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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 22, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin in the safe after an attack tonight. will follow the story and more details on tomorrow night show and laura will have information that is well. that's all that time we have left and thank you for being with us in making the show possible. set your dvr never miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham and "the ingraham angle" is next. >> laura: isn't it wonderful? the peace-loving, the freedom they want to embrace, aren't they lovely people on the left? they are the angriest and bitter people out there. it's disgusting. >> sean: supreme court justices in the summer of 2020, lee zeldin, crime in every city and town, it's insanity. people are going to get hurt. the violence needs to end.
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>> sean: they think they're entitled to commit violence and they will not be punished. will pick it up where you left off. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." my ankle exposes the american elites love affair with what is now the european maras. that's coming out. but first, a tale of two covid's. it's october 2020 weeks from the election and former president trump had come down with covid. if you remember the reaction from the media and politico was what you expected, hysterical. speak of the president being sick is huge galvanizing point for the country. >> in large part it's his own dereliction which is partly to blame for this. >> a drunk driver who injured himself in a rack and killed the oncoming sober driver. donald trump injured himself. >> the treatment he's getting at
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taxpayer expense is privileged treatment. >> to protect himself or others? >> okay. literally a windbag. with biden's approval hitting record lows, the response from the media is quite different now that joe has caught the bug. instead of the 24/7 had a drink biden's case is being presented as a no big deal. remember, he's actually responsible. >> president biden is vaccinated and double boosted but he's experiencing what we are told is very mild symptoms only and taking antiviral medication and doubled boosted. >> double vaccinated and double boosted. >> reportedly mild by all accounts. >> laura: from her perch among the aspen mountains, the resident snob andrea mitchell answered a bizarre monologue about the president's health
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issue. >> especially ronald reagan was considered the oldest other president, george walker bush. he grew up on the job and prime minister and other things you didn't know about jfk. most people did not see fdr in a wheelchair. >> laura: oh, my. then the white house is other press secretary who couldn't help but get a way back to trump. elect in on the idea he was going to be the one who brought in the experienced team who is going to be the president who could figure out the pandemic. i think what we will see here is likely a different sort of approach to it. let's remember the predecessor even though it was in a period where he could have possibly infected other people.
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never mind that biden displayed a picture of himself mask lists and announcing the positive test. let's not forget the investigative pieces dedicated to finding out the source of trump's infection. of "new york times" put six bylines on a piece called tracking the white house coronavirus outbreak. seven days following trump's coronavirus trail. >> where was the infected? i don't think we know. >> i don't think that matters, right? i think what matters is we prepare for this. >> laura: i like how he looks over here like i don't know, do you know? why does that matter? contact tracing never worked anyway. i won't hold my breath about the current saga and the coming days at all. joining now mollie hemingway and
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federalist fox news contributor. if we were this actual conversation about the president and covid back in 2020. they were hysterical. every person he came into contact with was a potential vector and they blamed him. >> it's amazing, because the media were in a state of hysteria before he got covid. the anchor at the white house doctors, at the treatment he was getting, and every little thing about how he was handling things. doesn't matter where he got it, we saw the pattern repeatedly with corporate media where it ty would blame republicans. you're seeing it again here, no blame associated with this and there shouldn't be in the same world. but little difference we are seeing. >> laura: i want this don't like to play a moment from joe in october 2020. >> he removed his mask and posed
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for photos. you can see him giving the photographer giving orders to get pictures from behind him as well to get all the opportunistic shots. >> just to make it more dangerous for her. >> laura: when asked about the massless video and photo of biden today, the press secretary had a slightly different take. >> the videographer was there with him and were in n95 mask. with the photo, he took off his mask so that the american people could see him. >> laura: when trump took off the mask, it was a crime against humanity. so blatantly such a double standard and i don't want to play it anymore because it's so obvious. >> on the second floor balcony, that was too close to other people being in the same room. right now, in san diego, they
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are making children mask. yet you have someone who's vulnerable who tested positive. the different standards on the protocols that we are seeing from the left whether it's the political allies in the white house or the children in san diego is just. >> laura: you get the sense that the media are really upset that we are -- not yet, not yet shutting down again. they are itching for another shutdown. >> they because so much hysteria to how we handled covid. if there could have been a sensible approach to all of this and they knew it's a political way defeat donald trump and at that time. i think they're looking for another opportunity to play some of the same things that they did in that era in terms. >> laura: i think people are on too late. most people will not put up with it. i don't want to give the januarh attention at all.
