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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 6, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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download my podcast, type in jason in the house. i interview pete hegseth and i hope you enjoy it. have a great, wonderful holiday and great night. laura ingraham takes it from here on the ingraham angle. >> laura: great to see you as always, fantastic show and we'll pick it up where you left off. i'm laura ingraham, this is a "the ingraham angle" from wyoming tonight. we have a lot to get to so we are going to dive right in. all about liz, that's the focus of tonight's angle. all high and mighty, liz cheney has spent basically the last year claiming to be the supreme defender of the constitution. >> i will never put party above my duty to the constitution, i swore an oath under god and i will abide by that oath. i'm a conservative republican and i believe deeply in the
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policies of limited government. those of us who believe in republican principles and ideals have a responsibility to try to lead the party back to what it can be. our nation is preserved by those who abide by the oath to the constitution. >> laura: she is leading an attack on the presidency itself. white house counsel pat cipollone in for questioning via subpoena after he had already talked to the committee voluntarily, it's a sign of growing desperation by a woman who understands that her political career is essentially over. she's trying to stretch her 15 minutes of fame regardless of how much damage she does to the white house to the principle of separation of powers and of course to the constitution. think about it this way. how on earth is any president supposed to have candid conversations with his white house counsel frankly about anything if he believes
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that white house counsel can be dragged before a partisan congressional committee that is hell-bent on whatever it can to keep it happy. by the way liz cheney isn't just a wrecking ball for the constitution, she's an unrepentant liar. she isn't just smearing trump, she's smearing for the entire country that voted for trump. she repeatedly lied what the america first movement is all about to. speak of the reality that we face today as republicans as we think about the choice in front of us, we have to choose because republicans cannot both be loyal to donald trump and loyal to the constitution. >> laura: really? who gave you with the authority to say that, the 74 million americans who voted for trump, none of them count? we are the ones trying to save the constitution from you and your new pals who want to abolish the senate, illuminate
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the electoral college, destroy the supreme court, force americans to submit to global rules made by international bureaucrats. repeatedly and consistently, cheney has taken the side of nancy pelosi on the hard left against the constitution. she has repeatedly lied about the events of january 6th. >> he summoned the mob to washington, he knew they were armed and angry and he directed the violent mob to march on the capital. >> laura: the notion that hundreds of people wandering to the capital attempted to subvert the u.s. government and that was the plan? is ludicrous. we know virtually everyone in the american populist movement oppose the events of january 6th, they announced their opposition at the time and they have repeatedly stated that any lawbreakers from that day should be punished. as for president trump, he never indicated that he intended to
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overthrow the constitution. instead he did disputed the vote count just as democrats did in 2,000, 2004 and 2016. speak of the objection is in writing, signed by a number of members of the house of representatives. speak of the objection today is raised, because of irregularities across this country with regard to voting. >> i have an objection because ten of the 29 electoral votes cast by florida were cast by elect doors not lawfully certified. >> laura: that's the greatest hits there. let's not forget cheney's lies hurt america. here in the united states most americans in the great majority of republicans know the that she's trying to get revenge for her loss of influence. the g.o.p. has moved on from liz cheney. in the rest of the world, her smears and her lies will be used by the nation's enemies as
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anti-american propaganda to discourage their people from working with us. let's not forget that she is allied with the radical anti-americans on the left right now. she wants nancy pelosi to remain as speaker of the house. by supporting her and the democrats she supports the radical anti-americanism that tears down our statues, hurts our standard of living, undermines the military, trashes the culture, tells the rest of the world that america is and always has been evil. at this point you might wonder why has she turned against america while claiming she is the defender of the constitution. why she spending the last few months of her career in congress to pursue vengeance and spread lies. i think the answer is obvious. she belongs to a political movement that was committed to open borders, endless wars, shipping jobs to china, making
