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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 6, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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thank you very much, i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, julie. >> bill: i don't think that's going to work out very well. we've got to go, nice to be with you. see you later in the week. i'm back with smitty later this afternoon, so i'll see you then, and we'll have a moment here at highland park, illinois. so i'm on that. good to be with you, julie. here is harris faulkner. we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye. >> harris: and we are all over the breaking news. the highland park mass shooting suspect is making his first court appearance right now, and police have released the booking photos and just the past hour. you see those on the right-hand side and we are keeping our eye on the courthouse in illinois. the charges against him are lengthy. seven counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors are promising many more criminal charges are coming. i'm harris faulkner. here in "the faulkner focus." police say the suspect legally bought five weapons, including
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the high-powered rifle used in the shooting. d anyone have thought he might kill? maybe his family? we now know in 2019 police flagged him as a clear and present danger after he threatened to kill everybody in his house. when police got there, they took away his dagger, his sword, and 16 knives. that was then. now the state attorney for lake county with a strong message to the community. >> what should have been a celebration of freedom ended in despair for our community. all of the people who died steps from here lost their freedom. we will stand with the survivors of this awful crime for as long as necessary. in the courtroom we will seek the maximum sentence against this offender. not because we seek vengeance, but because justice and the hearing process demanded. >> harris: the shooting left more than 30 people injured, and now another person has died,
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bringing the death toll to seven. among those killed were kevin and irena mccarthy. , periods 22-year-old aiden, who survived the attack. the little one was separated from them grade police discovered that they had sheltered him from the bullets and he was left crying and confused as the chaos was unfolding. neighborhoods found the little boy and eventually reunited him with his grandparents. a gofundme for the child has raised more than $2 million in donation. give it is live outside the courthouse in illinois. garrett, a little one without parents today. so heartbreaking. >> absolutely heartbreaking, harris. the accused gunman, bobby crimo, is expected to make his court appearance this hour. there will not be any video of the hearing but we are told he will be appearing virtually an prosecutors plan to ask the judge to deny him bail. 21-year-old is currently facing seven counts of first-degree
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murder, but the state attorney says a whole lot more are on the way. >> we anticipate dozens more charges centering around each of the victims. psychological victims, physical victims, attempted murder charges, aggravated discharge charges, aggravated battery charges. >> investigators say the accused gunman planned the attack for weeks. he dressed like a woman to blend into the crowd, wrapped his rifle in the red blanket, and used a fire escape to climb up to the roof of the local business where he fired more than 70 rounds, killing seven people and injuring more than three dozen others. we are also learning the suspect passed four separate background checks to buy guns in 2020 and 2021 despite police flagging him as a clear and present danger in 2019 after responding to an attempted suicide and then, a few months later, after a family member said he was threatening to kill his entire family.
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illinois state police say no action was taken because none of the family members wanted to move forward with a complaint, which could have triggered the state's red flag laws and prevented the suspect from legally buying a gun just a few months later. his parents have not spoken publicly, but last night released a statement saying "we are all mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and this is a terrible tragedy for many families. the victims, the parade goers, the community, and our own. our hearts, thoughts, and peers got everybody." officials have identified six of the seven victims, their ages ranging from 35? 88. they include a grandfather visiting his grandkids, a synagogue volunteer, and, as you mentioned, it has been and a wife to leave behind a 2-year-old son who will now grow up without them. after this morning's hearing we are now expecting to hear from prosecutors and we'll keep you updated on what we learn. >> harris: when they come out with microphones, as we always do, we will carry that live to hear what happens and said that
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courtroom. thank you very much, garrett, for the latest. there's always that immediate reflexive talk, politics mixed in, and they taught guns, so in and so forth. but illinois has a really strong gun restrictions, and this happened there. this young man allegedly bought weapons there legally. so the question started to say, what are some of the glaring warning signs about their mental health and violent tendencies that are being missed in the laws that we already have? where those being applied correctly? those who know the shooter are also pointing to his parents as a key factor in all of this. he heard garrett tenney's report talking about that 2019 death threat against his whole family. a former coach told fox news he red flags early on. here's a quote. "i remember the parents more than him because they were kind of a problem. there wasn't a lot of love in that family.