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but nicole wallace had a pressing question today in the lead up to it all. >> when i had covid, i binged "lucifer." president biden could also watch something come of the prime time hearing of the january 6th committee. does he plan to watch that? >> laura: who think biden is still number one? why is ron klain still employed at the white house with his track record? >> people are blaming biden, seeing how frail and weak he is in trying to put all their problems on him. in effect, the entire democrat party agrees with the biden agenda and they think by replacing biden some way or another they will be able to get rid of their problems but it's the policy agenda of the democrats that so unpopular. i wouldn't say ron klain is long for the white house world. >> laura: they think it's a messaging problem. great to see you as always in the studio, mollie.
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>> this powerful antiviral available to people. now we've just a couple weeks ago where pharmacists can prescribe it. you walk in with a positive test and you can get the same drug the president's getting the white house today. we encourage everyone if you test positive, talk your medical care provider and talk to your pharmacist about getting it. >> laura: do you own stock? can we talk about it a little bit more? >> it's unclear why the white house is pushing the drug so aggressively. it's an antiviral. high risk for progression to severe covid 19 including hospitalization or death, but given he's already had forgo doses of the magic vaccine, does joe biden fit the profile? not only that, this is the same drug that triggered an adverse
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boomerang effect. dr. anthony fauci caused him to get another case of covid that was more severe. joining me now is dr. marty makary, professor at the john hopkins school of medicine and author of "the price we pay." would you make of the white house's handling of this especially this relentless push of paxlovid? >> pfizer's getting a free commercial. it's been given off label the majority of the citizens in the united states. it's a nonimmune people, people with known immune systems but given to a low risk people and the result has been a rebound rate of about 50%. you prolong the symptoms in the period where you're contagious and on a population level it drives mutations we are learning more and more about that now. >> laura: today son jacob had a pretty candid take on the the
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presidents condition. >> if this were my parents calling in the same position in terms of their vaccination status when they got covid, i'd be worried. around the same age of the president. >> laura: does not surprise you? >> and no -- in the world of fearmongering, it's concerning that we are using the language if i were caring for the president i would simply reassure him. he feels fine, looks fine, he's probably on days six or ten of the covid course even though he just tested positive. >> laura: waits, why are you saying that? that's important for us to note. >> last friday giving a speech in israel, he was coughing and looked ill, didn't look well. it may have been he developed symptoms on that day. >> laura: yikes. apparently he wasn't doing that systematic testing that they are
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always hectoring up about when we are in large crowds. that's their protocol, correct? they talk about their great protocols. >> even if you got it yesterday, are you going to go back and contract taste before afterwards? no, basically doesn't matter, we don't think it's important. what's happening all the covid zero policies are self-destructing because the virus is inevitable, people see through it and they're not practical. >> laura: doctor, great to see you tonight and thank you. interest willingly, our next guest handling of covid that set them apart. when public health officials in 2020 were calling on states to resist opening, it was governor bryan camp in georgia who rejected the lockdown mind-set and we praise him. it seems the voters there have not forgotten delivering him a huge primary win a couple months ago. but now he faces stacey abrams. her substantial war chest as she
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attempts to villain eyes someone who stood up. good to see you man. >> thanks for having me back. >> laura: when i was struck by the headline and politico that covid cases are skyrocketing again. states have no new plans. again, i get the sense that they want you to shut down the state so you can get a handle on covid. >> the new variant would be shut down then. we put one of the first dates in the country to get our kids back in the classrooms, that's what the data said and the trump administration sends in the by the administration. that's what we've been pushing for. just fighting for hardworking people. the double standard that's out there is incredible. if they were outraged when i reopen the economy but when president biden started doing it, it was the right thing to do. >> laura: governor, he said
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i'm going to reopen the economy and shut down the virus. that was the campaign motto, slogan. still though, you can't really shutdown a virus. >> continues to evolve, continue to deal with it. americans have the information now and what the tools are and we should trust them. we should trust people to make the health care decisions for themselves. but also remember we don't have to take lives, we have to take livelihoods. kids in the classrooms, livelihood of giving people good opportunities to be in a great paying job and state like georgia. it that's what we're doing with the lowest unemployment rate. most people working. we were open, consistent, good business. >> laura: the red states will leave the blue states behind and blue states didn't listen. your pal and adversary stacey
