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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 15, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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social announcing the sad news to those who loved her and he said there were many. thank you so much for joining us. she is smiling down at the touching tribute that you gave her this morning. we know that for sure. lara trump god bliss and your family in this tough time. >> thank you. >> todd: with that very busy day continues on the channel. "fox & friends" begins right now. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the power the glory ♪ forever and ever ♪ will glory. >> brian: i believe that will be the very stage, which is located about 100 yards from where we are currently located, only we are indoors and that's outdoors. this is the start or the continuation of the american summer concert series.
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today feature featured act maverick city music and kirk franklin. >> hearing the song kingdom. if you watch the video it's really powerful and moving. we were watching it in hair and makeup this morning. we said man, we are in church. they went down to everglade correctional facility they performed for the people in that correctional facility. it was so powerful. you have to listen to it one of the lyrics is beautiful. each color he made. love is the only remedy for hate. i can't wait to hear them. so kirk franklin goes into these prisons and they teamed one maverick city music. you are probably very familiar with their songs. you might not know it. if you go to non-deno, ma'am neighborsal church you have been singing their songs. they love everybody. >> brian: ainsley, how long is will in for for hour and 5 minutes hair and makeup i kept knocking on the curtain. >> will: some of us need a
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transformation. some wake up beautiful. >> brian: right. talking about me. >> will: i was talking about ainsley, to ainsley in morning and brian comes walking on the set like a big timer. we didn't really get a chance to say hi. i just brace myself. what's going to happen? it's all going to happen on air. i know what will happen for you. >> ainsley: it's going to be a great morning. it's friday. we also have barbecue. right? >> brian: still my responsibility. this messiah whole open. look what is hang out there. john two mechanic llweleyn more smoking barbecue on fox square. what do we have today. >> momma mac will he more we have the girls. older sister brook and younger sister bailey. mom and dad are in cancun, mexico. shout out to you. we are holding down today. today we have -- bailey is going to open the grill for us. reverse seared tip we are going
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to sauce up alabama white sauce. cornbread jalapeño cheddar. green beaten casserole. smoked mac and cheese for the vips and a little secret. we actually snuck over chick fillet yesterday and bought nug. reverse serial burnt end chicken nuggets. >> is that allowed. >> bailey came up with that idea. >> will: i was about to ask if you were up to take on the burden of carrying the whole show. you came out of the gates with burnt end chick fillet chicken nuggets. >> literally on the griddle. we will show you at the 7:00. chick fillet nugget on the griddle. alabama white sauce and alabama chicken hot sauce on it we did it for the first time yesterday. it was crazy awesome. so we are going to start cooking up and getting it ready for the v.i.p. this morning, guys. >> brian: one thing you wouldn't know unless you are in new york city. to get the chick fillet you have
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to walk past mcdonald's. what about the decision to not go into mcdonald's for the chicken nugget but to go to chick fillet. >> we are from georgia hard not to want to go down to chick fillet. down south of maverick city music. they are outside of columbus and we are from atlanta. >> ainsley: you will be dancing out there we can't wait to join you. >> we we bring testify week. thanks, guys. >> brian: you do. >> ainsley: thank you mclemore family you do a great job. food is good. move onto the news. president biden is expsdz to make a joint statement with mahmoud abbas any minute now. >> will: these remarks mull mill million dollars interesting contribution to palestinian aid. are. >> brian: election joins us live. >> president biden started his morning visiting a hospital in east jerusalem. this is one that has not been
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visited by u.s. presidents in the past. he also made a large pledge of tribulations those include $60 million in support for palestinians, reducing food insecurity. providing critical service for palestinian refugees and improving healthcare access for palestinians. >> palestinians and israelis deserve equal measure of freedom, security prosperity and dignity. and access to healthcare when you need it. as essential to living the life of dignity for all of us. >> within the lapse hour, president biden also meeting with president mahmoud abbas shaking hands with the leader. this is part of a packed four-day trip in the middle east first as commander-in-chief. among the broad range of goals this trip, discussions have surrounded nuclear -- the nuclear powers of iran, after
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meeting with israeli officials yesterday. biden reiterated that the u.s. would not allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. now, later today, president biden will travel here to jetta to meet with the president and other presidents as well as the king salmon at the royal palace. he will also attend a bilateral meeting with the king's son, the crowned prince mohammed bin salman and it's that high stakes meeting that is under the microscope because the u.s. claims that mbs approved the briewddle killing of jamal khashoggi in 2019. the journalist and u.s. resident by on say spoke out accused biden of embracing dictators. this meeting itself is a drastically different tune from what the commander-in-chief previously said, refusing to speak with the rural here in saudi arabia. now, president biden did reiterate his stance yesterday saying that nothing has changed, that tone and those claims have
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not wavered but he did not comment on whether or not he would bring up that topic when he arrives here later today. will, brian, ainsley, back to you. >> will: thank you, alex. inconsistency is part and parcel with hypocrisy. when you look at the posture of the biden administration here in saudi arabia. what stands out to me is this look, on one hand you want to preach about human rights. you want to talk about jamal khashoggi. next you want to beg the saudis comes to help on gas prices one hand great reset and climate change next can you please pump up your oil production you? want to vilify u.s. producers and saying you need help politically. this is what happens when you you are hypocritical. >> ainsley: is this what needs to happen so we can have agreements going forward or should we not have this meeting? will he shake hands? originally he said he wasn't going to shake hands and that's become such a big story now. they say they are focused on the meeting and not the greeting. >> will: what i like about that
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question it's better to be hypocritical than consistently wrong. >> brian: it's a tough choice. couple of things. i think this is the one country that everything revolves around is iran. think about this. if you want saudi arabia to do what you want them to do, got to give them something that they want. and what they want and they look at iran is the enemy of the middle east, as do we. as does israel. that's what allowed the brain ham accords to take root. what happened yesterday and maybe today judging by the time change is that consistently the israelis go we have to stop this nuclear program, president biden says yeah, we got to stop the nuclear weapon. he goes no, program. behind closed doors david sang gore the "new york times" they want the u.s. to come up nuclear option to get iran to stop nuclearizing uranium which has gotten to weapons grade in the last two months. what do you think saudi arabia cares about that? they have already been rocketed over the last two years. we gave them missile defense
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systems and pulled it out right after. so if you want saudi arabia to believe that you are truly in their corner after calling them a pariah nation, you have to go and take a hard line on iran. instead, you offer them a package, according to richard goldberg of the "new york post" yesterday, of $275 billion right away to sign on to this deal. 800 billion over the next five years. and a trillion available over 2030 if you just go ahead and stop with the nuclear program and ship your uranium to russia who we will pay to hold. who will give it back if we leave the agreement. so it's a stranglehold on us and russia has the keys. it is insane. guess who thinks it's insane? the people that joe biden is meeting with today, saudi arabia. with all their problems and the khashoggi issue, front and center, no one is ducking it, they are a better option and have been for the last 90 years
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than anything else in the region. and just tell that to israel. israel says they allowed the abraham accords to take place. we are on the cusp ever doing the same thing with them if you don't blow it hind. >> ainsley: what's the difference between president trump and president biden when it comes to the middle east and they do these visits. i feel like biden is trying to please everyone. going to the israeli hospital. meeting with israeli leaders we will have your book until the end of the day -- until the end of time and then is he going to saudi arabia. he calls him a pariah and goes there and begging for more oil. she meets with khashoggi's widow or at least white house officials do last week. they tell her that they are going to talk about it, but then he is not answering the question. you know he is not because is he begging them for oil. doesn't want to remind the saudi prince he is being accused of saying it's fine to kill khashoggi. is he denying. i didn't have anything to do with it i didn't get permission to do that, but then our officials here say he did.
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>> brian: great analysis. you brought it up. it pleases no one. >> ainsley: every group is mad. >> will: because the difference with the trump administration. the biden has no moral principle or strategic principle that they're driving. if you have neither, all you end up is inconsistency. >> brian: one thing i thought was -- i think that saudi arabia could turn around and tell us listen, i need to you drill more, i need to you make some more oil and mbs can turn around and say why don't you? why don't you drill more? you have more oil than we do. i know it's going to put more money in my pocket. but we are pretty much on max production right now and you have the refineries anyway. >> ainsley: basically he is not drilling in our country because of the environmental reasons. we we would want you to drill and ruin your environment. >> brian: blame the oil and gas why not doing more while you hamstring them.
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>> ainsley: if we buy more from iran, iran is selling their drones to russia funding this war in ukraine. >> brian: chevron ceo is tired of being vilified. he was on yesterday the evening edit on fox business. here's what he said about the gas prices. >> people are not holding back supply. people are not slow walking anything. they are producing as much in the refining system as is possible. we are price takers. we see high prices consume less, produce more. that's exactly what's underway right now. i think it's part of the reason why we are seeing prices come down. the industry is responding with increased production. we need to see red rick and messaging that indicates that our country supports increased production. >> brian: clamam countdown by the way. >> ainsley: we are not holding back supply. people are not slow-walking anything. they are producing as much in the refining system as possible. >> will: you can't have it every
3:13 am
which way. you can't vilify and say why don't you drill more oil. you can't have it when you -- again, i think it's a byproduct of actually just going at foreign policy and domestic policy ad hoc, maybe trying to please everybody but just trying to deal with the immediate concern in front of you. >> brian: losing the left wing who wants to build solar panels and wind mills. is he not doing a good job. who are you pleasing? >> ainsley: donald trump said i'm not going in and begging saudi arabia for anything. i'm going to produce it all here in america. whether you have that power, you can be yourself. can you actually tell these leaders exactly how you feel without having to kiss their rear end. >> will: coming up, caught on camera, the moment disney world forced to evacuate when the ride began to sink. >> ainsley: plus, inflation shows no sign of slowing down. we are going to break down the new 13-month record of rising prices and how it could impact the midterm elections. ♪
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ivana trump the business woman and former president of donald trump has died. >> brian: family and loved ones paying tributes to the entrepreneur and mom. >> will: todd piro is here with more this morning. >> todd: the picture of the new york social scene has died at the age of 73. first wife to former president donald trump who announced her death on truth social glowing tribute to the mother of his three oldest children saying her
3:19 am
pride and joy were her three children she was so proud of them as we were all so proud of her. her daughter ivanka gushing about accomplished mother saying quote mom was brilliant, charming, passionate and wickedly funny. i will miss her forever and keep her memory alive in our heart always. eric trump pushing childhood photos with his mom. our mom was incredible mother. she will be missed by her children, 10 grandchildren. lara joined us earlier with praise for her mother-in-law. >> no one cherished this country more than she did. she truly understood america lucky to be here. the title and the role she cherished was that of mom to my house and mother-in-law and sister-in-law. >> todd: reports from last night say first responders received calls to her address for a potential cardiac arrest. an official cause of death has not yet been released but police
3:20 am
did reveal that ivana's body was found in close proximity to the bottom of a staircase. both police and the medical examiner will investigate whether she fell down the stairs. she was born in the czech republic and used her prestige accomplished skier to make her life in the u.s. where she embraced her american dream. back to you. >> ainsley: all right. thank you, todd. she moved here and met donald trump in 1976. they were married a year after that. she was a competitive skier. she was a model here in the u.s. beyond that she was brilliant. she ran his casinos in atlantic city and she also was the manager of the plaza hotel. she was vice president of interior design for the trump organization. i went to her house, actually, to interview her about five years ago right before i believe it was during the election when donald trump was running, and she welcomed me into her home. she was so strong. she had some wonderful stories. here is a look back at that interview. >> you know, my kids are -- they were -- they had a discipline.
