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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 7, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> flow right it takes the stage, the fox aware stage at the all-american civil concert series. >> had to "fox & friends" for tickets and we will buy you breakfast. >> goodbye, everybody. >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning to 9:00 in new york. prime minister boris johnson is out. resigning as leader of the british government, so where does britain go from here is a dramatic question. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. >> i'm dana perino. my husband is british, he had some thoughts this morning. the funny thing was watching larry the cat. last night they put them in front of a podium as a photoshop in the said i don't even know
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where to begin. it's a great way to start a press conference. this was after wave of scandal. the straw that broke the camel's back was johnson's decision to promote beneficial facing sexual misconduct allegations. >> his allocation lease one of america's closest allies in the state of political turmoil. we'll show you live look at a moment from 10 downing street were about 15 minutes ago they made the amount announcement. there was a chorus of cheers and cat calls that came down from > it's really not the world of the parliamentary conservative party that there should be a new leader of the party and therefore a new prime minister. the process of choosing that new leader should begin now. >> foreign affairs
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correspondent. >> dano that's right it's almost over. conservative u.k. prime minister boris johnson stepping down as party leader which eventually lead to him departing as the p.m. he broke the news in front of his famous office home after an amazing 36 hours in u.k. politics during which a third of his government quit in protest, demanding that he leave. the response to that latest scandal in months of controversial behavior and governing. he's been in the office for less than three years. here's a bit more of his better sweet words today. >> i want to do know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. but them's the breaks. >> now what happens to the u.k.? of course matters between the u.s. and the u.k. are so close politically and strategically. especially these days with johnson and the u.k. being such
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tight allies with the u.s. and ukraine against russia. johnson specifically said that support would continue. now come a dana, what happens next? this is a parliamentary democracy so it's a bit complicated by the conservatives have to pick a new leader who will then become the prime minister if you're take a few months. there will be pressure to hold a general election. all the while u.k. deals with a host of problems. the new sticking point is that boris johnson wants to stick around until that's all resolved. that could take as much is three months. others, especially opposition labor parties, want him to go today, tomorrow. they want a caretaker prime minister put them. it's not over till it's over. >> thank you so much. >> gardner foreign policy market that you're welcome program. you can't war raging in eastern
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europe. now you've got this news. just frame it for us. what does that mean today? >> many thanks, bill and dana for having me on the show today. in an extraordinary few days in british politics. without a doubt i think boris johnson's departure leaves a bit? come also the issue of a british leadership with regards to the war and ukraine. boris johnson has been an outstanding figure standing up to vladimir putin over his barbaric, savage invasion of ukraine. so boris johnson's departing the world stage, there are questions about the future british leadership in the brexit area. my hope is that he will be replaced by a rebuffed prime minister willing to lead tell mike leave britain and the strong fashion standing up to the likes of communist china, vladimir putin as well. but i do think it's a sad moment actually with the departure of
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boris johnson. is a figure i have met on a number of occasions. i think that he will be remembered as the man who delivered rex said, who freed britain from the shackles of the european union in pitt's place in history is guaranteed. but without a doubt there is a great deal of uncertainty with regards to britain's future. there's also the threat that the far left could take power in britain if there is an early general election. there's also a sense of foreboding. >> piers morgan is on earlier today and he was talking about the chaos. >> we are waiting to hear any day now from durham police force about whether he will get fined for having a lockdown breaking beer and pizza party. if he does get fined he's already made a pledge that he will immediately resign.
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we could have the precise moment you would think an opposition leader would be giving the champagne out, he might also have to resign. we are now into complete chaos. >> now can you explain to our viewers why people in america should be paying attention to this? why would it make a difference to what we are trying to do in the world? >> let think the united kingdom, what happens over there really matters to the u.s. who is the closest friend in l.a. in the united states and world stage. so boris johnson has been a huge figure on the global stage of the course of the last few years or so. his exit certainly i think is very significant for the united states. boris johnson and joe biden on the number of fronts i think you know prime minister certainly will be entering a sort of new era for britain in the brexit
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era. it's important that we have a very strong u.s. and u.k. special relationship. but a relationship that's based on u.s. respect for breck said. so far joe biden has not demonstrated a great deal of respect for brooks it overall. i think a new prime minister must end up actually to joe biden on a number of fronts on a clear british agenda. the u.s. u.k. special relations is vital for the future of the free world. the world is a far better and safer workplace when the u.s. and u.k. work together. but we do need to see the white house adopting a far more positive turn and approach towards the bricks at britain and i hope that we have a very strong and robust brexiteer and downing street to take over for boris johnson. somebody who's really going to advance very proactive robust british leadership in the brexit
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era. >> bill: a lot to think about. johnson had some words of the way out, including the herd instinct is powerful. he found that out first hand thank you for your time and analysis. >> dana: president biden struggling to get a handle on runaway inflation. now members of the president's own party seem to be seeing him as a political albatross. two democratic candidates in ohio declining to appear with him at an event in cleveland. mark meredith is live at the white house with more. >> hi the u.s. economy is better now than when he took office but as you've been talking about recent polling are suggesting that americans are growing increasingly concerned about the state of the economy. through the presidents says the low unemployment rate is proof that economy is unstable footing. the president is telling his supporters yesterday that he believes things are improving.
