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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 6, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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that are privately complaining to members of the mainstream media. blasting how the president is handling the crises that keep piling up under his watch. one unnamed democrat lawmaker telling cnn that the biden administration is "rudderless, aimless, and hopeless." while another official within the party suggested his plans to stop soaring gas prices had the appearance of throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. and these are democrats. keep that in mind. still others are questioning if the president has the fight in him to lead on key issues concerning americans. anonymous democratic congressman told nbc "it's almost like he is hiding, he has the bully pulpit, and he's either hiding behind it or under it. i don't know where he is. i can't find the president." at the same time a top democrat strategist then said about biden's team, "it is infuriating. our house is on fire and it
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seems like they are doing nothing to put the fire out. they are just watching it with the rest of us." meantime, the democrats are choosing not to remain anonymous as they criticize the president. >> there is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he is not in command. >> the president of the united states has to organize, and i'm not sure what he's doing. i can tell you what he ain't doing. species of the sand and articles based on two dozen sources, harris. the opening is fascinating. it's a window into the biden administration priorities. so get this, there is this call monday. debra messing was set up. yes, debra messing and the white house. [laughter] 's view on the and island. >> kayleigh: the former "will & grace" i was among dozens of celebrity democratic supporters and activists who joined a call with white house
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aides on overturning roe v. wade. it was fatalistic. they received a follow-up email from the white house with a list of basic talking points and suggestions to put on tiktok. this is what the white house is doing! [laughter] >> harris: no wonder they don't have time to prep the vice president on what she should say about a mass shooting. they were preoccupied of how to clean it up for tiktok. the words about this, and i want to use the right ones, too -- desperate. they are desperate. they are out of ideas. they can't make our lives better at this point. look, jason chaffetz said it last hour. no one person may be able to fix inflation, but you have to fall down trying. you got to give it everything you've got. and messaging for tiktok is messy, too. i mean, what does china alone? i don't know if you want to put all of your -- right? they spy on us on tiktok! i don't think china should get the talking points before we do. that's all i'm saying. you should concentrate on
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talking to the people without a little piece of paper. just look at us and tell us what's going on and how you can make it better. >> kayleigh: i think that's a key point, shannon. when they brought in families left their loved ones in interactions with the police officer into the listening session, i think the biden administration could do a listening session with families and moms victims of the formula crisis, those victims of inflation. that would go a long way, better than the celebrity call. >> shannon: yeah, the more empathetic touch. as you said, harris, let him connect. i think they are terrified of him trying to do that. they are always shooing the press and saying don't go off prompter. i think they're worried about sending him. but during the campaign he was at home. we didn't see them tested in the same way many campaigns test people and their ability to think on their feet and pushed back. he did say things during the campaign in tweets and verbally about, "when i'm president, the buck will stop with me. i'll never do this the way president trump did." but when you press them now, the
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administration, they say "we doing every thing we can, and the president can't solve all these problems." so either the buck stops with him or it doesn't, but this goes back to the campaign and the fact that he wasn't pushed during that campaign, and how it's showing up with, listen, when you're losing hollywood and the left -- >> harris: and debra messing, apparently. [laughter] he is different from, because the gas prices have almost tripled. on the border is on fire. >> kayleigh: that's right. emily, he almost promise us that, on day one, if you are out the door, but the cnn article says several officials say biden's tendency to be stomach berate advisors when he's displeased with how the situation is being handled or when events go poorly, it trickles down the ranks in the left wing leaving several mid-level aides blame for failing despite lacking any real ability to influence the decision. they are saying a lot of those are leaving and citing that reason, his temper or berating or whatever it may be.
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>> emily: and we know he didn't stick to that because that horrific story, the account they came out of the white house about the male staffer's treatment of his then girlfriend at the time he was also a staffer. so it wasn't you will be fired immediately upon disrespectful language, and now he is excusing himself from that standard, as well. i think what's interesting about this, just to take it a couple steps back, is we now have 20 distinct democrats who have gone to cnn and maybe more who have gone to nbc and cbs who are complaining about him. the leaks and the stories in the complaints have started getting louder and it's almost as if now they are saying, okay, we are going to shout. we are going to cling that belle aliso finally that person in the white house can hear that we don't think you are fit to serve in the next term, because it started as a whisper. it started as a story here and they are. >> harris: well, he whispered. >> emily: now it becomes headlines. i think it's what you said set him free link is a parakeet, because he basically is a quite old parakeet there in his cage.
