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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 15, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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jesse, marilyn says looking very sharp tonight, jesse, nice tie, shirt, sweet suit, nice colors. you should see my shorts. how about these suckers right here? look at those! that's all tonight. dvr the show. tucker is up next, and always remember, i'm watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." not to brag about we are coming to you from iowa. we will explain why in just a minute. here's an interesting story, ronnie jackson as a physician. he joined the white house medical unit many years ago under president george w. bush. he stayed in that job and went on to serve as physician for two subsequent presidents. ronnie jackson knows a lot about what it takes to run the country.
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during the 2020 presidential campaign jackson was up sell at home watching joe biden deliver a speech. what he saw joe biden say about that him deeply as a physician. he just announced he was candidate for u.s. senate. watch. >> i'm here to ask you for help. where i'm come from you don't get far unless you ask. my name is joe biden, i'm a democratic candidate from the united states senate. >> tucker: ronnie jackson's all that and then went on twitter and made the obvious point, joe biden before this goes any further should undergo a cognitive examination, the country deserves that. within 20 minutes, jackson recalls in his new memoir, barack obama sent him an email. i have to express my disappointment that the cheap shot you took a joe biden via twitter, obama said. it was unprofessional. i expect better. that wasn't just obama speaking, that was the uniform command of people who run the democratic party throughout the 2020 campaign.
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do not notice what joe biden is actually like. you see him on television, turn away because you might conclude he is fundamentally, physically, cognitively unfit for office. but you can't say that and if you do barack obama will school do you personally, immediately. fast forward a few years, joe biden's president and his mental decline is no longer possible to deny therefore it is no longer off-limits. barack obama isn't going out and defending joe biden's competence anymore. everybody watching, everybody in the media including barack obama's former advisors is now in conclusion the joe biden is senile and cannot govern the united states. >> stuck a little sometimes because he has the mobility issues that the doctors have identified. he sometimes, his speeches tend to be little listless or he momentarily gets confused or has trouble summoning names. >> a third of them, the largest number said that he is too old. that is not a problem that is
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going to get better. he's not going to get younger. >> he's not going to get any younger. a lot of people have looked at him over these last years and think he is and what he was a few years ago. >> he knows he's 80 years old, 79, 80 years old. an old white guy in a party that is demographically changing and diverse, and the future is not going to be an old white guy. >> when he does that and he stumbles you get nervous and yo, is he tired or something else customer if anyone says the democrats are beginning to have these questions behind closed doors, that is not true. people are. >> tucker: so the problem with joe biden is that he is white. that is the casual racism of the left. 2022, it is ubiquitous, you barely even notice it. that's not the problem with joe biden, who cares what his skin color is peer the problem with joe biden as he is cognitively unable to serve. but take three steps back, that is not joe biden's fault, it's not his fault he has dementia. the fact that joe biden is
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president is an indictment of the media and the democratic party, because they have known, not sure what they are telling you now. joe biden's decline, his full-blown senility has been obvious for more than three years. we noticed it and we are not doctors. by the way, we had no special animus towards joe biden, at all. but we watched it. we checked today. on may 14th, 2019. >> everyone paid to prognosticate on television still considers by the prohibitive front runner in the. he checked every box therefore he must get the nomination pair that is how they think because they are dumb. what they are leaving out of the equation is biden himself. watch this video and ask yourself, is joe biden really going to be the democratic nominee, much less president of the united states? >> tucker: keep in mind, we have not altered it in any way. this is entirely real. watch. >> vice president biden, do you have a comment on the chinese
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tariffs? >> the answer is yes i do. the president has done nothing but increase the tariffs, the debt, in the trade deficit. the way you have to proceed as we have to have our allies with us. it's not just us, we have to keep the rest of the world together. secondly, we should labor -- steeler intellectual property, make it. make it a quid pro quo, make it simple. if anything has to be owned, 50% by chinese by china, guess what, in america it is the same thing. this idea of dealing with -- the only people who claim the prize are working people right now. going about it the wrong way.
