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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 21, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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happened to your efforts to get the truth about the dui charge involving nancy pelosi's husband? we have filed lawsuits the courts as you know take a little bit of time and we will get that footage. whether i have to go all the way out to nap on my cell. get it. tucker is up next and remember i'm jesse watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" were shocked that everyone has moved onto the next thing but we still -- when joe biden stunned the world during a press conference with no warning at all that he is a potentially fatal disease. i have joe biden said, i got it from living in delaware. it turns out that jill biden's home state is so thoroughly polluted, so supernaturally filthy that even leopards living
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in public sewers refuse to go there. it's too unclean. how dirty is delaware? it is so dirty joe biden said that when it rains it rains oil that's why everyone in delaware gets cancer it gets it from the oil ring. now joe biden has too. looking back voters probably should've known a little bit more about joe biden's related risk factors before he became president. it's too late now and it just got worse. not only is joe biden six from delaware's -- he's got covid they announced it today. it is been a tough week overall. tomorrow you have to think it's got to be at monkeypox. if you or someone you know has recently had unsafe with joe biden please see precautionary medical attention. god knows what you might've picked up. at the white house they are generally upset but today's news not because the word about joe biden's health, everybody works the white house already knows you so thoroughly unwell he could barely speak.
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these are the people who run as teleprompters come up little pieces of tape on the floor so he knows where the door is. is not people who have any illusion at all about joe biden's condition. they are upset about is fact that joe biden just up on their message. and when that message is been consistent and relenting. get the vaccine or you can have a job, or an important transplant or thanks even with your kids. get the vaccine is the most important thing that you can do and you are a monster if you don't. so people obeyed they did it. okay will take the vaccine if we don't have a choice, but are you sure that it works? it's pretty hard to make a successful vaccine against the coronavirus in fact no one's ever done it. we tried almost 20 years ago and that failed completely. so you absolutely positive that this stuff works? you sure that it is safe and effective? of course for positive screamed the mannequin we are the u.s. government we know these things.
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we don't make mistakes stop asking questions. questions have no place in science is take the shot and you will knock a culvert that is guaranteed. joe biden said that he didn't say it once, he said it many, many, many times. >> president biden: this is been a pandemic of the unvaccinated. it's much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of nonvaccinated people the various shots of people are getting no cover that they are okay you're knocking to get culvert if you have these vaccinations. if you unvaccinated you've some reason to be alarmed. you will experience such severe illness if you are vaccinated. some will die. we have all the vaccines that we
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need to get every american fully vaccinated including the booster shot. there's no excuse, no excuse for being anyone unvaccinated. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> tucker: if you don't get the vaccine you are going to die. from covid. you're going to get covid if you don't get the vaccine. he said that once or maybe 11 times it's whatever this a pretty much every day but he's not the only one. they all did. beginning with lord fouts she. >> a fourth dose booze for an individual receiving and then the issue of vaccines actually at least with regard could do better than nature. when people are vaccinated they can feel safe that they are not to get infected. >> tucker: it turns out once you get vaccinated you can feel
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safe you're not getting infected you're not like the dirty people who didn't get the vaccine. when they do work in a lab for they deserve it. by the way it wasn't just joe biden reading the screen script wasn't just dr. fauci will say whatever it takes of course covering up his own crate in the virus in the first place even actual doctors, even the head of the cv d.c. given herself so the same thing. >> our data from cdc suggest that vaccinated people do not carry the virus. they don't get sick and that is not just on the clinical trials, but it's also in real-world data. >> tucker: it's not just in the clinical trials it's in real-world data just look around observe reality. anyone has gotten the vaccine, everyone's gone covid how does that work? will they never explained they
