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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 8, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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stripes on it and bought a lawn mower that cost more than the first three vehicles. look at that thing. that is huge. mow grass at 30 miles per hour. >> judge jeanine: all right. a lot of grass. that's it for us. have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. send your hashtag to "the five" turns 11. >> mike: good evening, welcome to washington i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier, breaking tonight elon musk terminating $44 billion twitter buyout deal accusing the company of not complying with contractual obligations. we will have a full report on that in moments. first, to our top story. the june jobs report beat expectations showing the u.s. added 372,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.6%. the new report also shows rising costs. wiping out average hourly earnings all while businesses
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try to fill remaining positions. will also today president biden signed an executive order on abortion access following criticism within his own party. he's not doing enough to protect reproductive rights. white house correspondent peter doocy is following it all tonight from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> good evening, mike. president biden's team pored over today's jobs report and filled up part of a speech with some numbers they think prove that things are going well and the president deserves credit. >> my economic plan is moving this country in a better direction. >> the reason to believe the president thinks that unemployment rate low and steady at 3.6%. >> recovered all of the jobs lost during the pandemic and added jobs on top of that. >> but more than 11 million jobs remain unfilled as hundreds of thousands have decided to stop looking. >> the labor force participation rate dropped another two tenths percent the labor force 300,000
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people. fewer out there available for work. >> inflation near a 40 year high outpacing wage growth. >> the problem is that every single day americans are hurting when they are either putting gas in their tanks, when they are trying to put food on their table, when they are trying to pay their rent or their energy bills. the most urgent issue for the president today access to abortion. and is he describing the supreme court and elected republicans as extreme. >> the choice we face as a nation between the mainstream and the extreme. extreme state legislators and extreme republicans in the congress. i can't think of anything more extreme. >> don't allow exceptions for rape or incest citing a news report about a girl from ohio. >> 10 years old, 10 years old raped. six weeks pregnant. already traumatized. forced to travel to another state.
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activists upset. state house where kavanaugh has having dinner. kavanaugh had to leave through a rear exit and the white house says that's okay. >> we condemn intimidation. we condemn any violence. we have been very clear, it is a clear -- it is a clear definition of what violence is and what intimidation is. peaceful protest, people should be allowed to be able to do that. >> in a restaurant? >> if it's outside of a restaurant, if it's peaceful, for sure. >> officials here are also once again refusing to waive abortion rights protesters away from justices' homes and that puts them at odds with the marshall of the supreme court who just last week wrote letters to the governors of virginia and maryland asking them to enforce laws already on the books that prohibit picketing outside private homes of supreme court justices. >> mike: peter doocy starting us off on the nart lawn, thanks.
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the s&p 500 fell 3, nasdaq added 14. for the week the dow gained three quarters of a percent. the s&p 500 was up nearly 2%. nasdaq added 4.5%. former white house counsel to president trump pat cipollone was on capitol hill today with for a closed door interview january 6th capitol riot committee. cipollone was on the west wing the day of the attack and key meetings days after the election. members were expected to ask the attorney what he witnessed in the final days of the trump administration when the former president and his allies allegedly tried to overturn the election. the army says roughly 40,000 national guardsmen and 22,000 reservists refusing to get vaccinated against covid-19 will be barred from their duties effectively cutting their pay and benefits. secretary of defense lloyd austin warned members of such consequences back in november. fox news could not immediately reach the army for comment. the biden administration is admitting that texas border
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patrol agents were falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants last year but are still referring four agents for discipline in connection with the viral incident. correspondent bill melugin has details from eagle pass. >> cpd comirntion chris magness announcing today after nearly a 10 month investigation the agency found no evidence supporting a false narrative that haitian migrants were whipped by horseback border patrol agents in del rio last summer. >> opr found no evidence border patrol agents involved in this incident struck any person with their reins intentionally or otherwise. >> but cpd says they are sending discipline proposals to four of those horseback agents. despite them being previously cleared of criminal wrong doing. cpd is accusing them of unprofessional conduct and working in an unsafe manner, including using derogatory language and using the threat of force to drive migrants back