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every week, the crimo careless for the last kids there and we would have to call their parents to come pick them up. the neighbors said this, "the signs were there for a long time. they were always police cars at the house. the parents were arguing and fighting all the time." dr. marc siegel, fox news contributor and professor of medicine at nyu langone. dr. siegel, we always caution each other and others around us when these cases are being adjudicated not to jump ahead of the facts. but there are some consistencies here with mental instability that we are seeing that you can tell us from an expert opinion why those red flags aren't always followed. is there something blocking it? in the system, with the family's? what is it? >> you know it's blocking, harris, our ability to see this clearly? its politics. it's the left basically saying it's about gun control in the right basically saying it's about mental health. but this case shows it is about
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both, and for people out there that say mental health isn't the issue, it's a subcategory of mental health that is the issue. let me explain that. it's violence, it is a tendency to violence. it's a rapper or would-be rapper that post pictures of guns, people being shot. the stuff he has on social media is shocking. then he had a suicide attempt reported in the fall of 2019, and was then found to have knives, and was reported both times to the police. then in december of 2019 he goes with his father and buys these weapons. that lack of putting it together is our problem. the background checks don't look into the kind of mental health. it's not that somebody has depression that they are going to do this, it's what kind of mental health issues we are dealing with, and this is the tendency to violence. he was predicting on
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social media that he might do something like this. >> harris: so it's interesting and very important, what you say, then. because we know people within our own families, our loved ones who struggle with mental illness, they don't all go out and commit mass shootings. but the common denominator, i have heard you talk so much about the importance of suicide. why is that so prevalent, and is that the kind of red flag that gun shop owners and others need to know about? we've got the laws. i know there's a fight over more law, but we have the laws now. >> harris, as usual, you have nailed this. it's a tendency toward suicide, hopelessness, that might lead to a hopeless act or a tendency to homicide. same idea. they are not that separate. people think suicide and homicidal ideation are not that different. as garrett tenney just pointed out, that family, we talk about the early wounds that children undergo. that family, the mother appears to be quite unstable from what i'm seeing.
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her incident with the s.w.a.t. team the other day where she bears her breast, obviously the father was involved with buying guns. the police being called to the house. all of that can lead to a tremendous amount of harm being done to the child. and one more thing, his being quiet -- people out there, just because somebody is quiet, it could be because they are withdrawn and all these thoughts are building up in their head. >> harris: all right. again, we don't want to get ahead of this case because we don't know what's coming, but just knowing the types of threats that we are seeing in this young man's background, just leading up to the online presence, it's something that we have seen. but why does it sometimes -- we saw this in uvalde, it started at home. this kid, allegedly, after shooting up the july 4th parade, walked back to his mom's house to borrow her car. that connection remains even though there is so much friction there.
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>> that also so insightful. and he also had a post about a school shooting and following the school shooting he made a comment about suicide after that, and he also had been seen going to synagogues, which shakes me up as someone who goes to synagogues. what was he planning there? but here's the point i think you are getting at. a lot of this is copycat stuff. you amass this by seeing other people do it, and especially on social media, you resonate with that. we have to figure out a way to approach that. and it isn't by censorship. it isn't by the stuff we have covered on social media. it is figuring out how to get mental health professionals involved early, and we have a huge mental health crisis in this country, especially for our children and teens. we don't have the people we need to do this, and we need many more people trained in this. >> harris: dr. marc siegel, thank you very much. we will learn more about this young man as he is due in court today. appreciate it.
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vice president kamala harris raising eyebrows during her visit to highland park the day after the mass shooting. critics are going after her rather bizarre message. now, you know she's always just a bottle of delicious salad dressing away. democrats have lost faith. some of them, in president biden. >> there is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he is not in command. >> the cringe-my criticism of the president from the left, and what it could mean for biden and democrat lawmakers at the ballot box in november. jason chaffetz in "focus" next. ♪ ♪ if you're a veteran, own your home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank.
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>> harris: in a moment, to support a community and pain, vice president kamala harris visited highland park, illinois, yesterday. she did address the horrific july 4th parade massacre, and then she launched into some bizarre white house messages. seriously, watch. >> we will deal with what we need to deal with in terms of as we move forward, agreeing that we've got to be smarter as a country in terms of particular assault weapons, and we've got to take this seriously. as seriously as you are, because you've been forced to have to take it seriously. >> harris: "seriously." those remarks are going viral on twitter and getting a lot of criticism. one user said this. "okay, she did not always sound this incoherent when put on the spot. am i misremembering? it's getting weird."
