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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 22, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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chair liz cheney, a lot to talk about. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. and this week. it's been a busy news week. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is coming up now with five seconds to spare because i'm generous today. >> bret: thank you, santa claus. have a great weekend, bret. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: society enforces rules, so some of us don't become savages. we have cleaner streets now because if you litter you will get slapped with a fine. >> this burrito is delicious but it is filling. >> whoa. >> batman. >> if you take a book out from the library, you have to bring it back. >> you think because you are a celebrity that somehow the law doesn't apply to you, that you
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are above the law? >> certainly not. >> let me tell you something, funny boy. you know that little stamp the one that says new york public library. that may not mean anything to you but that means a lot to me. one whole hell of a lot. >> none of these rules would matter if there weren't any consequences. it's common sense. but the idea of if you can't do the time don't do the crime is dead. nobody does time anymore. back in 2015, gang banger andrew catch chew gunned a man down during a robbery. the victim was held down onto the ground and shot twice in the back. catch chow was sentenced to 50 years in prison. but because it's california he only served six and got out last fall. fox obtained a jailhouse recording of a phone call between catch chew and his mom. when they found out the soft on crime l.a. district attorney was getting involved george gascon. >> you know that was? and you know who that was?
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who is it. >> gascon's special adviser, oh my god. she has been studying your case. oh my god. she looked at me like girl, i got you, you know by letting him out early california is saying murder isn't that big of a deal. that message is heard loud and clear in the underworld because the gang banger never faced real consequences he was arrested again this week for evaghtd arrest, possession of a firearm and driving drunk. i don't think he was on the way to church. probably be out again by monday. at least we got his mugshot. he must not have the same kind of connections as pappa paulie p. last month two men were arrested with enough fentanyl to kill the entire city of houston. 150,000 pills. congressional sources tell "primetime" that these two drug traffickers were illegal aliens, but california is a sanctuary
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state. you are not even allowed to ask if a suspect is a foreign national. in most states you hold them until ice picks them up and sends them back home. not in california. they were classified as low risk and let out just hours later and they were scheduled to appear in court yesterday they didn't show up. we knew it would happen. >> you can break into our country and kill our people with poison pills, get arrested and just walk free. these two dealers are never going to show up to the hearing. they are free to sell more death. >> jesse: last night in new york a man with a sharp weapon charged the stage and attacked republican congressman lee zeldin who is running for governor. watch. >> there is only one option. >> what is he doing? >> you are done. you are done. >> whoa. >> the attacker was taken down
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by a group of bystanders and started screaming like a lunatic. >> everybody back. [shouting] [bleep] >> tie him up. >> tie my ankles and my wrist. >> can you walk or no? >> he can walk. >> get him in the car. >> attacking a member of congress is very serious. he said you are done and then tried to stab him. that guy is going to sit in jail for a while, right? wrong. he was let out without bail just a few hours later. walking around out and about now, probably ordering pizza. this is a signal to assassins, you attack a republican politician in new york and you will be out before dinner. msnbc didn't even think an attempt on the life of a congressman was news worthy. they only covered the story once for 36 seconds at 5:00 a.m.
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which is odd because by the left's own standard new york governor kathy hochul incited this attack. hours before the attack mobile sent out details about when and where zeldin would be campaigning accusing the congressman of working with extremist groups and peddling lies and misinformation. will there be an investigation into kathy hochul's emails inciting an attack political opponent serious. something you would see in banana republic. isn't that what we have been told every day for a year? intimidation and mob justice is part of the left wing playbook. the white house loves when protesters surround supreme court justices' homes and when an armed assassin dross crossed the country to kill kavanaugh the media buried the story and liberal politicians ignored. it is that what schumer meant when he said kavanaugh was going to, quote: pay the price? >> i want to tell you, kavanaugh. you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price.
