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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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leg injuries but so many thankful for his bravery and all those good samaritans. great stuff. tomorrow on "special report" the capitol riot committee holds a "primetime" session we will give a preview of that and all the news. we fit in a lot tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is right now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: you do fit in a lot. people always say that about you. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> jesse: joe biden has seen more seasons than a lot of us. he knows that it gets cold in january and hot in july. in the winter he throws on a warm jacket. and in the summer he licks the cold cone of ice cream. but on a really hot day he might even jump in the neighborhood pool. >> you know, i sit on the stand and it get hot. i got a lot -- i got hairy legs
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that turn -- that turn -- that, that, that turn -- um, blond in the sun. and the kid used to come up in and reach in the pool and rub my leg down and watch the hair come back up again. used to go in the key room lunchtime after free swim and sit on the floor because it was nice and cool. >> jesse: joe had a pretty good understanding about how to handle a hot summer. biden was never concerned about global warming. he was delaware senator for four decades. a state run by corporate america. not by joe biden. delaware doesn't have a single offshore wind turbine and gets over 90% of their energy from natural gas. joe hasn't been sold a single solar panel on either of his homes. and he definitely, definitely doesn't drive an electric car. >> sounds good. [tires squealing] [laughter] >> try the brakes.
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>> they're goods. >> jesse: joe's family isn't green either. hunter and jimmy the chin were making money from oil and gas over in ukraine and china. it wasn't solar panel money they were making. the 10 they were holding for the big guy, that was made by fossil fuels. but as we told you last night, joe isn't a smart man and doesn't have a mind of his own. the president does whatever is popular in his party at the moment. in order to stop the party from totally abandoning him, joe may now be declaring a national climate emergency. not because he wants to or thinks we need to. but because the democrats are making him. >> president biden has been so delayed in terms of moving forward on the executive action that we desperately need him to be doing on climate change. >> climate change is real. we can see it in the extreme weather that's taking place all over the globe. i think the global situation is an emergency. and if we are not serious about it in this generation, our kids
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will pay a heavy, heavy price. >> we will be condemned and cursed by future generations for our stupidity in not addressing climate change. >> jesse: manchin killed biden's green new deal which he actually plagiarized from bernie because it was going to increase inflation. thankfully joe manchin is the only democrat in the senate with any common sense. so biden is being forced to do the walk of shame and push the green new deal through an executive order. so, the white house scrambled and rushed joe biden to massachusetts where he pulled up in what looked like where the mob dumps bodies. i don't know if that's a landfill or just one of those racist roads that mayor pete keeps talking about, but that's where the white house decided to make the president give a speech on going green. that he was the place. i'm not sure a giant gas
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guzzling suvs is the right move but biden ant allowed to ride a bike anymore. he got out of the motorcade and declared code red. >> i have a responsibility to act with urgency and resolve when our nation faces clear and present danger. and that is what climate change is about. it is literally not figuratively a clear and present danger. the health of our citizens and our communities is literally at stake. [inaudible] leading climate scientists call the latest climate report nothing less than quote code red for humanity. let me say it again. code red for humanity. >> jesse: have you ever seen the president with that kind of sense of urgency before? there is a clear and present danger on our crime ridden street corners, at the gas station or at the border. biden is worried about what the weather is going to be looking like next century. and what's his answer? windmills, lots and lots of windmills. he looks like he is standing in
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the ukrainian war zone but that site is actually used to be a coal plant. democrats came in and shut the coal plant down and fired 200 massachusetts workers though. now they want to make windmills there. look at that site right now. how soon do you think they are going to start churning out said windmills? i mean, i'm for clean energy and if wind is going to do it, fine. but, there is a catch. the company that is going to be making those windmills at that place is owned by the italians. not the italians from boston, italians from italy. so joe is not even handing out corporate welfare to us. do you think the company can stay bo water or is this thing just going to be another solyndra? >> we're journeying in a sense closer and closer to the sun to a more solar powered america. s as we do we are leaving a shadow of a less efficient more damaging past behind us. i'm really happy, along with the
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secretary, to announce today that we have closed a $535 million loan guarantee for solyndra. >> jesse: shortly after obama and biden handed over your cash to solyndra they went under. no solar panels no, refunds, poof. half a billion gone. but the democrat donors were first in line to recoup the money. you would think joe might have learned his lesson by now. but it's hot in england so joe says this is a crisis in america and he is going to bypass congress to regulate and spend. >> let me be clear, climate change is an emergency and in the coming weeks i'm going to use the power i have as president to turn these words into formal, official government action through the appropriate proclamations, executive orders and regulatory power that a president possesses. when it comes to fighting the climate change -- climate change, i will not take no for an answer. >> jesse: as we told you, joe has never cared about climate change.