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>> we have a long way to go because of inflation and because i call it the putin tax increase. the third reason i arrived was to unify the country. that's been the harder part of it right now. i'm serious, because we become so divided. >> dana: the president had a fairly large crowd behind him, there were two notable democrats running for state office such as not to be there with the president yesterday. it's possible because he's a political liability of those democratic strategists that spoke to politico but says she understands where they're coming from. he's missing the boat here, this is our time to be in a be furious because these half measures are not working. he has a real excitability problem. the latest polling appears to back that up. there is a new server that came up from monmouth of a child's only 6% of the people approve of the job performance. now the white house is making some changes. kate bedingfield is a long
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time -- hair exit is one of the number of notable exits. and if you look back at work at the white house there are some. >> thank you very much. >> bill: well done they are. >> dana: i don't blame her for leaving. everybody blames communications is a problem. even people of the white house or blaming communications, which is a direct shot at her. none of them will be willing to change any of the policies that led to the problems they had. >> bill: tim ryan wants to be u.s. under from ohio, he didn't go to the event. tim ryan was out with brett back at the beginning of may, was asked to not appear. >> my answer was i want to be the face of this campaign. i don't want any distractions. >> even from the sitting president of the united states
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of your party, who you voted with 99% of the time. >> will make that decision as the campaign continues. >> he wasn't the only one. abigail spanberger and virginia also said this. do you think you have president biden coming campaign with you in that district? >> i intend to do the camp hitting myself. i'm the candidate and it's my on the ballot. speakers can happen between now and the midterms, there's not can be a lot of people i want to campaign with him. >> bill: remember what he would down to georgia made such a big deal about the voting a lot on there. stacey abrams had something else on her schedule. we still don't know what that was. so the democrats are turning a president biden clearly as he struggles to manage multiple crisis ease. will this spell doom come november. carl robe with the bigger picture on that. we'll talk to him when we come back. >> dana: wnba started brittany griner is back in a russian
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court room this morning. president biden placed a call to griner's wife. the president reassured her that he is doing everything in its power to bring griner home pier the call came as a surprise to the family of another american held in russia. paul whelan has been there for three and half years but according to a sister the u.s. government doesn't seem to care. >> my brother has written the both presidents had to people throughout congress, hundreds and hundreds of letters during their three and half years he's been held. i was astonished this morning to hear about this call. it did make me wonder, should we be pushing for a meeting with the president? is that what it is going to take to bring my brother home? >> griner recently sent a letter to president biden urging him not to forget about her. she's facing up to ten years in prison on cannabis charges. paul whalen is serving a 60 year sentence for alleged sbi denies.
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>> bill: 10 minutes past the hour we have a mass shooting thwarted in richmond, virginia. >> dana: and fbi director saying china poses the biggest long-term threat to the west future that make the president think twice about rolling back tariffs on beijing? will ask former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe, plus this. >> bill: that's a driver trapped inside of a burning car as cops trying to save his life. we'll see more of that when we come back. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer,
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>> a new report reveals far more could've been done to stop to you of all the school massacre. a police officer run armed with rifles sought permission to shoot the government before this
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during the school be the supervisor gave no response. then the officer turned around to give confirmation when he turned back the suspect was in the building. the gunmen entered a fourth grade classroom roughly 10 minutes later killing 18 children into teachers before he was gunned down. >> as the chinese government that poses the biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security. by our i mean both of our nations come along with our allies in europe and elsewhere. >> bill: that was fbi director in london with a dire warning months after the biotin doj dissolved a trump era china initiative aimed at preventing spying by at the chinese party. it's still happening according to ray. john ratcliffe, former director of national intelligence spirits are good morning to you and welcome back here. you've been talking about this for several years. do they get it? >> it's like when you look at
6:20 am
the passenger side objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. that's the warning that director ray gave yesterday and that he has been giving for years and that many of us have been given bit i wrote an op-ed 18 months ago letting out many of the same things that director ray talked about yesterday. that is that china does intend to own the control points in the global marketplace and the geopolitics. they intend to dominate economically, technologically, militarily and their willingness body and steel and lie and cheat their way to superiority. and the message yesterday was to businesses and universities that they need to get that, one of the worst offenders is the biden administration. they're taking down the
6:21 am
guardrails to counter trend is aggression. >> bill: on the point tariffs out there were a number you just mention the piece you wrote in december 2020. your headline back then, china is national security threat number one. so better is the challenge of our generation. bring it back to the current administration. why do you not believe the head of the administration gets that? >> all you have to look at who's making the policy. so president biden's top economic advisor is brian deese. his top foreign policy advisor announced last week on china is tom donlon. those are both blackrock executives. blackrock is an investment firm that has been more collaborative and complicit with the chinese communist party, soft on china than any one pair those of the people making policy decisions. ending the doj china initiative.
6:22 am
and in response to china's aggression just two weeks ago cinque, bill, that if we interfere with taiwan they will put us on the path to death and smashed us to smithereens. the response from the biden administration as we need to consider easing tariffs. we are sending the wrong message. the biden administration from the beginning is come back to this misconception that it china is a strategic competitor. they are not appear they are all a lying, cheating, stealing competitor. they intend to dominate us. again until that mind-set takes home and this administration china is going to be aggressive have the bully him to be more forthright and quotes not just in the indo pacific but around the world. that's christopher wray's message of many of us that we want more people to hear and understand. >> it's of christopher wray is able to get a bigger microphone. let's see if it was the same message in the midwest. meanwhile in moscow demetri is the former -- he was doing all
6:23 am
of putin's work when he was out of office before he came back in. he said this about the u.s. yesterday, the idea of punishing a country, meaning russia come of it as one of the largest nuclear potentials that poses an extent to the existence of humanity pair then he went into our american history and also nuclear bombings in japan at the end of world war ii. what is this? >> it's not the first time you've seen nuclear saber rattling from a russian sin connection with the conflict in ukraine. what it underscores, bill, is for russia this is an all-or-nothing proposition. the outcome in the war in ukraine really dictates whether vladimir putin. we care about ukraine but how much do we care about ukraine? are we willing to risk a nuclear
6:24 am
