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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 22, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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so good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. >> tonight, the hallmark of any authoritarian regime is politicized justice. under that system, h your opponents go to jail, whatyour supporters can do whatever they want. and this reveals that sta the se exists not to serve the people who live in it, but to preserve itself and to crush all dissent. hate to think we've reached a point anywhere nearchne that e in the united states because there's nothing worse than that
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or scary or harder to fix. but in fact, we have reached that point. that's where we are. le yesterday, forap example, a man leaped on stage atev a campaign event and tried to stab lee o zeldin xeljanz, a sitting member of congress. he's challenging the unelected incumbent kathy hochul in the governor's race in new york . so ordinarily attempting to assassinate a federal officeholder would be considered a big deal . but lee zeldin is a republican , so it's not a big anymore. the man who tried to murder leee zeldin was released immediatelys with no bail. >> less than twenty four hours y co later by contrast, former trump advisor steve bannon was c convicted of crimes until recently were not crimes at all for which he now faces a prison term of two years. bannon has been declared guilty of something called contempt of congress that may strike you as an unintentionally hilarious term since most of the time congress invites our contempt. but the point is this is a crime the democrats are not convicted of ever attorney general eric holder and irs
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executive lois lerner were oncet found to be in contempt of congress, both of them and for real crimes. and holder's case was gunrunning in mexico and lerner's case was targeting conservatives for audits con. but neither one went to trial. holder claimed executive privilege, which was enoughti even after a judge ruled that executive privilege did not apply in eric holder's case. but it didn't matter. he walked. lois lerner cited the fifth o amendment. itf was as simple as that. both of them today lerner and holder are free and richer than ever. but these standards do notnn apply to steve bannon. steve bannon was subpoenaedoe by the january 6th committee despite the fact he had literally nothing to do with january six . we know that because he left the white house three years beforere that happened, but it didn't matter. he annoyed the wrong people. so he's going to jail now. >> this shouldn't surprise you really, because we building toward this moment for some time. >> you might recall gregg craig, that would be barack obama's former white house counsel. he was acquitted of violating
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the foreign agents registration act. >> fara back in 2019. he'd been working for ukraine now at almost exactly the same moment. paul manafort s, who hired greg craig to work on ukraine, was convicted of violating the same law. fara on the same account for ukraine. how does that work exactly? it seems like a double standardb and it is a doublee standard, but it's a consistent standard. >> we've seen it again and again and again. former clinton attorney michael sussmann was just acquitted by a dc jury for lying to the fbi. >> that happened in may. the theory was that really who knows what michael sussmann told the fbi about non-existent russian servers fbi? >> trump tower. okay,ok as longay using thatll theory, does it work for everyone? well, it didn't work for george poppit topolice didn'tp work for michael flynn. on the other hand , neither one of those guys had a key l card to fbi headquarters like michael sussmann did and that came in handy, that relationship. but mike flynn didn't have that
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relationship. his life was destroyed. why? because ofbe handwritten notes by peter struck. you can now see on msnbc, but their conversation in the white house about russian sanctions get him to lie. >> the head of counterintelligence, the fbi wrote to struck speaking of flynn. so on the basis that the setup they hounded mike flynn into poverty. >> the same thing happened in. george papadopoulos papadopoulos crime not beingno as forthcoming as possible about his job status with the trump campaign unpaid. that's's what the doj told the court in a filing, quote, the defendant did not provide substantial assistance. >> oh, that's the standard. so papadopoulos went to prison . so did the 69 year old grandmother recently called pam hemphill. she's currently serving a two month sentence in federal prison. why? becauseurre p paraded in the capital on january six didn't hurt anyone d . >> she's got breast cancer.
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she's going to prison. a judge in washington, no problem issuing that sentence at exactly the same moment. u.s. attorney for dc dropped all charges against stephen colbert's production crew for doing the same thing. but worse. >> so stephen colbert's team may have lied to federal authorities when they said they'd stay out of restricted areas, but they didn't lie to federal authorities quite the same way, apparently. >> and of course, they had the right politics. unlike roger stone, roger, don't get a three year prisond sentence. a swat team show up at his house at dawn with a cnn crew in tow tipped off by the ojustice for maximumis humiliation. what was this crime? no one can remember because it wasn't one .so so if you've been paying any attention at all to our justice system, particularly under merrick garland, you had some sense of where this was going. it is moving toward the authoritarian system we now have where justice is an illusion, offend the people in charge, get punished, support the people in charge. doer whatever you want.
