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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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his new book. plus, fox news speaks with fbi director christopher wray about global threats. david spunt on the ground in london. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. now it's time for birthday boy, jesse watters "primetime." >> jesse: so sweet when you call me that bret, thank you. >> bret: i know. it strikes right here. [laughter] >> jesse: have a good night. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: it's been four days since the massacre in highland park, illinois where seven people were killed and more than two dozen injured. the killer was 21-year-old robert crimo iii. but the people who enabled him were his parents. and they need to be brought to justice. den denise and bob crimo jr. bear a lot of responsibility for what happened. if prosecutors won't hold them
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accountable, "primetime" will. illinois state police confirm that the shooter's father is under criminal investigation. he helped his son buy the guns that were used in the shooting. bob crimo is a failure as a father. being a bad parent isn't a crime. but in this case, it might be. bob crimo's son was deeply disturbed and everyone knew it. this kid has been battling rage and depression for years. three years ago tried to kill himself. >> in april of 2019, an individual contacted highland park police department a week after learning of mr. crimo attempting suicide. spoke with crimo. spoke with crimo's parents and the matter was being handled by mental health professionals at that time. there was no law enforcement action to be taken. >> jesse: if my son was threatening to kill himself,
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would i help him buy a gun a few months later? no. i would do everything i could to get him professional help. and make sure he didn't hurt himself again or others. but that didn't happen. just five months later, crimo turned it up a notch. threatening to kill his entire family. and cops were called to the house again. >> the second occurred in september of 2019. a family member reported that crimo said that he was going to kill everyone and crimo had a collection of knives. the police responded to his residence. the police removed 16 knives, a dagger and sword from crimo's home. at that time there was no probable cause to arrest. there were no complaints that were signed by any of the victims. >> jesse: here is where it gets crazy. those knives that the police just mentioned, the daggers and the swords that were confiscated from the kid's bedroom? his dad covered for him and said they were his and then went to the police station a few hours
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later and retrieved them. this is criminal. and crimo was never arrested because his parents didn't feel like filing a complaint. if they had, he wouldn't have passed a background check. but it gets worse. not only did bob jr. protect his mentally deranged son from being charged, he helped him go out and buy even more weapons. just two months later, crimo's dad, bob jr., sponsored him to buy his first gun. if your son threatens to kill himself and the entire family, would you go sponsor him to buy a gun? that's criminal: but the dad says this was no big deal. >> that's all it was. to allow my son to go through the process. they do background checks. whatever it entails. i'm not exactly sure. you are either approved or denied. and he was approved and prior -- [inaudible] >> >> jesse: this father was an
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accessory to mass murder. whether he wants to admit it or not his mom doesn't seem to have it together either. we don't know much about denise. i'm a little suspicious of her. tuesday she was caught on video screaming at the swat team that showed up at her house. why are you screaming at the swat team after your son just slaughtered seven people at a july 4th parade? a normal mother would be on her knees in tears not lashing out at cops. that seems odd to me. another weird thing. the u.p.s. store where her mailbox is has been closed until further notice. what's going on with her mailbox? that seems strange. and we'll keep an eye on it. this family didn't live in a big house. their son didn't have his own wing, if you know what i mean. he is living right under their nose. and not only is he suicidal and homicidal and has a knife collection like steven segal, he is parading around with sex
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dolls. he has a sex doll with a noose around its neck in a closet. and he is riding around in a car with a sex dollment and posting it on his social media. if my son shows up at family dinner and sits down with his sex doll, we're going to have a little talk and we're going to figure out what the heck is going on. that apparently never happened in this household. and in addition, the kid was a drug addict. the police report says he admitted to being on drugs and his friends said he had lost his mind on drugs. another family member said he spent the whole day in his room alone on the computer. that's not acceptable. but the biggest red flag of all, the kid's face is covered in tattoos. did the parents not see that as a problem? what does it say about you psychologically when you are disfiguring your face? but the dad says monday's
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massacre was a complete surprise. >> this has taken us by complete surprise. three days before the fourth my wife had asked him hey do you have any plans for the fourth and he said no. >> jesse: united states parenting. -- great parenting.have any pl? no. great talk. why do you have a tattoo on your face? why don't you have a job? this is the worst father i have ever seen. but he claims he raised him right. saying his son had good morals and going on to say it's not his faulted his son got a gun. it's the system that needs to be overhauled. the system. you are the system. and how about checking this guy's social media, you know? do you know how to go on the internet? his page was a freak show. your son was a white rapper. is he driving around town with sex dolls. log on and check it out. and your son built a fort in