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all bravado, no action. >> tucker: but wait a second, you are saying to yourself, that didn't make any sense. not a single phrase in a full minute of talking conveyed and intelligible idea. not one. that wasn't even word salad, it was a verbal jackson pollock painting. nouns, verbs, adjectives spilled like cans of paint bleeding into each other. sticky, postmodern mess. at one point biden actually jumped from .2 directly to .4. letting you know that your old-fashioned linear assumptions about numerical assumptions are no good here, man, that is yesterday's mathematics. so we put that on the air back in 2019. not because we were particularly against joe biden. he seemed a lot better than beto o'rourke or mayor pete. we happen to be watching one day and we were trying to follow what he was saying about china because it seemed important. not one national news organization had noted at all that this guy couldn't completeg
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complete sentences. no one had ever mentioned that. anyone in washington who knew joe biden, he'd been there since 1972, most like him. he was a friendly guy. this is not the joe biden anyone who knew joe biden had seen before. he had clearly changed, this was cognitive decline, this was dementia, obviously. which are a conclusion that now sounds ridiculous but seemed logical at the time, this guy can't be the democratic nominee, he can barely speak. how did he manage to get to the campaign customer get turned out, we learned later, his staff supervised by dr. jill, his wifs giving him pills before every public appearance. checking the time and at the certain hour giving him a dose of something. it's not a guess, we are not making that up. we've spoken directly to someone who was there and thought happen multiple times. now before taking the medications this person said biden was "like a small child." you could not communicate with. he changed completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs. we don't know what drugs those
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are, we should no, but the point is joe biden's dementia was perfectly obvious to those around him more than three years ago so we never thought this could happen. you can't make a senile man president of the united states, this is our country, a real country. we need a leader, even when you disagree with but who is in full possession of his faculties. no one would do that, it is crazy. we were wrong because we underestimated the cynicism and the recklessness of the democratic party and the media who served them. they will say literally anything, no matter how implausible or immoral if it brings them more power. they know exactly how incapacitated joe biden is. they lied about it. and the disaster we are living with today is the direct result of their line. and it's getting worse. it's humiliating. yesterday, we could go on for an hour but we won't, just to sum it up joe biden tried to shake an invisible man's hand. not the first time he has done that. he did it in april and both of those sad moments are on tape, here they are. [applause] >> god bless you.
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♪ ♪ speaker it's a great honor. thank you very, very much. [speaking non-english language] >> thank you, president dashcam president biden. >> tucker: if you don't like his politics, look how pathetic he is. if you are an american there is no upside, this is horrible for all of us. it reports poorly not just on the democratic party or biden himself but it is happening constantly with increasing frequency. biden announced that we have to keep alive the "honor of the holocaust." >> continue, which we must do every, every day continue to bear witness and keep alive the truth and honor of the holocaust -- horror of the holocaust.
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>> tucker: it's absolutely awful and again, there is no upside. joe biden is senile, everybody knows it. do we win a prize? no, we watch our country degrade. you have to ask, who did this to the rest of us, who is responsible for putting this guy in a position where he is elected president? we could start the list of the culpable with joe biden's 2020 campaign. she did this. she's deputy chief of staff in the white house now. she knows exactly how senile joe biden's. susan rice knew too. she now runs the domestic policy out of the white house. ron klain you privily well that joe biden was not fit to be president, that he has dementia. ron klain was elevated to white house chief of staff. of course dr. jill, his wife, was perfectly aware. member of joe biden's own family knew perfectly well and told other people about it. we reported that before and it's true. yet they didn't stop him. the chief strategist of joe biden's campaign is now one
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of biden's senior advisors. same with anita dunn, his moscow campaign manager. now one of the senior advisor for biden, former obama communications director. she has massive power. same with -- who screwed up our energy policy in the obama years. he knew perfectly well that joe biden was senile. but he wanted power again so he didn't say a word. once again, same principle at work. people make grave a risen judgment, they do something horrible for the united states of america and they are rewarded for it. never punish, now they are rewarded. these people run the country. and above all barack obama. obama knew perfectly well that joe biden was senile. barack obama made three years making fun of joe biden integrating him here because he has no dignity, he put up with it. obama is and has always been the person running the
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democratic party. and of course the media knew. the media knew perfectly well but they lied, from day one they lied. here they are saying that joe biden actually is perfectly fine. >> he just decided to bypass the primaries and go right to the main event. leaving everyone else at the kiddie table. >> that is joe biden at his desk. that is someone who is authentic. it's the reason he connects with people. he is having fun, this is not heavy lifting for joe biden. >> joe biden did very well on joe biden and it reminded me so much of 2008 john mccain. >> help is on the way, help is on the way. joe biden, we need him. you hit play on your phone or whatever and there was uncle joe, grandpa joe biden talking in a way that i think americans want to hear. the person, the person of joe biden is a welcome entry into this race.