3:21 am
and i would give them schedule. they would go and get up at 7:00. they would go to school at 8:00. they would stop by in their father's office to say good morning because he was gone by 6:00 in the morning. they went to school. after the school they would go to their father good afternoon. the kids were listening to him. and they would have thousands of the after school activities. i put them ballet, singing lessons, piano lessons. the hockey, the skiing, tennis, gorvelings you know, name it and it's only one way we find out if the kids are good at something. ivanka hated piano classes because i stopped it because if you don't love what you do, you cannot be good at it. >> ainsley: told a story working. my kids jobs golf courses restaurants hotels. and don jr. said -- they were always complaining about their pay. said mom, we don't make any
3:22 am
money, my gosh. when are we going to get a pay raise and don jr. sits his mom down and says enough, i need a pay raise. behalf i have a pay raise? she said yes. he said what took you so long? we have been complaining about this for years you never asked. >> will: what a fascinating story. what great interview. i didn't get to see that at the time. i'm seeing it now for the first time. i love to hear the story how someone raises their children. love to hear how those three children were raised. the process of their day and how it unfolded. ivana trump for me in the 90's was a celebrity. but it's today when you tell someone's life story, i think it's important to tell the story as you just character rised it as the fact that she was not just a mother. that's one of the most important thing but she was this immigrant from czechoslovakia who understood the value of this country and took add van tammaro of the freedom that it offered. >> brian: i always said this even before donald trump ran for president. when you met his kids you knew what great dad he was. of the way they talked about
3:23 am
him. didn't talk about their momma 67. part of the persona. these are some of the most well-adjusted young men and women you will meet. i don't care if you agree with their politics. people that mock them don't know them. that's a tribute to their parent. also how to be a divorced couple. when she got married for third time she got married at mar-a-lago. that's pretty much, i guess you get along pretty well if you will get married at your ex-husband's club. >> ainsley: she wrote a book and very glowing about him and what a team they were. that she would say that i was his twin. i was donald trump's twin because they had these great business minds. here's a picture of lara with luke, her son and her little daughter carolina that in the grandmother's arms and eric in the middle, of course. >> brian: tom brady said something yesterday. the hardest things people laugh at it but i don't. i understand what he meant when he story. he grew up in middle class and wife grew up in a farm.
3:24 am
hardest thing is raising kids wealthy. they get on a plane. they have somebody cook for them. they say what am i doing for my kids. they knew how to do it. because those kids are down to earth. >> ainsley: when they would fly commercially she would make the kids fly in coach. they would sit in first class. the kids were always in the back. >> brian: that's a little too much. i'm just kidding. >> will: carley shimkus has additional headlines this morning. >> carley: i certainly do. indiana's attorney general todd rokita is launching an investigation into a doctor who said she gave an abortion too 10-year-old who was raped by an illegal immigrant. the investigation comes after it is revealed that the 27-year-old alleged rapist was listed as minor in the report sent to authorities. rokita saying the doctor in question has a, quote, history of failing to report criminal incidents. the securities and exchange commission publishing a letter questioning elon musk yesterday asking why he did not update a disclosure filing over an earlier tweet suggests the deal
3:25 am
was in jeopardy. twitter's ceo publicly refuses to show proof of less than 5%. this deal cannot move forward until he dose. twitter is suing musk over his attempts to walk away from this deal in an effort to for the him to honor the terms of the $44 billion deal. disney world guests are caught on camera escaping from a sinking boat while it moves down the splash mountain log boat ride. according to staff no one was injured during the incident and all guests were evacuated. given dry clothes and free lightning lane passes. splash mountain is said to undergo lengthy refurbishment. this is the third sinking incident at the theme park in just two years. and a happy update on our colleague journalist benjamin hall who was wounded in ukraine earlier this year. ben is recovering remarkably ahead of his 40th birthday which is next week. the fox family delivering him a card filled with well-issue withs. ben says he is doing well and
3:26 am
thankful for the continuous support from his fox family. look at him there. i'm sure a lot of people wanted an update on him and we do have a happy one to deliver, guys. >> will: that's good news. >> brian: he looks great. it must be tough rehabbing thousands of miles from home. >> ainsley: did they change the name of bans were. medical center they rehab and individuals injured like he has. does his family live in london. >> will: he is english. >> ainsley: where do they live? >> carley: d.c. >> ainsley: to be closer to him. thank you, carley. >> carley: absolutely. >> will: invasion declaration the texas sheriff warns we cannot stand by as cartels take control of our southern border and he is next. ♪
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what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! we've got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns. sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns! >> ainsley: texas county is taking matters into their own hands to stop the flow of illegal immigrants southern border. goal adcounty will evasion declaration sheriff says the cartels are in control of migrant flows. goal yack county sheriff joins us now for the latest. good morning to you, sheriff. >> good morning. >> ainsley: what do does this mean whether you have declaration invasion now and the courts are ratifying this. >> it is last week goliad county
3:31 am
judge mike bend cartel infiltration into our area at such a large number what about is the goliad county judge ratifies and by our local body which the commissioner's court and so we went before them and after about a one-hour executive session of explaining sensitive material we have at the sheriff's office they ratified it does not provide any specific or additional supports to the county of goliad but does advise the state of texas about the state of emergency in goliad county and the other counties that have declared. >> ainsley: how many other counties have declared? >> from what i understand there is about seven counts that have declared and another 25 discussing the possibility of declaring at this time as well. >> ainsley: tell me what you are seeing? what's the problem?
3:32 am
>> the problem is they are in control. nobody is in crossing that the border without their consent and paying them. the cartels are running their operations freely throughout our jurisdictions. they bring these people over. they are not migrants. once they get here they find out they are slaves. these people have all entered into agreements to participate with the gulf cartel in our area would be the gulf cartel and they come through and they're coming through our area setting up sites, stealing vehicles, committing crimes, trespassing, evading from police and shooting at people and endangering the lives of the citizens of south texas. >> ainsley: sheriff, we are watching video of folks coming in the eagle pass area. every single person watching crossing through the river they had to go through a cartel? nobody crosses that river without the cartel having control of that crossing.
3:33 am
those individuals you see there -- >> ainsley: how does that operation work. excuse me for just a minute. the president is speaking bethlehem's west bank. let's listen. i'm very proud to be with you today as president of the united states. we can count ourselves among the earliest supporters of the two-state solution as i stand with you today, now as president of the united states, my commitment to that goal of a two-state solution has not changed in all these years. two states along the 1967 lines were mutually agreed to swaps remain the best way to achieve equal measure of security, prosperity, freedom and democracy for the palestinians as well as israelis palestinian people deserve a state of their own that's independent, sovereign, viable and contiguous two states for two people. both of home have deep and
3:34 am
ancient roots in this land living side by side in peace and security. both states fully respecting equal rights to the other citizens. both peoples enjoying equal measure of freedom and dignity. that's what this is fundamentally all about. every person has a right to be treated with dignity. it's simply basic. i know that the goal of the two states seem so far away while in dignity restrictions movement travel or the daily worry of your children's safety are real and they are immediate. the palestinian people are hurting now. you feel -- you can just feel it. your grief and frustration in the united states we can feel it but we have never give up on the work of peace. you know, there must be a political horizon, that the palestinian people can actually see or at least feel.
3:35 am
we can't allow the hopelessness to steal away the future that so many have worked toward for so long. so even if the ground is not ripe at this moment to restart negotiations, the united states, and my administration will not give up on trying to bring the palestinians and israelis and both sides closer together. i do believe that in this moment, when israel is improving relations, neighbors throughout the region, we can harness that same momentum to reinvigorate the peace process between the palestinian people and the israelis. i recognize how hard all these challenges must be and will be to work through. above all, there must be an end to the violence that has devastated two many families. it's heart wrenching, that so many palestinians and israelis have lost their lives just this year. the united states has suffered a loss as well, including the kill
3:36 am
of sharia acali. she was an american and a proud palestinian. she was performing very vital work. independent meeting and vital work of democracy. her death is enormous loss to the essential work of sharing with the world a story of the palestinian people. i hope that her legacy, her legacy will inspire more people to carry on her work of reporting the truth and telling stories that are too often overlooked. the united states will continue to assist on a full and transparent accounting of her death and will continue to stand up for media freedom everywhere in the world. president abbas, in the past we met in ramallah, today in the palestinian city of bethlehem, a place of enormous significance, in my faith as well, the
3:37 am
birthplace of jesus christ, this is the city that lives in the hearts of millions of christians as a reminder of god's great gift to the world and our renewed and redemption in christ. muslim and jews also have an intense and deep connection to this land, particularly in jerusalem. jerusalem is central to the national visions of both palestinians and israelis. to your histories, to your faiths, to your futures. jerusalem must be a city for all its people. its holly sites preserving the status quo. hezikite.we must all be free toe our faiths in peace and safety and in dignity. we cannot wait for peace
3:38 am
agreement to be reached or for every issue to be resolved to deliver on the needs ever the palestinian people that exist today as i speak. the best way to feed the flame of hope is to demonstrate that things can be better. will president abbas, the united states is a partner in this work to improve the day-to-day lives of the palestinian people. that's why when i came to office, i reserved the policy -- i reversed the policy of my predecessor and resumed aid to the palestinians, more than half a billion dollars in 2021. that support for the economic government of the palestinian people. the strength of the palestinian security, to provide food for people to eat to respond to the pandemic including donating more than 1 million doses of covid-19 to the west bank in gaza. it also includes more than 400 million humanitarian assistance to palestinian refugees through the united
3:39 am
relief of works agency. the unrwa. and today i'm announcing the united states is going to provide another 200 million to the unrwa. palestinians. especially palestinian children. earlier this month, and we decided and this morning i announced, an additional $100 million in supportive healthcare services for palestinians throughout east jerusalem hospital network. we were -- we were engaging with israel around ways to spur greater palestinian economic growth including by implementing 4 g mobile networks. increasing the supply of renewable energy and freedom of movement palestinians both people and goods. these are the kinds of issues that progress can make life better for people right away. we should be about it right away: the palestinian authority has important work to do as well if you don't mind my saying.
