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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 15, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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nation for we go .ne earlier today we learned thatd former president donald trump's ex-wife ivana passed away ated the age of 73 .wa she wasy an amazing race. three amazing kids, obviously dongjun eric and ivanka. our thoughts and prayers go out to her. a her family, her friends, her children and of course, the kids. that's all the time we have w left this evening. let not your heart trouble or is here. i'm ready and raring. to go ,o. hanadi. i'm glad you said those words. di shebl was an incredible person, a lovely person. really, really smartrt and verys funny at times. i had a chance to meet her and our condolences go to the children and yeah, you know, they they all say she's tough as nails, but she had a hard life background and lived an incredible life. and as you know by your roots, you'll know them and the kids were phenomenal. >> and i had the chance to meet her momom as well as the kidsel grand grandmother and she's
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amazing. their family tonight. thank you forgo saying those words, sean. and i'll take over where youer left off. i'm laura ingram .e this is the "ingraham angle" on a very busy washingtonha tonight. we'll starts i off with this. th the bigger tent. that's t the focus of tonight's angle. >> okay, here's my message to you. if you read one article this week about our political parties, it should be this piece just published by axios titled the great realignment. th nowat the gist is thatep republicans are becoming ubmore populist while democrats are becoming more elitist. and if theseor trends continue,b the party of bidenid and pelosi is destined for historic losses in the next few election cycles and not just in traditionally red states, by the way, shift in the demographics of the teaer party supporters taking place before our eyes are arguably the biggest political story of our time. the big pictureme republicans ae becoming more working class and a little more multiracial.
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so democrats are becoming more elite and a little more white, huh? >> now remember this movement of minorities toward the gop began in earnest under donald trump. he grew republican support among black r and hispanic votes in 2016 and built on those b gains in 2020. in fact, he closed the gap among hispanic voters by 17s points, according to pewnt analysiss,. hispanics especially seem to like trump's no nonsense approach and his pro small business policies. his tonee and his language toward illegals and support for building the border wall didn'tt seem tohe bother him much. >> i'm a former chief of on a border town hispanics proud to be hispanic and i'm 100% behind donald trump. i am an american graduate student here at the university of texas, rio grande valley a and i wholeheartedly believe that mr. donald trump will makel america great again. i was born in tijuana,
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i amna voting for donald trump o be the next president of the united states. >> for their part, democrats incorrectly assume that the more their party moved toward big government socialismy ,the more minorities thator attract talk about a huge miscalculation. now more from this axiosth analysis. the data show that democrats are statistically tied h with republicans among hispanics on the generic congressional ballotis. according to the new york timesi sienna college poll out this week, democrats held a forty seven point edge with hispanics during the twenty eighteen midterms. that is a staggering collapse. we already know biden's approval with hispanics today is in the toilet. only 32 percent now approve of his job performance, according to a recent "new york times" sienna j college poll. so how does this all translate in the november midterms? well, democrats hopes for
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retaining power rest on nonwhite voters remaining o v a reliable part of the party'sli coalition. >> democrats theory of the cases collapses if republicans make even incrementalli gains with those voters, even small inroads with hispanic voters could tip a number of o democratic held swing seatsf tog the gop, of course. >> for years, the republican the elites here devoted to the bush-cheney worldview, they thought they could justldsi steamroll their opposition within the gop regardless ofti how bad things got their answer to losing in 2008 and then again in 2012 was just more of the same. >> for the last 15 months, i'vel talked about the need tom get immigration reform done. >> i have made it abundantly n clear that i believe we needee immigration reform. >> we're a nation of immigrants . thishe is not the time to abandn something that makes us special and unique. >> u so they thought thathe nominatey jeb in 2016 who would
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beat hillary and then all would be well, what all returned to the old days. so they are stunned when the voters rejected another bush in 2016. it turns out more immigration, endless wars and more bad trade deals. hugelyhey just weren't popular. shocker. now we tried to tell them that middle class workers and families weree just fed up, but the republican elites refused to listen. well, now axios has confirmed again that we populous were correct and the gop w establishment, they were wrongeg . were actually grew the party. we m made it a big tent. they shrunk it i because we've made so much progress insidece the gop. we're now seeing a wholeee new generationin of exciting new candidates across america like mira flores and jd vance right now 5% the east coast of