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abrams reacted after the six week ban on abortion. upheld by the 11th circuit prior to the decision and let's watch. >> we are in the state of crisis in our health care and brian kemp and republicans have made it dangerous. in fact, made it legal for women to live in the state of georgia. what's disturbing to me is because he did not commit treason come out brian kemp being treated as either anti-trump moderate or a fiscal conservative. he's a hard right religious extremist who has decided to force women either interpregnancy or into jail. >> laura: your reaction? >> she's trying to paint me as an extremist throwing spaghetti at the mall to see what sticks. that's not true, you never hear what stacey abrams talks about what we've been working on. we value life in our state and i realize people differ on the
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policy and the pro-life legislation. but we've done really adoption reform, we are trying to end human trafficking. if i need to give that child and that mother more benefits after pregnancy, after birth to support the child and support the mother. we are going to continue to do that in the state because we value life. >> laura: you concern yourself with what the woman vote will do because of the six week ban being upheld? >> i'm living in the house of four women. >> laura: other than those in woman. >> great ladies, they value life as well, a lot of georgians do. we are going to continue. we have a culture in our state of doing that. that's what we've done. a very pragmatic way about how we've done that over the years. it's a great opportunities for government, for the private sector, for the nonprofit sector to step up and support these
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women and make sure they know what options are out there and continue to have georgia being a state that values life. >> laura: do you think stacey abrams with the teachers union will shutdown the public schools again if she's elected? >> laura, she's got a million dollar donation from two large teacher unions, 2.5 million from george soros. would you think she's going to do? >> laura: gratis a euro, thank you so much for coming on. if you can't watch live, said a serious record on your dvr so you never miss on suite night at 10:00 p.m. up next, why do we want to make the united states more like europe when europe is crumbling? why it's so appealing to the american
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brian kilmeade, dan bongino, lawrence jones breaking down america's biggest i you
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don't win 887 seven three one nine four six six. >> the european mirage. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle and that we all know the elites here have always held up europeal as a model for the way things should be here in the united states. so their entire understanding of the region is based on boondoggle conferencesde they attended in vienna or fond memories of their junior years abroad in paris. > i'm not going to read your novel, but i'll telll you what
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i'll do. >> yes, i'll bring it to gertrude stein. she's the only one i trust with my writing. you show my novel to gertrude stein. give it to me. i'll bring it to you if she gets back to spain tomorrow. great. i'm going toge go get i'm going to i can't tell you how excited i am. just give me such a lift at my heart is just racing right now. but what about okay, i'm going to get it then i'll be back in paris is so exciting. oh they're always jealous ofro europe's high gas prices. they marveled at its guaranteed multi week vacation time free government health care and they came to love europe's persistent anti-americanism , er growing hostility to christianity, even its refugees from north africa and theis middle east. liberal journalists fawned over the always brilliant angela merkel in germany. >> if only we could have a leader like her. people in europe is starting to talk about angela merkel as the leader of the free world at the moment. re iamerica has ceded that position. when europeans talk about
12:24 am
the leader of the free world now they talk about angela merkel, not donald trump. she is the most important leader in the free world right now in my estimation. >> noelle, good clue that not worked out so well for germany. the germany she left behindis is not looking so hot today, is because we see the stark truth. europe in many ways is collapsing. its leaders are giving up. it's a total basket case life for normal working people. there is increasingly miserable, awful lot to do. >> look, there's also people who already live on social security. eudunda, who have then also taken the step of getting additional food at the food bank to all of these price increases are paid for by us. >> the small medium business owners, the not that we need to try to not turn on the air conditioning to take the carer last. but still there is an anxiety because you have to think about
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doing things that were normal before. >> so sad. let's review what's happened there in just one month today. ten years after he was considered the savior of italy's currency prime minister mario draghi resigned and parliament dissolved. now to france, where the country there is a total mess with emmanuel macron split government once ridiculed by the elites, marine le pen's national front party nationalon rally party is no longer fringe . it received nearly 42% of the vote last april and last month the party got eighty nine seats in parliament from eight . of course, the uk's bojo boris johnson, who didn't govern as a populist, as a fake populist. he was forced out and yesterday made his final appearance before parliament mission largely accomplished. fanaa hasta la vista, baby . well, brexit was accomplished, but i'm sure he wanted that to happen. and now the euro. well, that'ss in the toilet.