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still, even knowing that today's conviction of steve bannon is an escalation, thereti was nota even a pretense in his trial that the prosecution of steve bannon was lawful. so the constitution requires equal protection. heard that phrase. that means that selective prosecution is not allowed. it's unconstitutional. ifou you don't try one person fr a crime, you don't get to charge another person for the same crime because that's selective, it's political . but under merrick garland, g that's the new rule. offenders go to jail at hisay trial, steve bannon was not permitted to say that his attorneys had counseled him against bending the knee. the january 6th committee. he couldn't even say that, nor was he allowed to argue hisco subpoena was legally invalid. >> why couldn't he argue that all steve bannon was allowed to do is shut up, yet remain silent and await his conviction. and that's what he did outside today, steveurt bannon pointed out that he subpoenaed members of the january 6th committee to testify at his trial. why can't you face
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your accusers? isn't that guaranteed under our system? not nur this case, because havig the january committee members show up would expose them to the one thing they cannot tolerate, which is cross-examination. so they refused-e. >> i want to thank the jury for what after they did the judge, e particularly the court administration here, everybody, i only have one disappointmenton and that is the gutless members of that show trial committee. the justice committee didn't have the guts to come down here and testify in open court. >> did you expect liz cheney and adam kinzingerec to show up? they don't have to testify. >> then i'll do anything i don't want to do. they can sendth their enemies to jail. >> so their behavior is really not that surprising because the january. 6th committee itself does not allow cross-examination during its hearings. you may have noticed this. it doesn't even allow the identification of many
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witnesses. they do it anonymously. how do you define show trial? that's how you define show trial. so these are not hearings in any recognizable sense. this is a show trial that is exactly what it is .mm it's not over statement. the committee did not allow the cross-examination of former white house aide cassity hutchinson, for example, even after she made claims that were insane, they made no sense. she claimed that donald trump tried carjack his ownav presidential limo and drive it to the capital . >> so if she'd been cross-examined, which in any hearing hearing is permitted under the western system of justice, not the woke system of justice that liz cheney has brought us , but are the conventional system that all of us grew up with . you would have a cross-examination and someone might have pointed out that the secret service agents in that limo denied her account. but if you were watching on msnbc or cnn, whichn is taking this propaganda lieg and then brags about it, we're
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doing the bidding of the state. >> we'rere so proud. li we're calling it journalism. we've refused to do that because we have dignity and we're not liars unlike them. but if you're watching us on those hills, you have no idea that the secret service deniedt the account. the secret service was never contacted by liz cheney or adam kinzinger before the testimony. and that's bizarrere because if the committee wanted to get to the truth of the trump grab the wheel of the limo t allegation, they would have talked to people who were there, but they didn't. republicans, if they'd been allowed to cross-examine, if they demanded to cross-examine. we're not defending republicans. they've fallen downthalle a job. that's an understatement. butt if someone had been allowed to ask adult questions of the witness , we might have learned what cnn viewers will never know. and that's hutchinson reportedly tried to get a job at mar a lago afterward, but none of that was allowed. this is pure propaganda. it's been going on for months now. last night t, january six ,
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committee put on testimony from an anonymous official. an anonymousne a official claiming that secret service agents assigned to mike pence were using their radios to tell their families goodbye from the deck of the titanic because they assumed they would die in the capitol because some guy and viking horns on mushrooms was spitting and round in circles and talking about peace. >> they were so afraid. >> watch this nonsense. the people at the time were starting to do for their ownli much, do a lot of yelling, a lot a lot of very personal calls over the radio. so it was disturbing, but there were calls to say goodbye to family members, 100% billion for whatever the reason was on the ground. the people thought that thison was about to get ugly. >> it's just absolutely shameful.