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another, "wearing the spotlight like a dunce cap." jason chaffetz, fox news contributor and former congressman of utah. nobody relishes making fun of the people who literally have one job and that is to keep us safe. but she couldn't even deliver that message. i accuse her of word salad all the time. grabbed the green goddess dressing. you want herschel's compassion. i give the vice president credit for showing up in being there. no doubt it's tough. when you are representing the entire country, no matter your political party, you expect heartfelt compassion, not these word salads. she's almost incoherent for the problem is how inconsistent it is. you can take most of through and wind up running these clips. people in the public i make mistakes, speak. we all do it. i don't know if you do it, but i did it.
8:19 am
especially in heat of the moment. but she hasn't incoherent consistency that she gets stuck and on a word and repeats it. i've heard somebody say it's like the kid he didn't prepare properly for their homework and suddenly shows up and keeps repeating the same thing. it's getting to the point of serious embarrassment. >> harris: what do you need to prepare for to go tell someone you love them and understand their pain, and while you can't alleviate it, you're right there in the moment with them? how hard is that? >> it's the ability to speak compassionately from your heart. it's not the quantity of words, people understand it. it radiates from you. you just understood it. i think george w. bush for instance had this in spades. he wasn't the most eloquent speaker we ever had, but you knew when he did that he was speaking from his heart, and people were just like, wow, he really does mean this.
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>> harris: we will move to this paid multiple reports of chaos and frustration within the biden white house. and with those outside who are dealing with the biden white house, cnn is reporting democrats are fed up with it. one anonymous democrat in congress tells the outlet that the white house is "rudderless, aimless, and hopeless." other news outlets are reporting the same. headlines read, "dems wonder if biden can rise to the moment," a string of supreme court setbacks, they wonder if the biden white house is capable of urgency. that the moment demands. and a new op-ed titled "biden presidency looks out of control, but could it get worse?" the hashtag, #impeachjoe biden began trending on social media over the july 4th weekend after this comment from former senior advisor david axelrod. >> there is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he's not in command.
8:21 am
no one president can control inflation, but it is a gale force wind right now affecting politics. >> harris: insult to injury for biden? and a monolith poll shows his job approval is at another recent new low of 36%, disapproval at an all-time high. 58%. and that's really a conglomerate of everybody. i mean, the parties, and so on and so forth, to get a number like that. what is your take on david axelrod, though? he's got kind of an influential voice in the party. >> yeah, and i think he speaking the obvious. sometimes it takes the clarity of the obvious to go out there. in that same poll, 88% of the country thought we were on the track. you have harris and biden who are, again, not good at articulating strategy. i don't know that there is a strategy. i think joe biden actually implemented exactly what he wanted and he's just in
8:22 am
disbelief that we are off the rails here. i think america got what he said he was going to do. he said he was going to dismantle the energy sector. so when all of the sudden we start to do that and the results add into this inflation, you just don't want a leader who says "putin, putin, putin." why do we need joe biden if he thinks putin is making all the controls, and it's putin's price hike and putin's this? why do we need joe biden? i think the big story, harris, will be who the puppeteers are that are behind him. i think the puppeteers are jill biden, ron klain, susan rice. >> harris: wait a minute, did you say the first lady? she's not a politician, she can't be running the country. >> she's whispering to joe. we have video from just over the weekend, whispering and telling the president to say something. we have the easter bunny pulling the president to go in another direction and we've got brian
8:23 am
dietz telling us what our economic policy is and really we are having this new world order. so i think those are the puppeteers wow. well, you broke it down. let's get to this. the hunter biden headache. if the pictures with the president with his hand on his head, just the timing of it all doesn't have anything to do with this, but that headache is certainly turning into a migraine. this time a leaked voice mail. president biden apparently left hunter a voice mail that is stirring the pot. the 2018 message is reportedly about hunter biden's overseas business dealings, something the president has repeatedly denied discussing with his son. the white house yesterday deflected questions on that voice mail. >> why is there a voice mail of the president talking to his son about overseas business dealings if the president said he's never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings? >> at the president said stands. >> i think you are clear. how is that not him talking to
8:24 am
his son about overseas business? >> we are not from this podium. i'm not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. steele and jason speak a little weak answer that is. she's in a tough spot. not only do we have the voice mail, we have photos of joe biden and hunter biden with hunter biden's business partners. we have photos of hunter biden and joe biden with hunter biden's business partners at the residence of the vice president. you have the vice president on air force 2 taking hunter biden and his business partner on a trip to mexico. you have hunter biden trying to do business deals in china, russia, mexico, ukraine, the uae, qatar, romania. we have a treasure trove of things. this is just -- add this to the list of evidence. >> harris: jason chaffetz, i am going to cut it short for you right now because we have
8:25 am
breaking news. i appreciate you being in focus as always and we will bring you back. fox news alert now, the death toll has risen to eight people perished in that. shooting on the fourth of july. the cook county medical examiner's office has been notified that 69-year-old eduardo uvaldo of illinois has succumbed to his injuries from monday, july 4th. this is to cope people in addition in the last less than 24 hours, the six who perished on the day of the parade. we knew some of the injuries were dire. our thoughts and prayers are with the families. we are waiting for the court proceeding to start with the suspect, the 21-year-old suspect, and all of the details that have come out against the suspect. but the human toll of this, we have lost another. that's eight in the period shooting. not to mention those more than 30 who were injured.
