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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 12, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> look at that. the camera guy. >> camera from south mountain. >> we'll be there for the super bowl, isn't it there this year? >> go to las vegas. fox to fox has back-to-back super bowls. enough football talk. >> have a nice day. see you tomorrow. >> bill: thanks, good morning. 9:00 in new york. could it be one an done? if democrats have their way there will be no biden 2024 and the white house looks the other way. tuesday, i'm bill hemmer, hello to you at home. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." i would look away, too, if i was in the white house. they are talking about it and why you see so much chatter. not just republicans expressing frustration with president biden. majority of democrats want someone else to run in 2024 according to a "new york times"
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poll. his age is the top reason. opinion page publishing this. joe biden is too old to be president again. the white house circling the wagons. >> we aren't going to pay attention to polls. not what we'll do here. we'll focus on is delivering for the american people. >> bill: the trend lines for the president heading in the wrong direction. approval rating on a downward slide since last year. the biggest concern among americans inflation. it continues to rise crushing americans every time they head out for groceries or gasoline. >> dana: former trump advisor kellyanne conway standing by. first mark meredith live at the white house. >> good morning to you. the white house says it is not focused on polling, interest groups and lawmakers running for reelection sure are. as you talked about the recent polling shows the president is facing political head winds here. he insists the country is in better shape than when he took office. "the new york times" says it
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its latest survey 64% of the potential democratic primary voters would choose someone other than joe biden as their party's nominee in 2024. the times also found once again a biden versus trump biden would lead but just within the margin of error making the race a potential toss-up. speculation has been growing in recent weeks some democrats may try to challenge the president for the nomination next time around. president biden insists he will be the nominee and already ready for another campaign. listen to what he told abc back in december. >> president biden: if i'm in the health i'm in now, if i'm in good health, then i would run again. >> if that means a rematch against donald trump? >> president biden: you're trying to tempt me now. sure. >> a lot can change between now and election day. we've been looking a lot what's happening with the economy. the latest junes job report
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labor market competitive and the latest report tomorrow on inflation. the white house is expecting those numbers to be bad saying inflation is likely to be surging and trying to preview setting expectation before the data drops. >> we expect the headline number, which includes gas and food, to be highly elevated mainly because gas prices were so elevated in june. gas and food prices continue to be heavily impacted by the war in ukraine. >> there will be a lot of focus on foreign policy in the days ahead. that report inflation will be dropping as the president is landing in israel. he has a whirlwind drip ahead of him and making a visit to saudi arabia as the administration continues to urge oil producing nations to step up production because prices are so high. >> bill: let's get analysis with former trump advisor kellyanne conway. welcome back to our program. good morning to you. nice to see you. this is what ruth's
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progressive group saying about the president now. unfortunately president biden has been neither bold nor inspiring. his prospects for winning reelection are bleak with so much at stake making him the democratic party's standard bearer in 2024 would be a tragic mistake. far left saying we're jumping off this ship, kellyanne. >> it is remarkable. not the quote white ring conspiracy or republicans moving toward or away from biden but inside the house. the real challenge for joe biden. the same group you referenced has committed a six-figure spending beginning november 9th after the mid-term elections that they predict will be a disaster for the democrats they'll try to force biden off the ticket. hillary clinton i think she was bloodied and bruised politically having gone through a rough primary and caucus season against bernie sanders in 2016. people forget he won 10 or 12
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contests. some of those key states. i think the big problem for biden in this "new york times" poll 63% of hispanic democrats disapprove of him. 69% of young democrats disapprove of his job approval. 94% of democrats under 30 want someone else. the reason is he look at themselves as the party of youth and energy and future and they have this older white guy as the standard bearer. it is pretty remarkable to be telling your party's president sitting president we don't think you are electable and in addition to his age sharing the space is the nagging factor why democrats don't want joe biden is 2024 is his performance particularly among hispanics. they are saying it's his performance. right now it is not a good place to be as a sitting incumbent president. >> dana: i wanted to ask you about something you said when
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we were on with martha a few weeks ago and stuck in my mind and it's about how donors don't pick the nominee, the grassroots picks the nominees. it is such a good thing to remember as we all start to look beyond 2022 to 2024. in the same "new york times" poll there was this. looking asking republican voters 49% say they would like to have president trump run again and 25% support for desantis and the rest are down in the low single digits at 6 and 2%. how should people be thinking about looking at the grassroots and trying to understand where they want the party to go? >> sure. dana, right now the most likely 2024 scenario is a cage match rematch between biden and trump and different polls show each of them leading the other within a couple of points and people are always looking for the next thing and i think governor desantis has been a
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remarkable, robust strong governor and done so many things right. people have tried to break his stride and ruin his day and taken on the battles and won most of them. they would all be running on america first agenda. nobody will be biden lite or bring the republican party back to pre-trump days. people who try to do that are now in the never trump lane in the republican party is more like a bike path now and crowded with a few people who want to bring us backward to the less inspiring days of mccain and romney as our losing republican nominees. dana and bill, one thing we don't cover enough in the polls. in fact 13 states right now the majority of registered voters are independents. not republicans or democrats including in key states like colorado and new hampshire. gallup 2021 said 27% of the country identifies as republican. 29% democrat.
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42% independents. they lean a certain way. the question is what happens to the 42%? will they say look, i want the trump economy and energy policies back? i'm done with biden. are they looking for something new? the donor class usually says where is the next fresh face and big thing. whoever runs in 2024 if president trump decides not to, they will have to be running on his policy accomplishments no doubt. and really take the case. i think the most binary choice now is between biden and trump. you will hear grumblings among donors and voters. that's where it is going right now. 50 seats for the republicans if they're able to make joe biden's deficits democratic deficits and distractions. the democratic party thinks if they can get rid of biden and
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harris they'll move forward. >> bill: kellyanne, thanks. you said a lot there. a lot more to dive into when we have more time. >> dana: i will read that transcript to learn more. president biden interrupted in the middle of a speech at the white house yesterday while he was commemorating a new gun law when a man shouted he must do more. well, that man is the father of a victim in the high school shooting massacre in parkland, florida. at first the president told him to sit down and hear him out. >> president biden: we can make meaningful progress on dealing with gun violence because make no mistake -- sit down and you will' hear what i have to say. [man shouting] [applause] >> president biden: let me finish my moments. let him talk, let him talk.