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stop telling it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated it was so obviously untrue you got the vaccine and you still got covid, so they stop saying anything at all and they hope that you would forget about what they said for a full year and all the thousands of people just lives they destroyed the basis of that lie. what they didn't do ever was apologize for it. they hope they wouldn't have to and then last friday joe biden the present united states became visibly symptomatic with something during a speech in jerusalem watch. >> president biden: i... was making a speech i terrible headache. excuse me, a terrible headache. i'm sorry. i did terrible headache years
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ago and i did a very stupid thing. >> tucker: a member when you were a kid public health authorities tried to stamp out cigarette smoking they put the huge posters of the. smoking is very glamorous don't be this guy. if we have another pandemic if we ever do, play that tape that's what you don't do. rub the cdc guidance when he developed symptoms you isolate immediately. you don't cough on people at press conferences. those are the rules that your kids live by at school. that's what it with a little masks and couldn't breathe. your children are also told to scan two bar codes for contact tracing purposes if they ever develop covid or a dry cough. today joe biden gets covid and reporters asked how we got it why he isolated his response and
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were quoting here. we are quoting here. i don't think that matters. [laughs] it just doesn't matter. tell me it doesn't matter, go ahead super spread if you want to. so fever on air force one yesterday with the big press conference in massachusetts. you might have the corona pie c. the presidents glass ceiling shattering publicist. did you know that? did you hear that before? will now you can mark that down as confirm. that's only part of the story you don't want to ignore the fact that the real story is that the president of united states is 79 years old and knows how to put a collocated medical history and now has covid. what does that mean? sincerely hope that he's gonna be okay we know he can use his
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sense of smell, maybe forever. what is that mean? no more sniffing little girls. if you are joe biden and your main source of pleasure in this late stage in your life is sniffing the hair of unsuspecting defenseless little girls you can even smell it? imagine that. imagine your watch riding a bike and you're saying i love the smell of her hair. so actually the cost of covid are little bit more profound and sometimes understand. it's kind of weird from a political's perspective that joe biden got infected exactly the moment this approval rating has reached its lowest. he is 19% among his. this also comes with the same moment that his son faces possibly felony charges. also needless to say at the moment that his dementia has become so obvious that no one can possibly deny it.
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[laughs] it's so awful. so what does this mean? this insights the blood instincts. polishing her resume. the real story here is the medical story. joe biden and a whole lot of other people got pretty sick with covid after getting multiple shots. what is not about exactly? how did that happen? to be easy just mock just a pandemic that's clearly untrue. is there a connection between getting multiple covid vaccine shots and getting sicker? is it possible that the vaccine actually can hurt you? especially if you keep getting boosted can that we can your moon's immune system? what that looks possible multiple studies have looked into this. just last month booting chemical publish the findings of several mrna researchers. in this paper we present evidence that vaccination reduces a profound impairment in
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type one signaling which has adverse consequences to human health. while it seems a guideline did you read that in "the new york times"? it seems kind of weird since hundreds of billions of people got the shot. the researchers continued that in their studies the covid vaccine we identified potential profound disturbances and regulatory controls, protein synthesis and cancer. these disturbances potentially have a link to neurodegenerative disease. liver disease and immunity, impaired dna response. et cetera. it's possible the fact it's looking likely that the vaccine might suppress the immune system. this fact the authors concluded will have a wide range of consequences not the least of which include the deactivation of latent viral infections and reduced ability to effectively
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combat future infection. again, we can sincerely hope that is not true, but is not just the conclusion of one scientific journal. maybe the most famous journal in the world released similar findings in february. the piece was titled, wrist of infection nine months after a second dose of covid-19 vaccine. a physician made this observation of the data. a letter to the journal. the study showed that immune function of unvaccinated individuals eight months after two doses of covid-19 vaccinations was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals. your first response if your humane system you have deep sympathy. people were misled, they were forced, they were forced.