8:26 am
we will be all over following their cases and how well they are doing at the hospital. and now we move to this. the justice department is going after arizona's new voting law, which requires proof of citizenship, and the attorney general mark brnovich who, by the way, has had some limbs against the biden white house, says bring it on, biden doj. he is in focus next. first, biden's border crisis. >> we are being overwhelmed at the border. my colleagues think it's an issue, and the biden administration's policy did this. biden and mayorkas did this. >> he's bringing brand-new video from the border we haven't seen. it shows a number of illegal immigrants trying to cross into the united states, and he can tell the tale of what's happening as they try to get here. and why it's being declared now
8:27 am
and invasion. congressman biggs back from the border, in focus next. ♪ ♪
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>> it's an invasion that is being pushed by the cartels into our country. >> they could stop this thing this hour. they could stop it now. >> the biden administration is using this as a political act to bring people to the united states so they can go vote. >> this is not a situation where we are helping these migrants come across, these illegal migrants come across. it's a situation where many are dying along the way. >> we are going to send a message to the world, you're not coming through the texas border's, even though the biden administration is saying you can, in complete violation of federal law. stealing you've got lawmakers, law enforcement, judges, and many others in leadership from several texas border counties now calling the border crisis and invasion.
8:33 am
and they want it to remain officially that way. they are asking the governor to make an official declaration. they point to the devastating impact the sheer number of illegal immigrants is having on their town. they want the state and federal government to dedicate more resources to deal with the chaos. lieutenant governor dan patrick says he does support the move. >> they need to secure this border, close it, quit lying to the american public that it's a secure border. we are being attacked just as we were with pearl harbor. this is an attack on the american public, an attack on our young people, an attack on our border, and the president needs to stand up and fight back. if he doesn't, then he needs to step down. >> harris: arizona congressman andy biggs just returned from a trip to the border, and he's now sharing with "the faulkner focus" exclusive video showing a number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross into america. let's watch together. >> by may, literally hundreds of illegal aliens have just crossed
8:34 am
our border and surrendered to the border patrol agents. we've got one agent dealing with hundreds of people. and this happens every day in multiple sectors on our border. joe biden did this. >> harris: congressman biggs joins me now. first of all, did i hear you correctly? one person dealing with the group of people that we can see there, so many of them? one patrol agent? >> that's right, harris. they set up, they have a couple people there, you had a transport and you had the one cbp agent. but what happens is you've got these hundreds of people there, and all of the sudden you can hear on the radio that they are runners. and this is what they do. they flood the zone, so the other agents have to go out and chase the runners because they are the ones bringing drugs and maybe they are the ones who have a criminal record, maybe the
8:35 am
terrorists coming in. so they have to try to find those people while this guy did a great job with these hundreds and hundreds of people just sitting there. he was trying to keep order with them waiting for additional transport to come. >> harris: the invasion, that particular word has meaning in terms of attracting resources. tell us about that. >> well, it's a constitutional term that allows the state to defend itself from an invasion, and a lot of people say that is the state, but even james mattis and talked about it as a nonstate actor. we are being invaded right now, terrorists coming across, criminals coming across, fentanyl and other dangerous drugs pouring into the country that are causing tens of thousands of deaths. you've got people coming from all over the world, we don't know who they are, so that is an invasion. what that would allow the state to do is engage resources to close off between the ports of
8:36 am
entry and divert those individuals if they are going to claim asylum, which is at a port of entry. stealing when you are there and watching agents, border agents, try to go after what would likely become got-oles, because you're not going to catch them all come and we have 800 in the country we know that now, potentially more. you leave behind these other agents, i don't want to sugarcoat this. our guys are brave, but that's a dangerous situation for them. >> it is very dangerous. i was concerned about this agent that he did a great job. the other stuff that you see out there is just unbelievable, and so we have agents have to go stop we assume are either runners. i've been down where it looked like there was going be some fisticuffs either between this group waiting to be transported,
8:37 am
because they all had been waiting, because they get impatient. they know they're going to be released into the country. they want to be transported in process. any of these agents trying to keep them calm, and we've met people from all over the world. it dangerous for agents. >> harris: no doubt. real quickly, what is the course ahead, and do you anticipate that other states -- i mean, there are other states i could say, like arizona, that this is an invasion. will you get the kind of support that you think you need pulling together? >> i would hope they would make a formal declaration and then they could put resources down there and start pushing people away, away from the border. away from the twin ports of entry. i think other states could probably make the same case, because it's all over the country. >> harris: i was specifically thinking of texas and the rio grande area down there.
