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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to to bring you the news as we get it. here's what we received. the theory is the stones where torqued into pebbles and now it's a pile of gravel. again, we can to confirm that but we want to raise a possibility that's what happened. more on the story for tomorrow night. but for now, the great jason chaffetz sitting in for sean hannity and we will throw it to him. >> jason: thanks, tucker, we appreciate it. welcome to the special edition of "hannity," i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. we begin with joe biden who is now in free fall. a figuratively end. biden's first two years and offense have been so catastrophic that even the president's biggest fans are sounding the alarm. for example, one "new york times" article highlighted concerns inside the democratic party that biden is full of excuses. his approach simply does not meet the moment leaving him
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struggling to inspire his supporters and allies to action. meanwhile, politico quoted deeply frustrated democrats who referred to biden as a fool and hopelessly naive. they want biden to be more aggressive on abortion rights, gun control, packing the courts, but he can barely get through a simple speech without taking some pretty major detours. watch this. >> i'm going to do it anyway, i'll tell a story. i don't know if we will see pope benedict. 's pto, will spare you the details. amid the own struggles , the president invited this ofe smartest guy he knows to the white house, none other than hunter biden pictured and 1600 pennsylvania avenue all week. this has hunter continues to be
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the focus of major investigations including a criminal money laundering probe tied to the biden family business. growing calls from senators johnson and grassley. the department of justice to investigate joe biden's funding of his son's participation in a russian ring. also an ongoing investigation on the house. hunter's finances that are now being stonewalled by the administration and its allies. i wonder why. here now with more is the ranking member on the house judiciary committee jim jordan along with the ranking member on the house oversight and reform committee james comer. i spoke with both these gentlemen in the united states congress and thank you for joining us. you two will be front and center if the republicans take the house over and i'll start with congressman jordan because quite frankly, he's got seniority on you.
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congressman, listen, now the democrats are figuring out that joe biden has a little cognitive decline? they raised the debates and let him sit in his basement and didn't ask him tough questions and now, less than 24 months later, they are figuring out a fool? their words, not mine. >> they are figuring out what the rest of america understands. 9 out of 10, think about this, 9 out of 10 fellow citizens thinks america is on the wrong track. they think that because that's the case and we've got a border that's in chaos, record gas prices and inflation, crime, attacks on the first amendment, second amendment, foreign policies that's a mess and what do they see from the president? a guy that can't put two sentences together. they understand it's a disaster for the country, but also for the political chances in the upcoming election.
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i think it's the reason we are going to win and there's a chance we will win real big. >> jason: i agree with you, the policy prescriptions are their biggest problem. of the cognitive decline is the least of their problems but congressman, hunter biden has been prancing around the white house as if there's nothing wrong. i hear that you're about the chair. tell us about where you're being stonewalled with the hunter biden investigation? >> we found out hunter biden had 150 synthesis stomach suspicious activity reports. that's unprecedented. a normal person america never has any violations less than one-tenth of 1% of people -- they've had 150 which is more than any person in the history of america. these are the most serious banking violations you can have. suspicion of money laundering,
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receiving money from terrorist groups, suspicious of bad actors in foreign countries. before joe biden became president under the obama administration and the bush administration, they can request suspicious forms. it's unheard of. he's had 150 of the violations. once we determine this, the treasury requested one for hunter biden. we change the rules, and it started getting press. the treasury department was on this and they said okay, if you can get single democrat to sign on the request with you, then we will give you the request. obviously, you can imagine, no democrats are interested in signing on. >> jason: what kind of rules are they making up on the fly? keep after it, i will tell you. congressman jordan, repeatedly,