confrontation with russia? that's why you are seeing this. they want that fear of escalation. they want that impacting the decision-makers and western leaders having to consider that. i don't think you're going to see this rhetoric stop anytime soon. >> bill: all of this came out of the threat and war crimes administration. do you threaten the u.s. with the wrath of god and that's where that nuclear discussion comes in. >> to that point, bell, winners get to write history. everybody knew what happened with nazi germany but there wouldn't have been nuremberg war criminal trials had germany one bit it goes to the point that you have to prevail in ukraine for there to be war tribunals and/or crime tribunals. >> bill: sherry thank you for your time. john ratcliffe important stuff. thank you. >> dana: president biden turning into a solo act on the campaign trail with members of his own party declining to appear with him. two democrats see the president
6:25 am
as politically toxic. carl rugg on what this means for the midterms next. plus politicians pour into highland park after the parade shooting but ignoring violent crime in chicago. a pastor there is fed up with a lack of attention of attention. >> we hear about somebody get shot like a person hearing about a kid breaking an arm are falling off a bike. we have to get to it as a nation but we are not concerned with what area it happened then. we just want justice. your projects done right
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spewing some breaking news at 9:30 in new york tragedy has been averted. police in richmond, virginia, tell us they were able to prevent a mass shooting on the fourth of july, seizing an arsenal of weapons including assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition and it happened thanks to a tip. >> a hero citizen picked up the phone and overheard conversation that there would be a mass shooting being planned appear
6:31 am
that citizen picked up the phone and called the second precinct. once inside the residence they saw evidence that corroborated the witness' statement. >> bill: police arresting two suspects charged with possessing firearms with not being u.s. citizens. >> dana: more details about the july 4th parade shooting in the chicago suburb. authorities say the elected government has confessed to the shooting eye that he considered a second attack in wisconsin. garrett's life of their latest. >> dana, good morning tea appeared part of the reason we know about this possible second attack is after the alleged gunman was taken into custody police say he waived his miranda rights and told them about the shooting in highland park and what happened after. we now know he drove nearly hundred and 50 miles to madison, wisconsin. while he was there investigators say the 21-year-old saw another fourth of july celebration and
6:32 am
fiercely contemplated carrying out another mass shooting. at the time he had this semiotics of machine gun and 60 rounds of ammo with them in the car. he decided against it though because he hadn't done enough planning for another attack. an attorney for the suspects parents is also pushing back on the suggestion that they are to blame for the killings given that the suspect was only able to buy his guns legally in 2020 thanks to his father sponsoring him on his application for a firearm owner's i.d. card. that happened three months after police responded to the families home when the suspect threatened to kill his entire family. no one thought there was any issues and i think everyone across the board must whatever warning signs were there for the police come of teachers, the friends, the family, everybody. we are learning some of those warning signs go back years. a former classmate of the alleged gunman's head sadly she wasn't surprised when he was
6:33 am
named as a shooter. >> i have memories of him being really distant. and cold if anybody did try to talk to them he had a dark mind and had been obsessed with guns and weaponry since i was really young. and what doodle weapons on his notebook. >> the 21-year-old suspect is currently facing seven counts of first-degree murder but before his next court hearing prosecutors say they plan to file dozens of additional charges and they don't expect he will be free of her again. >> dana: thank you, garrett. >> bill: chicago pastor not taking a moment the blast politicians for ignoring shootings in his neighborhood chicago southside tj grooms is his name and he is the violence in his community deserves the same national attention given uvalde and also highland park on the north side of chicago.
6:34 am
>> in the community like this where you are in a predominately black community we are in a place where we almost expect these things to happen. but over in highland or other areas of the country where the community is affluent, where it seems like you can get political points or brownie points just by showing up. >> bill: 62 wounded in chicago alone. fox news did digital did that piece, it's very interesting. were going to talk to a tomorrow. >> he's very compelling young man. i think he's got a strong point we should all listen to it. >> bill: in the meantime political sos, the democrats are sounding the alarm about president biden, dana. worried he's not rising to the moment in the face of our nation's crises. carl rugg writing an op-ed in the washington journal that the president is digging a deeper
6:35 am
hole in the midterms. hello to you, sir. you talk about a six step strategy to a step strategy in 2022. go ahead and make your case. >> well the kubler ross theory of grief starts with the nile paid apparently the political strategy at the white house started with the nile. you remember last fall in august, the president called that aid in the extraordinary success. we didn't think that. earlier this year in early february when the jobs numbers came out and we were still 2.9 million people less working then when we went into the pandemic for the president said history has been made today. well if you deny reality as people are expressing an understanding it, you're going to get into trouble. that's what happened. the second step closely started to blame somebody else. the next month it was five weeks
6:36 am
later, putin is now responsible for high food prices. where was putin when those prices started rising rapidly last year. so let's change the subject don't worry about inflation, don't worry about economy, let's everybody worked to make abortion available right up to the moment of birth, that's what's on the ballot in november. that didn't work. they done started to say it's trumps both be the president of the united states came out and said donald trump has left the country on the edge of another great depression. nobody thought that at the time. prices were go to, jobs were plentiful, the economy was roaring back. that's not how people -- finally we got to do something. let's just try anything. throw it up against the wall appeared were going to have to reduce student data, i signed a bill to investigate overseas shipping prices. really great thank you so much.
6:37 am
then we are here. abandon ship. what we are seeing is a lot of democrats are now starting to say he's not a good leader i'm not going to show up, and your earlier segment about orion in ohio, the democratic candidates for senator and governor don't bother showing up in their president comes to the state to the biggest democratic stronghold in the state, something is going on here. what we are seeing is the logical conclusion of this terrible political strategy of the white house has been following for essentially the last year. >> dana: abandon chef ship also includes staff. i always get stunned looking at this because working at the white house is such a privilege and it can be the most important time of your life. some of these people have been going on to work at some of the agencies but yesterday kate wedding bedingfield has been at bedrock for this white house, she's white house communications director and is extremely
6:38 am
experienced but everybody in the democratic party, including the white house is blaming communication for all of their problems in their low poll numbers and i can see why she wanted to leave. >> first of all change in the white house is regular. the average tenure of a senior white house aide it's about 18 months. you and i worked in a place where people stay longer because of the environment that the united states created. the volume of this is highly unusual and i think that phil's departure. this been one of the longest standing aids for joe biden and has been part of his operations for a significant period of time and her departure precipitously they're changing this communicator but they're not changing the policies that put them in this bad place. i also think that we have something going on here with jean-pierre, the press
6:39 am
secretary. i don't mean to be hypercritical but she's a disaster. the sake was pretty darn good come of this was pretty darn bad. my suspicion is that we are likely to see other changes because luck you have to throw somebody overboard. you have to have somebody to take the fall. >> dana: why not ron klain the chief of staff? >> he's the chief of staff and he'd rather have somebody else thrown overboard than himself. look, this let's step back for a second. 71% of those surveyed said biden shouldn't run for a second term. don't run. 45% said it's because he's been a bad president. 30% say it's because he's too old. 26% say because it's time for a change beer that's not very good numbers. you are talking about basically less than two years and about 18 months and to the process and already people are saying no, please, this is enough.