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>> raymond: by design. >> emily: and let me respond as well to the distinction between your predecessor and him, which is one of whose voices matter. we shouldn't be surprised that this white house listens to debra messing because they did on the campaign trail. the enlisted social media influencers, teens and the like, do they messaging for them when ordinary american voices are the voices that matter. they established a council. while you ask moms right here and plug into the comments everyone's making on their own facebook and their own comments? our show, every single day, because to them the ordinary american doesn't matter. to them, debra messing matters more than the person looking for baby formula. the celebrity voice matters more than the person who cannot go to work because they cannot afford the gas to do so and worry about inflation. >> raymond: this another key point here that we are overlooking. you have all these democrats, and yes, they are getting loud, but these democrats complaining about biden now is a little bit like putin complaining about
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ukraine. you caused this. this was your policy that laid out an agenda that biden has slavishly followed on the border, on gas, on our dealings abroad. he has frozen all this oil and gasoline so we can't even power our own energy. the baby crisis with the formula, that was self imposed by the biden administration, and these activists and individuals who pushed him into this corner, that is why he is in the low 20s. because that was the only place you go to satisfy his base. now they are complaining? is only one way to go. the other direction. >> kayleigh: this is real clear politics when he's at 32% approval, but what's interesting is the trend line. you will see it down, down, down. look at that, harris. also interesting to me as debra messing and these others are complaining he hasn't done enough about the dobbs decision.
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what he supposed to do? if you want to give him a break, give him a break for following the opinion of the court which he is supposed to do as an executive. steel and he came at office thinking he had a mandate and try to act like a dictator. he flips things he knew he shouldn't have flipped like border policies and energy policies, so on and so forth, so they were anticipating him being a dictator. he just said gas companies have to lower their prices not understanding that the bulk of gas stations are owned by mom-and-pops, which have a 2-5 sent to cent profit margin. i don't know what you think america looks like. they expect him to run the country with his vision but he can't run. he can barely walk his messaging. and i don't say that to pick on him and his physicality, i say that he can't walk, chew gum, do all these things at the same time and turn around and handle a massacre without looking down at a note card. come on, we are all seeing this
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now. this is not our imagination. i'm not a doctor. we don't even have to say it's medical. let's cut incompetence and disappointing. there's a lot of words you can because i don't need a doctor. >> raymond: there has been a physical decline. when some activists say "i don't know he is," he doesn't know where he is either, and that's the problem. he saw that ceremony yesterday at the white house, he was completely confused. at one point he was like, "do we step down? delete --" he couldn't pronounce "vietnam." this is problematic and i think the nonpolitical voter looks at this and says we are out of control. i'm hurting and he can help me. >> shannon: think about the decision, i had a tip it was coming. the person in the white house is supposed to handle the planes and messaging on that without getting coffee on the day that dobbs came. it seems like a little internal
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chaos over there. >> harris: wow. you got the tip, they want to go get coffee. stacy and an alert from the phone. >> raymond: a fox news alert. [laughter] >> kayleigh: chicago mayor lori lightfoot is at it again. she has denounced "toxicity in public discourse" after the deadly life was shooting in highland park. that's just days after she said that -- >> thank you, [bleep] clarence thomas. highs, now's the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. up to $60,000 or more. the newday 100 loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's value: 25% more cash than you get at a bank. give them a call.