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>> it's actually in parity with the us dollar. and we know europe is completely hapless. it's almost given up vis a vis china. they're not strong or principled 4 f1 news and moves. don't hold your breath there. europe's energy policy that's in tatters because we know that by the greenbacks, which is killing them as we approach cold weather months,y' they're essentially going to be begging vladimir putin for whatever gas he's going to send down that nord stream one pipeline. >> so energy rationing, you heard it in those clips we played earlier is being seriously discussed across the eu. in fact, it just unveiled a new gas rationing plan this week urging all 27 member states to reduce gas demand by 15 percent from august through march. how to use less energy is the new european battlecry.
12:27 am
so we're all supposed to be happy today that i guess russia reopened nord stream one . but we find out it's still not operating at full capacity s or even half capacity. so russia is able to play games with a europe that is not strong enough to defend itself against d russian aggression. now remember how the establishment here derided trump when he went overt to europe and he told the european leaders that they had to become militarily stronger, they had to spend more money on their own military diplomats dumbfounded by president trump's barrage of attacks on nato allies. president trump criticizing our nato allies, attackingki the eu. the trump administration hase. undermined nato . trump has consistently attacked our allies. great t. ll >> now, first of all, let's remember that under the nato agreement, they're supposed to spend two percent of their gdp on their military. okay, pretty much no one doing
12:28 am
that. that's all trump asked them to o do. and of course, who can forgetea the reaction of the european leaders when trump demanded they begin to fulfill all those nato commitments? well, even with all of their problems here, . r economy is still stronger it's still more resilient than europe's now in 2020 one , our gdp was about twenty three trillion dollars or so. the gdp for the entire eu, which has again twenty seven member states, was just over seventeen trillion dollars. and remember, this is important. they haveere more than m one hundred million more people than we have here and our military. it's far bigger and stronger than all of the european union's combined. and we say thank to the u.s. taxpayers for that. we're stillre carrying the europeans on our backs decades and decades after world war two. >> but remember, the left hereef is working overtime to
12:29 am
dismantle both our economy and our military. as the angle demonstrated this week, they don't want us to t be stronger than europe. they want us to be as weakea as europek and essentially folded into that idiotic rules-based international order . now, wele should have learned the hard lesson here. americans are notar going to be saved by europe or the liberal world order. >> china doesn't give a rat's. what about tony blinken rules-based international order . europe can't save itself. >> so we are going to have to save ourselves and that's the angle. all right. a lot of you been asking about the summer gear on laura ingram .com. okay, first of all, it goes to the woodson center, which is a great organization. all the proceedsrg to go to ingram .com. you have the women's polo shirts which are great. i think i have a sweatshirt behind me. we have this awesome sweatshirt. okay, go to lower income .com.
