lot of things that he could have looked around the corner and saw her, starting with the keystone pipeline, all the way up to the war with russia i'd ukraine, that he is really at the center of. >> i would say being unscripted, rambling, and unpredictable as the same thing as being plainspoken. >> rachel: fair enough. now to the usfl come with the first coming to a dramatic and last night with the birmingham
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stanwood leone's taking of the championships. >> the philadelphia start put up a pipe of the stallions came from mine with the stunning 54-yard drive and cruised on victory. >> lawrence: coming up next the highlight of that big game. hey, ashley. >> letter at the birmingham stallions are you're not a usfl still happens after the thrilling title came in canton, ohio, last night. that victory was getting really stellar to came from behind to win key games throughout the regular season but philadelphia didn't go down without a fight battling all the way to the end before falling 33-30. >> castella looking, but because can't field end. >> okay so stallions alignments could be right has three tackles the wild championship when purity is what he had to save the postgame interview. >> when you step in the trophy for the first time it's pretty cool to be able to do that.
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that's after the birmingham stallions, respect of the philadelphia stars, they played great but birmingham played better today. >> prepping him finishing up the air with a 9-1 record securing their spark in the south division. 23,000 seats were filled, most of the turnout supporting the birmingham stallions the championship puts a cap on the usfl inaugural season. >> only lost one game of the season. what a fitting champion the majority of the season home game so all games were played in birmingham. still if i had the holiday we can travel nightmare. how many flights are already canceled today and like you can democrats are slamming pete buttigieg for the air mcgavin. >> rachel: plus it's a "fox & friends" independence day tradition. artist stephen pendley's painting paintings ♪ ♪
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>> we are back with her husband starting with the spirit protesters marking an akron, ohio, after police released by the footage of officers shooting a man to death. police say 25-year-old jaelyn walker fled the scene of a traffic stop before being gunned down. medical examiners finding more than 60 wounds on walker's body. eight officers up and placed on administrative leave is the ohio bureau of investigation rather continues reviewing the shooting. police in denmark now say they do not believe the man accused of killing three people at the
3:22 am
copenhagen mall at a terrorist motive, the chief inspector of copenhagen's police department saying it was random for the suspect it's only been identified as a 22-year-old danish man whose knowledge of the company's mental health services prior to this we can shooting. an american hero, herschel woody williams will lie and honor at the u.s. capitol after passing away last week at the age of 98. he shared this inspirational message with every area jenkins. >> be happy. every day is a good day. he was the last surprise surviving medal of honor recipient with honor given for his value -- in the battle of iwo jima. congressional leaders saying that they and other details from woody's honor at the rotunda will be announced very soon.
3:23 am
the champion sang the holiday at a special meeting to his victory. >> i love the fans come i love this race track, figuring fourth of july weekend is just so special. >> reading feeding traceability by three seconds, contending the season-long trends of first-time winners on road courses. those your headlines, guys come over to you. >> airlines canceling hundreds of flights -- >> the frustration comes as experts predict run three and a half the most in the year. >> mark barris' life in washington. >> it is early but plenty of americans already up and airports nationwide waiting to see if it is going to be a smooth travel day or not. i've got the latest numbers
3:24 am
which show the weights far outweigh cancellation goods were no more than 300 flights delay more than hundred canceled nationwide. those numbers could go up to the morning. the last several weeks millions of people been dealing with other delays or cancellations paid airlines a staffing shortages go up or whether all forcing changes but pressure is building of the biden administration to mentor passengers are not shortchanged. over the weekend transportation secretary pete buttigieg tweet about some travel advice saying sometimes an airline's can offer you .2 miles we wanted to let people know they can also get a cash refund when their flight is canceled. they need to weigh whether or not it's worth having the money or miles to putting what they are valuing. we also heard from congresswoman who said it's pete buttigieg the need to get its act together. he says the secretary needs to make it clear that he has the authority to go after the airlines for unfair and deceptive practices. he needs to lay out the framework for what the consequences will be for canceled flights, understaffing, and work misrepresentation to passengers. vermont senator bernie
3:25 am
bernie sanders going further. he wants the department of transportation to impose a number of new regulations including requiring airlines re-issue refunds properly for a bit of delay and face fines for not properly demand planning act current staffing. one thing the government is not controlling as the rising price of airfare is up 45% from 2019. some airlines have already scaled back their late scouts or schedule to ensure they have enough staffing. that also means fewer seats are for sale. i did check the free cookies in the main cabin are still available free of charge. >> be real now. are you really excited about that when they come around without these days? >> i take as many as we can. i grabbed them and put them in my bag and ate them for like six days afterwards days afterwards. >> they are tasty. i will give you that they are tasty but it feels so meager. you like this is what i get? >> thanks, mark.
3:26 am
>> rachel: how do guys like your transportation secretary acting more like a customer service agent that the airline? >> think he's coming for kurt knutson's job. now they're going to give you more than halftime smile but you can be going for a refund. there's something more that the secretary of transportation can be doing and i think even democrats have pointed out are starting to acknowledge that. this is yet another breakdown. and not just of supply chains but the travel team when you combine it with gas prices. >> rachel: do you really like -- i disagree with both of them. i mean i look at what pete buttigieg has done and what bernie sanders and the representatives in california, all three of those people are responsible for the staffing issues at these airlines are facing. they had all these mandates, vaccine, mask mandates, they had lockdowns, all of this impacted the airline and may people
3:27 am
retire early, or get fired. then they go we are so mad at you because you have staffing issues. were going to come after you. they are also complaining, and i'm with bernie sanders on this, he went after it said what about the $54 billion would give you. >> lawrence: we gave them all the money. >> rachel: where is the teachers union money back i want all the money back. >> lawrence: they need to get something some of us out of under control. this is nonsense. about a third of the flights have been canceled. i mean there is a simple solution to this, to start my putting those times up there. just cancel a third of the flights and link of a specialist we know what were going to get. but all the delays come the air traffic control, the flight attendants, it's a big mess and it's another scandal in the biden administration. they had everything under control, the adults are back can't even manage the airlines
3:28 am
correct. >> were turning into a third world country prefer a very eyes. were going to turn to a much happier topic here. you know and love him, our next guest has iconic paintings that are displayed everywhere here at fox news building and he's tweeting this with his beautiful artwork each morning the talented steve henley joins us now to start his brand-new patriotic portrait. steve? do we have you? we've been having a bit of technical issues but we kept you now, right? >> there's your answer. >> i love his work. i'm a huge fan of his. >> it's all over the building here. one thing about them is you can tell with one it's one of his paintings because they are always patriotic.
3:29 am
i think this is why we always have money every week. >> we interviewed well and once and he said people criticize his work saying it so patriotic. he called the kitschy or whatever. and he's like he loves it because he says this is who i am. i know this building all of us just love walking by all of his work. >> hopefully will have him on later in the program. walking back this unpatriotic yuma claiming residents probably don't want to celebrate independence day. >> congressman and national guard colonel mike waltz is here. >> plus and the weighted display old glory in the back yard. we are crafting model american
3:30 am
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3:34 am
identified died at the hospital on the other man remains in critical condition. a vacant los angeles warehouse going up in flames last night. the l.a. fire department upgrading the fire to major emergency status. this happening in the brooklyn hills neighborhood more than 80 firefighters were called to the scene trying to extinguish the blaze. no injuries have been reported in the cause is still under investigation. another person in the is attacked by a shark in long island causing two beaches to temporarily close. a lifeguard identified in the middle of a training exercise when the shark reportedly bit him in the chest and hand. following that attack another shot setting was reported but it is unclear if it was the same one. police are on high alert for more shark activity in the area increasing boat patrols using drones. my goodness. another win for tom cruise's topcon maverick flying to another milestone in film
3:35 am
history. the action-packed hitting $1.1 billion globally. the communist party refusing to release the film over concerns of its two pro-americans as american pride draws viewers to the theaters we want to know what is your favorite patriotic movie. email us at friends at we cannot wait to hear your responses. it's become going to have to think about mine. as american celebrate our nation's birthday, the city of orlando is apologizing after facing backlash over a controversial post about its own fireworks display. the original statement claimed a lot of people probably don't want to celebrate our nation right now and we can't blame them. here to react g.o.p. congresswoman and guard michael waltz. congressman what you make of that? not very patriotic.