6:40 am
before republicans start standing up and screaming and shouting at say isn't that great news, they also asked about trump. 61% said don't run, 36% because he's too erratic. 32% said he would divide the country. in 30% say it's because he's responsible for january 6th. the country in my opinion is building up a head of steam for dramatic change in both parties. a generational shift from the octogenarians to a new group of younger leaders. as a result politics is can be awfully exciting. >> related in an interesting case. >> dana: good to see you, carl. hundreds of markets battling triple digit heat and fox news cameras were rolling as texas authorities encounter human smugglers and illegal drugs. plus the biden administration facing backlash over reports that it -- as americans struggle
6:41 am
with soaring gas prices. >> the bidens are actually exporting oil abroad, which is incredibly dumb. it's there for domestic energy security and u.s. national security. it's not there for political price-fixing. than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ ♪ and party every day. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ applebee's late night. because half off is just more fun. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> dana: oil prices surged sitting around a hundred dollars per barrel after steep losses in the last few weeks. prices were around a hundred and $20 just a month ago and that's -- filled as a fox news contributor pete is really good to have you. i want you to listen to president biden yesterday trying to agree to address this. >> we have a long way to go because of inflation, because of i called the putin tax increase.
6:47 am
because of gasoline and all that green he's keeping from being able to get to the market. now i'm fighting to lower costs on things. you talk about around your kitchen table. >> dana: bill i know you know this but for the viewer settle make sure your look up to speed too be looked at the start here peter could see gas prices start to go up well before putin invaded ukraine. so what do you think of where we are right now and what about the lack of refining capacity here in the united states? >> bill: i think we are in a real pickle to be honest with you. and even though we've seen this fourth of july price hike that we get almost every year after the fourth of july, i don't think it's gonna last, dana. the united states really squandered one of the great economic opportunities of our lifetime by pulling back from our u.s. oil and gas industry and signaling to the world that you know we don't want any part of fossil fuels. we are already seeing the impact around the globe whether it's from geopolitics or economics.
6:48 am
you are right, the price hike starting the kids build the pipeline, reversal of the trump hero pro drilling regulations and create an uncertainty on the investment front and that's what his prices are going up. you know if this is all about the putin price hike why did he release oil from the strategic petroleum reserve before the war even happened? >> dana: exactly. this is getting some attention, this is when president biden went forward with the strategic petroleum reach please he said that would bring down gas prices paid leave and look a couple cents. however it does seem since we are in a global energy market that a lot of that oil did not come here it went overseas. the energy department spokesperson said this, oil is a commodity trading on the global market a while the u.s. government does not control the oil and gas companies, the commodity the industry sales remains a critical energy
6:49 am
security told to address global crude supplies but they never talk about the fact that we can't refine that oil here in order to turn it into gasoline. >> you are right. right now it's all about refining capacity. this is why this was a strategic wonder by the biden administration to go down this route. it was the wrong cure for the wrong disease. and what happened? we sold a lot of our oil to other countries at a discount. were going to have to buy back the american taxpayer has us a higher price to replace that oil where's it going? it's going to china come it's going to europe. it's going to other places and guess what, i think will be glad to know that china's chemical build back better. they announced a $75 billion infrastructure program today to invigorate their economy. that's going to be powered in part by u.s. strategic reserve oil. >> dana: bill, that is
6:50 am
incredible. well, thank you for informing us come i'm certainly not happy about that. we appreciate your expertise in explaining it all. thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> boris johnson, many of whom resistance quit in the last 54 hours. they don't trust them, he will not try to limp on like the ultimate -- >> bill: that something come of the reaction putting in after the stunning resignation of boris johnson. coming up a massive radar system known the hands of a millionaire entrepreneur who says he wants to use it to hunt for ufos. how's that that going to work? he'll tell us next.
6:51 am
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6:56 am
♪♪ >> dana: new jersey police officer but a cam capturing a dramatic rescue from a burning car. watch here. tension running highest two officers struggled to pull a trap driver out through the window just in time to save his life to the rescue happening as they face intense heat, smoke, broken glass. the driver was reportedly trapped inside due to an electrical issue with his vehicle. very scary. >> bill: in the meantime a story about a multimillionaire in the u.k. by a cold war era radar system. it's used to detect nuclear weapons but he plans to use at the hunt ufos. meet the man with the plan. the founder of the academy
6:57 am
robotics and the owner of the radar system. nice to see you. good day to you from norwich in england. thank you for being here. you reached out to me and so what do i do with this air base that i now own in my town. and what would you like to see happen and they said well we want you to look deep into space. now are you serious about this? if so here is your chance to sell yourself. how are you going to do it? >> absolutely. so if you go back to may be the 60s, the apollo state base station. these are some of the most advanced technology in the world. way ahead of its time. this sort of giant radar satellite is the same sort of family devices built around the time. very advanced technology. now just sits there in my possession. this is a heritage asset in the u.k. of national significance. people like me to go over stuff like this and look after her.
6:58 am
my mission is rather just let it sit there and be pretty. why don't we bring it back to life and give it something new to do that the modern age of modern technology. it must've cost billions of dollars at the time. >> bill: i love your entrepreneurial spirit and i hope this works. now you have a bit of a specialty here because you develop self-driving cars in the u.k. and that has worked well. do you have any guarantee that this radar can look deep into space and see something that is yet to be -- let's say documented with sufficiency? >> will that was the point of going online. there are very smart people out there. a lot smarter than me for sure that our experts in this type of technology. i went online to reach out to people and say i'm i am a technical expert. we build robots and self-driving cars. but i'm not the sort of radar expert so i reached out and
6:59 am
gotten very smart people that said you know what? we might be able to do it online with you and with this. i thought why not? >> that's the best answer i could get, why not? william, do you believe there is life out there? >> i think statistically speaking it makes sense that there is life out there i also think there is life here on earth. if you think about how we are, do chimps in the forest even know that we are there. two ants even know that we are there. because i don't know the answer to this this is what inspired me to have this radar come back and perhaps we can go on a quest to find the answer. i'm already a lease to doing things like building self-driving cars and converting all of this technology to make it new again.