8:38 am
first of all, thank you for the exclusive video and letting us see that first hand come back as soon as we hear more information on what happens with that declaration of an invasion. i appreciate you in focus. >> you bet. thanks, harris. >> harris: we are going to stay with the state of arizona because there is another hot situation going on there. the biden administration has decided to go after the arizona state voting law. they are suing the state, and it is set to take effect in january and includes a proof of citizenship requirement to vote by mail in any federal election. the department of justice says that arizona's law violates federal law, and here's what they are writing. "arizona has passed a law that turns the clock back by imposing unlawful and unnecessary requirements that could block eligible voters from the registration rules. attorney general mark brnovich, republican candidate for u.s. senate now, great to have you. and you want to tell me about
8:39 am
this. >> thanks for having me on, harris. unfortunately the lawlessness of the biden administration is really going unchecked, and that's why me and some of my colleagues have to constantly be in court trying to hold them in check, whether it's over unconstitutional vaccine mandates or covid relief bills, or now on the border. title 42, and how the biden administration is suing our state just because we have a requirement that if you want to vote in a presidential election where if you want to vote by mail, you have to show proof of citizenship. it's the height of absurdity that the biden administration, dave incentivized and decriminalize people coming into this country illegally, and now they don't want arizona to check for citizenship? i mean, you don't need to be a rocket scientist or even an astronaut to figure out what's going on here with the biden administration. >> harris: the proof of citizenship, though -- i said this to congressman biggs, if they get the declaration of invasion down there along the border, it works the same with this, too, though. because this would become
8:40 am
precedent for others who might want to do what you're doing. >> absolutely. i issued the first legal opinion and the entire country saying that what's going on in this country constitutes an invasion. it's not only the millions of people come here and draining state resources, it's also all the fentanyl and the gang and cartel activity endangering all of us. so every state, not just arizona and texas, are all border states now. if joe biden and the failures of congress won't do their job, then the states continue to have to step up and do as much as we can. >> harris: with the proof of citizenship voter line arizona, you think that also becomes precedent that other states can follow? >> absolutely. i argued last year as a result of that at the u.s. supreme court and states are allowed to have integrity measures like restriction and limitation on bout harvesting, so i'm going to be once again in the courtroom fighting, to preserve the integrity of our
8:41 am
elections. >> harris: the doj has a fight on their hands indeed, if history is proof of that, with ag burn of edge. good to see you. fox news alert now, the suspect in the highland park mass shooting has just been declared that he will be held without bail. he is accused of killing now, just in the last little bit, the land of another person who perished after that. nasa care. he is now accused of killing eight people on july 4th. we are waiting for prosecutors from the lake county state attorney's office to tell us exactly all the details in the courtroom today. that is set to have been shortly. you will watch it live with us when that happens. we'll carry it here on fox. she is a school board director and the owner of a sex shop. she wants to teach children as young as nine years old about sexual pleasure and that's
8:42 am
whipping up loads of outrage. and questions about the culture wars ahead of the midterm elections 125 days away. yeah, we are counting. and some bad news for biden on this front. >> the consequence of inflation and high gas prices, the left-wing of the democrat party, this is what they want, but most average americans hate this. >> harris: and now breaking news, the bond hearing is over for that suspect in the mass shooting in highland park, illinois. let's watch the news conference now. >> there was probable cause to hold him at this time for seven counts of first-degree murder. we have filed these counts alleging the intentional killing of seven individuals. based on the information that the investigation has produced so far, the judge found that the evidence was at such a level that he could be held without bond, and also the fact that it is a mandatory life sentence. additional details were
8:43 am
developed during that bond hearing. i know there was a pool reporter for that. i can certainly answer some additional questions about that. i want to continue to emphasize that this is an ongoing and active investigation with all of our law enforcement partners. if anyone has any surveillance footage whatsoever of the july 4th highland park parade, leave it urge them to contact the highland park police department. the deputy chief probably has the best phone number for that. i can take a few questions. >> reporter: there's a question about maybe the sponsoring the license after the initial contact with law enforcement. are you looking at any potential criminal charges for other family members, the parents, perhaps? >> i don't want to comment on that. >> reporter: is it true that someone signed off on the application for under 21? >> that is not something i have done in management wow administration.