3:36 am
>> the city officials for a land immediately backtracked because the freedom loving people of florida rose up inside the eye we want to celebrate the fourth of july. we love america and happy birthday america. you know, rachel, joe shows a level of cynicism that we see in so many of our elected officials. we can't leave the house anymore over to hong kong where people are disappearing in the middle of the night if they dare to criticize the chinese communist party. it just goes to show a total lack of perspective of how great we have it here. we may not be perfect but we worked things out through our elections and courts and debate and we are always seeking to improve. i'm glad they backtracked. i'm glad they apologized.
3:37 am
but enough is enough of this kind of nonsense about our great nation. >> i always consider it such a blessing i grew up in a family that served in the military and i got to live in so many third world countries and other european countries and see how they lived. i always was so grateful to be in american. i think because i have that perspective. you're right, maybe we should give them a trip to hong kong and they would maybe come back a little more grateful. here's what the city of orlando had to say. this will we understand these words offended some of our residents, which was not our intent. we value the freedom to have in this country and we are thankful to the men and women who fought and continue to fight for those. we take pride in celebrating the fourth of july this set express our gratitude to those men and women in honor of the country that we live in. also just a misunderstanding of our history. we have so much to be proud of
3:38 am
congressman. >> you're absolutely right. in 1776 the entire span of history before then, the world was led by kings, queens, and emperors. they decided what rights you had, where you live, what your occupation was. our founders turned that on his head. we the people decide what the government can and can't do and that was a seismic shift in history that led to an explosion of freedom and democracy over the world. never perfect, always seeking to improve. we still have a long ways to go. but we have to appreciate how great those men were that sign that document. they were literarily hunted down for signing it and then where that has set the world in terms of its history and freedom and individual liberties. but it's not being taught now and our schools, not nearly enough, rachel. that's what i want to get us
3:39 am
back to civics. i have a bill to put it in national schools. the teachers and the way to be taught. like so many veterans there will be kids in the ground we walk in when we land to get back to the united states of america. >> rachel: a man, congressman. fort is leading the way with those civics classes and also having the national remembering victims of communism day. just really making sure that students, especially our young people, understand the true history of america and also the history of communism and socialism. thank you so much for joining me. i'm very happy fourth of july to you and your family. >> happy fourth, rachel. we have so much to be grateful for and that's my message to all-americans, be grateful we are so blessed to wake up
3:40 am
breathing free air and a free nation. >> thinks the people like you who served our country. thank you, congressman. still had we are keeping an eye on up painting a patriotic portrait this independence day. plus it's the oldest ship in the united states navy with officers and crew still serving aboard today. we'll go inside the uss constitution next. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels. dogs have been such an important part of my life. i have flinn and a new puppy. as i was writing, i found that i just wasn't as sharp and i new i needed to do something so i started taking prevagen. i realized that i was much more clear and i was remembering the details that i was supposed to.
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3:45 am
got the chance to explore and set our nations history to join us live from boston. good morning, abby. >> good morning, you guys. happy fourth of july. she's actually the oldest commission worship still afloat in the entire world. she's meant so much to our naval history. she's undefeated with the vital record of 33-0. we got a chance to hop on board. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> what an honor to be on the uss constitution. >> welcome aboard. you are now standing on the spire deck of uss constitution, the oldest commission worship
3:46 am
afloat in the world. we are still fully in commission with an active duty crew. if you look behind me you might see some of our sailors worry period uniforms from the early 1800s but they are still active duty that come from all over our navy. >> she's one of the six original frigates of the navy we have today. >> when i first a list that i never envisioned this would be my career starting up with. it's been honor. >> welcome to the gun deck of the uss constitution. it's a 44 going to forget and this is were going to see a lot of those counts. they are big guns. each of these guns weighs about
3:47 am
6,500 pounds. this is going to be a pretty exclusive part of the door. were going down into the ships magazine under the waterline to a spot on the ship where you can still see one of the original pieces of wood from 1797. >> not to uptrend you can touch a piece of what from 1797. >> you really don't get that opportunity too much. >> tourists come here and they see this as a ship or is amusing but what does it mean to you? >> i see the ship as a battlefield and as sacred ground and really a memorial for those who served during that time period and also sacrificed and that service. >> working to be inducting you did the hallowed halls of the honorary gunners. in just a few seconds are going to be able to say, which few people can, you've fired a cannon on the earliest commissioned world ship in the
3:48 am
world, old ironsides. >> go navy. >> well, speaking of cannons. by the way she got her nickname old ironsides because back in the war of 1812 an american sailor saw these 24-pound cannonball bouncing off her side and said his the ship is made of iron. the ship is made of what appeared to us one of the many unique things about the uss constitution. we'll be on board later today bring you all the action. abby, i've been loving your reports all week among peers such a reminder of all the history out there you can take your kids and your family to go see. it makes me want to go to boston. >> thank you, abby. come on over. this independence day for fox nation is honoring veterans
3:49 am
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call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ >> our next cast made honoring our country a family business by creating fans perfect for any patriotic backyard. >> founder of metal and art. this is just some beautiful art that you have. how do you guys do it? >> well we have a group of 20 people i worked day and night to fill orders. we've been around for nine years and we started it out of the garage by accident. it went viral and social media. >> what he mean by accident? >> just a father and son project on the saturday. we posted it on instagram and
3:54 am
woke up sunday and we had a business. >> i love america. >> we love your work, will get to some of it in a moment, but you have some new stuff out right now you're showing us, which are flags made to withstand the elements outdoors. >> for this year we had a huge ask from our customers for flags they can be outdoors so we have marine grain aluminum powder coated hand polished. they of the house and on the fence, let the neighbors how you know how you feel about america. >> in the constitution as well important on this day. >> we can put your picture or name, you can build them on the website to. >> you can honor somebody that serving gramps. >> we have police officers, pictures of select service dogs, grandchildren and grandkids. >> some of the magic making right here. >> this is our flagship product.
3:55 am
this is the freedom cabinet. >> that is the first thing you made in the crowd with the sun? >> yes. current wisconsin pine. >> the best pine. >> biometric fingerprint. >> science opened it several times this morning. >> there it is. >> that's called the slider so you hide all of your dirty little secrets. >> which stays in here, yeah. >> seeking to told them at freedom you can customize the mall. this is our hardwood. >> that is gorgeous. >> these are a lot of work. this is mahogany maple hand and lead stars. >> i saw that house carved out and you actually place the stars. >> how long does it take to make this? >> this is like two weeks worth of work.
3:56 am
these are bad. >> but you have when a process right in the square. is it hardwood? i know it's all -- we have one a process to be working on throughout the show. we can see some of the work and how good it is. >> this is how you can put a person on there. it's amazing to. >> all of these are handmade, right? all had to polish powder coated everything. so we're good to check in desk growing up a patriotic painting as he paints a portrait live on "fox & friends" all morning. very big show still had this independence day stay with us. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:01 am
>> welcome back to fox and friends. that was the 78th army band performing god bless america live from the alamo. happy independence day. i'm sure it was not a coincidence they chose the alamo and our two favorite texans are on this morning. good morning, lawrence, good morning will periods >> lawrence: when texas became a state you got all that texas history. >> of course i love texas history but i think it's not just -- what you see there with the alamo, is a fight for independence. at that point the alamo itself
4:02 am
is an underdog story. 13 days scum with some 120 men held out against an army of thousands. william barrett travis danson draws a line in the sand with his sword and says cross here because you know if it's day at certain death. sacrifice of the sam houston can gather an army large enough to defeat santa ana. that is not just to take tory it's also symbolic of the story of this nation. fighting back against a colossal umpire on the history of the globe in the british empire to establish this great nation's independence and search for independence and freedom for every single man. >> of the 56 centers for signing their own death warrant when they signed the declaration of independence. >> in to see behind us or the flags of this great country. they are here on things to
4:03 am
thermal towers whose decorated this beautiful patriotic displays we spend our independence day with you. if your photos from across the country are beginning to pour in. >> that's right. keep pouring them and we love seeing them. texas this one is adorable, look at that. waving their flags on the beautiful independence day we can know the way from florida. >> sonya's patriotic puppy. >> and took out the patriotic americans old decked out in there for fourth of july golf cart. >> looks like they're going going to a parade. you put in the losing situation stay.