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joe biden will go to the microphone and say they told me not to say this. then you've got -- i love the video of the easter bunny coming out and telling joe biden it's time to move on. if one in the world is going on there and who are the puppeteers making the decisions and why is the president of the united states saying they told me not to say this? >> it's a sad situation for the country because no one wants to see our president of our great country acts the way this guy does. if i that footage when president obama was there at the white house and after the ceremony, people were flocking to him and there's frankly nobody who wants to talk about the sitting president joe biden. he looked like a kid on the playground who had no friends and it was sad. i felt sorry for the individual but the country sees that and the country deserves the right kind of leadership. the leadership we had under the previous president, but it's not just that. it's the decisions you make and
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we've learned today that almost 1 million barrels from our strategic reserve was sold to china. why are we doing that in a time where we've got $5 gas. and we learned that the company that bought this oil, hunter biden had a financial interest in that one time. that's problematic too. not just the concerns we have about can you put two together. but the policy decisions being made. why 9 out of 10 in almost 90% of the country thinks we're headed in in the wrong direction. >> jason: 90%, 88% of the country says the country is on the wrong track. congressman, the oversight committee, investigate anything anywhere. what are the things that are on your list that you're preparing for? >> we are really interested in getting to the bottom of covid-19 and the origination. that's the thing that president biden has stonewalled congressional leverage. he took 90 days of valuable
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precious time. the intelligence community would look into it and they came back and they couldn't find anything. it since then, the oversight committee showed early on dr. fauci's advisor said this is obviously from the lab in wuhan and obviously man-made. a never came out and why didn't the intelligence committee that joe biden sent into china to supposedly investigate that come up with that and we've also unearthed emails of communication between dr. fauci and dr. collins trying to spin the lab league theory much less hold anybody accountable. they'll be a priority. jim said earlier, the border crisis is a tragedy and we increase the drug trade and human trafficking. the administration continues to do nothing about it even though the border patrol is baking them. that's three priorities for the oversight committee next year.
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>> jason: the contrast to jim jordan come up between you and jerry nadler, i could not -- it couldn't be more stark. secretary said today we have operational control of the border. yeah, right, good luck with that. congressman gohmert, congressman jordan, thank you for joining us tonight on "hannity." we appreciate it. all right come in tonight with our economy barreling towards a period of stagnation if not recession, everybody agrees there is tough times ahead. everyone that is except for the white house press secretary who seems to think our economy is historically good. watch this. >> when you look at inflation and look at where we are economically and we are in a strong -- where a stronger and economically that we have been in history. >> jason: forget record high gas prices, historic levels of inflation, negative growth, this administration is on a mission to save the planet. watch this.
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>> the agenda for climate is facing headwinds given what we are seeing right now. when we are also trying to accelerate the movement. we are pursuing the very ambitious goals most ambitious in history. >> jason: joining now with reaction, former estates states department spokesperson, thank you for being here. i'm going to start with you, it's not easy being green and i'll tell you some other countries like germany and others have tried this. you know, this is coming at great expense for the average american. >> yeah, germany is now switching back to coal and that worked out well for them. all reviewers may not know is
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that since about 2004, america has actually reduced emissions actually since 2015 we reduced more than any other developed nation. in contrast we look at china, they're double the co2 emissions and in fact, they installed dozens of new coal plants in china last year. the problem when i look at this is that we see that climate change is absolutely a problem. there is no disputing that and what i dispute is how the biden administration pursues the policy. the trump administration and the state department, we talked about how immigration would lead us out of this. the biden administration is trying to transition our energy future, but they are doing it at the expense of the american worker, the expense of the american family, and that's my unfortunately i think gas prices, food prices, energy prices, all of it will continue to rise in the biden administration until they put policies in place that actually help the average american family.
