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tv   America Reports  FOX News  July 8, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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at the protest and they could bike ride come i want to be wite people because you are undermining a failed president. interesting, you have lost the crazies. >> the one thing we have in common. thanks everyone for watching, happy friday and now here is "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> sandra: all right, we are awaiting this hour from customs and border protection and results from an investigation of border agent whipping haitian migrants trying to enter the u.s. >> john: the controversy escalating and some media outlets and falsely identified the agents split reigns as webb's used on the migrants. fox news has confirmed sent out disciplinary proposals for the forest back to mountain a chance.
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border patrol council are toque who art del cueto will join us on that. >> we began "america reports" this friday with june unemployment report beating expectation but still below pre-pandemic levels. with inflation still climbing. hello, i am in for sandra smith and rich, hello to you. >> good afternoon, i am in for john roberts. 372,000 jobs added last month in unemployment rate to study at 3.6% but record number of job openings persist with two jobs available for every unemployed person and there are still concerns over runaway inflation and new jobs report shows rising costs with average earnings. >> anita: meanwhile the president is taking heat for more than just the economy and some of his own party criticize him for a lack of action on guns and abortion. the president's last hour
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sending executive order to access to abortion and the move comes two weeks after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> rich: mark meredith live on the beautiful lawn of the white house, mark. >> good afternoon and a celebratory day at the white house as they are celebrating the latest job report with the president's economic policies are working but as you and anita were talking about, growing concerns about the economy from high gas prices to soaring inflation appearance to us the president said in the last hour today, the day to celebrate as he points to economic pressure. >> we have more americans working in the private sector than any day under my predecessor and more today than any time in american history. be one but the latest poll from mann mouth university even employed university and the labor secretary insist the
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administration is still will aware what you see on your screen. the concerns when it comes to the economy. >> we are not denying we have work to do on inflation living within the pandemic time. and the situation in ukraine with putin's war in ukraine driving prices up all across the globe. >> some democrats have completed at the white house to spend more time focusing on the economy. republicans are doing what they can to keep this issue front and center including today in south carolina senator tim scott tweeted "the highest in decades inflation has gutted the pocketbooks of hardworking americans. the slowing wage growth in june. so we did get this jobs report today and it certainly gave the white house a little bit of a chance to talk about the economy on positive terms. another economic report is due out with price index wins faith where things stand with inflation and the white house
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with a victory lap after that rich. >> rich: mark meredith live at the white house. anita you talk about what is going on down the road from the white house, the federal reserve raising rates, trying to get control of inflation, but it is unclear. they want to make sure they are doing that without hurting the jobs numbers. so far, that holds but we will go from here. >> anita: the president and the administration certainly do have something to celebrate today with a jobs numbers, but so many other issues plaguing american people. gas prices, inflation, the cost of food, you name it. still ahead, rich. >> rich: absolutely. >> anita: moving on a shocking assassination rocks pan and the world. former prime minister shinzo abe shot and killed while delivering a campaign speech. alex hogan joins us live on the shocking story. alex, what more can you tell us? >> hi, anita. welcomes japan's longest prime minister and now the
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country is just shocked after the shooting, especially given the fact how strict the gun laws are across japan. we are also learning more about the shooter himself. this is a 41-year-old man who used a 15-inch handmade gun. they found a similar weapon when they later searched his home. it was her late today when gunfire rang out in abe's campaign speech in eastern japan. speak with a 67-year-old conservative politician was shot from behind. medics airlifting him to the hospital and doctors are attempting to save him with massive blood transfusions before they officially declared one of the country's most powerful and influential people had died. security tackled the shooter to the ground, who is currently held on suspicion of attempted murder. he is a former member of japan's
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navy. the man reportedly telling the police he wanted to kill the former man but this is not about politics. they express shock and anger and gathered in bali for a g20 summit. >> it is profoundly disturbing. and also such a strong personal -- >> abe came from long line of prominent figures. his mother was a prime minister and his grandfather a prime minister as well. he died in 2020 over health concerns. >> anita: alex hogan live and let him with those stories, rich. >> rich: and anita, a bodega worker charged with murder has
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been released on bail following a week of rikers island. jose alba appeared to be acting in self-defense after a man became aggressive in the store over and exchanged all of the head with his girlfriend. surveillance video shows the store clerk fending off the attacker before stabbing and killing him. progressive d.a. alvin bragg's office catching criticism for his treatment of jose alba and standing by with reaction but first we go to david lee miller live in new york city but the latest, david. >> rich according to court documents the convenience store clerk jose alba allegedly stabbed a man who attacked him at least five times. and the district attorney said this is a case of second-degree murder, his family including the mayor said he did nothing wrong. as you point out alba's supporters say a self of growing defense. the case, after seeing security camera video obtained by "the new york post" shows 34-year-old austin simon who was
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inside with his girlfriend shoved alba. simon was on parole for assaulting a cop here they fought in much of the struggle is out of camera frame. alba returned home from rikers island jail after a judge reduced bail from $250,000 down to $50,000. prosecutors sought $500,000, but the reduction means "the people in conversation with the defense counsel on this matter to come up with bail package with mr. alba's contacts. the least restrictive to return to court on this serious matter." the d.a.'s office expressed before might not return to the previous scheduled trip to the dominican republic where he was born. and to surrender his passport and up to go to new york city and monitored electronically. mayor adams who made a private visit to the store valid support
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for alba. >> and i think it is time for new yorkers and americans to start standing up for a people and follow the law. that is what i'm going to do. speak with the d.a.'s office as it still investigating alba's case. if convicted of second-degree murder, he will face 25 years in prison, rich. >> rich: david lee miller in new york, thank you. anita? >> anita: let's bring in republican new york congresswoman, good of you to come today. this is such a disturbing case that it really does seem like a case of self-defense. i want to put up the headline from "the new york post" on this. number one, you can see free jose. that is the sentiment coming from the newspaper, free jose. they think this whole thing has gone wrong. and then number two, and opinion quote coming from
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"the new york post" and they say, "and the current environment, bodega and retail stores are open target for shoplifters and those seeking to hurt store employees. there was no fear or any consequences because the police have made these cases a low priority. it is truly shocking the d.a. has to prosecute mr. alba for defeing himself in a clear-cut case of self-defense. yet congresswoman alba charged with second-degree murder and thrown in jail at rikers island. what is wrong with this picture? >> what is wrong is this d.a. is so misguided and so backwards where he doesn't actually want to prosecute people who commit crimes, but now he wants to go after a law-abiding citizen who acted in self-defense, which is a right of every single american. the real issue that we are facing in new york city and new york state is the fact that people still embolden now, actually by the law put in place by the democrats to make sure