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absolutely shameful thatef the other channels played thisul without pushing back in even the mild way. oh, it's news. it's not news. and your job in journalismeo is to hold the powerful accountable. it's not to doo their bidding r put their lives on tv unedited in primetime, which is what every other channel has done except fox news. and we are proud of that. >>ho we should be ashamed. yeah, you should be ashamed. but there was no cross-examination allowed in any of this because this committee w would not allow it, no rebuttal of any kind. so of course, there was no inquiry as to why a capitol hill police officer with a document and history of f recklessly mishandling firearms shot an unarmed woman in the neck, an air force veteran. >>e he shot her in the neck. why not allowed to ask what happened to those thousands ofur hours of surveillance footageve why can't we see those now? you're notot allowed even to ask why we're not allowed to see
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them. we can't know why police are on video letting people into the capitol complex on january 6th. why is that? not allowed to ask? and this is going to continue. as adam kinzinger said, this charade, which really does corrode the heart of our system . this will continue all the way to the midterms because as kinzinger was dumb enough to say the quiet part out loud, he admitted this is a political exercise once this investigation is not winding down, we may be towards the end of this tranche of hearings. we may have more hearings in the future and the investigation is still ongoing . so we're we're getting to the bottom of what we need to kknow. yeah, okay, we're getting to a the bottom. actually , you're preventingu ei legitimate obvious questions from being asked and just in point of fact, no matter how long these hearings go on,
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they can go on forever. and adam kinzinger will still be sad, tormented, tiny man with a miserable personal life. so, you know, that's some comfort. but the prosecutors here working for kinzinger and cheney and the rest of this committee, just like the school boardsro, the teachers unions last year worked in tandem with the justice department to punish the enemies of the democratic party. what is that?t well, t it's the single greatest threat to the rule of law in the history of the united states. that's true. steve bannon is the former white house chief strategist. he's also the host of the worm. and as we just told you, he's just been convicted of two crimes. steve bannon, thanks so much for coming on . you can't kind of help butic notice that you were convicted of a crime which is not actually a crime most of the time in washington or everhe within the same twenty four hour period is a guy who tried to murder a gubernatorial candidate in new york , was released with no bail. what are we to make of these two events occurring the same day? >> well, as you can tell,
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the democrats are completely lawless and look how they've run this committee. there's no rankingis member, there's no minority counsel. it's's not like the traditional hearingslv that have galvanized a nation in the past. and tucker, i think it's one of the reasons that itt hasn't i really had that big an impact. t you know, when they interviewed the people on the trial, i think almost alle the workino class people didn't even know it wasw going on your showbe with people like darren, beadie and revolver. you've done actually moreep original reporting on what we've got to get to the bottom of it. look, we need a commission or committee on january six . it's got to be with the new congress, with republicans ine charge. we've got toll get to the bottom of the intelligence failures. fbi involvement, dhs involvement, the intelligence services. what happened to the pentagond and the national guard, all of this, ashleigh, babbette, allf. this. g we have to get to the bottom of it and people are going to get to the bottom of even to the fact of some of the testimony that was givenfe by staffers in montreal. you know, we wanted it decision makers to come over
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and actually go on record under oath and say exactly whatrivilew happened here. and they wouldn't they hid behind a privilege which they wouldn'tas allow, which they wouldn't allow me to the judge the time narrowcast was on the executive privilege issue. >> i spent my whole life in washington. i see a lot of io acrimonious debates. but the idea you would sendn someone to prison because you don't like his political views, there's no allegation that you organize january 6th over there in front of the cameras looking fully insane. they don't like your politics. they hate your attitude didn't and they're trying to send you to jail. did you think this?s? i didn't think this could happen. we'll start there. did you think this could happen? 100% i think happened thisou is remember these guys all thought they were going to change china c, the chinese communist party. they're takingon on the aspects of the authoritarian state and state capitalism combined. this is the the elites that run this country. this is exactly how they want to run it. remember, tucker, i'm not new to this. trump i have spent more than any trump official intense, you know, being a witness in