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>> tucker: every one of those people knew. again, we knew. we said so out loud not because we have some special entree into the secrets of the democratic party. we certainly don't, we hardly democratic party insiders but because we watched tv for 90 seconds and we saw we saw unmistakably the signs of dementia in joe biden. everyone of the people you just saw lied about what they knew. they had that fact from you and the rest of the country because they want to more power. but now, the game is over for joe biden's. he is just too white. so suddenly our media is admitting what we noted three years ago and that everyone knew that this was a scam. they are living with the mess they created. and we hope that they will never be allowed to avoid responsibility for what they did. miranda devine is a columnist with "the new york post," she watched all of this from the very beginning. a phd in the media business having spent her life in it. thank you so much for coming on. it does seem like the media once again reporting a story three years latest try to get away from their responsibility in
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this disaster. >> you are so right. it was crystal clear to everybody back in early 2020 in iowa and new hampshire where joe biden was just woeful. he needed to cart around a teleprompter to the smallest town halls with the most obvious stones that every other candidate could recite in their sleep. i looked around the audience into just appeared to people that this guy was not all there, that there was a screw loose. he was really a special-needs candidate. he was ignored, no one showed up to any of his events. it was an open secret in the media, he bottomed out in iowa, number 42, number and new hampshire. in one of the main culprits you left out of your very good list of culprits is james clyburn, he used his authority in south carolina among black voters to swing the vote behind
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joe biden in giving them a mention because the democratic party had just decided barack obama as well, that joe biden had to be installed to beat donald trump because he was the only one who had sort of a moderate image and he had a very cultivated that was amiss, that he was this unifying force, that he was an old washington professional, foreign affairs experts, and a kind man. a family man, a decent man. you know, working class joe and full of energy which the country needed after covid. none of that was true, and the problem for the democratic party was that pretty much after afghanistan when joe biden was sort of callous, so dishonest ad so incompetent, the american pee saw, including biden voters, saw who he really was. and i think once somebody that you have admired and respected,
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looked up at two, trusted, once you realize they are none of those things, that they are a liar, possibly corrupt, that they lack empathy, then it you can never go back. your recoil and we are seeing that in polls which are just woeful. just 29% of democrat voters want joe biden to run again in '29. and of course the media now sees that. they don't want to be on the losing side, and joe biden is -- to requirements now. they don't need him, they can discard him and they'll be brutal. >> tucker: this is the scene of the presidency and they should forever live with that stain. miranda devine come appreciate your summation of that very much. >> thanks very much. >> tucker: there's always an inverse relationship between the slogan and the reality appeared the more they tell you trust the science, the more they become if
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course. that is why believing in biology is quickly becoming a criminal offense in countries around the world. one woman in norway is now facing prison for saying that men cannot be. we will give you a commercial break to think about how that might work. she joins us after the break. plus we came to iowa to give a speech here, the family leadership summit. it is up now on you can also watch it on we will be back after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the moment you been waiting for, the nominees for the 2022 ncaa woman of the year award are out and leah thomas, the other day called william thomas because it is a dude, was just nominated by the university of pennsylvania for the award. hugh penn takes millions in federal subsidies. of course the billion-dollar endowment is not taxed. why do we send them money and why don't we tax the endowment at the same rate that you pay? those are questions to think about but just to restate the pay, william thomas or whatever he calls himself who is a man's remaining against women who are biologically disadvantaged, right? but for some reason our media celebrating cheating in college
5:23 pm
sports. watch. >> any advantage held by leah thomas, the margin of those victories are pretty astounding, right? >> no, they were very long races where those sorts of margins happen, so why are we so afraid of a trans athlete doing well? >> within striking distance of the long-held collegiate record, so of course we are going to be watching to see if she touches those records. >> let's take a moment that i would love to do it on this show because it hasn't been done in the medium much, just celebrate lia thomas. >> tucker: usually when you get caught cheating you are apologetic, you are ashamed, cheating is wrong, it is an offense against everything that is noble. but when they get caught cheating they tried to browbeat you if you notice it. meanwhile the university of kentucky swimmer is a woman, was born that way and still is. she joined us on monday to tell
5:24 pm
us what she think about all the spear she is a brave young woman. >> tucker: it's quickly becoming illegal to point out that men are not women, no matter how they dress and what kind of shoes they have and no matter what they paint their nails. so this is an attack not just on biology but on speech. on conscience. you are not allowed to say obvious things. here's an example. a self-described feminist in norway called christine ellingson is facing a three-year sentence in prison. she is facing the possibility of going to jail for years because she affirmed the reality of biological sex. she tweeted that men cannot be. never thought about it but it's technically true. she also said men cannot become mothers. again, that's true. but in norway as in all the west, the truth is no longer a defense. norway is now investigating her for hate speech. here to talk to her, she joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on.