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this is bernie's plan. and why hasn't massachusetts gone green already? aren't they run by a bunch of liberal democrats in the state of massachusetts, you ready? gets less than 1% of its energy from renewable its. the rest of it is natural gas and nuclear and coal. what's been stopping massachusetts for the last decade from going green? >> pretty much everything. you cannot power the state with wind mills. it just doesn't work. solar panels work where it's hot and flat in the southwest. hydro works where there is a lot of water like in the northwest. and windmills work where it's flat, wide open and windy. and by the way it takes hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil to maintain the windmills. this economy can't survive on green energy alone. electric cars are expensive and there aren't enough charging stations. and if you can find the plug you will probably be waiting in line for quite some time. in texas, they told tesla
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drivers to avoid charging their cars because they were overloading the power grid. green technology is just not ready for "primetime." but mayor pete says they are going to try force it through anyway. because this is what the transition looks like. >> when wind and solar won't power the homes in europe, how do we not use hydrocarbons to make sure that near term these people aren't either freezing or dying from the heat? how do you declare a climate crisis in the middle of an actual weather crisis? >> this is what a transition looks like. right? this is exactly the challenge we are living through. you can't flip a switch. you can't do it overnight. there is a clear understanding that when it comes to the climate, we are running out of time. >> we are going to be able to change the weather between -- or the climate between now and 20030 with what china. >> we changed the climate between -- we changed the climate between 2010 and now and not in a good way. >> jesse: if joe thinks this is going to win him voters, he is
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dumber than we thought. there is a reason america rejected bernie twice. only 1 percent of people say global warming is a concern. 1 percent. certain parts of the world will get a tiny bit warmer but the united states will be just fine. we're getting a lot of the boy who cried wolf vibes now. in 1971 experts told "the washington post" that a new ice age would be here the next 50 years. well, it's 51 years later and hot and sunny here in new york. in 1989, the u.n. warned that rising seas would obliterate nations if global warming wasn't reversed by the year 2,000. has japan gone under water like atlantis? no. and in 2004, the pentagon told bush that climate change is a bigger threat than terrorism and britain would feel like siberia by 2020. got it. and if any of this was as dire as it sounded, climate czar john kerry wouldn't be flying all
4:10 pm
around the globe in his flying squirrel. the private jet. that has emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon since biden appointed him. that's 20 times more than what you and i produce in just two years. but when you are a snob and think you are better than everybody, you can do whatever you want. >> it's the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle. i believe the time it takes me to get somewhere i can't sail across the ocean. i have to fly to meet with people and get things done. >> jesse: the europeans went green and depended on russia. look what happened there. biden is trying to go green and make us dependent on china and saudi arabia. what do you think is going to happen there? is anybody paying attention yet? the democrats are either dumb or just trying to destroy the country. we report. you decide. larry kudlow is the host of kudlow on fox business.
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larry, if you asked joe biden to simply explain how global warming occurs, do you think he would be even able to do that? >> well, will that's a good opening, jesse. look it, you know, at the very least, i'm going to give him the benefit of this doubt. i don't think he understands the difference between climate problem and a weather problem. okay. climate issues run, you know, 100 year cycles like 1 degree celsius increase in climate since the end of the 19th century, okay. and there is nothing that's going to happen in the next five years or 10 years despite all their obsessive radical climate activism and so forth. nothing is going to happen that is going to change these long-run trends which are fine.