8:44 am
he can get back to you in terms of whether that's been done in the past. i know there's another state in michigan, totally different set of facts. we can get back to you on that but that's not something that i have personally done while i have been state attorney. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> well, his statement was voluntary. he was questioning the highland park police department. he was read his miranda warnings and offered attorneys, et cetera. he went into detail about what he had done. he admitted to what he had done. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> no, and i was also asked the question if he said why he did it. we don't want to speculate on motives right now. i'm going to or for that question to the deputy chief >> certainly our investigation has gone very much, so what
8:45 am
happened after the shooting, what crimo's plan was, investigators did develop some information that it appears when he drove to madison he was driving around. however, he did see a celebration occurring in madison and he seriously contemplated using the firearm he had in his vehicle to commit another shooting. in madison. >> reporter: do you know how much ammunition he had at that point? >> approximately 60 rounds. >> reporter: at that point? >> yes. his motivation is necessarily clear. i don't want to go specifically into what he told investigators. however, he had some type of affinity towards the number of . >> reporter: [inaudible] >> we don't have information that suggests he planned on driving to madison initially for another attack. we believe he was following stomach driving around following the first attack and saw the
8:46 am
celebration. >> reporter: when he got to madison, did he appear to make a decision himself to not attack? >> indications are he hadn't put enough thought and research into it. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> we have not been able to locate her yet. >> reporter: do you know anything about the significance of the numbers 4 and 7? >> it apparently comes from music he is interested in. >> reporter: what about the weapons? we understand now -- [inaudible] >> in 2020 he bought four weapons. the weapon used in the july 4th attack, a celtic sub 200, a rim and chain 700 , a shotgun, and in 2020 when he purchased a glock 43x, and that was after his 21st birthday. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> i can't speak to why he decided to come back from madison. there are indications that he didn't put enough planning forward to commit another attack.
8:47 am
there's been some questions about the fbi and their response in madison. the technicians in madison. he did dispose of his phone in madison. the madison area, in middleton, and that phone has since been recovered. >> reporter: are others cooperating with the investigation? >> i don't want to go into levels of cooperation. we are working to get the most cooperation we can out of everybody. >> reporter: in 2019, highland park notified the state police about the knife. [inaudible] is there not a mechanism -- why wasn't that flag months later when he was getting a gun? >> i don't want to stick to protocol or procedure. i believe they have issued some information about the decision-making that went into that process, and that solely
8:48 am
rests on the state police and i don't want to speak to their protocol. >> reporter: but to your knowledge there is nothing in their system that holds up -- >> i don't have access to their system to even know that, so i really don't want to speak to that. >> reporter: [inaudible] was that recovered on the ground, the weapon that fell out of the bag, or was the rifle recovered on the roof? >> the rifle used in the shooting was recovered on the ground. that's when he dropped. we are still looking to speak to the witness who saw him drop an object wrapped in a red blanket or a red cloth. >> reporter: do you still think it was dropped intentionally or dropped accidentally? >> i don't want to speculate on why. they could be a lot of reasons why. i don't want to speculate. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> all of the shooting was done on the roof.
