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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 12, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

1:00 am, get all your gear.ur this is really cool, to son shirt and that great color. i got a lot of comments on this particular shirt in wyoming last week. enjoy and protect your skin from the ravages of the sun. that's it for us. meremember, it's america now and forever. cut felt is next. ♪ ♪ because democrats are turning on president biden in a big way. a new poll shows 64% of voters in biden's own party what someone else to run for 2024 as progressives unite behind this message, dontrunjoe. >> it's not just today's poll last week's poll next month's poll. they know that both joe biden and, i have is a completely damaged goods. democrats are looking past both of them, already looking at 2424 days a couple months ago we were
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told that now they're done with it. >> you are watching fox and friends. >> talk about 2024, democrats still have to get to the midterms first. that's not looking any better for them either. according to our latest power rankings, this picture could be ruby red come november. good morning, alex. >> good morning, todd and kali. when at least 225 house seats come november. fox news power rankings predict that republicans will be taking control of the house. the majority of 218 republicans have a solid 225, could give them a majority of 70 to be about 182 of those are considered in the bag. of course, there will be some fluctuation there. that 7 number could grow. in the senate, things are a lot tighter right now. 50-50s split. five to make eight senate races across the country will
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determine majority. a potential right way of being fuelled by a lack of enthusiasm for the president and his policies bear with "the new york times" with the anna revealing that most democrats don't want biden in 2024. "64% of democratic voters think they would prefer a new standard bearer in the 2024 presidential campaign. voters nationwide have soured on his leadership, giving him a meager 33% job approval." the reason for democrats picking a different candidates? the polls showed each of the top factor, followed by job performance, 12% prefer somebody new and 10% say the president is not progressive enough. in fact, pro-bernie sanders group has launched to oppose the president seeking nomination, declaring a "president biden has neither been bold nor inspiring." this is that his prospects for winning the election appear to be bleak. stephen allred, alexandra, thank you.
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that young consumer price numbers are due out tomorrow and the white house is trying to downplay the ongoing inflation crisis. >> we expect the headline number, which includes gas and food to be highly elevated. there are a few important points to keep in mind when we get this backwards-looking daughter. first, june cpi data is already out of date because energy prices have come down substantially this month and are expected to fall further. >> carley: the white house blaming the record high price and exxon gas companies. a group of economists expects tomorrow's eps figure to be even higher than last month. >> todd: jill biden raising eyebrows during a speech in san antonio yesterday. struggling with some pronunciations and making a pretty interesting comparison. listen to this. >> this diversity in this community as thick of the bloggers of the bronx and as
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unique as the breakfast tacos here in san antonio. >> todd: first lady immediately appear until i can at least part of texas' hispanic community to tacos. the national association of hispanic journalists and encouraging to better understand the complexities of the people and communities. we are not tacos, do not make us a stereotype. >> carley: imagine the reaction of melania trump had said that in a speech. oh, my gosh. they operate. >> todd: i used weird phrases to compare people, not once have i referred to somebody in that a copy of it driving moderates out of the democratic party after progressive scholar bigot and stopper from participating due to her stance on transgender participation. >> carley: that candidate, mother of four and activist on the snap. the monarchy.