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sure roe vs. wade was never overturned -- in 2015 and 2016 the republican base effectively ended the bush-cheney movement choosing new leadership that would actually try to help americans instead of hurting them. democrats and want to be democrats like liz cheney and adam kinzinger, they don't care about holding onto the last shred of glory. bob corker, jeff flake, they already left the senate. pat toomey is going to be gone. cheney's next. she's not going to go quietly. >> do you see yourself running for president as a way to prevent what you say would be the destruction of the party damaging our country? >> i haven't made a decision about that yet. i'm obviously very focused on my reelection, i'm focused on the january 6th committee, i'm
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focused on my obligation to do the job that i have now. i'll make a decision about 24 down the road. >> laura: this is why people think washington is completely delusional, totally separated from the way real people live their lives. whatever she decides she can count on unlimited support from the regime media that longs for the day when republicans like liz cheney merely pretended to disagree with the clintons well implementing the same policy as the democrats. >> there needs to be republicans of courage. >> liz cheney in particular is showing courage is contagious. >> liz cheney liz cheney offering much-needed truth during a time of so many dangerous lies. >> laura: liberals and never trumpers love lives but they are to the voters here in wyoming who it seems to me are tired of her tedious games. this is a beautiful state and
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the people of this state deserve a representative who is more interested in advancing wyoming's interest then liz cheney's own rabid crusade against the old g.o.p. forget trump for a minute. do you think liz cheney is going to be supporting or campaigning for someone like ron desantis or mike pompeo if they run for president? of course she won't be. hurt litmus test is it you do not denounce trump, you are a danger to america and frankly you need to be canceled. liz cheney is where she is because she has a famous father two that is literally the only reason she won her house seat in wyoming in the first place. america is a representative a representative democracy, it is not an aristocracy. next month liz cheney is going to see and feel democracy in action. that's the angle.
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joining me now is harriet hagemann the wyoming congressional candidate challenging liz cheney. it's great to see you tonight. it seems like liz cheney is engaged in this constant betrayal of the people of wyoming who are worried about fuel prices, the cost of living, yet see her on this quixotic crusade against donald trump and the populist conservative movement. are you seeing similar sentiment on the ground in wyoming. >> everything you said tonight you hit the nail absently on the head. it was really enjoyable to listen to you. the folks of wyoming are echoing exactly what you're talking about. there is a party in washington, d.c., made up of elite democrats and republicans and they don't necessarily care who was in power.
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donald trump turned over the tables in the temple and started exposing these people for what they were. he kicked over rocks and a lot of really ugly slimy things scurried out from under those rocks. that's what we are seeing, a group of people who do not want us to have a voice or a say in our government. we have a right to have a say in our government. when i listen to liz cheney talk it drives myself as well as so many people crazy. >> laura: former alabama -- i underline former -- democratic senator doug jones has a different take on liz. >> she would not go outside to lose her donald trump is a loser. i agree, i think she's got a future. i'm just not so sure it's in 2022 or 2024. >> laura: open borders, pro-china trade, not concerned
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about energy prices and spending all of your time attacking the tens of millions of people who voted for donald trump, that's the future of the republican party apparently according to the democrats. >> and according to liz cheney, she's a globalist. that's what he's saying. the only reason democrats like her is because she's attacking republicans. you have to know you are on the wrong track in terms of our platform, philosophy, and values when you're being praised by democrats because democrats do not align with us especially right now on pretty much anything related to this country. we've got the most progressive and radical democrat party in the history of the united states, it's been infiltrated by socialists at the very top of the heap. if anyone was praising liz cheney is telling you the signal is very strongly that liz cheney is useful right now but the only reason is because she attacks republicans. it has nothing to do with policy other than the fact that she will further a globalist agenda.
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>> laura: i should remind everyone watching tonight, we have a lot of viewers in wyoming but take it away from the old nostalgia about dick cheney -- i like dick cheney, wonderful man. i like his wife, nice people. but this is not about old g.o.p. nostalgia. is it not the case that a vote for liz cheney is a vote to keep nancy pelosi as speaker of the house and continue to advance this agenda of high energy prices for the people of this state who desperately need relief from them? >> absolutely, it is a continued attack on the most important industries that we have, our oil and gas industry, our coal industry. at this venice ration has done with nancy pelosi is incredibly destructive to the state of wyoming. is not just keeping her in power, it's also furthering the agenda that is so destructive the state of wyoming.