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call... to receive fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler® walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for eighteen months. >> emily: we are learning chilling new details about the suspect in the july 4th parade shooting in highland park. in a news conference just last hour, officials said 21-year-old robert crimo admitted to the horrific shootings but that his
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motive is still unclear. police previously revealed a history of violence and now say crimo even contemplated another shooting. authorities say the suspect, who is being held without bail, legally bought five weapons including a high-powered rifle used in the massacre. crimo was able to buy those weapons despite police flagging him as a clear and present danger in 2019 after he threatened to kill his family. as these new details emerge about the suspect, chicago mayor lori lightfoot spoke about the shooting last night and stressed the importance of community and respect. watch. >> people are losing respect for the institutions of our democracy. the toxicity in our public discourse is a thing that i think we should all be concerned about. every single person has a role to play in healing the wounds that are plaguing us in our country. >> emily: well, this is quite the turnaround from the profane
9:16 am
attack she leveled toward supreme court justice clarence thomas at a pride event in chicago just days ago. watch. >> [bleep] clarence thomas. >> emily: shannon, those words ring hollow from these elected officials after they lambaste justices and turned to call for unity. what do we make of that? >> shannon: it's a conflicting set of messages for sharing we see that bette midler yesterday treated at a picture of the supreme court where all of the six justices who are conservative were depicted as basically terrorists, and justice amy coney barrett was in a full burqa with everything covered but her eyes. he can't attack and then say we have to find a way to move this country forward. it's a very difficult needle to thread and when there is misinformation it benefits. people leverage that. this idea of even people like this shooter, we don't know what motivated him but we know in the
9:17 am
past there were politically motivated shootings by people who get very worked up by the division in the chaos, and i think that is something that, it can paralyze and divide the country, and we can't ask for unity and healing and moving forward when there's constant attacking of our institutions. the polling now shows that the credibility or the trust in our institutions is wearing away day by day. that rips at the fabric of the country. >> emily: that's right. you take your cue from the bride at a wedding. when we talk about the fabric being ripped away, the elected officials who are not adhering at all to their own calls for unity, including the president, that is in part what contributes and makes people think it's okay to go after police officers and supreme court justices and the like. let's read another tweet from lori lightfoot. "my friends in the lgbt community, the supreme court is coming for us next. this moment has to be a call to arms." how is that not an application and an advocacy for violence? >> kayleigh: it is. what this tells us is this is not a one-off.
9:18 am
i would completely be taken aback to hear a public official use the f-word in the context of a supreme court justice. it's not something you often hear from any public official on either side of the aisle. and then a call to arms, calling for healing and understanding one another, finding the good in one another. this desperate need for healing, finding humanity. really? give me a break. perhaps we should take the hypocrisy from good old glory. remember when she got a haircut when she publicly told this city not to get a haircut? energy goes out in the street celebrate when they're supposed to be under some sort of blacked down she said, "it was a relieving moment, we need to be out there." we are used to this. come up with a better excuse asked dominic this time because your others have been laughable. >> emily: we talk so much about the hypocrisy coming out of these democrat elected officials, like nancy pelosi getting her hair done and the
9:19 am
like. there is a propensity for violence and you can't take that back. this is not just about extreme rhetoric. it's extreme rhetoric that has an impact. i don't know if they would have been a person who is now charged with attempted murder of a supreme court justice if there hadn't been a tempered dilution of that rhetoric by our elected officials. >> harris: you mean the president of the united states. because he's the only one who could have made a difference because that's been -- the conservative supreme court justice. for days and days and days. didn't even mention it. when the top of the food chain has decided that doesn't care anything about anybody else as you point out this hour, no one can make the kind of difference that he can as commander in chief. he's abdicated his duties on that it makes it difficult
9:20 am
decision for the justices. hope they understand, when someone is crazy or evil enough to take the life of a supreme court justice, they don't always delineate the way they think they do. they don't sit back going, these guys voted and women voted this way, i'm on their team. why not kill them all? i don't think democrats are realizing the people on the left are realizing how toxic this can really be. what happened, i thought we were on the same side. the american side. our supreme court. we need to protect them. >> emily: raymond, i want to get you thoughts on this particular interview. with rosa parks, georgetown law professor. listen to who she blamed for this shooting. take a watch. >> we are now living in that world and we have brought it on ourselves but we can't say, oops, it's the russians' fault,
9:21 am
they shouldn't have invaded us, or oops, it's al qaeda. this is 100% us, and because we are essentially slaves to a document written more than 230 years ago by a tiny group of white slave-owning men. >> raymond: and day tiny group of white, some nonslave-owning men including john adams who fought for the abolitionists and had a huge heart for the rights of slaves. so this broad depiction of what american history is, it runs to the divide that i think we are seeing everywhere. this is why demagogues like lori lightfoot, if they want to pick an emissary for tenderness and civility, it's maybe the last to call. ignore the name "lightfoot," she trampled everyone in her path. [laughter] she ended up turning away a lot of them at a time when the city was collapsing.