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into the rio grande. multiple federal sources telling fox news their proposed discipline includes unpaid suspensions of up to 14 days. days after that initial incident and before an investigation could play out, president biden falsely accused the agents and promised consequences. >> we don't want people being strapped. it's outrageous. i promise you those people will pay. >> commissioner magness claimed today those comments put no pressure on investigators. >> i have a high confidence in their work. and i don't believe there has been any issues with outside influence. >> meantime massive migrants pushing across the border. more than 100 immigrants crossing illegally into eagle pass. late yesterday afternoon we saw know group of 200 crossing illegally also in eagle past. almost all of them single adult men. and on wednesday, fox news witnessed this single massive group of 536 migrants crossing
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illegally into eagle pass. border patrol in del rio sector reported it was the biggest group they have encountered. >> and, mike, on top of all of this, mexican authorities announced yesterday what they say is the biggest fentanyl seizure in history. they say they seized more than 1200 pounds more than a half ton of fentanyl at a warehouse in the northern city of khan, that's enough legal doses of the drug to potentially kill up to 270 million people. we'll send it back to you. >> mike: staggering number. bill melugin live in eagle pass tonight. bill, thank you very much. >> mike: tonight we continue our series on the poisoning of america with an absolutely appalling story. a florida couple behind bars tonight after their 9-month-old daughter ingested fentanyl. correspondent phil keating is in miami with the story.
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[siren] >> according to the d.e.a., it only take as tiny amount of fentanyl to kill you, just two milligrams. it's often added to cocaine, adderall and xanax. that's what admittedly happening to alexis burnett and her boyfriend sage freeze who told jacksonville investigators that he crushed and snorted xanax the night before which had been mixed fentanyl. somehow that got into the body of their 9-month-old baby girl who had to be rushed to a children's hospital after she stopped breathing and her lips told blue. a urine test of both parents also revealed fentanyl in their system. the baby survived. >> circumstances that we have to be here. >> florida first lady casey desantis held a round table he wednesday gadd son county with the state surgeon general and the department of children and families about the fentanyl crisis. nine people in that county overdosed and died from fentanyl over-the-fourth of july weekend. >> fentanyl overdose now is the leading cause of death in the united states for 18 to
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45-year-old this stuff is being manufactured in china pouring across the border. >> . bipartisan congressional commission on arkansas republican tom cotton and maryland democrat david ood added a letter stating the overdose crisis in the united states claims more lives each year than firearms, suicide, homicide, or motor vehicle crashes. this is one of our most pressing national security, law enforcement and public health challenges. >> the congressional commission recommends that the director of the office of national drug control policy be elevated to of a cabinet level position. meanwhile that gizelle couple now facing child neglect charges and the bond for each of them is
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$100,000. mike? >> mike: phil keating in miami tonight, thanks very much. the tesla ceo sent a letter to twitter's board saying is he terminating the acquisition. fox business correspondent kelly o'grady has the breaking details tonight from los angeles. good evening, kelly. >> good evening, mike. yes, well elon musk is officially trying to pull out of this agreement to purchase twitter just now in an fec filing musk claims he is backing out of the deal because twitter is in material breach of the agreement and made false and misleading statements during negotiations. this comes after months of dramatic swings but it all boils down to a question regarding the number of spam boss on the platform. the reason bots are so important musk had made it clear he intends to grow the company's revenue and that rest on having active users. arguing quote for nearly two
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months mr. musk has data and information necessary it to make independent assessment of the prevalence of fake or spam accounts on platform. twitter has failed to provide this information. the big question is can he legally do, this right? there is a billion dollars breakup fee associated with terminating the agreement. however, musk waived his right to poke under the hood to merger faster. if he can prove twitter intentionally misrepresented the database he could do something. in that same filing claim, quote: while this analysis remains ongoing all indications suggest that several of twitter's public disclosures regarding daily active users are either false or materially misleading. now, we don't have the proof that musk has seen yet but the independent verification finds that twitter has been miscounting the number of ways including counting accounts that the company new were suspended. this also may be an attempt to negotiate a lower price. the price closed 32% below