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the molalla commission for i think thirty hours in the house intelligence committee, the senate intelligence committee. i had bill burke. i had alex spyro here. i had david shaw and i had top lawyers. they wouldn't even let meve they wouldn't even let that can rely on the on the opinion ofr. my lawyer here. they took t weigh every possible defense so somebody can have a defense of law. that's why we didn't even put under the defense. we just had a close they had opening argument, a closingou argument to tucker. this is where they're going. i mean, you documented better than anybody. but no, people have to understand this is just one fight, an entire process. and that's why it's absolutely incumbent that liz cheney is defeated in a couple ofhe weeks in wyoming by the republican party and by conservatives and by maga. and then later, we've already got her out. we got another member of the committee i think is already retired to got to defeat gloria. in but we must have a sweeping victory in the house. and then republicans have to have the stones to put on a real hearing. and by the way, letki the democrats have a ranking member, let them have a councili
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and just get to it. if you look at what darrentr betis done on your show aloneag it's outrageous what the public doesn't know about this week for the good of the system, this haspe to happen. but in the meantime, you've just been convicted . i mean, if how do you feel about going to jail? wouldu confident you be safe there, for example? first off, if i go to jail, i go to jail. i will never back off a second. look, i spent eight years a naval officer have committed my life to this to this program to get this done. i will never back off. i support trump b inn the constitution and i'm not b backing off one inch. if i goe to jail, so be it. but look, we've got a longa appeals process. andy mccarthy did a great hit on fox earlier today. we got a long appeals process. i think the laws with us on a number of situations, i think some of this is really going to be adjudicated maybe even higher than the appellate courts. i'm very confident that we're 100% right on the law. t but i'm going to fight this all the way. and this is not the only battle we're fighting. they're coming at us on every aspect. look, they're trying too shut
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you down. they're trying to throw off fox anchors. they're coming for everybody. people after an hour stand right now. this is an ideological war and we cannot lose the the fate of the country is over the next couple of years. and if people just want to go on vacation and say, hey, i'll just let get sorted, that's fine. but there are just thousands f and thousands and thousands of fighters out there to say we're not going to back down one inch and i'm not going to back down one inch at.uc did you think during the course of this trial maybe you should call eric holder and lois lerner and both of them live in washington and just say, like, how how could you beat this? like what what's the secret sauce here? the secret sauce has been there in power. and also, let's be honest, the republicans have been controlled opposition. that's what has to change, that's for sure, thisth novembe. now we have to deliver a crushing blow to this democratic party apparatus, butt then we have to really govern it. i mean, govern o on offense. every committee in the house has to be an oversight committee.
10:19 pm
we have to go after the biden administration, which is illegitimate. you can tellim th a legitimate look how the saudis make us to our face. look at the chinese communist party have absolutely no respect. they understand he's illegitimate. le have to get in there in january . every committee is going to be an oversight committee. we have to have a real january six committee, including to get to the staffers now and see aboutti the lies and misrepresentations they put on national television . the samean people i would tell the january six staff right out ,preserve your documents because there's going to be a real committee and this is going to be backed by republican grassroots voters and they're going to say we want to get to the bottom of t this for the good of the nation. we have to know everything w. itit went on , all the intelligence reports, exactly what went on , what is ray's involvement was fbi asset involvement. i mean, just stuff. look, just just go to revolver and see darren be on your specials and he's on your when he's on the tucker carlsonu show right there alone leads you to all types of inquiry. wee have to get to the bottom to. >> yeah. if republicans win, mitch
10:20 pm
mcconnell still runningng the senate, you've got to wonder, is it is it even worth it? but i'll bet you and the photographs. stephen , i appreciate your coming on tonight of all nights. thanks very much. good luck. thanks, tucker. appreciate. >> thanks, brother. so he told you a guy jumped up and tried to stab a sitting member of congress that billy zeldin of new york is running for governor of the state. now, thankfully, the assailant tackled before you could commit murder. we're going to tell youou a lot more about what happened and its aftermath next. musty in here when daybreak in the tab. trucks and trifectas eliminate mike lindell. hello, mike lindell. and i want to give each and every one of you one last chance to get my original my slippers go on mypillow .com