9:22 am
this strikes me as nothing more than a diversion, and the worst kind of demagoguery. as you brilliantly pointed out, at the beginning it's cute and it's just politics. down the road it means the end of everything, because these killings, the people with this mindset, they don't distinguish. they just say let's bring it all down, which is a chant evil here at some of these riots that we saw the other day here in new york. "burn it all down." >> shannon: and some of the most racist language i've heard recently has come from the left towards clarence thomas. >> emily: maybe it's the lower taxes and less wokeness, but the migration boom fueling a fast post-covered recovery in red
9:23 am
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>> harris: republican-run states such as florida and texas —-dash kayleigh is beaming! [laughter] have more people and work then before the pandemic. as they see a faster post covid economic recovery than their blue counterparts, and that's according to a report in "the wall street journal." headline, "red states are winning the post-pandemic economy." and it says, "by many measures, those states that lean republican have recovered faster economically than democratic leaning blue ones with workers and employers moving from the coast to the middle of the country and florida." our first clue about this was gavin newsom, who got so upset with desantis! he didn't mention them by name but the state still he only has one governor, right? [laughter] we knew who he was talking about! because people are renting all the u-haul's out of his state and running out of you house in california and they are ending up in florida.
9:28 am
>> shannon: our home state! you want to get to the sunshine state. lower taxes, kids in schools, businesses staying open. there are millions of people, tens of millions, who voted and left their zip codes over the last couple years and moved to places who had what they view as more freedom, less restriction, but yet gavin newsom is running ads in florida. "your state is cracking down on freedom, come to california where we are free," who had some of the toughest lockdowns in the country and some and he mentioned that nancy pelosi went to get her hair done, he was going to fancy restaurants, and they talk about holding their breath when they took pictures. >> emily: it's ridiculous. he's advertising in florida and trying to tax their assets to make up for his bankruptcy. >> raymond: but this is a great narrative you're painting here. 46 million americans fled their place of domicile looking for what? freedom and independence.
9:29 am
and as we come out of the celebration of july 4th, it's beautiful to see the independent spirit that really animated the republic is very much alive, and people willing to pick up even if it discomforts them to go and find a place to be free and to live without the restrictions of government or school board telling you what to teach your kids, or outrageous taxation or lockdowns. >> emily: in addition to the migration, several of those states never had work from home restrictions, and my family has a small business in oregon. it was so hard to have the restrictions continuing over and over again that were extended over and over again, because weather plays a huge part in oregon. when the governor kept saying everything has to be outside only and 6 feet apart, how does that help us when it is pouring rain there for months straight? so these businesses that never fully recovered, communities that never fully recovered, that's why in those blue states. everyone is fleeing but businesses could sustain
9:30 am
thriving in the red states. >> harris: i have often been curious about this. you lived in florida long enough to have more than one governor, and i've heard you say wonderful things about rick scott and others, as well. what is it about red states -- and i have a home in one, too, arizona -- what is it about red states, do you think, that is so decidedly different from blue states at this point in history? >> kayleigh: we love and appreciate freedom, and that's the answer. d.c. 11 out of the 15 top economic states are red states, 8 of 10 bottom states are blue states. it's not just a coincidence. when covid happened, i remember to simply talking to governor desantis on the tarmac at a rally. i'm paraphrasing here, but these are out of control. i'm going to keep my seat open. i will let businesses thrive and let kids go to school. i go to florida every single weekend. being in the swamp, otherwise known as d.c., monday through
9:31 am
friday -- [laughter] there's a swamp down in florida in a different way! but it was like a ghost town. you can even find a restaurant. i go to florida and i'm like, this is a different world. everyone's eating outside, everyone's at the beach. but still taking precautions. when you don't lock down your state, look what happens what happens. >> harris: so a follow-up question for you. there was this concern in arizona and new mexico, because not everybody made it to florida. some people were just getting out of the car when they got to the next place. do you think the politics will turn more purple as people from the blue states move? they say they love freedom, but our other politics going to change, too? >> kayleigh: no, and we have evidence that paid for the first time in history, republican voter registration in florida outpaces democrats. the people are not being there politics politics with them. people saved than not going to let go of the politics when they come, but they are letting go of their politics. >> raymond: bringing their conservative politics with them, which could be the case, as