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your front yard and he is 23 years old. you didn't notice that when you came home from work? maybe he wanted more privacy for him and his sex doll. this isn't normal. your son is a sicko. get him under control before he kills someone. does this remind you at all of the uvalde school shooter? who was carrying around a bag of dead cats, wearing all black eye liner? again, his grandparents who were living with him had no idea. >> would he spend a lot of time in his room alone? >> yes. um-huh. >> and it didn't seem like he went to school very often? >> no, well, this past year he didn't go to school. he didn't graduate but he didn't go to school. >> why? >> i don't know. you tell him and they think they -- kids nowadays they know everything. >> did you notice that he was growing disturbed and becoming
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upset? >> was very quiet. >> did you know that he bought those weapons? >> no. >> jesse: the buffalo shooter showed up to school in a hazmat suit. hello. the parkland shooter had been suspended from school like dozens of times. he had no friends. he got into fights every day. the newtown shooter played video games all day. never left the house. never seen pale skin like that. is anybody sensing a pattern here? if my son's face is covered in tattoos, he threatens to kill himself, kill me and builds a fort in the front yard where he can do drugs, play with his sex doll and display his little knife collection, am i helping him buy a rifle? no. you are driving him to the nearest hospital and having the nurses put him in a straight jacket. this father and mother need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. and i don't want to hear any mumbo jumbo from law enforcement. you slap charges on these animals and then you let the
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judge figure it out. this is going to be a wake-up call to all the other parents throughout the country. that they are going to be on the hook if their psycho son starts shooting everybody up. look in their room. or just open your eyes. this isn't about the right to bear arms. this is about if you bear a child, you're responsible for their actions as long as they are living under your roof. you just bought a face tattooed drug addicted homicidal maniac loner a gun. katie is a former federal prosecutor. katie, i mean, come on. are we going to charge these parents tomorrow? what's taking so long? >> i totally agree with that. this is not a difficult case to prosecute. this is very unique set of circumstances where you have an outrageous number of very obvious indications of violence for years before this dad chose to enable this person to get a firearm.
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it's ridiculous. there needs to be a message sent to other parents, to other people that are close to those that they know are a problem, that they know are completely unhinged. this isn't a case about gun control. this is about apologists for people who have very serious mental health issues and indicated that they are violent. i think it's very overdue that the message is sent by prosecutors. >> jesse: look at the neck tattoos and face tattoos. if it's not the face tattoos, it's the sex doll, it's the fort in the front yard, no friends, locking himself in a room on a computer all day. what more do you need to know? what do you need a sword for? what do you need a dagger collection for? look at his hair. he is wearing all black. i mean, he is checking off every single solitary box there is for a mass shooter. and the dad is out to lunch and the mom is yelling at the swat team. if you are a prosecutor, what kind of charges are you looking at here? >> well, in this sort of case, i
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think they could charge him with reckless homicide. i think there has been a lot of conversation about the fact that he is not a minor. to me, that doesn't matter here. the dad enabled him to get this weapon by sponsoring his application that was required. he knew or he very well should have known about this kid's tendencies. it's ridiculous. it's ludicrous and insulting to suggest otherwise. there is absolutely no justification for enabling somebody that literally by his own words said he wanted to kill other people with a firearm for that matter and then to put one in his hands? i think a jury would be very ripe to hear this issue. >> jesse: if you are a domestic terrorist, as i believe this kid is. and your father is giving you aid and comfort, if he is putting a roof over your head, if he is feeding you, if he is putting gas in your car to drive around with your weapons and sex dolls, is that not aiding and abetting? is that not accessory? is that not negligence or something like that? i mean, if this guy was al-qaeda
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and you are sponsoring him to buy a gun, i mean, come on, they would have these parents behind bars yesterday. >> of course they would. and i think in most cases you are going to have a really difficult argument withholding parents accountable especially over the age of 18. here these are very specific circumstances where there was known interest in violence where there was known mental health issues and where his dad actually affirmatively allowed him to possess a firearm by his sponsor. this is a very unique case. luckily these are very rare situations. we have to be clear about when we do see something that's criminal that we treat it as such and that charges are filed. >> jesse: i agree. this whole household was a terrorist cell and they just arc at this vacated their son. now seven people are dead. two dozen injured and they have to be held accountable and i want to see action and i want to see action fast. katie, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: we have a bombshell report involving hunter biden. a chinese oil company and millions of barrels of crude
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> jesse: fox news alert. joe biden sold nearly a million barrels of oil to a chinese gas company that his son hunter may still indirectly own a stake in. this is according to the washington free beacon the biden administration announced in april they were selling strategic petroleum reserve barrels to the chinese state
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owned oil company union peck also known as sinapec in 2015 hunter's firm bought a nearly $2 billion stake in sinopec. in november hunter's attorney claims he divested his stakes in chinese holdings but as of march, chinese records still listed him as a 10% owner in the firm bhr partners which a georgetown professor valued to be worth a cool $20 million. the sale happened in april. as of this moment, we can't say for sure that hunter has an ownership stake in this company nor can we say that he directly profited from the sale. but what's indisputable is this. hunter biden is not a chinese economist. he is not a chinese energy expert. the only reason why the chinese would cut him in to their company is so that he can peddle influence back in washington with his dad.