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so many pages. >> we are sick in some of the left destroying this country and i'm sick of the writers in washington, dc who refuse to fight back against it. >> now, the gop old guard who claims so desperately that they wanted to bring minorities into politics arere suddenly flummoxed. these weren't the typeen of candidates they were hoping for in many of the candidates that are rising now. ha into politics because of trump. now, by contrast,mp you have toe consider the problems on the left, the squad and their supporters claim that they were going to fight for the working people. they can standfi to big business and oppose foolish wars, but they didn't keep those t promises, did they ? >> so, instead, instead of working with us to build a society that would be fairer , ramore prosperous the average person, the american left has allied themselves amemele with the bid, the cheney's and the bushes and the wholeneys rest , the globalist establishment
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that created so many of the disasters we're dealinge with now. >> working class people know that the left is not the answer anymore. >> only the populists are building a movement that big tent that actually will stand up for the little guy to while the left talks about resisting the plutocrats, they'rets actually doing nothing. we're actually doing, ct the hey lifting just at disney or the chamber of commerce or lizat cheney for that matter. just resisting, we're winning. >> it was the last time aoc or ellen omar or ayanna pressley o accomplished anything for the working class. the facts of the last few years leave no doubt that our policies work for the average american while the establishment policies don'tes look at how well we were doing just a few years agoew under trump. >> look at how poorly we're doing now. soso this struggle between our populist movement on one side and the m establishment
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along with its leftist allies on the other, it's the great political debate of our time. >> but the establishment the future ofme america will be bleak. ilmore inflation, more recessions, more wars, more crime, more poverty. whatt they have in mind for us . that's what their policies areli doing right now. cigand that's what their policis are going to continue to do. always works out that way. butntin w iforay we win, the net twenty years can be ars b new golden age with peace and prosperity broadly enjoyed a across demographic lines, we can end these stupid wars. we can put americans back to work. we can have more productivity and higher wages. st- yeah, h they'll be safe to walk. and in schools thatoo actually teach useful skills, we can have a government that promotes america instead of always tearing it down. and the media, they know we're winning. that's why axios wrote this
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piece. that's why the media areiaia suddenlysu trying to get rid of biden. that's why they remainy obsessew with trumphy, why they keep trying to smear the santas and other populous republicans . but the press couldn't stop reagan in 1980. they couldn't stop trump in 2016 and they needed a pandemich and a perpetual witch hunt to98 stop them in 2020. i >>fu i fully expect the plutocrt class to work overtimee to try to turn things around for globalism. >> soros, gates, zuckerberg, they're not going to give up because biden floundering. i they're going to double down toi preserve the system that protects and enriches them. they don't care if you suffer relevant to them. they've profited off america's decline and china's rise. but now it's time to beat them and beat them badly to takee away their power and return it to the people where it rightly belongs. >>el so we must defeat them one by one in the senate and the house. >> every governor's race innd
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the state houses and yes, even the school boards, no stateho should be left behind. we can't give up our fellow americans trapped in places like chicago or baltimore oran san francisco. >> a political realignment is underway and with patience and optimism, we're going to keep building this freedom movement. and when we prevail, get ready n for america's new golden age. >> and that's the angle. all right. joining us now is ohio senate candidate jody vance. j jadi.d this axios piece really struck me because the media are seeing this globalist dreamst world beginning to fade d away o them because more people are on to this total charade. >> how do you see this playing out with this new crop of republicans coming into the republican party? well, i think we have anav incredible opportunity for too actually do something for the increasingly working and middle classr th base oftr
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the party. i thinkre president trumpd delivered in a big way, but as you know, he is often not aligned with his own party. and i think if we really win the way that we should insh twenty two and we start to deliver results, we're going to have a republican party at every level that's actually aligned with certain voters. and then we'rere goinge to be unstoppable because we get accomplished on trade,io on immigration, on finding china, bringing american manufacturing jobs back , on securing the southern border . we can actually do the things that republicans have promised to do for a long time but have failed toti. >> this new insight from the hill tonight thatat republicans are actively courting hispanic voters in rary competitive house districts, hoping to peel away voters from democrats. the voters are likely to play a key role in at least a dozen districts in the november midterms. j.d., i know you'vee been askini for this. i have foryouin a long time, but is long since time that the republicans did the type of minority outreach with the right ideas thattri are finally doing nowea.