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this is one of those stories, it norway is obviously a highly civilized country, i think the richest country in the world, a lot of great people in norway appeared hard to believe this is real so i want to check, are we leaving anything out? >> nope, that's right, this is the case. you can't defend women if you can to find a woman is. and all over the world, facing biological fact, it's considered by a lot of groups have been directly hateful. so yeah, this is what i've been doing. i've been stating very obvious facts, that men cannot be women, with men cannot be girls or mothers or. now i am facing the risk of three years in prison. >> tucker: tell me how the country of norway, we give them every benefit of every doubt, beautiful country but are you celebrated as a hero by people who still believe in science and
5:26 pm
free speech? are people supporting you? >> well, a lot of people are supporting me across the entire spectrum. including cyclical, religious, everything but a lot of people are considering me on the level of someone who is calling for genocide. i've been compared to everything from a fascist to a maoist to a supporter of westboro baptist church, which i don't even know what it is. but basically -- >> tucker: [laughs] >> basically the spectrum of everything in the world is being hurled my way, absolutely. but also a lot of support. >> tucker: are you surprised, i think you are on the left? i don't think you are a right-winger. i think you are from norway. are you surprised by all of this? >> unfortunately, i'm not surprised, because this has been
5:27 pm
the case for long time, it's unavoidable, it is simply unavoidable. but i align myself with radical feminism. i've been boasting left all my life. now i'm much more critical to what they are actually saying but it seems like in a single way they are supporting through science. >> tucker: scary. we know the feeling. thank you for joining us, christina ellingson, thank you. so it's been a while since we have brought you an update from update from national public radio, our state media but rest assured, we've been listening every day so you don't have to. you might think the stock market, inflation, the worldwide food shortage, impending nuclear war with russia might be something a national news
5:28 pm
organization would cover but not a npr. they are always focused on the bigger issues, the ones that matter. issues so great we couldn't even invent them if we wanted to because we lack the imagination. this for example as an actual segment that aired on npr last month. to speak people who are queer whether they are trans or gender or whatever, we love dinosaurs. >> along with being a dinosaur express, riley is herself transgender and according to riley there is a whole community of gender queer dinosaur enthusiasts online. we had no idea, so we checked it out. sure enough, they are there. we found dozens of pay leo artists online that identify as queer. >> type dinosaur into the lgbt celebrated, hundreds of results with pride at dinosaurs, rainbow dinosaurs, dino moms and i know dad and a lot of puns, like --
5:29 pm
>> tucker: at first we thought where we knew the segment was going to go, trans dinosaurs. transgender isn't something that appeared out of nowhere, bigot, it dates back to prehistoric era. nonbinary two spirit t-rexes. instead the segment earned, as all npr segments inevitably do, towards self-love and its twin self-pity. >> to see our social enemies, for lack of a better term, taking the symbols and trying to use it as their dog whistle, it is like, where is this even coming from? this makes zero sense but dinosaurs are ours. i hate to speak the entire trans or gender queer community but people are already drying them and are interested appear to speak on the matter who you aree something bulova taken over by someone else, they can be hard. suddenly gender queer fans of
5:30 pm
dinosaurs felt under attacks as terfs kept dropping the emoji into their feeds appear >> tucker: it so crazy you might be tempted to dismiss it but what it really is is everything that society believes and which is a species of narcissism. dinosaurs are ours, they belong to us. the transit dinosaur expert complaining about something bulova being taken over by someone else. again, some might call that a projection. since when did dinosaurs belong to the trans community? dinosaurs are everyone. but it makes sense because it is npr. by appropriating pterodactyl emojis the other side is basically killing dinosaurs all over again. that causes an extinction. we will stay on the story by which we mean we will keep listening to npr, the dinosaur lobby has been to colonized we will let you know.
