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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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right matt . yep.en it's life changing time 90%. it's a long lasting treatment for allergic dermatitis. just one injection given by your veterinarian can control allergic itch for four to eight weeks. na it's life changing. it really brings back the fun in life day after day. now's the time to ask your veterinarian for cedar point. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight and onein of the most dramatic press conferences in recent history. the sitting president of s the united states announcedit today that he has cancer. now, traditionally, it's the job of the white house physician to update the public on significant changes to the president's health. but in a striking and honestly poignant break with protocol, joe biden decided to drop the bracing news himself.
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>> here he is . that's why so near the people i grew up have cancer and what i can for the longest time, delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation. i have cancer, joe biden said. and i got from growing up in delaware. and with that, biden left the stage taking no questions about his condition. >> what kind of cancerak doesbi joe biden have? whatwh is his long term prognosis? and delaware really that bad parts of it are not beautiful. that is true. i but can an entire state be a carcinogen at this point? we can't say.ri we are hearing word tonight that biden may have misspoke and rattled, no doubt, buttt the stress of his diagnosis, it is likely that in fact, it's not cancer joe biden is battling, but dementia. simple mistake. we'll get an update from our own in-house physician, dr. marc siegel, in just a moment. but first, no matter what is wrong with joe biden, something clearly is it is not preventing him from working to mask more power than any american president has ever had. joe bidenn approaches power
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the way j.b. pritzker approaches the waffle station, u the sonis breakfast barm with maximum enthusiasm. he snorts and slurps and splashes on his shirt. he can't get enough. joe biden's latest idea is that he personally is the only branch of government in the united states. no more separation of powers. thjoe biden has all the power. if the congress the supreme court does something thatsn joe biden doesn't like, he getso to simply ignore it and then do what he wants to do. and he can do this because it's an emergency. there's no time for democracy. we've got an emergency on our hands and naturallyn only joe biden can solve it. >> we don't have enough abortions. it's an emergency. you're not wearing a mask alonen in your car. it's an emergency. your kids are trans, yet it's an emergency. >> and of course, the emergency to top all emergencies. the climate crisis, which is a kind of ongoing thousand year emergency and for that reason, very much existential, whatever that means. but trust us ,st it is bad.
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and the only solution to it is to hand joe biden more power . at an event today, biden explained the details since congress is officially rejected his attempt to take overas our country's energy grid and plunge america into well-deserved darkness, joe biden will have to do it himself. unilaterally. now, how is that constitutionally may ask? you know the answer because it's an emergency. dumi. it turns out that because congress rejected joe biden's bill and also because fox news exists, americans are dying by the millions from bad weather, which apparently this planet has never seen before because actually the glaciers were not they never happen. that's an alex jones thing. what is real is existential climate change. thankfully, joe biden is going to save i you from it. >> watch that. making the largest investment, two point three billion dollars to help communities across the country build infrastructure that's designed to withstand the full range of disasters we've been seeing up to today.ra b extreme heat, drought, flooding, hurricanes,
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tornadoes, now he's floated the words maybe because as we told you, he has cancer. but if you listen carefully, you heard today that because of climate change for the first time in history, it's going to be hot and then it's going to rain hard. you did that republicans with your two stroke chainsaws and your ford f one fifties.e shame, shame, shame. you know what's going to happen. >> it's not like you weren't warned back in nineteen eighty nine , a senior official of u the united nations told the world that quote, entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if the global w warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000. >> so, you know, when you did when you got in your suburban look what happened now those were once thriving beach towns. now their dove sites. people are snorkeling over malibu looking down at prince harry's house a. here's one of barack obama'ss beachfront compounds as you canu
