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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  July 25, 2022 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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bret: that's it for today on "fox news sunday." i'm bret baier, join me for "special report" week mights, 6 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. have a great week, we'll see you next "fox news sunday." ♪ ♪ on "life, liberty and levin." >> good evening everyone welcome to the next revolution. everyone knows fighting cannot possibly the cancer will
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making 72 process. it was washington insiders the choice is the purpose of the almost overnight on the basis of chris at you houston has become a favorite to be the next democratic nominee. you watch around the white house he will be even president. but what can we expect from him? you can reasonably book gather nuisance record in california which is to think this to make
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sure with more focus more determination and course in the other party on the defense is interesting we have a narrative that he has the facts like an education. he was in washington when she was pleased about in the daily mail video. >> just had a meeting with the first lady what is right and what is going on in many red season me will highlight those today. >> yes it is true the facts are on his side. the first is the innovative been education he closed california schools earlier and
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longer than anyone else but schools is the exception his family used had to go on without patient and boring shipping sex teach by the three-week support the choice just because of the corrupt funding from the teacher union he wants to deny that choice to families let's not get bogged down. but the point is he delivered transform on judges formative prudence that we just up the narrative. because they control public schools and indoctrination and academic standards are collapsing that is just the narrative. gavin has the facts. just under half kids in california meet the state standards for english. half. isn't that amazing all of them to learn from that required standards that is fair social
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justice one third of the countries are proficient and that is great because as california democrats have established you kids learning that stuff now we say all of this will california schools equipment for your achievement gap between black and white eighth-grade students about weight the black kids are four years behind the point here is what they are leading innovation has the lowest literacy rate of any state so nearly one quarter of california cannot even read the sentence on your screen is that the transformative leadership america needs to the narrative of crime and
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chaos and that isn't true the facts are on his side in the 15 percent increase in together some office not off the charts going up 50 percent that is on the church honestly the right we extremist misinformation go on and on about standard things to the far left backed by the hand attorney general but the fact is that the scenes we're looking crime and violence in the extreme the chapter of the problem ways can you tell walgreens stores and thing was 46 times you change average in
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one starbucks and its closings stores in los angeles it is just an area posted by the well-known far right republican virtual the starbucks ceo try to moderate centrist. the same with homelessness the narrative is completely out of control it seems that civilized nations only have a lot of homelessness because it has a lot of people obviously so the fact is that they have 27 percent of the homeless population but the what california really needs is being progressive and one party rules in the super majority in the legislator and
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with those progressive policies don't work the gap between high and low income families and because progressive democrats he inequality you need progressive policies to close the gap you have does the highest gas tax in the nation to carbon affordable the most burdensome environmental environmental regulations to make building and buying a home affordable and soon you have a high level nation and people leaving to go to the states including mexico in the middle of the drug and there it is close as well because everybody for that is the leadership we need .
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>> and those other states missing direction. >> but that's the problem. i california i am not leaving. but that is the last. tell us what you think. and our first guest tonight with everything that reminds me of something that no apologies hosting the adam corolla shows everything reminds you of something what
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is gavin newsom or who does he remind you up now? can make a reminds me of the used rv salesman on talk all people and. on my pad —- my podcast a few years ago and the social path. >> you experience the stuff. do you detect any type of growing resistance or do you think this progressive madness will continue? >> i think people are leaving and i think if they didn't have a choice to then they would rise up instead of rising up in unison they are
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trickling out to florida and texas and tennessee and other states that are a little close. >> jessica we have talked many times. and getting candidates on board to win elections to pull back the political power how do you see it? >> yes it coming from a place of hope and in californians around the turning point we have huge opportunities on what we are doing on the education front to recruit candidates all at the local level to make a difference within our community rising from the bottom. this is the place of because it really could not get much worse with capitalism has a governor. >> would you recommend him from a national political audience noticing what he is to do think that will go down?