3:40 am
now is the time to strengthen palestinians palestinian institutions, to improve governance, transparency and accountability. now is the time to unleash the incredible potential the palestinian people through greater engagement in a society to combat will -- improve community services. all this work is critical. and it will help build a society that can support a successful democratic future and a future palestinian state. and the united states will work with you, president abbas, at every step. so thank you, again, for welcoming me and my delegation and secretary of state national security adviser and others to visit with you. i hope our visit is a start of a new and reinvigorated dialogue between the palestinian authority. the united states and between the palestinian countries and
3:41 am
counties -- and countries throughout the region, including israel. so let's work together to show the people of the region special young people, young people that their future can be better than it is today. thank you all very much and may god protect us all. thank you. >> brian: there you go, the president of the united states goes into the west bank and meets with president abbas and then they both gave some remarks. we picked up with the president's remarks. the biggest surprise maybe to a degree he is still talking about going back to the 1967 line. when it comes to where the future of these two states living side by side is. that's never going to happen. >> ainsley: he said the palestinian people deserve a state of their own and the people deserve freedom and everybody deserves dignity. he says the people are hurting. you can feel it and we'll never give up on peace. he says the united states will not give up on trying to put these two people together. >> will: he pointed out this is
3:42 am
a reversal of the united states approach to palestine. a reversal of many of the trump era positions and policies. he talked about refunding the palestinian authority with what he terms aid in the terms of millions of dollars. this is a new tact for the united states of america from where we have been the last several years. >> brian: certainly. bring in senator rick scott listen to almost all these remarks. senator, your thoughts on first off the president's remarks in the palestinian. >> trump left us with a very safe, much safer middle east, all he has done is afghanistan withdrawal. talking about iran, making israel less safe. that's all he has done since he has been there. is this guy a prisoner of the palestinians? >> brian: you mean abbas? ing what's biden? taken all our money, $30 trillion worth of debt. like a slush fund. here is $100 million here. there is another $100 million there. where does all this money come
3:43 am
from? >> brian: if you don't know, we don't know. >> none of it comes through us. up there i mean, it's just like a slush fund. you know, biden spends money here, spends money there and was there anything he said that was good for israel? nothing. >> will: what do you expect the reaction of the israelis to be to what you just heard? >> israelis are in a tough position. they need our support. here is what great about israelis they don't want our men and women they do need our financial support. friends of the middle east. trump did that with the abraham accords. they can't go attack biden. they need our support. but they have to be frustrated. this guy does nothing for israel. it's all for somebody else. still talking about getting iran deal done horrible for israel. flows money palestinians were no accountability. there is none. >> ainsley: after afghanistan and dealing with other countries people said probably the adjective we hear most he looks
3:44 am
weak. >> he is weak. >> ainsley: midterms around the corner. "new york times" say democrats face deepening peril ahead of midterms. you have the former barack obama economic adviser jason fuhrman he says it's a very negative thing politically for the democrats. so deeply baked in that nothing can change in the next few months to change them. is it too late for them to win in november? >> oh, absolutely. think about it. 9.1. 9.1% cost of living up. over 11% producer price index. here's what is going on. forget retirement they can't afford it or they are retired and have to go back and take a second job. families have never been to a food bank are going to a food bank. people are struggling in this country and what -- the democrats what do they want to do? raise your taxes. they want to raise every tax bracket, right? and they want to spend more money. what causes inflation? this inbelievable spending. they are like out-of-touch with what is going on with a normal family. i grew up in a poor family. i watched my mom struggle in
3:45 am
public housing. that's going on across the country all across the state this is hang. >> will: you talked about president biden's weakness something begun to be recognized by the democratic party. california governor gavin newsom has just towferred white house. >> brian: the white house with his jacket off. >> will: attempting to look very presidential. at the same time launching a lot of attack at your home state at florida at governor ron desantis. do you see this as a democratic party moving on from joe biden. in fact the successors, inherit inheriteurs are lining up. >> . i ran ads against jerry brown. i loved it when he attacked me. raising taxes and made it harder for businesses. i got businesses. rick perry did the same thing. what newsom is doing. makes sense for newsom. how can he talk about anything about california.
3:46 am
high taxes. people leaving the state. crime. throw is nothing good going on in california. people are flocking out. maybe legacy of newsom in saying oh, we are a progressive state might be helping him back home. ainsley: what do you think are the predictions. gavin newsom will get in and your governor. >> everybody wants to run. people see there is a big opportunity to change this country so we have a got a lot of people that want to run. >> ainsley: this is going to be my only chance. >> brian: in charge of flipping the senate herschel walker and dr. oz now you can officially get behind them. what do they need the most. >> first off define the democrats. what we are doing now at the committee who federer man is, beazley in north carolina, warnock in georgia. kelly in arizona, has accept in new hampshire. the race is going to come down to seven states. wisconsin defend ron johnson. make sure dr. oz wins, budd
3:47 am
wins, herschel wins whatever candidates in arizona. adam laxalt wins and whatever candidate in new hampshire. we are even competitive in colorado. joe o'day. and washington tipsy smiley. they are unbelievable candidates. patty murray has been up there 36 years. she is in trouble in the state of washington. >> brian: if they have your work ethic they they will be okay. senator, thank you so much. >> good to be here. >> ainsley: always good to have you. >> will: carry has additional headlines. >> carley: soft on crime los angeles county george gascon has filed an appeal with the state supreme court after a lower court rules he cannot refuse to charge three strike cases under the three strike law. that court saying refusing to charge the cases quote overstates his authority. meanwhile the campaign to recall gascon clears its first hurdle as the religions star prepares a full check of the 700,000 signatures. house democrat katy porter
3:48 am
facing ethics complaint after she accused second amendment expert amy swearer of lying under oath during this heated exchange on a hearing on gun safety last month. >> you falsely testified under oath. >> would you like the explanation of why i said that. >> no i have not yielded. >> after a mass shooting trying to figure out how to solve a problem that we are all heavily invested in. >> point of order. >> i have not asked a question. >> how dare you. >> ainsley: the complaint alleges that porter knowingly and defamed swearer for comments and asked for restriction in the official reporting of that hearing. hillary and chelsea clinton rolling out apple tv book of gutsy women. the 8 part series gutsy promises intimate conversations with stars like kim kardashian and set to premier september 9th. and it set to play huma abedin
3:49 am
tv appear dap station of her memoir. no release date for that series has been announced. when politics meets pop culture, guys, over to you. >> thank you, carley. >> unvaxxed and on the bench the strict canadian covid mandates have forced players off of the baseball diamond coming up next. ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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ci had no idea how muchw i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out
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what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> will: kansas city royals defeating the blue jays here is why it's notable. 10 players benched over mandate. 40% of the roster. not just the royals. philadelphia fillies were also out of a game against toronto because of the refusal to take the covid vaccine. bring in a fox news headlines sports and entertainment reporter mike if guns. and they won 3-1 missing 40% of their roster. >> you got love to it will, it is wild it is 2022. july 15th, 2022, and we are still dealing with this. like, even when the news came
3:54 am
down, social media, the average person who has a brain think for themselves these days we are really talking about this still? the but the fact is i thought we would be over this. i literally thought we would be over this. the aaron rogers situation came down he wasn't vaccinated end of last year. that was 8 months ago. i thought people would have moved on by now. i feel like the average person is. there is still social media brigade mob shunning and shaming these royals players who really aren't affecting their lives at all. it's frustrating. it's crazy, it's lunacy, and the fact that people are still going after people -- listen, unvaccinated to each their own. i'm exhausted over the argument. i'm exhausted over the argument. and still people are shaming and shunning people that have just making their own decisions. and we were always told, listen to your doctor, talk to your family about it. the royals players have done introduce, they said that they have done that all right?
3:55 am
so why are people still going after them? they have done what they are supposed to do. and it's still not good enough. it's wild. >> will: you want to say this is insanity from canada. and canada has been at the forefront of cody insanity. however, it's not limited to canada. it's here. it's the united states as well. novak djokovic just won you wimbledon cannot come here and play in the u.s. open. >> it's gone beyond. almost like the vax card is the modern day scarlet letter. okay? that's literally what we're seeing. instead of wearing the a oh well well you don't have your card they are going to come after you or you are going to lose privileges and your rights and lose opportunity. one thing that we keep in the sports example was kyrie irving, obviously brooklyn nets crazy bill de blasio. march adams as sip night policies those at home might not realize. the home team in new york city, had you to be vaccinated. but the away team did. even though you share of the
3:56 am
same exact basketball geniuses because of these brilliant policies. you know kyrie irving wasn't allowed to play the home games here at first i think the policy makers think that you know, we will be able to change their views. we will go after them. fans guess what kyrie; just do it. just get the vax. guess what? it worked against them. the fans against new york city and policy makers tired of it. let people live their lives, believe in freedoms, make your own decisions all right. >> will: you bring up a point when does this end? that's the real question. never thought you would be here two years later. the real question is when does it end? >> and it's an election year. funny how that works out. bill will we got to run. great to see you. >> thanks, will. appreciate it. >> will: christian rock sensation maverick city music and kirk franklin as they get ready to rock our all-american concert series.