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i might add america leads the way in clean air and clean water. we have had the biggest reduction of carbon emissions. this is largely because of the natural gas fracking revolution and so forth. i mean, it's just so much hype and blather and blarney. i mean, look, it's very warm this week in new york city. okay? but that doesn't mean that we should give the president all kinds of emergency powers that would violate the constitution and also would not be under statute from the congress. so, i don't think he has a leg to stand on. and i think you are probably right. is he just platterring on to assuage the far left of his own party. and that monmouth poll you citeside so important. climate change, top issue 1 percent of the people polled say that climate change is the top issue. whereas 35% or so say inflation
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8 or 9 or 10% say economy. can't afford daily living and so forth and so on. those are the issues. inflation, economy, recession. it's not climate change. people are furious at the explosion of energy costs which by the way appears to be pushing us into recession. >> jesse: all right. larry kudlow see him over there on fox business. the best in the business. they call him larry. thank you so much for joining us tonight on "primetime." >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: breaking news in the hunter biden investigation, ahead. ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ ♪ b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet ♪ ♪ here's something, ♪ ♪ here's something you're never gonna fff-forget, baby ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. new astepro allergy. with any steak entrée. now available without a prescription.
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>> jesse: over here at
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"primetime" we have been searching for the right word to call the dumpster fire at our southern border. but biden's press secretary may have just given us the best term yet. >> migrants being shipped to other states. we believe it's shameful that -- that some governors are using migrants as a political tool, as a political play. i think it's shameful that is happening. >> jesse: shameful. exactly. it's the white house who should be ashamed. migrants are pouring over the border in record numbers and texas doesn't have the room or the resources so they are busing them up to washington, d.c. which is making the mayor of d.c. muriel bowser very angry. >> we have for sure called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses. but i fear that they're being tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the united states of america.
4:20 pm
>> jesse: yeah, i mean no one would go to d.c. without being tricked. but she is not the only democrat making noise. new york city mayor eric adams, he is also fed up. >> we need not only federal government but we need some of those states that have been giving people one way tickets. we need them to understand that this must be a partnership in country to deal with those though are coming here, seeking refuge asylum, this is a real burden on new yorkers as we are trying to do the right thing of -- we already as i stated we already have an overburdened shelter system. so now we are talking about as you stated food, clothing, school. this is going to impact our -- our schools. >> i don't know masks were back here. that's a new thing. but adams is angry at the wrong guy. texas hasn't bused anybody to the big apple. biden is the one who has been
4:21 pm
flying migrants to new york. and he has been doing it in the middle of the night. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> well, i'm not sure it's in the middle of the night but let me tell you what's happening here. >> 2:30 a.m., 4:29 a.m. very early in the morning. >> here we are talking about early flights. earlier than you might like to take a flight. >> jesse: it's not like these illegals are going to get sent to new york and wander up to connecticut. there is nothing to do in connecticut. why is it okay to let the federal government to let illegals swarm into texas but not new york or d.c. these idiotic democratic politicians on the east coast don't realize it but they are making the same port the border stated politicians have made for two years. which is do your job, joe biden. because we can't handle the flow. but if you ask the biden administration, the border is secure. >> the border is secure.
