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tv   FOX News Sunday  FOX News  July 24, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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president biden in isolation for covid derailing plans for a busy traveling schedule to push his domestic agenda. the math the president works from home as the white house faces questions over how he got sick. >> we knew this was going to happen. >> we ask the coordinator about the recovery ahead. then, the january 6 committee lays out its case about what president donald trump did and did not do as protesters reached
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the capital. showing his mindset one day later. vice chair of the committee says there is more to come. >> the dam has begun to break. >> what happens now as the focus shifts from washington to wyoming where she faces a tough reelection battle. then an attack on a republican congressman running for governor new york's public safety laws. we will discuss that plus. >> arizona republicans don't need a governor that supported barack obama and hillary clinton [cheering and applause] >> nobody understands better than jerry how to fight back against the fake news media and the radical left. >> the former president and his estranged vp. the visions for the future of the gop. fox news sunday is on the road to the midterms. in new york city.
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candidates are scrambling for a rare open seat. all right now on fox news sunday. ♪♪ hello again from fox news in washington. the pandemic that has plagued americans for nearly two and a half years has finally caught up with president biden. the positive test scuttling a busy upcoming travel schedule where he was to hit the road selling his domestic travel plans as he's battling low poll numbers and high inflation heading into the midterms. in a moment we will speak with white house covid coordinator about the president's health. first, let's turn to jackie live at the white house where the president has been working in isolation. period jackie. >> the ba five sub variant. those conditions improving he
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has new symptoms, a sore throat and body aches. less troublesome. he saw the running knows. the last time we saw him was friday. >> i apologize for my voice. >> after the second day of treatment, white house physician said his vital signs are entirely normal. oxygen levels excellent. although he is using an inhaler for coffee has no shortness of breath at all. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> seeking to downplay concerns the white house has not made o'connor available for questions. officials answering instead sometimes adding details not seen in the doctor's letters. >> he did not have a fever last night. i think the doctor made that very clear. 99.4 is not a fever. that is not even a low-grade
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fever. he gave the tylenol for comfort. >> he is continuing to carry out his duties in isolation where he will stay until tuesday. he could resume his schedule wednesday if you test negative. so far no new cases between the presidents close contacts which include the vice president and first lady. both are following guidelines tuesday masked four days. >> jackie, we will see you later doctor, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> good morning. thank you for having me back. >> how is the president doing this morning? >> he is good. i touched base last night. he had a good day. he worked a little, rested a little. as of last night he was doing
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just fine. we will touch base this morning as well. >> would president trump was infected with covid, reporters were allowed to hear from and question the personal physician. why is that not the case here? >> lets it draw that contrast with president trump and what's happened here. it was not even disclosed for a while. very little transparency. the moment this president, you know, got infected or identified as being infected, you would be hearing directly from his physician every single day. we will continue to make that information widely available. the president is doing better. thankfully, because he is vaccinated, boosted, getting treated. given that scenario, we have made sure the american people
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know what is happening. i think this has been an incredibly transparent and open process. >> typed up letters and memos. we have not been hearing from him and reporters have not been able task the presidents physician. why the different protocol here? >> the physician, personal physician of the president has without detailed reports of how the president is doing every day doctor fauci does as well, a whole team of us in constant conversation. we are getting that information out to the american people. >> people wanted to know where and when the president contracted covid the white house secretary had this to say when asked. >> i don't think that that matters. what happened is we prepared for this moment. this is the president when he walked in, one of his first
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priorities was to make sure we have a comprehensive plan to get people vaccinated. now, look to today, more and more people are getting closer to having a more normal life. >> tell people around him to get matters if they were exposed? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. we have a very comprehensive contact tracing program. as soon as we identified the president as being infected that program went into effect. everyone in close contact has been identified and notified the those people are being tracked. absolutely, that is critical. the question the press secretary was answering what can we look back and see who infected the president. very difficult to do that. he developed a positive test. the president has been out. he has been meeting with people, he has been meeting with americans.