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you're running from a congressional seat. you want to participate in this forum that took place on monday. what happened? >> right, in a congressional district, actually lower manhattan and brooklyn. this particular forum, the group of brooklyn democratic clubs who decided that despite the fact that i'm on the ballot and despite the fact that i'm one of the candidates that voters can choose from -- there's 15 of us, there is a lot, that i should not be allowed to speak because i think sports, both collegiate sports in professional sport should be based on -- should be single based on biological sex and not gender identity because men have an unfair advantage against women in sport. that's why we have single sports to begin with. we do we just did a story but jill biden referring to let you know the stock was that would be part of the reason why democrats are losing touch and losing the vote of many democrats. along lines, these groups not
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understand that they are the ones that are extremists? and the extremist views are driving voters away from the democratic party as well? >> well, you're exactly right. i am married to hispanic immigrant. i understand well that the democrats are getting it wrong. my own party is getting it wrong when it comes to a lot of different messaging. calling people let an ex, calling moms like me begets or trans-phobic or these other jc art of the party words just because i'm saying things that the vast majority of americans agree with the urban democrats and republicans agree with me about sports. democrats and republicans, people of hispanic heritage really don't want to be called tacos or latinx or anything else, and i think we have to get that right is a party. >> carley: they don't want you to speak at this forum, lambda independent democrat, new king
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democrats, south brooklyn united for progressives and equality. they released a statement to the end of your time today we will not allow ourselves to be used. new yorkers do not need representatives whose office will be used to hurt people. i don't understand what this group is afraid of because they're saying they have better ideas than you, and they want their preferred candidates to defeat you and then allow the people to hear both sides and decide. that is our democratic process works. >> you are exactly right, the fact is that since there is 15 of us running, this would be a 14 on one debate, apparently, if they are to be believed. i think the reason they don't want me to speak is because they know so many people will agree with me if they hear from me because what i'm saying is reasonable and moderate comment is actually supported by a tremendous number of people both within my district and within
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the state at large. >> todd: at some point, if these people want to pull this bill de blasio on you again, some people get what they deserve. honestly, i don't mean to be mean about it, but if they're too scared to go up against you with 14 people in the corner. >> carley: very quickly, because you want a lot of the form, we do want to give you an opportunity to share some of your ideas now. about 30 seconds. why are you running in this congressional rates and what you want to do to help me out? >> i've seen what the policies of bill de blasio on the far left progressives that supported him to do my city and made it less clean, safe, less affordable care that my children a public school students. we need better and we got mayor bill de blasio and better than were going to get from a far left progressive agenda. we need moderation and common sense in congress. >> carley: thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> greater torque device.
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>> carley: you're very welcome. activist organizations are requesting a meeting with president biden following the overturning of roe vs. wade, which returned abortion loss to the states. the naacp and planned parenthood of them among the organizations pushing bad and still response after he signed an executive order on abortion last week. they write in the letter, the supreme court, women of the federal constitutional right to control their party is ignoring nearly 50 years of precedent. an attack on our basic freedom. the groups also saying the court decision cannot be separated from a "broader attack on democracy that is being waged across our nation." as illegal drugs continue to pour into our southern border, president biden is set to meet with mexican president later. summit of the americas in los angeles.
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>> todd: former ice director and former teacher's deputies joins us now. jonathan, it is you. this is anything more than a photo op so that it looks like joe biden is actually doing something regarding the border when in fact he is doing absolutely nothing? >> yeah, i think that's exactly right. i think that he just wants to make it appear that they are addressing the water crisis and drug crisis, the human trafficking crisis, but every single thing this administration has done has been to encourage all three of them, and this is just a photo op, it maybe an opportunity for us to get some tax dollars to mexico, just like we did at the summit of the americas of getting businesses to invest in other countries rather than our own country. this is to trick the american people, but i think the american people are wise of this, they're smart, they know this administration isn't doing anything and is in taking this border issue seriously or the drug issue or anything else, and i don't think it will have the effect that they hope it will.