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they can enter stores and take whatever they want without paying for it. and the hardworking citizens whose trying to run a business is the one who is suffering. we saw it during looting in 2021, we see it during the smash and grabs repeatedly. now in this case as well with someone thought they could come in and take a bag of potato chips and then came back to us hope the bodega owner when he said "no." >> anita: that was my next question, what is the message the d.a. alvin bragg is sending to other store owners? god forbid they get attacked or rubbed them their own stores. should they welcome the criminals and attackers and so they don't get in trouble with the law? >> that is exactly the message that woke d.a.s and lenient judges here in new york city and across america giving to the perpetrators. that they can go in the stores and take anything they want and they don't get punished for it. on top of that, if they happen to get arrested, they are
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released back on the street because of new york's outrageous bayeux laws. you have to commit multiple robberies before they even take you seriously and hold you for a trial. so, it has become a joke. it is unfortunate that people like governor kathy hochul refuses the specifics of bail law and people keep electing these judges and prosecutors who are not serious about crime. >> anita: i want to turn quickly to the economy. pretty decent jobs report out today despite high gas prices, high inflation, choking people. let's look at the numbers, 372,000 jobs, 3.6% and holding yet, we have these numbers to contend with, inflation outpacing wages if we could put that up on the screen. average hourly wages up 5.1% but inflation 8.6% and inflation is winning. the economy sputtering along. congresswoman, your thoughts on this. >> it is a good thing that we
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fought and stopped the build back better inflationary spending of $4.5 trillion from passing that joe biden wanted or it would be much worse. but he is desperately trying to convince americans that they call me as, but the problem is every single day come americans are hurting when they put gas in their tanks or trying to put food on the table or try to pay their rent or energy bill. so they know that they are not getting what they used to for the american dollar. they know it is because of inflation and the policies put whereby the democrats. they know they are paying high gas prices because the president evoked everything president trump has done that created energy independence in this country. now, he strategically is raiding our reserves when americans are hurting and sending it to europe and asia? this is completely backwards. the more people that go about everyday life, the more they know joe biden and democrats are lying to them about trying to convince them the economy is
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doing well. >> we always hear from this administration the economy is doing great, but the poll show otherwise, right? congresswoman, thank you so much for your time today and happy friday. >> same to you, thank you, rich. >> rich: texas governor greg abbott ordering the state's national guard and state troopers to return those here illegally to the border. sources tell fox the horse patrol agents wrongly accused of whipping migrants have learned their punishment. we will go live to the border. >> the country's largest teachers union voting to spend thousands of dollars to dig up dirt on 25 groups that supposedly attacked gender identity and sexual orientation freedom in schools. parents defending education president calls it an enemies list. we will hear from that next. >> nea we are listening to you, the proposals that we have.
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♪ ♪ >> anita: welcome back. it will back. alternative to public education now and focus amidst growing frustrations over the teachers union. doug ducey signing a bill to expand school choice making his state the first to offer financial backing to all students looking to escape public schools. it comes has one teachers union seeks to create what critics say is an analyst list. nicole neely is a concerned parent pushing back against that. we are going to hear from her and just a moment, but we began
10:20 am
with william la jeunesse and he is here on sat with me digging into this, william, what can you tell us? >> conservatives have been fighting this battle for decades. and every family regardless of where they live or much they make is eligible for about $7,000 a year and a voucher that could be used at any private, charter, or home school like this when you see in phoenix. >> arizona is a model for the nation l. what we have done with this legislation here is the gold standard for other states to take up and we will revolutionize our approach to et centric focused on students, not on an institution. >> governor doug ducey signed the bill on thursday allowing any of the states 1.1 million students to opt out of public schools. get the voucher, and go where they want. >> people know we need change and improvement in case of education and we know if we can empower people and empower parents, they will make better
10:21 am
decisions, especially better decisions than big government. >> teacher unions oppose the bill. they were expected to challenge the law by putting the issue to voters next year. they defeated a similar voucher program four years ago. >> with the vouchers, we can't really determine the students are getting a good education. there is very little academically or financially. our public schools, of course, we are accountable not just for testing but to parents and locally elected school boards. >> rich: it is true there's not a lot of red government tape but they have their own standards. the vouchers cost taxpayers about $4,000 less in the same student went to a public school and expect republicans to make this part of the messaging and midterms in 2024. >> anita: each family would get $1,000 to send their children to the school of their choice or how about a religious school. could they send them there? >> rich: they do qualify. >> i imagine other states will
10:22 am
start with that william la jeunesse, thank you so much, good to see you. okay, rich. >> rich: growing oppositional for teachers union effort to conduct opposition research groups opposing progressive agendas in public schools. nicole neily founder and president of parents defending education. she joins us now. nicole, thank you for joining us this afternoon. i first want to get you on what william la jeunesse was reporting on, this idea that the government is going to be giving parents nearly $7,000 to send their kids to private schools. you heard the opposition from teachers there saying there is no accountability at least with public schools. there is accountability through the public school, people elected. but there has always been opposition to this from many sagging it robs public schools of funding. what is your reaction to that? >> i think it is laughable the teachers union are claiming there was no accountability. let's think about who kept schools closed for two years
10:23 am
working behind the scenes at the cdc. in many cases, it will never be made up. it is impossible to fire teachers. and the fact that they are saying this program is unaccountable is absolute garbage. at the end of the day if parents are not getting what they want from the school, they will walk with their dollars somewhere else. that is accountability. right now parents are trapped in failing systems. most families are able to fend for themselves. >> rich: there is an actual education association large teachers resolution passed allocates $140,000 to create fact sheets on organizations that "actively work to diminish the students rights to honesty in education, freedom of and janitor and teacher autonomy." what is the practical effect of this mending, and how will it present itself in the classroom? >> sure, this is obviously
10:24 am
intended to chill and terrorize people who oppose the radical ideology. it is intended to send a message not only to the groups that work on these issues on a regular basis but to average americans who agree with those and don't like the ideologies shoved down the throats of their children up and speak up and they are coming for you too. it is intimidation. we have seen this playbook for years and years. it is not surprising. a similar resolution to investigate those with opposing critical race theory. it is not scaring us then and it will not scare us now. >> rich: they reached out to this d.a. but did not respond to comments. there have been statements from the teachers unions along the lines and they are arguing there are trans people and their rights are under attack. what about trans kids in schools and how should they navigate that? >> certainly, you know children should be treated with compassion. parents are concerned what is taking place without their
10:25 am
consent and without them knowing? we have tips of families that find out there schools have support plans. they are transition behind their parents back. parents don't have a right to this information. we know children do better with families involved in medical decisions, period's come up. here are the teachers union and administrators trying to get this a secret and cutting us out of that, i think this shows how out of touch the nea is with the concerns of average parents who love their children. >> rich: paul neely nicole neily thank you. anita all ahead while the pandemic is ongoing and you have years now have children out of school, schools largely reopen e classroom. there is a lot of makeup to do in schools now because of those years of lost learning. >> anita: there is. a lot of those parents who had their kids in public schools who had the means, they took them out of public schools and put them in private schools.