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when you talk about liz cheney, really the only claim to fame that she has this been dick cheney's daughter, i think that is a valid assessment of where she is and what she has done. the reality is i'm running because i have a future in this state. my husband is here, my brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews, we have 40 people in my immediate family in wyoming. liz cheney, or family member has to step foot in wyoming again. >> laura: i'm also going to say you made it. you are the success story. you didn't have to hopscotch on the fame of other people to get to where are you are now. we really appreciate you joining us tonight for your perspective, we will be watching close. as mentioned in the angle, the january 6th committee took petty to this whole new heights by hauling informer white house counsel pat cipollone for closed-door testimony and if you
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think that it's because behind closed doors it's nice that they are doing behind closed doors, listen to the excitement in the media about this today. >> his name came up over and over again during cassidy hutchinson bombshell testimony. there's no doubt that what he has to say is going to be an important part of this investigation. >> it doesn't matter that he's investigating behind closed doors and having it transcribed because the committee has found a way to use that kind of testimony quite effectively. they almost don't need him publicly. this is a big get for the committee. >> laura: with his vast legal experience, what an admission that is. what they do is to slice and dice it to aid in their narrative, their storytelling when the committee actually puts on their show as they do. joining me now is jonathan turley george washington university law professor. i think a future administration
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is trying to take this beyond donald trump and pat cipollone to what is happening in the future to this idea of a candidate back and forth between a president and his white house counsel, how damaging could this be? >> this is the very core of executive privilege. you just cannot get more concentrated privilege argument than the white house counsel himself. it is absolutely essential for a president to be able to turn to an attorney in the white house and asked for his frank advice. that conversation is going to be somewhat chilled if the president believes that some questions or comments that he may have could end up being replayed. this is already part of a growing trend. now presidents have to deal with tell-all books and all of these
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leaks. here you have the white house counsel who is going to be speaking to congress. i would feel better about this, i like the transparency that we have around january 6, we need to know what happened. i would feel better about this if the committee was making any effort to be bipartisan and balanced. look at alternative explanations. instead, and you've alluded to this, they've been choreographing this to a point, it feels these arguments of a show trial. they take hours and hours of deposition, then they splice out whatever they need. they play it to the witness and they only ask the witness very specific questions, they don't allow the witness to stray much. it turns the witnesses into props for a narrative. that has hurt the process.
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i happen to be interested in what really did occur. some of the things they have revealed are disturbing. it's occurring within this context that is so one-sided it destroys some of the credibility of what you are seeing. >> laura: i've said this many times, people know that pat cipollone has a close friend of mine. i want to put that out there again. question about closed-door testimony, could he have said i'll do it but i want to do would live, prime time, any time? wouldn't that have been better too? or does it not matter? >> any live examination is better than what we've seen. this is bringing kabuki to a whole new level. you're only seeing the portions they want to isolate. they have also been editing out material they know exists. they repeatedly show
7:18 pm
president trump saying march to congress and they consistently delete the following statement that says do so peacefully. that doesn't exonerate the president for what he did or did not do. editing out that statement really does show that this is more of a production, it's more about persuasion, it's a persuasive process than an investigative process. >> laura: before we let you go, very quickly. are you surprised that president trump didn't decide to go to federal court to make an official executive privilege claim in federal court? he hasn't done that. >> he hasn't come i think would've been a tough case. a lot of unknowns that courts have been grappling with, to what extent can a former president make these arguments. we already know a lot of what happened with this witness,
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raising a question of why they feel necessity to do this. we've had all of these accounts of what he did and many of the things he did really were quite commendable. i think a court would have viewed that existing record as undermining privilege arguments as well as the fact they are investigating unimportant dates. >> laura: great to see you, thank you for that analysis. up next, "the new york times" doesn't like the hispanics. the fact that they are moving right -- what are they do? they smear maia florez. she's here next to respond, stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: how do you know the media are scared of this new trend, i'm sure you've seen it, of hispanics moving right? "the new york times" sent this l.a. based reporter to the rio grande valley to write a hit piece about the new republican congresswoman maia florez. saying that she embraces the extremes while shunning moderates. she's a far right latino they say about her. you have to ask yourself what's so extreme? her campaign slogan i suppose because it was "god, family, country." it was meant to appeal to what
7:25 pm
she calls the traditional values of her majority hispanic district. it's all smearing. these people pretend to care so much about the set of minorities in business of education, society, politics but unless minorities told me far left democrat line, they're going to be smeared. here now to respond to the hit piece, congresswoman maia florez. great to see you tonight. i think you have officially arrived, welcome to the club. people who have been smeared by "the new york times," how does it feel? >> i honestly don't really care about "the new york times," they know nothing about me or my culture. we are all about god, family, and country. that's who we are in south texas, that's what they call far right, it's insane how they treat immigrants.