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see, it's now underwater. but wait, it's not underwater. m actually , it'sa fine. and obama knew it would be fine in obama spent more than ten million dollars to buy it. and that tells you how much he believes in global warming. not at all. it turns out actually no one really believes in global warming. and that's why allie the liberas in the united states live on the coasts because i don'tt. believe it. that's why many of them fly private because the entireeo theory is absurd and they know it. sohe like a dog, ignore what they say, watch what they do, watch the real estate they buy. see if you can find al goreo flying commercial ever.fl you can't because the whole thing is a joke, but that doesn't mean it can't hurt people with definitely can, and it definitely has. gasoline is now unaffordable for millions of americans. that's a life destroyer thatat affects everything in the country when the price of fossil fuels rise. sof fo the price of everything else, that's a life destroyer
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and it's not accidental. the administration did this on purpose and now they're gloating about it. they're rubbing it in your face. can't afford to drive your truck anymore. ahere's our transportation secretary and mayor that it looks like you're going to havea to buy a little electric car . sorry. >> the more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gasor, the more benefio there is for those who can access electric vehicles, electric vehicles. >> so what is an electric vehicle? what are those little electric cars have to do with climate change? that's a good question. turns out there is a connection. electric cars promote climate change. >> who do you know? you can't charge an electric car with a wind farm. t >>he how do you charge them? we charge them with fossil fuels. >> that's also how you buildos them with fossil fuels. . 's pretty funny >> last month a gm spokesperson, along with the executive from a michigan utility kind of let the secret out. >> watch this battery in this
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particular design, the t shape straight down the center and across the back seat area. everybody thought we killed the electric vehicle. we did. we're charging the batteries right now.rc what was what's the source of it here? it comes from the building. i mean, is it puts our mix of power. oh, actually , lansing keeps the building. that's a plant to seize powerow to fauci again. so i don't i don't know the and but they're a bit heavy on natural right now. the car starting off ofs your grid right. it would be charging off our grid, which is about 95% called someday. let's hope historians find thatt tape and then just savor it, get a beer going. a we'll sit back and watch itin again and again and again. this post check from the car
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company is impressed by your batteryco, but how do you charge it? fromm the building charge comes from the building. just plug it into the socket. but where does the electricity come from? >> the we have a battery battery in here. it's a battery. then they utility guy. where's the electricity come from? oh, from a coal plant.o so you charge your little electric car .tl >> mayor pete wants you to buyma with coal and then you feelyo virtuous. oa >> so really if you think about it, it's no wonder they tell that the science is settled and you're a denier. you're immoral. if you have questions, there's really no defending the details, most of which is you just saidst they don't understand. how does the electric market charge? oh, from the buildingw do, which is not a power plant, a record building with an outlet. >> so today joe biden didn't answer any questions about where the energy is coming from. in fact, he toldjoden there's no time for debate because it's an emergency. >> do you envision
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the international climate the latestcall climate report nothing less than, quote, code red for humanity? we say it again, code red for. humanity. >> larry, slide again. sorry, i've got cancer coenraad my humanity i. >> and actually he's right, but not in the way that he intends . if biden and other other leaders throughout the west not ones but the ngo community continue to do what they've done for the past twenty years and suppress fossil fuels, it will be a code red disaster. millions of people will starve to death. billionsea of people will drop into poverty. unlike rising oceans, that affect is guaranteed joe biden doesn't care, assuming he knowso he's not going to be here for that anyway. his new executive order will spend more than two billion dollars on wind power in the gulf of mexico. how much energy does a windmill, produce? no, not how much cannot produce how much does it produce
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and where does it go ? just for fun. y if you have a day free , try to get an answer to that question. no onen't no one asks. no one cares. abiden is also ordering the secretary of the interior to, quote, advance clean energy development all over the country, which means pay off his donors. of course, that means more electric cars, solar panels, etc., etc. so who benefits from this? that's always the first question. well, ofes course, democratic donors benefit are getting rich from this. but who makes all this stuff? well, china makes almost all of it trying to make 76% of the world's lithium ion batteries, trying to make 75% the world's solar panels. china makes virtually all of the world's wind turbine. seven of the world's 10 biggest wind turbine manufacturers are based in china. so that means china will have control of our energy grid if you control the country's energy grid, you control that country.