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>> carley: president trump to debt policies in place that incurred to mexico to secure the southern border with guatemala to prevent illegal immigrants from ultimately coming into the united states. what happened to the policy? >> well, this administration doesn't want to stop illegal immigration, they're doing everything they can to encourage more and more illegal immigration. every policy they put into place has been to do so, whether or not it's making it harder to deport people, harder to arrest people for i.c.e. agents, making the water completely porous, accusing border patrol agents of being simply processing centers for illegal immigrants. >> todd: since october, border patrol has encountered over 1.5 million migrant, jonathan, why is biden seemingly allowed this entire discussion to be on mexico's terms? why aren't we dictating to them what we need them to do to stop
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the flow of migrants and stop the flow of drugs? >> yeah, exactly. we are the more powerful country. they want more from us than we want from them. but we should be dictating the terms, but the problem is with sort of that underlying theory is that that assumes that we want this to stop. this administration has shown for every action they've taken that they actually want massive illegal immigration. they do everything they can to encourage it and part of that is necessarily going to be more and more drugs coming across and there are no resources available to stop the drugs from coming across, so yes, if we wanted this to stop, this could stop very quickly. we could make it very clear that we are done with this, we are going to stop it. if you don't support us, there will be consequences. again, this administration doesn't want it to stop, so again, this meeting is just a mere pretense to make it seem as if they are trying to address this issue in a serious way when in fact, they're not at all. the one it's too early in the
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morning to be outreach, but unfortunately, the snake stories we did just that because there are two suspected mexican cartel members in new york city who were arrested last week with over $1.2 million worth of meth and they are not in jail right now. they were really is due to the city's bill reform laws and a near 30 special narcotics prosecutor responded to the situation to that you are posting at the time, the bail laws were changed, new york city was not a distribution hub for methamphetamine. now it is. we are unable to even ask for bail even if we arrest the man with no ties to the city and a load worth millions of dollars. what are the chances that we are ever going to see these people again? >> you know, they have no incentive to come back to court, although they are being prosecuted in new york with one of these progressive d.a.s. they may not even face severe consequences, but the amazing thing about this is it really
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shows up at these policies are when you see the real-life effects because we have 107,000 people last year die of drug overdoses and we have our law enforcement, many of these progressive d.a.'s, progressive politicians are treated drug dealers like victims and police as the criminals. it's really horrible when you see , because it's not just from the drugs come out from violent crime and everything else, but another aspect of this, which is quite interesting as the federal government has laws that would make the distribution of this kind of methamphetamine a 10-year mandatory minimum and also have a bill policy that makes a presumption that they would be detained, so this is an area where the federal government should step up, the department of justice, the u.s. attorney's office and arrest these people and be coordinated on the front end instead of spending all of the time worrying about preventing moms and dads from speaking at school board meetings and shutting down what they called his information, they should be focusing on this because this is
1:15 am
the most significant, or one of the most significant criminal issues going on right now, to let these to walk and everyone associated with them also walk because they are not getting them is really putting the community at risk, making everyone's life less safe and worse, and both state and federal government should be doing far more on this issue. >> todd: to a total breakdown of the system. before we let you go, president biden leaving for the middle east tonight for the first visit to israel and saudi arabia. while anything meaningful, not of this strip? >> no, i think the most meaningful thing that will come out of this which will make this administration look even worse on the international stage because it will show saudi arabia and everyone else watching how weak this president is because instead of wrapping up domestic oil production and doing things to increase production, drilling, refineries here in america where we have plenty of ability to do so, is going to be there begging
1:16 am
saudi arabia, so it just shows the international community how weak this president is because it shows he does not have the courage to stand up to the extremes of his base to increase oil production year and he has to go there begging for oil, so i think it will do nothing other than probably some pretense to show that he's working on the issue. >> carley: one that he is leaving for later today. jonathan, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: you're very welcome. all right, nasa unveiling the first color photo of space ever taken. how big is that? this image, taken by the james webb space telescope shows light from a cluster of galaxies up to 13 billion years old, located about a billion miles from earth. that's far. >> todd: those numbers we can't even comprehend. the farthest distances ever seen by humanity.
1:17 am
nobody has ever seen that far before. but nasa administrator promising more images including some that are "a precise you're going to see whether or not planets are habitable." think about this. your mind just cannot wrap the distance, the size, the magnitude of all this. it's scary, but it was awesome. they were first full-colour photo of deep space ever. mark it down. >> todd: the head of america's largest teachers union with work with the white house says there's too much politics in the classroom. that's rich. the school districts are calling a politically charged policies like putting tampons and the boy's room. but talking to concerned mom who is pushing back on the policy. >> carley: congressional investigation into the biden family business dealing that the white house allegedly found 1 tosold 1 million barrels of oo china. more details on that coming up.