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>> tucker: well, it's almost over due for another final exame giving you one. dagen mcdowell believes she has what it takes to bring down jimmy failla, who for the record has never actually won. can she do it? find out next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i'm kevin corke in washington. saudi arabia agreed to increase oil production levels by 50% for july and august. that commitment coming after the president met with saudi leaders earlier today. they say that move will have to stabilize global energy markets. criticized for fist bumping the crown prince. intelligence officials actually believe he approved of the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. biden says the crown prince claims he was not personally responsible. the house voting to restore
5:37 pm
abortion access nationwide. democrats' first legislative response to the court's landmark decision overturning roe v. wade. the house, that bill frankly has little chance of becoming law because it lacks majority support in the u.s. senate. i'm kevin corke in washington. more news later but now, back to tucker. >> tucker: at the very top of the to-do list, tape a riveting final exam with two of our favorite contestants, so we did that. here it is. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: this is the game where we pick news geniuses against one another to see who has been showing up for work and who's been working remotely. fox business host dagen mcdowell and fox nation host jimmy failla. jimmy failla has been on the show bunch of different times and not to rub it in, has never won. do you root for him this evenin? that's up to you. i think you both for doing this. >> with in order to be here.
5:38 pm
i'm a reverse lia thomas, i keep competing against the women and losing. can i just win one swim meet? >> tucker: i think if we did ladies only he would still lose. are you ready? you know the rules, hands-on buzzers, ask the question, the first want to buzz and gets to answer the question. critically, you've got to wait until i finish asking before you answer. i will acknowledge you by saying your name. every correct answer is worth one point, every correct answer subtracts from your total paid best-of-five wins. are you ready? this is war. >> i'm going to kick his you know what after, regardless. >> tucker: i think that is right, i should've said that because she's the only one armed in the studio right now. it's not a war. >> allegedly, allegedly. >> tucker: these are all multiple choice, question one, pascoe county in florida under siege tonight by an invasive species. this species eats plants.
5:39 pm
it also eats paint and stucco off your house. what is this species? is it a, asian long-haired beetles. a letter become a snails. or c, european green crabs. mcdowell, she got me. >> tucker: dagen appear to speak of the beatles. >> tucker: that would be my guess but i don't know the answer. i'm not privy to that. let's roll the tape and find out if you're right. >> wps p says 1,000 invasive giant african snails have been collected in florida. agriculture officials say they can eat at least 500 different types of plants. >> tucker: it turns out it is even more repulsive than beatles, it is snails but i have full sympathy. that is incorrect, however. to redeem yourself on this one. question two concerns america's doctor, dr. jill. also the first lady. she's taken a lot of criticism
5:40 pm
for comparing latinos to tacos. specifically the breakfast tacos of san antonio beer but there are many problems with this, here is one. san antonio is not the city that claims to be the real home of the breakfast taco. what city is? is it letter, austin, texas. is it b, albuquerque, new mexico. or is it c, tucson, arizona? jimmy. >> i go letter, austin, texas, for the point. >> tucker: you think that is the home of the breakfast taco? >> dude, i am paid in tacos. look at me. >> tucker: i am paid in taquitos, i need a new contract. >> he's paid in fried chicken and ribs -- >> oddly enough i'm dressed like the waiter who brings that he you. >> tucker: roll the tape here to speak of a new york-based writer for eater claims that austin, texas, owns the title is the home of the breakfast taco. >> committed with the point! >> then you put egg and cheese.
5:41 pm
>> wow, that is a big one. tasty peer to but they will turn you into a communist because austin is the people's republic of china austin and it doesn't belong in texas. >> tucker: but they do have good tacos. >> they are so liberal they want to defund the cop in the village people appear they are terrible. >> tucker: i think he is the one they like. question three, joe biden's new publicist is called karine jean-pierre and it is a tough job and she has had a tough job, she doesn't answer any question so instead she uses this phrase. "i don't have anything on that." for one point can you tell us how many times karine jean-pierre didn't have anything on that in her july 5th briefing. it was it five times, was it seven times, or was it nine times she didn't have anything on that? jimmy. >> is it okay if i checked --
5:42 pm
>> tucker: , hold on, i got a bad -- okay. they are drinking in the control room. dagen mcdowell del mar, the judges are saying. >> nine. >> tucker: nine times? that is a lot. let's see if dagen is correct. >> i don't have anything for you at the top. >> i just don't have anything to share. >> i don't have anything to share on that either. >> i don't have anything else to read. >> i don't have anything to share. >> again i don't have anything. >> i don't have anything to share. >> i don't have anything to share on that. >> tucker: she just doesn't have anything, but you do have something which is a deep knowledge of karine jean-pierre and you win that point. >> really quick i could have answered that question if you let me check my binder. >> tucker: really good point. next time. question four, also multiple-choice. la jolla cove north of san diego was a very for its sea lions.
