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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 7, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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unfortunately it's time to go. let me thank sean hannity for allowing me to sit in his seat and you can check out my podcast jason in the house and you can go find that podcast. laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" is up next to. it's all yours. >> laura: jason, fantastic job as always, great to see you and i am laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle. globalists are on the run, thus the focus of tonight's angle. they told us it would be wonderful. >> i believe we can make our economy even stronger and make open trade an even greater force for peace and prosperity in the new century. >> keeping america competitive requires us to open more markets for all. >> i believe the process of globalization is here to stay, there are a enormous benefits to be gained from that of global
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integration. >> laura: they trash the populist opposition. >> donald trump is a populist and populism can be a very dangerous tool. >> that's the problem. >> the larger problem is a populist, racist know nothing movement that is fundamentally inconsistent with democracy. >> laura: that was all wishful thinking. from supply chain nightmares to food and fuel shortages the pointless wars, massive refugee crises, the wheels have been coming off the globalization train. the media hates to report on this but one of the big stories playing out over the summer is the rise of the freedom movement. i'm talking about normal people around the world who are pushing back on the globalist agenda that is essentially dominating our politics since the 1990s. too often we are told that it's americans, they are the only ones who have concerns about globalization and what it means for our culture and our economy
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and way of life. around the world, working people are now pushing back against the system that is making a small sliver of the population very rich while harming the interests of the vast majority. if i told you for example that farmers who are furious about high costs and regulations were marching against government climate fanatics, he would probably think it was happening somewhere in rural america but as we reported last night it's happening in the netherlands. >> the farmers want a stable future, they want a stable future. they buy the farm and they are drawn. >> you told me earlier they have no future and they were hanging themselves, is that something people are aware of and a crisis right now? >> yes. it is a crisis. >> laura: the attack on farming and agriculture is terrifying and it's all according to the globalist
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playbook. in france, voters rejected emmanuel macron's agenda by giving more power to left-wing and right-wing parties. his support for the war in ukraine was cited repeatedly by both opposition candidates. they seized on record level inflation to portray him as a leader who pays more attention to his role in diplomatic stage then to voters struggling to make ends meet. in germany with the globalist agenda was once a front and center for the world to see, they have essentially had to admit to the whole thing is a failure. putting the entire country into a self-inflicted energy crisis. what are they doing now? they are moving back -- they are bringing back coal. in britain, boris johnson came to power because he was one of the few politicians who would implement brexit, he ended up getting distracted by globalist concerns as well and he presented himself as someone who
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is going to focus on the working class people but then he became enamored by china and the war in ukraine. >> it's important we understand china is a great country, it's going to be a gigantic factor of the world economy for a long time to come. >> let me say no to the people of ukraine that i know we in the u.k. will continue to back your fight for freedom for as long as it takes. >> laura: the globalists routinely argue that anyone who questions the idea of open markets and open borders, that they are destabilizing the global system but the truth is it's globalization itself that is destabilizing an end weakening great western nations that have existed for centuries. let's be real -- almost all of us at this point you know who the real winner in the globalization game is. of course, he aggressively defends the system against any and all critics. >> its true economic globalization has created new
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problems. but this is no justification to write off economic globalization altogether. rather, we should adapt to economic globalization. >> laura: ironically of course, xi is the biggest nationalist of all threatening anyone or any country that kits in its way. as china did recently with australia when it's air force was merely conducting routine missions over international waters. of course when push comes to shove on almost every issue, the political business and media establishment here, they agree with the ccp i think pretty much every step of the way. they don't just agree with them, they end up rewarding china. we have a shocking development on that front involving hunter biden, we will bring you in just a few moments. in the globalist worldview it's totally logical for them to criticize and punish states here
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like florida and mississippi went according to the elites they are not living up to the modern norms, abortion, trends rights, et cetera. nothing that happens inside china matters of the globalists. not the uighurs being tortured, not dissidents in prison, not child labor, not hong kong, their freedom being smashed, certainly not the covid lockdowns, they don't care about any of that to. high flyers and business and politics just signed a letter urging president biden to seek more cooperation and accommodation with china. none of them have to worry about getting their jobs offshore to china but courtesy of globalization, china has the power, the money, and the prestige to bully the united states when it's being run by an incompetent bunch like the biden administration. their answer to that? the biden administration
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basically is saying thank you, sir, may i have another? biden is close to lifting trumps tariffs on chinese goods and janet yellen's meeting with her counterpart and antony blinken with his this week, nothing good is going to come out of that. goofball john kerry still thinks china is going to be a key ally in fighting climate change, this is hilarious. china is moving full steam ahead with coal and its own refining capacity, building that up huge. things are so bad, america is so weakened, a state department official actually is quoted today as saying america should essentially abandon asia to china, that is dangerous for washington to deter a chinese attack on taiwan, we need to be investing more in economic engagement and countering climate change which will require cooperation with china. who cares about taiwan, that is overrated.