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musk's offer price and he has used major threats like this before to negotiate things in the past. we have reached out to twitter for comment but have yet to hear back. this is developing, expect twitter to go down without a fight and just moments ago the twitter board tweeting out they will be pursuing legal action to close this deal at that agreed upon price. mike, lots happening here on a friday. >> mike: we will track it, grady o'grady live from l.a. thanks very much. up next we will speak with fbi director christopher wray on how the u.s. is combating international threats. first, beyond our borders tonight. secretary of state antony blinken can challenging g-20 to hold russia accountable. g-20 meeting today blinken discussed the need to move a global food plan forward. russia is trying to undermine multilateral institutions that the united states seeks to strengthen. this is a live look at jerusalem. one of the big stories there tonight, more than a dozen endangered sea turtles that were rescued after suffering major
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industries in the mediterranean skulled their way over a beach in israel after months of medical care. after they were cleaned, measured and weighed, glued satellite tags to the shelves of several individuals so they could continue studying their behavior in the wild. just some of the other stories beyond our stories tonight. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> mike: president biden payings respects at the japanese ames today following the stunning assassination of will shinzo abe. he spoke about security and economic ties between u.s. and japan right here on "special report." >> the japan and u.s. alliance is the corner stone for peace and stability here in the asia pacific region and naturally the leaders have to be able to have a relationship of trust and confidence. >> bret: where do you see the future of u.s., japan on the economy? >> it's very posh to have that dialogue between the two
3:19 pm
countries what would be very important for japan and u.s. together to build free and economic and it investment rules. >> as tributes pour in honoring the late leader how a man with some of the strictest gun laws in the world was able to pull off the assassination plot, here is correspondent alex hogan the assassination of japan's longest serving prime minister shocking the world. friday shinzo abe unknowingly shared his final words parliamentary campaign in the western part of the country. before a lone gunman fired twice. medics airlifted the conservative figure to the hospital despite drastic emergency attempts like massive blood transfusions. it simply wasn't enough. >> we tried to resuscitate him at the emergency center but unfortunately he passed away. >> police say the 41-year-old suspect used a 15-inch hand made gun. the former japanese navy veteran now in custody reportedly told
3:20 pm
police he wanted to kill abe but it wasn't about politics. the shooting even more shocking because japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world and has one of the lowest rates of gun violence. current prime minister emotionally calling it a despicable barbaric act as leaders around the world echoed the tragedy the united states abe was extraordinary partner and someone who clearly was a great leader for president joe biden calling abe a champion of the u.s. and japan. the late leader's political career also spanned the bush, obama and trump presidencies. the prominent and sometimes divisive figure won six national elections focusing his career on revitalizing the economy and setting it on the world stage boost military spending as well as bowl steger security
3:21 pm
alliances with the u.s. >> the influential figure came from a family of them. his father was a foreign minister, his grandfather and great uncle were prime ministers as well. following in their footsteps he became japan's youngest prime minister at the age of 52. mike? >> mike: alex hogan live in london tonight. alex, thanks a lot. fbi director christopher wray is raising serious concerns tonight about the chinese government and its efforts to impact everyday americans. correspondent david spunt caught up with the fbi director today in london where is he meeting with top british intelligence officials. >> we're going to follow the facts and the law as we have consistently and will continue to. >> fbi director christopher wray with a warning to everyday americans be on high alert when it comes to the chinese government. >> the chinese government's attempts our innovation, our intellectual property effects american jobs. >> wray is in london this week and sat down with fox news
3:22 pm
following multiple days of meetings with top british intelligence officials including the head of mi 5 the agency in charge of protecting the british homeland. >> we have no problem with the british people so much to admire. make a very powerful contribution to u.k. life. we do need to send a clear signal about the activity of the chinese communist party. >> in the u.s., the department of justice recently ended the china initiative, a program aimed at combating chinese espionage following pressure from groups who called it racially insensitive. >> was that a mistake to get rid of that program. >> we are not going to engage in profiling by ethnicity and national origin and we haven't. we are going to work jointly with universities. in many cases that is one of the most effective ways to prevent stealing of research. >> the threats don't stop with the chinese government. wray says there are increasing political and financial influence campaigns waged separately by iran and russia.