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>> jason: leo, we read about the strategic petroleum reserve and having that end up in china. it you've got the white house spokesperson lecturing us about how good the economy is. the average person who is there with you in los angeles or take any place across the country, they are not buying it. >> they are not buying it at all. it let me be clear with the numbers. over 250 million cars in the country, 2% are electric. the biden administration is saying we are going to hurt 98% of those motorists who are trying to get to work, trying to put food on the table. we don't care about you 98%. we have an agenda. we are going to do it at all costs. that doesn't make sense. it doesn't make sense to punish the 98% of those individuals trying to get to work and put food on the table. but that's biden administration, they've basically ignored and
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the super majority of the people in the country and that's why you mention the first segment, 88% of the people believe that this country is headed in the wrong direction because the biden administration, a personal policy is more important than the people. >> jason: that's the rub, right? they don't have a plan to drive down energy prices. they got higher energy prices thinking that would justify the green new deal. but they tried to pretend that there are some sort of plan to alleviate the problem and then put in, put and come up putin, he was the problem >> if they want to force people to the green energy policy, they make it impossible to not go towards the route. it's an agenda of the left and the agenda is to manufacture the fake climate crisis to subjugate americans and amass government control. it you look at the end result
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and where this is hiding, look at what's happening in the netherlands. look at what's happening with the dutch farmers of the 30% will be put out of business because of the government's new rule on climate potentially losing their farms, everything that's been in their family, everything they wanted to pass on to future generations. adding insult to injury, the people pushing the policies don't care about climate. they don't care about it, like they didn't care about covid. remember when they are telling us to stay home but what do they do? obama through a ranger and martha's vineyard with hundreds of people while he wanted you to stay-at-home. that's what they are doing with climate. john kerry, biden, they're laughing at us. it's a joke. it's too amass government control and that's what it's all been about. >> jason: we've got a few moments here but the national economic advisor, the economic
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council, we have to stand for because there's a new world order. >> there is a numbness and the callousness that the administration expresses towards the m average american citizen. i sawed in afghanistan and it shocked me when we 13 dead americans and president biden said i did the right thing and did nothing wrong. that same callousness that president biden exuded, i've seen directed and americans every step of the way and every policy. it's the latest one, they same high energy prices and high food prices, determining if they should fill up their car with a tank of gas, or fill up their cards. it takes a special callousness did not understand and have a plan to help people. i guess maybe they will learn their lesson in november and maybe not, we will see. fingers crossed. >> jason: leo, i can't resist asking you about gavin newsom. he's out there running ads
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saying california is more free than florida. hey, he's your governor. we are trying to get you to move. >> i am trying to move, i'm going to move east. >> come to florida! yeah, come on down! >> gavin newsom is a disaster and i'll tell you right now, it's a situation where he will get reelected and he is a viable democratic 2024 candidate. he's destroyed california and he wants to destroy america. we can't let it happen. >> jason: lisa, last word to you. if you have a moment, a moment to sit with joe biden and offer advice, what with the advice be to the president? >> i would tell him he sucks and he should resign. i mean, really, honestly, i've got no respect for this man. he left americans behind in afghanistan and driving up gas prices. doing as much intentional harm it to the country as he could.
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he wouldn't want to hear it. >> jason: lisa boothe, always the button you're pushing so i get that. thank you for joining us tonight on "hannity." it coming up, texas governor greg abbott is pushing back against biden's open border agenda. our own bill melugin brings us the latest and plus sara carter and stephen miller will react next. ♪ ♪
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. ♪ ♪ >> jason: earlier today, texas governor greg abbott announced he's taking a major unprecedented step to try to rein in biden's border crisis. if our own bill melugin is in texas tonight with all the
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details. >> good evening to you. texas governor greg abbott issued an executive order which authorizes texas state troopers on the texas national guard to apprehend illegal immigrants and return them to points of entry on the u.s. side of the border. up until this point when texas encountered illegal immigrants, they will arrest them and then hand them off to border patrol and off to the federal government. in this executive order, texas governor greg abbott's invoking article four section four of the u.s. constitution witches guaranteeing states federal protection from an invasion. governor abbott isn't going as far as calling it innovation, just citing it in the constitution and what he's doing is allowing texas law enforcement to apprehend illegal immigrants and then bring them down here to the border where they will be dropped off at ports of entry again on the u.s. side of the border. why does he feel the need to do this? to take a look at the video.