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we have a follow up to last night's angle coming up. i ask an uncomfortable question . >> consider this important announcement for all persons who spent at least 30 days time at camp lejeune, north carolina. if you served as a marine family member or employee contractor and spend at least three days at camp lejeune before nineteen eighty eight , you may be eligible for significant financial compensation called camp lejeune victims to discuss your case now leaking underground tanks contaminated drinking water with benzene and other highly carcinogenic chemicals up to 280 times acceptable levels in some instances, there have been numerous reported cases of exposed individuals developing cancer and other serious health conditions. it is critical to take action and call to discuss your case now. so if you or someone you know spend at least 30 days on base at camp lejeune prior to nineteen eighty eight , call camp lejeune victim to determine your eligibility for financial compensation. >> now, if you don't win, you pay nothing called
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so go to your nearest blackstone retail known to blackstone, a full on the blackstone and now a follow up to last night'sst angle about the dismantling of our military capabilities to be a superpower. the united states needs the following number one , a strong industrial base sond that we aren't dependent on our adversaries for vital items like computer chips, number two ,a patriotic culture so that talented young americans will be willing to commit themselves to the country's defensetr. number three , a functional military that would be nicehr is officers who know how to train young people to fight and win wars. >> which brings me to point number four generals and admirals who are capable of developing and implementing strategies that actually lead to success winning. >> and finally, number five ,y, an economy that promotes innovation so that we can produce weapon of technology
12:36 am
that are unmatched by any adversary and that won't be stolen by them five minutes after we invent them. now, for decades, the u.s. establishment and its supporters in the media have sought to tear down every one of these props to our greatness. they don't want the united states to have b a strong industrial base. >> they want us to be dependent on china and they look down on the idea of having an informed patriotic culture. instead, they teach young people to hate this countryw and we know they don't want a functional military because they encourage woke nonsense every step of the way. well, they certainly don't want effective generals and admirals. they prefer a type of leadership we saw in a afghanistan and they do not want an innovative economy. they want americans to stay home, smoke dope, maybe order from door, dash every now and then. >> so we're headed for humiliation and further military hum defeats if these
12:37 am
trends continue. >> we lost in iraq. we lost in afghanistan. the ccp is on the march throughout asia. things are going to continue until the united states has an economic system and military that once again strike fear into the hearts of our enemies and that means that the currentm establishment must be defeated and that a newew era of patriotc leadership that actually tries to advance us interests must take its place. me now is retired army colonel kurt schlichter. he's also a senior columnist att town hall and author of will be back the fall and rise of america and gordon chang, wetstone institute senior fellow and author of the great us china tech war. >> kurt, let's start with you because more than anything the u.s. is losing its grip on superpower status in part because of the locus of our military and the destruction of patriotic education in our schools. do you think this is being done
12:38 am
on purpose? well, i tend to think that people like the the reasonable anticipated consequences of their actions. they'veci taken the military, which was the most powerful in the world, the united states military. and i was there in the persianhe gulf war in one hundred hours, three american cause annihilated the entire nation's army. it a was a achievement on par with anything that caesar or hannibal alexander had done not anyone studies is free anymore and would know who those people are. and then we kind of gave up and we haven't had an unequivocal victory at that level in about 30 years. ke do they intend to make us weak? what they intend to do is have a military that is much like the rest of our institue that's poorly run, that's focused
12:39 am
on brokenness, its focusat on culture war, that's focused on , you know, maintaining and expanding the power of the people who got us into this mess in the first place. >> so that's not. that's not a military card once the disaster occurred. that's not a military that's like a faculty lounge at swarthmore. okay, so what we're describing a fightings is not force as it's supposed to be constituted. we have great men and womenve who are enlisted men and women and some and some great leaders . butders the people are really running the show. they have to know the it's not work. and gordon, yesterday, china's ambassador to the u.s. gave his thoughts on how to avoid a cold war between our two countries a lot no democracy versus authoritarianism narrative, no geopolitical confrontation, no decouplingti, no supply cop, no arms. only by doing so can we preventp
12:40 am
us china relations fromre slidig into a new cold war. >>wa gordon gordon isn't the translation there? >> don't question us . it certainly is a sort of keep on trading with us. keep us, on supporting our econy ,keep on doing all of these things even though we are killing americans, even though we're stealing our intellectual property to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollarsn per year, even though we maliciously attack your friends and allies. and you know, by the way, one of the first things that president biden did right after he took the oath of office, he actually signed his executive order on xenophobia, which really was the communist party's playbook. this was straight outplay of beijing propaganda masters. p and so, yes, they want to t weaken the united states because that has to be the only result of this. >> and so i have to say you're absolutely right about melkert
12:41 am
. also at the same aspen security forum, the south com commander, general laura richardson, she spoke up about china's military buildup. watch this. what are they going through right now? >> the largest military buildup in history. someone should ask themselves why when they have this very capable military, are they putting and trying to gain access to critical infrastructure in other countries across the planet? china would like to replace the united states. that is their goal and they're well on their way to try to do that. sheld could be my favorite military leader that we have right now. i mean, she spoke she spokel the truth there about what china'sai real aims are. >> well, china is a serious military, laura . the american military is no longer serious when you are saying that your greatest strategic threats are white nationalismay and climate chang, that's a joke. our threats are our enemies.