4:04 am
94% of our respondents said they left braids and then there was like 6% the of these communists that road an end so they don't like parades. >> will: you know they had parades in the soviet union as well? i'm just saying. my wife kathleen and i had a debate last night and i said nobody ever went said i don't want to lose this debate with the will of the fourth of july it's only a question of her parades. >> lawrence: please send us your photo so we can highlight them this morning. by bringing tim kennedy former ufc fighter and army ranger special forces operator and author of the new book. >> it it's an amazing day.
4:05 am
so often we forget who we are. and he said the only thing that was risk with those that signed the declaration of independence, those six people, most of them saw pain, suffering, lot had died in battle. they were tortured and their houses were born down. it was for a really good reason that that's what we became. we've never been perfect but we had the same trajectory of always improving. everything we did from stopping fascists and going across the sea to fight the were a continual fight against communism. i want people to remember how amazing we are. time were is it okay to be patriotic? is it nationalist? we are an amazing country and where the most beautiful country that ever lived. having fought overseas and seen some of the terrible things that happened but we are something
4:06 am
special. it's something that should be celebrated on something that we should have parades down the street. we should scream it from the rooftops. it is something beautiful and special to be part of this country. if you were born here you won the lottery. you are so lucky to be here. yes we can improve have something beautiful here. >> can i tell you guys on saturday night imagine we have prayed on for our sleep and have to get up and preventing him who lost both of his legs in the battle for the united states of america, joey jones who lost both of his legs fighting for this country, evan hechler, several other great veterans were all going to have a nice little cocktail at the end of the night. thought to myself why did you
4:07 am
go, well, why didn't you listen to the story. obviously we all have great -- i'm just curious the question i would've asked is is there something is how to listen to a store is there among you guys, is there a common theme? i'm sure there's different motivating factors but when your vessel get get together do you see a threat that is, in and one of you? >> we wish misty first of all. we wish we were at the fair hotel just inside of west point. we have a medal of honor's recipient. >> what a crowd. >> it was a ride. the bartender looks over us they put a bottle of horse whiskey on it from special forces group. in the common bond there, like you.
4:08 am
that then guide to grammar we all is absolute love and belief in the idf america. this idea has been valuable, right? it's something to be fought for. the bravery of americans is for a reason. it is the idea that it is the dream that is becoming america every day. that's what we all share in common. we help full belief in what this country stands for and what we can ultimately do for the people. the declaration for the people. >> well, tim, there's a bit of footage that has come out. there was a world war ii marine that, his name because she was asked about his experience and is turning the hundred and is a veteran he was interviewed. i just want you to see this moment because it's riveting the
4:09 am
country. i'll just let you see what he said and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> i sincerely believe that everything is beautiful. if i wake up in the morning to missing these plans out here all those flowers when the green grass on the ground, that's beautiful. the things we did come of the things we found for. our country is going to in a hand basket. we don't have the country i had when i was in, not at all. this is not the same. that's not what they died for. >> so, tim, i love your optimism and everything you had to say.
4:10 am
but i think a lot of americans, especially a lot of older americans come i can remember life was like back then or maybe just 15 years ago. i don't think they are wrong. >> i do too. there are imperfect things with this country that we have to work on. we've never never been perfect i'll be doing that the question was so signed the sale of the slavery. that had signed it knew that it had to end. with our imperfection came a desire to see this dream realized. his words are so powerful and compelling giving us the sacrifice. sam. seeing the kinds horse that i've been at war. tessa read for a reason. we are so blessed and it was lived such a great time where it's been so good in the
4:11 am
united states. people forget about the sacrifice and how terrible this world can be. it is something worth fighting for. i do have hope and belief in my countrymen. i've been frustrated with my country of late i've never been more proud of my countrymen. the things they've done in afghanistan, stepping up to help us and our allies all over the country. i know americans. it is still thriving and that gives me hope. speed to end america has this remarkable redeem itself. we talked about the feeling of malaise, we've held up before during the carting years by then we had ronald reagan and morning in america again and were a longing that. my heart did great when i saw tim, it's hard not to. tim, your mind is about that american spirit. 1776, that spirit. do you think you much.
4:12 am
spoon pickup stars & stripes. it's a now. already, telefilm of the biden administration's feeding of current events and he had some opinions an end i know you do as well. ellis to the southern border in the administration's handling of exercises. >> just a simple question. do you think it is working? >> i think that we are doing a good job. we need to do better. we are focused on doing more. during the price of the south for the migration occurring throughout south fair is reflective of the imminent -- an increase violence throughout the region, the heroes of covid-19 pandemic, there really any reason not challenge.
4:13 am
we are addressing you with original partners. >> rachel: your order for your can give as he is alive here? this is an attempt to on their project and everything downtown said. they now all of these things. children are being abused and how dare he say that -- you've been on the border, i've been on the border, one of the benefits i have is i can talk to the migrants. i spoke to people as they crossed the river, the rio grande, with our officers looking on in the mexican officers looking them because of
4:14 am
the processing operation. i asked them i have nobody told me they came because of climate change. notice of. that economic areas in every major covalue. >> well as you know this is the just you know this it is chemical the situation. speaking of moving and lies underneath the all of the ideology. back to the order of handy cannot look at a weakling 56 of the u.n. wittgenstein the back of the trailer, discuss figure
4:15 am
for more drive yesterday. i'm so glad you brought that up because i keep saying there's going to be a moment of the biden administration widget who was, something mostly points going to just who numbers up to of deaths from people either banking behind a vehicle's or cannot make the journey across the border anymore so they just died in the pasture. they just refuse to. it's not just alike, it is the conclusion that the american people are somehow going to buy this. i mean number two or three issue
4:16 am
for a lot of americans, they just seem to not care about the issue. i think that this with the economy will be the two daggers that will take the democratic party out at the selection. it is the border towns in texas and arizona that i can -- have already seen it and city council races. we sought like congressional race. but there is a direct correlation between illegal immigration as well as the economy. when republicans start the thread that needle i think you can us even more. >> i think you can put politics aside and show that this is the least empathetic administration of ever seen whether it's their lack of concern for what the pain there causing american families and for inflation and they don't care because they say we need to transition or we need -- what do they need to call it? the liberal world order? they don't care. those 56 people that died in that truck those temperatures
4:17 am
were above hundred and 50 degrees, just unimaginable. as you said it's not the only thing. children being abused, people in the hand of cartels. it's not the don't care about the issue. at this point you can say they don't care about americans. >> well from combat the congress, with a panel next to you can't miss. it's navy seals running for office they share their independence day message coming up. ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage,
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4:22 am
>> starting with this new video from geico shows a crowd launching fireworks at police vehicles early this morning. the footage shows several police suvs being pelted with fireworks. some of thousand exploding across the pond impact. the city saw a string of shootings over the holiday weekend leaving at least 60 people shot, and 15 people died on thursday night. fox news weather alert a possible tornado causing severe damage to homes in grand island, nebraska, late last night for the potential twist are also taking power lines in the area. the national weather service has yet to confirm the tornado. so it's unclear exactly how strong it was. no entries have been reported in further damage in the area still being assessed. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez taking to instagram yesterday to lament the overturning of roe v's is wait and see if no act to small
4:23 am
when it comes to protesting this decision. >> i need to redo my nails and i've decided that i'm going to use my new manicure. >> okay. the congresswoman think she grew up in a socially conservative home or red nail polish flush was frowned upon. these colorado canines are participating in the special search and rescue training day here the pups came from three separate counties, el paso, teller command for mental work in different exercises such as air something, trailing, repelling. el paso search and rescue says it was a great time and resulted in a lot of very happy and tired dogs. look at that image. those ear headlines, over to you. >> lawrence: thank you. so we celebrate america's greatness send a new poll reveals not everyone feels that way.