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yeah, that's exactly right.for o for so long, everybody told lto us that the way to reach the hispanic vote was to go soft on borders. . >> and it turns out or the exact opposite thing, it'sct true that the more we lean into protecting the southern border, the more we lean into givingo our police officers the ability to protect our communities, the more hispanics come to our side. i think it's this way for the establishment republicans and also the left sharedd this assumption that identity politics was the way to reach . t to latinosos it turns out the way to reach out to latinos is to be normal, not be a crazy person and actually talk to them in a way that servesm their interests and to appeal to those interests. that's that's simple old fashioned politics. rt >> and the republican party has a huge opportunity to do that. and the so-called democrate populists, the ones who claim to be for the working people, we see this with a squad and son forth. they ever help the working people. ofcey abrams, who wants to take out brian camp in georgia, it turns out that she's getting
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blockbuster fundraising numbers from out of state money and her campaign and leadership committee have reportedcamp receiving about seven million dollars from georgia donors $7 f that's only 14 percent of the nearly 15 million they'vele combined to raise this cycle. turns out that the plutocrats a love stacey abrams judy. that's interesting. what do they think they're going to get from g her?y >>do yeah, they do. and they love to run like democrat opponent in ohio here. look, the thing o with the democrats do if you look at their record, they're completely aligned with big tech. ith with bigthtely siddarth. ey they're completely aligned with the people that are destroying america's energy sector, which hurts the working middle class more than itin hurs anybody. t and you're right that these people have a ton of money from these out-of-state o donors. im my opponent, tim r ryan is got something like 90%. his money has come from outside the state of ohio. people can go , by the way, to jaideep .com if they want to help us fight back more because this money is one thing that
12:14 am
could blunt a red wave. and it's not just a red wave, but it's the right kind of republicans coming in to d.c. could actually fix the problem and fight back once and for all. > i understand that tim ryan is also just abusing the proxyt voting that nancy pelosi is still in a mind boggling way allowing on capitol hill. so no a one's potential they never have to show up and actually work on capitol hill. but mr wo populist shirtsleeves. guy is going topo help the regular person can't actually show up in washington to do his job. >> i understandy yet i don't know what's worse than showing h up to do his job or not showingn up to dog his job or because he's voted with joe biden 100% of the time. it is hilarious that a guy who claims to speak for working people is claiming two years after the pandemic that covid prevents him from showing up in his job. if j it's ridiculous, it's a farce. but again, that's the democratic populace. they are all about change politics, defunding the police,a
12:15 am
their faith. they're not pursuing populist issues. they just want too p put on that populist garb, raise the moneyse and hopefully get power so they can continue to serve the american oligarchy instead of the american people. >> how about for tim ryan as a vote to keep nancy pelosi as speaker and chuck schumer, frankly, a senate majority leader? the wholei ad r gang will be ban town . just great and thank you. now, nowhere has the political shift been more telling than along the texas border. now following the twenty twenty election, one of the big storylines was democrats support cratering and three majority hispanicde and traditionally deep blue districts along the rio grande valley. but they weren't alo alone. this dramatic shift also county, in maverick texas, where there was a 47 percent shift in votes toward trump between 2016 and 2020. nowvo maverickte county is where find independent journalist savannah hernandez,, who joins us tonight from eagle pass savannah. that's where this huge, massiveo humanity is crossing the border
12:16 am
illegally. and just basicallyf being waved into the united states. >> but the gop foolishly, he the old guard, believed that a softer approach to the bordere would draw in hispanic voters. but you're seeing the oppositee on the ground, savannah. >> tell us about it. 100%. more locals are extremely said at what they're seeing. we were actually just up today to go and see the influx of illegal immigrants that are making their way to t. ezuthern border a smaller group of venezuelansff said that they just broke off from a group of gro 15 thousand that are making their way to the southern border. so these hispanic communities here that have their families here feeling the impact of joe biden's open border, open border policies. now, i was talking to a motheri of two in mission, texas, who was telling me thatalki an legal immigrant led border patrol at a high speedg me chasb throughout her neighborhoodsh just last night. shee said that she was terrified because, of course, that borders patrol, heavily armed, are essentially in her backyard