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[cheers] you won't know what hit you. >> jesse: when a leftist group put out cash bounties for the locations of supreme court justices. we wanted to give democrats a chance to condemn it. but when our reporter reached liz warren she slammed the door in our face. >> senator, an activist group is offering to pay people if they send in the locations of justices. do you think that this has gone too far at this point? >> jesse: and the democrats want the streets to do their dirty work. just ask antifa. criminals get a pass as long as they attack the right person. criminals are actually victims of a racist justice system so they can't even be punished at all. criminals get bailed out by the biden-harris ticket for burning down businesses. and when illegal immigrants commit crimes, democrats let them escape into the very shadows they claim to want them
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to come out of. meanwhile, it's open season on law-abiding citizens whether you are a bodega owner, a kyle rittenhouse, or a republican running for governor. wherever the left is in charge, they will not protect you. the democrats are accessories to these crimes. and that's by design. allison esposito running for lieutenant governor in new york alongside lee zeldin and worked for the police department for over 20 years and she was there on stage during that attack. allison, tell us what happened exactly there. >> good evening, jesse. how are you? thank you so much for having me. i apologize for the noise. i'm here at the lewis county fair. we have been hitting different locations around the state. and last night i can't explain. i'm almost at a loss for words what i saw happen. almost 25 years with the new york city city police department and i have seen my fair share of cops get injured and go down. i have lost partners.
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i have lost friends. last night i saw a man get on stage and attempt to stab my partner, my running mate lee zeldin who is on a rescue mission, if you will, to save this state. i saw the man get on the stage. he approached congressman zeldin. he extended his arm in his hand was a sort of brass knuckles with two daggers protruding from his fingers. he took a swipe at the upper portion of congressman zeldin by the neck area. and he repeatedly said "you're done. you're done. you're done." now congressman zeldin was absolutely fantastic. he immediately he regarded his military training. he grant man's wrist and he held until reinforcement could come. i was below him. i grabbed the gentleman from below. security came onto the stage, grabbed him from up top and we were able to wrestle him down and get the weapon out of his hand. thankfully, no one was seriously
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injured in this incident, but it's completely unacceptable that the rule of law is -- has gone by the wayside in this state and this country. >> jesse: and it looks like if he hadn't had his arm against the guy's wrist that blade could have punctured his lung right there. what's been the reaction or your interpretation of the reaction from the media, from the democrats that you are running against, hours after this -- you could almost call it an assassination attempt or at least an attack. >> you could absolutely call it an assassination attempt. this individual got on the stage and went right for the congressman's neck. and what i'm hearing from the left is basically silence. i have heard that it was only a small dagger or it was -- it looked like a kitty cat, how much damage could it have done. >> jesse: small dagger. >> run the gamut. i swear to god.
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>> jesse: just a sick shooter, samurai sword. brass knuckles, isn't that the prosecution said in the kyle rittenhouse. everybody just takes a punch sometimes. everybody take as beating. i'm glad you were there. >> exactly. >> and everybody else was there to make sure that guy didn't go any further. and we expect more from your opponent and from the media in new york and to cover this carefully and with the attention it deserves. thank you so much. >> absolutely. thank you so much. >> jesse: let's now turn to buck sexton co-host of the clay travis and buck sexton's show. you react to what you saw on stage there or anything else that we talked about at the top of the monologue. >> one thing that's remarkable, jesse is that you had lee zeldin who is running to change the bail reform law. he is talking among other things, is he talking about bail reform. he is attacked by a guy on stage. he immediately tweets out, zeldin does, this guy is
4:11 pm
