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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 5, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that was so that was so those lyrics certainly was. yeah, he flipped the phrase the they will two different things and he absolutely nailed it. so we thank him for what he did day as well. we arefu so thankful that youof spend your fourth of july weekend with us. happy independence day and happy birthdayus, america. >> hello, everyone. >> happy fourth of july. i'm dana perino, along with judge jeanine pirro, jessica tarlov, jesse watters and jimmy failla. it'sa, five o'clock in new in yk city and this is the five happy birthday america. weme have a fun filled show ahed as we celebrate our nation'ss independence, including back by popular demand.r a fourth of july demand, ff edition of supermarket
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showdown. we are also squaring off in a s, patriotic trivia challenge. plus, judge jeanine and jimmy take to coney island where they rode the world famous cyclone. and we're answering your fanmail questions. have a brand new segment for you . it's these five summer funav extravaganza we're to dove headfirst into some summer topics and celebrate july 4th. first, as you know, americans love barbecue, but it can create some serious issuessu . eight innd 10 millennials actually think they grill betterhink than the parent who taught them. and nearly half of meat eaters o worry about a vegetarian turning up at v their barbecue. i wouldn't worry about that because like if you're a vegetarian, you can always find something to eat.. >> i don't know any vegetarians that would say to my mother,[l does the barbecueau and my fathr does the cleanup really look like it? >> and that kind of message, that person.
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>> do you think that's progress for that's funny. >>er yeah, i don't do it that way, but i grill anemically a and but do have a specialty just steaks, steaks, burgers and get like if you if you have a whole table full of people, do you go around, say how do you like a your steak. i had d different temperatures. everybody. >> it's medium rare. jessica, how about you .ot i'm not a greller frind. that's a grilling. i guess. f have had a 4th of july.'t know w we had a 4th of july together. i don't know if we had barbecue for it, but i do think that this is just like millennial attitudes. like i did it better than my parents, you know, rather than being what'sbe actually going on . but the thing that i, y can'tua figure out is there's always check in and i feel like nollutc one eats chicken like i alwaysna like who marinated the chickente and make sure they're paying attention and then no or there's a lot of pressure that is drudge about you . >> are you the ruler? >> you know what happens? i usually have someone else who grills, but i may in the m end finish it or there's certain thingsay like if i make
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kabob like you have to grill the tomatoes separately because if you go back with the with the chicken or with the filet or whatever you're cooking or salmon, then they get they get different times. or so i have to kind of monitoran that the men are good at like i like to. but tomato and the onion need to be cooked longer so yeah. > i like. how did you pronounce that shish. i ask the huge kebab. yeah.>> it's not shish kebab. >> i don't know, it could be about d damage. >> you'd be the judge. udge. well here's the thing. i do , come from i a male dominant house on the barbecue. >> my dad was a legendary barbecue chef. no kidding. and we cook everything to the eye. anyone who gets a thermometer involved ruining barbecue, we don'teryts cook to the i you dot know if the thermometer is right now. you're eating a dry pork chop or whatever you're eating. >> but the god's honest truth is when these millennials say they're going better, my parents, that's their opinion of their cooking. but you should go by t, the group's opinion, meaning you might think you're a good
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cook, but it's what the rest of the yard says. if everybody's like, wow, weha should let you cookt againhe next year, you're a good cook. but e that's the issue.ou >> most millennials don't know how to cook and you wind up in those houses where you say after you eat. >> yeah, in a certain room.>> at and then i got all right. upup next , you may have to swim at your own risk this summer. there's a nationwide lifeguard shortage thanks to low unemployment and cobus effects on trainingg . and it is expected to impact thousands of public pools and beaches. this is happening in denver, judge. my mom says i can't open the public pools for the kids because there's no lifeguard. you know, it's notth surprising everything's hit by the number of people who don't want to work. but but thi you wouldnk think i that you just have theses memories of, you know, the guys with the they have a whistle and they were always swinging it around. i mean, they just want they just want s to show their physiques. i mean, they they don't care if they get paid. so i don't know why we've got a shortage. but yeah, i imagine it's goingha my parents are making half a million dollars. right. didn't we dad and i, we did not
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to be too serious about. it, but this is really bad for kids that are i don't and have g nowhere to go to like hang out during the summer. our parents stillllng out durin. i mean,d the community pool is a big deal no matter where deu are. >> they're even ones you can learn to swim on youtube. noaleea, you're going to have to dove in and figure it out yourself. eedi don't think we need the lifeguards. i would just open the pools, let the parents monitoror the situation are working. a what about the law? maybe a counselor. they don't have to be a certified. make sure there's some adult with the eye on the pool. decades ago we didn't have lifeguards everywhere. people just jumped in the oceanu . they jumped in the pool.wh everything was o fine. but we weren't as litigious as we are today. you'd have to get everyone toon have liability. that's true . yeah,nty. do you think of it? u i havese the answer. oh , okay. this used to be a glamour gig, but we went body positive.e as a society, we need to bring back baywatch in a non body positive way because rightod now every bathing suit photo online is positive. the men look like they're in their third trimester. whyy t?