5:43 pm
but recently the behavior of the sea lions has alarmed visitors to the cove in la jolla. what if they've been doing? have they been throwing rocks? have the sea lions be eating seals, b. or c have the sea lions been chasing beachgoers? jimmy! >> i was just there and i do believe it is a c, chasing beachgoers. >> tucker: that would be my guest. no one in la jolla likes to risks, including sea lines. >> lifeguards and beachgoers revealing the precarious wildlife encounter. it's a video that has been seen all over the world now. crowds running for their lives from two massive bull sea lions at the la jolla cove. [laughter] >> tucker: dangerous. jimmy, good. >> how about it, tucker. >> tucker: this is a two-point questions everything hangs in the balance. both of you prepare yourselves. it concerns justin trudeau. who is not only the single worst head of state in the world, he
5:44 pm
also has the most ridiculous costumes. justin trudeau loves to dress up, you are seeing examples on the screen now. some call this cultural appropriation. some call it something darker. this week he was at it again. he wore a new classroom to an event and was heckled by a man in the crowd. what was justin trudeau dressed as as he was yelled at? a, a cowboy, a biker, or speaking of the village people, a construction worker? dagen! >> he was dressed as a construction worker. >> tucker: that would be my guess with the naughty little mustache. was justin trudeau dressed as a construction worker? roll tape, please. >> this is a big deal! >> way, i have something to say.
5:45 pm
i think the big reveal is that tucker thinks construction workers have a naughty little mustache is. >> tucker: no, i don't! i said the justin trudeau version of a construction worker has a naughty little mustache. give me just one, the village people question. >> this is my mama, i'm going to sing "one moment in time" by whitney houston. your prize is a commemorative mug, moment of silence, who remains in prison today and is not watching but will be out at some point in the next 30 years. to dagen, jimmy, congratulations. we knew this streak could last forever appear to speak of the lia thomas of trivia, i finally made the podium! >> tucker: final exam. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is let our injury attorneys know he how much their accident cget the best result possible.
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we are back in iowa, just gave a speech to the summit, a barn burner, pick your cliche, or none at all. you can watch it on fox nation
5:51 pm
over the weekend and find it on so tech companies are spending millions of dollars to stop something called the american innovation and choice online act. the vote could come as soon as next month. so why are they interested? it would limit tech company's abilities to abuse the monopoly status to crush their competitors, which is their entire business model. you remember when amazon google and apple used their monopoly power to crush the social media app parler. you don't want to live in that where a bunch of chinese multinationals control what you think. how can we stop that kind of abuse and where do key republicans stand on this? whose side are they on customer president of the accountability project, we are happy to have them join us now. thank you so much for coming on. some up since you are the expert
5:52 pm
crisply for us if you would what this bill does. >> big tech monopolistic google, amazon, facebook and apple have too much power, they are too influenced by china and they use this power to crush competition, shutters small businesses and silence conservatives and others with whom they disagree. and what this bill does is it finally breaks up big tech's gatekeeping power over commerce and information in this country and there is a rare closing bipartisan opportunity this summer to break up is gatekeeping powder and republicans must get on board with this. it is time for them to put up or shut up. >> tucker: for republican leaders on the side of google and censorship, or you are either on the side of your voters or free-speech breed let name names. who's on the wrong side, who do you fear will be on the wrong side, who needs to be encouraged? speak of this would be a big
5:53 pm
test for kevin mccarthy. this will be a big test for house judiciary ranking member jim jordan. my former boss chuck grassley from iowa has delivered the republican votes in the senate. let's see what mccarthy and jordan stand on this crucial bill to hold big tech accountable. >> tucker: so a lot hangs on this. quickly, if you're falling at home and you are not deep in the minutia of congress, when can we look for this to become a major news story? >> there hasn't been a vote for chuck schumer needs to schedule a vote in the senate peer chuck schumer needs to move forward with the voting house republicans need to get on board so there is a bipartisan coalition to get this done this summer, this month before democrats and republicans go into their warring camps for the midterm election. this has to happen now or it is not going to happen.
5:54 pm
>> tucker: mike davis, i appreciate your paying notation to this and all the work you do. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: more from iowa for you coming up. ♪ ♪
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