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let's keep pouring billions of dollars in the ukraine forever. if we're going to win this debate, we are already waiting this debate and in 2024 the american people want to know that above all else the american president this time as he was in 2016, his whole cabinet will put our interests first. biden and his team clearly don't and won't and that's the angle. joining me now, nigel farage former european parliament member and founder of the brexit party in britain. of the globalists are on the run, what in your mind is driving them? >> they're losing, it's quite simple. the one that you just said that really highlights it to me is the only benefits of globalization offer a fraction of the present of a giant multinational businesses, those who work in globalist government
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and everybody else -- i think people have woken up to it, they are seeing it. speed when i need to get your reaction to some hilarious commentary on boris johnson's resignation on msnbc, watch. speak of the rise of right-wing populism in the west may soon be limited to the confines of cable news hosts and a dwindling number of dimwitted representatives in congress. >> what looks like the age of the right-wing populist with johnson's departure may become due a short end. >> laura: was boris johnson's unpopularity linked to the fact that he was to populist? >> no, the opposite. the truth is he adopted brexit and i was very pleased when he did because i fought as you know a long, lonely campaign -- the truth of it as he got elected as
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a conservative, governed as a liberal committing to the u.k. to net zero, increasing the size of the state, becoming an lgbt fanatic and the reason he's gone is number one, he betrayed millions of people who trusted him to stand up against globalization and now we have this pro-china maniac running the country. number 2 he proved to be an outright liar. the idea that his demise is the end of populism is nonsense and i very much believe whoever replaces him in the conservative party will actually be stronger, far stronger than johnson himself. msnbc have got this so wrong, it's just not true. >> laura: the war in ukraine which is grinding on, not going well -- we all know that.
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the media kind of moves on when things aren't going the way of ukraine, how bad is that hurting someone like emmanuel macron and other european leaders right now? >> i think the real problem european leaders have is they have made themselves completely dependent on russia so that all the place, publicly supporting -- giving ukraine money and weapons while at the same time funding russia's war by paying -- it's unbelievable that paying a billion dollars a day to putin for gas and oil. you may remember there was a chap who warned the germans at the big u.n. summit they are becoming too dependent on russia and everyone laughed at him. the whole position of the e.u. and e.u. countries and all of this is laughable. >> laura: it's so great to see you, i hope we have a new leader
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of the tory party who has your principles on the issue of nationalism and economic nationalism, i hope it happens. speaking of rejection of globalism, we turn now to the netherlands, lincoln jay has spent the day with farmers who are protesting the new demands. what did you see and hear on the ground? >> thanks so much for having me on. i arrived in the netherlands yesterday and so far we have covered a group of farmers that are protesting about an hour and a half outside of amsterdam. the one thing about this movement, there's actually multiple protests happening across the netherlands all for the same cause. there isn't just one big group of protesters, they are kind of scattered through the country. what it is really reminding me
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of is what we saw in truckers in ottawa. i was embedded in ottawa for the entire month they were there. what i can tell you is it is very similar. this is another example of everyday people who are sick and tired of government and the globalists trying to take more control over our lives, simple as that. >> laura: one farmer that you interviewed thinks there is a larger goal here especially when it concerns agriculture and land, watch. >> have they treated you extremely poorly or do you think they can do better? >> of course they can do better but we believe it's part of a bigger plan, they need our land. >> laura: is it really about we don't want you to use so much
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fertilizer for climate change? or do they want the land that these families, some of them have been working for hundreds and hundreds of years? >> farmers who have had their land in their bloodline for generations are now at risk of potentially losing it. i think the bottom line here is that the farmers genuinely believe that this is simply going to destroy their livelihood. in the government's eyes, it's about combating climate change. there's a lot of things going on here. i think these new environmental policies are going to make it practically impossible for the younger generation here in the netherlands to get into farming. i think now the rest of the world is starting to watch very closely what is happening here. i think a lot of people are scared that this is going to come to their country.