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a massive groups of migrants continue inundating the state of texas. this was a single massive group of 500 migrants here in eagle pass. a mostly cubans and venezuelans, they will get to the u.s. and step foot on u.s. soil and likely be released into the country. take a listen to what governor abbott had to say about the need for the executive order. >> president biden ran on the policy of having open borders. texas is disrupting what they wanted to achieve. they want open border policies and the people coming across the border. if they don't want to follow or enforce the immigration laws of the united states of america. texas is stepping up trying to compel the biden administration to follow the laws. we will continue to press the cause. >> the state of texas will not
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be deporting illegal immigrants to mexico. at what they will be doing is rounding them up essentially and dropping them off at ports of entry on the u.s. side of the border. those are maintained by cbp, not border patrol and it remains to be seen what kind of coordination if any there will be between the federal government and the state of texas when it comes to dropping the migrants off at the point of entry. we will send it back to you. >> jason: thank you. since the biden administration has refused to enforce america's immigration laws, border states have been stepping up to fill the gap. texas governor greg abbott has spent $4 billion on the texas department of public safety operation lone star to control migration and migration crisis. recently committed another $30 million to the effort. the governor granted state police and national guard troops authority to return any migrants the encounter to the southern border. but joe biden is not happy that texas is trying to fix the
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crisis he worked so hard to create. the department of justice now is investigating operation lone star. potential civil rights violations. here now with the reaction, former senior advisor to president trump, stephen miller and fox news contributor sara carter. i want to talk to you first, stephen. you worked with donald trump and you had done yeoman's work in securing and locking down the border. but biden comes in and behind-the-scenes he brought in obama former regulatory czar, undoing everything that you have done so far and the department of justice is trying to untangle the prohibitions and the lockdowns of what you accomplished. explain that. >> yes, this is a very crucial point. the current crisis, the collapse he playing out on our border,
6:26 pm
hour after hour, day after day, is a result of a plan purposeful, premeditated crusade. carried out by the biden administration. in 2020, president trump had in place a brilliant series of domestic reforms and interlocking international agreements that allowed us to deport any illegal aliens from any country at any time for any reason whatsoever without delay. that included remain in mexico, safe agreements, asylum bars, title 42, just a few examples of what president trump had ingeniously put into place. joe biden set about dismantling each and every one of these policies to seal the border and keep us safe for the sole purpose of aiding and abetting the largest wave of illegal immigration in human history.
6:27 pm
it's literally true, it's actually the case that joe biden is complacent with global smuggling and global trafficking on the largest scale in human history. >> jason: it really is stunning. you've spent a lot of time down on the border. i know greg abbott and the governor is doing everything he possibly can. if he's trying to do the fed's job. talk to us about the human toll of what's really going down there on the border, sarah. >> it's a tragedy all the way around. it's a tragedy for americans, humanitarian crisis at the border for those that are being traffic. it's a tragedy for our country and for those being moved into the country. let me give you an example. we've got this year alone by mid-june more than 1.5 million encounters and that was up to
6:28 pm
mid-june. looking at about 1.6 million already. it will surpass probably 2 million by this fiscal year. people encountered over 800,000. over 800,000 known got away. those are people who came into the country that will never even know who they are or why they are here. over 50 terrorists, people connected to terrorist organizations have been apprehended. others could have disappeared into the fabric of the nation and will have to wait and see if there is an attack or we will have to wait and see if they are arrested. there is no way to explain what's happening down at the border. there's over 500 deaths as well and this is the reason why governor greg abbott is fighting so hard. he's only doing what he can do in throwing his hands in the air because the president will not do his job. in fact, the president's suit against greg abbott having the doj investigate operation lone star.