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yeah, we have to bring back lifeguarding is a glamour gig. guys used the lifeguardac becaue it really was a way to get women. >> you were the guy with the whistle. you were on the stand that . oh ,u i know k thing.nty of i know plenty of things. we'll get into it later.. but no, that used to be a glamour gig. the problem in the body positive era is we don't p actually champion what being a lifeguard was. you were the alphaosa, w guy at the pool. now the other part is you don't actually work. jesse's right. we don'the need lifeguards. no one goes in the water. they just take instagram. if t people start swimming, we'll bring back the lifeguards. robotd basically likeurur lifeguards that don't short circuit the problem. think that through a little bit further. >> up next , 56% of americans admit reading a book duringg the summer just to look smarter. jesse would never do that . what are the five favorite beach boys? okay, well, right nowdi i'm reading peter zion's new book, the endd of the world is just beginning. and so even yet but i got an early copy that really makes me look smart because my other books are what you would expect. david baldacci nelson mitchell
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,michael connolly, john grisham, james patterson. i'm not ashamed . that's relaxium page turner. they're popular because they're popular peopleec love those books. >> a tell gutfeld things are popular because they're good nelsons now. >> you know, he's a great guy. he's a long jesco. >> do you read at the beach? aree you now you take care of a baby at the beach. >> i guess the only time io anymore and i understand the question at first though, t the thing that i am reading is about the showtime lakers because i loved winning time one hbo, so i wanted to read the book behind it to see how much it added up to it. my favorite beach read series of all time was a fifty shades series, which i love. oh wow. is that for wow. wow. it's 300 pregnant book. you know, he is so funny. noww you're all talking about notes in the middle.
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i have this new book that isn' outt . it's to i just got it the other day so i'm going to be reading that and i'm reading keiller one already. >> really unbelievable. those are the books i read. i read nelson dumbell. i always read temel and then i sleep the rest of the time. stop kidding each other world cpac the beach. >> i'm rea >> butdi i have jessica. i'm actually reading a book about cnn plus it' which is wei. >> it's the only book that begins with chapter 11 . hey. >> all right everybody who's>> got to my favorite book, it's called last train to memphis by peter guralnick. it's about elvis, about the risehe r and fall of elvis presley piggybacks off the buzz on an epic that just came out. yeah,, portraying the king. and one of the things about having the fat elvis look at the beach is people feel better about your physique. >> they feel like three hundred and twenty five pounds like this jimmy guy isn't so bad.. so i read that . >> i read where the red fernoo grows by wilson rawls, which is a book t my fourth grade teacher, mrs. germano, read to us about hunting dogs. >> it's the greatest book in the world.