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it will be difficult to trace back to see who gave it to him. >> it has been a few days. anyone else in the white house or in his inner circle that tested positive? >> late in the day yesterday, 17 people that have been identified as having an a close contact. none of them testing positive. all of them are following cdc protocols on masking and testing the as of today, no one that i know of has tested positive. bret: great news about the president. i want to talk probably about the president here. tracking with some of the advice from former white house press secretary. take a listen. >> what they need to do is show him working and show him still active and serving as president and i'm certain that they will likely do that. >> the decision to treat the
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infection as a mere nuisance echoes the larger political calculation the president's team has made to treated as an unfortunate but manageable part of life he had is that fair? >> that is completely unfair. the decision as how we manage this is this president is double vaccinated double boosted getting treated. that is why the president is having a mild course. the bottom line is many americans who have not availed themselves of these lifesaving therapies. have not gotten fully vaccinated" it. it is absolutely critical. you need to go out and get a shot now. if every american availed themselves of the protection the president has gotten, then, yes, this would be a much different
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disease. we continue to work to make that a reality. >> you will not get covid if you have these vaccinations. >> virtually, everybody will wind up getting exposed and infected. >> at some point everyone is going to get covid. >> understanding that the virus evolves and there been more contagious variance presenting milder symptoms over time. why are there mandates, vaccine mandates, mask mandates if everybody is going to get this thing? >> a couple of things. first, right now we do have a contagious variance, ba five, it is widespread. the number one goal is to make sure that as people get infected
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that they do nodded up in the hospital. they do not end up dying. i think it is the right policy goal and the best way of achieving that is making sure people are vaccinated and boosted the if you are added and elevated risk, getting assessment whether you are eligible for treatments are not. that is sort of the number one goal. we want to continue to keep the infections down. you want to prevent widespread infections. we are doing those things. encouraging mask wearing, taking testing available, working on indoor air quality. >> looking back, do you look at the biggest public policy mistakes up until now? are you at that point where you are looking back? sweden, never locked down, but fared well. as public policy issue, are you
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making the decision that school should never have to close in person learning ever again. are we evolving in the way we look at public health policy? >> we are absolutely always learning. you look at everything we have done and you ask yourself whatever we learned about the virus, what we have learned about the response. when this president came into office less than half of the american schools were open full-time to a person learning. that change rapidly because of the work of his administration. we are at a point where every school should be open full-time in person because we have the capabilities of keeping schools and teachers and staff and students safe and that is the plan. that is the plan we have been executing on and that is a plan that we will continue to execute on. >> the world health organization issued an emergency for monkeypox. will this country do that and what is the broader threat to
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the population? >> that is a great question. i am supportive of it. i think they made the right call. we are seeing monkeypox and lots of countries around the world it many of them not being able to manage it. here we have a little over 2000 cases. we have substantially wrap hundred ramped up testing. we are not done on that effort. we will do more on that in the days and weeks ahead. whether we declare a health emergency will be based on the facts on the ground and what that declaration will allow us to do. we will continue to assess that on an ongoing basis. >> do we know how many people have died? >> no americans in this outbreak. i don't know globally, i think it is a very small number. zero americans. >> the risk to the broader population is pretty small. >> it is very small. we will continue to work to make
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sure we contain it in the populations where it is being transmitted and prevented from spreading to others as well. bret: thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. up next liz cheney joins us. the latest primetime hearing and what her role could mean for her own political future. >> every american must consider this, a president willing to make the choices donald trump made during the violence of january 6 ever be trusted with any position of authority in our great nation again i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. (sighs) here, i'll take that. ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein, one gram of sugar. enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big. ♪♪ ok, let's talk about those changes to your financial plan. bill, mary?