probably going to be out in a couple of hours and then the guy is out in a couple of hours. this is almost like one big time for why the catch and release system that we have right now has led to so many problems. not just in new york city and new york state, but in every place across the country that has tried to implement these end mass incarceration policies. that's the phrase they use. but it really just means stop locking up criminals. let people get arrested 100 times. 130 times for shoplifting and keep letting them out, giving them minimal sentences. making sure that we don't actually overincarcerate career criminals. this is just yet another reason why i pray that new yorkers wake up and vote for lee zeldin over hochul coming up it's not going to change with these democrats in charge. >> jesse: can you explain to me, buck, how you can attempt to stab a member of congress in the neck with a sharp blade and you can walk out of jail just a few hours later but did you call aoc
4:12 pm
a spicy latina, she wants to throw you in gitmo. does that make any sense to you? >> well, i mean, also look at some of the nonviolent january 6th defendants now going on in some cases 18 months in solitary confinement and no one believes that they committed any violent crime or even tried to commit a violent crime. meanwhile, here is he a guy who, yeah, he has this strange implement to self-defense and goes up and tries to assault a sitting member of congress running for governor. but the prosecutor in this case charged him with attempted assault. didn't actually rise to the felony level. and this is another problem you see. where he would have been held in custody, could have been held in custody. the problem is that they keep on doing everything possible from the top down, including prosecutors' offices to make it so that crime is not punished. crime that upsets democrats, that upsets the biden regime in
4:13 pm
political in nature that to your point send to you gitmo. lock you up and throw away the key. everyday folks and then also people like lee zeldin a politician running for office know that they can't actually trust in the criminal justice system because it's overrun with these soros-backed progressive prosecutors and their ideas. ideas like if we just keep letting criminals out, maybe they will stop being criminals. if we are nicer to them. we tried this experiment and it has failed. >> yeah. you have to protect your own self. if you live anywhere near some of these democrat governors with these wacky laws. all right. buck sexton thanks as always on a friday. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: there is some very strange things happening with joe biden's covid situation. that's next. ♪ flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through.
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>> jesse: biden's covid diagnosis yesterday put the white house press office in a total panic. it was obvious they weren't prepared. but the french binder reader did manage to stick to three main talking points. the president is quadrupled vaxxed so his symptoms are mild. we knew this was probably happen. and biden is still at work for the american people. they even tweeted out this photo of him sitting at his desk strong and healthy. now, for some reason, the "primetime" team thought this all sounded vaguely familiar. where did we hear this before? oh, and then it dawned on us, watch this. >> i think we have been preparing or they have been preparing for this probably for several months now. given that the people in the country who have tested positive. what they need to do over the next couple of days is show him working and show him still
4:20 pm
active and serving his president and i'm certain they will likely do that what is hugely important here is the reason he is having mild symptoms is because he was boosted twice. >> jesse: that was former white house press secretary jen psaki gilg an interview to msnbc hours before yesterday's press briefing. now, is it just me or does it seem like jen told the white house exactly what to do? i mean, they ended up mimicking everything she said. they have been taking her advice very seriously, making sick biden work like a dog. >> i apologize for my voice. i'm feeling much better than i sound. i have been working to make sure that when the price of oil comes down the price at the pump comes down as well and comes down in realtime. >> sir, how do you feel? >> jesse: this literally looks like a hostage video. is he facetiming from an ipad
4:21 pm
touch? poor guy probably just want to rest in bed with some ice cream but instead his handlers have him working in the basement harder than he works when he is healthy. they say he is fine. he is feeling good. heck, he even cleaned his plate during breakfast. >> and as you all saw just a few minutes ago the president is doing better. he slept well last night. he ate his breakfast and lunch. [laughter] >> fully. he showed me his plate. >> jesse: we're happy biden ate his breakfast like a little boy. he needs the energy because every single day someone else eats his lunch. we need to hear from his doctor. how is the president really doing? the man is the leader of the free world and to be frank, is he really old. so it would be reassuring to the american people if we could hear straight from his doctor. we're tired of getting updates from everybody except his doctor. our own jacqui heinrich tried to get some answers today but the french woman became quite