12:42 am
it's it's north korea. it's iran., i it's russia. real geopolitical threats, not phantoms invented to to allowde our democrat leaders to focus on the the people they want to gain more power over. >> and what this does is nonserious approach the military with all the woke nonsense drives away the traditional american, the rural and suburban young people who makehe the bulk of our military who who provide the real heart and soul of that's what i'm telling you. that's what you're telling menen and women not to join. and that's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking for me because i love the army. >> well, gordon, we heard something from biden about plans in ten days talking to watch toxic the i think i'll
12:43 am
be talking to 75% gordon. this is a setup to removee the tariffs that trump put on chinese goods. >> i fear and certainly otherin things as well. you know, biden had these long conversations with xi jinping and really what we have notn' seen, though, is the united states impose costs on china for conduct, which is just completely unacceptable . >> and you know, biden keeps on issuing these warnings over ukraine over intellectual property theft, over whatever and never does anything about it. so i think that really these conversations serve china'srs purposes by delaying the united states from taking action. you know, this is something that is not only a problem for this administration, but in b previous ones. but right nowut it's especially aggravated for aggravated problem for us . >> no good will come of that conversation. >> that is my prediction. . position of weakness.
12:44 am
current and gordon, great to see both tonight. thanksu so so much. >> thanks for us . over the years, bill gates has bought up hundreds of thousands of acres across the united states. so the question is what does he plan to do with it? and why does he seem to be insulated from any scrutiny? says bill gates must come before congress to explain his true intentions, whether our bathroom is very outdated. it needed an uplift and just the shower alone made it look brand new . renew your bathroom with it, transform your old outdated bathtub into a beautiful walk in shower with local expertise and national support. renew what you can, install your custom shower system in as little as one day. it's our summer savings event. say five hundred dollars on a new bathtub or shower. ask about six months same as cash and receive a one hundred dollar bed, bath and beyond gift card with purchase. but call right now and as a bonus, will double
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she can send that from we're showing the land owned by bill gates throughout the united states in a graphic here, it adds up to almost two hundred and seventy thousand acres. >> you have a lot of land. it's not like mr gates has necessarily embraced the values of our community, of our state, of rural america. that was last month that we brought you the story of bill gates or sneakilyhe buying up twenty one hundred acres of north dakota farmland. and he did it under the cover of a trust that was the latest w in what seems to be kind of a methodical and seemingly calculated push that have now made him the largest private landowner in the united states. so let's take a look at where he's made these purchases. t and as i read, please keep in mind that the average farm size in the united states is four
12:50 am
hundred and forty five acres. so in louisiana he has seventy thousand acres. 48 thousand acres. in arkansas, twenty five thousand seven hundred fifty in arizona. twenty thousand five hundred nebraska and more than one hundred and five thousandd,5 acres across fifteen other states. now, what's strange about this new purchase, though, it coincides with another large purchasepu just 40 miles away that we told you about earlier this week, something which is a ccp company bought more than 300 acres of farmland in grand forks, north dakota. that's just twenty minutes from a us air force base. now, of course, bill gates insists there's no connection between his land grab and china's in the same general region. but it's unclear gen exactly wht gates intends to do with all this land as a result, one republican lawmaker is now demanding answers. congressman john thune of south dakota is asking the house agns committee to hold gates and to testify immediately.