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>> he chose not to act. >> thursdays primetime january 6 committee hearing laying out the argument that president trump ignored pleas to condemn the attack on the u.s. capital. joining us now is the vice chair of that committee congresswoman liz cheney. i'll come back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you. great to be with you. bret: you said that the dam has begun to break. what is the newest most surprising information you have uncovered or discovered as vice chair of the january 6 committee. >> well, certainly we have seen over the course of the last several weeks and reaching back a little bit before that, a real increase in the amount of information in the number of people coming forward. i think kathy hutchinson
11:19 am
testimony had a lot to do without. even before that the reality is that the committee has collected so much, in terms of documents and in terms of testimonial evidence that the real challenge for us is to make sure that we are providing that to the american people in a way that helps to organize and convey the threat that the nation faced and that we are putting it into our process to come up with legislative recommendations to make sure that nothing like that happens again. >> what is the ultimate goal? make sure donald trump does not ever become president again or to move forward, lay out a case, prod the justice department to move forward with charges. >> the goal in our committee, our obligation, our legislative purpose of looking at whether or not we need enhanced criminal penalties for the kind of activity that donald trump engaged in when he attempted to
11:20 am
pressure the georgia officials or whether we may need enhanced criminal penalties for something like this, the dereliction of duty that we sell from president trump on january 6, that is our obligation, that is our responsibility. this was a fundamental assault and attack on our democracy. we had a president who sent a mob that he knew was armed to the capital to attack and invade while we were counting electoral votes. it is unquestionable that he did not tell them to go home for hours. investigating that attack and what led to it and what we need to deal legislatively to make sure it never happens again is our fundamental responsibility. >> do you believe that former president trump should face charges? >> i believe that that is a decision the justice department will make. the former president is
11:21 am
responsible for a more significant breach of his constitutional duty than any president in our history. remember, our testimony has come primarily from republican witnesses. from republicans and his justice department, his campaign, his white house. people that have come forward to say that he attempted to overturn an election. the election was not stolen, there was no evidence of fraud sufficient to overturn the election. even his lawyer made clear that he does not have sufficient evidence to overturn the election. donald trump has parade on the patriotism of honorable and good people all across this country with a big lie. it is simply not true. >> the attorney general seems
11:22 am
reluctant. this is what he said this week. >> there is a lot of speculation about what the justice department is doing, what it's not doing, what our theories are, what our series art. we have to hold accountable every person that is criminally responsible for trying to overturn the election. we must do it in a way built on integrity and professionalism. >> do you have any indication that the doj is moving forward? >> i think what the attorney general said there is exactly right. it is very clear that they are engaged in the largest criminal investigation in u.s. history. you've also seen publicly indications that what they are engaged in is quite broad. you have seen jeff clark phone
11:23 am
seized in john eastman phone seized, you've seen a focus, some of which is public and some is not. the obligation is to follow the facts and the evidence. and that is a solemn obligation that they must pursue no matter whether that means following the facts and the evidence with respect to the president of the united states or with respect to those people that invaded the capital. let me also say, bret, a federal judge has already indicated and has already ruled it is more likely than not that president trump violated two criminal statutes with respect to his efforts to get vice president pence to illegally refuse to count electoral votes. so, i think we have already seen a basis for that. >> would you expect to hear from tony? now secret service training
11:24 am
official bobby angle, the lead secret service agent under oath. is there a hold up here? do you expect to hear testimony from them? >> ideal. we have already heard testimony from them. i expect that we will again. private criminal defense counsel we have seen that also with respect to one another secret service agent. i think that that is significant. we do anticipate, not just them, certainly them, but largely what happened -- and i say this as someone who has huge respect for the secret service, the extent to which there are no text messages from the relevant period of time, the extent to which we have not had that kind of cooperation we really need to have, those are all things that committee will be looking at in more detail in the coming weeks. >> what will the committee's
11:25 am
report have to say about why the assets like the national guard were not prepped and ready. is there a testimony already gathered on speaker pelosi's decisions or the sergeant of arms on the house and senate on that regard? >> we have an entire team. we have five different teams in the investigation. one of them is totally focused on those issues at the capital. the response to the capitol police, the national guard, the capitol police board, what was going on at the pentagon that day, the entire focus of the investigation. you will likely see an up coming hearing. what we will not do was blame the capitol police, blame those in law enforcement for donald trump's armed mob that he sent to the capital. clearly, there were intelligence
11:26 am
failures. security should have operated better than it did the this was a mob that donald trump sent to the capital and that is important to keep our eye on. >> several that met with president trump on january for any offered national guardsmen to protect the capital building on january 6 but the offer was rejected. is that true? do you know that to be true? >> chris miller has testified publicly that donald trump never issued any order to protect the capital. i would point people to his own secretary of defense. we also know that on january 6 while the attack was underway, donald trump did not face a single phone call to anyone at the pentagon. not to anyone at the justice department to say deploy law enforcement. no one to the department of homeland security.
11:27 am
the notion that somehow he issued an order is not consistent with the facts. >> listen to what comes out of the hearing. you know the critics of the january 6 committee saying it is a show trial. how do you respond to that? they say it is produced by television professionals that clearly lean left. there is no opportunity for the target to defend or put forth a defense. no cross-examination of witnesses. legally and graded notions of due process. they say cow's rules require aiming for a ranking member to be put forth by the minority. they have a problem with the fact that you are that ranking member even though you are selected by house speaker nancy poulos e. how do you respond to that criticism? >> well, i think it is important to remember the facts.