7:00 am
when to a remote sort of control center for an autonomous vehicles. something i find very important and necessary. >> bill: you are a charming man and you sold me. so good luck and we'll see how it works out. >> dana: he could be prime minister. i like him a lot. here we go to our next hour. >> and politics, nobody is remotely indispensable. our darwinian system. i know that there will be many people who are relieved and perhaps quite a few will also be disappointed. i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in
7:01 am
the world. it's because i was boris johnson this morning announcing his resignation as british prime minister. he was forced to step down after a series of scandals prompted mass resignations within his own government. >> johnson made the announcement facing cheers from protesters right down the alley. his exit triggers an election to pick the next conservative leader. the timetable for that will be announced on the coming days and we'll see were the u.k. goes from there. >> dana: meanwhile scorching hot temperature is a deadly threat for migrants is to make their way across the southern part appeared welcome to end a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino, good morning. >> bill: good morning to you. i'm bill hemmer, good morning at home. brutal summer heat creating dangerous software conditions for migrants trying to cross the border illegally. yet they continue to come in big numbers. this is drone video caught yesterday afternoon from fox. showing a group of about 500
7:02 am
apprehended in the texas heat. >> dana: with afternoon temperatures in the hundreds nearly every day the border patrol is warning migrants not to risk their lives crossing the desert. >> good morning to you, dana. you'll remember when this border crisis first started last year it was president biden who said this is just a seasonal thing but it would eventually slow down when the summer heat arrived. that wasn't the case back then. it's certainly not the case now. take a look at this video pretty because much of my group of 500, this is ground video of we shot of that group had they crossed in the middle of the day and these hot temperatures. it's a hundred and 20 degrees out here every day. the humidity gets bad. it's brutal out here. some of these migrants really struggling and that heat needing to lay down and take a rest. most of them were cubans and venezuelans. they are not subject to title 42. they know that enough they can just get here to the u.s. they will be released into the u.s. which is why they are willing to
7:03 am
brave these scorching temperatures to get here. take a look at the second piece of video, this was another group we saw apprehended here in the sweltering hot summer temperatures. you'll see once they get into border patrol custody they are lining up and they are wanting water and they are willing to fast. almost getting unruly at certain points because some of the guys started pushing and shoving each other a little bit to get some water. it's dangerous out here. just over the fourth of july holiday weekend to more migrants died out here in the del rio sector. then we'd like to show you this video. we embedded with texas dps in uvalde, they pulled over a smuggler who had some drugs on him and as the struggle smugglers being taken into custody some of those illegal immigrants start bailing out of the vehicle wanting to run but they don't know where they want to go. that human smuggler ended up being taken into custody and arrested by texas dps bid left and we want to show you down of the rio grande sector border patrol is showing they arrested
7:04 am
three gang members as well as an eight teen street gang member. that's the photos you're looking at here. that gang members from el salvador. he was stopped by tsa at harlequin airport. they called border patrol to come help them. he apparently served 12 years in prison for 12 years in prison -- excuse me -- for aggravated robbery. he was stopped at the airport down in harlingen and then back at your life bring you back your del rio sector. agent out here reporting they recently arrested a convicted from guatemala sneaking through the brush in nearby brockville texas here that guatemalan man with conviction for rape in the state of alabama. he was deported this past february and cut again trying to cross here this week. thankfully our agents were able to get him. he's one of more than 1200 criminal migrants arrested by border patrol here in the del rio sector since october 1st. >> dana: we don't know how many of god no way. joining us for more u.s. border
7:05 am
patrol chief. in addition to this there were a suspected strip smugglers reported later this week and it's one of the things we wanted to ask you about. other drug cartels continuing to target younger people so they can be the ones that bring people across to try to evade being captured or may be to not have such a severe penalty. >> thanks for having me on, dana. it's a good question. it's very difficult in the federal system to prosecute minors. the last time i was in tucson it was related to me that many of these kids there contracted on. they are enticed with large sums of money. they are contacted via text or as some of these what's up questions that are secure and they are told to be at a certain place at a certain time and they don't know until when they were get there and what they will be smuggling peered sometimes as narcotics and sometimes as
7:06 am
people. it's very difficult to prosecute them in the system which is not billed. juveniles. lots of problems on the border as he reports a shot. were not even close to where we are going to be at the end of the year and it's terrible. this administration is to abandon their responsibility to protect the board homeland in the report that we showed. >> bill: run do you see this policy changing? i don't know if you can looked on the road but the human trafficking and that border is extraordinary. >> it's always risky on the border, the men and women of the border patrol at patrol at dhs they know very well the risks they take. nobody does more than the border patrol to protect people from the extreme heat and rescue them when they fall into trouble. but there've only been so high that instead of being out there patrolling the border looking for people and assisting people in distress, they are covered up with the groups of hundreds of
7:07 am
thousands coming in every 24 hours and i don't think it's going to change. this administration is never step forward and explain to us what they are trying to accomplish down there. first they denied it was a crisis. then they said it was going to go away. then it's getting worse and they have no solutions. they keep saying things are getting better, they set up of the week and they're doing a good job, they are doing a terrible job. the men and women of dhs and border patrol are the families are that at the put up with this nonsense by those border patrol communities have to put up with this nonsense that outcomes across the border every single night. i don't see them changing because they haven't yet. every chance they've gotten to make a statement about border security or immigration system they rush to what they called the flawed supreme court. that protocol, that agreement with mexico made mexico do more than they've ever done in my entire career.