9:32 am
well. they were estranged in california and new york where they were, now they are in miami and living happily. >> harris: anybody, last words? shannon? >> shannon: florida will always be the best state on the planet. [laughter] weedy alligators and all kinds of crazy stuff down there. >> go 'noles! >> shannon: and she had a gator freighter. they have little breaded -- spewing all right. americans wondering , what happened? we came back to this! anyway, just ahead, the media jumping in on the bashing of america. how they are targeting the american flag now as a symbol of white supremacy. stay close. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: as americans celebrated fourth of july with pride, some in the liberal media decided it was a good idea to target the american flag. a "new york times" columnist penned this op-ed titled "the american flag belongs to me, too, and this year i'm taking it back," claiming the flag has been hijacked by red staters, trumpers, and it's been usurped by the maga crowd. it's like they get dnc talking points, or something. "i'm officially reclaiming the u.s. flag from the fascists, the trumpet movement tainted this symbol with bigotry but we can take it back." but the left bashing the american flag is a symbol of bigotry didn't just start this weekend. remember this? eco-i saw dozens and dozens of
9:38 am
pickup trucks with expletives against joe biden on the back of them, trump flags, and in some cases just dozens of american flags, which is also disturbing because essentially the message was clear that it was, "this is my country, this is not your country. i own this." >> when i drive into a neighborhood and it's not july 4th and i'm not in a household neighborhood, and there are american flags everywhere, alongside trump flags, alongside flags with stars in a circle, i feel threatened, because the message is very clear. it's a message of white supremacy, a message of racism, and a message of their country, not my country. >> kayleigh: juan guerrero of the "l.a. times" stopped by to get a headband, glasses,
9:39 am
et cetera, but the flag has changed meaning for many of us. at the drugstore i grab something quickly at the checkout that -- the marketing master left a mark on the flag. amazing. so you can't even buy a flag. >> emily: and many latinos and other people he scapegoated still recoil upon seeing it. who are they speaking for and why are they speaking it? it is one more elitist liberal that knows better than you, person of color. this is how you're going to feel, this is how you're going to vote, listen to me. this is what should upset you and this is why. from "the new york times," a similar disgusting and reprehensible article where she said "old glory is now hyde hijacked." you know who is wearing this stuff? and buy the stuff i mean the american flag. servicemen and women. in 36% of active duty enlisted
9:40 am
women are african american. 22% are hispanic. one and five are black men. and they are proudly wearing this flag, they know what it means, which is freedom, safe, liberty. they have been willing to die for it. and yet here there are people calling it tacky and equating it with white nationalism agendas. >> kayleigh: he went even further than that, emily. he dumped the merchandise and said it looked clannish and sinister like the authoritarian himself. >> raymond: this belies something, they don't even realize what they are saying. that factions of america would adopt a mindset of the people they claim to deploy her, mainly the confederates, who generations ago said "that's not my flag, this is my union, i have my own flag." they are now moving into that position, saying the american flag is no good, indicating the country. i'm sorry, this is one of the few sources of unity we had left in united states, a flag. she defended and gather around
9:41 am
it no matter our political differences, and woe to us if we don't. >> harris: challenges always come in our military steps up. for those who defended the flag, when guys like my dad show up ready to fight for you no matter what you believe, god rest his soul, when they show up, move over and let us get to the ones who are waving the flag. is that really what they want to connect we would never do that as americans. but i'm wondering, do they want us to be separate? that doesn't make us equal. >> kayleigh: it's amazing, and the headlines -- this is not a one-off. it would be one thing if it was one "new york times" comments or one "l.a. times." this goes back to an nbc opinion piece that some trump trump supporters are co-opting the flag, that was the opinion piece. psychology today says the american flag is a symbol of racism, it can be seen as a representation of white male power. "chicago sun-times," american flag loses its meaning. this is been a steady theme over time and it's more. >> shannon: it makes me sad