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>> dana: that grieving father manuel oliver was escorted to the back lawn and white house has been on defense on this one. >> our hearts go out to man well oliver who has suffered a deep, deep loss. the president met with him earlier today before the event and as you know the president understands what loss feels like. >> dana: the president says the new law would be a first step toward a full ban of assault-type weapons. more to come. >> bill: from ohio the attorney general in the state joining those questioning a recent report that a 10-year-old rape victim had to travel out of ohio into indiana for an abortion. >> we have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriffs not a whisper anywhere. any case like this you are going to have a rape kit. you'll have biological evidence and you would be looking for
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dna analysis. there is no case request for analysis that looks anything like this. >> bill: there is a lot more to be reported on the story. we're just at the very beginning. it showed up in the "indianapolis star". the "washington post" fact checker writing a one source story about a 10-year-old and abortion goes viral. the bottom line, it is a very difficult story to check, end quote. the question is where did it come from, who pushed it and why the newspaper in indianapolis printed it? we don't have all those answers at the moment. right now it looks suspicious. >> dana: it was also repeated by president biden. that's another question here. we'll continue to watch for this as well. vice president harris is meeting with the mexican president. this is in advance of the president meeting with him himself. and apparently they are going to talk about how the administration is doing amazing things to help the southern border of the united states which, of course, i say tongue
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in cheek. vice president harris said that she was going to focus on the root causes and after that initial trip we've not heard anything about that since. >> bill: two things here about a month and a half ago in california there was a summit that was held in the mexican president was demanding other foreign leaders attend. we didn't like that idea. he skipped that summit. secondly, for the past year and a half we've seen the border explode. what can they accomplish today? how can they figure out this solution? will they put anything forward that will be more productive than we've seen so far? a lot of people are holding doubts. >> dana: they'll ask for more work visas for migrants. we'll continue to watch this with vice president harris and obrador taking questions now.
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>> dana: manhattan's progressive d.a. ignoring questions on the bodega worker charged with murder saying he was defending himself. congressman lee zeldin says what he would do if elected governor of new york in november. >> bill: demanding the president come clean if hunter biden's business in china are influencing the president. >> dana: any pictures of a galaxy farther away than any ever seen. mike massimino will join us from the images on the web-based telescope. ♪♪♪ with fast, reliable solutions, nationwide. find the perfect solution for your business. from the network businesses rely on.
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>> bill: so there is word today as we wait to hear this morning from new york city's progressive d.a. alvin] police saying he has a press conference at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. he meets with bodega workers today who want him to drop the charges against a new york city bodega worker who allegedly stabbed an attacker inside a store. what's new today, david lee? >> we contacted the office of district attorney alvin bragg about the meeting taking place and told we can't comment on an ongoing investigation. as you point out there are now reports there could be some type of news conference in the next hour or so. meanwhile grocery store clerk jose alba is speaking out for the first time about the deadly confrontation that got him charged with murder. according to a report he says if given the chance, he would tell the dead man's family i ask that they please forgive me because i didn't want to do that.
6:20 am
video obtained by the "new york post" from multiple cameras shows alba appearing trying to fend off simon who was reportedly angry about a dispute he had with siem on's girlfriend. simon was behind the store counting and shoving alba. alba stabbed simon at least five times. during that time simon's girlfriend i'm quoting took a knife from her purse and stabbed alba's arm. she is seen making a stabbing motion. alba supporters want to know why the clerk is charged with murder and the woman not charged with alba. the daily published photos of alba's injuries including what appears to be a knife wound on his arm. alba's case has a group representing convenience store workers calling for new york lawmakers to enact a stand your ground law that allows for the
6:21 am
use of deadly force if a person feels threatened. >> bill: what a story it has become. if there is a press conference we'll let our viewers know what happened. >> dana: let's bring in new york republican congressman lee zeldin. republican nominee in the new york governor's race and would remove bragg on day one. paul morrow was on yesterday and get your reaction on the other side. >> law abiding citizens have the law come down at them at work and criminals are walking around free. m new york city we now have alvin bragg who managed to make himself through his handling of this case and others central to the new york state governor's race upcoming in november. >> dana: this matters, lee, because you have governor hochul now, she would have the power to do something. she hasn't done anything. you said you would change things if you were to be
6:22 am
elected. >> that's right. this would be the first thing i would do on day one as governor come january is to fire the manhattan district attorney alvin bragg. the governor of the state of new york has the constitutional authority to remove a district attorney who refuses to enforce the law. alvin bragg has been doing this since day one when he first took office. all sorts of crimes across the board he is refusing to prosecute at all. other crimes he is prosecuting as lesser offenses. if you as a district attorney want to change a law, you bring your case to the state capital, state your argument and try to change the law. you have a duty to enforce the law that's the oath that you take and he is refusing to do his job. i would remove him. the first thing i would do my first day in office. >> dana: the bodega workers aren't sitting back. they are demanding some change. they will meet with alvin bragg, the prosecutor this morning. see how it turns out. >> jose alba was a victim.
6:23 am
he was standing his ground. jose alba defended himself from being killed. mayor adams came forward and said he supports jose alba. alvin bragg needs to do the same. he needs to understand that what he has done is a terrible mistake and we're hoping that he is going to come to his senses. >> dana: it is interesting because alvin bragg didn't wait to do an invest before charging alba with second degree murder and taking him to ryker's where his wounds from the stabbing were infected. now the girl stabbing alba won't be arrested. yesterday morrow was asking us is this the tipping point case? what is your sense? are you talking to voters on the ground about not just this case, i know, but all the crime leading up to it but could this one be a tipping point? >> for sure. new yorkers across all walks of life are talking about crime
6:24 am
and public safety as their number one issue now. we lead the entire country in population loss. multiple reasons why. crime and public safety, opportunity and the economy get discussed as well. you look at other states where you might feel freer. in this case as you pointed out with alba you have somebody who is innocent and gets slapped with a murder charge and gets stabbed. the person who stabs him isn't charged with anything and the new cashless bail laws. a story in the post last night about somebody -- two people arrested part of mexican drug cartels caught with 1.2 million dollars worth of crystal meth. because of new york state's cashless bail law they were instantly released back out on the streets. new yorkers talking about crime and public safety see a district attorney refusing to enforce the law. a governor saying cut him slack he is doing his job. not holding him accountable and you have the laws on the books
6:25 am
like cashless bail and more and a push to go further with one party rule in albany. people feel less safe on the streets and feel like they have toggles where to be able to live a life where their money goes further, they feel safer and live life freer. >> dana: four months until an election here. the republican nominee for the governor's race. let's pay attention to all of it. thank you for coming on today. >> thank you. >> bill: dramatic video now the robbery in broad daylight culver city, california. that man wearing an ankle monitor was out an parole. can't make it up. live report coming up. the head of president biden's big trip to saudi arabia the justice department is launching an investigation into the pga over an ongoing battle with a new saudi-backed golf tour. what is this all about? clay travis is with us today. in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust.