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>>sp and then spoiler alert they die in chapter twelve. >> that's my whole i'm a big dog. ate my whole fourth grade class, was leaving holding each other even though it's the worst thing ever by mrs. wac romano. where is your head out on this? but yeah, you can call her up and ask what's going on .ghter] >> you would not be surprised. i'd like to read i have two books from point pleasant books at the little point bookshop. how to find lovee in a bookshop is one, but that's a novel. ls >>o you guys are all reading this highfalutin stuff and i also i'm reading book lovers by emily henry. what's that about other than. well, i just started it and i think that these two people are single but they're going to get together. oh . so a like 50% it's like yeah its weird and weird. >> know where they go like you read them just the yeah. obalii would otherwise everybody read it in a red room with a red notebook. i do not know 30% a reason why
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not activities is a classic road trip but what are the must haves and dos don'ts forhe hitting the wide open road. >> jimmy do feel free to post the driving selfie. don't post so many updates to your trip. i feel like i owe you gasf money. okay, that's my biggest argument. ypeople going on vacation is they never stop connecting with the rest of us . you're supposed to leave, but here's something that give you bonus points for if you're going to take that couple's p selfie, wait an hour till you're fighting. >> it's a much better picture at for the much better. whatever do you have what do tas you have in the car like you have? >> here's the thing, okay? as the driver, i always consider the driver to be in charge of the music. you should be obligated to play music. everybody knows nobody wants to go on a road trip, but not like look, i want to thank you . building camaraderie and you don't know how it goes about. i know. i know. again, we've got our cambodian ska band. up >> they broke up and i'm like, thanks greg. but yeah, i don't know any of b the words you want from broderie in the car . don
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>> so i think you need music. everybody knows and i think you need to pack snacks because i don't think snacks alone are justification for pulling over on a long trip. . u can get a snack i'm getting ganguli. but no, no, listen, if we'reou getting gas, you go to the bathroom, you get snacks. t buto the idea that we're just going to stop to get a bag of hot. no, no, you have to have a visaa to stop and think about that . i think twizzlers, you know, the long rope kind. >> yeah. oh , and feel but i like the really long rope ones. i don't know if i was as if they were started. >> i think anybody can make them into a whole bunch of nuts. i love that . yeah. and pumpkin seeds. >> the other thing you have to have is a trash can or a trash receptacle and white. oh that's goodd things to have. all right. we now need multiple pacifiers because one pacifiers forcr grandma. soed we need charges for the twins because if they don't have that charge, it's trouble.d they want me to talk to them and since mom is driving, i need my back pillow because i'm not driving anymore.
12:12 am
and in these ways because she will get lost . >> all right. you obviously can't always pick that up, but go on a road trip with someone who doesn't have a small . >> it's the most irritating thing that i where you're going or make them wear a diaper. what's next with the baby? snacks wise? always cheetos, diet coke and water. those are my kids going to have a diet coke in the water alternate. yeah. yeah. well,at you have to stay hydratd when you're on the road in terms of the driver being in charge of music. agreed. okay, but my husband is one ofe those people that thinks you need to deejay every moment perfectly like we are driving while i was in labor and he was, like, what do we want to listen to? and i was like, i want to get there. i don't w wantan to be picking the songs specifically. toyou need like a not a female. >> yeah, yeah. okay, so i do a driving and what i have to remember is to go the speed limit. >> yeah. gono to york peppermint pattiep
12:13 am
chocolate. i don'tatat know who we want. you but long. > okay enough of that . and i always say broads with me and my travelers are my three poodles so they don't care what music i play but i always watch. i'm always constantlypl switchit them in a trunk or the back to the escalatorth. i i open the top hatch and the three of them arere looking behind at the cars behind us and are like and that's why i'm always going the speed limit. >> all right. and finally, everybody has that one summer janet gets them pumped up. >> here are some of this year's top hit. you music don't you ? with the little show.
12:14 am
so what to do we think is our song of the summer. i think wees t all have differet answers. >> jimmy , what do you got?? i think this is such a conflict centered time in our lives. b ite needs to be an older song. so i went with all summer long by we could do that . i thought you had to figure out. anywhere you . oh , i well i mean, honestly, i my all time favorite summer song is summertime jazzy jeff and the fresh prince. >> but if you play it now, a comedian thinks you're going to punch him. >> you've got to steer clear of the will smith. i like the kenny chesney y songn everyone she knows highly recommend you put it on a loop very good one . mine was on the hit list. p i had my money.oo don't jiggle,p, jiggle and foldd >> never heard of it until the twins did the dance that goes along. yeah, yeah. i think the first two steps to n aleppo's new song potion what calvinew harris. she's great. it's incredible. it really is . i i went with an old brooks and dunn only in america and lenny, that's all. >> lenny kravitz to american woman well, i want you to tell