6:29 pm
this is exactly what the president wants, they want chaos at the border and they want to hold the people we are trying to protect our country accountable for crimes that they don't even commit. instead of holding the criminals accountable who are harming the migrants and harming the country. i think we need to make that very clear. >> jason: stephen, millions of people are coming across the border and where will they go and where will they live? >> we know from the very secret flights that this network has exposed and from my own sources throughout the department of homeland security that they are being resettled in every single state all across the country. some of it is being done directly by the federal government and others indirectly through nongovernmental organizations with the support and cooperation and in many cases financing of the federal government. what that means is that you're going to see and you are in fact
6:30 pm
now seeing school districts across the country being completely overwhelmed, needing translators and extra resources, no funds to pay for it. our hospital system is crashing. the drugs that are coming across as a result of this and the drug dealers and traffickers entering the communities unimpeded our slaughtering citizens by the tens of thousands. each of their deaths preventable, but for this lawless president. >> jason: sarah and steven, we appreciate your insight tonight. straight ahead, that breaking grinder saga continues. in our own matt brings us the latest and travis weighs in.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: now, wnba star brittany has pleaded guilty to drug charges in russia as her friends and family continued to plead with the biden administration to do more to bring her home. you're with the latest is our own matt finn. matt. >> jason come of the two-time olympic arrested in february at the airport allegedly carrying cannabis oils. charged with long -- here she is in court pleading guilty.
6:36 pm
>> she plays for the wnba phoenix mayor curry, returning to russia on february 17th to play for a basketball team in the off-season. russia's foreign defense ministry saying she's not wrongfully in custody writing in part at times to present her case as though the american woman was illegally detained do stand up to criticism. it russia's foreign ministry adds that brittney griner could apply for an appeal or clemency, but both options are considered a long shot. now there's questions whether vladimir putin will use the basketball star as a bargaining chip or a prisoner swap. at the white house says it believes brittany greiner is being wrongfully detained. if brittany greiner was able to write a handwritten letter to president biden saying she feared spending the rest of her life in russian prison. biden called her wife yesterday to free the basketball star as soon as possible. if she faces up to ten years in russian prism
6:37 pm
scheduled to hold a press conference in chicago this saturday. it jason. >> jason: matt finn, thank you. sadly, russian officials continue to mock the speed tende diplomacy it comes as the coach says there is standards of play are giving if it's lebron james imprisoned overseas, he'd be already back home. buck sexton and clay travis, thank you for joining us. let's start with you. would you make of the story? >> i think there is a double standard at play. thank you for having us on. the double standard is that if donald trump were president, he'd already have brittany greiner back. that's because you look at what happened with the ucla basketball players who were arrested in china, trump got personally involved.
6:38 pm
trump got personally involved and we wouldn't have the war in europe at all, i don't think russia would have invaded ukraine if trump were president, but if this had happen regardless, i think trump would have gotten involved and gotten brittany greiner back. if brittany greiner has regrets, it's potentially traveling with drugs in russia which she regretted in letter, voting for joe biden. >> yeah, i think donald trump was able to bring back 55 prisoners. mike pompeo involved with those. trump brought home 55 detainees around the world. he knew how to get it done. >> we have to add foreign policy and close on the foreign stage of just under failures to the biden administration. joe biden was brought onto the obama presidential ticket to the foreign policy guy and if you
6:39 pm
remember that eight years -- i know you do, of the obama administration, there was a foreign policy disaster. nothing surprising about joe biden being incapable of negotiating a deal to get -- don't get this wrong, i want every american home, the other americans including paul weyland home from russia. but the biden administration doesn't have what it takes to negotiate the deal. the personal gravitas that vladimir putin has. russia knows this which is by the way, there is a rumor floating around that may be that guys lord of war nicolas cage played the arms dealer. that may be the trade that's offered here. there's a guy known as the merchant may be trading for brittney griner reported by forbes earlier today. that would be quite a move and from the biden administration, would it be surprising? i don't think so. >> jason: clay, there is an