7:26 pm
i'm an immigrant and they claim to be very supportive of us but yet when we decide to run for office and because we are excited to promote our values, values that they are against -- they are against the values that we stand for. god and family values, they hate it. i don't really care about "the new york times." >> laura: it's a total badge of honor. i'm sure you were too busy but socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez was dubbed a political star of the future when she won out of the blue but apparently you are a far right menace. what do you say to latina women across the united states watching this tonight wondering where they fit in politically and see things turned negatively in the economy and so forth, what is your message to them.
7:27 pm
>> aoc does not represent the hispanic community, she definitely does not represent texas district 34 and we are not worried about the washington nonsense, latinx -- we are worried about the cost of living. gas, food, health care. that's what we are worried about every single day. we aren't waking up and thinking about what's happening in washington. they are so disconnected. it's really sad because they think the world revolves around washington, d.c., and that's not the reality. >> laura: i want to move something a lot more important to all of us but especially you in the rio grande valley. texas officials and lawmakers have made a new call in recent days, watch. >> you hear the term invasion and that's exactly what this is. it is an invasion that is being
7:28 pm
pushed by the cartels into our country and it must come to a stop. >> recognize an invasion, invasion of the state of texas undermining our security, risking the health and well-being of texans. >> laura: do you agree with that terminology, is this an invasion given the sheer number of people crossing the border every weekend every month? >> it really concerns me but i put the blame on the current administration, the biden administration. they are the ones encouraging people to come here to the united states knowing the dangers are killed they encourage people to go through these dangerous journeys knowing women will get raped, children will be put into child sex trafficking, they know that. yet they encourage people to come here, the blame is all on the biden administration and people like -- knowing the dangers.
7:29 pm
>> laura: congresswoman, it's not just mothers and their 3-year-old children crossing the rio grande. >> absolutely not. >> laura: the cartels are running that border, i'm asking you bluntly, is this an invasion that is being run in part by the cartels into the united states for influence, money, or drugs, yes or no? >> yeah, there's definitely millions of people coming into the country, i agree with you on that and yes the cartels have taken over, you cannot cross illegally and less you pay thousands and thousands of dollars. there is children and women coming into our country but also a lot of horrible people and terrorists coming into our country, putting the american people in danger, i agree with you, we have a serious problem but i do put the blame on the biden administration. >> laura: they are letting it happen. again, welcome to the club. you have been officially
7:30 pm
anointed and baptized into the club of "new york times" hated. great to see you tonight, thanks so much. weeks ago we warned you the left is so panicked that george soros is bankrolling the purchase of 18 spanish-language radio stations. the latino media network is going to be run by two former obama staffers, it should come as any surprise that workers are completely heading for the exits with some leaving and protest including my next guest echo she turned down a significant amount of money which included findinga nondisclosure agreement to remain. why was it easy for you to make this decision to leave >> president biden: >> thank you for the invitation. it wasn't easy because it's the heart of our community, it's the heart of the cuban exiles,
7:31 pm
victims of communism and socialism in south florida. it was an agreement i couldn't accept. >> laura: what do americans need to understand about how important it is for there to be alternative voices to cuban americans, hispanic americans of all backgrounds when they usually just get a few perspectives leaning to the right. soros saw that, smartly. >> what is happening here is they are trying to silence the conservative voices. we are very few, conservative hosts in spanish. they believe they can win the hispanic vote by taking over these 18 radio stations to the united states. hispanics are not voting because someone is telling them what
7:32 pm
they have to do, hispanics are voting because of inflation, because of quality of life, because of all the things that we have to face daily to raise our kids, to raise -- to build our families. what i would say about this is it's a shame that the democrats use their power with someone like george soros to try to misuse the goal. >> laura: there are a lot of wealthy republicans out there who write checks the think tanks that do very little except have dinners every year. buying radio stations, the next rush limbaugh, hispanic rush limbaugh can change the whole face of the debate in the united states and they should put their money where their mouth is, you are very principled for doing what you did and we appreciate it. we are going to be following you
7:33 pm
closely. him i have a clue for tonight's wits' end segment. he was hard to forget but one former lawmaker is finally making a comeback. exposing us to the naked truth, who is at? tweet your guesses, we will see if you get it right at the end of the show. up next, the seen and unseen reasons biden's party is turning on him. what did kamala say? raymond arroyo is here next. with all of the features you need, and none of the hassle. i use lively hearing aids and it's been wonderful. it's so light and so small but it's a fraction of the cost of the other devices. they cost thousands less. it's insanely user friendly. you take the hearing test online, the doctor programs in the settings. you don't even need to go into an office. they're delivered to your door in a few days and you're up and running in no time. it connects via bluetooth to my phone. you can stream music and you can answer phone calls.