11:28 am
we also ported a bipartisan outside commission. kevin mccarthy said we need a bipartisan outside commission to investigate this attack. after key negotiated and got all the terms he wanted he pulled the rug out from under the republicans that were supporting it and made sure it was defeated in the senate. once a bipartisan outside commission was defeated the only alternative was this committee. after kevin mccarthy named his members to the committee and speaker pelosi rejected two of them jim jordan and jim thanks for good reason, i supported her decision to do that, he withdrew all of his other nominees. the notion now that somehow that committee is incapable of getting to the facts of what happened because kevin mccarthy is nonsensical. it is also a diversion. nearly every single one of our witnesses has been a republican rusty bowers, brad --
11:29 am
bret: i understand. we have the list. cross-examination is an important thing in committee hearings, right? >> that's right. i would also point out that i think it is highly unlikely and i think you would agree that any of those witnesses testimony would be any different had the questioning bit different and it would be a dereliction of our duty to be in a position where, because kevin mccarthy decided to withdraw nominees any decided to do that i'm quite confident because donald trump told him to. because he decided not to participate in the committee, somehow they cannot investigate the single worst attack on the united states capital since the war of 1812. it is also a diversion from what we know. the facts are indisputable that while the capital was being attacked by a mob sent by donald trump armed, donald trump would not tell them to go home for
11:30 am
over 187 minutes. that is a dereliction of duty like we have never seen before. >> the single most important thing is protecting the nation from donald trump. recent polls show harriet up by more than 20 points. if you lose, do you see that as an indictment on your battle against trump? >> i am working hard to earn every single vote the i will tell you, given the choice between maintaining high seat in the house of representatives on the one hand or ensuring the survival of our constitutional public and the american people know the truth about donald trump, i will choose a constitution and the truth every day of the week and twice on sunday. we have an obligation an oath that i am my colleagues toke under god to the constitution and that is the single most important obligation that we
11:31 am
have when faced with the threat that donald trump presents. >> as a primary day approaches, there is also a pervasive belief that her unorthodox strategy in 2022 may put her in a stronger position for the 2024 presidential contest. the fierce anti-trump message investigating insurrection has strengthened her national brand while donors and trump critics of both parties i could boost a potential white house run. is that the strategy? are you expecting to lose? >> my focus is absolutely on doing what is right. that is what has guided me ever since the last election. the lead up to the objections in the house and the work i did to make sure my colleagues understood that we could not overturn an election in the house of january 6 has guided me at every moment since it. it is not just me that is saying
11:32 am
that donald trump is unfit for office. it is other entities owned by rupert murdoch, the wall street journal said the same thing after our hearing on thursday night. i will continue to be guided by making sure that i do my duty and make sure the american people understand the truth. >> do you share the concerns of your colleagues about the biden family dealings in china. the flow of money of beijing government. >> i certainly think that it could be of concern. it is not something that i have looked at the details of the i have certainly seen news reports of it. i think it's important for any president, no matter the party to make sure that there is not even the appearance of some sort of conflict. i think that on both sides, we
11:33 am
really need to be in a position where we gain back the credibility of the american people, where we step back from the edge of the toxicity and battles going on. if there is something substantive on either side that congress needs to be looking at, we should certainly do that. i think that that has to be guided by substance and not by political attack. i was really disgusted, frankly, on thursday night when even before sarah matthews began testifying to house republicans put out a tweet attacking her that they then had to take down. she is a staffer. she works for a house republican. that launching of partisan attacks is really dangerous for the country given where we are today. we have to investigate anything that seems like there is concern and i do have concerns about the issues that you raised, but we need to do it with responsibility on both sides and
11:34 am
with the commitment to the facts. >> thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> january 6 forever changed the relationship between donald trump and mike pence. showing up in the same state on the same day for different republican candidates. their visions for the republican party. ♪♪ that we just switched to verizon's new welcome unlimited plan, for just $30. (daughter) i've already told everyone! (cool guy) $30...that's awesome. (mom) it's their best unlimited price ever. (woman) for $30 a line, i'm switching now. (vo) the network you want. the price you love. only from verizon.
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bret: former president donald trump and vice president mike pence in arizona friday both on opposite side. they have rallied with rival candidates. both consider their own moves for 2024. >> we will take back our liberty. we will take back our destiny. we will take back very soon our country. >> giving the crowd exactly what they showed up to keer at the student action summit. who's who of presidential hopefuls.