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matchmaking mirror. you're welcome . i love my being there to izzeldin as a member of congress from new york , eastern long island. he's runningngs for governor of the state against the unelected incumbent. the last night, a man called david jack bonus attempted to stab zeldin during a campaign event and charge the stage with a blade. >> there's footage of the attack. only one remember. >> oh, so how did this guy know where zeldin was twelve days before the attack, kathy hochuld once again, who was the governor, has not been elected governor , sent out an email listing xeljanz upcoming
10:26 pm
campaign appearances and telling supporters he's an extremist. if we xeljanz an and we're all in trouble. she also tweeted that zelda has quote, dangerous for new york . that's just wrong but dangerous. what a nutcase she is . that's the lady with the vaccinated neckless. after the attack, lee zeldin predicted that the man who tried to stab him would get out of jail quickly thanks to new york's bail laws. and that is , of course,of exactly what the attack was released from jail with no bail of any kind. now, you just saw in the tape that he wasaw tackled tenderly is the man who did it. he's executive director of american veterans. he joins us tonight. so thanks so much for comingfo on and bless you for what you did. you didn't hesitate at all to tell us the circumstance. how did you you seem to haves cheated on this guy right awaygu . how ? yes. so thanks for having me and tucker. and so i was the master of ceremonies of the rally last time, also running for new york state assembly in that area. and fairport and about about five minutes before
10:27 pm
the incident, i noticed a gentleman walking into the rally kind of staggering and it just he didn't seem right. there was really high energy, very positive atmosphere, large crowd. and when he came in, it just didn't seem to have the same vibe. and i took notice that standing just off stage saw him walk upta to the edge ofge the side of the stage where several other people were. he stood there and watching. i continue to watch him a little bit as i continue to watch the congressman as well. and then he jumped up ontoge the stage. i couldn't get to where he was at that time, so i ran around behind the stage, came up behind the congressman as i didn't know exactly what this guy's intentions were as he walked up, i watched him and he walked directly up to the congressman, as your viewers just told the congressman that you're done. and then he a pulled a weapon that was attached to his hand and he swung at congressman xeljanz face his
10:28 pm
throat area. congressman zeldin was able to block thatbl strike or attempted strike and hold his wrist as he pulled his wrist back to try to swing again. i grabbed from behind, was able to bear hug him and slow me down to the ground where we're able to e eventually get his weapon away from him and restrain him. it's a law enforcementnt him. amazing. have you ever been a cop? io >> how do you how do you have such high situational awareness ? no, was i was a marine for seven years, active duty. i'vect been to iraq and afghanistan. some of those instincts kicked inin as well. >> and i was really blessed to be around some really fast reacting people. hey,y, man, i'm so glad you were there. impressive judgmentally. thank you very much for coming on . so good luck in your race. thank you, tucker. i appreciate it. so at the very beginning of what is turning into a global debacle in ukraine. sorry, that's true.
10:29 pm
jill biden promised that there would be a, quote, small price to pay for arming ukraine. how is that price looking right about now? well, countries all over the world are collapsing or on the verge of collapse because of rising energy and food costs traced directly to joe biden intervention inin that war and the sanctions that have pushed. that's all true. doug macgregor has the big picture on that next at the white house is aware that a tidal wave is about to. where's hunter? he's under federal investigation, suspected money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying. the story is not over yet. now jack is back with a hit series who is underbite taking into the scandals. they were just, you know, having , filming and doing crack. the corruption was completely ignored because they wanted joe biden what the president of
10:30 pm
the secret surrounding countries might have been denied for a very long time. eventually the truth can't seem to be the people who provide his life, his role as a connector, which is a role because of his name, who tried to save, who enabled and who profited from that joe biden was at least having some knowledge 100% stealing significantly involved. who is hushabye part two streaming now only on fox station jewelry. the perfect gift the jewelry exchange has done advanced for one sixty nine tennis bracelets for ninety nine 1/2 carat halo rings five ninety two carat three stone rings twenty four ninety and one carat studs five ninety nine by direct the jewelry exchange their credit score getting in the way of things to personal loan through that credit company up to ten thousand dollars. so check your eligibility on that credit .com today without affecting your credit build your credit history. ihow you repay on a personal personal loan. hi , my name's steve.