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it's really simple. on cbs radio and joe biden's energy coordinator, amos hochstein, explain why that's a good thing. we can have additional american investment in climate, renewableeric energy, electrichi vehicles. why wouldn't we want to do that? why would we want tocl to create an environment in which china is ahead of us ? nathe rest of the world is makig the investments and we're not. wet want to be able to put the kind of incentives that there will be additional investment in the infrastructure o of renewabe energy for solar, for wind and for electric vehicles and for our nuclear fleet inn this country. that's how we get to climate that little free fall.>> well, yeah, got to hand chinaot control of our energy grid, the biggest the most efficient in the world, the country with the world's largestld recoverable oil reserves. thatserv would be the united sts of america. we can't useof a any of that. we have to give china controlol of our energy, which is to say of our country, of our economy. the world is making investmentsf and we're not we're being left
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behind. okay, well, the rest the world has gone deeper into the green delusion than we have, none of which helps the actual environment. by the way, in case you care about nature, nature is not helped by any of this, butut the rest of the world spent a lot more eager than the united states to dove right into the green new deal. k so that worked for them. we can't say this enough. its has been an unqualified t disaster in the first quarter of this year, just a few years after the berlin senate declared a climate emergency, so-called renewables accounted for 50% of all german electricity consumption. so what happened next? well, germany can't keep k the lights on and is very worried about winter coming, co as washington post put it, quote, hamburg landlords are rationing hot water. berlin may turn off nonessential traffic lights at night. oh, no traffic lights.s. oh, that's a civilized country. how's that working for you?s, in great britain, no country has ever evaporated faster in world history. not one . but in the uk, more than 90% of
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the population lives in a place where local authorities have just declared a climate emergency. >> now they have more urgent emergencies. it turns out actual emergencies back here in the physical non theoretical world where we like traffic lights and power that comes out of the outlet, they're real emergencies. in april, the britishsh government announced that the number of households inun the uk living in, quote, fuel poverty now stands at five million. oh, this wartime rationingti the blitz is over. thise is right now in 2020 two. how about argentina in 2019, er argentina's government declared a climate emergency even though unlike china or india,mate it'st really contributing to global carbon emissions. argentina produces about one percent of global carbon emission, but they did it anyway because it seemed like the fashionable thing to do. plus esg modern war against climate. well, today what happened? argentina is experiencing well, there's no other way to putg, it collapse.
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the collapse was not caused by a half degree rise in average temperatures in the non patagonian continental area. note, it was caused by what it's always caused by spiking energy costs which caused inflation. inflation is now over 60% in argentina, argentina, too, broke to function, quote, access to fertilizers and diesel is urgent to avoid complete paralysis, a farmers group in argentina wrote to the government recently wheat farmers don't have access toav fertilizers. what how can youou grow things without fertilizer, fertilizer ? is itfert environmentally frien? and we've gotsn't a climate emergency. so no fertilizer for you. oh, except that means no food. and then people starve. that happened in sri lanka, as we told you repeatedly, weth can't say this enough. in sri lanka, the government banned all fertilizers. as a result, food prices are up by 80 percent. in a poor country, that's not a small thing. again, people start. c >> is john kerry contributing to the food bank in sri lanka? no, of course he's bombing off in his own plane. h
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so their global warmingno conference. how abouth the netherlands, a rich country, the world's second largest ag exporter and the name of climate in 2019, the european parliament declared a wait for it climate emergency in the netherlands. rl soan the government forced farmers there to cut livestock by 50 percenthere because cow flatulence, that's a huge cortez is actually going to 6 tiktok on this. i think cow flatulence should problem. eat what what the eu call it unavoidable transition. what happened then? oh, riots. our leaders are telling us we need the same thing here. it's a climate emergency. it's code red . you have no choice and they c mean it and you'll get to vote either because they're so for democracy that they're going to force it down your throat with no vote at all. >> what happens next? well, poverty, chaos. and then let's call bjorn lomborg is a fellow at the hoover institution, author o of false alarm how climate change panic cost us trillions ,hurts the poor and failed to