4:24 am
only 39% said they felt proud of their country. our next guests disagree. they serve overseas now they're running for congress, senior chief wants to represent the congressional district camille a crane joined the navy days after 9/11 is running for arizona's first district retired field sniper freddie dukas running for a retired commander who was rooting for montana stanley created first. thank you all so much for the program. brian i want to go to you first. tell me what you have for the country today? what do you want them to celebrate? >> this fourth of july we should look at what it was. it was removing the tyrant, king george the third, the declaration of independence and we the people could govern ourselves, and its pursuit of
4:25 am
freedom. it seems like everything is going wrong to may from inflation from gas prices to grocery prices. we don't have baby formula in the story. i understand he looks like everything is fat but i want to give a message that america is not weak. this leadership is weak but america itself we still have the strongest military ever assembled with a smooth and a driven economy the lack of regulation in the way this administration moves the family will flourish. my guess is what you drop the kids off from school, what about puma lubricants developing lm, put a stake in the barbie and enjoy the summer. america, we are still strong. this leadership is weakens to surpass. >> we surprised by that polling question marks? >> method surprised.
4:26 am
just a few months ago -- sorry my voice so hoarse. but they were destroy things i have family events for animals to go within the party candidate flag. they were getting slips off, they're getting your web pages that made me said this is a civic country the vision. i think is five downturns in the for everyday things. if it were trying to do here is to serve her verizon's is this the greatest country in the road, we found for it and as of the were going to be prayed here locally and would love to have your help getting congress to be reasonable in fire -- could a pretty and do so. >> lawrence: we have to get you to talk to will cain because he loves parades.
4:27 am
if you like, what do we need to do to get the flag of america by special which we need to tell our young people? >> the thing that's most important today is what susan gave him the first place. figure out man and women who are willing to sacrifice everything, lay down their fortunes and live foods too. it is so poor and those who say that we remember that and i are willing to leave them in our and immersion will. >> i had to ski area -- but he's 99 years old.
4:28 am
have a soul of the century personal use of sugar you're wrong? for good. group property. evolution with america's only country in the world where you have the ability to rise up from nothing. that is it is saluted in the industry. voted in american exclusion of israel. if it meant messaging distance distant schools tragedy. as you. to enjoy ourselves comes to the world you get your work is worth the work. that is exactly what were going to be doing. >> a lot of people aren't willing to roll up their sleeves
4:29 am
and do the work, ryan. what you get in congress when you get an navy seals servant? >> well, it's good to be interesting. i think were going to have five navy seals, maybe six probably the same amount of special forces, green berets. when you think about it that's two fire team team's worth of warriors they will not fund for freedom. you can't harass them and you won't be able to intimidate them. i also encouraged by this is out of woke movement. but people are paying attention. you have for him by they should listen for november so divorce. but when leadership is headed
4:30 am
when everything is the fan thank you so much for your service. for you give us america. coming up is the patriotic painting revealed? will be back with artist steve family coming up. celebrating america's history today. ♪ ♪ >> coming up soon the commanding officer of this historic vessel. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
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4:35 am
>> the army goes rolling alive in front of the alamo in san antonio, texas. >> this independence day we are recognizing women date making history. commander billy farrell dreamed about joining the naval academy since she was get to know she's the first female commander aboard the uss constitution puget joins us live in boston along with fox nation host abby hornacek.
4:36 am
welcome. >> thinks, guys, happy fourth of july for that's right i have to commander fair with me right now. at such an honor to talk to you again. i checked in with you a few days ago. but you know just being here and being in front of the uss constitution brings a whole new meeting. what does mean to use to run the oldest warship that still afloat in the world? >> it's such an honor. the ship is one of the original six frigates in the navy. to be the captain here and carry on the heritage of their maritime field across the world is honoring him tumbling every day. >> what goes into the day-to-day up on the board? >> have a crew of 80 active-duty sailors and our duty is to preserve, promote the legacy of the ship. other days they are a 2022 sailor enough to be ready to leave your goes wherever his next and the navy. >> how do you decide who gets
4:37 am
what task? >> generally we have stuff in the navy that describes her job in the store with that. they do their tasking, the training is a bit different and i have a sailor on board who serves a sale master. he's been doing that for a couple of years now and is phenomenal and takes charge of that with the sellers. >> you have to tell me i heard the story but you visiting the uss constitution earlier in your life. did you ever think that you would eventually be the commanding officer? >> not at all. my family happen to come here and vocational notes a 16-year-old and i had a picture standing next to the ship. i'm wearing a navy had in the picture because i knew i wanted to be in the navy but i could never predict this journey would lead me to this position? >> what was that journey? >> sixth grade i told my parents i was going to go to school navy. a graduate into the supports of surface warfare officer i spent my entire career and chips, that's what my job is if you have done a variety of things
4:38 am
from engineering, operating, weapons, then i was fortunate i drafted commander ship and then was transferred here. >> what is your time is a tourist coming you're now renting it? >> just that's almost ago on the ship and was quiet and there's nobody else here to reflect on the importance of the fact of what you were present send fighting perseverance for our sellers. so having those moments on the ship is very special. >> while it's very special to be here with you. thank you so much for joining me. guys, happy fourth pete will be on the uss constitution all day long so state in finland. >> thank you, abby, what a great story. it's incredible to see there there. >> awesome stuff. forgive this independence day fox nation is honoring veterans and military members to three-month prescription. >> organized check in with artist steve penn leaped working in a patriotic portrait.
4:39 am
there it is coming along. plus a familiar face. judging then nathan's hot dog giving contest -- he she is. jesse. >> i can't believe it, it's heaven for you know that we are going through the official rules and evocation. over 100 years this is been happening, and an average of aunt conan the nations have the eating contest. stay with us. ♪ ♪ cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns. sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns!
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4:44 am
nathan's hot dog eating contest today, where she will be one of the charges. so are we doing this before? i know it's a start -- all right, we have some hot dog ice cream here. hot dog ice cream. >> you have it too? >> will: she said it too. it's called let the dogs out. it's got nathan's in here, -- >> will: don't say that. >> lawrence: are you kidding me? speak to our reading this right now? >> lawrence: it doesn't taste like hot dog at all. >> rachel: i didn't get a hot dog in here though. i'm not sure about this. >> will: i thought that was chocolate chips. is that actually hot dog? >> lawrence: i think that's a chocolate chip. >> rachel: i'm gonna pass.