4:22 pm
feisty, watch. >> why are we not hearing from dr. o'connor on. this yes you have. you heard from the letter directly. we are not playing telephone you are hearing directly from the physician. yes, it is. i mean, that is hearing directly from in his words in his words you are hearing directly from dr. o'connor as i read out. but i'm answering your colleague's question here so give me the second to do that. thank you. >> jesse: it's obvious the white house is putting a lot of effort into protecting biden's public image. they want him to see strong like an ox but it's not working. >> the white house announced president biden has a mild case of covid. on the bright side it's the first positive news biden has gotten in months. but, acourtedding to the white house biden is feeling pretty good for a 300-year-old man. [laughter] >> he couldn't get climate change action. he couldn't get free community college. he couldn't get tax hikes on the rich. but it turns out there is one
4:23 pm
thing he could get. >> jesse: while the biden white house muzzles the president's doctor they are more worried about the political fallout of this sickness. this is going to be a huge week for the administration and the party ahead of the midterms. biden was supposed to go to pennsylvania yesterday where a senate seat is up for grabs. and give a big speech and make it rain at a fundraiser. that was scrapped. and then on monday, biden was set to take a trip to florida for his first midterm rally. i'm not sure if they are still going to be honking horns in the cars anymore. but that was a big deal. not going anymore. and on top of that, we are hearing chatter the democrat may use this as an excuse for biden not to run in 2024. they are saying he could have long covid providing a medically graceful exit. this is bad news for team biden. the political shark was smell blood and they are circling. we told you yesterday that suddenly michelle obama and hillary clinton are back in the headlines. not a coincidence. they are very powerful people
4:24 pm
who want joe out of the white house. no question biden is getting hit where it hurts. and leave it to china to pour salt in the wound. apparently xi jinping wished out of to biden to wish him a speedy recovery. like o.j. sending well-wishes to nicole's family. okay, well, maybe that's being a little dramatic after all biden has said that he and xi are old pals. >> america is a nation that can be defined in a single word, foot -- excuse me the foothills of the himalayas with xi jinping traveling with him -- traveled 17,000 miles when i was vice president. i don't know that for a fact. >> jesse: michele bachmann is the dean of the robertson school regent university. all right, michelle, how do you think the biden white house is handling the president's covid quarantine? >> well, i think they are actually pretty excited about
4:25 pm
the covid quarantine. on the one hand they want to make sure that he is tough as a bull, looking like he is tough as a bull. that's always been an impossible task. it will never work because he is a cardboard cutout president in a shadow presidency. and now at this point the left has decided he is -- he is damaged goods. they don't want him around. and so this is actually pretty convenient. i agree with that analysis. this may beth way out for the progressive left for independence, for the right, nobody wants this guy in 2024. and this may be it. when the doctors stands up and speaks to the president of the united states. it's always a 4-year-old saying he cleaned his plate this morning for breakfast. he cleaned his plate at lunchtime. i guess he gets another ice cream. he gets another cookie. the whole thing be is embarrassing. you wouldn't say this about a grown adult who is in charge of his faculties and who is in charge of the nation. that's always been the big
4:26 pm
story, jesse. we all know he is not in charge of the nation. we don't know who is. there is a few people that are having a good time behind the scenes playing president of the united states. the one thing we do know it's not the guy who was just diagnosed with covid. >> jesse: i couldn't agree more. michele bachmann, thanks as always for joining us. >> thank you. >> jesse: 14 years ago the world learned a very important lesson from the joker. >> if you are good at something, never do it for free. >> jesse: well, anthony fauci must have been paying half attention because despite being incredibly bad at his job, the good doctor is getting paid handsomely to be the head of the nanid. you probably know by now he makes more than the president raking in more 480 grand a year that's on top of the royalties from big pharma he won't disclose. according to a watchdog group
4:27 pm