4:22 pm
the border, we are working to make the border more secure. that has been an historic challenge. >> historic challenge. sounds like a phrase that the white house spent 50 grand focus grouping. clay travis is the founder of outkick and the host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. these democrats, they must be racist, clay, they don't like all these illegals pouring into their city. what are we going to do with them? >> and the racism, frankly, that i saw from muriel bowser and eric adams, i mean, i found it jaw-dropping. i don't know that white supremacy had spread to washington, d.c. and to new york city so quickly. they might be as the "new york times" memorably referred to as larry elder the black face of white supremacy that you just aired jesse watters. frankly it was appalling. the reality here is exactly what you said. small towns all along the texas border and arizona have been
4:23 pm
dealing with this for years. and suddenly new york and d.c. get a tiny fraction of the overwhelming nature that they have, because, remember, we are talking about tens of thousands of people coming across into small towns. not big cities like new york and washington, d.c. that have massive resources to deal with substantial populations. we are talking about some of these migrant trains, these illegal immigrants coming across that are nearly overwhelming the populations of these towns themselves. doubling overnight like we saw down in del rio, texas and beyond when all these caravans came through. and what i find still remarkable, remarkable, jesse, is that joe biden has spent more time concerned about the ukrainian border and traveling to observe things in ukraine than he has the actual united states border, which he still has not visited during either his campaign, which he ran from the delaware basement or from
4:24 pm
his presidency and he is flying after that stupid address he did today back to the beach already after not having anything on the schedule for the past couple of days. what a sham this entire thing is. >> jesse: are you telling me that the president took off monday, he took off tuesday, and tomorrow, thursday, is he flying back to delaware for another three day weekend? is that what you are telling me? about there is a climate emergency. >> i literally as i was waiting for you miranda devine tweeted out that his schedule is now out. he is headed to the beach. he will be there from thursday all the way until monday according to this tweet of the white house schedule. he had one public availability, jesse on wednesday. went up. had that awful speech where he talked about the fact he had got cancer to use windshield wiretap fluid from oil on his front windshield. and that's it. that's all he is going to do and he is headed to the beach in delaware. >> jesse: big week that beach in
4:25 pm
delaware must be beautiful because that's where he always is. >> it's weekend at bernie's one that we are living through right now and they are threatening to carry us on to weekend at bernie's two. that's the biden administration. >> sure is. all right, clay. thanks as always. appreciate it. >> fox news alert. sources tell forks that the federal probe into hunter biden's business dealings is nearing a, quote: critical juncture. investigators are now reportedly weighing whether they should charge the president's son with tax fraud, foreign lobbying violations and lying on a firearms ground check. but there is now concern from the department of justice about the timing of the charges. according to cnn, make garland, joe biden's attorney general, is worried about bringing charges against hunter biden so close to the midterms. wait a second. i didn't realize joe biden was on the ballot this november. cnn is also reporting that federal investigators have examined hunter's business
4:26 pm
activities overseas during joe biden's presidency. and whether hunter violated money laundering and campaign finance laws as well. the u.s. attorney in delaware's name is david weiss, is he a donald trump appointee, and he stayed on to continue the hunter biden investigation. but, looks like is he butting headsy joe biden's justice department as he appears ready to charge the president's son. let's bring in former department of justice prosecutor jim trusty. jim, do you see a big conflict here that the delaware u.s. attorney is ready to charge but main justice merrick garland says ho ho ho we don't want to make this too political before the midterms. >> there may be more collusion at work than you give credit for. i'm concerned about the story that came out because it is a low ball treatment of hunter biden. you know, 80 or 90% of federal
4:27 pm
white collar cases, jesse, include the word conspiracy. we're now -- we hearing about a tax case and rinky dink gun case which means by definition one person. they are talking about, i think, coming up with the right timing for a soft plea for hunter biden to have very little consequences and the other part of the another that i thought was very disturbing and very interesting is they quote or they say at least that federal officials were really fretting over whether his drug addiction was a defense in these cases. drug addiction might factor in when you are in a bar room brawl, right? whether you have an intent to kill in that knife fight, for economic crimes you are talking about complex economic crimes spanning months or years it's ludicrous, mitigation maybe but never a defense. i think we are hearing the beginning of a story of a poor drug addicted man who is going to get very special treatment with a friday evening plea, who
4:28 pm
tax charge and maybe 18 usd 922 firearm in the hands of someone with a drug addiction kind of built in mitigation to how they are going to package that what looks to be a pay per play scheme completely into a tiny little silo of hunter biden if that's where they are going to go. >> looks like a mop up job again. whether it's clintons, the bidens, never get touched. that's what happens when you are a democrat. all right, jim, thank you very much. we hope you are wrong. >> thank you, jesse. >> thank you. >> me too. >> late night has started going after joe biden. what does this mean? we'll tell you. >> do the number thing. number one, the one part. number two what the guy says number three you know the drill. come on. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ing. >> jesse: just when you thought things couldn't get any worse
4:34 pm
for joe biden, a poll came out today that puts the president at just 31% approval. that's lower than donald trump's approval rating after january 6th. it's that low. i have never ever seen a presidential approval rating this low in any poll for any president that i have covered in my long and illustrative career. with news that bad it's no surprise that the white house is looking to shake up its communications team. they think they're doing a fantastic job it's just that people don't know it. but really we are just laughing at them. my dad always told me, know when people are laughing with you and recognize when they are laughing at you. because no one wants to be the butt of the joke. but that's where joe biden finds himself even his buddies in late night are now roasting him. dana carvy had quite the impression of old joe. >> he is always repeating the story.