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fix the planet. all of which is true here in london. we are grateful to have you gfu on tonight. so it's a climate emergencycyan we've seen climate emergencies around the world. how did they turn out? well, look, first of all, this climate emergency, we've got to be real. yes. the un climate panel tells global warming is real, but it's not an emergency and telling people it's an emergency is a way to make us use money. really, really badly. so look, for instance, of heat waves, as we've seen just now. l yes, heat waves will get worse with global warming. but you also got to remember that when there are more heat waves, there are also fewer cold waves because the temperature goes up becausee many more people die from cold . actually , overr the last 20 years at least, we've seen more people being saved than extra people dying. we need to hear both sides ofh that story if we're going to be well informed. it's not the endo of the world. >> it is a problem. so if we're getting more heat waves, which is believable,us
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whatever has caused that and of course, climate cycles are a feature of global climaten and always have been. but we're getting more heat waves. you probably want air d conditioning during a heat wave. and yet in this country, air conditioning is becoming unreliable because it's the biggest energy drawab and utilities are saying we can't provide air conditioning and heat wave. how is this logical ? not exactly the problem. why do we get more? why do we get less people dying from climate disasters? th another statistic that most people haven't heard. we've actually declined over the last hundred years of 99% in global climate catastrophes. why? because people get rich, because they get resilience. and that's exactly as you pointo out, because you can afford to run your air conditioner when it's really hot. and of course, you can afford to run your heater when it's really cold, which actually killsll about ten times as many people. you need to be rich and so we can't just say, look, you can't have more energy or energy is going togy be incredibly costly. that is going toly take away muh
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of the stuff that actually delivers our wealth, the stuff we like about civilization. yes. let's try to find smarterrt and less polluting energy sources, but let's not make it more expensive. bjorn lomborg, appreciate it.nk thank you. by the way, if you're if you're somebody pretty dramatic going on in china tonight. tanks deployed on the street. tr we thought we'd like to know t more about what's happening there. fox is kevin werth has the story for us tonight. kevin . a evening, tucker. frankly, this has beenmo a smoldering ember of a story since back in april and now a few sparks here n and there have ignited a real blaze of controversy. we actually first learned about this about three months ago in the south china morning postt reported that residents ofch a couple of provinces in china were being denied access to their bank accounts due tots a system upgrade, which is a one off. perhaps if you're using an atm,i
10:19 pm
maybe an annoyance. but now months on cue, the pitchforks and torches. this has been a real problem. and as they often do in china, the government there has silenced dissent going so far as to use tanks to prevent locals from reaching their banks to get their money . and in typical ccp fashion, they're not just doing that. they are also telling people that you simply have to wait c the escalation continues. they're saying that you simply cannot do that. now, thisim is also important, tucker. the government there says they're investigating ilie deposits that were made at select banks, but others ared saying this is reminiscent of what happened at tiananmen square, something obviously we'll have to keep a very close eye on , tucker. >> that's for for kevin calk. thanksco so much for that. you bet. so the national basketball association, one of the most o popular sports in the united states, actually seems to be controlled to a large extent, not by ourr government, by the chinese government, nm
10:20 pm
billions invested in china, maybe that's why the league did everything in its power to stop former player and his cancer freedom from speaking out against the chinese government just obtained exclusive recordings that prove what they did to censor him and his camp for freedom joins us straight ahead. hey, everyone, on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium sleep and here with my good friend and country music legend larry gatlin, now, larry, a few months ago you asked me, does that relaxium really work? i remember that night because i was tired of not sleeping. i took it you were to try to guess what relaxium sleep works. larry, so many americans are struggling to get the sleep sleep. for me, four years has been kind of a concept. i've heard people talk about relaxium sleep has changed
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for the duration of unemployment is for no rea
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your natural way when your family is the best and you can make and escape your freedom was raised in turkey . move to the u.s. as a teenager, then became an nba player. then he began openly criticizing the chinese government. he wore shoes that said free tibet, which china occupies and he wore theme on the court. so normally the nba encouragess political messages, even bloom on the court. but criticizing china is absolutely unacceptable to the sleazeballs who run the nba. this show has obtained exclusive recordings proving what's going on . here's ron klempner, who's w the general counselho of the national basketball players association with the get off the phone with the general counsel of the nba. he wants to no doubt have a conversation about it. their concern right now is notou so much what you are saying off the court, but what it is that t you're saying on the court when