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>> todd: hunter biden arguing with a dash not just the biden family, telling america they saw their most precious assets to the chinese government. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new gmc sierra. premium and capable. that's professional grade.
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♪ ♪ we want teachers union leader chasing mockery online after complaining about a negative survey on teachers that is as classrooms have become too political. she says, "9 out of 10 respondents say schools have become too politicized following your political attacks on teachers, culture wars and banning books for political scams." critics are calling out her hypocrisy reminding her that countless reports of teacher unions deep involvement with politics and the federal government, especially during the covered pandemic. "washington times" columnist tim young added specifically called for politicization and schools in shock when 9 out of 10 people are upset about it. a teacher discusses his decision to stand up against harmful gender identity politics at his florida public school district. watch this. >> for me, the most important
1:24 am
thing, and so that is my utmost priority when i'm at school, and there is zero action that these policies correspond. for me, it became a thing if i get fired, i get fired. god is in control and he will take care of me. >> carley: in march, spoke out about the school district allowing transgender teens in female locker room during a school board meeting. he first won the district bought about dangerous gender identity policy is back in 2016. the teacher will join us live next hour. we're looking forward to that permit an organ, parents are pushing back against a policy that is spending taxpayer dollars to put tampons in the boys bathroom. joining me now to discuss is one mom, sherry. sure, what possible use got a five year old boy, much less any boy have for a tampon?
1:25 am
>> none. that's the problem. >> todd: this makes no sense. what i don't understand is if you don't have the female anatomy to begin with, what possible use got you have for a tampon? in other words, i understand there is a question of people identifying a certain genders, but if you do not have the anatomy, regardless of how you identify, what used you have a tampon? >> absolutely not, that's a problem. we have children in kindergarten through second grade that can't even read, and so the idea of putting these products and bathrooms where they're not needed and the possibility for misuse in multiple ways, from females, toxic shock syndrome, four boys they don't need them. it's abusing them, potentially putting them in toilets and plugging them. stuff like that. totally unnecessary.
1:26 am
>> todd: $5.6 million on the line in taxpayer dollars with school budgets so strapped as they are, especially in the light of the pandemic, all the months that had to go to retrofitting these classrooms and the like, couldn't that $5.6 million but abuse? i don't know, for books, for teaching english, math and think that these kids are going to need to survive in the next? >> absolutely. that money equates to 30 teachers a year. we have a huge achievement gap since the pandemic, and there's so many other resources that we need that i do not understand how prioritizing putting tampons into specifically boys bathroom is benefits any of our students and their future success and education. >> todd: here's the statement from the organ education department, basically saying this program helps students participate actively in classes in school activities by alleviating some of the economic strain and experience of him that often are barriers for menstruating student accessing their education.
1:27 am
i understand the general concept. you don't want young kids going to the transition in the life have to worry about this. i just use them what young ladies, not penetrating students. can't we just put tampons in the ladies room and potentially a gender neutral bathroom? >> absolutely. that is the way the bill initiated when it first went through in march of 2021, it was to be in at least two bathrooms. then all of a sudden, the last last minute, it was changed to be sure to include boys bathrooms as well, and that is everything that has been laid out in the menstrual toolkit to clarify and highlight that this can't just because a gender neutral bathrooms, that it has to include the boys bathroom. >> todd: again, ike, at this from the perspective of a parent trying to think why this would need to be in a boy's room and i have two girls, but also come at it from somebody was a young boy at a time and am thinking to myself, there is only shenanigans that are going to
1:28 am
ensue if you have tampons in a boys bathroom. it's not positive comments that what articles that are going to a really tough time in their life. this is unbelievable. thank you so much for elucidating us. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> carley: and other new surveillance video appears to back up the self defense claims from new york city bodega worker jose all powers not charged with murder. a meeting with the dea today, were talking to another new york city business owner who worries this could happen to anyone. >> todd: jose alva defended himself from being killed. alvin braggs seems to be a reasonable person. we have a lot of questions for him, and we want to give him the opportunity to speak not only to us, but to speak to all new yorkers.