12:17 am
looking for a criminal. she said that this neighborhood primarily filled with a lot of childrenhi wit and this is justn everyday occurrence for these families in these borderfo cities. she says, of h course, herev and her husband lock their door every night. now they're double and triple checking those locks because biden has allowed all of this criminal activity to prosper. and again, going back to the hispanic t community and the youty know, anybody really trying to pander to them via open borders and soft on immigration policy. the hispanicicy, community, ws more than anyone knows exactly what the cartel is capable of, gigantic money making organization and how do they make that money? they make it by exploiting these legal immigrants that are making their waymi to these southern border cities. we are seeing an immense amount of drug traffickingwe, humanug smuggling, sex trafficking. just yesterday, border patrolju arrested not one but two sex offenders, one of those sex offenders, a child, a offender. okay, so that is coming across the border right now. so this community is feeling the intense wait and the
12:18 am
intense fear thatt' is coming along with joe biden's policies . itp is genuinely a slap in the face to every single member of the hispanic community. what joe biden is allowed to prosper and i would encourageco democrats to continue runningur on this platform because we will america safe again by getting republicans in office that are actually going to instill a secure border that are going to be pro community, pro family and against hispanics use this as an american issue. hi they want a safe country. they write in the hispanic communityanic some of the most patriotic i've ever met. >> and savannah besides the border issue, which is critical but this is related is the support for small business, which is being hammered in it's horrific biden economy with the cost of of products, the cost of fuel. so it's both small business which are hispanics gravitate t toward and run and startow crime sentinelth schools falling apart.e i mean, this is a loser
12:19 am
platform for anyone who continues to defend it. >>orm 100% law. and again, like i said, every single hispanic american who feel it joe biden is doing right now feel completely gtrayed by his administration ,notov only betrayed but feel like the federal government is working against them as hardworking citizens who are just trying to make it here in america. herso again, democrats keep dog what you're doing because you're making it very easyse fof candidates like mara flores, s who flipped her blue state red for the firstta time in 100 years because and again, more you know what?in i was, actually dallas, texas o earlier this week and i was asking members of the hispanic community, hey, what do you think about joe biden even using the term latin nexavar kinks right. they laughed in my face becauseu they were like, what are you saying to me right now? so progressive democrats, these progressive policies and the massive manipulatione of the language to try to pander to minority communities, like you said, is a losing ticket. h and iop hope and pray that c democrats continue to run on it because it will just lead to
12:20 am
a roll. savannah, you you have a you have a career as an auctioneer. you're r really, really good. you've got a lot of information out. love having you down there. thank you so now. on the premiere episode of his hbo show, nba superstar lebron james wondered ifon brittney griner, the wnba player who'sde languishing in a russian prison, would evenan want to come back to america. i mean, this america nba player and as kanter freedom has reaction to that comment next bater, the white house is aware that a table is about where's hunter? he's under federal investigation, suspected money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying. the story's not over yet. now judge judy is back with a series. who is otherwise taking you into this? they were just having filming
12:21 am
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with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. victim to discuss your case now. eight hundred eighty two three three three zero four when it came time to decide i need a vaccine or not talking toou the doctors really decided i didn't think i needed it and i wasn't going to take it just because i was told i'm not going to let canada tell me what i'm doing. >> don't put in my body that philadelphia phillies catcher jt rayle moto defiant in the face of being banned fromed playing in toronto now, all because he's healthy. t man refuses to get the cova jab. now he was willing to forfeit two hundred and sixty thousand dollars in salary rather than abandon his principles. >> but he's not alone. the kansas city royals went north of the border today and have run into some trouble of their own.