9:42 am
more than anything else. these new numbers showing people are less proud of america regardless of party and that's going up more and more. we should think about what unites us. it makes me really sad that people actually feel threatened by the flag. it is something that so much blood, sweat, and tears has been poured into. even the ability to bring the flag, the supreme court says you should be able to do that. it's a symbol of what gives us the power to protest and even the late justice scalia said that he would love to throw everyone in jail who burns the flag, but looking to at the law says and with the constitution says, it gives us the power to talk back, to push back, to protest, and all of those things. i think we should take joy in that as americans that regardless of whether the person you voted for is running this country or not, there is so much good to hear, and we have ways to change our country and make it better when we need to improve. >> we don't always get our way
9:43 am
but i love my country and that's first and paramount. from woke to work, how an employee refused to show up to his job because he was mourning the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. in case you missed it, that's next. ♪ ♪ pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? with tylenol dissolve packs. inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently,
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>> sandra: coming up on "america reports," the economy, sky high inflation, and gas prices. yet president biden is heading to cleveland to tout his success on the american economy. also the latest on the shooting suspect in highland park, illinois. what we are now learning about his motives on set. joe cardinality will be joining us. and what is happening with those special reserves released from the united states? where that a lot of those barrels of oil are getting sent overseas. come join us at "america reports" at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪
9:48 am
>> emily: welcome back. it's time for "in case you missed it." a woke employee who refused to work over the supreme court ruling being overturned, overturning roe v. wade, is given the pink slip. michael lopez was an employee at universal music group and he claims he was fired in response to him taking time for himself in the middle of the workday after the supreme court decision because he was "in mourning." the company has released a statement, actually you are fired because you posted confidential documents. no, that was a different one. >> shannon: you didn't get you worked on! ice to be a labor and employment attorney and we would have the sometimes where people would say, "he fired me because i'm some protected class or my nationality or my gender or my age," and be done i would be like, no, he lost $10 million ik transactions.
9:49 am
[laughter] >> emily: they said it's a way to fire lgbtq, or trends. but they were like, actually, it's because you to do your job. >> raymond: as rupaul would say, you better werk. [laughter] you can protest all you want. the job place in the workplace is not your protest ground. keep it on the weekends, keep it at night, do what you'd like. you got to turn the work in. he didn't do it. it probably did cost universal millions. it was an important job he had. steel and they had to do this, because of the people have seen this happening and want to do that, they'd have a dwindling workforce potentially. i don't know if universal was on that list yet, but a lot of corporations were offering to travel people to wherever they needed to go, if they needed an abortion or whatever. they said "other treatments" or whatever it was. i don't know if universal is part of that he's pushing the limits on that if they hadn't gotten there yet. they had to get rid of him. >> emily: he also released a
9:50 am
statement, "they fired me for wg my job, not performing, exercising poor judgment, and disrupting the day of 275 colleagues." she thought he remembered all that? [laughter] >> kayleigh: he said he is mourning the attack on people's uteruses. sorry, sir. don't mourn for me, get back to work. >> emily: have you ever seen a ufo? if you have come you not. a recent survey finds 37%, essentially 1 out of 3, people in the u.k. claim to have seen a ufo and nearly half say they believe in aliens and ufos. you think you could have something to do with geography? are there a lot of shooting stars over the u.k. that they are mistaking for ufos? >> raymond: i think one and three who are not on controlled substances. that's what i believe. it's the last thing i need to spend my time worrying about when we've got cities collapsing, babies in trouble, you've got families in breakdown. that's what we should be focused on. not worrying about other life
9:51 am