8:49 am
>> reporter: you know what weapons he had in madison, wisconsin? >> the celtic sub 200 is what he had in madison. >> reporter: can you describe information about what services will be available at the high school? >> absolutely. the fbi victim service response team are opening their family assistance center today at noon. that will be open at the highland park high school. it'll be open from noon? 9:00 p.m. it's for anybody impacted, physically, emotionally, by the events that happened in highland park. tomato and fred it'll be open and thereafter as needed. additionally, personal effects on. drought are being evaluated by the fbi, the evidence response team. that will take a bit of time. the personal effects that were on central between second and green bay should be available this afternoon for those who want to collect their property that was left in those areas. highland park high school. >> reporter: during the bond hearing, there were some details about how the shooting happened,
8:50 am
the fact that he reloaded. can you summarize what was said in the bond hearing? >> harris: from the bond hearing we learned quite a bit from the prosecutor and you just saw the deputy police chief who we have been seeing daily now since the mass shootings. there was some sort of fascination with the numbers 4 and 7, even for that and that is 7/4, july 4th. they are piecing together a case and that's happening in the open and none of it becomes concrete because it's all going to be adjudicated. but i'm just giving you some of the things that seem to pop out. apparently the suspect drove around and saw that there was a july 4th event in madison and thought he might stop there. at that point he had about 60 rounds left. he didn't, so there were a lot of reporter questions you saw it then about what deterred him from doing that. the deputy police chief said he didn't feel like he was prepared. we do know that he had confessed right after he was arrested, to
8:51 am
authorities. in the big question today from reporters, as well, why did he do this? has anybody had a chance to get that answer? the deputy police chief said no. and the prosecutor also said, we don't know. he didn't say pay but he did admit to doing this. we are going to move on. this case is going to continue to show charges, and unfortunately we have lost two more people to this in just less than 24 hours. one in the last hour announced dead, and a death toll of up to eight. so we know there are more charges coming. we wanted to watch as much of this as possible so you could see some of the questions now getting a little repetitious. so let's move on. and back to politics, if we can, for just a bit before we wrap the show. the numbers for president biden and democrats now just 125 days away from the midterm elections. a new monmouth poll shows a whopping 88% of americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. we heard from jason chaffetz earlier in the hour and that is a record high. dismal. how do you turn that around?
8:52 am
54% say they believe the middle class has not been benefited at all from biden's policies. this is up from 36% a year ago. nearly half of those polls named either inflation or gas prices as the biggest concern facing their families right now. former republican congressman sean duffy says he's not surprised. >> they can't survive, they can't live, they can't feed their families in joe biden's america. we go in a different direction, but joe biden is hell-bent on staying on the aoc progressive course. when you say, america, i understand having problems, and i'm going to try and fix it by going in a different direction, these are the right policies, you're going to stay this course that gives you an economy that's really hard to live in. >> harris: the power panel now. the american rising pac executive director, jose aristimuno's, former deputy press secretary for the dnc. it sounds like democrats on the
8:53 am
defensive. jose, what would you tell your party? >> we have to look at the bigger picture, harris. stealing bigger than this? >> i'm frustrated that the country is going in the wrong direction. we have a president trying to get things done for the american people and the republican party that is blocking everything. >> harris: i have to stop you there, because that is such a reflexive thing to say, and right now that's not the case. right now the case is that democrats are starting to eat their own. this guy can't help you 125 days from now. >> the american people want solutions, harris, and republicans are at -- >> harris: what does putin have to do with it? that's what your guys doing. kathy? >> the democrats control the house, the senate, and the white house. this is what they ran on. the pain we are feeling right now is a direct result of the policies they told us they were going to implement. you see democrats running for the hills away from joe biden. today he's going to ohio, and tim ryan is running for senate
8:54 am
and said he's not going to appear with him, and yet he voted for 100% of the time. as constituents and voters that's what we have to look at. it's too convenient to say joe biden and joe biden's white house are the problem but i'm going to be different. no, these are the policies he ran on and voted for, 100% of the time you are right there with joe biden, and as we head toward the midterms this november, this is on democrats. if we have any hope for changing direction and getting things back on track, you have to vote these guys out of office despite what they might be trying to tell you to save their own hides. >> harris: is a former member of the dnc, what do you say? what's the message? >> we need to be aggressive enter the american people there are two good choices. you want a party like the republican party wants to take choices from millions of women across this country? they want to continue dividing us as a people instead of bringing us together.