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>> laura: we expose the stories behind the headlines, for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. if that recent cnn report is to be believed, the leading democrats are fed up with biden. >> the gas crisis, international blunders, and inflation aside, those of the primary reasons democrats are abandoning biden. his performance in recent days is living up to the
7:39 pm
rudderless-aimless-hopeless review, this is biden as a simple medal of honor ceremony. speak of the late staff sergeant two days after the crashed made it only about 4 kilometers before a crash landed. to respect the conspicuous gallantry and intrepid of his service. >> the airship was ready to depart, one of the vietnamese allies was shot in the foot. i think we're dismissed. >> that could be the moniker for the entire administration pickle we've been reporting on debra messing and celebrities and even governors departing from biden, it's the performative they are reacting to. at long last it's not the things we recite it earlier that the american people are suffering under, it's watching what they think is a not ferocious enough recovery, not a forceful enough
7:40 pm
response, that's why i think you are seeing the president's core base abandon him. >> laura: he is wandering now embarrassing them. beyond everything, they are ego tests. >> when he does address real crises like the gasp crisis like he did today it sounds like this. >> we have a long way to go because of inflation, because of what i call it the prudent tax increase. because of gasoline and all that grain he's keeping from getting to the market. >> the great and powerful putin controls everything. i think he's holding baby formula and tampons, it's amazing. >> laura: i love the pictures of the people behind him, they look thrilled to be there. it looks like a hostage video, why did we get stuck in this camera shot? >> the problem for democrats as the backup plan is no better.
7:41 pm
vice president kamala harris try to whip up support among black voters in new orleans this weekend. her backdrop tells you everything you need to know about attention to detail, check this out to. they misspelled louisiana, some were blaming the essence festival but that looks like a white house graphic to me. it may be the first time kamala harris ever forgot letter i. >> laura: she's popping up in the wrong places. speak of the white house sent the out to address gun violence in chicago. >> we have to take this stuff seriously because you've been forced to have to take it seriously, the whole nation should understand and have a level of empathy, to understand this can happen anywhere. >> it should be taken seriously but empathy and taking things seriously are not policy solutions. this demonstrates why gavin newsom is polling higher than harris in a new 2024 pole.
7:42 pm
>> laura: you know what i'm saying to kamala harris at this point? one have you to chicago? every weekend we have been documenting on mondays, tuesdays after the weekend, carnage in chicago. places like st. louis, baltimore, oakland, has she ever flown out for any of those horrific periods of time where families are grieving? this is all political. >> this could explain why the black voters in recent quinnipiac poll, only 49% approve of biden. but one democrat's rhode island state senator is tierra mack. she shook up her campaign this week with a cheeky campaign post, lock up the kids. [bleep] >> is she trying to repel voters, i don't know what she is attempting here but i'm
7:43 pm
not sure the sun don't shine agenda is going to be picked up by too many voters even in rhode island. >> laura: aesthetic climate change commentary? i'm not sure what's going on there. >> given the controversy over curriculum and what children are being taught in public schools, senator mack has advanced a bill containing her vision for education. here she is defending it in an interview with tara branham. >> keeping it comprehensive, culturally relevant, age-appropriate which is what this bill is. the opposite of pain and fear is pleasure, keeping using their bodies in an empowering waste setting healthy boundaries and talking about productive relationships, that is a sense of pleasure. >> let's hope that doesn't include sand torquing, i think the kids can figure that out on their own. >> laura: a lot of adults want to empower children behavior as well, just what the country needs to go.
7:44 pm
you see what is going on in the netherlands, the government cracking down on the missions, now thousands of farmers have taken to the street in scenes that are reminiscent of the canadian trucker protest. an independent journalist is live on the ground in moments with a warning of what could happen here in the united states if they have their way, stay there. independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.