open the books by the time he retires at the end of biden's first term he could make as much as $530,000 in his final year. that's a lot of money. the guy who helped fund the gain of function and the sloppy chinese lab. you know the lab that let loose the virus killed million shut down our world and crushed the economy. he is also the highest paid employee by a mile. what about after he retires. tony has a nice fat pension waiting for him. open the books first year pay out$414,000. still more than the president's salary. does he deserve a golden parachute that big? no. given his track record maybe it's better for the country that we pay him not to work. hunter biden's marriage is reportedly on the rocks. who could have seen that coming? and, the pelosi family's behavior gets even shadier. ♪
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> jesse: major anxiety in the biden family tonight as we are learning the federal investigation into hunter biden is putting hunter's marriage on the rocks. page 6 is reporting the couple is frustrated by the around the clock secret service detail. sources saying hunter's wife is tired of being locked down in her malibu home while her husband awaits potential criminal charges. this comes just days after we learn prosecutors in delaware reached a critical stage in their investigation ghens against hunter's tax foreign lobby tax violation just as charges are about to rain down hunter's wife seems red i don'ty to bail on him. the couple met in 2019 marrying just six days later. surprised the whole family. sources say hunter is south african wife was, quote, whisked
4:34 pm
off her feet when she met him. she thought she was marrying a prince from a great person family and lived a charmed life with him. but she realized pretty quickly that marrying into the biden family isn't all it's cracked up to be. she describes hunter as a, quote, train wreck making life with him very hard. sounds like a lot of regret. this might all explain her recent get away alone to brazil where she was schmoozing it up on the beach while hunter stayed home finger painting her, doing whatever he does alone in his house. let's turn to "new york post" investigative reporter john lavigne. all right, john, what do we have here? >> well, you know, i kind of feel bad for this woman in some way, jesse, here he is 2019, she thinks she is marrying into this historic american family. she thinks she is sort of joining the second camelot and then i feel like she is has just probably opened her eyes and
4:35 pm
over to the side of the bed oh my god, what have i done? and so and you, you know, you have to remember even before the justice department investigation, hunter would have been a very, very difficult person to be married to. he had a long history of drugs and alcohol abuse and emotional abuse towards his previous relationships. and she has only known him during the period of the investigation, which, as you said, it started in 2018. so, this has been going on for years. the investigation and we now know that it has -- it doesn't -- originally was about taxes but now we know that it involved potentially much more sprawling and potentially involves money laundering. potentially involves violations of foreign lobbying rules and who knows what else more. it is coming to a head. >> jesse: it's interesting, you are right. in 2019 you i are thinking you are marrying into the biden family. if he wins the white house, you are going to be on air force one. you are going to be at state dinners, you are going to be at
4:36 pm
camp david. life is going to be great. but, you married hunter and then all of a sudden the laptop surfaces, is he under federal investigation and videos of him smoking crack naked with escorts are all over the internet. and you are locked down. i mean, that is really a rude awakening. but you know what, john, when you only know someone for six days. things like this happen. >> it was a real shock gun wedding and, you know, hunter describes it in his book in this sort of very fairy tale fantasies ways that they met and it was just -- he swept her off her feet or vice versa. she was very forgiving and very understanding of the drug use. but, you know, clearly, this is not what she signed up for. and as you said, she is now a virtual prisoner in that 20,000 square foot home in malibu. where hunter has been told toe stay out of sight. the post got some fabulous photos of hunter with their younger son, with their son bo
4:37 pm
jr. but if you don't see him much. he doesn't emerge from that house much because while the investigation is ongoing, they are on lockdown. they have been told not to show themselves. >> jesse: all right. well, we wish hunter well. let's just put it that way. thank you so much, john. >> thanks for having me. >> jesse: nancy pelosi is feeling the heat from fellow democrats. last night we told you about the behind the scenes plan by democrats to jam fancy nancy into scheduling a bill that would ban stock trading for members of congress. but since nancy is just not budging, democrats feel like they are out of options. she obviously wants the bill dead. and this comes just as her husband slashed like five mill in a chip company called nvidia before a $52 billion chip bill passed the senate making its way to the house. the pelosi household has always had a history of perfectly timed stock trades. nancy wants us to think that pappa paulie p. is just the