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and get them really great deals. and do you know what? it looks like he did his job. we'll bring you more on this tomorrow. in the meantime, as we reported last night, american banks flagged over 150 financial transactions of the president's son and brother. hunter and james biden. these transactions raise all sorts of concerns with the banks that the biden family was using. republican congressman james comer on the oversight committee told us how severe that number actually is. >> it is very uncommon for anyone in america to get more than one suspicious activity report. 99.9% of americans never get a suspicious activity report. but to get 150, i'm going to go on a limb, jesse, and say that's more than anyone in the history of the united states. and i would be willing to make a wager of that and this is with multiple banks to have 150 suspicious activity reports proves what we have been saying all along hunter biden is a
4:21 pm
national security risk. >> jesse: banking flags were originally created after 9/11 to help the government catch foreign money laundering, criminal financial schemes, tax evasion and to help stop global terrorism. the fact that biden's family just in the period of a few years has over 150 suspicious transactions is shocking. and should concern you. we can only guess what some of these fishy transactions involve. maybe one of them was the three and a half million dollars that a russian billionaire wired the biden family. or maybe it was the $6 million that the communist chinese wired the biden family. maybe hunter sending tens of thousand thousand of dollars russian accounts involving sex trafficking raise flags. we know hunter's bank account was frozen because he spent over 30 g's on russian he is courts in a five month period. that's a lot of escorts.
4:22 pm
but, hey, at least hunter treats the escorts well. >> anything on you. anything? i was literally saying i'm sorry that it took so long to give you $10,000. you cannot talk to me that way and say things like that. because i am the most anyone you have ever met. >> jesse: money was pouring in from all over the world from most seedy back waters out there. we know joe and hunter biden's bank accounts were co-mingled. in order to find out which foreign interests were bribing the biden family and whether joe biden took kick packs or is compromised house republicans asked janet yellen at the treasury department to send them the list of the 150 suspicious transactions that got flagged. but janet yellen is refusing to hand over this information to
4:23 pm
congress. why would she just hand it over if the biden family had done nothing wrong, if they had nothing to hide, hand it over. she is legally obligated to provide this information to congress. it must be really damaging if the treasury secretary is willing to risk her career and her rep involving herself in an administration wide cover-up. but that's exactly what's happening. we have reached out to the treasury. and this was their reply. treasury provides sars to congress in a manner that enables robust oversight. it is not a political process. since the beginning of this administration treasury has made sars available in response to authorized committee requests and continues to engage on the process individual member seeking information. oh, so this wasn't an authorized request. was adam schiff have to ask? this is a b.s. statement.
4:24 pm
in the entire history of this country congress has been able to ask the treasury for anything. they have oversight. now the treasury for the first time ever is saying the request has to come from both parties? when before it only needed to come from one? this is getting very suspicious. what comes next? jim trust is a former doj prosecutor and former white crime attorney. jim, however big of a deal is it that were 150 suspicious financial transactions flagged by u.s. banks from the biden family? just in a few years? >> yeah. jess, i don't know what the record is, but i can tell you when i was a federal prosecutor if somebody told me that i have 150 sars to look at, suspicious activity reports i feel like i just won the power ball. you would have so much information to use from those sars to really flesh it out. and what they are are the bones,
4:25 pm
the skelton of any sort of white collar case. you will tell have to follow up with subpoenas and interviews and further transactional activity to get the full body. that's a heck of a skeleton with 150 sars. >> jesse: like rosetta stone. follow every. a million from kazakhstan, another mill from romania, another mill from moscow. another mill from beijing and then you subpoena and then you ask what did you do for that money? and why didn't you pay taxes on that money? this is a slam dunk. no wonder yellen is not giving up the goods. this would bury the biden family. >> yeah, you know, i got to tell you i don't really care that everywhere about releasing it to congress. i think that's actually almost at odds with what i would want. delaware u.s. attorney in receiving that information and giving it a serious scrub. there's a throat check out there. i know that takes some time.