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is london's heathrow airport? so crowded it is imposing a cap, 100,000 passengers a day during peak summer travel season. the airport's ceo writing a letter to travelers, some airlines have taken significant action but others have not and we believe further action is needed now. we have therefore made the difficult decision to introduce a capacity cap with effect from 12 july to 11 september. this will mean some summer journeys will be moved to another day, another airport or be canceled. heathrow is the u.k.'s busiest airport. last month a baggage backlog created a sea of luggage. good luck finding your bag in there, huh? it was just in one terminal. >> the ranian government is prepared to provide russia with
6:32 am
several hundred uavs. training session slated to begin as early july. one example of how russia is looking to countries like iran for capabilities. >> dana: disturbing revelation on the war in ukraine yesterday. international security advisor jake sullivan. they're unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. this comes as president biden prepares for his middle east trip. let's bring in the managing director of the washington institute and former senior director for middle east affairs at the white house. what does this mean for ukraine and what does it say about russia? >> look, if this is true -- to be clear we aren't sure at this point whether iran has the capability to export hundreds of drones. it is bad news for ukraine. iran demonstrated these drones are pretty effective and lethal. they've used them in saudi arabia, united arab emirates. against u.s. forces in iraq to great effect. for russia it's embarrassing. iran supplying russia with
6:33 am
weapons as opposed to the opposite and says something about the state of russia's forces and stretched thin with a longer war in ukraine. i think for iran it tells us everything we need to know about them. it's a country that claims to be anti-imperialist and standing up for, you know, post colonial countries in the world. here we see russia and iran have a lot in common. they're disdainful of their neighbor's sovereignty, both aggressive and any time anyone tells you the u.s./iran dispute is about america's checkered history in the middle east or something like that or what we've done in iran in the past, look, russia has occupied iran in the past. russian forces in the early part of the 20th century shelled the iranian parliament and so in fact it shows you that for iran this is all about ideology and not really about history or about anything. >> bill: let's tie things together.
6:34 am
you said we're not quite sure the story is true. some pushback last night on the very story which would suggest a similar thing. but it comes on the eve of this trip to saudi arabia, okay? and now you know the tensions between the saudis and iranians and -- but jake sullivan is still saying it's happening. zbliem owe sure if jake is reading that from his podium we have intelligence saying it will happen. the question is, can the iranians deliver? last month or may actually, the iranians opened a drone factory. last month putin was there and this week going to iran. there are some plans afoot here. the question is will they deliver the capability, can we do anything to disrupt it? if they're coming from this new factory? could the u.s. lean on the government to stop it? >> dana: president biden is leaving for the middle east
6:35 am
going to saudi arabia and first go to israel. a different prime minister that was there before. somebody who he probably has some relationship with from the past given their backgrounds but the one thing that they will not agree on i'm assuming biden wants to do this deal again with iran and israelis are adamantly against it. >> that's right. the new israeli prime minister is a center left politician. as far as i know he and biden have met once before and they'll hit it off. biden must consider it is stroke of good luck that he becomes prime minister before his visit because the two are pretty similar in terms of political ideology and similar in personality. when it comes to things like ukraine, the new prime minister has been more supportive of -- you're right. when it comes to iran there isn't much daylight between the center level and the center right in israel. they both want to see the
6:36 am
united states act more aggressively, more sort of with more resolve against iran and i think they will be disappointed. the message from president biden that you saw for example in his "washington post" op-ed this week was we're willing to use diplomatic pressure. willing to use economic pressure but there was nothing about military pressure and reiterated we want back into the iran nuclear deal. >> bill: remarkable thing the american president going to the middle east in a remarkably different state of affairs given different relationships the countries have with each other now as opposed to the last time he was there six years ago. we'll see what we get from it. expectations are not high. are yours, quickly? >> no, they're not high. i worry that president biden has raised the stakes for this visit to saudi arabia. he said he wouldn't go, now he is having to climb down and go. look, on energy markets, on iran, i don't think he will be able to accomplish very much. so i think he really will lean
6:37 am
into saudi/israeli normalization. he will only be able to announce incremental small steps but any steps on that front will be hailed in washington as something goodbye both democrats and republicans. >> dana: we'll see if he gives credit to trump for the abraham accords to get the ball rolling. we'll see. >> bill: nice to see you. meanwhile, to america's crime crisis. hollywood's doorstep. culver city, california. violent crime exploding in the last two years. now this wild video of a brazen robbery in broad daylight. turns out the suspect is a parolee wearing an ankle brace let and still got the job done. good morning, william. what happened? >> los angeles metro has its own problems. on monday five people were shot, two killed in six convenience store robberies. and in the city of l.a. the murder rate is the highest in
6:38 am
15 years. culver city is just next door about north of l.a. where this happened on sunday. a gunman enters the mobile phone store. jumps the counter, empties the register, takes $500. but accidentally drops his car keys inside leaving him without a getaway car a few blocks away police catch him wearing the ankle monitor from a previous crime. now one day before on saturday, a man enters the rite aid drugstore, pulls a gun, demands cash and walks out and is never found. on friday morning this guy enters a subway store wearing a black ski mask, orders a sandwich and is so confident of no consequences he waits for his sandwich and then pulls out the gun. the clerk fills the sandwich bag with $300 and he gets away. the crime rate in culver city is up 90%. in march two men enter a shell
6:39 am
station, rob the cash register and leave. 94% of the cities in the u.s. are safer than culver city. statistics you have a 1 in 200 chance of being a victim living there. february this man doesn't wait for the clerk to empty the register. he takes the entire till. in june police warn people to even stay away from the westfield mall following reports of a shooting there, an armed robbery and twice gunmen followed shoppers home and robbed their homes. the crime wave doesn't happen in a vacuum. voters connect the dot. why is it happening? who and what policies are responsible? back to you. >> bill: what a story. william la jeunesse in l.a. thanks. >> as unique as the breakfast tacos here in san antonio -- is your strength. >> dana: the first lady walking
6:40 am
back that comment about the nation's latinos. is the damage done and will it hurt democrats more with a critical voting group? the head of one of the largest teachers union complaining about the schools getting too politicized. critics say she has to look in the mirror. ♪♪♪ (vo) with armor all, a little bit of this... protects you from a lot... of that. armor all. minimum effort. maximum protection. i'm mark
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>> bill: here we go with breaking news from overseas getting word a u.s. drone strike has taken out a wanted isis leader in syria. now this comes on the eve of president biden's trip to the middle east. he will be in israel in the west bank starting tomorrow. on to saudi arabia as the tour continues. breaking news u.s. air strike killing this leader in syria. when we get more information we'll pass it to you. strikes have continued as we've chronicled for some time in syria. the caliphate might have been wiped out but there are still hazards to be dealt with in that country. >> dana: we're staying on top of it which is good to know. the justice department