11:38 am
florida governor rod desantis. took a job at president biden. >> i want to on behalf of the state of florida which president biden a speedy recovery from covid and i also want to wish the united states of america is speedy recovery joe biden. >> there are those that want to make this election about the past. >> pence is now one of them. showing he is now his own man. he campaigned in friday for gubernatorial candidate. about 90 miles north from carey lake. a former newscaster that supported obama but now says she has changed. the dueling appearances continued this week in washington, no less. both men giving separate key speeches at two separate policy summits.
11:39 am
for trump his first time back in washington since he left januare very last time on air force one landing here in florida. bret: reporting live from tampa florida. thank you. fox news white house correspondent jackie, author of the book defeating big government socialism knew gingrich, juan williams and editor of the endorsements of the former president, former vice president. >> i think it is perfectly healthy. donald trump who is clearly the front runner by any standard. i think governor desantis would be number two at the present time. and mike pence. everyone below them is in single digits. those three are serious players. mike pence has earned it the hard way. campaigned as congressmen, governor, vice president.
11:40 am
>> specifically in arizona it is interesting to watch mike henson former president donald trump. arizona is not a reliably republican state when it comes to elections. they are part of the vote that you have to get with republicans. two democratic senators now. the way to the white house is through arizona. mike pence did endorse governor brian camp in georgia. he has one up when it comes to gubernatorial endorsements. in terms of things that they are talking about, mike pence wants to move forward. he has not been so critical of donald trump and he is been very optimistic and praiseworthy of their administration and their efforts, the accomplishment that they have made an president trump has had a different perspective and said other things about his vice president, obviously. we have seen that play out in the january 6 hearing,
11:41 am
obviously. >> the backdrop of the january 6 hearings. you heard the congresswoman reference the op-ed. they write that it lacks political balance. mr. trump took an oath to protect the capital from a mob attacking it. he refused and he has showed an iota of regret. character is revealed in a crisis mr. pence past as januarp utterly failed his. striking in this context. >> weighing in on these hearings. they have tried to stay on the other issues that they are dealing with. i think it is significant when the president. the santos could weigh it out and try again in 28.
11:42 am
that is where the white house could be looking at this. we heard from the covid coordinator. they are handling this pretty calmly, in a different way than what if handled it a few months ago. >> it is certainly different than the prior president. they did not have to helicopter he went to the hospital and pretend everything is okay. >> they are taking it differently how they are approaching it. >> less that they are being casualty in being transparent. what struck me is that by all indications, the president is doing fine. check with jackie, but that is certainly the impression that i have with what the reports have been. the vaccines come out the boosters, these therapies, apparently, are working. the virus is here to stay. if the virus is here to stay, president biden is moving on,
11:43 am
america is moving on. >> let me get your final thoughts on congresswoman cheney >> she has a very smart professional. she defended herself well. they have had our after hour after hour, they have moved virtually no republicans. they come back on this as a show trial. after quality attacks on trump starting with the rush allies in 2016, after all of these attacks, a huge number of americans that are so sick of the elites that think that they are so corrupt that they preferred donald trump with whatever the challenges to what they are being fed by the national establishment. i think people should really pay attention, not to trump, but to the millions of people who deeply hate what they see as a corrupt national city and they see this particular game, this show trial and more corruption. >> i think you also have to factor in that the polls show
11:44 am
more republicans show president trump should not run again and you have these editorial say he has failed a major test. he should not run against says the new york post. >> panel, we will take a break right here. we take you to a diverse district in new york city. vying for a chance to go or return to washington. "fox news sunday" on the road to midterms next. ♪♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. ...the tower cam for a - hey! folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ...who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. book an exam today.
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"fox news sunday" is on the road to the midterms. a rare open seed in the big apple. the new 10th congressional
11:48 am
district from lower manhattan to parts of brooklyn, wall street includes two chinatown speared it attracted a large field of democrats including everyone from a sitting congressman to state and local politicians that at one point former mayor bill de blasio was in this race. he dropped out this week saying it's clear that people are looking for another option. brian spoke to a few of the candidates in this diverse district at the doorstep of america's gateway. ♪♪ >> the statue of liberty. normally taking it for granted. she has greeted millions of immigrants hoping to live the american dream. part of the newly redrawn congressional district. the district is home to wall street, fashion and shopping in
11:49 am
soho and america's most famous chinatown. a community struggling to rebound from covid-19 lockdowns, inflation and rising crime. >> thank you for coming. nice to meet you. >> one of about one dozen democratic candidates. >> it is not easy. >> he is a veteran pastor and chinese-american activists who protest at the square and later fled china. >> what are the issues they are telling you they care most about this election? >> we all know hate crime. every day. we are on the street, our community. >> i'm calling all the asians to come together. >> the political novelist is relying on chinese americans to off an upset.