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the essential foods they desperately need for one month. when you call right now, your gift's impact will be doubled to help save lives. your support will provide them with a box overflowing with nourishing food and the knowledge that faithful christians around the world care about them. god tells us to take care of them, to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. >> carley: a pair of brothers just ten and 14 years old, is
1:34 am
all rather, have turned themselves into philadelphia police following the brutal beating death of a 73 year old man. the shocking footage shows a smiling group of attackers chasing a man before hitting him several times with traffic cones, although the two boys turned themselves in, police haven't formally file charges against them at this time. >> todd: ten years old, meanwhile, convict robbing a california store in broad daylight while wearing an ankle monitor. that's not how that supposed to work. according to police, the man was freed on power. a 32nd at the store with a gun drawn before jumping over the counter and taking about $500 from the register. this was later picked up by police with the cash and handgun in that video. unreal. meantime, new york city bodega owner charged with second-degree murder in the case of self defense -- his own injuries sustained when he was attacked. >> carley: meanwhile, the
1:35 am
attacker's government was accused of injuring alba continues to operate with no charges. marianne rafferty joins us. good morning. >> good money, outraged bodega owners are demanding that the d.a., alvin braggs dropped the murder charges against all the above appear to be defending himself when he was attacked by an ex-con after the men's golf and try to buy a $3 bag of chips for her 10-year-old daughter, but her benefit card was declined. the upset woman and her boyfriend, austin simon, a scuffle ensued and alba stabbing simon, and his girlfriend also stabbed alba. >> alba was the victim, who was standing his ground. he defended himself from being killed. this guy is jack. he is a strong, he's young, he was going to beat this guy to death. the truth of the matter is jose alva had the right to defend
1:36 am
himself. >> de alvin bragg refusing to comment on why alba was charged with second-degree murder and is bound originally set at $250,000. alba's but was originally reduced to $50,000 after public outcry and he was released with heavy monitoring and he went home. the 51-year-old bodega worker revealing injuries on his upper arm, deep bruising and a gash on his shorter, but asking the family for forgiveness, saying he also lost a son, saying "i didn't think this would happen. i don't want to do this. i don't mind the moment how this happened but i'm also sad. i know what the pain is and i ask that they please forgive me." d.a. 35 is expected to meet with bodega owners today, newark mayor eric adams is that it is a clear case of self-defence and alba should never have been charged to be a active as.
1:37 am
>> carley: marianne rafferty life with us. thank you for the details let's bring in a brooklyn bodega owner. she joins us now, live in studio. thank you so much for coming in. when you listen to the details of what happened to jose aldo's been in the same line of business as your family, it just heard mayor eric adams thursday he was acting in the defense and yet he still gets into rikers island. how does that make you feel? >> it's really hard because to me as a bodega owner, having my kids work with me and husband, it could have made me. i could tell you, last week, we had kind of something similar. someone came to the store, grab a six pack of corona and literally went out, then came back again for more. my son's document that you got to pay and the guy into a confrontation. thank nothing happened, he could have been caught up in the same thing. >> carley: if you put in a
1:38 am
situation were to you defend yourself and your children defend themselves and your business and your property or you let something like this happen and you could be safe from real-time yourself. >> i'm thinking, and i set it to my son, is that it could have been you right there. because you would have fought with him and who knows what would have happened? because at this time, there is a lot of emotion that comes together and you don't have control of -- either you wouldn't do that, i'm pretty sure they're inviting him to do it. the one you have to defend yourself. one thing is the age as well. set the attacker was in his 30s and it was really sort of a two on one situation. we have this image from the daily mail and you can see just how badly jose alva was hurt by the criminals as well, apparently the girlfriend also had a knife in her back. she took it out and she stabbed him as well. she's still working walking free on one of the frustrating thing is that it really does feel like
1:39 am
no one is defending the victim here. >> exactly. sometimes i ask myself, the police say that they're doing the job, but we also fight alone because whenever there is a big problem, it's when there's a problem with this everybody says you could have called, but it's always. >> carley: you said that you've on this bodega since 2005, you work around the property is at your children what they too. when did you notice a change? >> covid. covid brought it back. you feel the pressure. people who make 90. people still wear masks for their own protection because mask is no longer cope with, but to protect yourself, and people feel like should i step in and they're always looking back to see if there's anyone behind them, we had a very tough time in that bodega.