4:45 am
george, we have to talk to george because torch is the official mc at the nathan's hot dog eating contest for doing this since 1988. i've got a put this down, george. tell me, do you love doing it? >> i love doing it. fourth of july's my favorite day of the year. we have perfect weather for it two years and 30 whatever years has it ever been cloudy and perfect day and week out the greatest competition of the year this year. >> tell me who they are. >> joey just not competing really only against himself, his record of 76 hot dogs and buns. if it is a broken anger and slowed him down in his training. seriously. for months. >> an injury. >> than mcgee's widow relinquished her title last year awaiting the birth of her son, but now she's coming back for her first marriage or competition in two years. >> hand injury is a big deal. >> that she issue is will she be able to manipulate the hot dogs? >> the whole family is coming. >> number four ranked either in
4:46 am
the world. had a baby whose name is max. he is them you kidding me? oh, my gosh. the key is having the great crowd. the crowd that's coming here us into it. the lovejoy chestnut middle of the fourth of july. >> the energy helps to read the hot dog faster. >> it's about hand speed, jaws drinks, and stomach capacity. >> how do you maneuver yourself around all these people? >> i have a very watchful eye in case i feel like somebody may not be able to control themselves. behind is preferable to in front. >> rachel: is that ever happened before? >> not in 15 or 20 years but once before i had to say elvis has left the building. >> were going to be filming
4:47 am
everything on "fox & friends." i'm so honored to be here. happy fourth of july, happy hot dog eating my friend. >> your judge, janice, i assume you're getting some training. does that mean you're going to be there? like if joey chestnut doesn't finish a full bond or full dog, you're taking it off is total? that's you that's going to do that? >> i don't know if i'm going to be an official at judge for joey chestnut but someone does tell me that i'm going to be an official judge for mickey pseudo, the reigning champion. >> see you are assigned one contestant and you watch the one contestant and judge the completion? >> yes. and i have back up as well. >> that is a lot of power. >> i've never seen her more excited. it's a big deal. >> will: let's go check in
4:48 am
with shane henderson. he is the founder of metal art of wisconsin. all morning long he's been crafting an american flag out of hardwood mahogany peter showed me this earlier, you're treating that water right now. >> yes, i am. >> will: tell us about the process. >> everything we make out of what is hand burned pay to look like this when we are all done. then we install the powder coated steel stripes that are inlaid and these will all be personalized for all of the hosts, surprise for a surprise you did know that. every year were going to be in lengthy stars. wonderful. good to the website there at the bottom of the screen if you can check these out. rachel has one of the cabinets parametrically opened.
4:49 am
there's all kinds of things -- >> rachel: think you pete is the descendant of one of our founding fathers, alexander hamilton. he will be 100 years old in just three days. meet the last of the pilots who flew behind enemy lines to drop paratroopers before d-day. ♪ ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends." this independence day we are honoring american heroes. world war ii air force lieutenant colonel dave hamilton is a living legend. dave is the last of the pathfinder pilots who flew behind enemy lines to dropped paratroopers before d-day. he is also a descendant of our founding father, alexander hamilton, and he will be 100 years old in three days. he joins us now. welcome, lieutenant colonel.
4:54 am
what an honor to have you on today. first, let me say an early happy birthday. this is going to be your 100th fourth of july independence day celebration that you've lived through. how does that feel? >> well, i believe that standard old saying, stand for the flag and be proud. >> absolutely. so you are part of operation dragoon, operation market garden, and the battle of the bulge. are any one of those -- do any one of those have more significance to you? i'm sure all three are amazing, but how do you remember them? >> oh, i think i remember d-day better than all the rest. d-day was the big day, and our buildup for that, we were
4:55 am
founded in february. colonel joe crouch, a united airlines pilot, was the commander of the pathfinder, and around the 1st of march we moved to our own base, and my mother was running a red cross club in london and my colonel, joe crouch, said, "i'd like to meet your mother. my men are working outside with nothing, and the boys across the way have you at the air force food." we talked to mother, i flew her up there, and six by six trucks came in. one was a doughnut machine and the other was a coffee machine. >> i'm sorry, i lost my train of thought, i'm so mesmerized by
4:56 am
all those pictures you showed. alexander hamilton is also that you are a descendant of his. tell us about that. >> well, he was, as you know, killed in the duel with the vice president of the united states, aaron burr, and aaron burr went through quite a bit of trouble from then on. i think he was tried for treason but acquitted, and of course his grave is in trinity church in new york with his wife, elizabeth schuyler. >> lieutenant colonel, we often look at these pictures and read the history. what an honor to actually meet somebody who is a piece of american history. thank you for joining us this morning and happy early birthday and happy fourth of july to an american hero. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> we'll be back with more "fox & friends."
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [marching band music] ♪ ♪ >> good morning. that was the 78th army band
5:01 am
performing live from the alamo at the independence day celebration. happy independence day to everyone. lawrence jones, will cain, rachel campos-duffy. it's going to be a great day. >> happy fourth of july. see you at home and my friends out here. >> rachel: we've come back from an amazing weekend at west point and you're taking over tonight. >> lawrence: b got special cover to 8:00 p.m. eastern. lots of fireworks. it's going to be america. "fox & friends" is americana. we will try to step up to the plate tonight. >> rachel: that's what pete has been saying all weekend long. he says it's really hard to beat. even more patriotic than we are every single weekend on "fox & friends," but we stepped it up in west point and we are stepping it up today, and you're going to take it tonight. speak to man chart dominic carley shimkus, joey jones, as well as kayleigh mcenany. >> will: the display of flags behind us is dedicated by tunnel
5:02 am
to towers. this beautiful display of patriotism on the fourth of july. here's what we're doing right now. we are tracking team fast-track. they are performing an american flag sky dive right here live on "fox & friends." i can see on my television off to the side, it looks like it's by helmet cam or camera, they are about to leap out of that plane. oh, this is in memory of the former member and u.s. navy special warfare chief, and they are going to trail behind them a 5,000 square-foot american flag. and we are going to time this hopefully to take place right here at the top of the 8:00 hour here on fox. >> rachel: just so you guys know this is the one fox & friends thing that we will never do. speak to me, too >> do not ask me. it's not happening. this looks so scary to me! >> will: they are doing this
5:03 am
over middletown, ohio. >> lawrence: i'm really impressed at the speed it's keeping up in the sky. >> will: so neither of you have jumped out of an airplane and you don't plan to? >> rachel: no, i will not do that. >> lawrence: they keep pitching it and i keep denying it. >> rachel: that's probably why they want to do it with you, lawrence. [laughs] >> will: you would be very entertaining. this is an awesome shot. look at this. >> rachel: so they have a flag that they are going to -- >> will: a 5,000 square-foot american flag. this is going to be beautiful display of patriotism but it's also in memory of chief ron condrey honoring his life in service to this country. he died of traumatic brain injury. obviously many years in combat and they want to draw attention, as well, to concussion research from a traumatic brain injury. that took his life in 2018.
5:04 am
>> rachel: what a great cause. >> lawrence: apparently that is a 5,000 square-foot american flag they plan on. >> will: that's a beautiful shot over america right there. >> rachel: oh, i thought they were going to stretch it out in the sky. >> lawrence: is that what they're going to do? >> will: you're exhausting my knowledge, lawrence. [laughter] >> lawrence: i didn't think they could do it in the sky because it messes up the parachute. >> will: i think it's going to be a big flag display. >> rachel: in the sky, correct? that was my understanding. >> will: that is awesome. we are going to take this all the way to the ground. >> rachel: producers, are we doing that? >> will: they're going to display a flag. >> rachel: that's what i heard! >> lawrence: really? >> will: oh, yeah. >> lawrence: now, that's skill. >> rachel: is there a cause,
5:05 am
lawrence, that is so great -- >> lawrence: are you really doing this to me right now? >> rachel: is there a cause that would make you want to overcome this fear in order to do that? >> lawrence: is there a cause? >> rachel: like this guys, it's the flag. do you love america and up to jump out of a plane? [laughter] >> will: and i have to go. >> lawrence: if you do it with me, if you agreed to do it with me, i'll do it. how much do you love america? >> rachel: [laughs] there it is! they did it! look at that, old glory. that's beautiful. >> will: this crew also does pyrotechnics as part of their skydive. now you see the red, white, and blue pyrotechnics behind some of the skydivers. lawrence, to your point, i was curious. it's a 5,000 square-foot flag
5:06 am
trailing one of the skydivers. i did wonder how much that affects -- look, there's the aerodynamics of the parachute, but what kind of tension is that on whatever it's mounted to? his body, somewhere along his body, he's got that weight of that 5,000 square-foot flag. but that is beautiful and amazing. so that's awesome that you two are going to do this. >> rachel: [laughs] >> will: i think it's really cool. >> lawrence: next fourth of july? >> rachel: i have nine children! [laughter] i have a lot to live for! [laughter] >> will: she pulls out the nine children card to get out of it. >> rachel: lawrence is going to get a dog soon. [laughs] oh, dear.