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going wild for the animated comedy host frozen. you can watch season one any time you want saving creatures . this one just makes my job worth last week nonstop fun. you're welcome to raise it in a good way and laugh riot. all right. that's the kind of got away from me. methanol all cast. adult supervision is a new episode coming from the fox and watch 1%. so esg is the subjective standard that investment funds apply to potential investments . basically the moree left winghe and ideas, the higher the fauci score. now we have noticed because it's hard not toot t notice the countries with really high esg scores tend to implode and they're imploding now that would include panama esg scored. >> ninety five protesters e a block hitting the streets inma panama to protest food shortages. it also includes sri lanka is the score of
10:35 pm
ninety eight food prices there have nearly doubled because the government banned fertilizers. and we also include germany, the economic engine of europe o esg score off ninety where they're turning off traffic lights to save energy. now biden doesn't seem to notice any of these countries exist. instead, he's followinghe their lead. he's pushed the united states toward renewables. he's also calling forus o c more sanctions on russia. >> you have to kind of wonder where we're going to wind up if that happens. retired colonel douglas macgregor is a combat veteran, former senior adviser toen the secretary of defensemu and one of our favorite guests. john , thanks so much for coming on tonight. so you are an expert on germany. just to narrow it down, tell us what's happening in germany. no one seems to have noticed this. cei that you have. >> well, first, let's let's review the bidding a little bit here and point out that all governments are expected to provide as a minimum to their people food, shelter, w and security. >> and everyone who's embraced this davosho world economic form
10:36 pm
program that you talked about is environmental social guidance is in a lot of trouble and germany is no exception. we've seen problems already in the netherlands with farmers. we see the truckers in canada. these are symptoms of deep seated problems, all of which have been exacerbated by the ukraine conflict. and remember, biden made the decision to drag everyone in western europeon into this perpetual conflict with a nation that has an abundance of resources. it has virtually everything that everyone in the worldry needs at some point food, minerals, metals and so forth. so that's that was a stupid idea. but there is no plan b. now, germany in particular shot itself in the foot with energy by essentially eliminating nuclear power, by fundamentally rejecting as much oil and gas as possible to try and go completely green . well, now they're facing
10:37 pm
the winter of all discontent and frankly, they're going to freeze because the russians have said fine,a and cut them off. and while the russians cut theme off because they foolishly followed us and itkr supplied the ukrainians with weapons. so we put everything all of our credibility, the world economy, all on this one ship called ukraine. >> how is that going? well, i think we're seeing the beginning of the end of the dollar based global economy. we weaponizes the global monetary system that we largely dominate and control. now india, china, iran, many other countries, not just b russia. people in latin america are beginning to say whyhy should we do business with these americans? why do we have to do business in dollar? so dollar denominated business is very much at risk, but wegi are we're laggingng a little bit behind if you point out the europeans. but the same crises are coming
10:38 pm
in our direction when food, fuel and medicine become either too expensive or scarce, things begin to fall apart and this government has no answerst . and here's the bad news. the probable successors to this government in the united statesv and the governments in europe, they also don't a have any answers. these problems runth deep. they're all doubling down y on failure. we learn nothing from europe's disastroushing experiment with s migration or its disastrous experiment, getting rid of fossil e fuels. le we need new leadership that be a wise man. i appreciate you coming on tonight. thanks. so speaking of mass migration, how bad is the border crisis? well, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from around the world were apprehended our southern border lastpp month . it's the fourth month in a row with the number of migrant apprehensions exceeded two hundred thousand. and that's justed the illegal immigrants we're aware of. so many people are crossing the border right now that the mayors of new york and washington told a for years that they love illegal migration are
10:39 pm
now coming out and saying their cities can't handle allsi these new people using services . but our dhs secretary announced , aspen, ofigaspen course, aspen that there's no problem at all t high up inrd the mountains. >> meerkats told us the border is secure. is the border safe now? b i'm watching a news channel and they were talking about an invasion was happening and i gotli a little concerned. look, the border the border is secure. imagine thatec. >> what a question. then the titters from the audience. oh, an invasion. just because we have millions of people whose identities we don't know coming across every year. >> adam laxalt recently went to the border. er he's thein former attorney general of the state of nevada. he's running for senate. thereen t. he found that smugglers are women and leaving behindmo their underwear to taunt authorities, among other atrocities. watchauth.
10:40 pm
>> and this is disgusting. filled with that is an indicator to us is that the smugglers purposely placed those there to signals that there had been a in this location. many, many times they do that and it's a sign it's a way to contest. adam laxalt joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on . so how do you contrast what mayorkas is saying literally in aspen? he's in aspen. it's also nauseating.g. contrast that with what you sawaw on the actul border? >> you know, not only my orcas, but senator masta who i'm running against, says that we do not have an open border. and i could tell you to seeff this stuff u up close and personal, we should never yield this ground that their open border policies is the humanitarian way this policy is leading to one of the greatest humanitarian crises our country has evereo faced. you played the video about the
10:41 pm
of women that are going on at these borders. you know, i went with local law enforcement and they they showed me a mobile morgue . they have so many bodies off people dying coming over from the border that they needed extra assets to carry these dead bodies. and so these people that claim to take the high ground, the same people that claim the high ground on all the issues, they're failing american. these are biden's body. these policies are leading to dead bodies, women being and trafficked, fentanyl overdoses. it's an absolute travesty. s >>to and we have to get our leaders to pay attention to this. and your opponent is denying this is even happening. >> this is what they do, right? she's actually gone as far as running commercials that she's going to champion her whole career fighting against human trafficking and she's able to flood the airwaves with millions of dollars frome liberals from across the country to lie toto
10:42 pm
our voters. when the truth of the matter is we all know the source of r human trafficking, right? it's called an openan border. these are the policies they support and it's absolutely inhumane. uc every person coming across our border has paid a cartel, every single one . so it's human trafficking. absolutely. adam laxalt in nevada, thank you. thank you. so the verdict is kind of in on the vaccine. >> there's no sane person would mandate it for children and at schools all over the country areer t t continuing to covid mandate. they're serious side effects here. how is this allowed and who is going to be legally liable for its consequences? naomi wolf joins .