1:40 am
it happens to us too in brooklyn. you don't know when it's going to happen, so you're asking yourself when will it stop? you're falling down into -- >> how to feel about albert bryan? yes $500,000 worth of bail for jose alba. >> i believe in jesus. that's all i can say. if you have the lord in your heart, what you do that? we are the ones that work the most hardworking people. we make sure we have coffee in the morning, 20 for you. you're going to wake up to a cup in the morning. preparing vehicles, breakfast, bacon, egg, and cheese. i only has come to think about put himself in our shoes and how would it feel to get $500,000. >> carley: he is saying that something similar happen to you
1:41 am
when there was a group of criminals that were trying to steal from your bodega. when you call police, what happened? do they take the call seriously, they're quickly? >> no. they usually take their sweet time. when they come, since they don't see anything happening, they feel like they wasted their time. at the time, we have people coming into the store, you have your own self, you have your kids, 24, 25. what are we doing here? what are we doing wrong? stephen i know you worked so hard for this business. >> who is going to a business? for me, right? i'm asking the people to support the honors, to come to us and say how can we help you? we know you are suffering from covid. my bodega was closed for two months, opened again right before. here i am again. for my neighborhood, for my
1:42 am
people, for my brooklyn college student. >> carley: there are so much outrage over this particular case. hopefully, it make things safer across the board because businesses like you, hardworking people like you really do make the city and this country operate in the successful way that it does bear with thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for sharing my information to all the people and caring for the owners like us are struggling to make new york a better place. >> carley: it was a pleasure. honor to meet you. >> thank you. >> todd: thousands of migrants arrested over we can. governor greg abbott is making good on his promise sending most migrants back across the border. reactions next.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: and energy expert calling at president biden's reported million barrels oil sale to a chinese company part owned by his son has hunter. daniel turner calling for a congressional investigation. >> out of all the oil companies that are brokering this deal, the one that the president 's sun is up our own an investor, it might be profited, it only for automation but it's just
1:48 am
beyond curious and beyond worthy of congressional investigation. >> todd: the white house has so far avoided questions on the report. whether is a curiosity on the part of the media is true of all the oil companies, why is this one, the one connected to hunter, the one that he was with? and also, why does joe biden feels emboldened that out of all the oil companies, because you're the one that has potential conflict of interest? you'd think somebody in jo's position would say i want to avoid this conflict of interest, let's find a different one. yet he feels emboldened. >> carley: just a quick timeline year. in march, the biden administration said they were going to release 1 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve per day to help lower gas prices. has it will have? no. is it something the president can say that he did to be proactive? yes. a lot of people assume that if
1:49 am
the goal is to lower gas prices in this country, the oil would stay in this country. that's not really what happened there would be found at some of that oil is being sold to other countries, including china, and this is why hunter biden comes into play. his private equity firm, about $1.7 billion at stake in the chinese company seven years ago, and although his lawyers said he no longer holds any interest in the company, there are a lot of people that say that the whole thing is fishy, including tucker carlson. listen to this. >> if you happen to be watching all of this from beijing, you would be applauding. you'd be especially thrilled to see joe biden destroy america's single greatest asset, which is its domestic energy supply. mix the united states entirely dependent on chinese technology for wind and solar projects in the tech companies as always are on board on china's site. once again censoring any discussion of hunter biden poll activities, criminal activity. in the meantime, do not be
1:50 am
distracted. this is not about hunter biden arguing with a hooker about how much practice on the scale. this is about our leaders, but just about a family selling out in its most precious access to the chinese government. >> carley: on the other end, i was reading that the u.s. government is obligated to find the highest possible price for assets its selling, including all. i'm sure that -- the chinese government owned company, they would point to that is the reasoning. it maybe true. at a time on fbi director christopher wray and the head of mi5 grabbed just have the joint press conference saying that china is even more of a threat to the western world that we even realized, maybe stop selling our oil to our greatest adversary in china. >> todd: or maybe drilling, use the stuff that we drill for all purposes, not touch the reserve. >> carley: pressing forward, new reports show border agents