3:23 pm
but domestic problems await the director when he lands back in washington, d.c., including a 30% uptick in homicide. the fbi is still on the ground in highland park, illinois where a 21-year-old suspect opened fire on a crowd killing seven at an independence day parade everybody in this country needs to take a deep breath and remember what the first amendment protects and express themselves that way. if you engage in federal crimes, the fbi is going to investigate wray also says one of the priorities is investigating attacks and threats on pro-life businesses following the supreme court ruling overturning roe v. wade. >> there is a right way under our first amendment to express yourself and violence and destruction of property is not it. and that's what the rule of laugh is all about. and we have seen a number of attacks against faith based organizations, pregnancy resource centers,. >> mike, both men are calling on
3:24 pm
social media companies to step it up when it comes to working with law enforcement to root out bad actors, also this year, 2022 marks 80 years since the fbi first set up shop in london. mike, back to you. >> mike: david spunt live in london tonight. david, many thanks. up next former secretary of state henry kissinger on the war in ukraine plus the importance of strong leadership and learning from the past in the face of international turmoil. ♪ ♪ and party every day. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ applebee's late night. because half off is just more fun. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection,
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the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. >> mike: the white house says president biden called elizabeth whelan today the sister of paul whelan who has been wrongfully detained be by russia since 2018. officials say president biden reaffirmed that he is committed to bringing paul home as soon as possible. the news comes following some criticism that president biden contacted the wife of detained american wnba player griner before contacting the whelan
3:30 pm
family. the sister previously said the family had requested a conversation with mr. biden for months. we're taking a fresh look at war and global conflicts from an old school perspective. tonight my colleague bret baier speaks with a former secretary of state and national security expert about international affairs and how impactful leadership shaped them. >> thank you, mike. we are pleased to bring in former secretary of state nobel prize winner, scholar, national security expert, dr. henry kissinger. his latest book leadership, six studies in world strategy. dr. kissinger, it's great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> bret: i want to talk about your book specifically but i would love to get your thoughts on the world today while we have you here. and specifically, what's happening in ukraine and russia. how do you see that tonight? >> that's 15% of the territory of ukraine and the line for the
3:31 pm
moment is militarily stabilized. and it looks a little bit like world war i type situation in which both sides spending part of the summer reinforcing their position. we have added advanced american weapons undoubtedly reinforcing their ground forces so we may be seeing two offensives going on simultaneously. if russia is defeated, there is a danger of escalation but from any point of view of america, russia cannot keep the territory it has conquered. in this offensive, without shaking the foundations of nato. it's a battle which we should
3:32 pm
not -- we cannot afford to lose. >> and how do you think it ends? >> well, right now it looks like a stalemate, but that's because both sides seem to be rearming for the battle. but it will occur, i would think, no later than august and then big decisions will have to be made. >> bret: your book is called leadership, and in it you say that axes of leadership. leaders think and act at the intersection of two axes. the first between the past and the future. the second between the abiding values and aspirations of those they lead. and you've done six studies in world strategy where you look at different leaders. and there are different ways of dealing with this. tell us about this book and the premise behind it. >> i thought if i took six
3:33 pm
leaders that i had the opportunity to observe and who made a big difference in their impact on their society, it would be ease to understand what the essential component of leadership is. which is to move from the world that is familiar. the past and the present into a world one has not yet experienced. for that one needs vision and courage and some faith. >> bret: the leaders all deal in different ways in the studies, liberty, will, will conviction. anwar sadat the strategy of
3:34 pm
transsen dents best nome known brought to egypt. not a peace treaty great as it was historic modification egypt being new order in the middle east as a contribution to peace in the world. >> when it came to peace making, he went beyond the normal diplomatic discussion and he tried to find principles that applied to all sides and each of the countries would embrace. one of his [inaudible] in jerusalem in which he visited a country that had not been recognized by any of the neighbors and in the neighbors were very reluctant to engage in any dialogue. and even jerusalem. and he said i don't want to solve the following problems and listed all the problems.