forms. we've got plenty of trouble with the life forms we've got. >> harris: i think maybe i've seen them because my mother swore up and down that at least in college i dated a couple. [laughter] >> emily: we can relate! >> kayleigh: the 2 of 3 who haven't seen a ufo, is more like one and three wish they had seen one? you are among those. >> emily: i wish i had but alas i have not. >> shannon: i think they are pulling up the spacecraft and taking a look at earth and being like -- >> raymond: throwing it in reverse! >> emily: we are getting a look at what could be the world's most spoiled toddler. this is a 1-year-old with a reported $1200 solid gold pacifier in his mouth. he also often rocks gucci and louis vuitton. his mother is a former model and says whatever he wants, he gets paid but the pampered 1-year-old has already lost his golden
9:52 am
binky after he checked it in a park. >> harris: so he's normal. [laughter] >> emily: a normal baby with an abnormal wardrobe, i guess. >> harris: he'll lose a lot of things of value throughout the years. >> raymond: she's either raising the next pop rap star or, i don't know what it is, but i hope you didn't hit anybody. >> kayleigh: that's not the philosophy, whatever your child wants, you get. i buy blake a lot of cool things when i go on the road, but golden pacifier? my goodness! $1200, he asked. >> emily: she says she's lost friends over this because they say she's sleeping on a mattress on the floor and he's in, like him a gold plated bed. and she's unemployed so all of these funds come from her ex-boyfriend of her liver. >> harris: now she gets people talking about the baby, i'm starting to get it now. >> shannon: maybe he's got an instagram account and they can monetize it!
9:53 am
>> harris: that's what i'm talking about. >> emily: our next topic, have you ever realized he forgot to pack something for vacation only after you reached your destination? if so, you are in good company. a new study finds one in five people say it happens all the time and only after they've open their suitcase on vacation. the survey also shows some of the top items left at home. number one, phone. number two, water bottles or drinks. beauty products, deodorant, whatever. and sunscreen. and one in five say it always happens, without fail. they open a suitcase and they'd forgotten something. are you one of those people? >> raymond: no, i'm not one of those people. we always forget things but 4 out of 5 studies are useless, that's my number. [laughter] yes, we always leave things at home. that's why you have the front desk or a drugstore. solved that segment, ladies. let's move on. [laughs] >> harris: we were just in orlando and i had forgotten something. and there's a publix across the
9:54 am
street, i'm there! >> kayleigh: they also have a sub sandwich place. it's really good. but i am among the one in five. always forgetting something. >> emily: and the seasoned traveler and that's why you never forget anything. because it's part of being a seasoned traveler, making that check list. credit card, bikini, done, everything is you don't need. but you have it before he leaves the don't forget something. >> harris: you didn't put money on that! >> emily: credit card! >> shannon: in the uber on the way to the airport that's when i realize what i forgotten. >> emily: coming up, what's with the glue all glue all the sudden connected climate change and animal rights activists, they are all using adhesives to get the message across. that's next. ♪ ♪
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apparently gluing one's self in the name of protest is becoming a trend. supporters of the just stop oil coalition in london glued themselves to leonardo da vinci's last supper, and then another vincent van gogh painting. what's with the glue, emily? >> i don't know, they need to be charged with malicious destruction of property, vandalism, wages garnished the rest of their life. i don't care if it's the frame or replica, it's a horrible trend. >> i want to know if the glue is biodegradeable. we need to know. >> naked bike climate protest glue themselves -- oh, my goodness. >> sorry for that. >> i'm so offended that the
10:00 am
western artifacts of our heritage are being abused in this way. we should let these people remain stuck to the frame and put a little stanchion around them and say this is an exhibit of people who get arrested for doing stupid protests, leave them there forever. >> we ran the gamut. thanks for joining us this hour. "america reports" now. >> sandra: the suspect accused of murdering seven people and injuring dozens more appearing in court earlier this morning where he was ordered to be held without bond. prosecutors say murder charges are the first of many that will be filed against the alleged gunman. >> police have yet to give a motive and say another attack may have been in the works in a nearby town north of chicago. former nypd lieutenant with more on the investigation coming up with us a bit later this hour. >> sandra: as we anticipate that, fox news alert, police in richmond, virginia say they were able to prevent a mass


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