3:57 am
subway's drafting 12 new subs, for the all-new subway series menu. let's hear about this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck? it's not. the new subway series. what's your pick?
3:58 am
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like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles.
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a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. ♪ ♪ ♪ i you are enough ♪ jireh ♪ you are enough ♪ >> will: good morning. >> ainsley: i'm sorry. i wasn't sure who was supposed to introduce.
4:01 am
>> will: it did say will. >> ainsley: i couldn't read. i was standing in front of the teleprompter. i was trying to fix my outfit. >> brian: go ahead and take over. >> will: put it in fifth gear and go. >> brian: go ahead. >> will: good morning. welcome to "fox & friends" on this 7:00 hour here on the east coast. that is what you are listening to what ainsley is starting to tell is you maverick city music and kirk franklin part of our summer concert series. they are outside on the stage. we will be outside soon enough. you will get to hear from them it will be exciting and i know you are super excited. >> ainsley: soaks sighted about them. that's new song jireh promise is one we sing in church a lot which i love. they have music talent. one of them from south carolina. chandler is from south carolina. we will introduce you to him. is he just a wonderful person. everyone in south carolina loves him, loves this group. i think they are based out of atlanta now. kirk franklin we have been listening to since we were little. is he a gospel singer. i loved him growing up. my life changed god changed my
4:02 am
life when i was 21 areas old. his album or cd i had in my dorm room. i'm excited to miss them. >> brian: listened to aerosmith and my window being propped up by the album. i'm older than you. they just opened up the door and put the album as if they were going to crush it because they were tired of me playing that album. sorry, i don't have. >> ainsley: i thought you meant the old college windows where the lock didn't work if you wanted to keep it open you had to put something under it. >> will: it wasn't a record it was an album. >> brian: will, continue to bring us through this block what do we do now? >> will: privilege. this is privilege. i'm going to hold this right here for the next segment. >> ainsley: yum. >> will: we have the mechanic will he more boys without one mechanic will he more mclemoreii.
4:03 am
>> ainsley: is this the fried shrimp. >> platter reverse seared. cooked to perfection lane's barbecue rub on it and should have some toothpicks with a little nugget. >> ainsley: are these the chick fillet nugget? >> burnt in on the master built griddle that has some alabama sort of white sauce and land's barbecue and one legged chicken that brook stole from me. she is doing the rest of the nuggets with the crew. that's one-legged hot sauce. this is griddled off. how can you make chick-fil-a better? >> ainsley: you just did. >> brian: you come here with your grill but you don't bring the food? >> ainsley: sending home. what we ended up doing maverick city music we got the word from y'all's crew that they are going to have so many people coming we didn't want to run out of food. we went to chick-fil-a.
4:04 am
>> ainsley: is that true? that's true that's why you went to chick fillet we have got to get creative? >> absolutely. they said we had over -- they maxed out the v.i.p. page and had to shut it down because they had so many requests coming in we can't fit so many people in the plaza. we are going to overflow it. we don't want to run out of food. the mclemores don't run out of food. >> will: return there, looks like sausage or meat loaf there. >> i think you are talking about the fatty. that is a breakfast fatty that we bring every week. that actually has a blueberry krispy kreme doughnut inside of it that was smoked for about an hour and then we griddled that off. >> brian: are you sure you are allowed to make that in new york? >> ainsley: what is this one with the macaroni and cheese and bagel on top? >> that was a surprise. we actually are about to do one with the krispy kreme blueberry doughnut that has mac and cheese on it. griddled off krispy kreme
4:05 am
doughnut. >> will: oh my gosh. brian, go ahead. >> brian: i will eat in the break. eat or talk on tv. got to make a decision. great to see you, john. we will check in with you again. >> ainsley: beautiful sister right there next to you. >> both of them. thank you all. >> will: keep holding that nugget hold it the whole? >> brian: i will. one of the things inflation is going to cost you more. >> ainsley: goes to the grocery store and chickline cost you more. >> brian: to the tune of 11.3%. >> ainsley: wholesale percent. >> brian: 11.4. >> ainsley: 11.3 is the wholesale inflation. that's what the stores pay. you saw yesterday inflation is now at 9.1%. >> will: consumer inflation at 9.1%. producer inflation 11.3%. this is -- this is the united states of america. look, maybe -- i don't remember -- i was jung, if it was in my lifetime, i was very, very young the last time the united states of america saw
4:06 am
something like this. >> ainsley: 1981 i think. >> will: these are ridiculous numbers. these are insane numbers. these were the type of numbers they told us you would never ever see. in fact, a year ago, and for several months, 13 months into this they said you will not see run away inspeculation. you will not see numbers like this. let's take a look back. >> economists have conveyed that they feel that the impasse of our proposals will be transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory or temporary. >> ainsley: temporary? it hasn't been temporary and everyone we ask says it's going to continue to go up and up and up. 13 straight months of inflation higher and higher. as gas prices higher and higher. not just war in ukraine. that's what they want you to believe. that happened at the end of february. so biden had already been in offers for more than a year. we had already seen gas prices going up. >> brian: look at the administration that has lost the confidence of the country because of that montage.
4:07 am
really started in afghanistan told us not going to be saigon and it was worse. then it comes with inflation. told it was going to be transitory almost at the same time. over and over again. every single one of you. only one apologized and janet yellen said i got it wrong. i'm not convinced she got it wrong. behind the scenes she thought that the spending was a mistake and they shouldn't be duke doing the $1.9 trillion rescue package because we have already been rescued. we had a vaccine. we sadly for some people have a transition in leadership. our economy was sand standing up again. people coming back to work again. we just had written $800 billion check. and then the president says i want 1.9 trillion. most was agenda driven. >> ainsley: did they lie to us, brian or did they not know whether a they were doing? temporary transitory? >> brian: think about how politically reckless it is to say something you can't even guarantee. it is just a blip. it is just transitory knowing that you don't have control over it. and now we are at 9%. thank goodness for joe manchin.
4:08 am
he did it again. because if you were wednesday. it looked like we were heading towards a build back better mini plan. yesterday he put the brakes on it more spending. >> will: ainsley, you asked. this is absolutely the ramifications of a plan. here's why you know that. because it's not just happening in the united states of america. it's happening in vai alanca. you are seeing it inhold. you are seeing food shortages, run away inflation. happening all across the world, what's unique to the biden administration? coming out of the pandemic. world governments all bought in on this restructuring of our economy. the great reset name world economics forum, right? it was centered around climate policies. we will introduce and biden spending packages had these integrated into reorganize economies around essentially green policies. which produces, for example, reductions in fertilizer, whatever it may be, which produces food short tages, the fuel policies, gasoline prices
4:09 am
going up. inflation in general going up. so, and that's why i think this comes back to joe manchin. joe manchin saying no more. no more climate change. it's directly connected to the inflation we are experiencing here. >> what's interesting too the stimulus checks everyone got they got three checks totaled $3,400. yesterday, the heritage foundation said because of inflation, the average person has lost $3,600. if there their paychecks. the government said we are going to fix this. we are going to do stimulus checks. we are going to give everyone $3,400. that caused inflation. now inflation is costing the average family $3,600. >> brian: shear what the average person said he was talking the last few weeks to senator schumer about a mini build back better plan that would have raised taxes. political headlines are of no value to the millions of americans struggling to afford groceries and gas as inflation soars to 9.1%. he would know from fossil fuel
4:10 am
state. time for leaders to put agendas aside reevaluate and adjust to the economic realities the country faces to avoid taking steps that adds fuel to the inflation fire. there is finally an adult in washington. and, look, we knew after the pandemic not many people pushed back and i don't necessarily think it was a mistake. you told everyone to go home and stop working. president trump put money out there, paid people to stay home because he knew they were told they can't work. we didn't know if the whole world was about to go through a massive death spiral. but when that became clear it wasn't and he tried to stand up these states, they pushed back. the rent -- the blue states said no, we are staying home. how dare you make us go back to work. and then we had the red state, blue state fracture and a president win with the senate and house. and then they went back to spend depaah lose zoo plays into the # .1% inflation rate we have
4:11 am
inflation, high gas prices, high electric bills. you can't afford to buy all the things you want to buy. we have heard from so many americans thats used to go get all of our errands run after we have breakfast here because we can't afford to keep going in and out. senator rick scott was on the curvey couch earlier, he said americans can not afford to live under this type of inflation forget retirement. people can't afford it retired and have to take a second job. americans never been to a food bank are going to a food bank. people are struggling in this country. the democrats, what do they want to do? raise your taxes. they want to raise in every tax bracket, right? they want to spend more money. what causes inflation? unbelievable spending.
4:12 am
>> brian: not only that places feeling it worse. the places to-that have it worse the best places to deal with inflation, mississippi, kansas, alabama, georgia, tennessee, missouri, iowa, west virginia, believe it or not, indiana and arkansas. worst, hawaii, california, massachusetts, obamacare, alaska, maryland, connecticut and vermont. almost all blue states are experiencing bigger challenges. much of is because the states are spending as much as the federal government. >> will: i saw this chart this morning absolutely blew my mind. this comes as seattle says they are going to spend 2 million more to address officer shortages. why this is what it looks like, in 2017, they had 1300 officers on the seattle police department's officer enrollment. now look at it. 954 officers. now, this is the one that blew
4:13 am
my mind. >> ainsley: they lost 400 officers. will willing this is the number of officers as compared to seattle's population. so, look, the top line is the officers in service. the yellow line is seattle population. look as the it for, the entirety of the survey here. the number of officers is clearly sufficient to handle the population. look at the nose dive as the population goes up. brian brian that's what happens when you want to reimagine law enforcement. basically you are being -- the streets are being watched by hallow grams. reimagination gazelles now law enforcement cut their pay, resources, vilify them. they say take my nightstick. take my package. i'm going to do something where i'm appreciated. outside of minneapolis, this is the least surprising statistic and story that we'll cover. >> ainsley: we knew this would happen. they wanted to cut budgets back in 2020, the budget was a little more than 400 million. tune what it is now? 355.5 million. so they cut the budget by a lot.