12:26 am
fox chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has all the details on it trace. >> laura , , across major league baseball so far . twenty five players have been restricted from playing in toronto because they're not vaccinated. butront most unboxed players one team was fourn until the royals were set to play the blue jays and now ten of their players did not make the trip to canada. the royals ownership and management says this is upd to the players and that quote, h we've always been an organization that promotes and encourages individual choices. en andrew bean attendee echoed that, saying only quote for me it was a personal decision and i'm going to leave it at that. >> here's royals manager mike matheny. what is different about these conversations? tryingt as you came in to get as much information out f as possible for guys to make those decisions for a while and so this hasn't snuck up on anybody. >> clearly some inside the organization are disappointed, but not nearly as devastated as the localsh media. ed the kansas city star published a piece that makes the unboxed
12:27 am
sound like they're members of a violent gang saying, quote, it's a personal choice, said four of the seven players who answered questions about itue as if we needed confirmation that a decision to stiff arm the world'se ff best option to slow a virus that has killed millions was made for anyone other than themselves. the paper, of course, left out the fact that vaccines don't prevent getting or spreading and that the playersei themselves, being youngng and healthy, run very little risk from covid. these guys alsoo g won't get pam for the gameses. and if you didn't know a the royals are bad. the record is thirty five and fifty three and they stand little chance of making the playoffs, althoughle secondi baseman whit merrifield didn't exactly make any friends when he saidelny he would consider getting vaccinated if he played for another team that had a chance to go to canada in the postseason. laura .oe okay, that one doesn't make any sense. patrick , thank you all right. now from baseball, the basketball wnba star center brittney. griner has been
12:28 am
detained in russia in february after policeas found that canisters of cannabis oil and her luggage as she pled guilty one week ago and said she packed the cartridges accidentally. >> and griner appeared in a russian court today, but no verdict was reached. her next appearance is in justtc hours as she faces ten years in a russian jail while lebron james , who never metam a moment to bash the country that made him a billionaire, didn't like offer this trenchant analysis writer. she in russia, she's been there over one hundred and ten days now because she feels like america has her back . i wouldd be feeling do i even want to go back to america? ea unreal. joining me now is a. cantor freedom former center for the boston celtics and human rights activists. and if you're here tonight,nd because you have a message for billionaire lebron james , what is a well, he's an underappreciated billionaire. you know, when i see peopleor
12:29 am
taking their freedom for granted, it breaks my heart. i wish i can just buy a plane ticket and take him to some of the countries out there in the world and he will definitelyreci appreciate t more . but when i hear his comments, i was just not shocked. i wasel like, well, you know, he's been hating, hatinglo on this country forng a long time. but the important thing is we should keep people it just like in my heart when i see comments like this because the thing is like there are other side of the people of the world thatld are suffering so s much are goig through so many tough times. and i wish that i can show theme what people are going through their and if he knows that, i mean, the man has been to china to play basketball. you know, he's famously got upset when anyone wouldou criticize china orld jeopardize nba relationship with the communist party of china. ioso he knows full well the way other people live and he
12:30 am
doesn't care d. so you're being very charitable here tonight. but look, lebron did try to t t clean up it. let me just tell you what he tweeted. he said my comments weren'tme knocking our beautiful country. i was simply saying how greiner's probably feeling t emotionally along with so many other emotions. long story short, hashtag bring her home. >> and if you buy that, first of all, everybody knows that it's a walk back after you get a lot of backlash on social media. obviously his pr team trys to clean it up, but it's not going to work. and she needs to understand, like, you know,w, brittney grinr wrote a letter to president biden and actually presidentto biden, you know, wrote a letter back to her. y she was considering the not to play the national anthem rest of the yearr the wnba seas. i think people misunderstood what's going on . and lebron james , i mean, he j earned his moneyam in this country. he earned his respect, earned his fame. and thisou country gives you