5:07 am
>> will: what an awesome display, a beautiful display. we'll keep an eye on that as they descend. >> lawrence: oh, there's another one! >> rachel: maybe all of them are going to do that. is that possible? >> will: why do you keep looking at me? [laughter] >> rachel: we are going to go with it! i was only expecting one, now we have two. can't have enough slides on the fourth of july, lawrence. >> lawrence: that's right. >> will: we'll keep our eye on this the next couple of minutes as they descend over ohio. >> lawrence: the uss constitution in boston is prepared to make its annual sale this independence day. fox nation host abby hornacek is there now. hey, abby. >> hey, you guys. that's right. this is the uss constitution right here behind me and also the oldest commissioned warship that is still afloat in the entire world. later today we will be hopping on board and shooting out of a cannon in the 21-gun salute in
5:08 am
honor of independence day. this really is a great way to celebrate the fourth of july, because this ship means so much to our history as a country. she got her name, old ironsides, and the war of 1812 when an american sailor sought 24-pound cannon balls bouncing off the sides. he yells, "her sides of made of iron." we've been doing it all day long. just a quick look back, too, yesterday at the boston harbor fest they put on the first annual patriotic pooch parade. most creative went to a 14-year-old shihtzu. there was a rescue husky traveling with a bald eagle who won best in show. we are used to seeing people decked out in their red, white, and blue but it was nice to see their four-legged friends also showing their patriotism. patriotism really has been a theme here in boston, the cradle
5:09 am
of liberty, and it is something we are going to be exploring all day long, you guys. >> rachel: abby, thank you so much. we love those pictures of the pooches. first of all, thank you for all your coverage from boston. a reminder for families, especially those with children, to go and see all of these wonderful patriotic sites we have in america. boston is a beautiful city with a very deep history of america. a great place to go. the pooch parade, we had a lot of discussion about the pooch parade, will. you called it the bald eagle of dogs. >> will: the black lab. >> rachel: i suggested that she wallow and he said that was very mexican of me. but you need to look at the census data! it's going to become the chihuahua! probably so. i love chihuahuas and i love black labs. he's not a small dog person. >> will: me, no. not a small dog person.
5:10 am
they are on the right side of the screen, you can see it's the fast tracks skydiving team trailing several 5,000-foot american flags here in the fourth of july on "fox & friends," as they descend over middletown, ohio, coming in for a landing right here. >> rachel: let's watch and land. it is the hardest part, by the way, of jumping out? i think the hardest part is getting out of the plane. >> lawrence: there is a third one, rachel. >> rachel: wow. look at that. what a tribute. what attribute. to america and to their friends. >> lawrence: that is beautiful. and, rachel, you have agreed that we are going to do the jump next year. >> rachel: i totally deserve what's happening to me right
5:11 am
now. um, maybe. >> will: there we go, that's a "yes." >> lawrence: the producers are working on it. >> rachel: i heard that! [laughter] >> will: we are glad to have you with us on this fourth of july. whether it's american flags descending from the sky or situated behind us, as you celebrate, head into your independence day celebration barbecue, family, friends, perhaps a parade, and certainly fireworks. meanwhile, there is still news out there in the world, including this. the biden administration over the weekend taking it to oil and gas companies. joe biden tweeted the following on saturday. "my message to the company's running gas stations in setting prices at the pump is simple: this is the time of war and global peril. bring down the price to reflect the cost you are paying for the product and do it now." rachel and lawrence, this has drawn the attention of jeff bezos', the chinese communist party, and now the u.s. oil and gas association. >> lawrence: i guess the big question is, before we get into
5:12 am
the response for this, we know from intelligence and all that that the biden administration knew that the war was coming. yet, he still tried to crush the oil and gas industry. if this is truly a time of war, why did he put all these regulations in place knowing full well this was going to happen? we know obviously that the price of oil and gas was going up the moment he was elected as president, and of course it's continued to go up. it wasn't just when the war started. >> rachel: you are absolutely right about that. you make such a great point, that when you go to war with russia, a great producer, and you limit your own gas and oil production over the last year, you're going to have a problem with gas and oil, which also impacts food and everything else we are seeing that we value. it's not just what's happening at the pump. here is what the u.s. oil and gas association had to say. by the way, this is very cheeky
5:13 am
of them. this was a treat. "working on it, mr. president. in the meantime, have a happy fourth and please make sure the white house intern who posted this tweet registered for econ 101 for the fall semester." noting that this is a complete misunderstanding or ignorance of how supply and demand works in a market economy. >> will: ignorance of supply and demand or an attempt to deflect and help the american public is ignorant on econ 101. that's what jeff bezos pointed out. "inflation is far too much of a problem for the light has to keep making statements like this. it's either straight-ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics." so i think when you put into context first blaming vladimir putin and now oil and gas companies directly, it is willful ignorance. it is a willful ignorance of econ 101, which in turn is an
5:14 am
attempt to misdirect everyone on the source of these troubles. >> and also to do nothing about it. he saw those little fingers at the gas pumps now that say he did this to the price of gas. and he is saying, it's them. the message to the american people is very clear. me, joe biden, i'm not going to do anything about it. i'm not going to change my policy. the american people aren't stupid. you're right, poll after poll shows the american people are blaming joe biden and rightfully so for inflation and the price of gas. and this is a sign that they're not going to change course. because that's what people do, politicians should do. good politicians. don't expect to be perfect, but when you realize you're hurting people, hurting families, people on fixed incomes, low income, for people who can put food on the table and can't send their kids to camp, can't live the
5:15 am
lives they were living just a year or two ago under the trump administration, i have to do is change back the policies. we know it worked. >> lawrence: i know we've got to run. i will also make this point. go around the country as you guys do. also the barbershop is the center of politics for black culture. when the diners on the barbershop are both saying the same thing, you know we are in trouble. you know the biden administration is in trouble. >> rachel: and the most to satisfy group in america, this is a group that you are winning by 20 something points in the last election. that's not a sign. >> lawrence: exactly right. >> will: let's get it carley shimkus has additional headlines with this morning. >> some more news, starting with this. a 20-year-old man in los angeles is being held on $5,000 bail accused of firing a gun shot into the riverside police station last month. surveillance video shows a man driving into the police station parking lot and then firing a single round through the window before speeding away. cameras cut the license plate
5:16 am
leading to the suspect's arrest, thankfully no industries injuries reported.airlines cancf flights this weekend leaving thousands of american travelers stranded. today alone, almost 500 flights have been delayed in more than 100 have been canceled. transportation secretary pete buttigieg taking heat from members of his own party over the travel chaos. ro khanna of california saying the department's incremental response so far has been lacking the urgency, imagination, and boldness to meet the moment and needs of the american people. patriotic hits, "top gun: maverick" continues to fly, and earlier we asked you to send in your favorite patriotic movies. proud americans across the nation suggested these festive slicks. "yankee doodle dandy," from 1942, the quintessential patriotic film. teresa and lisa recommended
5:17 am
"1776," a musical tribute to the founding fathers. mike will be watching "miracle," about team usa taking the gold in the olympics. and one of our fox & friends writers said it is her civic duty to watch "legally blonde 2: red, white, and blonde." a hilarious suggestion from her. if you know her, that comes as no surprise! my suggestion is "the patriot" with mel gibson. steel and that is such a good one! mel gibson and heath ledger, both really nice to watch, and also a great movie. >> exactly. >> will: what is my list of most stomach most paycheck movies? i mean, the original "top gun trade" >> that's definitely up there. >> lawrence: would "forrest gump" be considered patriotic? steel and i can't stand that movie. >> lawrence: are you kidding? >> rachel: does that make me a bad american?
5:18 am
[laughter] "mr. smith goes to washington" is my favorite movie and very patriotic. see three black and white movies and parades. >> rachel: [laughs] i think our audience agrees! medal of honor recipient in marine veteran dakota meyer and former green beret scott man join us live with their independence day. >> will: and we'll check in on how the patriotic portrait is coming along. ♪ ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain,
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5:23 am
joining us now with their independence day message, medal of honor recipient dakota meyer and former green beret scott mann. two individuals i've had the pleasure to get to know somewhat over the years. dakota, you and i, as we've mentioned, have known each other quite a long time. your story is when every american should know. medal of honor recipient. as he reflects on america, what are your thoughts? >> it's the same as it's always been. i am just so fortunate that not only do i get to live in the greatest country on the face of the planet, i just go around speaking to attend the service members out of hawaii, and it's the same. i am just so fortunate to live in the greatest country on the face of the planet. i'm so honored this country allows me to represent the nation and go serve it, and even better i get to raise my kids here. it is such a great country. we've got our problems, but we are like a big family, right? i promise you this, i've been to a ton of other countries and i'm still proud to be an american.