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>> i think that would be an absolute gift to republicans nationally if you want to find a worse candidate than president biden then and gather newsom. meanwhile all everything is going wrong in texas and florida you can spend any state this guy is an absolute and no one in the nation as california they are looking at the california way as the way to not. >> mixing it up with ron desantis in any normal person look at the person to say i will take a guy who did this the florida version why does
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he think it helps them to pick fights with constant? >> she had a crazy university has something wrong with him. he is a quarterback that goes three and 13 every year and talking about himself is entering the harm want us to hall of fame there is something wrong with him you have to interview to interview with nuc little soundbites and families peace and in his dreams and saying that get in a room with him and he will realize he doesn't function is brain does not function there's something wrong with it not just bad policies. he does but there is something wrong with his head you can listening go to you to i go to for 45 minutes and you will see he has a functional problem. >> i have to say at this point
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here is my analysis. but actually he was a moderate person who is interested in policy and then running for office and then to go to the far left and that has left him completely disconnected from reality you totally disagree with? >> he is not done and he can string words together but they don't make sense and listen to an interview and the person on the left, first that's all he talks to. he will not talk to us anymore but what about people beating california he says where else will you go cracks in the persons of texas, florida, nashville, evere in he said they will be back and then he went on to cite a
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friend of his as an example went to utah and not come back. that was his rebuttal as to why people are leaving california. there is something wrong with you. i am telling you. [laughter] >> i'm sorry. with the political situation i see and hear democrats are saying i know i've always been a democrat that this data so badly run so somehow i don't know what it is to make them cross the line. >> and it is working we have done incredibly done shall we not engage in communities that have been disregarded by our parties for a long time? we have open to let you know engagement community centers.
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in mike garcia district we show up and nation california is. there offering solutions and more importantly we are showing up in communities and solutions. >> if he does become the nominee let alone presidents your analysis will be in demand make sure you check out adam's book. thank you both very much. for the latest check out my podcast.
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now time for a little bit of comedy for your ring join and after last week's january 6 oh seven oh please period mind nothing has been added or subtracted it is real and authentic not a deep think not one —- fake not by russian box with dead on political analysis. >> one of the things that has been remarkable is how nonpolitical this has been. there is no way this is like the impeachment was like the second impeachment was warranted as it was. you cannot do that with us. >> nonpolitical? not an attack on donald trump
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this addiction we cannot go online and biden will reside in terms and after anytime i
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say anything is he should be impeached over afghanistan or anything else than people say we get kamala harris is worse. it depends which one. she was great before smart and funny and fantastic company the person who would get along consider the policy errors i have worked on ten downing street at that time she was californians attorney general of san francisco district attorney introduced a controversial policy to fight truancy by threatening to prosecute parents to persistently refused to make parents you refuse to make the kids go to school. >> it's about an education is tantamount to a crime so i decided i would start prosecuting parents for children see. we recognized that with that
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initiative as a prosecutor and law enforcement have a huge stick than one person has to care less work and ten them around the collective objective and goal to get the kids in school. >> not just on truancy but tough on crime and proud of it to make it raise that conviction rates to the highest rates in 15 years and in particular or violent crime program person prosecuted on the site cases i'm a lot walking up somebody rates someone and murders a human being. >> she probably called herself the top cop and the next thing you know she is practically a number of the squad. >> where you stand on defined the police? >> with defined the police we need to imagine how we are
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eating safety. this will —- this whole movement is whether it reflects the right priorities we have generations to defend public schools but yet militarizing police departments. >> this one explain performances and the inability to make substantive impact because she's not being true to herself she is pandering to the left wing extremist and the real kamala harris from ten years ago she is not a nut job she is a tough and smart moderate professional would actually be a huge improvement on biden if only she would be yourself and stop the incessant pandering. here with reaction is our fox news contributors. does anybody by this?
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>> i do. i buy in the context of politicians you're not confident in themselves often follow whatever the directions. i believe this is the terrifying thing for democrats with the party being taking hostage by the woke elements of the left wing fringe nobody is willing to stand up to them. years and years ago remember when bill clinton ran for president? he had a sister movement? he said a rapper was encouraging police to be shot was not what democrats should be encouraging or embracing. and it divorced him from the far left wing of his party what has any members from his administration done to divorce themselves from the left wing of their party and they are
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also afraid of what is needed and they don't pay attention to the fact and 10 percent at most of the american public alienating 90 percent and clearly that is one of many reasons kamala harris looks like the most incompetent member of the most incompetent administration in presidential history. >> i know shaking your head. >> it almost always agree with you. is always but i will have to disagree on this. i think she is a community i think she is a wolf in sheep's clothing. those are the three descriptions of kamala harris. she president biden are a disaster for the nation we
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don't want people in office that wells way whenever is blowing we went to stand firm on principle. she is already proven. she believes in defunding the police, the kkk, although she was in california at one point in her career as attorney general she turns around and then gets people to donate money to bail out rioters in this? think about and really look into the heart of a person and sometimes i have to do is on the outside and they are telling you exactly what they are if it walks like a documents like a duck it is usually attack and kamala harris is a debt. >> you need to finish the sentence but a lot of people say this.