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>> laura: we have a lot of big landowners in the united states, bill gates is one of them and others on the hundreds of thousands of acres and have taken it out of agriculture and a lot of people want to know why. thank you for being there and we'll talk to you soon. it's important to remember that the rejection of this globalist mind-set was hastened by the response to covid. draconian lockdowns we've covered them endlessly on the angle, the mandates combined with harsh measures taken to enforce them not just in the united states but some of it was even worse. it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are now warnings about a fall and winter wave from the white house. the media has jumped into the fray, here's a headline from "the new york times" this morning. what the sub variant could mean for the united states. joining me now is professor of stanford at stanford school of medicine, great to see you. do you kind of feel they want to get back to the place where they
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are happiest, you and i were talking in the spring of 2020, they were happiest when everyone was locked down and ordering doordash. do you think it's going to be possible with sub variance? >> the facts are unwarranted, you have "the new york times" panic mongering again when there are study after study coming out that people who have been infected and recovered which is a very large fraction of the population don't get severe disease on reinfection. you have a situation where there are still may be older people who haven't been infected you have to worry, when there is a real wave, worn them. do focused protection but for everybody else, i don't think it's going to play, i think this is one time too many, trying to get the band back together for another lockdown is not going to work. >> laura: it's kind of being rejected by the audience.
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it's not just "the new york times," "the washington post" editorial board breathlessly writing the worst virus variant just arrived -- the pandemic is not over, the arrival of sub variant should be reminded of the finish line in this race is nowhere to be seen. i'm sorry to laugh but they have been saying this since they 1. there's never a finish line, only government control. >> they don't have an end game, the is that this virus is here to stay forever. this is the kind of lockdowns that they have and we are going to have them forever. we have to move on from this epidemic, we have to understand this is not march of 2020. it is absolutely shocking to me that some of our biggest newspapers like "the washington post" and "new york times" continue to fear monger, continue to so panic when the science just does not want it. >> laura: white house covid
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coordinator so they got it wrong about the vaccine rollout. >> we underappreciated the level of mistrust that exist in people because of their experience and we underestimated the amount of misinformation that's out there that undermined that confidence. we kind of got the biological science rate but we didn't get the social science right. >> is that what they got wrong about covid? the disinformation about all the prophylactic treatments that were out there and the pathogenicity of it and is that what went wrong? >> he should point a finger at himself, the cdc, dr. fauci, all the powers that be undermined our trust because they got the biological science wrong. they said there is no immunity after covert recovery, there's no natural immunity which was
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false in october of 2020 when we wrote the declaration, false today. they pushed vaccine mandates in a way that was guaranteed to breed distrust in large parts of the community. they have caused people to start questioning other vaccines which are actually quite important for children for instance. like the mmr vaccine's. i am shocked to hear him talking this way. they should be apologizing to the american people for the panic mongering that they did that for ignoring the signs and the censoring dissident voices who argued vehemently against the policies that created this distrust. >> laura: what they did to our children. thank you so much. up next, we learn to something stunning about who exactly was the recipient of biden's strategic petroleum belief and what it might have to do with his son. victor davis hanson details of the democrats have become the marie antoinette party, stay
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about two inside china is a direct beneficiary. the free beacon can report they went to unitech, the trading arm of the china petrochemical corporation. that company is wholly owned by the chinese government. meanwhile, the ccp. here now is daniel turner founder of power of the future. i keep saying this is beyond disturbing, the words don't capture this at this point. tell us why this matters, there is also a biden connection? >> this is disturbing on multiple levels, the president told us he was releasing these reserves to lower the price of gas nationally and then you find out that he threw secretary grant and the department of energy is selling them on the world market and selling them to the communist chinese. we are selling our strategic raw materials, our strategic