4:35 pm
yeah. number one thing, the one part. number two what the guy said, number three, you know the drill. come on. [laughter] no, we don't. now, what he does is he kind of whispers and then he yells. we know how to get natural gas. because we can get it. we know how to get it. that's what we do. because the people -- public private -- pirates of the caribbean. >> jesse: it only got worse from there. just listen to what late night had to say about the fist bump seen around the world. >> this was always going to be a touchy trip because the crowned prince is infamously and i'm putting it delicately here, a murderer. okay. he gets out of the car, approaching mr. bone saw and, boom, go the ethics. you know what biden should have done if he didn't want any controversy in this he should have went in for the handshake and given him the psych. do that move.
4:36 pm
no come back from that. devastating. >> jesse: hopefully joe is taking the hint. i'm sorry, but time to go. even your friends don't want you at this party. >> i red that dr. fauci says he plans to retire by the end of president biden's term. and everybody turned to biden is there anything you would like to announce, too? >> jesse: joining me too is kellyanne, host of outnumbered and former white house press secretary. you were around when the late night people, not to nice to donald trump but they haven't laid a glove on joe, what do you interpret this change means? they don't want to go down with the titanic. this is quinnipiac. this is left wing. do you believe quinnipiac? do you believe that governor desantis is not the governor of florida right now. a guy named andrew gill lamb leading desantis in this poll before election day in florida. this poll favors democrats. and now it's at 31% for joe.
4:37 pm
1% among latinos or i guess as joe biden would say tacos and so the late night show they are like we don't want anything to do with this. even we can't defend this guy. the press secretary can't. the late night guys can't come up with jokes to defend him. >> he is bad for business pretty much everywhere in the media landscape. the white house has a plan, kayleigh, they think we are just not really understanding the genius of the biden administration. they think they just need to change the messaging, and if they get the messaging right, then we will all of a sudden have this epiphany and realize that joe biden is the greatest president of all time. do you think this has a chance of working? >> no. and this is the biggest joke to me. you always ask yourself as a press secretary do we have a messaging problem or a facts problem. now you have got both. you have a president who is running the country into the ground further and further, deeper and deeper. and you have a press secretary, i'm sorry to say it, who just isn't up for the job.
4:38 pm
i mean, she called justice clarence thomas judge thompson. not only that she is always saying i don't have anything for you on something like the baby formula crisis. there are things when i went to the podium i nigh knew i needed update on covid-19, for example. baby formula would be another in this case. and she flipped through binder for 45 seconds and didn't have an answer and said i have nothing for you. they have both. you have a messaging problem. you have got a facts problem. nothing is redeeming about this administration. i believe john kirby is going to take that lectern at some point because it's getting pretty bad. >> jesse: yeah. he probably needs a new binder, too. whatever they are reading from the binder is not working. kayleigh is going to be this weekend at turning point u.s.a. student action summit. we are going to stream it live on demand on fox see you there, kayleigh. exclusive new footage of the colbert nine capitol
4:39 pm
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♪ >> jesse: lee are learning horrifying new details tonight on last month's insurrection at the capitol after a group of staffers at the late show with stephen colbert with arrested for trespassing on the capitol ground. turn to kevin corke for the latest. >> some people spend a year and a half in solitary for being inside the capitol without permission. others like staffers of the colbert show walk free that is despite newly obtained security cam footage showing that group being disruptive. here after we will refer to them as the colbert 9. they were seen on camera banging on the doors of republican congressional offices yelling about a cocaine orgy and leaving something under a door. now, capitol police say the ruckus got so bad that it scared a democratic staffer who then called the cops, asked for help said he feared for his safety. to top it all off. when cops finally arrived. colbert's 9 refused to cooperate. and they lied about being credentialed staff. cops then warned them to get out, leave, they refused.