6:46 am
launching an investigation into the pga. at issue whether it has committed antitrust violations in its ongoing back with the liv golf tour. we're in washington with the details. >> the pga is confirming to us the biden justice department is now conducting this antitrust investigation into the pga tour. reportedly investigators are looking into whether the organization in an effort to retain its players now in the face of mounting competition from the saudi arabiay-backed liv golf engaged in anti-competitive behavior. pga declining to comment but they tell us they're aware of the ongoing probe and this was not expected. we went through this in 1994 and we're confident in a similar outcome. liv golf has inked deals with top stars and phil mickelson and others. listen to greg norman. >> it is a choice. the players have a choice to
6:47 am
play with us and to keep -- continue on playing with the pga tour or dp world tour or japanese tour or whatever other tour. to me if golf is good for the world golf is good for saudi. you see the growth internally there. >> greg norman saying the idea with liv golf was not to compete with the pga. >> the business model was to co-exist in all the current ecosystems within the game of golf. we want to do that with the pga tour. >> so as bill mentioned a moment ago president biden headed to saudi arabia and going to meet face-to-face with the crown prince there. this is important because ahead of that visit sources are telling us the d.o.j.'s findings may end up hurting the pga here and helpful to the saudis. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: outkick founder clay travis. you cover sports, right, news.
6:48 am
i was watching some of the press conferences earlier today. people like tiger woods think the liv tour is a terrible idea. do you think there is legal grounds that they may have a case or not? >> first of all, bill and dana, happy taco tuesday to dr. jill biden. i hope he is enjoying that already. and yes, this is -- you just heard it from gillian. to me the most interesting story line here in the battle between the pga and liv tour is as joe biden goes to the middle east on bended knee and beg the leader of saudi arabia to produce more oil and gas, news breaks that there is a department of justice investigation into the pga which is directly competing with the liv tour. as you just mentioned, bill, there has been a really knock-out, drag-out fight now that has gotten nasty between the pga and the liv tour and much of the attack has come
6:49 am
based on the saudi government funding the liv tour and effectively accusing these golfers who have decided to go and join the liv tour and taking more money of taking blood money because of the history of human rights violations that exist in saudi arabia. so this timing feels very, very much designed to be an olive branch being extended towards the saudis in time for joe biden to go there in hopes to get more oil and gas. look, if you are going to criticize golfers for taking saudi money, how in the world can you do that when joe biden is effectively going and bowing before the altar of the oil oligarchy in saudi arabia. it doesn't feel like it's consistent. if you will rip the golfers joe biden needs to be ripped to high heaven because what he is doing is much more significant on the global stage than anything any choice these golfers are making.
6:50 am
>> bill: we'll see if it comes up in his trip in riyadh. there are many who believe this is saudi arabia's way of buying their way into the mainstream of western europe and america, too. quickly here, randy wine gartner was saying they did a survey and found that 90% of teachers in schools say that schools have become too politicized. this following a year of political attacks on teachers waged by politicians stoking cultural wars for political gain. too politicized. you think about the days of covid, the amount of billions of dollars that went to the teachers union and schools across the country. what do you make of that? >> well, she is incredibly tone deaf and blaming other people for making the school process too political when you kept the poorest and most disadvantaged students in america, many of them out of the classroom for two years, when teachers unions
6:51 am
are still saying, bill, that you need to have covid shots in order for kids to return to school and that they need to be wearing masks this fall when they're still arguing that. she needs to look in the mirror and she is the reason 9 in 10 people believe the school process has become far too political. >> bill: thanks, nice to see you. >> appreciate it. >> bill: see you soon. >> dana: two suspected mexican cartel smugglers busted with a million dollars in meth and quickly let go due to the city's lax bail laws. what happens when the border crisis meets the crime crisis. price hikes could be at the menu at your favorite lunch spot. how restaurant dealers are dealing with this soaring inflation. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
6:52 am
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6:57 am
she has been a big football fan for years. the team's owner wal-mart heir rob walton says this. her unique experience and extraordinary judgment will be a great benefit to our entire group. i'm so happy for her. i grew up in denver as well and she went to the university of denver. >> bill: she is a cleveland browns fan at heart. >> dana: you'll have to have her on to ask about that. >> bill: that would be good. she will get really rich. she will make a lot of money. >> dana: good for her. >> bill: 4.6 billion the team just sold. only going to go up. congratulations to the former secretary. >> dana: we would love to talk to her. >> bill: well done, right? here we go. the pandemic nearly destroyed them. restaurants now have another nightmare, inflation. it will cost all of us. the owners are facing price hikes from suppliers and vendors saying that they have no choice but to pass those higher costs on to you.
6:58 am
conner mcshane is live in jackson, mississippi watching things from there. what did you find out? >> i think the point you are making about the vendors is a new wrinkle in all of this, right? one of the reasons why a brand-new survey shows fewer small business owners than ever before expect their conditions to improve over the next six months. to the point about inflation, this bakery where i'm standing this morning operates two other restaurants in the jackson area. one is a pizza place and one a high-end italian restaurant and explaining how it works for him when it comes to inflation and he talked about his vendors, about how just the last couple of months they are introducing a new round of price hikes. >> if you spoke to our friends in the produce industry they would say oftentimes they have long-term contracts but when those contracts come up and renegotiate and now they face three times as expensive and
6:59 am
have to figure that out. >> they figure it out by raising his prices. he has to pass that along. we did get out and speak to some of his friends in the produce industry. sunrise fresh is a company that distributes to restaurants and schools. the regional manager says he was one of those hold-outs when it came to price hikes but he explained why eventually he just had to give in. >> you just look at the profit margin and say okay, i can't give raises, i can't hire more people and i can't grow or i have to jack prices up a little bit. when you look at that and interviewing people that, you know, you would love to add to the team but really from a p and l standpoint you couldn't afford it. >> that last point about workers is another one, bill. there was a survey i referenced from the national federation of independent business. 50% at positions they still
7:00 am
can't fill. chris says he will have someone come in for an interview, accept the job and not show up for work. the worker shortage and inflation still huge in the small business community. >> bill: great points. nice to see you in mississippi. >> dana: you hear that everywhere in almost every sector. i talked to a guy who owns a car legalership. same thing. post a job for an opening. 50 people say they want to come by and apply and two show up and they might not get the job. >> bill: we have to break that habit soon. >> dana: crisis at the southern border colliding with the drug crisis in cities and towns across america. revolving door justice is making it worse. mexican cartel suspects caught with 140 pounds of meth arrested in new york city. prosecutors setting them free with no bail thanks to soft on crime reforms. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: good morning.