12:15 am
me also what you think the twenty twenty two song is doing. >> peter yeah, well, peter works. allw right. much more fun to come on our fourth of july show, includinges the judge and jimmy having the time of their lives on the iconic cyclonean and wonder wheel and coney island. you won't want ton'o miss that birthday supermarket showdown for the ages. coming up next on our fourth of july special on a piece of your hey, everyone on mike
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in some of our favorite 4th of july items. whoever guesses without going over is the winner and you can't pull the move can one dolr . >> this is not the price, right. by the way, i don't know the answers in advance, dana. dt >> probably true . does. all right. first thing we arefi goinge to name is charcoaled name the price without going over a nice set of small or medium sized yanase. >> that's who i'm going to i get . i'm going guess the price of
12:21 am
judges shoes. it's more than that . they're going to check with my favorite out of everybody. >> all right. no idea. >> i feel good about this one. i know answers to the board. i go. i mean, who doesn't? everyone i go twelve ninety nine . >> they have noo 1 idea. answer is what. give it to me. nine eighty eight . wow. oh that's right. said good job data and i told you david cheated. yeah. yeah you did. >> all right.xt good job., then the next item is going to be the solo red cups. it's a small sleeve of the restaurant. now judge knows this i think better than anybody because she's playing beer pong all weekend long . so i last you i might likeik that . >> oh ,e i don't think a solo cups, right? >> i only it and the answersd
12:22 am
from everybody, right? no, no. all right.ns low what is the answer for 440 six . >> who has to stop it. oh i went right over mike lindell for no i mean kenosis. no, nobody everybody nobody gets the point. i was not that bad. i don't want to hear about it. that's very bad. i was in disadvantage.o so they won't sell mee soloo cups anymore no more taps anyway. oh, yes.. >> it's environmentally friendly. that is environmentally friendly. let's move on to the next item. margarita mix. you don't know because you don't drink alcohol, but the rest of us do judgeknow thih hosie clairvaux. this is how many leaders of that i don't even know. >> do we even care about these leaders? >> yeah, i believe we don't do that through the metric system which is almost a gallon to w have dealt with thee best we could do when we got the pavo margarita mix. >> oh , i'm going backwards over on everything.
12:23 am
>> i'm back where i started at twelve ninety nine . >> come on , give it to me. med the point i need a point here . five dollars my back. all right. what are we going to make. seven ninety eight under no recording is allowed to say thank you and we're in eighty five . >> yeah we got to get out of town . i got my corner. >> wow. all right. so so who's you're. well i guess i've got one now. i got ketchup and mustard together together. >>an so you know how i can see that the mustard is pretty sizable 40% more friendship back in the spring. oh we got here . i'm going. who .ot i got it. i think i got it. i feel good about this one. >> ah i'm not putting any more cents in there. that's not working man. we're doing straight dollars now. again, everyone's close. d
12:24 am
what didoi you get. eighty dollars. seventy five . >> sixty six . oh my way over . w well over . oh wait a minute this low price is a travesty. this validates the anti inflation greed we had the yeah. >> i like that .sonal we can't take any personal responsibility for being wrong likeng i the had it wrong. >> obviously the producers really screwed up the package. let's comep. let's pick it up people. we had a cooler we. gotot oh what's the total. where's the cooler. a >> where's the cooler. oh that is not a yeti that cooler made in china foror sure. >> oh, no no that's not a nice cooler but and there's we're assuming there's nothing in it. i don't i know. o you can findut out after the being wrong in this game. >> okay, no idea. >> all right. that's right. i go sixteen ninety nine . that's my bet. all right. we got a little bit of math here. come on . she plays. i have twenty i have
12:25 am
twenty two nineteen oh matches i . jessica it's twenty four . ninety seven . so jessica is tied. o >> dana try back . it comes through on the cooler. that'd be a good time to admitce my wife does the grocery shopping for 78% peanut butter. >> we go off by like tens of dollars. >> all right. we are now down to the last question. >> this is a beach chair. this is for the match. >> i went to the wooden armrests i carried. carry your pammi. you want to pick it up for you , pick it up.ul does it have shoulder straps over your shoulder? i have got a strap, got wooden arm, got a fancy decals, fast foaled. alll right away for the win later, right. oh i did bet on clothes. >> what's the answer. seventy eight dollars says it on the screen.