4:14 am
they are going to spend $2 million to hire their goal is 500 officers. i don't even know if that's going to be enough money. that's a drop in the bucket compared to old budget. >> brian: single most devastating thing that we have seen in our lifetime politically over the last 50 years has been the defund the police movement. because it almost destroyed the democratic party until they put the brakes on it they haven't fully put the brakes on it did you hear cori bush talk? cori bush the congresswoman from missouri still wants to defund the police. they don't want to let her talk. >> will: comes at the same time as inflation. destroy the american kitchen table purchasing power and sense of safety right at the same time. >> ainsley: we have heard some of these crazy progressive politicians they want to close down the prisoners, close the doors and lementd them all out. >> what we are seeing with crazy d.a.s. not just debatable issue. right and wrong. it's so obvious.
4:15 am
>> ainsley: home side rate skyrocketing in new orleans. new orleans on pace to have one of the highest rates in the world this year. in the world. >> brian: i don't mean to depress you. we just want people to fix it if we can underline it and point it out. carley shimkus, you are not for defunding the police. >> who is? can i say something positive right now though? there are so many people outside. there are more people outside now than flo rida last week. this crowd is unbelievable. turn around and look at all of this. amazing. doesn't that give you hope? >> ainsley: yes, yes. >> carley: we are going to have a fun morning. ainsley: we need more praise and worship. we need more god in our lives. >> ainsley: president biden is finishing up his visit church of it nativity in the last hour. met with mahmoud abbas. completing a joint statement
4:16 am
after unprecedented visit to palestinian run hospital in east jerusalem. >> jerusalem must be a city for all its people. its holy sites preserving the status quo kingdom restored. we cannot wait for every issue to be resolved to deliver on the needs of the palestinian people that exist today as i speak. best way to feed the flame of hope is to demonstrate that things can be better. >> carley: discuss sing salmon and discuss energy production. ken packsston filing a suit against the biden administration over a federal abortion mandate which orders hospitals to perform abortions if they are necessary to resolve a medical condition. meanwhile, the white house is now condemning arson and
4:17 am
vandalism at places of worship after multiple churches were vandalized in maryland. but the administration has yet to condemn people targeting supreme court justices or pro-life centers. and outside the capitol building senator elizabeth warren slammed the door on a question about whether it's going too far to pay bounties on justices' locations. watch this. >> senator, an activist group is offering to pay people if they send in the locations of justices. do you think that this has gone too far at this point? >> the question comes after a group on twitter called shut down d.c. offered $200 for people to send in tips about the locations of supreme court justices? >> tiger woods made a rough showing in the first round ever the 150th british hope saint andrews in scotland yesterday. woods finished the day six over fares. is he currently 16 strokes. currently tied for 148th place.
4:18 am
maybe he can come back from that? >> will: nope. >> brian: i'm not sure. >> will: who is leading? did you see that? i haven't seen that this morning. >> brian: i should have looked that up. >> will: hold on just a second. give one minute. >> brian: be with new a second. phil mickelson was told don't go to the party because he went to that liv tournament. >> will: coming up with biden in saudi arabia? >> brian: we are cammeron young. rory mcilroy is two strokes off. >> will: you pulled that off. >> brian: i feel like it's 1937 we are looking at newspapers. i can't remember the last time i looked at a newspaper. meanwhile, the doctor is out. health experts are quitting. government health agencies in droves. claiming they failed to follow the science. lawrence jones joins us to react. ♪
4:19 am
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4:23 am
ains apes doctors and scientists are quitting in droves because of the management. one explaining the department has no, no leadership right now and high centers for disease control official says quote morale is low, things are political what are we there for. bad science, including vaccinating children under 5 to make their advice palatable to the white house. here to react is "fox & friends" enterprise reporters lawrence jones. everyone is on board enough is enough. we don't like the advice they are giving the american people why are we here? we are quitting. >> i can't believe it took so long to do this. we have been hearing this nor a while. we saw guidance change gret cdc when they were coordinating with the teacher's imriewn and getting approval from the white house. we know that the white house has
4:24 am
their own political advisers and medical advisers that tried to make policy for the cdc. dr. fauci is obviously out of control. and not following the science there. but there was never really any people within the medical community that felt comfortable enough standing up. we heard the rumors about it, but, this could destroy your career. it seems like a lot of them have decided to unite on this. and take them on. it's about time. you know, for all the people that criticized this though before the medical community kind of decided to come out with this information, i think they are owed an apology. we have been saying this for a really, really lock time. >> ainsley: who do we trust? we heard dr. fauci say you need to get vaccinated. he got vaccinated four boosters and he still got covid. >> lawrence: we should trust the data that's released. the reason is we had dr. marty makary on yesterday on fox. he was baracking down some of the information for the vaccines when it comes to these kids. whether you like it or pro-vax
4:25 am
or anti-vax. we should all agree that our medical community should not be hiding information from the american public just for us to do what they want us to do. >> ainsley: you mentioned dr. makary. i think we have a soundbite from him. listen to. this doctors everywhere in the world, even in the government should always be free to speak up about their public health concerns. that is a sacred right that we have to guard. but right now, in the government, recently, and this is a trend in the last year, doctors are muffled in the different agencies. i heard from smart people who were just extremely frustrated not only are they bypassing the normal process. you can't say anything. they knew if they do they know their jobs are at risk and they will be treated very differently. >> lawrence: last thing i would say on this ainsley, we were promised when the biden administration took office they would go back to what they called the norms. there would be no politicization of medical community justice department. we have seen the exact opposite. i think the american people
4:26 am
deserve an apology from this administration because they campaigned on norms and they are just as political as the trump administration was. if not more. >> ainsley: lawrence, you are such a star. they gave you a show on saturday night. called lawrence jones cross-country. comes on at 10:00 p.m. if you are up. if you are at home at 10:00 p.m. you have to camp summer of the shark also on fox nation. so he has got his show at 10:00 on saturday. and then on fox nation he has the summer of shark special and i know a lot of people will watch that. >> lawrence: just because you told them to watch it he is such a good guy you have to support his show. fox nation specials. we love you. you are a good guy. >> lawrence: i can't wait to be out there. >> ainsley: he goes to your church in texas? >> lawrence: we love him. >> ainsley: people are lining up to see maverick city and kirk franklin. first join us on stage to talk
4:27 am
about latest album so don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ that's the reason to believe why i sing ♪ glory ♪ glory, hallelujah ♪ most bladder leak pads were similar. until always discreet invented a pad that protects differently. with two rapiddry layers. for strong protection, that's always discreet. question your protection. try always discreet. time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer.
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>> carley: we are back with headlines starting with this the largest fentanyl bust in
4:31 am
california history is made by the dea with 1 million fake pills filled with a deadly drug seized in a los angeles raid earlier this month. the drugs were found at home suspected to be a stash house used by a trafficking organization linked to the cartel. according to the d.e.a. the fake pills are meant to look at real prescription drugs like oxycodone. veterans of operation dessert storm and dessert shield will now be honored with a monument in washington. veterans celebrated yesterday with an official ceremonial ground breaking. >> more than 30 years after the end of the gulf war. the u.s. led the being kuwait to iraq. officials hope to have completed on the national mall by the year 2024. the molton coors beverage company after making a touchdown deal with the nfl. the company returning to the super bowl for the first time in more than 30 years. the move comes after rival
4:32 am
anheuser bush ended 33 year deal with the nfl which made it the exclusive alcohol advertiser on game day. that make room for molson coors which recently expanded into a total beverage company. that's your beer news of the day. guys, outside to you. >> will: thank you so much, carley they are the grammy winning gospel super stars. [cheers and applause] >> will: across the country. >> ainsley: they are amazing. they are here on our stage today. >> brian: so is lawrence. lawrence, great to see you. joining us to are members of maverick city music. >> how is your sipping voice? >> and kirk franklin. >> ainsley: kirk goes to tony evans church and that's where he goes too in dallas. >> brian: that's what got you on stage big guy. >> south carolina. >> ainsley: most amazing voices.
4:33 am
>> maverick city super stars by themselves. >> brian: how did this come together. >> i was standing on the corner and had nothing to do and they asked me to come hang out with them. i'm so proud of maverick city. shout out to j.j. and tony the founders and multi cultural group of young beasts and so they do incredible music. and we have been on tour the last couple of months and selling out arenas and, man, we are just trying to make god famous. [cheers and applause] >> he is being very humble. i think it's crazy we get to co-lab with a living legend somebody who has been doing this for a long time. he is about 80 years old. [laughter] >> ainsley: does kirk ever play in church. >> he does. he does concerts and all. >> lawrence: naomi talk about your favorite song promises. >> mine too. >> lawrence: able to bring contemporary music with gospel together. now you are adding another layer
4:34 am
by bringing kirk on stage. >> it's another layer. >> i mean, i think it's working. >> it was on. yeah, promises one of the songs that i think really brought us through the pandemic. >> lawrence: yeah. >> it wasn't just for y'all it was for us, too. lord, are you going to keep your word? and he really did. i think by mixing that and i think we got some like gospel still in there. but really bringing kirk into the picture was a sign to show that we are about bringing voices together. bringing colors together, voices together churches together. the church is not monolithic. god's love is not for one type of person. it's important that we represent that in our music. i think it will shift generation recalls to come. >> ainsley: the song kingdom they went to correctional facility they sang a big concert for 1300 people. largest christian event at correctional facility. you all sang some songs. be blessed is wonderful.