5:24 am
>> will: scott mann, green beret, author of the book "game changer." i would say i'm two-thirds of the way finished with your book as we speak. as you talk about your fight in afghanistan and the fight to take it local, to build afghanistan from the ground up over the years, i've got to tell you, scott, throughout the entire process, i thought about small towns, our culture, and how we come together and build from the ground up. >> it so true. it's good to see you again. i was talking the other day to my buddy, a green beret who did that mission, as well. he was shot through the neck in afghanistan and paralyzed from the shoulders down. we are just talking about how his life has changed. it's been over ten years since that injury. and he said, "i wouldn't change a thing." "the american people are worth it." i thought, wow matt, how do we find people like this who are willing to do what they and their families have endured? here's what i'll tell you, what
5:25 am
i think about this fourth of july is, as americans, how are we showing up for each other, like dakota said? i think we are way too divided and it's a social contract. we got to honor what people like dakota did and treat each other better at home. >> will: that's absolutely true. scott said something, you are in very rare company, as everybody knows. as a medal of honor recipient. however, i was with somebody in your country do my company this past weekend and he said something scott said. he was once told it when someone says thank you for your service or thank you for what you did and he wanted to respond, "you're worth it." talking about everyday americans out there who are on the other end of receiving what you two, quite honestly, both of you have done for this country. i want to say first of all thank you to both of you, and as we come back to you here in the end, what is it you think about when people say thank you for your service?
5:26 am
>> i just think about thank you for allowing you to save you. i have got to represent this country on the face of this planet. no matter how you want to look at this political agenda, our service members go over and we win the wars. they are the ones that lose it for us. they are the ones to make the decision. and i tell people all the time, when there is an american flag on the face of this planet, on the globe, the world is a better place. and that's because we are america and because it's the country we are. and like they said, you are worth it. the american people are worth it. we are much more alike than we are divided. if we choose -- if we are not together, if we are not united, it's because we've chosen that. so change your choice. we all have our differences. we don't have to agree, but at the end of the day we are
5:27 am
allowed to not agree and have our own lives because we live in the greatest country on the face of the planet. >> will: i want to end this with you, scott. i mentioned earlier in the show, this weekend i happen to have a pleasure to be around a bunch of special operators like yourself. i want to have that whiskey with them as they sit around and tell war stories and asked, what is the tie that binds? what is the common inspiration among you guys to serve? >> it's just a love for each other, man. i've been texting with them, we are all retired now, but we had texting, with all our old buddies. it's just a love for her tether and the love for our families and not letting each other down. and i'll always remember that. i know dakota can relate to that, too. but it's the love for one another and the love for our country. >> will: it's a pleasure to know you guys. we at "fox & friends" onset and everyone in america appreciate every thing you given. thank you so much. up next, carley shimkus takes us
5:28 am
to one of the most famous fireworks shows in the country, and janice dean is live from coney island ahead of nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. she is one of the judges. she tells us what it takes to end. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
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♪ ♪ >> rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." they are known as america's first family of fireworks. they gave our very own carley shimkus an inside look at the firepower behind long island's most iconic independence day celebration. carley? >> what better way to celebrate the fourth of july then with fireworks? this weekend i had an absolute blast meeting the family, known as the first family of fireworks, and they put on one of america's most iconic independence day celebrations. watch this. ♪ ♪ i am with phil grucci, ceo and creative director of fireworks by grucci. you have 11 guinness world records? >> the largest fireworks show,
5:33 am
the largest single image in the sky. >> there are 20,000 people here. what can we expect tonight? >> we will have the usa up in the sky. >> from a law enforcement perspective, what does it take to put an event like this safely? >> it's a lot. we have a blueprint every year but it expands. a lot of preparation goes in. we have undercover officers in the crowd. >> what is your favorite thing about the fourth of july? >> when they hold that the flag and they do the fireworks. >> the fireworks. >> fireworks. >> fireworks. >> have a big fireworks crowd here! >> fireworks, spending time with the family. >> celebrating america. >> celebrating america, freedom, and liberty. >> it's getting dark outside. can you show me how it's done? >> we are inside the grucci command center. this is where it all goes down. >> it's a heartbeat for sure. >> and it's your job to press the buttons? >> exactly. i work with the audio guys to out to our guys on the field so
5:34 am
everything is perfectly synchronized. >> so it almost showtime? >> we are ready to go. >> is a time to count down? three, two, one. ♪ ♪ [patriotic music] ♪ ♪ >> that's so beautiful! ["america the beautiful"] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is america. ♪ ♪
5:35 am
[ "musical flourish >> it was just good old-fashioned family fun. it was so much fun being there on friday. shout out to the grucci family. they put on an epic fourth of july celebration and the nassau county police who took me around kept the whole event safe, and we are thankful for them, as well. >> will: that's awesome. >> rachel: such a huge one right in your backyard! >> now i know, and so do you! >> lawrence: fireworks are one of the ways to celebrate the fourth. another way is for barbecue, the red white and q smokehouse. did i say that right? tells we've got! >> we are going to make a barbecue sundae, something anyone can make in the backyard. we have smoke baked beans that we smoke for 3-4 hours. we have our homemade mayo slaw
5:36 am
and our big beautiful brisket. >> rachel: look at that. how long has that been smoking for? >> 18 hours. i just took it off our smoker this morning and ran it over here. >> rachel: that is slow cooking! >> over here we have are naturally fermented pickles that actually also make it a shot. my wife, the pickle princess, she -- [laughter] we've got about 16-20 different vegetables that we ferment. >> lawrence: you are going to show us how to make this, right? >> i will do it for you now. let me get in here. >> lawrence: save me those burned and, now. >> you want them coming or going to get them. >> rachel: what's going on with the pickles? >> these are naturally fermented. absent garlic pickles over here. >> i'm a garlic pickles kind of gal. >> i do like the sweet pickles. >> these are bread and butters. he wanted to get adventurous you can go with this, one of my
5:37 am
favorites. the pickle oprah. >> rachel: i love oprah! >> will: how do you make the sundae? how do you put it together so it's a barbecue >> i'm going to cut these up into little pieces so they can fit in our cups. >> lawrence: this is fantastic is fantastic. >> rachel: ice cream is so last year! those alexa wrinkles. >> the vanilla ice cream. >> the beans, then we take our meat. we do that with all different meats. we do pulled pork, smoked turkey. >> i could cry. >> that is good barbecue. >> then we are going to top it off. >> there's the way it came! >> lawrence: oh, that's good. >> then we have to do -- that's right. then you top it off with what we would call the cherry.
5:38 am
>> that the barbecue sundae. an easy meal. >> will: that's tasty right there. >> red, white, and q smokehouse. >> in new jersey. >> will: coming up, the uss constitution set to sailing from boston. he will check back in with abby hornacek. >> lawrence: we are also checking in on our friends making america special. >> will: i think they are going to have some personalized touches. ♪ ♪ ["isn't she lovely?" the tempur-pedic breeze° makes sleep...feel cool. because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body... you feel cool, night after night. for a limited time, save $500 on all tempur-breeze°™ mattresses.