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♪ ♪ >> it's not like mr. gates has necessarily embraced the values of our community, of our state of rural america and especially with the fact that his attack on meat protein, his persistent attack on co2 and being defined as toxic gas and climate change. >> laura: that was the north dakota agriculture commissioner reacting to the latest farm purchased by bill gates extending the billionaires reach as the largest private farm land owner in the united states. their concern isn't without merit. gates like his fellow world economic forum adherence has long preached a grain and even a meat free world but what would it look like in the government
7:50 pm
got behind this approach to farming? look no further than the netherlands were a string of farmer led protests have broken out over new government plans that seem like they are straight out of the playbook. they would require farmers to use less fertilizer and reduce livestock numbers which would crush these people's livelihoods. the reaction of the government to these protests has been swift and severe. there have been arrests, government forces have opened fire on the group hitting a 16-year-old boy. editor in chief of the counter signal and publisher of, he's been embedded in the netherlands with these farmers, he joins us live very early, why is the dutch prime minister pushing this anti-agriculture plan? >> that's a very good question and i think it all goes back like you said to the world economic forum. he is an agenda contributor to the world economic forum -- i'm
7:51 pm
canadian, it's very similar to our prime minister justin trudeau. he is willing to push anyone out of the way that is in his way of a glorious 2030, which is when his plan really kicks in. he wants to reduce nitrogen emissions by so much by 2030 that that's going to throw tens of thousands of farmers in the netherlands out of jobs. >> laura: i want to share with the audience something a trucker told you about their inspiration, watch. >> lots of people got inspired by the freedom convoy in canada, way before when the covid protests started. lots of people followed the truckers in canada and some of those people are joining the convoys in the netherlands to support the farmers. >> laura: this is becoming a global freedom movement, freedom
7:52 pm
to have livestock, grow crops versus limiting crops, livestock, meat production for some vision. this is the basic precept of freedom. >> the freedom seed was planted when all those truckers drove to ottawa and people around the world realized there's more of us then of wf contributors. these people are fighting for their lives in the literal sense of that term. farmers are on edge because farms that they have held and their families for generations in some cases since the 1300s are now going to have to be sold off because they aren't going to be able to maintain their herds. it costs money to run an operation and without a critical mass of livestock or output,
7:53 pm
they are going to be forced to sell their land for pennies on the dollar, land that has been in their families for centuries. >> laura: they also help feed the world, we are talking about a global food shortage with what we are seeing in ukraine, they provide an essential service. >> farmers in the netherlands the last year data was available exported somewhere around 80 billion a year worth of food -- a food shortage is something the w ef wants. if they cause a supply crash of good, healthy food like cheese, bacon, beef, chicken, eggs, then the middle class is going to be forced to choose the type of food that bill gates and the wf like like crickets and almond milk and fake meat, lab
7:54 pm
meat. it's all part of the plan and the farmers here are well aware of it and are extremely frustrated, so frustrated they started letting bales of hay on fire alongside highways to draw attention to the fact that it's not just their livelihoods that are on the line here, it's the entire planet. >> laura: keep your eye on the big landholders in the united states, bill gates just gobbled up another 1900 acres in northern idaho -- north dakota, excuse me. it's concerning to a lot of people, he has a lot of land, he doesn't look like he's going to do a lot of agriculture with it. thank you for reporting on this. our wits and the segment is next, what former lawmaker is finally making a comeback? exposing us to the naked truth this tweet your guesses at the ingraham angle, we'll see if you get itda right. atches because they work for up to 12 hours,
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even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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gitanjali: stem is everywhere! like here! behind the scenes of the walking dead! vera: when we break down clothes, we tumble it with trisodium phosphate, rock salt, and dish detergent. jasmine: we stitched together images of our model and created a 3d set that could be walked through in a vr headset. aisha: we're able to turn twelve walkers into a thousand walker horde! gitanjali: stem can create new worlds on and off the screen. what will you make with stem? get inspired at >> laura: which former lawmaker is exposing us to the
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naked truth. bill clinton did a lot of exposing -- please not al franken. david guests anthony weiner. just announced from accidental threats to pet peeves, each week to gather he will resist the temptation to curse the darkness. he is decided to go into podcasting. greg gutfeld next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: and i don't care! happy hump day america. do have a great monologue tonight, the best one of the year -- what's the hurry? you got to be somewhere? sandra?


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