10:26 am
but not everybody could afford that. so i guess in the state of arizona, they are trying to level the playing field. the teachers union is challenging it in court so we will see what happens there. interesting story. moving on the sentinel crisis in america hitting 9-month-old baby in florida. her parents jailed after the infant had to be given nor can to stop the overdose, oh, my goodness! what charges are they facing? >> rich: plus in a few moments custom and border protection to give us an update on their investigation into the border patrol agents accused of whipping haitian migrant spirit a source telling fox news the disciplinary proposals have been sent out, but why are these agents being punished when cleared of the accusations? art del cueto joins us on that coming up next. >> if it wasn't for the governor and his actions, the national guard and the department of public safety, we would not have anything but
10:27 am
chaos at the border.
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♪ ♪ >> rich: the border patrol agents falsely accused of whipping migrants are learning their fate. this has texas governor greg abbott authorizes the texas national guard and state troopers to return those illegally to the border. border patrol council vice president art del cueto joins us in a moment, but first bill pollution in eagle pass, texas. is there any sense what kind of punishment these agents are facing? >> rich, good afternoon to you. yes, there is i'm hearing from federal sources that they sent out discipline to the horseback agents and among those discipline proposals is unpaid suspension. any minute cbp is having a press conference to announce administrative findings. you take a look at video last
10:32 am
december we will explain what we know. these agents were initially cleared of any wrongdoing. cbp the professional launched a federal investigation. i am told by sources they found in violation and will accuse these agents of poor judgment and unsafe conduct and again, federal sources telling those agents receive proposals for discipline yesterday, which include suspension, unpaid suspension. we will have to wait and find out how severe that potential suspension is and waiting for that press conference at any moment. fitted with multiple times, you mentioned this off of the top yesterday texas governor greg abbott with an executive order that will allow texas troopers and national guard soldiers not only to apprehend illegal immigrants but bring back to the border and return them at u.s. force of entry. they will not be deported back to mexico but they will be
10:33 am
dropped off u.s. ports of entry. what will happen after that? we will have to wait and see. why is he doing that? this video's, massive amounts of migrants across the border. a group of 200 cross late yesterday eagle pass predominantly all single adult men. it is nonstop out here and this happens multiple time a day. back out here live allies in washington, d.c., with cbp press conference in a moment and they will announce the findings of their investigation into the horseback agents with ten months after it first happened. we send it back to you. >> rich: bill melugin from eagle pass, texas, bill, thank you. anita? >> anita: joining us for more on this order protection agent art del cueto of the council. good to have you on the segment to help us understand what is happening. so the agents were cleared of criminal conduct, that they are still going to be disciplined for administrative violations
10:34 am
we just heard from bill melugin. they are being accused of poor judgment and unsafe conduct. there will be unpaid suspension up to 14 days. but what exactly, in your opinion, did they do wrong question what >> so, this is sog that often happens. they will go through the criminal investigation and break it down. the administration will look into it and see what went wrong. we are going to have to who wait and see what those repercussions are going to be. but the bigger picture is, we would not be speaking about this today. we would not have press conferences or anything if it wasn't that the president of the united states came out and pretty much made the agents valence without the investigation having even been started. and i think that is the bigger
10:35 am
problem here these individuals were having to go through the entire process and reviewing others in the executive branch who is the head of the executive branch. you have to look at it, and he's the boss. if he is saying these agents are going to pay, something has to be done. it puts other individuals in a corner and say, now we have to come after these agents even if we don't find anything. we will have to wait and see what the investigation will show but at the end of the day, the problem is that. you can't go out there and put a public statement outcome especially as the president of the united states and make individuals villains without seeing all of the evidence to begin with. >> anita: so images taken during the incident. we have images and video show border patrol agents on horseback trying to block the migrants from coming to the u.s. in one case grabbing the shirt of a haitian migrant appear at the office of inspector general declined to press criminal chart seems they are not off the hook yet. it sounds like you are saying,
10:36 am
they are going to be punished just for the sake of being punished. i don't want to put words in your mouth, but what is this doing to morale among border patrol agents who are already fighting such a tough battle at the border? >> look, the morale is already down in the down spirit this is just, you know, that extra that shows the people that are in charge really don't have your back. when they go through a fine-tooth comb on something that is an incident that has been reviewed and that they have seen. okay if they go back and say, there was something in training that was different from i understand it. you can go back and say, hey, look, that is all understandable. but to come after the agents with discipline, especially when it is something about losing money and coming off of the line, having days off, something permanently going to be on individuals records. i think that is just, honestly, that is overkill. and it just shows nothing more than a witch hunt. >> anita: we have an
10:37 am
opportunity to hear from the agents in question here? will they opportunity to react to whatever the punishment is going to be? >> so, the way the process works is once they give any type of discipline that they want them to receive, then we will review the national border and review it and see and prepare an oral reply within the agency. then at the end of the agency, they will look at the case, look at the replay and what stands and what doesn't stand or lower the charge or whatever it may be. so, it is still going to be a little longer process, but at this point, we will have to wait and see exactly what they are trying to discipline them for. >> anita: all right, we will hear something in the next few minutes here. art del cueto, thank you for your time. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> anita: so, rich, we are waiting for a press conference
10:38 am
from the cbp, the commissioner is going to come out and provide an update on this investigation and perhaps talk about some of these punishments to be handed down to the agents. >> rich: it is worth noting what the environment is down there. you have apprehensions a decade high and numbers that have not been seen before. a border patrol that is overstretched. there is a lot going down. it was busy last summer with anticipation it would not be as busy this summer, and that is not the case. florida parents, anita, jailed after nine month tested positive for fentanyl. the medical team stopped the baby from overdosing and what charges the parents now face. plus, an alarming new statistic, china getting hands on advanced military equipment five to six times faster than the united states. fox news sits down with fbi director christopher wray after his dire new warnings about
10:39 am
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10:44 am
raising alarm bells warning beijing poses "the biggest long-term threat to economic and national security to america and our western allies." china firing back stating, "actually, the u.s. is the biggest threat to world peace, stability." it comes as the fbi christopher wray and leader of great britain mexican intelligence agency raise fresh concerns about the chinese government and attempts to steal technology and data. rich, this is very interesting. you have two superpowers pointing the finger at each other saying you are the biggest threat. you will talk to lieutenant general keith kellogg in the next hour. that should be an interesting discussion to get his take on it. >> rich: the issue really is what is the actual threat to the united states? this back-and-forth has been going on for some time now. it escalated through the beginning of covid, the two countries going at each other a host of issues and playing itself out throughout the pandemic.