12:26 am
>> wow. somebody's got to tell me the name that i'm going to be . that's a real feel. all right. yes. a lot of times when your sister. all right. what do we have next ? it's our patreus trivia challenge. but who will be crowned the five fourth of july champ will be two to simpliste. american families are struggling to make ends meet. but instead of controlling costs, congress is pushing an immigration legislation that will destroy american jobs. we get our national security and empower china and our 84%
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general today supplies our limited call now call eight hundred eighty two three eight twenty one hundred . that's eight hundred two three eight twenty one hundred . >> i was paying for in-flight wi-fi for months before uncovered a hidden subscription and notifies. you want to charge them coming from there you decide if you want that service and if not, cancel it right from the app with one tab download truebill money app that works for you . >> jewelry is a perfect gift. the jewelry exchange has advanced for one sixty nine tennis bracelets for ninety nine 1/2 carat halo rings five ninety nine two carat three silver rings twenty four ninety and one carat studs five ninety nine . by direct the jewelry exchange . this is a fox news alert. i'm jackie ivana's in new york. the people of highland park, illinois waking up this morning to a real life nightmare. their community is not a latest scene of a senseless gun massacre. this one claimed six lives and left another twenty six people hospitalized
12:31 am
. the horror unfolded yesterday morning during a fourth of july parade. chaos ensued when the spectators realized the sounds they heard were not fireworks. there were gunshots. the suspected gunman was captured last night after a brief car chase not far from the scene of that shooting. police say he used a high powered rifle perched atop a commercial building. the killings coming on . what should have been a day of celebration across the country. many holiday events were canceled to safety concerns. as for the motive, investigators say at this time it appears to have been very random but very intentional. i'm jackie urbania has more on this coming at the top of the hour. we now return the five juror. welcome back. happy fourth of july.
12:32 am
it's time for our patriotic trivia challenge. >> i will be hosting and playing, but doe not know k the answers. true story. >> here we go . you guys, you ready to rumble? you do have a b and c? >> yeah, i feel good about this . first question. how much do americans spend on fireworks each fourth of july? is it a one hundred million b 500 million. >> c, one billion . wow. i'm go big here . >> we're a patriotic country. i'm going to, see one billionaire, the guy who drives across the country c a lot every time you crossroor state lines, there's a fireworks depot. it is for what ? >> for the lady right here . >> the answer is c jimmy what? here we go . wait, wait, wait, wait. you can't play the game. and b, the question is on. - i don't know. h no, i like it.k. it's i feel like you don't trust the community college intellect of jimmy fallon. oh , well, let's go .re i wouldn't even know how to use fireworks. i was a smoker. they the sparklers to give me
12:33 am
a lot of sparklers. there we go .ollywo number two, which hollywood actor has been in four movies released on july 4th weekend. is it a , john travolta, b, bruce willis. >> c, will smith. i believe i am jessica. >> i am going right back up. let us see away from tony fauci . i thought tribecca should be in this . yeah. i mean he's not coming outme in another fourth of july s move any time . maybe an oscar blooper reel in . >> what year did the fourth ofol july become a federal holiday? >> that's an interesting is it a nineteen nineteen b eighteen5 fifty five c 1870 or i'm going to be eighteen fifty five which is the same year nancy pelosi was born. >> well, saturday night political shows the answer was c c o t because it was after the civil war , right. yeah. they wouldn't be doing
12:34 am
that right. why we all know that taking the office. nu >> i know.entage of all right. question number four, what percentage of americansla fly ang american flag on the fourth of july? >> oh , i hope that's the i hope i get a , b, c, i'm so so let's just haveee a feel good country and i'll get it wrong as a team. >> tell me it's a a comedy. >> it is big. no, i don't want to hear this fantastic. with allll p of copies sold offb god bless the usa. you'rereth telling me we're nott 85% little flags that they give to the kids is the parade . > there we go .er question number five , how many us presidents? we're only children. how many pounds? i don't mean only acted like children were only children. >>n. a b for c zero. a >> i love this is a great one . yeah i'm going i'm going b for the win. >> is this for the win. no, just for that question.
12:35 am
i'm confusing as a host it is b oh hey i got to b write circo at the square. >> i am losing just you . you make a comeback all right. s >> it was say you said it was oh it was. say the water. no no no no no no. the problem was b and then it was c hold on a second here . hr >> stop the feel railroading these guys . right. okay, yeah. i wantuys better but do it later okay. >> yeah. number six which us president married his former teacher married his former friend skye k grover cleveland beat lyndon b. johnson. >> oh my god . millard fillmore. don't know the marriage. i'm going to go . >> oh , wait a minute. put them back up again. okay, was it a grover cleveland ? yeah. lyndon johnson c, millard fillmore. >> yeah, it's got to be miller. got to be miller. gotta be miller name like mildred. i >> yeah. it just sounds like i guess it is c miller or fillmore. i love getting it done.