10:26 pm
you step onto the court. uc >> and what he was saying, of course, was critical of china. marc lasry, a close friend of bill clinton's now co owns the milwaukee bucks last year, explained in anotherclos hearing that china will not do business with the nba if athletes criticize china in any way and the nba makes billions of dollars in china. soso marc lasry base with china is taking a very aggressive stance to say you want to to i which i said it was their view, but you want to be a country, you want to do things if you're going to complain about and not allowed , . >> so what happens for the nba is to divide it's business. >> it's business. yeah. i'll sell out our country to our main global enemy that seeks to displace us and control us . it's justency business beneath contempt. then there's adam silver, the nba commissioner. he acknowledgednhe the free tibt
10:27 pm
shoes don't break rules, but b they upset chinaet. ga >> and once again, that's bad for business not breaking any rule in terms of the shoes. there is no rule i'm aware of that. you're violating that. i mean, it's you know, i think it's also look again and say we're a business. >> it's just business. >> why wouldn't they do sell drugs to children? >> human trafficking? it's just business. noo problem. and it's freedom has a problem with all of this. hem joins us tonight. and this is great to see you. i appreciate your comingng backy so they just say it out loud, like whatever makes them rich, including selling out to the chinese government, pretending china is not occupying >>in no problem. first of all, thank you for having me, mr. carlson. i'm going to crop them. is finally got exposed.ha and this is evidence of huub how 100% american made company is run by the chinese dictatorship and wake up america this is the league that
10:28 pm
you have been supporting and watching. and this enough is unacceptable. they are mad because finally from the inside that i played 11 years in this league finally exposed them. and i'mm saying it again, enough is enough. stop bowing down to dictatorship's. > that's right. i it's the only american sport was invented at a ymca in springfield, massachusetts. what about what about allie the sportsld writers who aree constantly on the lookout for someone saying the wrong thing? doesn't have any of them taking your side in this? well, i will just say this. you know, when i started to talk about this problem for the first time, one of the actually players reached out to me and said, listen, there's no i'm going to be behind you, especially the media, because they are run by the nba. so do not have any hope by the sports media. you know, i didn't you know what? this was the right thing to do. and i went out there and exposed it all. so i'm glad i did it. trust me. yeah, where's bill simmons?
10:29 pm
he's a deeply good so we just got this statement from the nba by one of the recordings. >> and i want to read you quote adam silver made it clear that we support players, including mr. freedom, expressing we their views on matters that are important to them and quote, how do you respond to that disingenuous? >> well, well, the recording said something different. you know, i'm just it just sad to see how this people feel like the american people, how can they bowing down to these dictatorships? they will care about social justice until it affectse their money and businessss business. you know, nba. pretends to care about social justice in america, but when that affects their business, they're silent. and any player thatt goes saysey anything about it, they're t going to doo everything they cn to silence you. o look,ld listen, i'm thirty years old and they're pushing me to retire of age thirty and i am not retiring. i'm going to fight till the that i get come get back to
10:30 pm
that league again and keep exposing them. and that's why i just can't take this anymore. we're rooting for you and it's been a great season. thank you.. thank a lord for a verdict just in in the case we told you about last the case of the murder of st. louis police captain david dawn. we are joined by our friend kevin corke, who has the story for sikkim. >> yeah, tucker, just finding out about this one from the great city of st. louis city jurors finding stefan cannon guiltyy on murder charges, first degree murder charges and several other charges in the 2020 killing of retired st. louis police captain david dorn. t it only took the jury three hours of deliberation on the third day of evidence and testimony. cannon was the real coward in this circumstance. he crouched down and shot dawn r ten times as looters attempted to rob lee's jewelry and pawn pawn shop daun. >> so seventy seven years old, doing what he could to get out
10:31 pm
there and make a living and try to save his business which was under attack. he was murdered u senselessly. sucker tuxes would have last night. >> kevin corke, thank you for that update. appreciate it. you're welcome . so we open tonight by telling you about the president's highly disturbing press conference in which he announced out of nowhere that he had cancer. so we checked the tape and we found that biden has used the exact same story to claim he got another disease joe biden have okay, we'll assess his health straight ahead. it's interesting. he's america. we don't like world war against war. we like to make our own world and industrialize. they had boundless, unlimited optimism that in america they could do this. and i went i did it for .