10:45 am
a lot to talk about. meanwhile a florida couple is behind bars charged with criminal neglect for their 9-month-old daughter ingested fentanyl and stopped breathing. phil keating live in miami. phil, do we know this was intentional or what do we know about what happened here? >> well, it is a lender investigation still. we do not know conclusively whether it was intentional or not. both parents right now behind bars, both charged with felony child neglect and the mother of the father and the grandmother of the three little children, she is now trying to get custody of all of them for the safety of the little ones. jacksonville sheriff's office reports the mother alexis burnett went to a clinic to get a prescription for methadone july 1st. while in the car, burnett noticed her 9-month-old at blue lips and was not breathing pure the father, the ninth-month-old
10:46 am
transported to a children's hospital in jacksonville area where a urine test rebuild the baby tested positive for sentinel. the father told investigators the night before he crashed up a xanax pill and snorted it. but it turns out the xanax was laced with fentanyl. whether the baby was given fentanyl on purpose such as for example to get it to stop crying and going to sleep or whether from contact tracing like the baby's bottle, which had been handled by the mom and dad. all still not clear. burnett, the mother on probation for a previous charge of child neglect in 2019. at the hospital, the baby given multiple doses of narcan and further tests shows both parents tested positive for fentanyl. the mother, the grandmother was so concerned about the behavior of the young couple that she hired her own private
10:47 am
investigator last november to try to get evidence against the couple for the safety of the kids. there are other two kids are seven years old and two and a half years old appear of the bond is set for each of them at. rich. >> rich: tragic story, phil keating live from miami, thank you. anita. >> anita: welcome a president biden under pressure to act after the supreme court overturn roe v. wade signing an executive order this running on abortion access. but the plunging polls and distancing from fellow dems come at this just a hail mary ahead of the midterms? we will talk to them coming up on that next. >> rich: to businesses struggling to find help turn to teenagers and paying them big bucks. that is coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> anita: with summer in full swing, small businesses are recovering from staffing shortages with a hefty price. jeff flock is love at the shore in wildwood, new jersey with
10:52 am
teenagers keeping them afloat. hey, jeff, if they get the teenagers to work, they are doing something right over there, right? >> no kidding. i tell you, they are making a whole lot more money as rich was pointing out that we did as kids. this is called gateway 26 arcade. all kinds of games and all stuff you can play. you don't get money but you get tickets and points and you can get cool prizes. they rely very heavily on summertime employment and this year, very hard to find people in the summertime. so, ryan sharp who runs this place and work here when he was a kid, you are finding help for the teens to the rescue. >> they are. work here for many years. going out of her way to accommodate the students and a huge lifesaver. we couldn't make it throughout the season with the teens. >> teen unemployment that she her way down you are studying
10:53 am
and you would like to go to medical school. you are in a program. >> i'm working on a lot, too. >> medical school cost a lot of money. >> it does come a lot of money. three, four, $500,000 in debt. i don't know. i'm working to save a lot of money. >> they just passed a law in the state of new jersey. you should see this place commit is pretty incredible. cheap little prizes, you get at some arcades but you can win a car here. but the cost to you, wages, much higher. >> 40% higher than versus pre-pandemic. >> much higher than the national average. >> a resort area where the shortage of labor. we recruited students but we are happy to do that. excellent. >> they rely on the teams anyway to some degree but this year, --
10:54 am
>> it has been a bit of a challenge. we can bring some overseas students as well to fill in the gap for us. >> i want to ask on live tv, how much money do you make here? >> $16 an hour. >> $16 an hour. >> and with overtime... >> $24. >> always good to ask the question live television. but at any rate, rich, back to you guys. >> anita: i was going to ask you to ask one of those kids what they are making per hour but thank you for asking that question. these kids are part of generation z. they want to go to medical school so maybe they will save us all, right jeff? >> i think that is possible. in fact, jaden is studying to be an orthopedic surgeon. you know, i cut my finger off in a saw at one point. if he gets good, he can get it to look better than it does
10:55 am
right now. the best thing in the world, there you go. >> anita: all right, jeff flock, always good to hear from you, thank you so much. rich, you've got to love that. the teenagers working in the arcade. it looks like a super fun arcade, $16 an hour plus overtime. so maybe they can get more people to work over there. >> rich: that ain't bad. i used to do summers on jersey shore. good thing that only had to pick up a few hours. great time at the jersey shore. dire warnings on china. british and u.s. intelligence officials ringing alarm bells over beijing stealing the best technology and data. fox news talks with fbi director christopher wray on the threat to the united states. and lieutenant general keith kellogg joins us on china getting more aggressive on taiwan. plus jonathan turley,
10:56 am
brian kilmeade, all of that and more coming up in the next hour. you could take out an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. more cash to pay credit card debt or cash to have on hand, so it's there when you need it. since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va, the process is fast and easy and newday can say yes when other lenders say no. call today.