12:36 am
manual . >> well that's all right. let's go to the tie breaker number ten here we go . >> by the way, those aret the weirdest parent teacher nights ever. yeah, tce e we just stay home. do we have to go to we have to right here . has the tiebreaker. >>ho failure is good. and the hot dogs do americansry eat f every fourth of july? weekend? it's in the millions. >> how many hot dogs dot americans eat every fourth ofev july? >> what's the number wigglers? i three hundred and thirty million americans. i have about twenty hot dogs say, okay, the answers are in . >> this is the best hot dogs are. suman oh , you're right. they are. i'm going five hundred and fifty million. i'm going 500 million. five hundred . oh i went hypergrowth. >> okay what do we got. a hundred and fifty reno cats in all you know. e areyo you sure you win a gift card to chick fillet on the sun
12:37 am
. rejoice a job there that a lot more to come on the five fourth special including judge jeanine and i getting all the rides, all of them going coney island next . >> yeah. i can't wait to see out of the . oh my god . oh, no. no, no, no. the fox station is forever grateful to those who put this great country first. and to show our appreciation, we're continuing to offer all active military and veterans their first year fox nation for free , where you can stream shows that celebrate our country and honor those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. see, this is an awards show that america needs, that our heroes deserve. this is for all the men and women i serve with over
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only mondays on fox and watch hulu great disappointment call another option do we to go play like never having watched the entire sb54 football format every summer, millions of americans enjoy the thrills and attractions of an all american amusement park. but i haven't been to one in ages so and i visited the world famous coney island to find outs
12:42 am
what i've been missing. >> watchsi the there we are at coney island. you coney island is a city unto itself. i did. butel jimmy knows all about cony island. hit it. we're going to do this . we're goingmy to go ride the ridess, going to eat some food. we're probably going to shoot some dice. and the judges offered to gbl get me out of any legal trouble i might encounter along the way. we're ready to do that .>> i'm s i'm ready. let's set it. >> we're standing here with the legenda. alesandro sam pearla, who is the owner of luna park and the cyclone is the most famous gold coast in the world, the cyclone larry. >> dur ninety five this year, faster, better every single year. and cannot wait to get to more . >> i don't know. i'm ready. are you all right? r
12:43 am
let's get and it all. i got four. no one believe it. now, come on .
12:44 am
hey, which one do you want? oh , i think yeah. i think that's the cute one . from i'm available for the next movie. thank you . we a need for speed. yes. it's really not a very great it was amazing right. i loved it so much i'll never go out again standing a. >> all right. so here we are on the boardwalk on a beautiful sunny day, windy over there. it's one of the owners of wonder wheel right behind us . an immigrant came and built it when they established themselves in this country. they sold it to>> bbl my grandfr who was had came, to this country with nothing,
12:45 am
worked hard, built himself, restored the one to build to its current glory. here we come. that's right. my maiden name is very heavy. ah ah ah. yes. i should on the face of it. hold on a second. we're here to collect royalties . oh , i have a valid oh . >> oh god. what . they're so cute. you know, we really did and i got to tell you , some of those wives are wild. oh my goodness gracious. oddly enough, the ferris wheel the wonder wheel is thee scariest ride because it looks like a circular ferris wheel, but the car drops and you fly towards the center on this ride. that sounds like it hasn't been oiled since 2010. >> yes, we are terrified. yeah. and what i learned that judge isn't competitive at all how he's a hustler and whack a mole. white man can't jump to s me.he she hustle me. she goes, i've played this .yo what isu it you forget
12:46 am
she's been slinging a gavel her whole life forever. but i got to tell you , it was fun. >> what do you do when the last time you were. well, you know, i do love the game something. and when i was a kid i'd do anything. i turn upside down. i was in and being upside down never bothered me fast. i loved.ved. yeah. and thenould say i would say abt about 20 years ago i went a on a ride in del mar, california, and i felt like my brain shook around inside my head and i was unwell for three days and i'veee never been on duty.ys >> yeah, well and i've n i'm sc. well it was scary but i felt fine physically lunacy. i mean, how about you taking jesse jr.? yeah, no, is a little young just i took the twins on a roller coaster when they were two and they stillas to this day won't let me forget about that . >> we have way too early. made h they made height limit. no we scratched them under oh i payy. of course you did. but it was a great day and i love them. and when an iconic, wonderful. new york place to go over coneyy island.