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medical ethics throughout the window. people were forced to take medicine i didn't want. some of them may have been hurt by at any of the take this man's word for it hopefully you understand yourself you will find anything of the article saying what he said which is weird. why would they want to hide a major finding like that? if you look at table three in the piece will find buried in the data. among the people around the age of 80 will been double vaccinated, the per capital rating of incidences including hospitalizations or death is nearly twice as high at the rate of serious instances for the unvaccinated. this a hundred and 80 days after vaccination. what is at and why is nobody interested in it? it also includes a chart showing negative vaccine efficacy for all ages after eight months for all participants in the study. again, this is sad news for a
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lot of americans, but it's also a profound indictment may be the greatest indictment in our lifetimes of our leaders. their recklessness, their pigmented headedness, and dishonesty. given this how was the d.c. government among many others still requiring schoolchildren, public and private school children to get a covid vaccine. that is a question that nobody asked at the briefing. how are members of the u.s. military being dismissed without their pensions because they won't take the same vaccine? in light of these study results. it is only paying attention? how is this allowed? but instead, today the white house briefing all the questions are about to be. here it is. >> president biden: yes you heard. i've been double vaccinated and double boosted the symptoms are mild and i really appreciate you for your concerns i'm doing well
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getting a lot of work done and i may continue to get it done. >> tucker: is a single public statement that he has made since inauguration day that he is not read off a teleprompter find it. this press briefing after seeing that was who shot that footage? as a person in danger? well once again the presidents last ceiling shattering publicist was asked that question and she said it's totally fine because of it was taking outside. there's no risk outside that we will arrest you for paddle boarding in california. then our earlier to make it even messier because it's inherently message to mike massey. it shows joe biden at his desk with no mass. so who shot that picture? is that person still alive? does a person at monkeypox? white house photographer got to be required to work in there, but as we just saw that might
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make the photographer more vulnerable to for infection. in fact made to say this might mean the photographer has now more likely to face serious health complications. underlying all of this is a really ominous fact. you hate to say it, germany's ministry of help one in 5,000 germans have suffered serious side effects after a covid-19 vaccine. now 1-5000 may seem like a lot or a little of people with our population. that would mean the people in the u.s. at that number holds constant across countries and why wouldn't it quit my good be a hundred thousand americans that could've been seriously injured by the covid vaccine. why does nobody talk about them? how come nobody cares? what happens now? the joe biden accomplishes as president he will be getting more people to ask that question
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today. it's a fair question. science is about questions it is about questioning. he is a professor at the yale school of public health he joins us tonight dr. thanks much for coming on. what worries me in all of this is not necessarily with the results are of the studies they seem kind of scary, but the fact that no one in charge for public health systems is talking about it apologetic for statement that they made were wrong. there's no accountability, i just feel like no one's ever to trust doctors again after this are you worried about that? >> i'm worried about the credibility of medicine, public health and our government institutions come about congresspeople even. nobody has been forthcoming a cup talking honestly about any of this. >> tucker: our whole system i never thought about this in the last year it's built on trust and if her but he trusts her doctor. everybody does, people love
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doctors. does in the medical establishment understand that their credibility is at stake and that's essential for them and for all of us. >> the problem is that doctors are more afraid of what happens if a go outside the permitted messaging. just hiding behind going along to get along you know? their credibility follows because they're unable to stand for the message. >> tucker: you are one of the few who had views on this and have said so publicly, what have other professors that you've worked with, other physicians, people who have lived in your world for some time but if they said you privately? >> a lot of people who supported what i've said, people from diverse walks of life in different academic disciplines not just medicine, epidemiology and science. basically everyone got some reason to be scared about in
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public because of negative consequences to them, their economics, their family, or whatever. they prefer to just kind of the under the radar and affect the telemedicine groups under the radar but if you did more than a quarter million americans with the drugs that were not allowed to talk about. very, very sick successfully. over a quarter of a million people treated that way it's working that way. >> tucker: soviet science so ideological that it was insane. are you worried that that's happening in our country? >> will yes and no. is it to the degree that people believe our current insanity i'd be worried about. i don't know that there's a large amount of beliefs set of maybe 20-30% of the medical establishment the general population that are true believers. the rest are either skeptics or know the truth and cantley come out with it and can be public
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with it. >> tucker: if you like were losing a lot right now, thank you for your bravery and your commitment to actual science. great to see you. >> pleasure. >> tucker: so roe v. wade got overturned several weeks ago by the supreme court a lot of people are very upset some people want legal abortion fine. to move from there to attacking the idea of having children, having babies is now a bad thing it's hard to believe that they would go there all but they have there. slip on nbc the other day and some news report encouraging women to sterilize themselves on nbc news is on exaggeration. we will show it to you up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> what you didn't hear ever was anything was the court's decision they don't talk about the legal aspect of a legal decision. >> tucker: instead they move from defending abortion to attacking fertility. it might've been the enemy just
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in case of a propaganda it is. he saw lisbeth warren attacking crisis pregnancy centers like what they do wrong? helping women in need? is not allowed. some media outlets went as far as encouraging women to sterilize you could make that up. here's a recent segment from nbc news. >> the number of women are to get a permanent sterilization procedures following the supreme court decision google searches for procedures like i travel to austin, texas, where i spoke with 3 women about how abortion restrictions affected their decision. >> may be 27 in december and i'm done. >> are you sure that sterilization a sum that you want to do her some you and more more about? so megan you already had were your tubes removed and actually you are about to beget the procedure? >> yes i'm in the process process of consultation.