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♪ ♪ >> rich: all new a reaction from president biden's own party after supreme court overturn roe v. wade. they demanded he act so today he did signing an executive order but at the same time, getting in front of the criticism that he is not going far enough. >> for that matter, republicans for decades have pushed an extreme agenda have a clue about the power of american women appear the fastest way to restore roe is to pass a national law codifying roe, which i will sign immediately upon its passage on my desk. >> anita: with inflation at a 40 year high and gas prices doubling up america's paychecks, is president biden throwing a hail mary? the abortion issue with their
11:01 am
best chance to wipe out this fall. but the polls suggest otherwise. >> rich: jonathan turley on the legal fight between the white house and supreme court. brian kilmeade is on the president's political peril. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into our number two. rich edson in for john roberts. anita. >> anita: i'm anita vogel in for sandra smith today. we will start new at 2:00 with a fox news alert. >> rich: the alarm bells are getting louder over china's latest advances in the head of the fbi with a blunt warning about what is at stake. director christopher wray said the chinese communist party is the single long-term threat to the nation in terms of national security and also our economy. >> and britain to focus on china's cyber threat but it's not just data they are after a pure eternal also has its eyes on taiwan dramatically stepping up its aggression towards the island nation, which it claims
11:02 am
as its own. earlier this morning from a chinese fighter jets through into taiwan's airspace and a provocative stunt that china pulley with frequent filmic frequency. >> rich: an official visit to the island by republican senator rick rick scott, the trip hitting a nerve in china as all american visits to and firmly opposed it. but of all the warnings that tensions approaching a boiling point, one can talk them all. and major general puts it bluntly, if the u.s. does not make major changes and do it soon, the united states will lose. lieutenant keith kellogg will react in moments in the fighter drill, responds on the new warning on china getting his hands on u.s. data and jennifer griffin live on the pentagon with more on that in
11:03 am
the u.s. is falling behind, jennifer, what can you tell us? >> hi, anita, china getting hands on new military equipment five to six times faster than the u.s. according to major general karen holt who oversees air force weapons contracting. general holds spoke at a recent government contracting confidence warned urgently needs to overhaul the way it feels new weapons to keep up. >> we are going to lose in this fight if we cannot flip this business model. i would tell you antidotal leaf that china is still after gains we have made in the last five years were so. about five to six times faster than us and acquisition and in purchasing power parity, they spend about $1 to our $20 to get to the same capability. >> as china increases its military arsenal at an alarming rate, the pentagon is hosting the world's largest maritime exercise. 26 nations, 170 aircraft, 38
11:04 am
ships for cosubmarines and 25,000 military personnel have come being in and around the hawaiian islands and southern california for the month long rim of the pacific oa week ago. neither china nor taiwan are participating. the chinese foreign ministry responded forcefully to accusations by fbi director christopher wray and british counterparts accusing the chinese that the massive hacking and influence operations around the world. >> the relevant politician has been playing up the so-called china threat to smear and attack china. the facts have fully proven that the biggest threat to world peace, stability and development. >> staff chairman mark milley held a video call with chinese counterparts for the first time in 18 months where the two discussed the need to responsibly manage competition and maintain open lines of
11:05 am
communication. meanwhile, we have just learned today that biden administration is considering new targeted restrictions on shipments of ship making tools to china in an effort to slow the advances made by china's largest semiconductor chip maker, maker, a national security issue that has implications for the u.s. military to try to slow china's advances, anita. >> anita: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon, jennifer, thank you for that report. u.s. and british intelligence officials are on high alert over the chinese government unrelenting efforts to steal technology from the west. fox news spoke exclusively to two officials. they david spunt live from london, david. >> hey, nita christopher wray the director of the fbi and the director of the british spy agency in charge of protecting the homeland in the u.k. sat
11:06 am
down with me for about 15 minutes or so. the interview ended about an hour ago. we talked about many things including china, russia, iran, north korea but the conversation, anita, rich came back to china. they see that as the growing threat to the united states not just business executive for people who are wealthy but use the internet to everyday people. they say it is relentless and it is getting worse. now, the department of justice earlier this year under the biden administration, anita got rid of the china initiative. it was a program set up a few years ago to combat chinese espionage in the u.s. education system. the doj ended up getting rid of it and i asked the director of the fbi christopher wray if he thought that was a mistake. listen. >> we will follow the facts of the law wherever they lead. we are not going to engage in profiling by ethnicity or national origin. and we haven't. we are going to work jointly
11:07 am
with the universities and in many cases, that is one of the most effective ways to prevent stealing of research, which is in the hands of our universities. >> the fbi set a precedence in london exactly 1942. both with business executives to talk about intelligent threat specifically from communist china. they have a message that they are not against the chinese people. >> so we have no problem with the chinese people. we have so much to admire that the u.k. chinese -- contributions, but we do need to send a clear signal about the chinese communist party. >> and when director christopher wray heads to the united states he lands in washington. fbi headquarters and any problems on his hands including the rise in violent crimes, he said no question it has been out
11:08 am
of control lately. also the domestic violence extremism which we saw highland park. he also told me, anita, rich, fbi seen an uptick in attack on pro-life pregnancy centers and other pro-life related businesses since the roe v. wade decision was overturned by the supreme court. i will have more of my interview tonight with the am i five director general and director christopher wray on "special report" with bret baier appeared back to you. >> anita: great work david spunt live and lender, david, thank you very much, rich. >> rich: and eat us discuss, keith kellogg was the national security with mike pence and fox news contributor but general you heard all of the reporting there. do you think some of this from u.s. officials is direct inflation or is this pretty accurate. >> rich, thank you for having me. it is pretty accurate. just quickly before we go, look, horrific assassination of
11:09 am
shinzo abe, great friend of the united states and president trump and will be a loss to the world in that region as well. not exaggerated at all. we have to understand tenant's strategic adversary. not just a competitor. and the wto moral trade organization in 2001 economically and politically and militarily challenge the west to continue to grow. here is what gets me, they do it to your face. when president xi was in the rose garden, president obama said he would never fortify the china sea and the island. why is that important? one-third of the trade goes through the south china sea. over $3 trillion of goods go through there every single year. this is how they operate. they do it right to your face. militarily, they continue to grow. one example and this is an important example, they are one of the two nations that created hypersonic weapons. they've got fielded already. the united states, we have one test fail last week out in
11:10 am
hawaii. why is that important? you have hypersonic missiles. those things travel. the chinese mock nine and for people out there that is 2 miles a second. we have no defense against them. why is that important? a range of 1500 miles that can create a huge orc to the battle or see assets towards china. they continue to grow militarily and they have more military capital than we have total ships in the u.s. navy. so they continue to grow and they continue to threaten taiwan. it is no small thing. when you penetrate air defense identification zone, another country, that is a threat. they are a silent partner with russia in the u.k. as well. >> rich: i want to get quickly to president biden right now who is speaking about foreign prime minister alba. he is signing the condolence book right now that appears to be the japanese embassy here in washington, d.c.