7:26 pm
reserves to the communist country who is our adversary and then you find out one of the companies brokering this deal, one of the top investors is of course hunter biden. the president's crackhead son is invested in the company that is buying our strategic reserves while we are paying more than $5 a gallon at the pump. if we had an impeachment hearing about a phone call with donald trump and president zelenskyy, if this doesn't cause jerry nadler and adam schiff to ask some questions and for congress to do its job and wonder how this crime family is profiting while the american people are suffering, i don't understand if there is an offense more worthy of investigating for impeachment. >> laura: where is "the new york times" on this? what is the jeff bezos post on this? this is a massive story. people ask if the biden family is owned by china because they are about to lift the tariffs
7:27 pm
too, we know that. i don't know what you say about this. if they aren't owned by china they are acting like it. speak of the president wants to use the defense authorization act using military powers to commandeer the purchase of wind and solar that are also made in china. thank goodness for the free beacon, collin anderson who wrote the story deserves a shout out but i'm getting angry at this for a very reasons because this president just last week questioned our patriotism. the press secretary said we are not upholding our american standards. we have been told we are shills of vladimir putin because the gas companies aren't lowering prices, we are accused of price gouging and profiteering. when you find out his administration is selling oil on the world stage and potentially his own family is profiting from it. that is beyond offensive. i would like to thank senator manchin who had the natural resources committee, i would like to think they would
7:28 pm
haul secretary granholm who's in charge of this and ask her some really tough questions, we are paying $5 a gallon because of this administration's energy policy, now his family is potentially profiting on the world markets. it is unpatriotic and it's shameful and potentially criminal. >> laura: meanwhile he's beating up the mom-and-pop gas stations, that's the great part of it. i've got to play this from the economic advisor from the white house brian d, he insisted that the president is focused on lowering gas prices, watch. >> we have to show action on behalf of the american people and that's exactly with the president is doing. every day he is focused on practical things that he can do. the release of oil from strategic petroleum reserves -- sounds esoteric but oil market analysts you've had on the show would say it's single-handedly responsible for keeping oil prices going higher. >> laura: why did he send it to other countries especially china that is buying oil from
7:29 pm
russia that is fighting the war in ukraine that we are fighting a proxy war against? >> that's exactly it, they are caught in a live. they are telling us they are releasing the strategic reserves to lower prices domestically and you find out they aren't bringing it to american refineries, they are selling it on the world market. they are in an absolute lie. the sanction of russian oil's moral duty that we have to sanction russian oil, all that has done is force a greater alliance between russia and china. china is already profiting from russian oil at a premium and now they are profiting from american oil as well. it's an administration -- part of the new liberal world order, this is part of the world order but is not with the american people want and this election, this is an issue that's on the ballot this november, no doubt. >> laura: great to see you, thank you so much. they used to champion themselves as the party of the working class but our next guest has a new moniker for them, the
7:30 pm
marie antoinette democratic party. pelosi is hitting the beaches near florence, governor kevin newsom's vacationing in montana and the obama's are always lecturing from the martha's vineyard mansion in hunter biden is expanding his father's presidency paying $20,000 a month to rent a in malibu. the rules never apply to the elite, never. >> this is the aristocracy and people forget that the democratic party is not harry truman's party anymore, it's the party of the very wealthy but more importantly, they don't care because the consequences of their ideology fall on somebody else. we say don't they understand about $6 a gallon in california or border communities getting destroyed or you can't afford meat or there is no baby formula
7:31 pm
and the answer is no. they don't associate with people who have a real problem, they talk about climate change or davos or transgenderism, it's issues that are important to them but they don't pull very high to the middle class people. they don't go to the french laundry, they don't go to tuscany, they don't have three mansions, they don't have a biden compound. i think we have to change our mentality and recalibrate that the democratic party is a party of the very wealthy but more importantly, the party of the elite and that's why people are leaving the democratic party, they understand that now. >> laura: on fox this week, pete buttigieg that expert in transportation was asked about the biden administration continuing to blame pruden for all the gas price hikes.