6:40 pm
aura of incompetence that permeates throughout. you've got staff kind of diving for the exit. it's sad to watch and do you even have people that are active democrats being quoted and talked about in politico and other publications saying the guy's. >> i think it's telling, we were talking on the radio show earlier today. barack obama didn't endorse joe biden until he had already wrapped up the nomination. it shows in 2016 to expressly pass by his vice president and instead endorse hillary clinton's presidential campaign. not just an aura of incompetence, it is incompetence. he's the worst american president so far in 100 years and when all those people who are upset about mean tweets and told us they had to be on the right side of history, guess what. they voted for joe biden and definitively on the wrong side
6:41 pm
of history whether it's foreign policy, the border, crime, inflation, every single thing that joe biden touches turns to. it's the absolute opposite of the midas touch. >> jason: when the guy has nearly 50 years of experience, he didn't just suddenly surprised people in the last 18 months. they knew what they were getting, and now they're having to live with it. >> clay said it well. you look at all the areas of failure, you never have the time to really work through them all on any show including our own. you can find yourself just talking about not only the promises that were not kept. it joe biden's and he was going to reunify the country. he was talking about people who didn't want to get the mandatory vaccine like they are some kind of terrorist group. joe biden failed consistently on everything that he has touched but let's remember democrats, until 5 minutes ago, knew this
6:42 pm
guy was sub-mediocrity and a loser. never really taken seriously as a candidate, but in the pandemic year when america was being told basically we're all going to die, it was all trump's fault, we needed a grandfatherly feed the outcome of the media played this whole thing out, and now we've got the exact candidate to come at the trojan horse for the left, the incompetent buffoon that we weren't america out, they did, i did, you did, and the democrats are realizing they can't get that one for reelection. >> jason: yeah. thank you both for joining us tonight on "hannity," we appreciate it. coming up, one new york city bodega worker is being charged with murder. over the alleged self-defense incident. we will explain. larry elder and gregg jarrett reacts. to stay us. to stay us. ♪ ♪ m, to stay us. ♪ ♪ we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: all right, now look at your screen, a new york city bodega workers being charged with second-degree murder after fatally stabbing an ex-con who attacked him last friday. many americans including new york city mayor eric adams are suggesting that the clerk acted in self-defense. have a look. >> my heart goes out for that hardworking honest new yorker that was doing his job in his place of business. the person came in and went behind the counter and attacked him. >> jason: for prosecutors charged the man identified as jose alba with second-degree murder and he now faces years behind bars. the man he stabbed has been identified as 35-year-old austin
6:48 pm
simon. video appears to show that it was simon who instigated the fight. alba reached over to grab the items from the woman's 10-year-old daughter, prompting simon to return to the store to confront and attack elbow. elbow then picked up the knife and fatally stabbed simon. released on bail after it was lowered from $250,000 to $50,000. your free action, former new york city mayoral candidate along with radio talk show host larry elder and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett berry don't break it down for us, the legal side of what's going on here. >> the twisted world of far left progressive can an innocent man be charged for daring to defend himself under attack from a
6:49 pm
violent ex-con who is free on parole. no jury will convict the bodega worker as long as he can show he was reasonably in fear of imminent serious bodily injury and in the videotape you're looking at, seems to corroborate it and depicts how the worker was being assaulted. it's a classic case of self-defense and justifiable homicide. but it was an abuse of prosecutorial and judicial process to keep alba locked up for as long as they did. they demanded half a million dollars bail, now reduced thankfully and he's out, but it was absurd for the d.a. to claim that alba is a flight risk. the guy has a family, he's been here for a long time come a job, if there is some concern you mit leave, they could just retain his passport at the outside.