4:26 pm
but they have had the laptop for a long time. they have had notice about a lot of this activity for a long time. they need to be doing, you know, what's right under their oath to the constitution, clean-up is actually digging to the very bottom line of what the biden family was up to with all of these transactions. >> jesse: jim, here is why congress needs it we assume the federal prosecutor in delaware has it. and is looking into it, if is he legit or isn't some big cover-up from the jump. that could be the case. if he comes out with this like tic-tacs indictment, no jail sentence. oh, you paid the back taxes, someone slipped you two mill under the table we are good. we are clean. no, we need to see, congress, those reports, to see if the federal prosecutor was doing his job or was covering up i will give you the last word? >> well, i don't really disagree with your motion but i also know from the prosecutor's side you always view congressional inquiries as interference. they are doubling up on
4:27 pm
witnesses you want to talk to. they are publicizing things you don't want publicized. for a little bit longer i will try to have faith that the doj is not going to be political. it feels a little naive saying that let's see what happens. let's see if they are serious about this or if like you said are we going to get a friday night tax misdemeanor plea where hunter biden gets to do a little community service and they announce there is nothing else to look at. i hope that's not the case. historic integrity test for doj and fbi the clock is ticking. >> jesse: they have had this for two years. enough. i think we are ready to charge this guy. jim, thank you so much. >> all right. see you, jess. >> jesse: turn to glenn greenwald pulitzer prize winner journalist. i'm sensing blackmailing scenario. i could be totally whacked out of my gored, glenn. if they get she lacked in the
4:28 pm
midterm and biden refuses to announce he is not running again, are we going to see a ton of reporting on these suspicious activity reports, a ton of reporting on the laptop in order to kind of like give biden a hint it's time to go buddy or else we are going to drop the hammer? >> i mean, it's hard to say for sure. but what we know obviously is that the media deploys information to conceal it or divulge it for the interest of their sources inside the democratic party and the u.s. security state and i just want to emphasize because i can't talk about the hunter biden situation without doing so, that this was the topic of the single biggest media fraud in the last, i think at least decade, which is right before the election. the cia spread to the media which repeated it and then big tech censored on the basis of it the lie that all these documents were russian disinformation. biden wins the election, because they suppressed that story. then all of a sudden, they want
4:29 pm
to start doing reporting on biden as he is getting weak and all of these documents start emerging in the "the washington post" and the "new york times" come out and say oh now we are able to confirm their authenticity. so what you z. is cynical as your suggestion might be, that the media has already been playing these kinds of very extreme games with exactly this case for those kinds of motives. >> jesse: is it too big now? you have yellen involved, the treasury secretary. come on, poor little yellen is now involved in the cover-up. the cia as you said was involved before the election. federal prosecutors have to know what they are dealing with. they have 150 suspicious activity transactions. you have a atlanta, it's a gold mine. you have diamonds being bribed. you have 6 million from the chinese. the guy is under a fisa surveillance wire that gets indicted and arrested. they drag joe across the finish line. cover it up. this thing is so big involving silicon valley, the fbi, the
4:30 pm
cia, big media, how can you continue to cover this thing up. do you think they are going to get away with it? >> i any what we have to remember whether we talk about hunter biden had this only been corruption by hunter biden, it would be an elm waiver wassing scandal. a kind of thing presidents had with family doing sketchy and shady corrupt things trading on influence in order to self-enrich. in this case there is no question as we know about those documents lied about and claimed to be false when they were real that all along, at least enemy of these transactions there was an anticipation that joe biden himself would be involved. so we're not just talking about protecting hunter biden. we are clearly talking about protecting joe biden as well and at this point at the very least, jesse, we should have an independent prosecutor who is not beholden to the chain of command that ends with joe biden to make decisions not just about hunter biden but also about the president himself.