7:08 am
they walked away from that from day one of this administration we are seeing the results of that. >> the other things in terms of encouraging migrants to come they can't get them through the system. so even if you had been somebody who is supposed to face deportation, these people they are dismissing deportation for will never have to face that. >> those are legitimate cases bid those people are subject to deportation charges. they are incentivizing people to comment put themselves in a situation where they are dismissing those cases. all of the incentives here are not wrong. the people coming from venezuela, argentina, chile pair they know when they get here going to be released at the border if their encounter by the border patrol. they are supposed to be getting their due process, the government is releasing those cases, they are dismissing those
7:09 am
cases for no cause at all. and so they are incentivizing people to come here. they are promoting an open border policy because every incentive that is out there is to come and not to stay home. this administration apparently that's the way they want to. they wanted open borders policy. to what end? i can't even imagine. >> 200,000 plus every month. >> could be on, thank you. >> bill: russian state news reporting the wnba sucked our brittney griner pled guilty to a hash oil smuggling and russian courts. the white house said reassured her that he is working to secure brittany's release as soon as possible. griner was arrested at a moscow airport in february charged with bringing cannabis bait cartridges through security. -washington now. >> that information come of
7:10 am
report. the u.s. government the russian government if in the penal colony. last night the phoenix mcrae organized a rally. that's on top of calls with other talk administration officials still though griner is languishing in a russian prison. >> i'm frustrated that a hundred and 40 days have passed since my wife has been able to speak to me, to our family and friends. i'm frustrated that my wife is not going to get justice. speak of the white house says the u.s. is also working to release other americans from prison. like paul whelen who was
7:11 am
arrested three and half years ago and his family says the u.s. government has reached a dead end. "the detroit news" hasn't spoken with the sister, she says her family has tried for months for a conversation with the president and after buying the call says we are astonished that this development and feel badly for our elderly parents and a particular paul does this mean is going to be left behind yet again? criticized what he called u.s. hype over the period u.s. officials of warrant against authoritarian countries like america -- >> bill: rich edson. >> graphic video showing moment against him performer provoked the attack. why is that clark now sitting in rikers jail? >> bill: the white house praising what could be a doozy
7:12 am
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>> deep inflation is making restaurant meals more expensive and it's not just cost of food causing sticker shock when you get the check. diners are funding a wide array
7:18 am
of new fees that are added to the bill. phil keating went to all of the hot dining hot spots there in miami beach, florida. what did you find? >> hi, dana. here in cafe milano all of the hotels that are art deco have restaurants open for breakfast right now. it's well underway, but restaurants in general, the whole industry really feeling the pain and impact of the current inflation rate. as you can sure bet your bottom dollar, there inflation buck is being passed to you. >> the next time you're grabbing a meal at your favorite restaurant you may notice that it costs a little more with new fees added due to inflation. >> everything cost more now. >> carl greene is the owner of a group of restaurant or along the florida coast and says the costs were already up to to the pandemic. >> a repairman cost markham of the utilities are doubled. our credit card fees have gone
7:19 am
up. >> last october greene pivoted to a commission service charge model for all four of his locations. >> it helped us absorb these costs versus having to continue just raising our prices. >> they are feeling squeezed from profitability. >> national restaurant association ceo michelle points out that many restaurants across the u.s. have chosen to add various fees to the final bill instead of increasing menu prices. some of those surcharges are listed as wellness and kitchen appreciation fees. >> they are trying to get creative. in the past 12 months wholesale food prices have increased 15%. in that same time frame restaurants have only increased my new price is about 7%. >> the idea is that if you have that surcharge are not increasing your menu prices. >> and according to alina research center data, 72% over us drug tours right now fear they will have no choice but to
7:20 am
close up shop and go out of business and less inflationary prices start to moderate. according to a recent harris poll, 84% of americans died due to inflation they're going to start cutting back on spending. number one on that list is restaurants and how often they dine out. back to you. >> bill i don't know how you arrange your life you get the toughest assignments everywhere. i don't know how that happens. great to see you, thank you. >> bill: back to the beach ago. thanks, phil. caitlin armstrong's behind bars charged with a love triangle murder of a professional cyclist mariah wilson. authorities booked armstrong in austen jail on tuesday. six weeks after she went on the run. according to reports, armstrong used her sister's passport to flee to costa rica where she reportedly changed her appearance. casey stegall picks up the story from their life in dallas.
7:21 am
casey? >> bill good morning you can see the difference yourself. normally the 44-year-old sports long strawberry blond hair but her new booking photo shows it has been cut short and dyed dark brown pair there have even been reports that she may have undergone some sort of outpatient cosmetic surgery to further alter her appearance. she is charged with mariah wilson who police say shop back in may. the two had been involved with the same man. armstrong was captured by authorities in july 29th at a seaside hostel in santa teresa. this is practicing yoga. >> with those officials arrived at that they're providing a
7:22 am
handwritten login that was the same ileus that she was going by when she traveled to costa rica. so once they develop that pattern it really opened up things and really quickly closed them. >> bill: one week after the murder armstrong showed up on surveillance tape at newark liberty airport where officials say she fraudulently used her sister's passport to board that international flight to flee the country. according to court papal work a pistol recovered at caitlin armstrong's home matched shell casings found at the crime scene. the same weapon they say that killed 25-year-old mariah wilson who was visiting austin from san francisco for an upcoming tournament. >> thank you, will follow in dallas. >> dana: there is another dallas story about the dallas cowboys making marketing go with veteran owned coffee brand black rifle coffee that gives all proceeds back to our nation's heroes pair the team announcing the agreement on twitter for the
7:23 am
cowboys known as america's team calling the company america's coffee in a tweet. one tweeted read the room. >> might want to reconsider that pit americans also in economics. red states are bouncing back. what are they doing right? sean duffy is from a purple state. who better to explain next. ♪ ♪
7:24 am
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7:28 am
>> bill: to job report scheduled to come up tomorrow for the what else is bracing for impact. analysts predicting about 270,000 jobs added, which would be down nearly 400,000 since the
7:29 am
month of may. lawrence tracked not from the white house now. good morning. >> good morning. over the last three weeks or so the white house have been having this message to lower expectations, transition to stable growth has been their message for the new jobless claims came in this morning. a little bit higher-than-expected. no continuing claims also more than expected. more people asking for government help. still we have about two drops open for every person unemployed. that puts pressure on employees to pay more. that's inflation. now the announcement last night at the american rescue plan money well bailed out union pensions 2051 give the president wanted credit for what he calls a stronger economy. >> unemployment drops at record pace but today's actions millions of workers will of the dignified retirement they earned him they deserve. >> republicans have a different view. they point to gas prices more
7:30 am
than 51% higher than a year ago. they pointed people up paying more for groceries. they point to supply chain issues with no solutions for any of it. >> the biden administration is a total and absolute failure. we saw the poll numbers that came out of the monmouth poll that says 88%. many americans do not feel this country is going in a good direction beauties making jimmy carter look like a stellar president. >> the federal reserve release minutes from its meetings. it says the energy sectors cannot take advantage of the inflated prices because of their input costs that have also come up. that means the more money is coming in with the president says but those companies are having to pay more in order to do their business. it's just a lot of economic stress across the board. >> bill: thank you. edward lawrence we will wait for that. dana? >> dana: red states recovered faster than from the pen to make
7:31 am
them blue states that margins are not even close paired red states gain 341,000 jobs in the last two and half years while blue states actually lost 1.3 million jobs in the same period. bring in fox news contributor sean duffy. john, one of the things -- does this make intuitive sense? that -- it's just common knowledge this would happen if you have a more open economy and bring people back to work center cut me open up the schools, no we have the proof. >> right. lower taxes, more freedom, better weather has driven more companies to red states whether it's texas, florida, tennessee, north carolina have all seen substantial job growth where california, new york of new jersey has seen this lackluster recovery. again it's not just companies but the pandemic can technology has allowed people to move with their feet.