11:11 am
the president biden doing so. you know, general, we were going to talk about this and you mentioned off the top of the segment. the prime minister who was assassinated last evening, really one of the few american allies my top ally with japan to maintain such a solid relationship with president trump. it was a good personal relationship and the relationship between the two countries remains solid at that time. what did he mean to the u.s. japanese alliance? >> well, it was huge to the united states and that alliance, it was very pro-taiwan. very pro-u.s. trying to change the constitution of japan to create from self defense force to a military force. he is aggressive lee and very conservative, very aggressively moving to japan in this current century. he knew that china was a great risk. i will tell you, the chinese fears and have always feared
11:12 am
japan. they have been one of the major competitors and alba was supporting the united states. and in japan as well. he's just been a great friend and a great person. i was fortunate enough to meet him a couple of times. a great sense of humor. he loved to golf with president trump. overall, a good man, a good politician and it's a real loss to the world and a real loss to the region. >> rich: the importance of japan becoming more of a focus in the last administration and this administration. to confront the issues with china. and that relationship -- i want to get back to that conversation very quickly. when you look at what the united states is spending militarily, it spends more than i think the next nine countries in defense. but you are the value that china is getting and spending in the previous segments. u.s. spending $20 compared to china's $1 and certain metrics of efficiency. impeding certain weapons in the united states. but what is the u.s. doing
11:13 am
wrong? >> part of it is the reason is they are stealing all of our technology. when i was out in the business world, we were a threat from china stealing the technology. they continue to do it. we know for a fact they have stolen every senior weapon system that we have in the inventory. they have been able to penetrate our systems and get some of that information either through contractors or through straight draft pier they operate much differently than we do. we have to understand that began to grow. part of our problem, honestly, rich is the fact we spent 20 years focused on the middle east. 9/11 wars we call instead of focused on china. and what is happening in the ukraine and europe, very important. we need to focus in on china peer that is our greatest adversary pier that will be the adversary that we will see ten, 20 years with the roof of their military and growth of economics as well. if something we have to keep an eye on. >> rich: i want to ask about ukraine as well.
11:14 am
how much has that been a distraction? the u.s. pivoting to a show for a decade and not completed that pit of it. how much is ukraine drawn from the attention? >> a lot, rich and that is my fear not only monetarily but militarily as well. we are spending a lot of money there over $50 billion there and close a satellite that we have is the brits appear at the u.k. only $8 million. but we keep focusing strategically and westerly in that region. and i know ukraine is important but we need to make that pit of it, hard pit of it until the europeans, look this is in your backyard. we will be there to support but we need to move somewhere. we are the greatest adversary growing daily, weekly and monthly basis. that is china. we have to do that thinking hard strategically. i don't see this administration doing it at all. they seem to be running around and think it is a strategy and it's not. they need to pivot towards them. >> rich: keith kellogg,
11:15 am
thank you for joining us this afternoon. speak with thanks, rich. >> rich: anita commit is a challenge set. you look how the world is a more complex place and a lot of it rests on what is going on in asia right now. >> anita: it is so interesting what lieutenant general said about china having the hypersonic missile traveling at mock nine in two seconds. of course the other nation that has a functional hypersonic missile was russia. of course, you know that rich peer of the united states, we are still working on ours but we are a little bit behind and that is a little concerning here. all right, moving on pro-putin forces reminding that train is not the only cyber threat peer with the u.s. congress website knocked off-line last night for nearly one hour. and pro-russian hackers taking the credit. they call themselves kill net and they bragged about the hack attack on social media with a mocking message saying, "they have money for weapons for the whole world, but not for their
11:16 am
own defense." in recent weeks, the group has launched similar attacks on other countries that have angered vladimir putin. >> rich: anita, two weeks after the supreme court overturns roe v. wade, president biden signed executive order protecting access to abortion. >> anita: the president is now facing massive pressure from progressives and his party who say, he needs to do more. ♪ ♪ by refinancing up to 100% of your home's value, you could take out $60,000 or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. and don't let less-than-perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va and they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. need money for your family? call newday usa right now
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♪ ♪ >> anita: well, this just in the border patrol agents falsely accused of whipping migrants are now learning their fate. bill melugin on the crown eagle pass, texas. what are you hearing about the
11:22 am
punishment for these agents? >> good afternoon to you. cbp wrapped up a press conference a short time ago where they announced initially after a ten month investigation, they found no evidence whatsoever that any haitian migrants were whipped or struck by these horseback patrol agents. however, they identified four agents targeting for discipline accusing these agents of unprofessional conduct and working in an unsafe manner. they are identifying one of horseback agent with a say use derogatory language during this incident and allegedly worked his horse and an unsafe maneuver around a child near a ramp. they identified several other horseback agents who they say were using "the threat of force to drive migrants back into the rio grande." those agents have now been notified of potential discipline. i'm told by multiple federal sources, those agents receive
11:23 am
those disciplinary actions yesterday. they include unpaid suspension up to 14 days. take a listen to what the cbp commissioner chris said a short time ago when it comes to the allegations of whipping, that false narrative. take a listen. >> we found no evidence for the border patrol agents involved in this incident struck any person with they are rains intentionally or otherwise. and you will remember days after the incident happened last september president biden got up to the podium and talk to the american people where he falsely accuse these agents of "strapping people." what he saw horrified him and he promised, "there will be consequences. these people will pay." the commissioner was asked about the comments. did they add political pressure to the investigation? he said, "no, he didn't. investigators worked independently."
11:24 am
these agents were whipping people, cbp said that narrative was foals. maxine waters was saying those images were worse than what we saw during slavery and alejandro mayorkas said it was a horrible image and president biden said those agents were strapping people and there were consequences. it appears they are trying to have consequences on the agents but not for whipping migrants appear they will go after them for unprofessional work conduct and working in an unsafe manner. again i'm told by federal sources, unpaid suspensions are on the table with his potential discipline. the border patrol union said they will defend these men vigorously. i'm told these agents will have a chance to respond to the allegations and they will be able to fight them if they decide to do so. i will send it back to you. >> anita: i don't think the commissioner could have been in a clear, bill, no evidence of intentional whipping or striking haitian migrants. so, there you have it.