4:31 pm
>> jesse: we need prosecutor faith in this thing. i have very little faith. glenn greenwald. thank you for your reporting. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: the climate shut down highways so you can't get to work join me next. ♪ my parole, if i don't make -- you all are so interested --
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>> jesse: holiday traffic is bad enough but it's even worse when climate activist decide to block a busy highway. that's exactly what happened on july 4th in the d.c. beltway. one of the area's busiest roadways for nearly two hours. it caused total chaos. but, especially for this guy who was out on parole. >> a. >> my parole if i don't make my
4:37 pm
job. and y'all are so interested in. >> 495. >> [inaudible] >> one lane. i'm asking one lane. one lane. [bleep] >> 13 members of the ground declare emergency were arrested. they took responsibility for the traffic jam. releasing a statement saying this. the world's lack of any significant action to prevent the ravages of the impending climate catastrophe is what has led me to take this action. i chose to not be complicit in the horrible death of this amazing planet. we are far into the 11th hour. it's time for us all to rise. we have everything to lose. they say joe biden has to act now because we're almost out of time. >> first state in solving a problem is acknowledging there is a problem. [inaudible]
4:38 pm
>> to determine the future of humanity. >> jesse: next guest arrested four times for standing up for the environment. michelle weaner is a member of that group that blocks traffic. all right, michelle, first, i will give you the opportunity. you made the guy late for work. is he on parole. is he probably going to get sent back to prison. would you like to just apologize to him? >> what i would like to do actually is just acknowledge that we do disrupt people's lives and it's really not any different than the disruption that one would expect, for example, at 2:00 in the morning in bed when a fire alarm goes off to let them know that their house is burning down around them. so that's the kind of destruction that we are. >> jesse: you are glad you are sending this guy to jail? >> i'm sorry? >> jesse: you are glad that you made him late to work and now is he probably going to go back to prison because he violated parole? you are happy about that? >> no. that's not what i said,
4:39 pm
actually. yeah, no. >> jesse: do you feel bad about it? are you going to apologize to him or not? >> we have issued a statement on -- in regards to this individual. where i would like to direct us to is to the climate catastrophe that we are facing. did is really really bad and our government is lying to us. they are not telling us the truth. took three years to determine the future of humanity. >> jesse: that's not very gracious as someone who wants to protect mother earth i expected more grace but apparently not. >> i'm not here to be gracious. i'm here to send a message. >> jesse: we got the message you are going to mess up everyone's commute. do you really think joe biden is going to be the guy, the guy? joe biden can't act on anything. do you think he is going to save the planet? >> it's going to take us all to save the planet? it's not going to take one individual. and right now. >> jesse: you are asking joe to declare an emergency. >> i'm sorry? >> jesse: you are asking joe to
4:40 pm
declare the emergency so you can let people through the freeway. >> yes. we are asking president biden to declare a national climate emergency. that is the first step that we need to have happen in order for the doors to open to do everything that is necessary to save humanity. right now we are in such a -- your audience is witnessing this firsthand. they are witnessing the storms and the floods and the fires. in my hometown in eugene, oregon, the fires two years ago were so intense the smoke was so intense it capped the scale, the air quality index scale for a week. and where i'm from in canada, in british columbia, there were fires that ravaged towns and then following that were massive storms that dumped tremendous amounts of water and flooded the area. >> we understand we all want to safe the earth we all want to
4:41 pm
protect the environment. this isn't the way to do it because i'm not sure you are aware, michelle, when you are blocking traffic, all the cars are idling. and that's releasing more fumes into the at more fear. >> we are all complicit in the system that we are stuck in. absolutely. that's why we are calling for systemic change. >> jesse: thank you very much. don't do this in texas they will run you right over. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> jesse: coming up. popeye is now buy sexual. bisexual.we will explain after . and doug. [power-drill noises] alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and you could even save $652 when you switch. ok, i need a crowbar. and a blowtorch. [teddy bear squeaks] [doug sighs] limu, call a mechanic.