7:32 am
i can have a san francisco tech job 11 texas. that has allowed people to pick up and move to different places. to your point given more freedom given more attraction in what concerns me about this is democrats want to take these failed liberal blue state policies and make them the policies of the nation. instead of going to a different state people go to different countries with their jobs and set up shop where there is more free to is not just a just a state by state commits a country by country plan. that's why it's important that we support free enterprise and lower taxes and less regulation in this country, which is the exact opposite of what democrats want to have happened nationally. >> bill: what you talked about there is very interesting, sean. he mentioned technology. coming out of this you look at the state set of came to
7:33 am
florida, texas, north carolina. look at the states that have lost. california, new york, illinois. people are making decisions in real time for what is best for them and their family. economically. >> you know caterpillar had left illinois. honeywell out of minnesota. tesla out of california all going to texas. i think what's important to note as if you take the liberal policies of the state you dislike and you take those same policies to texas or to florida and you vote the same liberal way you did in illinois you're going to get another illinois and texas. when you come to a conservative state but it's given you an environment for success in freedom, continue to vote to preserve those policies. don't continue to vote these leftist policies in this great state you're moving to because it will give you less freedom and more red tape. that's a concern of the states. who's coming in and how they can
7:34 am
about? are they going to change the very dynamic that are bringing people more freedom and opportunity in the state, to a blue state mentality. again, hopefully that freedom seeps into their blood and how they vote in elections. >> dana: sean commits interesting -- i was just thinking about governor newsom running out in florida telling people to come back to california. it's so preposterous that people would think that given that they just left that for a better place. thank you so much, good to see you. >> think you guys have a good night. >> bill: more justice is violent criminal acts a hardworking score store clerk. but when he defends himself and fights back the city's far left prosecutor puts him in jail. that's where he sits today. an update on that. plus the national teachers union moving to get rid of the word mother. and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi.
7:35 am
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>> bill: to detroit now, an officer killed in a shoot out. city officials say officers responded to a routine call on wednesday night when a man opened the fire. the police chief james white reported the suspect was killed in the exchange and the officer died later at the hospital. >> five year veteran police officer in our department, comes
7:40 am
from a long history of law enforcement officers. we lost a hero today. >> there is so much violence it seems like there's nowhere in this country that you can be safe. >> bill: the mayor said the officer's family says police work was his calling it he was doing what he loves. >> dana: far left manhattan d.a. is under some serious fire for bringing murder charges against a bodega owner who fought off a violent attacker had a story last week. "the new york post" calling it justice gone mad. david lee miller's live in new york city. you've got a tell everybody about this story, david. >> indeed, dana. there is outrage in new york city this morning over the arrest of at a convenience store clerk charged with murder. allegedly a stabbing demand during an assault. the clerk's family as well as others say this was a clear case of self-defense.
7:41 am
surveillance camera video that was obtained by "the new york post" recorded the incident. the video shows 34-year-old austin simon confronting the clerk, jose alba, behind the store counter on friday night. the post said simon had a previous arrests and was on parole for attacking a cop. according to criminal complaints the first time he entered the store his girlfriend got in an argument after a debit card was declined after trying to buy a bag of potato chips. on the video simon shoves alba then in and out of that's when alba grabbed the knife. according to a criminal complaint simon's girlfriend tried to pull about a way but he continued to stab simon pitt simon's girlfriend had her own knife and stabbed the clerk in the shoulder. the girlfriend has not been criminally charged. alba meanwhile charged with second-degree murder and faces up to 25 years in prison. unable to post a quarter million dollar cash bail is not being held behind bars on rikers
7:42 am
island. prosecutors in the office of the controversial d.a. oven break sought higher bail saying alba was a flight risk. bragg has faced calls to resign from critics who accuse him of soft on crime policies. bragg's office has issued a statement about this casing, we are continuing to review the evidence in the investigation is ongoing. now the criminal complaint quotes a detective that says alba admitted to the stabbing. a detective paraphrases alba's admission this way the rate he wanted me to apologize to the girl. i took the knife we use to and i stabbed him. dana. >> dana: incredible story. david lee miller thank you. >> bill: i want to bring in brian, criminal it defense attorney appeared what would you do as an attorney to help this man? >> first of all, bill, thanks for having me. this is absolutely pathetic. did you see that response the
7:43 am
d.a. office gave, they were continuing to look at the evidence. really? why don't you do your investigation first, look at the video. why is he under arrest? this hasn't been presented to a grand jury yet. that's happening on saturday. why is he under arrest? this is flat out self-defense. i just looked it up on my phone. it's called justification in new york where if you feel like your life is eminently a threat, you can use force to protect yourself. here it is deadly force. what's he supposed to do? sit there and wait for this kind of pull a weapon on him? the girlfriend has already pulled out a gun. it's pathetic. it's these left-wing radical d.a.'s like bragg in your city gascon in our city. they just removed the d.a. bail in san francisco because of these radical progressive policies. >> if our viewers are unaware that's a tough tough prison on rikers island.
7:44 am
he's been in the country about 30 years. here will have the d.a. who was allowed criminals within 24 hours to walk on last. >> exactly. what's up with that? you let career criminals get out on $5 bail. you had a bail of 250k for a 30-year hardworking man in the community who is just sitting by the way on his own property trying to run a business. it's not like you went out and try to instigate a fight in the middle of the street. i mean i'm telling you will come up bail, this is an epidemic of these radical cities. did you know nla two weeks ago to police officers were murdered by a career criminal who was arrested in march of 2020 because our radical d.a. left this guy out on the street. he dropped two charges. he should've been in jail for three years. two cops are dead there because they let him out 20 days serving jail. i mean it has to end.
7:45 am
people in your city come our city, by the way why would anyone want to move from florida to l.a. given what's happening here as well? human beings like alba and people across this country cannot be used as guinea pigs in these radical social experiments that are being invoked by these das like bragg, gascon, and they kicked out the d.a. in san francisco as well. >> if this guys at 37-year-old ex-con who attacked him. he was in jail i think about 18 months ago, maybe sooner than that. why have sympathy for him? it is a make sense to a lot of people, including yourself. that's why we brought you on here today. look, if you still looking at the evidence and still looking at the investigation, maybe he changes his mind on this. "the new york post" characterizes it this way, self-defense is in the crime. it's time manhattan ditch alvin br agagg. what is practicing his injustice, it's madness. police are villains, criminals are heroes, and victims are told
7:46 am
to accept their fate. jose alba needs to be freed. alva bragg needs to be out of office. i don't know if the last part is can happen, that's -- class coming from you on this case. >> because of spineless das like bragg in manhattan, people are at a rest. you are living in a dangerous city now. there are no consequences for criminal actions. that gives a hall pass to criminals like that is to walk into a store, pull out knives, and then the d.a. points a finger at the innocent party. we live in a dangerous society because these radical das. they need to be kicked out of office. >> bill: initially the bail is set out half a million dollars. it has been cut in half. there was a gofundme page but unlined it raised about 20 grand. for some reason now that gofundme page is not up or active. why? i cannot say. brian can morgan watch it i will see where it leads. thank you for your time today.