6:50 pm
he lets repeat offenders walk free every time an law-abiding citizens get jailed. welcome to the insane world of lawlessness and disorder in new york city where victims are criminals and criminals are victims. >> jason: yeah, i mean, you've been as outspoken and put into action as much as anybody. what's your reaction to this story? >> there is a dmz in every story. you don't go over the counter. i was a night manager of mickey d's in the bronx when i started the guardian angels in 1979 to fight back against crime. there was an understanding in the hood to, you don't go over the counter because you're a dead man or a dude woman walking. i remember a time a guy came over the counter and assaulted my staff and i dragged him back to the freezer, lock him up in the freezer for two hours for the cops to come. you have to use some survival
6:51 pm
skills or guess what, you're dead and buried and in the case of jose alba, let's say he had been stabbed by this guy who just came home from prison for assaulting a police officer. they would have sent this guy to a diversion program and not to jail. he doesn't want people fighting back and we have to fight back. you're going to have to leave it to the people to defend themselves in the community. >> jason: the prosecutor said hey, let's go with cashless bail and then $500,000 on this guy. i mean, it's absurd. what is somebody supposed to do? you get attacked in the small space? it's your story? what are they supposed to do? >> the good news is that in the event that'll go to trial, -- look, what are the possible reasons why this man is being prosecuted? is it that the evidence of self
6:52 pm
defense is weak? ?no, there's videotape. is it that he provoked the attack? no, the man -- a case that they thought they could win. i practice law decades ago, was a trial lawyer. no way they're going to get the guys convicted. the only rational i could possibly think of of why they're bringing the charges and by the way, he hasn't issued a statement and i wonder why, the perp was a black person. was he white, will be be having the conversation? i doubt it. >> jason: have got to wrap it up quick, but i will tell you, there's people who work in convenient source 24/7 all across the country they are by themselves and it's dangerous, lonely sometimes, 3:00 a.m. in
6:53 pm
the morning and there is not a cop to be found. what are these people supposed to do? >> it's the most dangerous job in america, grocery stores, bodega stores, you've got to defend yourself. but one thing said in the story is the woman who started this by threatening the bodega owner came back with a shiv and stabbed him in the arm. she wasn't arrested. clearly, i wish larry elder we had recall in new york like you guys use recall in california and we can get rid of the people who want to lock up the law-abiding. >> is there a change in the bail here? >> jason: i'm sorry, i didn't cut your question. >> the bail, the guy approached bail as a prosecutor and i just don't understand.
6:54 pm
>> jason: it's ludicrous. the d.a. wants half a million dollars in bail and the law-abiding citizen case of self-defense, but hard-core criminals get to walk within a matter of hours and as you said, put on diversionary programs to commit crimes about the same crimes over and over and over again. this has to stop. americans are sick and tired of the lawlessness and disorder advocated by some of these progressive d.a.'s and they being recalled in california. it's too bad that in new york it takes an act by the governor to do it. there's a new gubernatorial election coming up and that may change then. >> yeah, i think lee zeldin would change some things. >> jason: larry elder, 20 seconds what's your last word? >> charging this man at all, let
6:55 pm
alone second-degree homicide, let alone requesting a $500,000 bail, are you kidding me? let alone putting him at rikers island? you should be suing alvin cragg. that should be the next lawsuit. >> jason: i've got to tell you, here's a guy working in the bodega, somebody comes to try to rip him off. i watched the video and i think it's clear, i can't believe what this guy's going through. my heart really goes out to his family. it's so unnecessary about that family i think he's the victim. thank you for joining us and more on the special edition of "hannity" right after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity,"
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unfortunately it's time to go. let me thank sean hannity for allowing me to sit in his seat and you can check out my podcast jason in the house and you can go find that podcast. laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" is up next to. it's all yours. >> laura: jason, fantastic job as always, great to see you and i am laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle. globalists are on the run, thus the focus of tonight's angle. they told us it would be wonderful. >> i believe we can make our economy even stronger and make open trade an even greater force for peace and prosperity in the new century. >> keeping america competitive requires us to open more markets for all. >> i believe the process of globalization is here to stay, there are a enormous benefits to be gained from that of global