4:38 pm
luckiest guy in napa. nancy would never get involved in pillow talk, right? but nancy is not worried. she has got an ace up her sleeve and she is stacking the deck in her favor. you see, we joust swore in a new sec commissioner this week. his name is jamie, he also just happens to be a former senior adviser to nancy pelosi. he worked for nancy for nearly 15 years. here is nancy in may singing jamie's praises to the senate. >> it is my privilege to introduce a devoted champion of working families. a respected expert on financial services and a lifelong public servant. he is brilliant strategic mind, wide ranging expertise and unending compassion have been essential to much of the work of the congress. and if confirmed as a commissioner, he will be an invaluable asset to the securities and exchange commission and its independent work: high may, the senate
4:39 pm
bought it look, like and singer. going to be in charge of all insider trading investigations. i have got to hand it to nancy. she is always one step ahead. what if i was to blame the rise in shark attacks on democrats? would you say come on, waters, you have gone too far. you have got to be fair. but, wait. it's actually true. ♪ age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. and if you're taking a multivitamin alone, you may be missing a critical piece. preservision. preservision areds 2 contains the only clinically proven nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. "preservision is backed by 20 years of clinical studies" "and its from the eye experts at bausch and lomb" so, ask your doctor about adding preservision. and fill in a missing piece of your plan. like i did with preservision"
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>> jesse: here at "primetime" big fans of greek mythology. he cheated death twice. roll a giant bolder up the hill for eternity. every day he would roll that bolder up the hill only to watch it roll back down. a new version of this story is playing out in san francisco. the city is treating business owners like sis ifhus. every night they graffiti his restaurant and every day he is
4:45 pm
forced to paint it over. otherwise the city hits him with a fine. >> this is what i have to deal with every day. i repaint the building. come in next day, get all this graffiti and, guess what? [bleep] tax by the city of san francisco tell me to clean this up right away otherwise they give me a ticket and i'm going to repaint it and guess what can happen? [bleep] graffiti again next day. every single time. so, what the [bleep] they want me to do? >> jesse: instead of punishing the punks who track his business, they hit him with a ticket. each one worth $362 a pop. which has to be the pettiest number officials could come up with. for guys like sisyphus instead of a bolder and mountain he was a squeegee and bucket. we all love a good beach day,
4:46 pm
building sand castles with your kids, dipping your toes in the water. this summer not all rainbows and butterflies. you better watch out. [screams. >> jesse: may not be as democrat dramatic as that shark attacks way up. 25 shark attacks this year. getting especially bad in new york. just in the past three weeks, six people have been bitten by sharks. and we may have found someone who blame for it. democrats. you see back in 2019, new york state legislature passed a bill to protect a non-endangered fish. a sardine, actually, which happens to be a major food source for sharks. how did they think this would end? the original sponsor of the bill, democrats state assemblyman steve engel bright claims he never saw this coming.
4:47 pm
quote: imi'm not sure that one can predict there would be the seriousness that this has become. but, overall, the bill is having positive results. i don't know, steve. this doesn't look too positive to me. i don't know about you, but i'm not trying to be shark food this summer. >> hey, everybody. >> don't go anywhere. sink or swim with joe concha and jessica tarlov is up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: last week she crushed phil who now joins at the bottom of the sea. fox's jerry own jessica tarlov are you guys ready? >> very ready. >> i been ready for this my whole life coach. >> jesse: the jordan green dream what comedian has had it with the left's agenda calling it a scam to bankrupt farmers and steal their land. it was a bill marr or was it russell brand? he changed it, both with russell brand let's see what the answer is. >> the whole fertilizer situation is a scam they presented as a green ideology it isn't to get the farmers to behave in an organic responsible ecologically manner. no, far from it it's to bankrupt the farmers. >> jesse: that was a close call i saw you go on like this.