7:47 am
>> dana: thanks, bill. >> bill: also the national replacing the word mother with birthing parent. part of an effort they said to be more inclusive. educators voted on the measure last night, no word on whether it passed. i mean, bill, what's happening? >> bill: it's 2022. is happening? you're asking me? >> dana: we are paid not to be speechless but we are speechless. >> bill: we'll see what happens. this guy in gelid rikers island -- >> dana: let's go back to that story. i feel like going and breaking them up myself. i'm so upset about that. that has to be changed today. >> bill: we will see if it does. meanwhile democratic senator ralph o warnick's facing allegations of financial wrongdoing. what did he do it the wire somewhere accusing him of breaking federal law. if that's the case will check incoming up.
7:48 am
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conservative british prime minister boris johnson has resigned. steven hilton host of "the next revolution" joins me at the top topof the hour. joe biden, well high profile candidates for congress keep their distance from biden while crumbling in the folds of america is going the wrong direction. some managing to win though amongst the crises, republican lead states with little or no covert restrictions are roaring back. blue states are not pure texas attorney general ken paxton, brian kilmeade, "the faulkner focus" next. ♪ ♪ >> dana: you want to hear a story that makes me curious? marilyn blocking a hiring way to prevent people to get to work like they do all the time and that begged a group to let him pass saying the protest could cost him his freedom, watch this.
7:54 am
>> i'm not going to make it to my job. i'm asking one lane. one lane. >> dana: he did, indeed, get arrested. he didn't make it to his job. he drives that truck to work and all these other people, paid protesters to block the highway. so now, you have a situation where he is doing all the right things. there was a guy in the protest, and this is what he wants everyone to know. he really cares peer the short man match me with this body and i did not feel threatened. i believe the arrest was unnecessary and i will be happy to issue a statement in behalf of his favor. the lives and thousands of millions of people depend on emergency climate action now. >> bill: the first part is dead on because he's right if he
7:55 am
doesn't make his job, he will get in a lot of trouble. you could tell the fear he had. >> dana: he was doing everything right. it makes me so mad appeared i feel like we should go bust him out. >> bill: we could help could lpm. >> dana: let's stay on top of it. let's go to georgia democratic senator that he broke federal law and whether he used campaign money to fight a personal lawsuit dating back to the minister. let's bring in brian robertson for georgia governor nathan deal. you cover all the politics closely there. so warnock's campaign attorney, you might recognize the name a big democratic attorneys said this is a frivolous lawsuit against governor warnock. and the official offices based that laws only apply to him. he said this is completely illegal and appropriate to use campaign funds on this legal matter as many legal officers have done before.
7:56 am
any suggestion otherwise is completely false. what are they saying in georgia? speak with the standard of the ftc, would you be getting sued if you were in office? that is certainly the case. these are allegations that go back to 2005. he got elected january 2021. again the lawsuit was refiled after being dismissed and granted. everyone agrees the lawsuit is meritless and absolutely bonkers. they are attacking a lot of people. this isn't a lawsuit based on political office. the problem he faces on the politics aside, dana, people see this as self-serving for elected officials. them getting a benefit that a regular person, the rest of us wouldn't get. we don't have a campaign to pay for and our personal lives. this isn't an atmosphere his opponent herschel walker has faced one catch story after
7:57 am
another from national and local media. warnock has been pretty much left alone. so finally lead to being splattered on his character. >> dana: and the republican attorney says this, "if he is using campaign money and running for office, by definition it exists with his candidacy and incremental to use campaign funds." that will be an issue. take us inside because one of the things warnock to position himself as somebody that is the sober minded, really good guy, the one that follows the rules, and then there is herschel walker. so how does that play in georgia? >> that rate among the statewide races is the tightest at the moment. warnock has the incumbency. he has prolific fund-raiser and already has $50 million or will the campaign. and a comfortable margin of a
7:58 am
lead in polling, he doesn't. this is a dead heat. herschel walker, of course, if a candidate that is beloved here and known more than 40 years with national championships in 1980. and herschel walker there's been an image in every household, he has that type of guy. so warnock is running the reference center, still the biggest pastor this man of god and accusations like this and i promise there will be more. that is how campaigns work. it will tear away at the image. warnock despite having money, he is still a democrat in the worst political environment for democrats in 30 years. herschel walker is in a strong position and needs more today to keep this campaign tight. >> dana: they will spend a lot of money down there, right? >> it is going to be crazy.
7:59 am
you know, 2021, we had that ran off $800 million spent. i don't see it being quite that, but once again, georgia the soul of the u.s. senate the stakes couldn't be higher. all eyes will be on herschel walker. >> dana: good to see you as always, thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> bill: $800 million. an update on moscow britney, senator braun lincoln tweeting embassy officials gave a letter from president biden saying we will not relent until britney paul weyland and other wrongfully detained americans are reunited with their loved ones. that came before a judge today. >> dana: it is because they kept very quiet, the family kept quiet. one strategy and decide that that wasn't working anymore. so they have a different one. >> bill: okay, so, here we go. >> dana: this is a very scary moment caught on video.
8:00 am
a family driving home from vacation when this happened. >> oh! >> dana: and that was in tampa bay. father and three kids were in that truck. thankfully, everyone is okay but the truck is completely fried as you can imagine. yikes! there is a lot of reasons to be thankful, grateful. and we are glad that they are okay. harris faulkner up next. >> harris: fox news alert a major political crisis in the making for america's closest ally in the world. british prime minister boris johnson has quit his job today. in this immediately follows 50 lawmakers who resign from government in the past 36 hours. the future of the british government is now up in the air as we wait to learn who will be the successor. i am harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." johnson's three years in office


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