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♪ >> jesse: when you are a kid there is nothing better than saturday morning cartoons. you are done for school for the week, you wake up. grab some cereal and plop your self down on the couch. the only thing on your mind is what is new with scooby-doo. the left sees cartoons as the next left battleground determined to bring as much needed makeover as possible to one of our all-time favorite characters. ♪ i'm popeye the saylor man sain
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♪ i'm popeye the sailor man ♪ i eat my spinach ♪ i'm popeye the sailor man >> jesse: popeye the sailor man, the new artist behind popeye pledged to change the all white all hetero cast. is he angry because the cartoon used to put popeye in a dress for laughs. he doesn't think that's very funny. you know, most people think that's comedy. ♪ ♪ ♪ [whistle] >> jesse: the artist says popeye has always been gender fluid. really? and he has lived off spinach for 60 years so he is probably a vegan too. ahead of his time some would say. but where does this leave olive oil? is she going to have to date bruce now? i never really saw them as a
4:48 pm
couple. what's next? are barney and fred going to announce their engagement? are beavis and butt head now transallies? will the nineveh turtles apologize for appropriating caraty. x-men the latin x-men? adam carolla is the host of truth yeller and author of "everything reminds me of something." are we going to have to call popeye they? >> well, olive oil is definitely a lesbian. i mean -- look at the way she wears her hair. look. they do this every 20 minutes to try to reinvigorate a conversation about some dead cartoon or cereal or something that america is done with. so, actually, jesse, we are falling into their trap because nobody cares about popeye the sailor man. it wasn't good when i was 7.
4:49 pm
it's not good now. and they sit around in board rooms and they go if we made captain crunch come out as gay, then i bet watters would start talking about it and we could move some more units. so we are playings into their trap. >> jesse: oh, i fell right into it. i'm sorry. i'm a sucker for this stuff. i can't help it, adam. maybe he was right. maybe popeye was gay the whole time. i mean, he works out. he eats clean. he smells good. he likes sailing. he dresses neatly. he smokes. i don't know. i mean, maybe i just missed it as a 7-year-old. >> the new popeye cannot smoke a pipe because if i know these people, that is a no-fly zone: he can definitely eat gummy bears infused with thc or smoke
4:50 pm
a -- or have a commemorative bong or something but they are not going to let him smoke pipe tobacco in any new episode. >> jesse: no. because that is bad for you. nofts the gummies. adam carolla. i fell right into the trap. next time warn me carolla because i'm a sucker for this. >> we all get played every once in a while. >> jesse: thank you very much. poor olive oil. what is she going to do? coming up, johnny gives new yorkers a little history lesson. >> who was the president of the united states before ronald reagan? >> oh, gosh. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: a new study says one in three americans have no idea how to spell the word independence. we can and believe that, so we
4:56 pm
sent johnny out to the streets to put that and other grade school questions to the test. ♪ ♪ >> what is 50% of 100? >> let's say -- of 20% of 100 is 20, 15% of 100 is... >> 25. [buzzer] >> 75? >> not 75. >> 85. [buzzer] >> 65? >> 15. >> 55. [buzzer] >> not 55. >> i guess i don't know then. >> i really don't know. >> what six times a? >> 46? >> 32. >> six times eight is 48. >> let's say, 58? >> let's not in say we did.
4:57 pm
>> how do you spell independence? >> independence. >> i n d e p e n c. >> how you spell controversy? [spelling] >> i don't know. [bleep] that up. >> jesse: paul revere had a very famous line. >> i don't even know who paul revere is. >> he rode on a horse. >> save a horse, ride a cowboy. ♪ ♪
4:58 pm
>> the british are coming. >> don't do what i wouldn't do it. >> don't do anything i wouldn't do. >> who's the is the president of the united states before ronald reagan? >> oh, gosh. >> hitler was in a president of the united states, thank god for that >> it rhymes with lard or a abraham lincoln. >> he was not on this day. jimmy carter >> how many -- do we have? >> five. >> six. >> i see dead people. >> name the senses. >> brain, eyes, touch and feeling. >> squeezing. >> squeezing, that's nice. >> i want to squeeze him. >> hearing, seeing, smelling,
4:59 pm
feeling. >> you're going to be a big star. >> you could be a model. >> what you want to tell jesse? >> i'm waters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ musical speed to one of all-time great actors james kohn died today. the classic "the godfather, earning 80 oscar nomination as well as the holiday staple "elf." we love him, he was one of the great scarecrow and he will be missed. time for some texts, we've got gary from stateless missouri you're correct pointing out that the parents are ignorant of their son's obvious problems. they have to be held accountable for the killer if not more.
5:00 pm
if were calling our mother's birthing parent from here on out, would you be call our fathers? and disseminating parents. obviously and larry, i want larry band. he is no longer allowed to test. always remember, i'm watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." this is a story that tells you a lot. last friday, 35-year-old convicted felon austin simon walked into a convenience store in harlem, new york, city and pushed his way behind the counter. austin's girlfriend had just had a dispute with the clerk in the store, the clerk was a 61 61


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