7:01 am
i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. the illegal and often violent drug trade undermining the very fabric of america. migrants and drugs moving non-stop through mexico and across our southern border and parts all across this country. look at that meth bust there in the middle of your screen. president biden meeting with mexico's president next hour at the white house. meanwhile the brutal cartels are operating without fear. >> many of these progressive d.a.s and progressive politicians have treated drug dealers like victims and police as the criminals. the federal government has laws that would make the distribution of this amount of methamphetamine a 10-year mandatory minimum and have a bail policy that makes this a presumption they would be detained. so this is an area where the federal government needs to step up. the u.s. attorneys office and arrest these people. >> dana: full coverage on fox. bill melugin with the latest on conditions along the border in eagle pass, texas. arizona's attorney general dealing firsthand with the out of control crisis in his state
7:02 am
and will join us in a moment. matt finn with more on the drug bust in new york city. >> those two suspected mexican cartel drug smugglers from here in california were busted where you are in new york with more than $1 million worth of crystal meth. despite being arrested with a staggering amount of drugs they were freed on supervised release. last tuesday 19-year-old as trad yeah was arrested in manhattan carrying 40 pounds of meth in a suitcase. last friday santos was arrested with 100 pounds of crystal meth. when arraigned in manhattan criminal court both suspects were let go. under current new york state law considered heavily outdated the two men could only be charged with second degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. instead of a serious criminal narcotic charge. new york city special narcotics prosecutor tells the "new york post" under new york's soft on
7:03 am
crime bail reform in 2019 methamphetamine were not included under bail eligible offenses. she said it is a serious problem. the failure to include methamphetamine crimes among bail eligible offenses was probably an oversight. i hope that when legislatures are better informed they'll make a change. prosecutors also telling the post that in 2019 a new york city was not a distribution hub for meth but now it is. meth seizures in new york have increased 1300% since 2021 according to the d.e.a. the post also reporting that d.e.a. special agent in charge noted that methamphetamine is running rampant through the country causing addiction, overdoses and poisonings. prosecutors point out even in a case like this where two alleged cartel drug smugglers were busted with more than a million dollars worth of crystal meth they are simply unable to ask for bail. dana and bill. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: so meanwhile vice
7:04 am
president kamala harris moments ago meeting with the mexican president obrador in washington, d.c. this prior to his sit-down with the president biden next hour. the two will talk about legal pathways for migrants. as for the crisis over illegal pathways bill melugin is live in eagle pass today again. bill. >> good morning to you. we just got some brand-new stunning numbers from border patrol. here in the sector where we are over the last week alone there have been more than 13,000 illegal crossings. that's almost 2,000 people every single day and their holding capacity is currently 200% over what their normal capacity is supposed to be. migrants keep coming. look at the video we shot late yesterday afternoon here in eagle pass. a large group of migrants who crossed over illegally into a private orchard. troopers and national guard soldiers were there immediately to take custody of them.
7:05 am
as part of governor's new executive order those texas troopers immediately put all of those illegal immigrants onto texas-owned buses and shipped them right over to the port of entry and released them to return them back to the border, back to the port of entry. they are not being deported back to mexico but released at ports of entry on the u.s. side. one of the first times we got to see the governor's new executive action being implemented. look at this video. del rio a human smuggler pursuit. dps chasing the smuggler and a mass bail-out of illegal immigrants out of that vehicle. you'll see how many were crammed in there. they go fleeing in different directions. many running into the brush. trooper decides to stick with the human smuggler and ended up being a u.s. citizen from san antonio and he had a conversation with her. listen. >> stand right there. >> in the car. why did you stop me? >> headlights.
7:06 am
why are you hauling illegals? >> i'm just -- they just asked me for a ride. >> that's a lot of rides. >> as usual more criminal arrests at the southern border. look at the photo out of the rio grande valley. this is a mexican national with a conviction for indecency with a 6-year-old child here in texas. look at the second photo out of the tucson, arizona sector. this man was a mexican citizen convicted of forcible sexual aboouls in the state of ukah and look at this photo out of arizona. this is a man, a mexican national serving 12 years in prison for manslaughter. then back out here live another child sex offender arrest here in the del rio sector. agents reporting they arrested the mexican citizen convicted of fondling a child via sexual contact in the city of dallas. just another reminder it is not
7:07 am
just these families coming across the border. there are criminals elements sneaking across every single day. send it back to you. >> that's enough all in one report. bill melugin thank you in eagle pass, texas. >> dana: joining us for more arizona attorney general mark brnovich. you heard bill's report. are you seeing the same in arizona? >> yeah. i think every state has become a border state dana because the numbers are staggering. overwhelming. we are losing words to describe them. more than 3 million people have illegally entered the population. the entire population of kansas. the last month the numbers will be buffalo new york coming over in one month. as you were talking about just last month 1,000 pounds of methamphetamine, 1,000 pounds of fentanyl. enough drugs to kill the entire population of the state of new york. and this is coming over every day, every month. so we're paying the costs as taxpayers not only fiscally but
7:08 am
costs in lost lives in our sons and daughters and nieces and nephews are dying because of the failure of the biden administration to secure our border. >> bill: they aren't doing anything to change it. since 2022 the number of pounds of fentanyl seized at the border 7,745. now, you can put a piece of fentanyl on your fingernail and it will kill you. that's how lethal this is. "washington post" writes tucson has some of the largest numbers of gotaway incidents in which a border crosser is detected entering illegally but not taken into custody according to customs and border patrol. they are recording 1,000 such cases per day border wide. in the meantime you have close to 50 people who have been apprehended who are on the terror watch list. this is the number of encounters in the month of may alone, 240,000. now the mexican president is at the white house today.