11:25 am
bill melugin live at the border, bill, thank you for that. rich. >> rich: president biden signed executive order to protect access to abortion earlier today. though some democrats say that's not good enough. they are calling on the president to consider more extreme actions such as supreme court justices. jonathan turley george washington law professor, constitutional law attorney and fox news contributor. jonathan, thank you for joining us this afternoon. have you had a chance to review some of these actions, you know promoting where abortion is legal amp support private attorneys to challenge state law? do you think these executive actions, if they are challenged, will stand? is there much more the administration can do? >> first of all, much of what the president said was rather odd. he was making statements about the opinion that were demonstrably false.
11:26 am
the president seems to no longer feel any sense of restraint to be accurate or even fair to the justices who he'd announced as extremist. but that justices then talked about the history of abortion including the early law governing abortions in england and the united states. that is entirely untrue. the majority -- but also the president is focusing on rights already protected. he talked about protecting the right of women to travel interstate across borders. that is already protected. that is like saying i will protect men from indentured servitude. like been there and done that. this has already a protected right. in fact, justice kavanaugh said in his concurrence there are certain easy questions. he was trying to cut off this sensational claim and said i'm
11:27 am
of course, women can cross borders to conduct any type of business, particularly medical needs. and he is one of at least two, including chief justice roberts views it that way. i suspect more conservatives would sign onto that pier there is a majority on the docks court that says that is protected. where i think the administration is going to get into difficulty, they follow through on some of these calls. there are a lot of activists raging or talking about a type of rage gap. they don't feel the president is furious enough. and i think he tried to fill that gap today, but they want him to go forward and actually be more aggressive in using federal resources to support abortion services. that can get him into trouble with the hyde amendment. that can get him into trouble with congress. i'd amendment is a long-standing
11:28 am
amendment to prohibit federal funds for abortion services. he was a young supporter of the hyde amendment. as a senator he voted repeatedly to refuse for or. which made his comments to dave particularly curious. >> this is something in a number the left have been criticizing in the white house not prepared for this to happen. not only a leaked opinion and plenty of people saying with ruth ruth bader ginsburg died, this would come down the road but do you think the white house didn't prepare or there is no options or very few options for them to roll out? >> well, i think it is the latter appear in the white house is fully aware that the court just sent this issue back to the state. that is where this issue belongs. it did not say how people should decide the abortion question. it simply said that when they decide, that is the right to do
11:29 am
so in the states have already spread across that spectrum. you have states like colorado supporting right of abortion all the way up to birth to a 9-month-old baby. you have got others that are eliminating the right to abortion except to save the life of a mother. most people fall in the middle, which is interesting but the president said, by the way about extremism. recent harvard poll shows 72% of the people give support limited 15 weeks or less. and only 10% support of this type absolute definition of abortion that has been coming from the democratic leadership and represented in states like colorado. >> rich: jonathan turley live this afternoon, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> rich: anita. >> anita: so if the presidents abortion action a hail mary attempt to rally the pace common
11:30 am
midterms? democrats are frustrated with the presidents performance. let's bring in fox news host brian kilmeade. brian, always good to see you, especially on friday. you always have your finger on the pulse of the american public. a very good jobs report out today. i've heard some analysts 800,000 more than expected. but everything else seems to be going south. let's take a look at a couple of polls talking about the president's approval rating. his recent monmouth poll shows most of the country 88% of americans believe the country is on the wrong track. brian, that is not just republicans but a lot of democrats too, right? >> absolutely and always great to see you, anita. is there anything you can't do? but now at least we are in the studio together kind of. first off on president biden he keeps saying good job numbers today. there has been a lot of people hired since he took over.
11:31 am
but pretend as if he doesn't know coming out of a pandemic was only necessary to go to work and everyone else was told to stay home and get paid anyway. so i think we should start with some fact base truth in hey, i know we were coming back but exceed expectations, 3.6% is even better appear this is what i can do to bring down inflation rate. that is the number one issue. when he talks about abortion, overseas to the g7, which i understand was preplanned. he could have waited a day and address his base, perhaps, to take some action. but the supreme court decision as john brought up was telegraphed and written in february, leaked in may. they could have had a plan. most today, jonathan, was based in myth. so he was saying he was going to do things based on a strategy that is not going to happen. nobody will be hunted down for a background check to find out if
11:32 am
you had an abortion to be prosecuted. nobody is going to say don't use contraception. don't marry somebody in your race. nobody is going to have a problem if you actually relocate. this is abortion going to the state. that is it. so the president going in ridiculing the supreme court doesn't have anything to do or play into the fact jeff kavanaugh can't go to dinner. he had to leave the back of the steak house because protesters were outside if you are not only is his family harassed at home, but they can't go out to eat. don't tell me the president of the united states does not play into that. above all, the democrats if you see these numbers, they feel takes way too many days off and schedules way too much. he will take another two days off. >> anita: a lot of people thought it was in bad taste the president to go overseas and criticize the supreme court. appearance on now, the president assigned this executive order tt
11:33 am
access for women across the country, but you look at the polls and we have another one we can bring up, abortion is number five on the list of concerns people have pure look at this inflation 33%, gas prices, the economy, everyday bills, and then abortion. so, you know, they are making this a big plate in the midterm spirit but it seems like these other issues, kitchen table issues are far more important for more people at this point. >> a couple of things are happening as i look into the camera. you and i depend on the teleprompter. we kind of depend on our writers. his staff is terrible. they know these troubles if they move too far away, they put a line. they know the president of the united states will do exactly what he said he was going to do. he actually outlined and repeat the line. so at some point, either incompetent or tried to destroy him and embarrass him on a
11:34 am
regular basis. number two about what you said to them if you talk about roe v. wade going to the states and it's not radical and you have an opinion, but if you go and say "they are taking away your freedom and it is male dominated white society to tell women what to do with their bodies," they will put you on a registration and put you in jail and abortion in the state and then you come back to a state that doesn't allow it. all of this stuff is not true. so they create these scenarios to motivate people to do what he said at the end of the speech and that his vote. you don't have to insult us by inflaming us as if you had a speech written on madison avenue to market or advertise here they should be -- they should be impervious to all those things. the president of the united states is flailing. there is no mission statement, there is no game plan, no action plan, and there is not a lot of energy. and i thought one of the best
11:35 am
communicators in this week who is a big policy person too. >> anita: i heard ari fleischer has come the channel, forget about what is going wrong. what is going right with the administration? brian, i have to leave it there. always good to see you and talk about somebody on tv nonstop, that is you, my friend, okay? >> thank you very much. >> anita: rich. >> rich: a captive said his family is getting the cold shoulder from president biden even though wheeler detained in russia for three and a half years here at the white house highlighting brittney griner because a star athlete? >> anita: we have all been frustrated... and we have all been frustrated with fast food joints at one point or another, but this food fight is really just over the top. wait until you hear what made this lady go berserk.