10:43 pm
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>> trust me like your your son is sick. i can help like everything i did what i did save my son not for i am completely when to get tired forha this fall. it's been said that whenst someone you love has parkinson's you have parkinson's . the truth is parkinson's disease doesn't just affectn' the diagnosis, it affects everyone supports and health care for them. if you have questions, the parkinson's foundation has answered, we can help you understand the disease and give a tip for living a better life.n to learn more , please go to parkinsonia or call 1-800- cortizone info the parkinson's foundation better lives together when you can watch the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox news radio on sirius xm america is listening to president bush against
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
10:47 pm
don't win hundred seven three one nine four six six. so it turns out to be a huge problem with the vaccines, which for some reason no news organization is willing to talk about it because they're sponsored by pfizer. but researchers have found that some people the vaccine inhibits your ability to fight s . ction german authorities recently found the vaccine causes serious side effects in a huge number of patients extrapolate to this country that meanspath
10:48 pm
more than 100,000 people potentially very seriously injured. "new york times" is now saying the vaccine does affect women's menstrual cycles, et cetera, eta cetera. paper reported that almost half of participants in a recentlm study had, quote, heavier bleeding during their periods after receiving the covid-19 b vaccine. so there are a lot of reasons to be very concerned about this . and of course, the benefits are de minimis at this point and at many schools are still mandating the vaccine for children anyway. >> how are they getting away with this? >> naomi wolf is the author of the end of america and one of the bravest people on this topic. naomi, thanks so much for coming on tonight. so if in the face of a mountain of science suggesting these things are not going to do it for kids and there's really no upside. how are schools doing this anyway? >> that is a really important question. i mean, it's it's much more serious than they're not helpful for kids to dadar in kids are vanishingly low risk,
10:49 pm
statistically non-existent risk for serious harms from covider. but the data are pouring in that there are harms to young adults, to kids, to babies from these mrna injections. you mentioned the extended bleeding that young women are reporting. i platform two years ago for being one of the first people to report about that side effect. young men are also suffering from heart damage. pericarditis, myocarditis. wewe have 3000 experts, medical and scientific experts reading through the 55000le pfizer documents released under court order that the fdaat asked the court to keep hidden for 75 years and they found that the fda knew and pfizer knew that 35 teenagers, minors had permanent heart damage within a week after receiving these mirinae injections. so it is madness. i haven't even gone into the child. the baby'sto are having seizures because vaccinated mothers have polyethylene glycol in their
10:50 pm
milk. it's a petroleum byproduct in the injections or the israeli journalists who found that 56 babies went into multi organ system failure, seizures, respiratory collapse after being injected by these vaccines. so it is it is catastrophic. it's a massive crime. and the reason schools are doing it is they're getting paid. they're getting money, millions of dollars from the kahrizak right to schools for covid compliance and covid education and covid protocols, including pressuring even kids in states where there was no law mandating it to get the injections. and there there are other reasons, but there are people fighting back . no more mandates, for instance, has written a letter to all the ivies putting them a on notice and our lawyersnd have also found a range of harmsro ranging from battery to coercion to fraud. and they're standing by andan i hope they're sued into
10:51 pm
oblivion. you can't sue pfizer because congress has given them protection, but you intoea the schools and i hope i hopet t you will know me well. great to see you tonight. thank you for everything. >> really. thank you.. we're ending the week with good news. thousands of beagles are being tortured as a so-called research facility have now been ordered free and they are sorry tony fauci the beagles are free . and we're going to celebrate after the break. eand power we believe in opening doors. let us help move towards financial freedom for all. we've been helping over seventeen million customers in the future and we're ready to open some doors for you. what is your favorite? i'm going to go with josh. yes, i'm sorry. what i was talking about the types of chicken . come on . you know, i love all my chickens. he has a really sweet kid. so could you just give little more mike lindell? and i want to give each and every one of you one last
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10:54 pm