4:45 pm
and got cuffed. police say they are shocked at prosecutors are, quote, dropping charges. here is part of a statement that reads this way: it is unfortunate that despite all the evidence the department presented, including that the group or its leader had been told several times that they could not be in the buildings without an escort, that the u.s. attorney's office declined to prosecute any members of the group for unlawful entry. now, prosecutors claim they just don't think they have the goods. didn't think they could get a conviction in court and that's why they dropped the charges. unequal justice? we report. you decide. >> jesse: they were gelling about a cocaine orgy and no congressman jumped out of their office and ran toward -- okay. [laughter] >> jesse: i'm just surprised that's all. >> i will have to check on that. >> jesse: all right. kevin, thanks so much. >> you bet. >> jesse: a big win for the pelosi household today after the
4:46 pm
senate passed a 52 billion with a b semiconductor bill to boost chip production. nancy is already telling her friends once her bill hits the back floor she is backing it. so you can expect it to be a slam dunk. why is nancy so excited about a chip bill? well, papa p. fresh off buying 20,000 shares in a chip company called nvidia. putting $5 million on the line banking that it would skyrocket. and just like magic, the stock is already up 16% just in the last five days. hmmm. it's almost as if pappa paulie p. saw the bill coming. how odd. fancy nancy says there's nothing to see here. her office telling us, quote: the speaker does not own any stocks. the speaker has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transaction. one problem with that statement, california is a community property state, which means
4:47 pm
spouses split assets 5050 so when paulie p. slings a couple stocks, nancy automatically gets 50% of the action. this looks so bad even the lefties on cnbc don't like it. watch. >> why hasn't congress moved on this and then i say why hasn't congress moved on it look who is in charge of the house. doesn't it just undermine the credibility of congress and our elected officials? to think that nancy pelosi should be recuse herself negoti, voting on and participating in any conversation around the act. >> jesse: that's a good question. let's ask criminal defense attorney brian claypool. all right. what have you got brian? >> hey, jesse, great to be back with you. let me get this straight, nancy is the speaker of the house, right? so we think she is a pretty intelligent woman. and she is telling you that she has no ownership in any stock?
4:48 pm
really? i mean, that is flat out fiction. and we know that she knows that she owns 50% of everything that paul pelosi gets. so that's a bunch of garbage for her to try to tell the public oh, i don't have any -- and she also said, by the way, jesse, oh, i don't talk to paul about that. right? would you believe that? right? we don't talk about that remember, you had me on about this paul pelosi got arrested for dui and, wait a minute, she was talking really fast about that. she talks to paul about that. she called up the pr firm. she called up the criminal defense lawyer. it's ridiculous. the optics here are horrible. jesse. here's why. because if there is evidence that paul pelosi gained confidential information, that would be that there is a bill in the works, what, $52 billion to help this semiconductor company nvidia that he invested in? if he had information about that and wasn't available to the
4:49 pm
public, which we don't think it was to the general public, then, at minimum, there should be an investigation, a potential insider trading. so where is the congressional oversight and reform committee? carolyn malone is the head of that let's contact her and find out whether there is going to be an investigation. how about the doj? are they going to look into this? >> the doj are going to look into it right after they get done with the hunter biden investigation. i'm sure they are going to be right on it, brian. right on it. >> yeah. >> jesse: thank you so much. we will be reaching out to representative malone very soon. thanks as always. up next, we have bad dates, private jets, and bodes on the beach. plus, i'm reading some of your texts. ♪ ♪ can take one to four days to fully work.