10:32 pm
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helped clinical trial participants achieve reduced muscle weakness. u they've got me increase the risk of infection in a clinical setting to more common infections or drastically infections. i'll tell you, doctor , if r you have a history of infection or if you have symptoms ofan infection, d this card can cause allergic reaction. the most common side effects include respiratory tract infection, headache and tract infection. ntpicture type animation, whh is a treatment side using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist to be right for you so you don't expect the oldest president in american history right in o the middle of a press conference about climate change to announce. oh, by the way, i've c got, cancer. but then with joe biden, like you don't expect anything he does j. he did that today. the president explained that he has cancer because he grew up in delaware, which apparently is such an awful state.
10:37 pm
>> everyone who lives there gets cancer, which i just lived up the road, just an apartmentnt complex. and we moved tohe delaware and just up the road to a little school. i went to holy rosary, great school. and because it was a four lane highway that was accessible, my mother drove us . and rather than able to walk and guess what? the first cross, you know, it was happening. it had to put on your windshield wipers to get literally the oil slick off the window. that's why and so did many other people. i grew up have cancer and white camper for the longest time. >> delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation. yeah, it's in delaware. itker: rains oil. that's how dirty delaware is . it's a great state. so the white house said today, apparently when joe biden wasan announcing he had cancer, he was talking about previous skin cancer diagnosis. >> okay. but itca turns when it rains oi.
10:38 pm
you don't just get cancer. you get other diseases, too, because in april, joe biden told the same storyry about how he grew up in a world where it rained oil, but it gave him asthma, not cancer. >> watch this. and i went to the small little school that was about a mile from the apartment complex we lived in and school called holy rosary. and you couldn't walk to schoold because although was a four lane access highway was justt too dangerous to cross some of the streets. and my mother would get when it came spring came in fall. this is the god's truth and you get in the car and a little frost on the window, turn on the windshield wiper to be an oil slick, not a joke. i have asthma and 80 percent of the people who in fact we grew up with have asthma. r: not n a much senex sinister kind of plane or maybe hoping for a crash. but the question is and this is a medical question, what is joe biden suffering from?
10:39 pm
is it cancer or is it asthma? is dementia? dr. marc siegel joins us tonight to assess. doctor , what do you make of it? have you ever seen, by the way, a president is sort of blithely announce the nose of cancer? o, no, i never have. and by the way, the public has a right to know what's going on here, that's for sure. leader of the free world making all these decisions a mess nationally and internationally. we need to know now you take back to april. president biden is a famous fabricator, tucker, meaning't that he doesn't always tell the truth, does he? and he has this story recycling. well, asma, i looked this up and delaware has less than a 10 percent asthma rate. so he's saying oil on the windshield in april gives him an 80% of his friend's asthma that add up at all. and that's the fabricator. now we have this story where he's saying he has cancer. of course, my medical c eyebrows go right up and i don't believe in the word gaffes. by the way, i wonder why he m
10:40 pm
made that mistake. and i think we need to know that. and of course, the white house walk that back and said he means in t the past will tucker in the past the kind of skin cancer he had wasn't melanoma, wasn't life threatening and it shouldn't be referred to in that way because the state of delaware deserves better. they've actually brought their cancer wayel down their number 15 in the country in terms of cancer deaths. now,mb much, much better. and they deserve a pat on the back. but what's going now on here? look, he lost his son beau biden in 2015 to a horrible brain cancer. ce it could be very emotional about that still. but listen, clinicallyldld that would lead you to have cognitive problems, wouldn't it? it would lead to have disorientation, confusion, problems with thinking and an executive function. and that's what i'm concerned about here. this president had two aneurysms clipped surgically. he b had a bleed in the brain in nineteen eighty eight . he has an unusual heart rhythm, not so unusual, but he has angu irregular heart rhythm and wela heard last year on his physical that he has an irregular, stiff gait. his greatests.