12:31 am
everything that you own and your unappreciative ability and that is unacceptable. > and as a writer at deadspit came after you tonight saying and it's freedom has a lot of nerve, he was critical of lebron james when he could have been brittney griner or worse. the piece goesou on your native country, turkey revoked your passport for speaking out against their dictatorr and you were stuck overseas with no way back to america. i truly shudder to think whatk would have happened had the turkish government gotten its hands on you and its tardily were they response. but factually so stupid that it's funny. >> i'm your response. oh my god. i left my career just because i stand for the things thatev i believe in. i actually loste my family last time i saw my family back in 2015 because i was speaking about the some off the problemsn were happening in the church too. so i didid payayi the price. you know, we always say don'tab just talk about it, be aboutt it. i think, you know, tweeting about it is fine and talking can it into the fun. but what kindd of sacrifices
12:32 am
that you're making, you know,ki when you call yourself a human rights activist, social justice warrior and stuff. right. you should not be going out there and signing a deal with this hypocrite. companies like nike, whenre your shoes are being literally made by in china, that o is unacceptable. so i did payn the price. what about lebron?n? >> well, when you think about some here, former fellowme players, i imaginer there's a diversity of thought about all of these issues. >> yet people are afraid to speak out, aren't they ?th eyoh, my god, yes. >> yes. i remember the first i started to speak out about, you know, the problems are happening in . lka one of my teammates walked to me, walk up to me in the locker room and said, you know, this is your last year inn the league, right? you are not going to play basketballba out there this yea. it's over for and i was really shocked.ik i'm like, what are you talking about? it's like when you criticize china and you're an nba player when youwh criticize nike, youas
12:33 am
are not going to get another job after this. but i was very sad. i actually like richard reach so many other nba players. soso and not just an nba. othernv organizations, ti associations, other even the olympians, because he was right before the beijing olympics. i'm like, listen, there are so many the happening while we are dribbling the basketball here in america. please join me. let'sic make this a movement. well, what they said break broke my heart. they said, listen, my i think t you're doing is so courageous. we love you.. we support you. we just cannot do it out loud. and i asked him, what do you mean they said, well, we have a shoe deal's endorsement deals. we have jerseys. we have we want to get that other next paycheck. and ik. have one simple questio. put yourself in their shoes. if your mother, if your sisteris or if your daughter was inn those concentration camps in china, get in torture and every day, would you still pick money over your morals? no answer. and it's a shame. you know, we need to hold ourselves accountable because they have a huge platform to
12:34 am
talk about whatever they want to talk about. they have a huge platform. they inspire millions of kidshu out there, but they'rege picking their little pick money over their morals and principles , values and the global assault stick together. they're all protecting china. when's when's the last timero we had hollywood blockbuster about mao come out? you know, that's never going to be so. and we really appreciate your speaking out and your courage, continued courage on this and so many other issues. >> thank yousu. what have we told you that everything that you're being told about global warmingma and climate change, everything that has led to these insane investments in a so-called green future could be refuted in one chart by esteems scientists. >> well, we're going to show it to you next. so stay there. >> hi, i'm christina. you may know me from flipping houses, flipping ibiza and hundreds of new species. and i've seen it all crumbling grout, impossible, same clunky
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12:40 am
the entire planet is inje jeopardy. >> climate change is increasing the pace and intensityre ofen natural disasters. congress can and should provide> individuals and businesses with long term incentives to speed up the transitionh es to cheaper, cleaner sources of power. >> crazy well, that apocalyptic language threatens to disrupt the future of civilizededt t. li i'm not being dramatic because the current economic downturn has been worsened by countries chiefly in europe that starteded moving away from proven energy sources. now they're desperately trying to move back to coal or nuclear. >> but it's kind of too late. and instead of thoughtful pieces about the failure of that approach, we are treated to opinion masquerading as news and masquerading as science like this from bloombergrgs, global shocks have forced europe to turn back toward coalc power, heat wave drying out swaths of the continent. so the danger of backsliding on climate goals. >> no, no, the danger would