3:35 pm
he said i want to get a new vision in which two sides never think of each other as enemies and in which no mothers have to worry about the future of their sons that was heroic gesture. >> bret: if you had a piece of advice for president biden now looking at the world is he looking at and we are all looking at, what would it be? >> i would say the world now is as fragmented as it has ever been. every part of the world is in contact with every other part of the world and means of it communication conceivable even 30 years ago. and they are capability of weapons which make even nuclear weapons look outdated because
3:36 pm
they have married the scale of weapons to a certain in the use of these weapons in which the weapons themselves can decide to some extent what the targets are, the problem of diplomacy and the problem of war has a dimension that has never existed before so the great challenge is to be militarily secure but also diplomatically so flexible that one recognizes the scope of what we are facing and visionary enough to put it forward. >> bret: dr. kissinger thank you for your time. leadership, six studies in world strategy. thank you very much for coming on.
3:37 pm
>> thank you for asking me. good to see you. >> bret: mike, we will send it back to you. >> mike: bret, thanks. up next, we are learning more about the fate of a store clerk charged with murder after defending himself against an unprovoked attack. we will bring you to new york. ♪ ruthann and i like to hike. we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be. my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> mike: the mayor of uvalde texas is refute ago report that came out this week that police officers missed multiple opportunities to kill a gunman that killed 21 at robb elementary school in may. the report does not give a complete and accurate account of what happened. rebuffing claims an officer saw the shooter prior to entering the building. he also says no uvalde police officers had any opportunity to take a shot at the gunman. tonight we follow up on a story we brought you last night involving a new york city store clerk charged with murder after stabbing and killing an attacker reportedly in self-defense. he is out of jail tonight after a judge agreed to lower his bail. the charge is receiving widespread criticism including from democratic new york city mayor eric adams. correspondent david lee miller is in new york with the late rest. jose alba is home for now.
3:43 pm
the 61-year-old convenience store clerk said nothing to reporters as he entered his apartment building. alba is charged with second degree murder. if convicted he faces up to 25 years in prison. supporters say he is a victim of the misguided policies of controversial district attorney alvin bragg. security camera video, obtained by the "new york post," shows 34-year-old austin simon confront alba following an earlier dispute alba had with simon's girlfriend. as seen on the video, simon appears to instigate the conflict shoving alba. a court document says simon attempted to steer the defendant out of the area behind the counter but the defendant picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed simon in the neck and chest at least five times. alba was arrested and held at new york's rikers island jail unable to pay $250,000 bail. following growing outrage about the case, a judge thursday reduced the bail to $50,000. alba's family put up 5,000 and his employer, agreed to pay the recommander if alba flees.
3:44 pm
prosecutor who initially sought half a million dollars bail fearing that alba would not return from a previously planned trip from the dominican republic agreed to the bail reduction citing new restrictions. alba handed over his passport, agreed not to leave new york city and will be monitored electronically. a growing chorus of new yorkers say alba acted in self-defense. on thursday a former cop and the city's democrat mayor eric adams visited the store. >> as i saw it from the video, i saw a worker here inside the store following the law and he should not have been approached in the manner that he was approached. >> a go fund me page that raised money for alba has been taken down and donations returned. the site says it terms of service do not allow fundraising for legal defense violent crime. another fundraising platform gifts and go agreed to help raise money. alba's next court date is
3:45 pm
july 20th. mike? >> mike: up next the friday lightning round, the biden economy the president's executive order on abortion plus, winners and losers. plus, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. every parent in arizona can now take public money sent k through 12 public school system and use it to pay for their children's private school tuition or other education costs. arizona governor doug ducey signed the massive expansion of the state's private school voucher system yesterday. fox 35 in orlando where a police officer is on leave tonight after investigators say he drove drunk in his patrol car. a driver called police on the officer telling officials he was driving his patrol car recklessly. officer oscar it reportedly gave a breath sample nearly five times the legal limit. and this is a live look at north sioux falls from ktph one of the stories there tonight in a former gold mine a mile under
3:46 pm
ground scientists are searching for dark matter. dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter thought to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe. so far no discovery has been made. the search continues. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report,." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ are you ready for it? ♪ ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. big game today!