10:41 pm
so where's the cognitive testing again? where's the neurologic testing ? think he thinks he has cancer, but i doks think that he made a fumble there that could mean something much, much more importantch. and i and the american public want to know, tucker, i got to g say just quickly, he's told us that delaware gave him asthma and cancer. and if he goes back to delaware every weekend, isn't that kind of like continuing to smoke camels when you get emphysema? that seems crazy. to me. >> he should avoid delaware now. yeah, delaware should avoid him if he keeps bashing them like that. the stateas he falls off a bicycle there, too. >> he's going to blame the pavement next. good point. dr. marc siegel, thanks so much for that. >> thank you so roe v. wade got overturned by the supreme court and the next thing you know, there is the senator from massachusetts, elizabeth warren, telling us that we need to shut down crisis pregnancy centers, all of them. >> son we got to thinking what
10:42 pm
is exactly a crisis pregnancy center? what goes on in these things that is so dangerous to elizabeth warren? she wants the government to shut them down. so for better episodes. tucker carlson, sayonra we spokd the founder of a crisis pregnancy center and she told a lot about what she does.s. and honestly, it made us emotional hearing about it. >> here's part of the interview . they're going through a lot inab order to have that baby . >> why are they doing that? because they've lost their baby. i mean, it's really thatt simple. their baby if they're seeking out the services, if c they come to us , we're not standing out on the streets pulling women in. you know, they're they're reaching out. they'ret looking for us . and at the end of the day, i think in 16 years i've never had a woman tell me that's come through mary shelter that she's regretted having her child really never.r: not ever. but i have had women cry in my arms who have had past abortions and have really, yourt
10:43 pm
know, felt sad about them. yes. and yes. and so no, not one that has regretted having her child. c >>hi they left their children and their children, their mom. how many of those babies go up g for adoption? >> not the majority, but we have had adoptions. we've probably had moms adopt out maybe eight , nine children in the years that i've been running mary's shelter. also very few . yeah, most most of them go to the parent. yes. we support either. that's the big lie out there is that we only care about the baby in the . we do care about the baby. we love the baby in the , but we also love that mom and womeno come to us with as many children as they have and we love all those kids. so if the mom has her baby and then can't stay with us for a period of time, she's going to go back to whatever it was that brought her to have to come to a shelter. so we give her three we want the housing and the
10:44 pm
counseling and the employment educational goals. you know, we hope and pray thath thoseop who met before she lives in our shelter, we want her ton go on to have independentin living, be a realg and viable reality. >> i don't want to ask you too c many negative questions as are not a negative person. obviously. but i have to wonder, like how is this controversial? what you're doing?ss how could that possibly be controversial? yeah, i mean, it's i controversial while we're there and in our homes. i don't know why it's controversial. i don't know i don't know why if somebody even somebody is pro-choice, they wouldn't support a marriagedy because these women make a choice. they make their choice to have their baby. i never i hope we never get to a point where we condemn women for having children. so we have no idea what god looks like. we will never know. we can only see god in the way
10:45 pm
that other people behave. kathleen wilson, you got toat watch that interview no matter what your religious beliefs about what your beliefs on abortion, wholly nonpolitical person doings o whr she thinks is theig right thing clearly is the right thing. that is a moving interview. the whole thing airs 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. fox station. so david hogg's, remember david hogg, kind of a talentless self promoter, somehow got into harvardot on the basis of a tragedy happened to be nearby. the whole thing was ridiculous . but you couldn't criticize him because he was scared, really still tryingdnau to be famous.ou he interrupted a congressional hearing today by screaming about gun control. is this still bothering you? we have the tape. we'll talk to the congressman. you screamed at hello. i mike lindell. and i want to give each and every one of you one last chance to get my original my slippers go to mypillow .com
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america he's listening to throughputs. america's news in focus. we again here demanding seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
10:50 pm
don't win hundred seven three one nine four six six. >> downside of getting olderou is you're getting closer to death. the upside of being older is you remember stuff that existed before instagram forss example, the assault weaponsau ban of 1994, which bill clinton signed. so in that legislation therere
10:51 pm
was a requirement that the doj department of justice study its effects foror ten years and thec the law sunset it so we know exactly the effect of the 1994 assault weapons ban. it did nothing to reduce violent crime. it's not debatable. the government has ten years worth of data that prove it, but no one cares. o the leaders of both parties are once again pushing to ban semiautomatic rifles. >> your deer rifle anyway. and yet at the same time they are allowing criminals in cities to commit gun crimes with no consequencesn. a lot of those criminals are crossing over the border from mexico, which is open and that was a result of that normal a people. i think americans still pay their taxes and go to work, need firearms to defend themselves. obviously today congressman andy biggs made that point. >> he was then interrupted t by our own grennan sunberg, the creepy little publicity seeker david hogg. remember himcr?