12:41 am
be thousands and thousands of people freezing this winter in europe because europe is abandoning proven energy sources. but just i covered thisng is going to show this show. t we'll actually lookhi at what the actual science is telling us . >> and one graph better than any that we've seen in recent years shows this atmospheric science professor john christy from the university of alabaman says that recent climate model predictions failed miserably toi predict reality, making them inappropriate to use. now,w, the miserable failure is displayed in this graph that yousp see here. the yellow line you see is what the climate models predicted in terms of temperature increases over the pastd in fifty years. >> that blue line? well, that's actually what happened. >> joining me now is the man who put the data together, dr. john christy, climatologist at the university of alabama in huntsville. he he's also the state'sba official
12:42 am
climatologist. doctor ,im let me start by playing devil's advocate. is it really so bad to overstate temperature increases actt makes people more responsiblyly or you're ascribing motive to what someone like like might say? and what i would say is , well,k let's just look a at the data as they are. t let's test the claims that people make about the climate t itself. i'm one of those peoplee that builds data sets to test . ose claims >> and as you can see fromha the one on the screen that was shown, the models or a theoryhe is not doing very well in describing what the climate is doing. >> the one thing for our viewers that the doomsdayers consistently get wrong is the temperature increase or what is it? well, i think it's more the natural disaster is that we hear about whether it's hurricanes or floods or so on . >> but if hur you took a very careful look with consistent
12:43 am
data over long periods of time, you will find that these disasters are not increasing affect the health of the world o is increasing tremendouslyf. m for example, deaths froman weather disasters and so on has gone downd about 95% in the last hundred years. know how to handler the weather disasters that come along and they really aren'tnt increasing in intensity or frequency either. >> now. th speaking of which, this is what our energy secretary said recentlyd about intense weather. >> every month we hear the exaltations, the warnings from h hex the un, but we don'tu need it when you when i mean, you know, the fact that that montana is seeing a 500 year flood and that somebody is closing down for the season. so not 500 year front. we have these you know, there's a one hundred year event. it is not anymore. these are accelerating as we're
12:44 am
all seeingre. >> doctor , l the use of the air quotes doesn't make her points any more convincing. but boy, she has a lot ofes emotion there, doesn't she? >> yeah, i thinknk what you see is passion on this. and what we need in this debate is dispassionate discourse in which it's brought to bear wheni you bring dataonat, you find tht these floods are not increasing. it's one kind of strange rate or heat waves are not increasing and we've got re. data show it to show it and john, on this idea of this i ,the fact that the science is settled, the science is not settled, correct. cioh, my goodness. they're our ignorance ofus the climate system is enormous. if it were correct, the chart you saw would not be needed. but whatt it shows is that we don't even know how the fundamental heat processes of the of the atmosphere works. and so the models, the theory, the understanding is just still way off from reality at this
12:45 am
point. >> john , thank you so much. awesome to have you on . and one of the most unhinged anti cop rants from a sitting judge we have everr seenhe the video next. inflation is the worst in 40 years. american families are struggling to make ends meet. but instead of controlling costs, congress is pushing immigration legislation that will destroy american, weaken our national security and empower china and our 85% of american citizens. the wrong agenda at the wrong time. tell congress to focus on getting inflation under control. tell them to stop undercutting american tech innovators. >> this was when i noticed how white my sinuses were and how yellow mine were and i needed to make a change. my smiles, yellowish or dingy, and it definitely made you self-conscious. i can't magically become younger, but i can certainly look younger and i'm doing that