8:55 am
joe biden has created millions of jobs, harris, this is not just me making it up. hundreds of thousands of jobs month after month, almost 9 billion jobs in the last year and a half. do you need to fix inflation? yes. but does he need to say does he need to fix it, yes. but -- >> harris: it's a binary choice. if it happens to come down to the gas prices it's going to get really dicey come is because people are member $1.90 then sent gas. maybe some tweets they don't like but they remember that part paid good to see you both. thank you. we have breaking news now and we want to get back to the border. this is eagle pass, texas, and our correspondent, bill melugin. they are getting brand-new video in. some of it from a congressman in arizona who joined this hour. hour. andy biggs and now bill melugin. bill? >> good morning to you. some breaking news to report, just not one of the largest single groups of migrants who have ever seen cross illegally here in eagle pass, texas. we pull up our live drone right now, border patrol tells us it is a group of approximately 450
8:56 am
to 500 migrants who have all crossed over in this one single group. i am told they are predominately from cuba, venezuela, and nicaragua. some of the migrants have been loaded into the buses, so the numbers you are seeing aren't as big, but this is a massive single group. this right here is what drastically overwhelms border patrol resources. agents have to show up with multiple buses, do all this paperwork for probably the next couple of hours, and what does this do? this pulls agents off the front lines elsewhere. they will not be able to stop drug runners coming across or runners trying to sneak into the country. they instead have to deal with this almost 500 family units, the mixture of single adults. we see kids breaking them into different rooms here. you can get a much better look from our drone. this is a massive, massive group. we are here in the del rio sector and some are flashing us thumbs up, waving to our cameras. the del rio sector has become the epicenter of this border crisis and it's no longer the
8:57 am
rio grande valley. here in eagle pass are getting these massive single groups almost daily here. just over the fourth of july holiday weekend there were nearly 5,000 illegal crossings. they were 1-800-50 just on the fourth of july alone. so this is more of the same right here, these massive groups showing up every single day, day in and day out, and border patrol here overwhelmed. >> harris: no doubt you're keeping keeping up with the news that is at backing today. that's pushing arizona and that is a declaration of an invasion on our southern border so that resources can be attracted now to deal with the scenes you're showing us now. which is overwhelming border patrol, the shares can go down to help. we simply just don't have enough. what is the talk among the border agents that you are hearing? i can't imagine what the word invasion is being thrown around, that people aren't sensitive to the fact that could be a game
8:58 am
change down here. >> i can tell you border patrol morale is at rock bottom. agents are processing in a couple of whom we have recognized from previous trips. we asked one how he's doing he said not good and walked away because he has to deal with this large group. these agents are frustrated because the job they signed up for, they want to be going after the bad guys. they want to go after the cartel drug smugglers, the runners, that sort of thing. not here doing paperwork and acting like social workers for these massive groups who continue to come across. the people you're looking at right here are not runners, these are people willing to turn themselves in. they seek out border patrol because they believe that they will be released into the country once they are apprehended by border patrol. yes, these agents, incredibly frustrating. you can see the drain on their manpower. dozens of agents who have the process and multiple times a day, every day out here. stealing bill melugin, thank you
8:59 am
very much. we want to make a huge correction now, going in the other direction, what happened in highland park. our team at fox news made a huge error. in the death toll. it still stands at seven. someone on our assignment desk counted the naming of another person as the death of another person. the good news is that we did not lose another soul today, but of course we have lost seven. i want to get the facts right. we apologize as a network for the error and we will continue to do better. stay tuned for "outnumbered." ♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone, i'm kayleigh mcenany here with my cohost's harris faulkner and emily compagno. also joining us, shannon bream and raymond arroyo. members of the president's own party now seem to be turning on him. any report reviewing some 20 democrats working with both
9:00 am
congress and the white house that are privately complaining to members of the mainstream media. blasting how the president is handling the crises that keep piling up under his watch. one unnamed democrat lawmaker telling cnn that the biden administration is "rudderless, aimless, and hopeless." while another official within the party suggested his plans to stop soaring gas prices had the appearance of throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. and these are democrats. keep that in mind. still others are questioning if the president has the fight in him to lead on key issues concerning americans. anonymous democratic congressman told nbc "it's almost like he is hiding, he has the bully pulpit, and he's either hiding behind it or under it. i don't know where he is. i can't find the president." at the same time a top democrat strategist then said about biden's team, "it is infuriating.


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