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>> offered the decision was leaked i decided to schedule the procedural. i didn't want children and i didn't want to be in a position where i didn't want children i want that lack access to contraception as well. >> so like megan i didn't want kids, let's be honest there is a lot of judgment around the decision to have this procedure. around this decision in general. what he said people who don't understand? >> is just as permanent as choosing to have a child so a lot of the arguments against it will what if you regret it? you could say the same thing about having a kid. >> tucker: it's like nbc showing jonestown. why you doing that? it's a nationally syndicated radio show up have have her join
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us tonight. so now corporate media are promoting sterilization. just to make on a more obedient workers what is this? >> this is wild and tucker think for having me. after watching that video clip i actually don't know if i disagree with those women choosing a procedure for themselves. if they think that they would rather sterilize themselves then be responsible for choosing choice they conceive, then maybe they should get sterilize. the republicans of god and have more how about that? this is insane. this is also tucker the logic of people who think that somehow by delivering the power back to the people through the action of the states is a denial of right and/or due process or exercise of rights so the logic is made
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any sense to me. >> tucker: is just so dark children and a hope for the future. their hope embodied i believe that our civilization will continue, i think my family is worth replicating i want my jeans to carry on to the generations as a whole point of life and if doing what you can to prevent people from doing that are promoting this dark vision they could set you on? >> i totally agree with you i also had children lock people out there who have kids a market or judge these people as to their to be confident parents are not. all with nbc news. their promotion of this they're gonna find a gullible audience it just seems in a responsible journalism for nbc did not go out and maybe showcase other forms of preventing pregnancy come up the whole thing about this too is that media is continuing this trick that
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they've been pushing on women for so many years. they are isolating women and the responsibility of cocreating life and allowing progressive men usually who champion this they are allowing them to sort of get themselves off the financial hook it's a bazaar put down it. >> tucker: you're 50 now you've assented to number two at the hr department are you happy with your life? tell us about the meaning. will someone from hr hold your hand? great to see you tonight thank you. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: there's a little experiment in the state of oregon they decided to legalize all drugs so it's free to ask how did that work out for them? we will tell you straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: there's a huge bank of monitors and everyone shows everything that's on tv.
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some of our reducers so that every other channel playing some kind of january 6th hearing. january 6th? that's the biggest thing going on in america right now why the doing that no one wants to watch it we know what happened on january 6th so when viking horns wanted around on mushrooms amid some weird noises. it was an insurrection it makes the people covering it feel like they lived through vietnam. more lifestyle liberal narcissism anyway if you plan to travel by plane anywhere in the united states if the provide identification several times of course that's racist, but interesting that requirement is not applied to illegal aliens. tsa said that hundreds of illegal aliens over the allowed to board airplanes just by showing their arrest warrants they admitted while being questioned by senator of missouri who joins us tonight center thing so much for going on thank you for asking that
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question can i get on a plane by showing my arrest warrant now? >> will apparently you can tucker hear something is utter and content that this administration is showing for the law-abiding citizens of united states with her telling us is weighed and the longest lines ever, be treated all kinds of random inspections and invasive procedures in every stuff counts of confiscated but if you're an illegal alien and you've committed a crime and have an arrest warrant come right to the front of the line i get on a plane and as you said the tsa administered are said today would be a thousand illegal aliens just this calendar year alone have been able to use their arrest warrants a gun on plans. >> tucker: and fly free i know you're a lawmaker so this might make you okay why should i obey the law again? >> that's exactly a message that they're sending that you will bathe lion of the law you're a sucker. this message to law-abiding citizens is that your scum you do as you're told, you stand
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there, you wait. i don't know if you're a criminal or fine with that because they want to normalize crime tucker. they will normalize illegal immigration and they will normalize writing and all of that stuff and here's my favorite part of it hearing some of tsa administrator said it were only concerned about people who might pose a risk to flights. being a confirmed criminal and having arrest warrant isn't a risk in the air? he looked at me blankly said that's not my problem apparently it's the american people's problem. >> tucker: why are none of these undocumented migrants being flown to martha's vineyard? they arrive from another country is no diversity there whatsoever. none comes why are they going there? where the going up central pennsylvania? >> i think the answer is the liberal leaders are always forcing the policies for someone else. they don't want you to be able to buy gas, but they want to be able to fly around in their private planes. they do want you to be able,