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequentour heartburn... work. claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ♪ ♪ >> jesse: wednesday, watters
4:55 pm
coolers, with them working forever on that graphic. madison, first up, dating can be expensive. but sometimes not going on a date can cost you even more. a michigan woman took a man to court after he stood her up for dinner. she sued the dude for ten gs citing emotional damages, and when the judge throughout her case she let him have. >> to be honest with you, i thought this was going to be thrown out. we had a date, one date and nothing else after that. now i'm being sued for $10,000. i don't really see how this is going to go any further. i think it is a waste of your time. >> no, you don't understand, you don't understand -- >> are we done here? are we done here? >> perjury. >> jesse: madison, when a guy has a polo shirt with a horse, a
4:56 pm
jockey that is that big, you know -- >> he must have warned that on the one date, going after the money, that polo shirt. this isn't her first frivolous lawsuit, so she's a repeat offender, if you will. he forgot the date allowed to find the right guy, we've got to sue a lot eventually win. but i don't know if this will really hold up in court. it doesn't seem like it. >> jesse: i don't think she will be going on any other dates because you have to marry the woman in order to not be superior to have fathers who like to embarrass their kids. i'm one of those dads. these dads caught their daughters doing beachside tiktoks which is never allowed and they decided to get in on some of the fun. a little embarrassing, but i think that is what daughters deserve. they deserve that type of embarrassment when they are gyrating around like that with their phones on the beach.
4:57 pm
>> okay, so if your children did that with that be your response? >> i would look much better than that. i think he looks good, i think he could find tiktok fame on his own. >> jesse: he's working at. and they are in anguish over there appear to speak at the daughters are freaking out, they are so upset. >> jesse: dive in the ocean and just drown here to speak at their willing to do it for the internet, dad doesn't thing in public on the beach, it's too much. >> jesse: dads of the worst and for the father at their humiliating himself you are welcome on "jesse watters prime time" any time. you do have to wear a shirt on site, though. if you like john kerry flying private you should see what kylie jenner is up to. the billionaire fluid private jet for 20 minutes. she could've just driven
4:58 pm
39 minutes and avoided the plan altogether. does she even understand global warming or are we going to give her a pass? >> the internet is not given her the past. i don't think she understands her she doesn't care. >> jesse: who cares. >> follow-up to that she posted a photo a couple days later with her and her baby daddy acting like his or her jet, which one should they take. they both have private jet so it is just a flaunting thing. we shouldn't be surprised by this. of course she likes to fly private. if i could fly private, i mean i would but i'm also not turning around and accusing everyone of -- >> jesse: you would do 12 minutes in the air? did you just a baby daddy? >> i don't know what the status is, i don't follow kylie. >> jesse: okay, we don't say baby daddy on "jesse watters prime time" or at least i try not to. >> i'll try not to appear to
4:59 pm
>> jesse: i don't want to talk about it but i have to. i had a therapeutic massage today and it was very unique. a lymphatic drainage, i just found out about this. i got on the table and i laid on my back and the woman massaged my belly. i should say my stomach, but she massaged my stomach for 30 minutes and then she just did my legs. that was it. she moved all these things around and says i'm going to get skinnier over the next three days. she said drink a lot of water and try to eat clean. so when i see you guys in three days i better be really thin. [laughs] it's called the tox, i guess it stands for detox. let's do some texts. john from wellsboro west virginia, what will the punishment be for the representatives who were arrested for the public display of disobedience or will be charges be dropped? there was no way that capitol police are going to be
5:00 pm
prosecuting aoc. all of those fake arrests will be dropped. jane from orlando, florida, how much of an emergency is the climate emergency if you can delay declaring it? that is a very good point. nancy from p.a., maybe we should bus the migrants to -- and then maybe joe biden would stay at the white house. actually, that might not be bad. go do it. tucker is up next. remember, i am watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in one of the most dramatic press conferences in recent history, the sitting president of the united states announced today that he has cancer. traditionally it's the job of the white house physician to update the public on significant changes to the president's health but in a striking and honestly poignant break with
5:01 pm
protocol, joe biden decided to drop the breaking news himself. here he is.


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