4:35 am
i loved kingdom. you start the song and then you come in with a beautiful lyric. what is that lyric we were talking about earlier? >> beautiful, each color that he made. your love the only remedy for hate. >> ainsley: beautiful. who wrote that song? what's the story behind it? >> i wrote that verse and i came to chandler with the idea. is he such a young genius. and when i sat down and showed him a little bit of the idea. and he jumped on the piano and the song just went out of here because this young man -- both of them are incredible writers. has a new album out. [cheers] >> i think that's what is so dope about maverick. they are individual artists that make up a collective of artistry. brandon lake, donte bowl. they have got cc. bobby, ricky, mike. >> i'm very proud of them. >> lawrence: of course, kirk,
4:36 am
chandler, jireh, our own shannon bream our favorite song. inspiration god is enough. it doesn't have to be about you. >> yeah. when he would were writing this. >> some friends we were just kind of in a room and we didn't have the idea of jireh. we were just talking about god's love being enough. and when we started that, we just kind of just blurted out ji raft. have you ever sung that in a song that became the anthem for that moment. how to express that god loves you no matter what season of life you are in. no matter what you are going to his love is consistent. >> will: i have got to text my wife she loves maverick city. this is a quote from jimmie allen on maverick city music. mav city music saved my life literally. what do you think is connecting with people so deeply naomi.
4:37 am
>> part of what we do. it takes people back oto the start of their faith. income a small room people watching videos. income a small room not just in a big arena it strips back the production and allows you to be very internal with yourself and with god and kind of strip back all of the distractions. i think that alone with the lyrics really helps you think about what you are singing and what you are focusing on. >> ainsley: jimmie allen is going to be on our show august 1st. >> that's my boy. >> ainsley: church looks different now. everyone in these videos they are wearing hoodies. they have tattoos, they are wearing hats. everybody. >> brian: are you talking about will? >> ainsley: when we were growing up you will to dress up. high heels, hat, whenever you go to church. i love how the young kids are going to church because of music like this. it's inspiring everyone. god bless you all. >> brian: do you mind singing for us today? is that possible? >> i think we can do that a little bit. for sure.
4:38 am
[applause] >> brian: all right. we will do it. listen, guys, stick around. you guys stick around. we will continue to file. in the vips continue to eat meat. we prefer that general jack keane next. don't move. you are watching "fox & friends." and you can watch this on fox nation too in the break. thanks, guys. ♪ ♪ you make all things work together ♪ for your glory. >> come on sing it shop the lowe's bath style & save event now. in store and online.
4:39 am
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from prom dresses to workouts find new roads. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. >> i continue to believe that diplomacy is the west bay to achieve outcoming. >> we will not stop. diplomacy will not stop. if they continue to develop their nuclear program, the free world will use force. >> brian: disagreement and rebuke. that was president
4:43 am
biden and jair lapid appearing to be on the same page on some things and not when it documents iran and how to handle their nuclear ambitions. let's go out to general jack keane now. is he reacting to -- these are fox news strategic analyst reacting to the president's four day trip overseas. the president is now in saudi arabia. what about that clash and the different views of iran, general, what's your take away? >> well, i think the israelis have always been focused on their ultimate reality, certainly prime minister netanyahu had the same view that prime minister lapid has. and that is that iran in s. in pursuit of a nuclear weapon regardless. they are going to pursue that end. and the israelis, you know, they took truck loads of classified documents out of the warehouse in tehran in 2018 and revealed to the world, iran's intent to develop a nuclear weapon. had the prima facie evidence of it. so despite a deal that the biden
4:44 am
administration wants to make and will give the iranians hundreds of millions of dollars, to delay a nuclear weapon, it doesn't stop the iranians from developing a nuclear weapon. and that is what the prime minister is trying to get in the head of president biden that diplomacy here and giving the iranians money does not stop them from developing a nuclear weapon. that he was the reality of what we are facing. >> brian: they did a deal without telling us or consulting congress, as far as we know it, it's going to give 257 billion the first year, 800 billion over the next five years by 2030 if they don't develop a nuclear weapon and we believe them they will get trillions of dollars available to them. the iranians think is ofaultly. tehran is producing highly enriched uranium using advanced centrifuges right now. do something already doing.
4:45 am
it's insane. >> it certainly is and they took hundreds of billions of dollars as a result of the 2015 deal and they bought thousands of rockets and missiles for hezbollah and hamas that rain down on israel. their proxy hezbollah tried to establish missile bases in syria. the fact is, israeli has conducted over 200 airstrikes against that and also, they toppled the very year that the deal was signed. they toppled the regime in yemen, a country friendly to the united states and to the arabs, and the houthis have rained hundreds of missiles down on saudi arabia. look it, brian, that's what they did with the money from 2015 deal. give him this deal which you are touting dollars close to a trillion dollars, which would be absolutely unbelievably irresponsible and outrageous, the israelis know that they will be the victims of that money and we're only delaying the iranians from having a nuclear weapon,
4:46 am
actually legitimizing them to have it when the deal runs out no 2030. >> brian: evidently behind closed doors the israelis told the president he has to have a legitimate military threat to get iran's attention and so far there is no plan. i want to pivot quickly to russia. they are now in informal talks with ukraine, with turkey brokering a way to get grain out of ukraine. are you at all confident that something could happen positively to help feed continents like africa? >> >> well, there is the first time we have actually seen some daylight here on the negotiations. so our audience understands, these are negotiations among turkey, the u.n. secretary general staff, russia. and ukraine. and there seems to be, at least at the working group level, a framework for this to happen. and that would mean that turkey would inspect all cargo ships to make certain there is no arms on them. ukrainians will escort the cargo ships from their ports, into
4:47 am
international waters through the mines that the ukrainians have put in place. probably take them a couple three weeks to clear that path of the mines to be able to do that. but they certainly have the capability to do it and others could help them do that. so, this is -- seems possible. but there is a big question mark. vladimir putin has got to approve it that's kind of where we are. there is a meeting scheduled next week, but hopefully we -- the ball has really been moved here because certainly the world depends on that ukraine to solve the famine and food shortages that are coming. and certainly is devastating ukraine economically. >> brian: absolutely. general jack keane, thanks so much. >> yeah, great talking to you, brian, have a wonderful weekend. >> brian: you too. we will look to see what comes out of this four day trip. coming up on the weekend as the general segued me one nation featuring ambassador. newt gingrich on the chance of
4:48 am
getting out of economic malaise and skyrocketing inflation. ari fleischer on the bias unrelenting among other media outlets and dr. drew pinsky on young 20 something super stars who are taking mental breaks. are they weak or smart? shelby steele on the corruption of our history at james madison's house and thomas jefferson's historical home we will discuss all of that at 8:00 and 11:00. on this show kevin mccarthy will join us at the top of the hour and meet two cousins who hit the breaks on their amish lifestyle to career as nascar pit crew members. i think they made a good choice.
4:49 am
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♪ ♪ >> brian: it's been the right of a lifetime. two cousins who left the amish community a decade ago now work on nascar pit crews. marlon yoder and rubin discover racing by listening to transistor radios in the woods and haven't looked in the rearview mirror sense. they both join me now. glad to have you on the program. what is unique and fascinating story, marlin, tell me about the decision. it is a big one to walk away from that lifestyle and then throw yourself directly into nascar. >> yeah, it is definitely a big, huge change to leave a very slow pace lifestyle to go to not just leaving the amish, but then eventually working my way into nascar. definitely a very fast pace
4:54 am
lifestyle compared to what i grew up to. >> brian: ruben, i know you mentioned you have some cousins but i'm curious listening to nascar on the radio, was that the impetus for leaving the amish community and living the lifestyle? was it directly to be a part of nascar? >> it was not when i left. i didn't know what i would end up doing but i know i wanted something different, something more fast-paced and something, i guess, more like the rest of the world and not as secluded and not living that slows lifestyle and not having any electricity, horse and buggy to go down the road and all of that. so just coming into the nascar world was another big step for us, i guess where it wasn't why we left, but definitely, we were intrigued by it before we left. >> brian: i've seen both of you say this or one of you say,
4:55 am
it has taken a while, eight years to adjust to the pace of life. marlin, now that you are part of this world, this fast-paced world of distraction, phones and literally fast cars for you guys, do you look back at all and say, well met, there is real virtue in that slow pace life that i now miss? >> yeah, there is a few, i mean, the big one is the food. growing up, we hardly ever bought food. most of the food we raised on the farm and in the garden. so, my mom always did home baked goods every day. so that is the biggest one. and then, of course, the family, i miss the family, but it is the same. what is really no different than anything else.
4:56 am
you get used to it. but i definitely do miss the food. >> brian: i appreciate you guys command actually your success within because you are are on different pit crews with nascar and you have similar background. we appreciate you sharing that story on "fox & friends," thank you both. >> thank you. >> coming up maverick city music and kirk franklin take the stage in the next hour. they will perform kingdom live for the all-american concert. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: we are waiting for this next song. i think they will be singing "be blessed" maverick city with kirk franklin team up and they seem gorgeous songs. you are very familiar with their music because they play in churches all across the country. promise is one of the most popular songs.