11:36 am
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♪ ♪ [alarm sounding] >> rich: that is not good. out-of-control customers trashing a new york city restaurant all because they were asked to pay $1.75 for extra sauce. it happen in the early morning hours last sunday. two employees were hurt in three women seen in the video were arrested. the restaurant is still closed. anita, jeez, i mean, look $1.75 for condiments but still, you don't do that. >> anita: don't make those ladies mad. rich, $7 a gallon outside of the back door here at a gas station. i wonder what those ladies would think about that? >> rich: let's not find out. >> anita: all right, that that wasn't the only wild thing playing at the largest nations city. watch as one man goes to great
11:42 am
heights to get away from the nypd. >> don't do it, don't do it, don't, don't, don't! don't, i've got you. [screaming] >> oh! >> anita: oh, my goodness! oh, my goodness! that is kendall floyd leaping across elevated subway tracks to a rooftop across the street in brooklyn wednesday afternoon. the crime he was one of work, driving without a seat belt. one cop caught up with him and he has a lot more charges to worry about like criminal trespassing, misconduct and failed seat belt violation. that was quite a leap. >> rich: the family of an american man held in a russian prison three years now is speaking out. after president biden called brittney griner's wife directly. mark meredith live at the white house, mark. >> rich, good afternoon. the white house under increasing
11:43 am
pressure to release wnba brittney griner from custody in russia. while the administration is doing just that, we are hearing the family of another american hall whelen in russia custody saying essentially cast aside. and he's been in custody since 2018 and been and they are serving 16 year prison sentence tied to espionage charges and he called these charges ridiculous but despite all of the time passing and the recent focus on russian's actions the last few months, they feel they are no closer to bringing paul home. >> i think what we are finding although the russian government is horribly corrupt, the u.s. government doesn't seem to find a concession the corrupt government would want to. >> rich: white house spokesperson said the president understands the fears and anguish and that the white house is committed to bringing greiner home as well as pulp here at the white house does not have updates when they asked about what was going on with the paul
11:44 am
whelan case but weekly phone calls between top officials and the family of paul whelan to let them know what is happening behind the scene. but this is about time for them. he has suffered in prison with medical conditions, lost a bunch of weight and no access to medicine so they want to bring him home sooner rather than later, rich. >> rich: mark, brittney griner, paul whelan and so many americans caught overseas by authoritarian regime. anita. >> anita: economic problems may soon put one up your favorite snacks in jeopardy. empty shelves are all too common these days. we will tell you what else might be added to the growing list of shortages. >> rich: plus the white house, the critics are saying they are not telling the whole story. >> remember, inflation 8.6%. so, in a real world, people are still struggling mightily because the wages are not keeping up with inflation.
11:45 am
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11:50 am
to the global federation. the war on ukraine with a huge factor with bad weather running harvest in the u.s. >> rich: the june jobs numbers are in and better than expected. u.s. employers added 372,000 jobs last month while unemployment rate remained steady at 3.6% for the fourth straight month. edward lawrence is live at the white house to break all of this down, edward. >> rich, this is a good job's report as said but it is interesting, the economy added back the job loss during the pandemic and piles on 140,000 more jobs. but that is overall. some sectors, we are still below pre-pandemic like leisure hospitality down 1.3 million jobs. in this report, it shows the average hourly wages are the increase in average hourly wages falling for the third month in a
11:51 am
row. 5.1% year-over-year come up in inflation at 40 year high spirits of the things you want to buy more expensive outpacing wages. the president did not mention this when talking about the economy. >> i know times are tough, prices are too high and families are facing crunch that today's economic moves with the economic plan moving this country in a better direction. an historic low of 3.6%. >> and over fox business, labor secretary to admit the president's plan will not actually address inflation. >> lower-cost for some, but you do not lower prices >> quite honestly and congress does not address child care it will continue to spiral upwards. >> you can see a trend with job growth growing but the
11:52 am
white house lowering expectations for the past month or so to match these numbers that are falling here the president is asking americans on inflation to be patient with paying more for gas, food, pretty much everything, rich. >> rich: edward lawrence, happy jobs day, anita. >> anita: for more on this, let's bring in american action form and former director of the cbo, doug, great to see you today. i want to ask you about all of this. americans are paying record high prices for gas. high prices for food and you wonder really what is going right for the biden administration? but if you listen to the president and some members of his administration, you might think things are going rosy. he did have a good jobs report so that plays into this. i want to play a sound bite from brian deitch, the national economic council. let's listen in. >> we reached an important
11:53 am
milestone today, which is the american private sector recovered all the jobs lost during the pandemic. we have more people working today than ever in the history of the american economy. as you say, that vast job recovery is not just good for the millions of people who have better jobs and higher wages. >> anita: more people working today in the history of the american economy? how could that be? they are staff edge gnomic staff shortages at the airlines and pretty much everywhere you go. appear they are two jobs for every one person. so how does that make sense? >> it is interesting, today's job report how you think about the economy, they are looking for good news and the job growth is pretty big but record low for you six come a of unemployment of workers and on a drink growth and inflation pressures. but if you look inside the same report, you are going to find the rate drops two tenths of a
11:54 am
percent. fewer people are out there available to work. and we are also seeking employment as measured by the survey fell by 300,000. so we have this enormous gap between the demand for labor and those available to work. that is leading to shortages across the economy. i think it is important to remember to step back and how great the job market is. that great job market is the flip side 8.6% inflation. you don't get 8.6 inflation to over stimulate the economy. they did in the job numbers come out but every day people are paying nearly as much as 11.1% every year for food, shelter, and energy. that is the data a problem. i'm not sure that adds up. >> rich: doug on jobs, we are unfortunately running out of time. thank you for joining us this hour. an important day as we look forward to where we go from
11:55 am
here. jobs are lagging indicators. a good discussion where we will head in the economy and if the u.s. can avoid a recession. doug, thank you very much. it's a cool musical >> anita: great to see you, rich. i'm in need of vocal. >> rich: and rich edson and trace gallagher is in for martha and that is coming up.
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>> trace: good afternoon. i am trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. president biden is racing to turn things around for his party in the face of high inflation and record levels of my grants at the southern barreder. ari fleischer and leo terrell are here. but first, border agents facing punishment for how they handle add huge group of


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