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12:50 am
barlow. now, four years she's engaged in disturbing courtroom behavior m. in 2016, she wore a black livesl matter pen as a public defendero and forced a sentencing hearing to be delayed when she refused to take it off. >> well, she removed the pen days later, but in show defiance, she wore a black armband instead. now, last year as a sitting judge, she sobbed in court while sentencing a 17 year old repeat offender saying, i hope you see how hard it is for mee to do this to somebody as young as you. totally professional. now,w,ta the criminal she is weeping over had a lengthy rap sheet, includingngng eight counts of armed robbery. but it's her latest on hands. danny police rant that has the las vegas police demanding her resignationve. judge balou is presiding ove a hearing last week about revoking the probationon of a suspect accused of battery against a police officereeus. >> video obtained by the nevada globe shows what happened next
12:51 am
. you're the one making decisions not to walk away from that.op you don't want to be delivered to me. i'm going to be no to work for a middle aged middle class white. the aside from the fact that she also not grammatical joining me now is steve grammas, president of the las vegas police protective association. an and steve, you don't want to be nowhere where cops are. >> your reaction tonight? you know, it's it's unfortunate that someone on the judicial bench would bring in their own personal biases in a setting that i don't even think it was warranted for her to even make the comment. e she is made very clear her feelings on police and this statement here has enraged our membership, our police officers go out there, risk their lives every day, myself included. that she needs to go . we need to get her off the bench. she can't be fair.
12:52 am
shee can't be impartial. theree c can be a case coming before her where an officer is a victim and wee know k how she's going to feel about the victim inn that case, nancyl ,weau reach out to judge ballou about her commentsju and she tod us i support proper law enforcement. what the record shows is that i communicate with those who appeared before me in a manner straightforward and understandable that much that was i true thing. i didn't find it understandable at allda. you know, there's inni my opinion, there's a difference betweenonre relatig to people and expressing your own personalop biases. and if she wanted to talk to this defendant and talk to himet about how he could do better, knock yourself out. you want to throw out there that you yourself fear that you may not survive an encounter with police? our hope is that youer don't survive the rest ofpo your elected position and that you leave so hoping that that that will come true, you wonder and watching this, i was s stunned when i first saw this video. you.
12:53 am
wonder how many of these types of judges are out there that are biased in favor of criminals and against lawat enforcement. doesn't matter what color the law enforcement officers arete just biased against law enforcement, period. soas the people of the county,. they can't get a break. right. how areti they getting a break from judge or getting impartial justice? >> i should say? >> you know, that's at the end of the day. that's who suffers the most erpolice officers. we have thick skins. we've been through riots, bottles thrownee at us , offices shot. we've seen it. we've been through it. but the problem is , is thatze the citizens pay for itns becaue when you goes light on a vendor or defendant, they're back out there committing crimes and maybe not in miss ballou's neighborhood, but for sure, the regular citizenry neighborhood. >> steve, we really appreciatecy your being with us tonight. and last nightla we told you about pennsylvania democratic senator john fetterman. health issues. tonight we have a response from his opponent, dr. that's next. >> if something happened to
12:54 am
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>> laura: no pennsylvania trust fund or fake populist john federman up to the senate race? his challenger republican dr. oz weighs in in a new campaign ad. >> you may heard john is back in the campaign trail and thousands of the operation, i know how scary this can be for a patient. i'm glad he's okay. now that he's back john can't keep hiding forever, including joe biden hiding in his basement. how did that work out for us? it will destroy the energy and fracking, drilling all while driving up gas prices for everyone and federman supports releasing one-third of the prison population and life sentences for murderers, that is crazy. >> i am glad that more about the crazy leftist ideas in his head. >> laura: brutal!
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