5:01 am
jireh is another one and i don't know what they will play now but "be blessed" and they went to a correctional facility downtown and they sing the 1300 different people there, people who committed crimes and change their lives, god has change their lives and they go in and teach them about jesus and sing songs. it is pretty incredible. >> we are live on "fox & friends" with a large cloud "bless me. >> we will hear the beautiful voice of kirk franklin. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:02 am
>> a man of your were to come again maverick city and kirk franklin performing on fox square. >> ainsley: in and the church in dallas, they are good friends. we were out there talking to them and they inspire all of us. he was talking how he listened to kirk franklin in college. and kirk franklin, i have of the items. to meet him in person is pretty phenomenal. >> we will play "fox & friends" starting at 8:00. when we are not listening to the music here, you can listen over
5:03 am
there. meanwhile keep it here to find out what the president is up to and saudi arabia from its right now for a very impactful trip. one of the highlights will be oil production and the royal family to do something he doesn't want to do. and that is pumped more oil. >> ainsley: the remarks made this morning with palestinian leader and unprecedented visit to the hospital. >> will: peter doocy joins us live with more this morning, peter. >> we might have some answers this morning about what exactly president biden's trip to the middle east accomplished in terms of advancing middle east peace because he came to the middle east to talk about a two state solution as part of the peace process, but then today standing next to the palestinian president, he said he doesn't really think it is time for peace talks right now. >> so even if the ground is not
5:04 am
ripe at this moment to restart negotiations, the united states in my administration will not give up on trying to bring palestinians and palestinians and israelis both sides closer together. >> will: president biden is not committing military equipment to palestine like he is israel, but if you million dollars for funds for food insecurity according to palestinian refugees and health care access for palestinians. we still don't have any indication president biden plans to confront saudi leaders today and tomorrow about the murder of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. ahead of the strip where the president needs to come to saudi arabia to pump more oil, he is heaping praise on saudi leaders for allowing for the first time to fly from israel to saudi arabia. president biden says, "as we mark this important moment saudi arabia's decision to build
5:05 am
momentum towards israel further integration into the region including the saudi arabia. i will do all i can through direct diplomacy and leader to leader engagement to keep advancing this groundbreaking process." later today, he will be the first president to fly from israel and to saudi arabia, but the first flight like that, i should say from tel aviv into jetta, but the first flight, period like that was the press corps this morning so that we could be here to wait for him. back to you. >> ainsley: so you actually was there first. >> we did. and we will be here, we are just waiting. >> brian: will see what happens. we will see if a fist bump or handshake with mvs and see where that goes. >> ainsley: it's not about the greeting but the meeting. >> will: that is very don king like. [laughter] appreciated, thanks peter. let's bring in the future speaker of the house minority
5:06 am
leader kevin mccarthy. carson, what is at stake here? what do you hope emerges from this meeting? >> a really wished and hoped i would hear about the abraham accords, the ability to build on that. think about the flight and the relationships already created but setback with the biden administration when they stopped working on the abraham accords or when they renewed the discussions with iran. it reset the release of all that growth, all that relationship built in the last administration with president trump. it was a real setback. let's be honest the only reason president biden is going to saudi arabia's to beg for them to produce more oil. what does that mean? because he stopped in america. when he stopped in the america for the very first day, what that meant american jobs were lt and we pay more for gasoline, but more than gasoline. it goes into the asphalt and the buttons in our shirt and our phones. almost everything we produce.
5:07 am
this is what started the rise in inflation. what steve lechner said the original sin, the american rescue $1.9 trillion that only passed because democrats controlled the house, senate and white house. the democrats push that through. the latest inflation numbers, if you have a constant paycheck the last year, you have now work more than a month for free. that is what they took from you. that was the plosive pay cut. >> will: congressman i want to see the chevron chairman and ceo talking about the rhetoric from the biden administration and the entire administration when it comes to domestic production, listen. >> people are not holding back supply. people are not slow walking anything. they are producing as much in the refining system as much as possible as pride takers. consume less, produce more and that's exactly what's underway right now and part of the reason we see prices come down.
5:08 am
the industry is responding with increased production. we need to see rhetoric and the messaging that indicates that our country supports increased production. >> will: let me make sense of this commitment is a general antioxidant towards fossil fuels and driven by the claimant ideology, why punish the domestic production but go open arms to saudi? you would think he would be opposed everywhere. >> you would think so because if you cared about the environment, know this from american natural gas is 41% cleaner than russian natural gas. how we get saudi arabia will to america in a tanker? it is safer in a pipeline. but they deny pipeline. god blessed america to be able to be energy independent, but they can't put a new rig to pennsylvania and others for no more natural gas, why? it might have stopped the pipelining can't move it. when you look to the american
5:09 am
worker in california where chevron is based, they have stopped production renewing permits. so you know what they did, they reduced production by 80%, 80,000 barrels a day, and l5000. and now producing for california and ecuador. what does that do to america question work it doesn't make any sense. lets make america energy independent and create jobs, good paying been environmentally more sound, safe way to produce it. >> ainsley: you know what doesn't make sense is that after russia invaded ukraine, so many countries they we will not take oil from russia anymore because we don't want what they were doing to the ukrainian people. we go over to saudi arabia and take their oil even though they are giving drones to russia, selling drones to russia to fight the ukrainian people. it doesn't make sense. isn't that hypocritical? >> very hypocritical. you know what is worse about
5:10 am
this, ainsley, how biotin handled it. he will put the sanctions on putin and putin got a 50% increase to pay for this war because he upped the price of oil. you know who is improving from this? china gets a discount to buy that oil. china gets an advantage over america while america at a disadvantage with less jobs, paying more for gasoline instead of bringing that price down to $2 a barrel. you know what that would do to inflation? you know what that would do to your pocketbooks or every american family that is struggling today? and how we have to pay more and get nothing for it. and he travels all the way to saudi arabia to beg them to go against everything he said in the campaign simply because policies from day one have denied america to be energy independent, to have american jobs, and be more environmentally sound. it is unbelievable. and the ceo of chevron is right. that rhetoric, a roundtable with
5:11 am
producers yesterday enter number one think they brought up, they go after the banking community, not to find. remember, this is a complete democratic party. remember when they brought in all the ceos and the number one question the democrats asked them, will you promise to produce less next year? and then you question where the price is higher. >> brian: of course in the studies will turn around and say by the way why don't you drill more? we got more oil than saudi arabia! but congressman come i want to bring it to this, just yes-or-no answer, where you told that a deal was offered to the iranians, handed to them and up to them for to accept? i haven't met a lawmaker who knew about it until the president blurted it out yesterday. >> we know nothing of it. that goes against every agreement, every bill that we passed. he needs to inform congress and he has not. >> brian: you have no idea what he promised them.
5:12 am
>> a million dollars and has a leader as the minority leader in congress, i have never been briefed from the white house. i have no knowledge of this. do the american people have knowledge of this? no. it will not make the world safer but a worse position and the future will be more challenging. remember what people have said about president biden for the last four years. every foreign policy decision he made has been wrong. we have watched in afghanistan. we have watched in ukraine now. and we are watching it on the stage today and the timing of it being delivered and what he has done to the middle east when abraham accords take us to a whole new position to bring peace into the middle east, he reversed the course of history. >> will: congressman i don't know if you know this but shenanigans again, seizing on things and you took a break from counting and now into seizing. "the new york times," let's look at those headlines, deepening peril as republican sees on inflation fears.
5:13 am
nefarious, seizing and bouncing moments of real inflation fears, but it is everyone predicting and anticipating real mid turn gains for republicans. i'm curious, what do you expect? what is your prediction for what happens this fall question work >> i hope we have a changing course to save this country. if you look back for one moment to just the special election recently, if i told you republicans are going to run at the campaign with a seat 84% hispanic, the second most hispanics see in the country and that biden won it by 13% a year and half ago and republicans never held it in more than 100 years, you would question whether we could win it. that if we can win a seat that biden won by 13%, we can challenge a lot of seats by this country. a re-shipped out this nation energy independent and we have a secure border. parents have a bill of right to have a say in kids education.
5:14 am
we stop the crime, the homelessness that we are watching across and deteriorate our cities and communities. all of that can shift because that was greeted by democratic policies that have a one-party rule in washington, d.c. we can give them a check and balance and hold them accountable. the attorney general can't go after parents at school board meetings. we can have a hearing of the covid center. and we can learn why afghanistan happened the way it did so that we never have it happen again to our military. >> will: find out what hunter is doing. congressman if you become speaker do you expect nancy pelosi to go to the minority again or retire? >> i don't know what she's going to do, but i would expect her to hand me that gavel. anybody interested in this that want to change the country, go to take the and join with us to make sure that
5:15 am
nancy pelosi has retired once and for all appearance be to she can go back to -- europe if she retires. >> it is like a player will to her. i will get her t-shirt. >> ainsley: what is it going to say, i am not tocco. hey, carl e. >> some headlines indiana attorney general launching an investigation into a doctor who said she gave an abortion to a 10-year-old. she was allegedly by illegal immigrants an investigation comes after a deal the 27-year-old suspect was listed as a minority. the doctor in question has a history of failing to report criminal incidents. a man accused of shoplifting in new york city was just busted again for the 1,129th time.
5:16 am
the latest bus coming weeks after his last arrest which ended in release due to lack laws and the big apple now liberal d8 alvin bragg said he should be behind bars and he was nabbed upper east side and $80 worth of merchandise spirit sworn into office as the interim president after the country's former president flees to singapore over mass protests there. the parliament to protest with a permanent resident tomorrow. protesters have a curfew to celebrate the former president's resignation as mass economic crisis continue to overwhelm the nation. the wild popular phone game is being adapted into a board game and players will take turns seeing writing down a five letter secret word to three other players and compete to guess what the word is in the
5:17 am
game will hit shelves in november. just in time for christmas, guys come over to you. >> will: thank you carley. >> ainsley: we will be right back but maverick city performing "promises" on fox square. ♪ ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake.
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and switch to xfinity mobile. ♪ ♪ >> brian: welcome back. you know about the story? district attorney george gaskell and disbanding the unit that notifies victims of their assailants parole hearings or families. and contacting victims and their next can be triggering, especially if they don't welcome the intrusion, really? this is gascon's rico effort. and announces they will proceed with a poor review of the submitted signatures against the d.a. i hope they are all valid. district attorney john lauren. what is the significance of this move? what is behind it? >> so what is behind this is this is a continuing thing with george gascon. from the moment he was elected
5:23 am
and came into office, his position has been that basically, he wants to tilt the system. he wants to code defense attorneys and no prosecutors involved in these proceedings and in court generally. so we came in and had a ton of directives. those directive started off by stating, "we can't charge anybody with a prior felony." and if you use a gun, we can allege it. if it is a murderer in the course of a, we can't allege it. the whole design is he believes that nobody should have a prison sentence longer than 15 years where it is not reevaluated. the problem is is that, under the law if you allege the special circumstances, these strikes, et cetera, he is unable to do that. soul of this back down to in a life sentence an individual is entitled to a parole hearing. so what george gascon has done, the first day he came into office and said, "listen, we
5:24 am
have been going to court on these court hearings since 1978. prosecutors, you are no longer allowed to go to parole hearings to post parole. that is what he did, that was the order but that was not good enough for him. the next thing he did, he relates even though we are not going to court, the victims are still being contacted by our office. and they were volunteer attorneys and prosecutors who will go up there and assist them. the next thing he did come okay, now you are not allowed to provide any information to these victims regarding what is going on in prison with these inmates and what the risk assessment was. remember, these are hearings with a lawyer and two commissioners, and they have all the information. the victims and their families don't. >> brian: and the victims family usually get a chance to talk on these hearings, right, this guy destroyed my life and killed my loved one. now they can't do that.