7:09 am
would you expect anything to change based on the track record of the past 18 months? >> well, i think the irony of the mexican president coming to the white house today is that this is the largest invasion of the southwest border since the alamo. but i don't think he will find solutions in the white house. he is finding the root causes of illegal immigration process. joe biden and kamala harris. it breaks my heart as a first generation american to see with lawlessness and ceding control of the cartels our border to them because people are dying and whether it's folks on the terror watch list slipping into our country, whether it's cartel members coming in here and sneaking over, or whether it's the humanitarian crisis where the numbers keep going up and up when they should be going down in the summer. when we have record breaking heat in places like arizona. people are dying not only americans, but the migrants that are trying to cross and meanwhile the cartels are laughing all the way to the bank and because joe biden and kamala harris's failure to even
7:10 am
deport individuals, another lawsuit we're involved in, we're paying the price every single day. every state is now a border state. don't forget that. >> dana: a good way to put it when those fentanyl pills get passed all around this country and american families are dealing with this all over. that's probably one of the most bipartisan issues now that you could find. >> it should be. >> bill: thank you, sir. we said it before about the terror watch list, right? in the past 21 years how much have we paid the u.s. airports to keep everybody safe? how many billions and billions of dollars have we spent to make sure that the wrong person doesn't get on a flight anywhere in the world that comes into the united states? yet in that border you can walk across. it doesn't make sense. >> dana: the attorney general has a lot of issues to work on. if the federal government isn't helping them they have to do it
7:11 am
themselves. you see it in texas and california. all hands on deck. yosemite big fire. >> dana: a mountain of snow and ice coming straight out at a photographer and his camera. it was rolling, stunning pictures of an avalanche you have to see. >> bill: dr. jill biden under fire for a remark about latinos in america. what her office is saying about that already this morning. ♪ [beeping] do you want some more?! wait 'til you see me on the downhill... [laughs] see you at home. enjoy advanced safety at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. (sighs) here, i'll take that. ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein, one gram of sugar.
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>> dana: two brothers 10 and 14 turning themselves in to philadelphia police after the brutal beating death of an elderly man last night. a smiling group of young
7:17 am
attackers chasing a 73-year-old james lambert in northwest philly before hitting him several times with traffic cones. no formal charges against those who turned themselves in. philadelphia police are still searching for five other suspects. let's hope they find them. >> help build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community as distinct as the bodegas as the broncos and the blossoms of miami and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in san antonio is your strength. >> bill: that did not go over so well. first lady jill biden mispronouncing bodegas and comparing texas hispanics to tacos. her press second tweeted the following. the first lady apologizes that
7:18 am
her words contained anything about pure admiration and love for the latino community. want to bring in carley shimkus. thanks for sticking around for dana and me today. it was the national association of hispanic journalists that jumped on the story first. >> and why the apology was posted recently. i want to know what first lady's melania trump's reaction is. can you imagine if she referred to hispanic voters as tacos. it would be the lead story of every news network. a much more tepid response to first lady jill biden saying it because there is a b at the end of the biden family last name but the thing that i think is interesting about this is she said this at the latin x inclusion conference that
7:19 am
sounds like ground zero for outrage over something like that. speech writers need to read the room. you don't walk away unscathed if you call people tacos. >> bill: it is likely she read through a teleprompter. it went through different people to make sure the comments were on the teleprompter in front of her. >> dana: i agree melania trump was ridiculed by the press. setting that aside i mentioned melania trump would say let's be gracious. she didn't mean to insult them. she did insult some people. as she reads the line the breakfast tacos in san francisco they laughed and are cheers. maybe on second thought -- >> you and i see it exactly the same way. i have seen conservative reaction on social media people saying they are outraged by this. stop saying that, relax. you don't have to be outraged
7:20 am
because the other party is saying something. we're too easily outraged. it is an oversim mritation of a culture to refer to that culture as their signature food, yes. is it rooted in race many? absolutely not. some serious and funny tweets if i have time to mention them. congressman flores responded to this with a serious comment. retweeted a video of the taco comment and said they just don't get it. lateinos aren't buying their liberal pandering. we care about rising costs and issues that impact everyday americans. it won't change the reality of their failed policies. congressman ken crenshaw says this. she could at least use more inclusive language and cruz writes this. >> dana: having a little funny.
7:21 am
>> a funny reaction is the appropriate response. >> dana: in a moment they thought it sounded good but it didn't land well. >> bill: the group that grew attention said we're not tacos. it should not be reduced to a stereotype. >> dana: they are losing hispanics at a rapid clip. it's not just about this line, it's about the energy policies, it's about inflation, gas prices. it is also about the nonsense regarding latin x. >> biden's approval is down to 26%. it is the economy, socialist wing and border policy as well. >> bill: another topic in california. san francisco school board is at it againment they used $500,000 that was marked for
7:22 am
improvements to remove a mural of george washington apparently this mural was massive. >> this is exactly why there was a recall election in february and three democratic members of the san francisco school board were ousted. they spent a large majority of the pandemic trying to change the names of 44 different schools including abraham lincoln high school. george washington high school. removing the mural you see on your screen right there. and the -- if it wasn't so serious, the funny part of this thing the school board didn't do the research and they tried to remove names of schools claiming that the people they were named after were colonists. when they got the person wrong. sanchez school was named after an innocent guy. money not well spent. >> dana: the school board got replaced in that election? so it's like they were stepping on themselves.
7:23 am
>> this reminds me of what we learned yesterday and today the covid relief funding being used for diversity and equity situation when it should have been for the pandemic. >> bill: we'll find out a lot more as time unwinds. >> good to be with you guys. >> there is a good reason to wake up in the middle of the night. >> the attorney general has done nothing to stop this, to deter it and enforce federal law. that's a signal to the protestors go ahead. we have joe biden basically say the same thing. we'll support you. >> dana: attorney general merrick garland facing calls to protect supreme court justices and our next guest says the biden administration is going soft on china and that ongoing
7:24 am
scandals involving the president's son, hunter, may have something to do with it. miranda divine explains next. us. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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>> dana: meeting right now on the future of abortion rights in the united states after the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade as merrick garland faces calls to insure the safety of supreme court justices. david spunt is live with the justice department with all this activity today. >> the hearing began 25 minutes ago. democrats want to hear about the future of abortion access in this country expect republicans to grill their fellow democratic colleagues about protecting supreme court justices in light of several serious threats to those justices including the life of brett kavanaugh. someone is in jail to kill him.