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they want you to have to follow the law but they're not gonna follow it. they don't want to have to accept any illegal immigrants and their communities and of course they want to some everybody else's. decibel truth here overseeing all of the country the latest example. >> tucker: we had massive airlift to aspen because i think it's a really good idea. we need to decolonize aspen thank you it's great to see tonight thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: a hundred and 7,000 at least americans died just last year from drug abuse you may know someone who's been affected most of it was fat and all. this problem is taken seriously by anyone. back funding by george soros the state of oregon decided to eat legalize retinal as well as other narcotics. so what happened next? dan springer has an update on that here it is. >> the streets of portland and open-air drug market and prices seem to be everywhere. oregon voters thought it would be different. in 2020 they overwhelmingly passed the first state law
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decriminalizing possession of small amounts of all hard drugs mass heroin even fat and all. the idea was treatment not jail time. but 15 months into the experiments drug overdose deaths had all-time high last year at 1,074. portland set a record for murders many time to drug turf wars. >> tucker: state rep sedative from oregon she joins us tonight thanks so much for coming on. this is not see very compassionate at all. >> it is not to allow someone to stay in their addiction on the street is not compassionate. they are miserable we need to do a better job of providing help. >> tucker: so this was pushed in the name of compassion and if you like people thought that the drug war was not wishing working as intended, but this seems like a nightmare to people in oregon voters organize that you think? >> absolutely oregon voters were told that the criminal justice system wasn't the right answer
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for those that are addicted so instead they said pass this bill and they will get treatment. the problem is is that the money designated for treatment has not been issued we are not providing treatment. there is no accountability nor incentive for anyone to get into treatment and the result and lives are being lost. people are dying on the street and law enforcement and emergency responders are overwhelmed with how many increases in overdoses they are facing. we really need to do something different we have failed. >> tucker: treatment doesn't work very well i wish it did but it doesn't. can this be undone? >> it was passed by the voters in the implementation from 2021 when it's a place the funding is in place in june and the director of behavioral health from the health authorities reported to us that as an experiment and we still have to wait and see just this month when he is getting sent out the treatment agencies, but unfortunately the system is so
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flawed. unless we have a system that provides all the services and goes alongside and holds people accountable and has the ability to say you want some better in your life you don't want to stay in the situation, but as it is right now it's encouraging folks to stay where they are and again death and overdoses are increasing. >> tucker: portland is such a beautiful, great city it seems like it's kind of destroyed it. is that true customer to go to portland? is it as big a mess as it seems to be? >> i don't go to portland i live in southern oregon one hour south of portland and it is affecting us as well. all ports of oregon are affected by the increased amount of fennel coming on the state police have reported over 482,000 fennel dosages just in 2021 confiscated for the previous year it was 7,000 so it's exasperated the amount of fennel but with the decriminalization is basically sent a message that it's okay to
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use drugs and you don't have to get help there's no accountability and if you want to follow your ticket. less than 4% of the people given a citation, the violation for possessing drugs call for help and less have engaged in treatment. >> tucker: i willing to give people benefits, but this is not working i'll be fix it because it's a great state i appreciate you coming on tonight thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: nancy pelosi has been in congress really since the egyptian era a long time. but she is and terribly rich so how does that happen exactly? how well this federal service pay? a report came out and she didn't like it at all we have the tape which we will play and then replay, and then play again. ♪ ♪
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: whenever you see a magic trick a lady get in half for a position palling a pineapple at a someone ear one or how that's done. there has to be a rational estimation for what i just saw. we feel that way about
5:49 pm
nancy pelosi's net worth. she served in congress for several hundred years and yet somehow she's worth a hundred million dollars. how did she get so rich? were not the only people who have asked that question especially after her husband invested more than a million dollars in semiconductor industry right around the time nancy pelosi learned that a $50 billion subsidy for the industry was about to pass the senate. so how long has this little schema going on exactly? fox news digital asked nancy pelosi that question and she made it clear that she will not tolerate questions about how she got so darn rich. watch this. >> what you saying? >> over the course of your career has your husband made any purchases based off information from your career? >> absolutely not.