5:25 am
they can't find a hearing. >> correct, if they don't know there is a hearing and only about 25% of victims in l.a. county are registered because remember, these crimes are occurring at the trials are occurring 20, 25 years before the hearing. and so now basically what he has discovered is that if he can keep these victims from learning that these hearings are taking place, what that will mean is that victims won't know about it, the prosecutors won't know about it, and everything is in the dark. they can free as many inmates as possible, and no one will ever know. >> brian: this is outrageous and i know you realize that. lastly, does he know that his time is up? did he see and feel the outrage from coast-to-coast? why would he double down and trip with dan on this idiotic behavior? >> well i'm of the people that are behind him, their view is
5:26 am
they want to let out as many violent offenders as possible and i don't think he cares. i don't think the public defenders that he has brought in, i don't think they care. just as an example, one of the directives that he originally issued, these were written by public offenders and district attorneys. one of the words was client. they didn't change the wording. people representing defendants and writing the very policies that will influence the sentencing defense. >> brian: unbelievable. >> it is corrupt, unethical and disgusting. >> brian: i don't understand it, it is so anti-american, anti-society, anti-law-abiding citizen. i can't wrap my head around it. you have to live with it every day. and it doesn't sound like you can either. john, thank you so much for exposing it. >> thank you so much, i appreciate the opportunity. >> brian: you got it, gas prices are coming down but suppliers taking heat from the
5:27 am
biden administration from midland, texas, with a response to the president. but first maverick city music and kirk franklin. ♪ ♪
5:28 am
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>> will: america produces more oil than any other country. over 11 million barrels daily. but the president is set to meet with saudi leaders today to ask them to pump more oil overseas. from the sister network fox business, she went to talk to american oil producers in west texas and new mexico to see how they feel about that request overseas, lauren. >> well, it just adds insult to injury, right? i'm standing on 12 billion barrels of untapped oil. the u.s. has more oil than saudi arabia. yet, we are going there to ask them for they are oil. so we came here. i sit down with five oil and gas eeo presidents. i asked him, "what is the problem and what are your impediments? why do you will be spilled vilified, and how can you be part of the solution? "and here is their answer. speak with a talk about energy
5:33 am
independence in america, and we have all the resources to be energy independent, but we are not. what frustrates me, you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. >> me west texas with blessed with billions of barrels of oil waiting to be extracted. >> there are 12 billion barrels of oil yet to be produced in the permian basin alone. >> new mexico is bogged down with red tape. >> we talked a lot about that, how do we navigate this when we have been demonized and nobody wants to put no tap on us and us and all of a sudden, it's not looking good especially when it takes 12 months. >> the industry dealing with labor shortages, massive delays like sand for fracking and pipeline. major supplier say, nearly impossible to get. >> knowing that we are a part of the economy and we are a valuable part of the economy. >> president body and biden
5:34 am
travels to saudi arabia and the solution to our prices is rightt home. >> the president is over here today, sucking up to the crown prince. he's going to be asking for more oil come i'm sure. if i'm a betting man, i'm saying it's not going to happen. >> while the permian basin, we are not asking for help, but we are asking you to get out of the way. i want to give a one story of hurt a lot, so labor is an issue for all 100 vendors at this well site right now. so what they were doing to get the workers, they were going across the country, right, bringing in for michigan, for example. when they need somewhere to stay, they have these tubular housing complexes, very nice, $65 per worker per night. 150 miles from the border. illegal immigrants are coming up here and the federal government is offering the owners of those
5:35 am
housing complexes $750 a night or one illegal immigrant. some of the owners of that housing say, $65, $750, we will go with $750. that adds another headache to the oil companies trying to find the oil workers to get more oil out to bring down the gas prices. >> will: that is an incredible note. what an incredible staff, lauren, thank you so much. and doesn't it just put it all into picture together? don't go anywhere, geraldo rivera will join us live next but first, music city and kirk franklin performing live on "fox square." ♪ ♪
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long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. ♪ ♪ >> i can tell you that there is no one that cherishes this country more than she did. she truly appreciated america because she understood how lucky we were to be here. i can tell you the title in the road she cherished the most was that of mom to my husband, to my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law. >> ainsley: that was lara trump earlier this morning remembering her remembering her mother-in-law ivana trump who passed away at the age of 73. her heartfelt words with the attributes pouring for ivana trump, check american businesswoman and ex-wife of donald trump you are joining us with reaction, "the five" cohost
5:41 am
geraldo rivera. i know you knew her well and her family well. >> it was a stunning end to a brilliant life to find her crumpled up the bottom of the stair casing unresponsive and someone calling 911, the emergency workers getting there to the l.a. department on 64th street only to find unresponsive. she was a wonderful combination, as you know, ainsley, so elegant and had that dignity, that social dignity about herself. but even in the face of the withering tabloid storm, remember, this couple, the most famous couple on earth. they constantly attracted attention everywhere they went. their divorce, prenup was the stuff of tabloid heaven going through that. donald, she named him fighting for every inch -- and
5:42 am
ultimately, the wonder of her was how she kept her dignity, despite the whole best sex i ever had and have ways of divorce as a full-time. but she kept her dignity. she was a successful business woman. a wonderful, wonderful woman and i think that should be emphasized. a great grandma and she will be sorely, sorely missed. my sincere condolences to all of ivana trump's family and relatives. it is a terrible loss. >> ainsley: absolutely. i was able to go to her house 64th street and madison beautiful brownstone. she invited me when she wrote the book, the last book when president trump was running for office. i wanted to play little bit of that for you and talk about that. here is a little clip of that. >> you have to go and set yourself and try to achieve it,
5:43 am
the goals that you set for yourself. and thin comic you have to do what you do and know what you are good at. you have to hold your honor. you cannot be dependent, totally on your husband. >> ainsley: what we saw in the campaign trail was how successful her children are. a lot of that is because of her, geraldo. she told me a cute story, she said when the kids were growing up they had to work at golf courses in one of her businesses. they complained because they were not getting paid enough. don jr. said, mom, this is ridiculous. can i have more? i need a pay raise. of course, why didn't you give us a pay raise earlier? and she said, "because you never asked." >> see, ask and you shall receive. she was a great businesswoman. that is a nice, sweet story. but the fact of the matter is, she graded all of these various clubs with her label on them, sold them on tbc.
5:44 am
she was very without donald still successful. but i think having weathered that storm and such a rock for those kids and grandkids. she was and is one of the great legendary ladies of new york, and she will be sorely missed. >> ainsley: absolutely, ivana trump, rest in peace, thank you, geraldo. carley, two headlines. >> one of the highest murder rates in the world. the city recording 145 homicide so far this year with a rate of 74.12 per 100,000 residents. that rate is more than the city of chicago and would rank ninth among major cities in the world that are not at war. can you believe that? the district attorney jason williams blamed for selective prosecutions. u.s. border patrols in the rio grande valley sector encounter more than 70 unaccompanied migrant children among two large groups earlier
5:45 am
this week. border patrol saying that migrant surges being made worse by large gaps along the border wall, which are routinely exploited by human smugglers. they say those gaps are the result of halting construction ordered by the biden administration. amazon sees its biggest crime day event ever this year. the two date event crime members to purchase goods for more than 50% off and raked in a total of $3 billion. even with the continuing threat of inflation, more than 300 million items were purchased, that is 100,000 products per minute, wow! a north carolina farmer is taking home $100,000 after creating a steak. william jones needed some fuel for his grill and well repealing decided to buy a lottery ticket. which are paid off because he won $100,000. believe it or not, earlier that day he won $500 on a different lottery ticket. he told the education lottery
5:46 am
company plans to use his winnings for his upcoming wedding. i'm sure he will have a lot left over after that. what a lucky guy! >> ainsley: that will be a nice wedding. thank you so much mccarley. don't go anywhere. the moment we are waiting for maverick city and kirk franklin performing "kingdom" coming up next. let's check in with bill hemmer at the top of the hour, hey, bill. can you hear the music? >> i sure can, well done. i heard it at 6:00 in person. they are great. ainsley have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> a surge of fentanyl the head of the d.a. will address that today in the studio. a big meeting in saudi arabia and how will the president addressed the formerly known as parietals and nothing more important inflation individual friday team is here on what you can expect. a model attack at random on the streets of los angeles here to tell us her story. it is friday and will be seen at hour.
5:47 am
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: it is time for they will american summer concert series presented by lowe's and tmc. >> brian: here to perform "kingdom" from
5:51 am
"kingdom book one" maverick city music and kirk franklin. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> help us to love and see each other the way you see us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:52 am
>> i want you to know that good things are in store for you. i want you to know that good things are in store for you. if what you see is all you see, then you don't see you all that you need to see. but tomorrow is a new beginning for you. if you believe that, make some noise. ♪ ♪
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>> that's maverick city music with kirk franklin. they have a collaboration together and a new album. tell me when the new album drops. >> the new album is out now. we have a deluxe that you can pre-save today so yeah, it's out. it gives some extra songs. >> what song does everyone come up to you and say this is my favorite song? >> the maverick is always jiving. bless you. >> you all have blessed us today, haven't they? [cheering and applause] >> it's always amazing that someone in the christian realm. such a gift from god and tell others about god. you could go the secular route and you decided not to.
6:00 am
you are changing lives, literally. >> you added for mile-per-hour tour dates. >> we've been having an incredible time on tour all over the country and, you know, we're excited and having a good time. we haven't taken a bath in seven weeks. >> i'm bathing. >> bill: good morning. 9:00 on friday. president biden embarking on the last leg of his trip in middle east. leaving tel aviv. up next on the president's schedule. high-stakes visit in saudi arabia. he campaigned on isolating the kingdom and now expected to ask them for a bit of help. dana has the day off today. it is friday. you made it america. bill welcome to our friend. >> i couldn't think of a better way to spend my morning than next to you. happy friday. ifm ow


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