7:30 am
republicans want to know why attorney general merrick garland is not prosecuting protestors standing outside the homes of justices. there is a federal statute. someone is behind bars for threatening to kill kavanaugh. a mob tried to catch up with him at a restaurant. a group online offering money for anyone who can successfully interrupt or protest a justice in public. this is a federal law called 18usc1507. illegal to protest outside the homes of federal judges and says it's illegal to picket outside a federal court including the supreme court. it says pickets or parades in or near a building housing a court of the united states or in or near a building or residence occupied by or used by such judge, juror, witness or court officer. a d.o.j. source told me the
7:31 am
department is not enforcing this law because it means the department would have to arrest people protesting outside courthouses. but that's not the american way. listen to this. >> there is a very different calculus when it comes to first amendment issues for time, place and manner. different to protest in front of somebody's private residence and neighborhood than it is in front of an icon i can public building. >> even though both are included in the law it is different to protest outside someone's private home than a public building. the supreme court marshals a few weeks ago reached out to the governors of virginia and maryland, told those governors and other local officials to enforce state laws even like disturbing the peace because of protestors at the private homes of the justices. >> bill: next guest slamming the administration's china
7:32 am
policies in a new op-ed. she writes the following in the "new york post." amid hunter's ongoing scandals biden is going soft on china. miranda devine is with me now. i read through your piece. i list things. number one, diverted a million barrels of oil to a company with ties to hupter biden. disbanded the china i shall intive. revoked restrictions against tiktok. has not pressed china and covid origins, suspended tariffs on chinese solar panels and might lift further tariffs. a lot was put in place by the trump team. make your case, miranda. >> well, all these measures you just mentioned are inexplicable to no discernible benefit to america but great benefit to
7:33 am
china. yesterday in bally you had a chinese minister lecturing for five hours anthony blinken about the terrible wrongdoing of america and included in that is a demand we lift tariffs on chinese imports. that's exactly what joe biden is contemplating. and therefore the logical conclusion to come from this inexplicable going soft on china by the administration is to ask why? is it because joe biden is compromised with china because his family has collected tens of millions of dollars from china and other countries? but particularly china most important adversary. why would you unwind the china initiative put in place by the trump administration to combat spying espionage on our
7:34 am
university campuses and in research institutions? it's detrimental to america's national interest. why would you do that? so i think that there is enough well-founded suspicions of joe biden's motives that could be completely innocent but we need to know. he needs to come clean on his involvement in his family's influence. >> bill: with regard to the oil "washington post" says this. no reason for outrage, oil prices are determined by global supply and demand. the biden administration is seeking to lower the price of crude oil by bolstering supply around the globe. anyone suggesting the biden administration is sog something wrong as opposed to not following the rules earns three pinocchio, that would be you. >> the "washington post" is always carrying water for the biden administration and fact checking my stories. inadvertently backing them up
7:35 am
because the white house won't talk to me about hunter biden's laptop but talk to glen consistler and his team of so-called fact checkers at the "washington post" and they end up confirming all our stories. so i don't put any stock in those pinocchio jokes. they are always slanted. the fact is it was reuters who went to the ship manifests and found where the oil was being delivered. not just to china but to other countries. this is a really just a stupid thing to do. the amount of difference it made to the price of oil was minimal and he has now drained the strategic petroleum reserve which is there for emergencies. this is not an emergency. it is a political emergency for the biden administration, that's it. and just the optics of sending oil to china where it goes into a company that his son, joe biden's son, hunter biden, had
7:36 am
invested in. so it's just -- there is so much of a bad optics that surround the china policy. it could be that joe biden is not at all affected by all the millions of dollars that came to his family's bank accounts but he needs to answer questions about. it's not good enough for his spokesmen at the white house podium to keep brushing it off. >> bill: we'll see whether or not the federal grand jury in delaware is getting any closer to a conclusion. maybe that's soon or not. miranda devine, thank you for your time from the "new york post." thank you. dana. >> dana: avalanche racing down a mountain and headed for hikers on the edge of a cliff. first responders in one major city talking about shortages at the county jail. >> what happens to the 911
7:37 am
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>> bill: this is a massive avalanche broad daylight racing down a mountain like a freight train. a hiker caught the action on
7:42 am
video from a distance and then he realizes that wall of snow is coming right at him. >> oh dear god. >> bill: oh my. so get this right, dana? that avalanche goes right by him as he hid behind the rock. he emerged with just a dusting of snow. the rest of the group survived. all taking place in the mountains of kyrgyzstan in central asia. >> dana: i watched it twice just -- it is incredible he knew it was coming his way and thank goodness he survived. >> bill: without the video we'd never believe it. it would just be a claim. >> dana: other news back here. look at this. >> imagine that an officer would have to go and arrest somebody and can't book them in
7:43 am
jail. nowhere to take them. they have to make a choice. will i sit and hold this person until the next day or am i going to let him go and hopefully file charges with prosecutor later? >> dana: corrections officers in king county, washington after a staffing shortage forced the areas only operational jail to shut down for nine hours this weekend. seattle fire department short staffed on a regular basis and growing problem for local police as well. jason rantz. the average 911 response time in 2021 versus 2020 is 20 was 9.58 minutes in 202110.05 minutes. a minute and a half feels like a long time if you've called 911. >> now it's over 11 minutes because of the staffing shortage. the police department has a staffing shortage. made worse because not just the
7:44 am
anti-police rhetoric that started around some of the riots and defund movement but a vaccine mandate that pushed out another 100 or so cops. they were either sidelined indefinitely until they were using up all their vacation time and ultimately fired or they decided to retire early which is what we're seeing in a lot of cases. you bring up the king county jail. part of the issue there is they were having a staffing crisis to begin with. then you had the vaccine mandate which then fired a bunch of other people. there are 100 corrections officers at retirement age. we're headed into a crisis and there is literally no plan that is being talked about at the county level. >> dana: you are trying to sound the alarm. the seattle fire department staffing numbers here in 2021 not fully staffed 50% of the time. and in 2022, 68% of the time. you can imagine if you are a
7:45 am
citizen you'd be frustrated. starbucks is making decisions based on public safety to close 6 in seattle where it got started. when all the businesses start to close as well and they are saying it's because of rising crime, drug use, homelessness spilling into the cafes and bathrooms. closing the stores is the better option in their minds. >> we're at the point where all these things are butting heads. a permissive homeless policy that allows people to do whatever they want including going into some businesses and shooting up. the problem, of course, for the baristas they aren't trained to deal with homeless addicts passed out in bathrooms and dangerous and pushing customers away. you call 911 and you don't get a police officer to respond in a reasonable amount of time. if there is a medical emergency, you call 911 for firefighters and medics and they might not show up on time.