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. >> hi . this is mike huckabee. isn't it amazing how so much that president trump said still rings true, but schools in the media don't want our kids to hear anything positive and that's why my team created a kid's guide to president trump. it'll teach our kids all about president trump's accomplishments and his vision for america and i want you to have it for free . talk to your free kids guide to president trump gift fundo. just visit free trump guide .com. that'sie free trump guide .com the next second fourteenth, feticide january 2003. who gets excited by the next place and inn the meantime, how long are you staying? know, a little cramped. i see pat cipollone selling
10:56 pm
your house with confidence with open door move when you're ready. that's indeed when life doors open to participate you'll go see thing nba games 1000% weaponizes. it's called human trafficking and it's happening right under now four. >> we promise you good news and we're delivering it. we told you some months ago, but four 4000 beagles that are slated to be tortured for no real reason at a research facility in virginia, tony fauci had purchased dogs from that facility with a group called the white coat waste project first uncovered the abuse of eaglesd and founded purchase records that show the abuse of several dogs to be , quote, used in septic shock experiments at nih. the dogs were denied food and eaten alive by bugs, et cetera. yseventy nine tells too depressing now major breeding facility for those research
10:57 pm
facilities has been shut down and the first batch of beagles has been set free . daptone ivanovitch is thee senior vice president peta joins us tonight with an update on this daffner. thank you so much for coming on . so these beagles are not going to be tortured. congratulations. we're celebrating what happens to them now. thank you. we are celebrating tugger. thanks for having me back on next over the next 60 days orum so, they are going to be transferred to the humane society of the united statesni and from there going to various shelters in virginia and beyondi . the first grouprs was released yesterday to the tune of approximately four hundred. and these are thousands and thousands of dogs that were bred d for research. the facility has been there since nineteen sixty one . and we are just thrilled that not a single one of these four thousand beagles will ever l be tortured and killed in a lab. they will all haveill the opportunity to find a loving home, to feel the grass under their paws, the sun on their back , playav
10:58 pm
with a toy and have a name. t thingshe that have not had the chance to experience thus f far . what was so upsetting about this story was nobody could sayd with a straight face, well, these dogs are being killed so cancer. t die of there was no there seemed to be no justifiable reason to torture these dogs to death or s am i missing something? you are absolutely not missing something. and this is the tip i of the iceberg. we are thrilled for these four0 thousand dogs. but this facility was the second largest provider of dogs for experiments in this country. there is a larger facility in new york that has, believe it or not, twenty one thousand of these animals are bred and sold for absolutely pointless, painful experiments. and our federal government has bought dogsav from this facility since september of 2020. the nih has had contracts for live dogs, at least three contracts. it is time for the nih to wake up, realize this is the twenty first century and move on to modern non animal methods
10:59 pm
. i mean, there's just so much money sloshing around the system that to keep it flowing, you know, they inventhe experiments that benefit nobody. so you can if you're saying just to be totally clear on our way out in the next how long until these dogs can be adopted by people watching, the plan for transfer will takew place over the next 60 days. and we urge people to just keep an eye and we are just so thrilled that peta's undercover investigation prompted this domino effect that resulted not only in 74 violations and the department of justice getting involved, but the liberation of these 4000. and we hope all the cages get empty next from all the laboratories, all the breeding facilities, the shows probably for dogs. so we're celebrating.ou thanks for coming on science desk. it's good to see you. thank you so much for having me. >> so we have a quick health update on president biden. heda does not yet have monkeypo. we predict that last we don'tnn yet know, but the white house
11:00 pm
has not announced that he doeses instead, the white house covid director told us today and this is good news, the president still eating food. de >> the president is doing better. he sleptpt well last night. he ate his breakfast and lunch fully. yes. he showed me his plate, so he h showed his plate. he's inis a clean slate club. so get that going for us . and the best we can see on monday. >> and welcome to hannity. we start with this fox news alert. former trump advisor steve bannon found guilty. no surprises here on two misdemeanor charges after refusing to cooperate with the sham january six committee. now, this is the first time a person has been found guilty of contempt of congress charges since g. gordon liddy in nineteen seventy four. they didn't even put on a defense. take note, by the way, if you're a republican or a trump supporter, yes. the all powerful january six committee


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