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>> i think if you want to talk about recession nervousness, you should look at at the jobs report. numbers like this are just very much inconsistent with any kind of a recession call. >> well, you know, we have -- we're not denying that we have work to do on inflation. >> i know times are tough, prices are too high, families are facing the cost of living crunch, but today's economic news confirms the fact that my economic plan is moving in country in a better direction. >> let's look at the numbers. the june jobs report 372,000 jobs added. unemployment staying steady at 3.6%. wages are up 45.1% but not even close to keeping up with inflation. with that let's bring in our panel ben domenech editor of the and host of the ben domenech podcast on fox news radio. leslie marshall democratic strategist and jeff mason white
3:52 pm
house correspondent for reuters. since you are on the north lawn, jeff, let's start with you. the state of the american economy four months ahead of midterm election day? >> well, mike, the labor market is strong and that's certainly something that they emphasized today from the white house and from the administration. but as the president said in the clip that you played that doesn't mean they don't think there is work to do. as we have discussed before, inflation is obviously very high and americans are feeling that. but, the advantage, i guess, of the labor market being strong if there is a recession, it could mean that it would be a mild one. on the other hand, it could also -- will likely mean that the fed will have a pretty hefty rate hike coming up. so, there are pros and cons to that. but as at least they see some glimmers of hope here today. >> mike: leslie, you are outside the beltway what's the feels in terms of the american economy on the west coast? >> well, not just on the west coast and not just here on the left side of things with my
3:53 pm
party, people like seeing gas prices come down as they have been for days now. people like seeing unemployment low and staying steady and people like seeing job creation and jobs report better than it's been. i'm hoping that's going to transcend to higher approval rating for the president. all the american people see is doom and gloom in the headlines especially when it comes to the words inflation or recession that still scares them. we are not out of the scary waters yet. this is definitely good news. i say that as a pessimist. >> mike: ben, solid jobs number but inflation is pretty brutal, your thoughts? >> i think there is very little hope for the democratic coalition to change the narrative as people look at the situation around the country. there is much more reason to be pessimistic in this moment than there is to be optimistic about the direction of the economy and i don't think that you are going to see any of that change in time to further democratic hopes in november. >> mike: also today the president signing an executive order on abortion. he vented his frustration with
3:54 pm
the supreme court. let's play. >> it the truth is today's supreme court majority that is playing fast and loose with the facts. i'm asking the justice department that much like they did in the civil rights era to do something, do everything in their power to protect these women seeking to invoke their rights. >> mike: jeff, is that just frustration from the president since he really doesn't have control over the supreme court. >> yeah. i think there is a lot of frustration there. because of what you just said, mike, and because he can't actually do that much with executive orders on the issue of abortion. he issued the one that you were just referring to. it does a few things. it seeks to protect access to abortion and to contraception for women, but the truth is i doesn't have that much authority to do that. that authority is now with the states. >> mike: leslie, there have been calls by the left for the president to do something on abortion rights is it enough?