5:50 pm
[laughs] >> tucker: i'm not taking her dumb questions not by insider trading go away. it reminded us of a deb chapelle sketch. it did a lot of people online notice this watch. >> what about people who say they are only interested in the middle east for oil? >> what? oil? [laughs] [laughs] >> tucker: she didn't knock over the water jug look but pretty close. los angeles school district is the biggest and the country now instructing teachers to educate children starting in kindergarten to experiment with nonbinary pronouns. just the kind of destroy human civilization through it all into chaos and confusion is actually happening or is the school talking to your kindergartners about shouldn't they be in prison for doing that? as they should be. chris has proved this is going
5:51 pm
on several documents from the districts equity department choices tonight thank you so much for coming on. tell us what exactly is going on here if you would. >> so what is happening here is our public schools across the country in this case in los angeles have taken the principles of academic theory and then turn them into a k-12. as young as to experiment with sexualities such as trance, genderqueer, pansexual, gender fluid, all of these really crazy it synthetic constructions that we once thought were relegated to academia they've now been main mind at school classrooms all of the school district in los angeles. >> tucker: i mean that sincerely i'm confused if i find your kindergartner in the park and i start talking to her about her sex life you have a moral right to punch me out and called the cops. why in the world are we allowing teachers to do the same thing?
5:52 pm
>> i think a large part of the reason is because of this delusion of authority the two prominent domains of these ideas are being transmitted our education and the medical profession. for better or for worse historically they've been very trusted so people listen to teachers some of us doctors. i think this is starting to change because this is getting frankly out of control and one thing that is really important to note that school districts like los angeles have adopted an explicit policy that teachers can facilitate your child's gender or transition and the default policy is that they keep it secret from parents. so they know that they are doing something the parents would object to i have the documents that prove exactly what they are doing and they are trying to keep a secret. >> tucker: up until recently you troll my miner's children about your sex life i think that should be the world's too. i appreciate all that you've done to bring this to light
5:53 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so hillary clinton is back in the news talk about her future at exactly the moment that joe biden announced that he has the covid. what is going on there will tell you after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: it's been a hot summer, a lot of hot summers recently, instead of thinking for what can we do about that, it's getting a little warmer, climate change is changing -- we had glaciers at one point guard the bite in the administration is telling us this is an existential crisis, they spun pd at the same time them stop prosecuting crimes committed by joe biden voters. what happens next? well, joe biden voters now roaming new york city committing violence, slashing the tires of suvs on parked residential streets. you are seeing one picture of the vandalism, from the east side of manhattan at 82nd street, an area that until recently didn't have a lot of crying.
5:59 pm
we know what happened because the biden voters left flyers on the suvs they wrecked, telling their victims your tires got slashed because the climate crisis. you are selfish for driving an suv. not just an suv, any kind of car. it says that right on the flyer. "driving a hybrid or electric, these are still polluting, dangerous, and cause congestion, so instead you need to walk recycle, or use public transit." right. unless you have like a job or kids you need to bring some more, but they don't have jobs or kids of course, they have probably been sterilized. per nbc news' orders. yeah, so there committing violence unchecked. this is not going in the right direction. we are out of time unfortunately but we are going to go on a positive note. weber to show you a picture that hillary clinton tweeted today. she posted shortly after, probably not coincidentally joe biden announced he had coronavirus. standing in front of bill clinton's campaign plane in the 1990s and the caption says "on
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the move." what is hillary clinton trying to tell us? the world's angriest chipmunk, what is she telling us? we think we know. she's running again! and if she does, she has our full support. hillary clinton, 2024, bring it on, baby! we will be back tomorrow night, have the best met with the ones you love. sean hannity right now. >> sean: wait a minute, you said the other night you wanted kamala to run and you were supporting her candidacy. >> sean: together ! >> tucker: are not sexist, i'll take them both. >> sean: you got them both. maybe one is vice president. perfect ticket. thank you, and welcome tonight to "hannity." one year ago tonight president biden assured this country, every american, that if they get vaccinated and they get their booster, they are not going to get covid, you won't get it. now the double vaxxed, double boosted president biden has just tested positive for covid-19. i guess so much for joe biden and dr. fauci's science. now, of course, we do very


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