10:52 pm
>> watch.? this is purposeful on the part of the federal government 4 f1 reiterating the point of mass shooters in your manifesto, disturbed by my thoughts, anti-semitic, antiblack and racist to trigger an automatic right have to guess what those guns are coming from the united states of america. they are coming from mexico. they are not coming from mexico. you a are reiterating the point that you are perpetuating the violence in low iq. >> harvard students agree about race. other self-righteous child who has no idea what he's talking about. but david hogg, appropriatelys named t character, obstructed an official congressional proceeding. wow, that sounds obs insurrecti >> liz cheney. liz cheney is not a crime
10:53 pm
is this insurrection is going to face charges. liz cheneyti? >> well, andy biggs is a member of congress who's official business was interruptedrr by insurrection. she represents arizona in the u.s. congress. he joins us . congressman, thanks so much for coming on . so i find it interesting that rather i mean, you were making you know, people could disagree with the point you were making, but it was kind of a logicales one can respond topo a single point and just start screaming about racism. i'm missing something. is that what it was? yeah, that's exactly what it was. i mean, he is saying that i'm a terrorist manifesto totinfe conspiracy nut. and the realitystnspi is he's he's also he was he wants to get on tv and he wanted advocate for a nutty position and the right as a number of us raised, he interruptedin our proceeding and democrats have said if you interrupt a congressional proceedingte, that's the definition of insurrection. to takehe police had him out. was invited there by the democrats. that's what i'm informed. yi
10:54 pm
and so he's trying to grifts on this whole thing, it looks like. wand he should probably be brought up on charges. where is that, jessica? committee when you need them? that kid and i know a lot of your colleagues went to harvard and a lot of americans still think it's impressive atnk some point knowing that kid i gt into harvard. can we just all admitt to it'sdm actually kind of a mediocre joke or no? >> yeah, absolutely.f harvard harvard has gone the way of of allco the post-secondary institutions in the country. there's veryndnd few of them tht aren't going to turn out somebody who's as radical as that. and , you know, stokingt the fire like that is whatoc the democrats did. that's why they wanted him there and they were hoping for that kind of incidentha. k >>id i think that kids too dumb to host a cable news show and that's saying a lot. i would i say fix intact after his meeting with david hogg. great to you. we'll be right back . thanks, everyone.
10:55 pm
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>> that's it for us tonight. a lot of drama going on united states. another other hand , if david hogg can get into harvard university, well, there's hope for all of us . tune in every night, 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying. pomposity, smugness and groupthink have the best l night. here's sean hannity. you know,s there's a great booka written by a former congressman from new york , john lobet. harvard hates america. i think it was a little ahead of his time, tucker, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for the toss. 1%yo. y. >> we start with a fox news alert. my full long monologue. i justn a but we begin with this breaking news tonight. a source is now telling fox news that the criminal probe into zero experienced hunter biden is now reaching a , quote, critical stage as federal officials are now considering possible charges for tax violations, for lobbying offenses lying to investigator


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