3:55 pm
>> well, it's not enough but he doesn't have the power to do enough or to do more. certainly, this is going to appease some, but it is not enough. it's very scary when you heard kevin mccarthy yesterday, you know, touching upon a federal ban, which we think republican also do if they get the house, the senate, and the white house not in the midterms but in the general election. and, of course, there is a concern about republicans trying to limit the ability for women to travel interstate even though currently protected that could always be changed. roe v. wade was protected and there since 1973. the president is doing the best that he can. what the american people need to do if they don't like this decision is get out and vote in november and vote for people that want to protect a woman's reproductive rights. >> mike: ben, what about that? does that energize democrats in it november's midterm elections. >> unfortunately virtually anybody on the democratic side who is going to be energized by this type of rhetoric was already going to be voting anyway. this is not a situation where you're going to see some kind of
3:56 pm
explosive turn around for them. and a big part of that has to do with frankly extreme position that the democratic party occupies on this issue. when you are talking about a nine month spread. when you are talking about this sort of level of support for abortion including taxpayer funding, that's something that just has not been a major popular point for them for some time now. and i think that joe biden and his party are running right into the teeth of that because it turns out that roe v. wade despite being framed as something settled and popular and the like and a lot of the media framing and polls over the years has not turned out to be that popular and will not turn out from my perspective to be something that changes the dynamic headed into the midterms. >> mike: all right. there will be plenty more debate about this issue going into the fall. now it's time for a moment in the show our viewers look forward to, winners and losers. jeff, why don't you lead us off. >> all right. for winners for the week i pick don mccain the late senator
3:57 pm
and the other people yesterday who received the medal of freedom from president biden and a very emotional and touching ceremony and for loser of the week elon musk and very possibly the shareholders of twitter after he said tonight that he was pulling out of his deal to buy that social media company. >> mike: all right, leslie, your turn. >> i'm going to go loser first. marjorie taylor greene for once again being insensitive to victims and victims' families when when she is alluding to the highland park shooting as being a false flag. and winners, well i'm going to say my state and the governor of my state gavin newsom is going to make insulin affordable to those who need it. >> mike: all right, ben, bring us home. >> boris johnson is my loser for the week. really a disappointment in terms of his tenure as prime minister, though it is rather ridiculous as mccullough told us to see the british people go through a moralistic fit now and then. my winner for the week is exreal flo rida and the folks at "fox & friends" this morning put on an
3:58 pm
incredible performance and included image of steve doocy dancing along to. it was just a good enjoyable way to end what has been a tough week mike it's friday and time for "notable quotables." >> nothing way of life. you have to defend it fight for it and earn it. >> i'm here to tell you be angry. i'm furious. >> trying to figure out the best way to shield children bullets body is not a thought process i wish on anybody. >> the court has made clear it will not protect the rights of women. >> there is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he's not in command. >> to say that this president has not shown urgency is just false. >> how sad i am to be giving up
3:59 pm
the best job in the world but them's the breaks. >> the 140 days has past since my wife has been able to speak to me. >> d.e.a. has interdicted fentanyl, counterfeit pills in every single u.s. state and territory. it's everywhere. >> when it comes to these sky high gas prices, drivers are mad about it i'm mad about it the president is mad about it oil company executives are thrilled. >> it's not like there is some group chat with 150,000 gas station owners on it. >> we are going and begging saudi arabia for oil while we are exporting our own oil around the world. >> we see an extraordinary, extraordinary group of americans up here in this stage. >> another action-packed week in american politics. monday on "special report," the ceo of one of the largest simi conductor manufacturers in the world joins to us discuss the worldwide push for more microchips. join me this weekend for "fox news sunday." we have a stacked lineup.
4:00 pm
my exclusive guests will be transportation secretary pete buttigieg, senate majority whip illinois democratic senator dick durbin and senate republican conference chair wyoming senator john barrasso. check your local listings or 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." i'm mike emanuel in washington. thank you for watching. "jesse watters primetime" is next. jesse? >> jesse: thanks so much, mike. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: have you ever been caught in a lie before? as a kid maybe you broke something in your bedroom. >> never asked you, do you like guacamole? >> oh, god. >> jesse: you made a mistake. but you don't want to get in trouble, so you try to lie your way out of it tell a little