7:46 am
this is an ongoing problem and it has been ignored to the point where now it is pushing out these businesses. >> dana: jason rantz in the beautiful city of seattle. thanks for being here today. we appreciate it. >> bill: if you're a businessman or politician in that town, you have to be absolutely embarrassed with starbucks closing stores like that. this american treasure in danger as a wildfire threatens yosemite and a sequoia trees. this is the james webb space telescope showing the deepest view of the universe we've ever captured. former nasa astronaut mike massimino has been out there and he will tell us what we can see now. come on.
7:47 am
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>> harris: a tense hearing on capitol hill over access to abortion. democrats -- republicans are raising the alarm over dangerous protests car getting u.s. supreme court justices. white house reportedly about the send us all backward by declaring a covid emergency. could it trigger a return of strong restrictions? dr. marc siegel, pete hegseth and marsha blackburn. here is what's happening in the world of golf. a huge tournament this weekend in st. andrews in scotland, the british open. and in the meantime you have a lawsuit against the pga that is brought by the department of
7:53 am
justice on behalf of the liv golf tour. it comes out of saudi arabia. the saudis are using their sovereign fund to pay millions of dollars to the best golfers they can attract to play on their tour. well, listen, this topic will come up in scotland and it did earlier today. tiger woods was asked about it and said this. >> these players are doing for guaranteed money what has been the incentive to practice and earn in the dirt. you are getting paid a lot of money up front and playing a few events and playing 54 holes. >> bill: love that quote in the dirt. every golfer was asked about this. the lawsuit will continue. pga says no problem. we have this. we've been threatened before and will overcome it. we look forward to a great open
7:54 am
in scotland and we'll see what happens if there is any backlash with the president's trip to saudi arabia coming up in a few days' time. we had clay travis from outkick and had a lot to say about it. the story goes on. we'll see where it ends up eventually based on, i believe, who has the best competition to attract the greatest interest on behalf of golf fans around the world. >> dana: i'm following your lead on that one absolutely. california fire crews on urgent mission to contain the washburn fire burning in yosemite national park. they are threatening the giant sequoia trees. >> the southern entrance to yosemite remains closed and smoke in the air. crews have made great progress on the fire burning in the
7:55 am
national park. they have deployed hundreds of personnel and air equipment to stop the fire on the ground. not only the washburn fire is burning where communities that people live but start evidence close to a national treasure, the grove that is home to hundreds of sequoia, hundreds of feet tall and 3,000 years old. some of the oldest living things on earth and the grove has been protected by federal law since the civil war. crews have deployed a ground-based sprinkler system to saturate the ground and as we saw yesterday all the trees survived. while the fire did get into the grove it didn't get too far. offices give a lot of credit to years of protiveness. prescribed burns that clear out debris around the trees protecting them from catastrophic wildfires. >> thankful for the 600 fire
7:56 am
folks out here fighting this fire and keeping these around for the next generation. >> decades of fire suppression in the park and no logging plus acres of thick, heavy timber and that's what is burning imposing a danger to firefighters. we've heard one of the massive trees come crashing down along with bulldozing containment lines and hiking trails in the park as fire breaks. about 22% contained at just over 3,000 acres. there were no lightning strikes in the area on thursday when this washburn fire sparked. exactly what started the fire is under investigation. no homes lost, no injuries reported and dana we should point out that most of yosemite is open though visitors can expect pretty high temperatures into the upper 80s and unhealthy air as well. >> dana: thank you for bringing us the story. >> bill: might be able to see
7:57 am
that from space and might be able to see it from this telescope. nasa releasing stunning images of the universe like we have never seen before. former nasa astronaut mike massimino has been out there and with us in studio. nice to see you. so we'll show our viewers the images. many more to come. but as a guy who has worked on the hubble telescope how deep in space are we going? >> that's pretty deep. you are seeing a couple of things here primary two things we're seeing. one is a cluster of galaxies. how deep they are. 4 1/2 billion light years away. that's pretty far. but what's even more interesting is some of those swoopy things you see is actually light being bent from galaxies beyond that closer to 13 billion light years away and that is getting close to the extent of our universe. hubble can see 13 billion but you need an extra 800 million years or so to go back to the
7:58 am
origins of the universe, the formation of the universe. a very encouraging photo that the telescope is working and able to see clearly deep into the universe and hopefully soon, whatever that means, a couple months or so maybe we'll see even more impressive images coming down the pike. >> dana: i'm blown away. can't get my head around 13 billion light years. i don't understand how to compute it. for you to see an image like this what are you looking for? >> i look for the clarity of what we're seeing. there is a lot of galaxies there. also the signs of what is behind it, like what they call gravitational. this galaxy cluster is so massive it can attract light and bend it and how they know what's behind it. that's kind of cool. but i think what i look at, dana, it's a pretty cool photo. it is gorgeous. it shows the beauty of the universe. >> dana: what's the big thing? >> the star? i think it's a star.
7:59 am
it's a single star. >> bill: not a planet? >> no, those are harder to see. they are smaller but today they will be releasing an image of an xo planet, the other side of what the telescope can do. look deep and look for a planet atmosphere. >> bill: i find it so profound. 13 billion light years away. and dana and i were speaking earlier during a commercial break as we always do. you should hear those. i saw these pictures and i thought just we are just a speck and this runs so deep and so far and so beyond our understanding. as a man who has been out there, what do you think when you are out there? >> i never really thought that we were -- in my flights in hubble space telescope we're closer to the planet so you can get a good look at the earth sometimes at night and day. but i never felt that we are
8:00 am
insignificant. i understand what you mean that there are billions of galaxies and stars and maybe life out there somewhere. we haven't found it yet. i don't think we're in significant. our planet is beautiful and paradise and lucky to be here. >> dana: and lucky to have you explain it to us. thank you. >> bill: harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: breaking news on capitol hill. right now the senate judiciary committee is calling out the u.s. supreme court and warning of dire circumstances and consequences after the roe v. wade decision. republicans are battling to make the safety of the high court's conservative justices a priority throughout the politics in face of the ongoing and very dangerous protest potential. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". merrick garland and the department of justice are under growing pressure right now to do


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