7:32 pm
>> the increase started prior to the first russian soldiers, you can't blame it all on ukraine. >> what about the other half? >> laura: is he out of his league as he appears? the chickens are coming home to roost on this cabinet, they are the most unqualified, inexperienced people assume any type of power in the executive branch, that's saying something. >> translated what he just said was that if you're in california paying $6.60 a gallon, it wasn't that bad. you were happy when you were paying five when the war started which was $2 over three and he's talking to a public that can't drive very far at almost $7 a gallon gas and they don't want to fly anymore because they get stranded and there's no flights out of these connections. he's a transportation secretary,
7:33 pm
the whole airline industry is in shambles, the transportation industry, trucking, cars are in shambles, he's telling you don't worry, only half of the increase was our fault, the other half was vladimir putin. he's out of touch and he's iconic of this aristocracy, arrogant democratic elite and they don't understand what's coming in november. it's going to be a middle-class push back against their arrogance and you know what it is? it's their selfishness, they don't care about the people in the border communities, they have no concern whatsoever that people can't afford meat, they don't know what it's like to be a long-haul trucker or farmer and pay $7 a gallon for gas. >> laura: i think it's worse than that, they want to punish americans. that's what they want to. great see you. the senate races in georgia and pennsylvania are going to be
7:34 pm
vital in determining which party controls the chamber and the two democratic candidates now find themselves in hot water. a full report in a moment. ♪ ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: in tonight's retaking america segment we bring you a closer look at the democratic candidates for senate in georgia and pennsylvania. they have largely escaped media scrutiny but that's about the change. kevin corke is here with new details. >> great to be with you. there are a couple of races where g.o.p. senate candidates are facing a bit of an uphill battle but they may be grabbing a bit of popcorn tonight as their opponents to deal with some very uncomfortable news. first we take you to georgia, that's where it would appear senator raphael warnock may have illegally used campaign funds to pay for personal legal expenses related to a lawsuit when he was a pastor at ebenezer baptist church.
7:40 pm
a lot of caveats in that sentence -- if he did used campaign cash to pay for personal legal expenses, yes, it would be a pretty clear violation of federal campaign finance law. marc elias the infamous democratic party operative who also represents his campaign is calling the suit frivolous. in the keystone state of pennsylvania, there are reports that the lieutenant governor there john federman took a taxpayer-funded security detail on a family vacation to the jersey shore, all while -- wait for it -- publicly advocating for strict coronavirus lock downs. sound familiar? state police spending over $3500 for lodging and food for that trip to ocean city. the campaign said allegheny county where federman resides was not in a lockdown at the time of the trip. i should pass this along, there's a lot of grumbling in the commonwealth about his health status. as you probably know, he hasn't been seen or spoken publicly since he suffered a stroke back
7:41 pm
before the may 17th primary election, his wife keeps saying he's going to be on the trail soon. i did notice there is an event scheduled for the 21st of july, we'll and see if he shows and in the meantime obviously everyone wishes him a very speedy and full recovery. >> laura: thanks for getting us up to speed on all this, we appreciate it. now on to another battleground arizona where residents there are facing devastating consequences of biden's policies. the border, that's obvious, but also inflation. the phoenix metro area has the highest inflation rate among big cities in america. the primaries are less than four weeks away, republicans hope to unseat democrat mark kelly in the senate and keep the governorship in g.o.p. hands. karen taylor robeson is a republican candidate for governor, the top two and she joins us now. great to see you tonight.
7:42 pm
the race has really tightened, how do you convince republican voters that you are the candidate that are poised to keep this governorship in republican hands? >> thank you for having me on tonight. the most recent polls have me leading and it is remarkable the amount of momentum we have in this campaign. i believe arizona voters are waking up to the steaks that are at hand in this election so we can keep the arizona governor's office in republican hands. they know i am best position to defeat katie hobbs in the election. >> laura: you have governor ducey came out and endorsed to you, he's very popular in the state of arizona. i know some conservatives don't think he's conservative enough, i get it but that was a big deal for you to get that endorsement. how did you convince him?