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♪ ♪ >> will: the uss constitution, a.k.a. old ironsides, and it's
5:43 am
the oldest commission ship in the u.s. navy, is about to sail away. the fox nation host abby hornacek is there now. let's turn it back over to her before the uss constitution set sail. hey, abby. >> hey, you guys. that's right, behind me is a piece of american history. this is america's ship. george washington himself directed it to be built in 1794, and that is part of the reason why so many people from all over are coming to board her right now. it takes off at 10:00 a.m. we are going to be partaking in the turnaround. it goes to castle island and back. we are also shooting off one of the cannons in the 21-gun salute. so a lot of history. we also see people walking around in their original 1800s-era uniforms, so it really feels like we are going back in time to the war of 1812 just to discover what makes this
5:44 am
boat, or this ship, rather, so unique and so special to our nations history. we will be with you all day long, so stay tuned for all the fun that will happen aboard. >> rachel: you make me want to go to boston! all right, we are going to leave abby and check back in with senior meteorologist janice dean. she is live in coney island ahead of the nathan's hot dog eating contest, the pinnacle of her career, so since her husband, where she is one of the judges. >> [laughs] it is the pinnacle of my career! i am with a champion chugger, my friend? are you ready today? >> i'm ready. i'm hungry, and focus come in my prime, and i'm ready. >> 25 years you been doing this? >> yeah, i'm one of the og playlist. i am so happy to be here and happy to do it. i live for this. this is the time to be.
5:45 am
>> two years of pandemic, how is it to be with the crowd? >> oh, man, it's good to be back on the blog, baby. i even made a rat. we go every go, but we always come back, and we don't ever stop, because where we are, bac. >> that was awesome! how do you prepare for today? >> yesterday i ate very light. drink water, stay hydrated, now i'm empty and ready. ready to go. >> "empty and ready!" these know i'm a judge? >> are you my judge? >> i wish i was your judge! i would say you are the winner. >> that's what's up! >> coming up tomorrow. >> how much does he drink? how much does a record lemonade chugger, how much does he put away? >> how much lemonade are you going to drink?
5:46 am
>> 1 gallon. >> is that a record? >> yeah, pretty much. if i did under 30 seconds it would be a great day. >> 30 seconds, 1 gallon, right here! i'm betting on that guy. >> he seems committed. >> i'm rooting for him, i'll say that. >> henry has been creating an american masterpiece. >> it's time to reveal his brand-new work of art. glad to have you. finally get to talk to you this morning as you've been working through that piece. tell me what you made. >> it's the american flag, and i think we have the best looking flag in the world. it is the greatest country in the world, and every day we live here, we are living in paradise. that is really as simple as that. the flag is a reminder of that. i'm sorry it's 5,000 feet wide, but it's big. it would be big without the
5:47 am
other flags next to it. anyway, it's a simple as that. it's just a celebration of the country we live in. >> will: well, it's gorgeous, steve. we appreciate you working on that thought the show. if not a blank ballot, leasing a work from close to a blank pallet come and see it this morning on the fourth of july, what a wonderful piece of art. thank you so much, steve. >> he's an american treasure. >> thanks for having me on. >> will: you bet. a country music star is going to join us live. he has a special patriotic performance. ♪ ♪ if you've been living with heart disease, reducing cholesterol can be hard, even when you're taking a statin and being active. but you can do hard. you lived through the blizzard of '96... 12 unappreciative bosses... (phone rings)
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♪ ♪ >> will: all morning long, shane henderson has been hard at work and making this -- first of all, working on this american flag, a perfect patriotic addition for your backyard, mahogany hardwood, and also if you are things this morning. >> i've got some personalized flags for all three of you. >> rachel: these are awesome! >> this one is for you. we'll save this one for lawrence. >> we were talking about how long it takes to make this flag
5:52 am
look like it is waving. it's a lot of work. >> we have really good employees and fabulous woodworkers, all hand made out of wisconsin. >> you made this this morning, right? the ones we cite heat treating. >> yes, burning and staining the lid and on the inlaid steel. >> will: also the cabinets, you have one with the secret compartment. he got the check out shane's work at . >> rachel: and you're going to keep working on this, hammer in the stars. all right. thanks, shane. >> lawrence: thanks, guys. this brother is going to get me listening to country, because it has some soul. >> come on. ctu from texas, as well? >> i grew up in central texas. i have a different brand of country music. we don't run from faith, family, freedom, and we never will. that brand of country music
5:53 am
people are living right now. >> lawrence: that's where you got a demonstration from? >> from the church and country living. i blended them and it works. speak to my mom was a choir director. >> you already know. >> lawrence: how are you able to blend that and why are people so receptive of this new country? >> i think it's just a country that wasn't really shown in a good light, i always tell people, people don't care if you're black or white, they care if you are real. if you are who you say you are. that's the difference. >> lawrence: and as a result of that, you went viral and people are downloading. >> i went viral and the new album was number four in the country charts last friday. we are not going to run for my big three, faith, family, and freedom. >> shows we've got. >> this is called "mr. red, white, and blue. thank you for having me. ♪ ♪
5:54 am
♪♪ it's the guts and it's the glory ♪ ♪ a hundred stripes, a hundred stories ♪ ♪ it's the pledge of allegiance on the fourth of july ♪ ♪ it's them handwritten letters from home ♪ ♪ it's them sleepless nights alone ♪ ♪ it's his new born baby he left with his wife ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ lay down his life ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ for the stars & stripes ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ from the fields of indiana ♪ ♪ to the swamps of louisiana ♪ ♪ from new york city out to
5:55 am
california ♪ ♪ uncle sam's the only family he's got ♪ ♪ his purple heart beat won't stop ♪ ♪ and his 18th birthday was the day he was born ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ lay down his life ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ for the stars & stripes ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ stand on the front line ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ paid the ultimate price ♪ ♪ hey, yeah ♪ ♪ greatest country on earth ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ he was the man of the house where he was born ♪ ♪ his family is proud but they are torn ♪ ♪ but if you knew him, you would
5:56 am
understand ♪ ♪ 'cause he was raised on how to be brave ♪ ♪ just to see the flag still waved ♪ ♪ and then he came home with only one hand ♪ ♪ he's mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ lay down his life ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ for these stars & stripes ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ stands on these front lines ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ he'll pay the ultimate price ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ lay down his life ♪ ♪ mr. red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ for these stars & stripes ♪♪ thank you to the army, to the navy, to my daddy's air force,
5:57 am
all of our marines, to our coast guard, and our space voice, as well. happy birthday, america. this is dedicated to all the citizens of the greatest country on earth. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> rachel: what better gift to end in the show? amazing. >> will: let me tell you something. that man is from brownwood, texas, and he's the real deal. >> lawrence: eve got a fan in me. >> rachel: bravo! >> will: back over here, another real deal. we have a special independence day appearance by marine icon chesty. this is the marine corps mascot. thank you for being here. the gc self if you would, please. >> thanks for having this donna s. this is the official marine corps mascot who performs
5:58 am
every friday at our evening. >> he's a great representative, i seem, for the marine corps? >> yes, he is. to keep that tradition going, we named him after our general. >> rachel: you say he performs. what does he do? [laughter] >> he's a great looking mascot. would you please introduce yourself, as well? we introduce dominic appreciate your service. thanks you dominic thank you for bringing them out. let's see that special trick. >> you are on national tv, come on. >> sit. >> lawrence: good boy! >> rachel: he's a a mama's
5:59 am
boy! >> he can tell. >> lawrence: thank you for your service. >> rachel: happy fourth of july. happy independence day. >> lawrence: great being with you guys. you have more coverage tonight. this is the fox news independence day special. with carley shimkus, joey jones, kayleigh mcenany, and yours truly will be hosting from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. eastern time. we got fireworks come a lot of patriotic performances, and packages. >> rachel: we are going to leave you with a celebration performance of the army band from the great state of texas in the alamo. happy independence day. >> will: happy fourth of july, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ["stars & stripes forever"]
6:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> frustration boiling over in one of the biggest travel beacons of the year. thousands of flights delayed or canceled, and it's forcing some americans to spend the fourth of july at the airport. good morning and happy independence day. i'm mike emanuel. hello, julie. >> good morning, mike. it's good to be with you today on this july 4th. welcome to all of you at home to "fox news lives." an estimated three and half million americans are flying this weekend but staffing shortages and making it nearly impossible for airlines to try and keep up,


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