4:54 pm
okay we have a tie ball game moving on. as a category. what elderly gentle men sundown retirement boomers saying this. there are no were the world retirement came and i'm not going to retire i may step down for my current position at some time. was it warren buffett or anthony fauci? you are going with warren buffett. the oracle from omaha and you were going with dr. fauci. this is a big one that see it. >> i don't know where the word retirement came in. i may step down from my position. >> jesse: jessica did not get the anthony fauci question that's gonna hurt. you should know everything about the good doctor. all right stop lording it over her this is still a game here for the next category and flagrant foul. what nba star with a history of
4:55 pm
questionable comments had some choice words the people of boston. describing the city's fans as racist as f with a lebron james or was it sir charles barkley? both going with lebron james. is it a trick question? >> jesse: do you agree with that change? >> that's illegal but i'm still gonna go with it. all right he's going with chuck what is the answer? >> why do you hate boston? >> they racist as a [bleep]. >> jesse: you never let someone touch a paddle. >> he wanted that to happen first of all. >> that's what she said. speak for now it's tied we were really close game and a category whose courtroom culture is it anyway? >> jesse: this pop star hasn't had a hit in quite some time now
4:56 pm
her new music video she is being accused of cultural approach creation is a gwen stefani or mariah carey? >> mariah carey. >> jesse: she is preventing you from cheating. [laughs] and you are going with gwen stefani? this is big what is it? ♪ ♪ >> jesse: you held up mariah. >> am i the only perfect score on this and put up a mark >> she touched a paddle she's in a league of her own. >> jesse: will have the judges review the paddle touching. jessica is up one is at the win for jessica? do we even need to continue? you held up the wrong side of the paddle and accost himself the game. >> i think so. [laughs]
4:57 pm
's before your very confused this game. >> jesse: you look like gavin newsom over there. we have an award for jessica she wins johnny for the day. johnny, my assistant you get him all day long from morning until night. >> johnny is not an item to be passed around. we will go out for a cocktail and i will buy it. >> jesse: we are human trafficking johnny. >> that's only $24 each. >> jesse: congratulations jessica. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: we had a little controversy yesterday with my new hairstyle and went to the barber he cut it any style styled it like that very slick and i came to work with like that. we told you is want to know if you like the slick look for the processional parts of a side
4:58 pm
thing and the audience has responded 82% of you guys like the pat riley gavin newsom look. i'm not sure if a mistake with the audience ask you don't care all the audience rock and back anymore because the wife didn't like it that much and it's very important. let's do some text messages. it reminds her of the godfather i think this new look suits you the hair slicked back just like the godfather. your original hairstyle is better than the slicked back you look like newsom drives me crazy i got a good way? are not so good? russell says can you talk to selden and to staging recount of the attack? i'm hoping that it's on par with
4:59 pm
aoc. we have jenny from michigan such a good well behave a b boy he drank his milk and ate his food and went to sleep early he deserves ice cream and gold star. such a good little boy joe. cynthia from new jersey want to president jill biden's press, say it look like it was filmed in the 70s show. we don't know that was. if it's the basement or if the situation room we've never seen that room before but we do know they have a lot of fake sets in the joe biden white house so maybe we will find out but we do when you hear from his doctor. that will be nice. shouldn't joe biden be resting not working? well of course he should that's because they're so defensive and insecure about his work ethic at his age death to make them work harder than he ever has even though he is sick as a dog. mickey, what is mickey say? mickey says that i'm calling shenanigans on jessica sink or
5:00 pm
swim victory she touched his paddle. apparently it was consensual she said yes you can touch his paddle and he agreed to it we reviewed the tape i'm sorry. he lost fair and square. thanks much for watching dvr the showed tucker is up next and always a member i'm jesse watters and this is my ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" the hallmark of any authoritarian virginian's politicized justice under that your opponents go to jail and her supporters can do whatever they want. this revealed to the state not to serve the people who live in it, but to dissent. we've reached a point anywhere near that here in the united states is or something worse than that for scarier or harder


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