12:51 am
and he joinsns me now. congressman, thanks for joining us tonight. to the chair responded your request yet? >> no, i haven't heard anything yet. >> and honestly, i don't expect we will any time soon. i get the sense from the democrats in congress that they are not anywhere near as concerned about the chinese purchases, the purchases by bill gates as they should be . >> now we know bill gates is into the kind of engineered meat alternative to beef and other livestock he's discussed this at length. and there's a concern that, you know, people want to pull agricultural land out of production. they're already doingt in europe. and here's gates last year, congressman boasting about thise anti beef crusade. >> he's on watch. gates has invested in two companies making plant based meat substitutes, but forming the vegetables used to make many meat alternatives amidst gases as well. so gates is also backing
12:52 am
a company that's created an entirely new food source. this company named refind i is using fungi and then they turn them into sausage and yogurt. >> pretty amazing, congressman. >> this is not where you want to hear fromm the country's biggest farm landowner. sory fungi and i guess insects is that what has come to. well, he may say that sounds pretty amazing. it sounds pretty disgusting. to me. but listen, we can let the free market work. maybe he's got a product. >> it'll end up being great. i kind of doubt it is ever going to be great. american beef. but i think the problem is that he doesn't just want to serve the marketplace. he wants to impose values. yes,l bill gates has said that no american should be eating red meat in fact, he said that in developed countries nobody should be eating beef unless it's grown in a laboratory. he has an interestas in imposing those kind of values and the fact that he's snapping up all of this land makes me curious
12:53 am
what inwh the world he's going o do with it. and is it related to that mission that he's got? >> well, he's obviously a big brainiac, climate change guy and livestock produces methane gas. and so, you m know, they're at war with the beef industry. we all know that. and gates, by the way, took to read it to explain the land grab claiming that it's not connected to climate. the agriculture sector is important l with more productive seeds. we can avoid deforestation to help africa deal with the climate difficulty they already face. >> is this about seeds now, congressman? >> well, listen, maybe it is , i but that's whymp it's important to get bill gates in front of congress. he's a smart guy. he's not going to be scared of answering some of these tough questions. well, we know is the two hundred and seventy thousand acres of farmland, you can growo 50 million bushels of corn there. you can feed thousands upon thousands of cattle. if he were to make a decision
12:54 am
one day that he didn't want to run cattle cattle on that land and if we were toe see a draft, a drop in the herd size in this country that could have a market and significant impact on the price of beef in this country and elsewhere, if we're going to have somebody with that kind of power over the marketplace, congress would not be doing its job if we didn't ask some difficult questions. if we don't have a problem with the ccp buying up that land, i mean, of course the congress is except for youd and a few other not going to have a problem with gates doing it. congressman, we really appreciate it. we'll be following a story. and when you have torc overcompensate for your boss, the resultsr can be just a tad embarrassing. >> the last bite, we'll explain
12:55 am
12:56 am
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12:59 am
>> laura: the country isn't led by a mere mortal, but some godlike figure impervious to heat waves. >> just to add, you guys saw him yesterday. he was in i massachusetts, spoke for 20 minutes in 90-degree weather. it was incredibly hot. 9
1:00 am
he was feeling fine. most of us were looking for water and try not to pass out, the president was delivering remarks on a very important issue of climate change as you also.or >> laura: they seem to be groaning at that. what you back. that is quite the job. that at first it might. remember, it's america now and forever, and greg gutfeld and the gang are next. ♪ ♪ >> carley: fox news alert, near governor colyer candidate and republican congressman lee zeldin getting assaulted on stage at a campaign rally. luckily, he was able to block the attack from striking him with a pointed object until a crowd of supporters were able to jump in and help. that could have ended much worse. you're watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. carley shimkus. >> and i'm going to want to echo the chaos began when a man got on stage yelling your done.


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