7:43 pm
or did you convince him, he just decided to pick you? >> he is joined a chorus of leading conservative voices from bill bennett, steve moore, newt gingrich yesterday endorsed me, governor mike huckabee. both the previous governors of arizona, jan brewer, both conservative republicans were joined today by governor doug ducey. they howl have known me for many years, they understand who i am, my conservative credentials. they understand what i have done in business. they know i'm ready to lead day 1, i'm able to tackle the issues that matter to arizona voters and as i crisscross this state i can tell you that voters are hurting. the disastrous policies of joe biden, we have people who have to decide whether to put gas in their tank or food on their table. we have people who have to decide whether they can make it to work. it is so bad not only economically but as you
7:44 pm
mentioned, the border. we've had a tremendous increase in border crossings. in yuma alone has been over 300% year over year in border crossings. arizona is on the front lines of what is really a 50 state border war and we are disproportionately impacted and the citizens of arizona are feeling it. >> laura: that is hideous. is it true that terry lake was an obama supporter? i keep thinking that can't be true because president trump endorsed her -- i don't know her, she could be the greatest person ever, she obviously does a lot of conservative things now but did she support obama? >> she did, she donated to obama, she knocked doors for him, her political life and career has been quite interesting from democrats, independents come a or democrat and she found god, guns, and the g.o.p. about a day and a half before she decided to run for governor and the voters are of
7:45 pm
arizona, the more they learn about her they are coming to the conclusion that i am the candidate developed for. that's why we are surging in the polls and that's why we will keep this momentum going through election day. >> laura: we are going to be watching this closely, i still can't believe that. thanks so much for joining us. up next, what are they trying to teach your children? we will take you inside the national education association's latest assembly and i'm going to expose the disturbing proposals they are attempting to implement nationwide, let's stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> we will say gay, we will say trans. we will fight tirelessly for the right to choose. we will never stop. >> laura: that was the nea head becky crinkle quickly summing up what she and her group often prioritize over actually teaching what kids need to know. unless you think we are exaggerating, we have an inside look at the proposals being considered at their latest national assembly that just wrapped up among the items
7:51 pm
adopted is vital for student success, the nea will publicly stand a defense of abortion and encourage members to participate in rallies, demonstrations, lobbying, and political campaigns. they will support and participate in actions for lgbtq rights and pride. finally they shall create resources and information related to historic reasons that have exacerbated the racial and gender wealth gap in the u.s. and joining me now is someone who says he had his twitter account censored for merely pointing all of this out, dr. terry snoop's director of the center for effective education at the john locke foundation. is this the way these meetings usually end up with these wacky pop declarations? >> absolutely, the difference this year is the nea decided they want going to publish their agenda and make it available to the public. that's where i stepped in and i said i'm going to find this
7:52 pm
agenda and i'm going to make sure i let everyone know what the nea is talking about as the representative assembly. i obtained the documents and i started publishing their new business items on twitter so that the world would know exactly what was being discussed at this meeting and once twitter realized i was revealing this information and individuals started re-tweeting and commenting on what i had revealed, they shut me down. fortunately a lot of my colleagues and friends have been continuing to talk about this insane agenda of the national education association is displaying at their annual meeting. if you took a list of parents most critical concerns about their child's education and compared it to what they were discussing at the nea meeting, those lists would look nothing alike because parents aren't talking about things like environmental racism or replacing the words mother and father with birthing parent and
7:53 pm
nonbirthing parents, they are worried about learning laws, social emotional skills that their children lack as the schools were locked down and the children were masked for an extended period. >> laura: this event is more like a political rally for the far left. kind of a combination of human rights campaign, blm, earth justice league, whatever it is. what it's not about is education and this is why i think a lot of people are saying it's time to defund government education or at least defund it by giving vouchers to parents so they can say we aren't doing this anymore. i think that has to happen, we have to stop funding this madness. >> i think if she is really pro-choice, than the natural extension of that is she need to be pro-school choice but of course they don't want the monopoly to end because they don't want the money to end. i joked with a colleague that the nea reps end of assembly is
7:54 pm
a version of the dixie chicks concert with better music and more men. the concern is the dixie chicks on standing in front of the classroom for 180 days of the school year and these teachers at this conference will be. they are taking what they believe and they talk about at the convention floor in chicago to the nation's classrooms and more than anything we need to parents to be vigilant and we need ways to get parents options if they find their teacher is perpetuating indoctrination. >> laura: thank you for bringing this to light and covering it, we'll and stay on it. when we come back, a very hopeful message for any of you out there if you think you can't get over a phobia because earlier today, i got over a phobia and i have the video to prove it, stay there.
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before, i knew i didn't have credit. i knew it was an issue that i had to tackle if i wanted to start a family. they told me what i needed to do to get my credit to where i wanted it to be. these people are legit.
7:59 pm
they changed my life. >> laura: you don't know this about me but i have a terrible fear of heights. today i made progress.
8:00 pm
>> go! [cheers and applause] >> laura: the little kid was laughing at me, that's a jumping rock at southlake and wyoming about 25 feet high. ♪ ♪ >> greg: i hope this is good -- happy thursday, everyone. i know i look great. those injections of panda tears into my face are really paying off. we made them cry by reading aloud from b


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