11:50 am
new york city 10th congressional district is large and incredibly diverse. not just lower manhattan. across the brooklyn bridge and you will enter the other half. brooklyn, a city in its own right. in borough park, you will find one of the largest orthodox jewish communities outside of israel. >> a. i am brian. >> it is where we met candidate and business man brian robinson. >> all the neighborhoods are central to my campaign. the anti-semitism, the violence, general violence throughout the district. it is a universal platform. >> its own volunteer police force. >> you get punched in the head, people are afraid. people want change. they are afraid. >> we need new leadership.
11:51 am
>> we are on the city bike which is my preferred method of travel on a summer day in new york city. writing through some of the most affluent neighborhoods. some of the most pivotal. we eventually met up with candidate elizabeth at a parking cobble hill. she was the first woman to serve as a brooklyn district attorney and the youngest woman ever elected to congress back in 1972. >> 50 years later and you are deciding to run again. >> i read justice alito decision-making women the second class citizens, denying abortion. it was the final straw. >> becoming official today. >> turnout could also be low and the height of summer. across the river in manhattan some new yorkers are focus on climate change.
11:52 am
they say front running candidate is not leading up. >> she is dangerous. >> thank you for bringing the key. a sobering reminder of our climate crisis. >> focus on resurrecting the green new deal. >> we need an intersectional comprehensive approach to how we address climate change that does include passing the green new deal. >> public safety was on the lines of other candidates. >> forcing people onto subways and asked transit where they are going to be robbed and stabbed and held up. >> let's try to stay on the topic. >> campaigning here in sunset park where she said there is a silent majority of democratic voters who are looking for a moderate candidate.
11:53 am
>> what i hear a lot from the hispanic community in new york came from the asian-american community in new york it is the same thing. why are we suddenly being called right wing for those kind of really basic american aspirations. living in a neighborhood where you are safe, raising your children in a great neighborhood, having a successful business, that is the american dream. stop defining that as republican because we will lose big time if you do that. >> that pursuit of the american dream is driving some in new york's immigrant communities to take a stand. registering voters, we hope that their voices will be heard now more than ever. bret: reporting from new york city. congressional district 10. katie, we also saw this week this attack on congressman zeldon running for governor of new york. he was at a campaign event.
11:54 am
a man comes up to them with the blade. the man was released without bail, later arrested and charged with federal assault. this shows the states progressive criminal justice policies. >> specifically lead zeldon was speaking about the problem with cash bail when he was attacked by this person. it took more than 24 hours for the federal government to get involved. the justice department -- arrested and held until he is a federal hearing this week the you listen to what people are saying in new york. crime is a top issue for a number of americans. it affects everybody. democrats are now pivoting. we sell the white house with joe biden saying he wants $33 billion to refund the police in an effort to get back these voters who are feeling very unsafe in new york some states
11:55 am
across the country funding more right-leaning candidates thinking it will be easier for them. they did it in maryland and pennsylvania. they failed in colorado. a huge risk. >> you are faced with an american tsunami. not a republican. you saw some of that just now. 38% increase in murders in new york city in the last year. people will go out, look at their gas tank, look at their grocery store and i guess the republicans will pick up five or six senate seats and somewhere between 40 and 70 house seats. october will come crashing down. democrats are helping dominate the people they least want to see in office. it is crazy. bret: the white house seems a hundred anxious. >> number one the president diagnosis right now. he cannot do anything until at
11:56 am
least wednesday. they want to get out and start campaigning. their biggest problem right now will be inflation. that growth rating this week, we've already seen the council try to redefine what a recession is. even if it is negative for second time it does not indicate a recession. that says they have a big problem on their hands. >> going back, i think it is a risk reward strategy. if you get into a personal fight, much less, calling out the crowd has worked in the past. help them retain the senate in 2010 and 2012. the potential is to help them win keira get a change of conversation from gas prices inflation to the fact that you have a radical republican party. >> pennsylvania looks a little tighter at the governor's race. thank you, panel. up next, a final word.
11:57 am
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