1:51 am
in texas have nearly 25,000 migrants in a center in texas of it just over a week. governor greg abbott is going it alone as the white house seemingly does nothing to help the people of the lone star state. >> todd: joining us live, a county sheriff. you are in arizona. are all what it's going to have to follow greg abbott's lead in texas and do the work that the president refuses to do? speak with looks like that. we were to have to pick up the slack. within this time and time again, over the last two years, the federal government continues to fail the states like texas and arizona especially as we try to combat these illegal human trafficking and drug trafficking into america. they are no know to be fun, and it is that job, the constitutionally mandated to protect our borders. it is unfortunate that we are having to pick up so much slack on the state-level. >> carley: there is a ranch owner, name is donna schuster and she has some sort in the
1:52 am
biden administration saying that the borders closed. listen to this. >> they ought to come down here in fear fear for their lives. they're not staying here. they're coming through my rant because they are headed somewhere else. they are not staying in this county. the border is not closed, they are pouring across every day and they are destroying our property. >> carley: as you know, a lot of these branches are in remote areas and their people crossing to the property day and night, which is just such a dangerous and unsettling situation. >> come it's so dangerous in the majority of these branches, they all had vehicles stolen, lot of the writers and arizona one given them the grandkids out on horseback ride unless they are carrying a gun or they have an account with them. a lot of them have experienced actually physical assault. they've got their fences, they've damaged and killed their livestock. it is out of this world what they do, these people, and our
1:53 am
federal government has the gall to say that the border is closed? they are out of their minds. >> todd: the fed's fight this move by greg abbott, isn't that a total admission that at the end of the day, the biden administration wants open borders? >> absolutely commented that admission that what texas is doing is working. the only time i've seen this administration talk about the border is one texas or arizona is trying to do something to stop the illegal immigration or the human trafficking and drug trafficking, and that is what is shameful. we, the shares, standing together. we've created a group called . were trying to fill the gap with the federal government is failing, texas leading the way on that. i love what they're doing. it is an invasion and you not? do at the federal government is to us. until we have to go to court and the courts tell them they can do it. texas to do the same thing. make the courts tell them they
1:54 am
can't do it. until then, they just need to tell the federal government that they're not doing the job. >> carley: president biden is going to meet with mexican president at the white house today. immigration likely a topic of conversation on the agenda. what would a successful conversation that look like to you? >> a successful conversation would be getting back to the return to mexico program or remain in mexico program. i know that the supreme court ruled on that, but that is an effective program and mexico should be a good partner in that. but president trump was that his policies were in place, we had a good partner in mexico. mexico was defending their borders, they were open to the remain in mexico program, but they were stopping people coming through the country. another just letting them free love to write to our borders and into our country, and not -- those borders are not close like they want to tell you they are. >> todd: we appreciate your time as always. thank you very much.
1:55 am
the new san francisco d.a. wasted no time getting down to business after the recall of her soft on crime predecessor. pope jenkins went to the office last year to lead his recall effort. on friday, she told her staff to turn in any and all -- she could determine which ones to withdraw. pope jenkins told some of the staff they may even lose their jobs as she looks to reshuffle the office, saying she wants to prioritize the drug cases after the special election last month after being widely blamed for spreading violence, homelessness and drug crimes in the city. he won a lawsuit filed saying the religious rights are violated. we're going to talk to those workers and get their story after this. um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah.
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>> todd: bodega worker who stabbed an ex-con to death after he acted in self-defense. alvin bragg staying sile not. this is "fox and friends first." i'm todd piro. >> carley: the attacker's girlfriend continues to walk free, a spokesman for bodegarcs of america says jose alba had


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