12:47 am
right.t the cyclone. all right. anyway, up next , we're goingil to answer some of your fan mail questions when our special edition of the five returns fromn if you spent time on base at camp lejeune prior to nineteen eighty eight and developed any of these cancers or suffered any of these injuries, you may be eligible for significant financial compensation. leaking underground tanks contaminated the drinking water with benzene and other highly carcinogenic chemicals. there have been numerous reported cases of exposed personnel developing cancer and other serious health condition called camp lejeune victim to discuss your case now. eight hundred eighty three seven one three seven four. >> when it comes to real estate agents, experience matters. the best agents know how to
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we can learn more about america's dog. welcome back. happy fourth. july, everyone.oc it's now time to answer your fan mail questions from social media. the first up, we have an instagram question from tasc masina. to is thereme a movie that is the epitome of the fourth of july for you ? jimmy. >> i think jimi? >> a i know you are. well, i think a lot of people would say independence. nce dayw yes. will smith. it's a summer blockbuster. you've got the whole taking back our planet thing going on . yes. will smith isn't as popular b as he was. obviously he's kindnd of trending downward at the moment. passo i would either say that y pride of the yankees lou gehrig because he gave his famousav speech in yankee stadium about having what became lou gehrig's disease on the fourth of july. but what most people don't tell you is the reason crowd'sat
12:52 am
crying is because of the beere prices arere dana. >> i don't know i don't know if i saw this on the fourth of july, but forrest gump, to me it's a different thing that came to mind and lieutenant dan and all that . >> yeah. yeah. i don't want to be a party , but i don't watch movies on the fourth or the bad americans. i don't know enough about film to have a correct answer. > so i'm of voting present in the senate. i respect it. we're thrilled by it voted present. >> you know, i can't think of any fourth. i mean immediately - i thought f independence day, but i'm over will smith. >> so i'm not talking about you know, i then go to issues to the movies when there was a there was a series going on . it t has to do with the patriots the when they . >> okay. no, no, no, no, no. not a last of the mohicans. the mohegans is good, but there's another one with mel mel gibson venet. oh , the patriot guard
12:53 am
patriot . that's it. that's the one where he plays for the football team. >> oh yeah.. noteam -- wonder he was answering a question from debbie mundingburra. it's obvious what your first choice of profession is . what would your second choicee professional golfer. it's not a lot of exercise. you get paid pretty well.l. w you get free clothes and you know, you don't have to workar that hardd. judge. my second i mean, i love beingei a prosecutorng and i love being a prosecutor. >> my second. >> okay, that's a cop out. no, it isn't. she voted present. dana, what about you ? i've had two great careers soee far , like two different things. >> but the thing i've alwaysrs always thought that if i ever went back in government, the only thing i would ever want to do is to be the head ofg the national parks. >>ua oh , yeah. the national parks of americadi are so incredible.
12:54 am
so why such a jam? >> i think i think mean, hornacek has found that vaccination. >> i think i'd want to do something comes natural. so i would be a before model. to so i self-improvement ahead. >> i d if i didn't do that thou, i'd just like to give review. that was my favorite thing about being a cab driverer as people would get in and just swap opinionss on things and i feel like i give a credible review. >> how do you think this shows that it's doable? i mean, with a little help in the other room, i have a do over . >> i've always wanted to get on stage and belt one out. oh , yes. oh, yes i can. that's what i would want to do. >>t i like it, but i love that . all right. so stay right there. one more question is up next on your fourth of july specialal
12:55 am
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12:59 am
♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." we have one more question and here it is. what is your favorite side dish to bring to a barbecue, judge? >> , spirits because that is good. [laughter] >> why are you laughing? >> it is a dip. >> potato salad. >> alcohol. >> that is a side dish? >> i make watermelon salad. >> watermelon is a big hit with everyone. the adults love it. and if you are in a good mood,
1:00 am
you can spike it. >> all right, i love being with you guys. that is the edition of "the five." happy fourth of july, everyone. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, police arresting suspect the gunman who allegedly opened fire on crowds gathering to celebrate the fourth of july in affluent chicago suburb. the authorities say a man launched an attack near a rooftop near a parade route and called the action totally random and intentional. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning i'm griff jenkins. >> and griff, how are you doing, todd and carley have the day off. six people killed


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