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>> do you think she would be worse for this reason. you know at this point the handlers are effectively running the administration dealing with a weekend at bernie's part 22024. there isn't any staff that seems to enjoy working for her as bad as her performance has been in the first year and a half of the administration and let's be clear she has been awful. the worst member of the worst administration i can ever remember. she doesn't have anybody to advise her. joe biden is a poor choice i was in florida yesterday speaking at the florida republican party big event that sunshine summit and rhonda santos came out whether it is true or not sentence i have been governor have not
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pulled on an issue i decided i think is right on there. when he started tuesday you need to wear masks and schools i said it. percent of americans that agree with is to make that argument and then over time i believe the vast majority of the public increase does not makes if you only hold people but often there is no death to that and those who are excessively looking with everybody else things and we seem to get there so she can endorsement they already support which is the exact opposite of leadership. >> so what they did and why speak to an actual doctor who knew what she was talking about and to the medical
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papers and that you trust your own intelligence and assess their advisors so many just another hands and the experts at ace we have to do a. >> but one question you do not hear our discussion but what you think of gavin newsom stepping? >> against to republicans i would say please nominate gavin newsom because that would be a gift and those are know as the nation is a rack
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kamala harris had a chance to make something out of her so she could be their borders are and what has she done? absolutely nothing it is a rack the nation really needs a change and 2024 cannot come fast enough i say that over and over again. >> we can all agree or disagree with we will see you later in the show don't go away.
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go to
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>> welcome back from day number one of russia's war in ukraine we had been crystal clear that pigeons aggression must be confronted and needed and how to welcome as a guest in the early days of the conflict representative victoria sparked the first ukrainian border member of congress he spoke passionately and convincingly about the need to stop recently she has been a victim of anonymous attacks from fellow publicans calling her name that she has been plagued by anti- western forces get a platform to speak about ukraine and the crime just questions whether billions of dollars we are sending to ukraine are going possible corruption and where some of those weapons from syria or iran?
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shouldn't all republicans be asking these questions and send us hearing them? as far as i'm concerned if you see establishment getting on someone like dave chapelle. >> the more you say i cannot say something the more urgent it is for me to say it out what is going on congress joins us now congresswoman anyone who makes trouble over this is it correct to say urs passionately for resisting and fighting back against can aggression as you were and what are the arguments you are making in terms of what we should be doing in terms of the accountability? >> it is interesting one —-
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for me how we can be so naïve without minutes of processor have accountability somehow the world will change and through the corruption and sabotage and russian spies to undermine the country now will become easy for them to situation. if you in afghanistan or all of those crisis the results are bad. if you think ukraine not even afghanistan this is the single largest country in with the nuclear station and a lot of very critical resources and it is very dangerous not to manage that process.
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and for me to say to the american people and the taxpayers that with this administration that has failed is that every issue. it is bad for our national security it is a joke how do they even say stuff like that? >> what do you say to your republican colleagues in congress who are smearing you to say you are an agent of pretend? >> i think not to have proper oversight or accountability because all the government can benefit i think ukrainian people are great ukrainian army is so brave people are dying for freedom and had to revolutions and they inspire they have to separate the bureaucracy for people on the ground to make sure the people on the ground for what they
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want to provide that huge progression stand america does not meet the whole world feels as china and russia and africa is destabilized open borders right now we are spending money to is the expression. >> russia and china. >> and you talked about president zelensky and they are telling you to shut up. >> it is interesting because we know how many challenges they have been ukraine to deal
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with the different corruption and it is very difficult so we don't keep an eye what is happening then you know very well did you very good to do that they destabilize all over europe and they are close to them so we have to keep an eye and make sure they understand that we are watching and to gain advantage. and then to ask the questions. >> i agree it is absolutely disgusting and i am very very proud to invite you here to what you have to say. i will keep asking those questions. thank you so much we will be back after this short break.
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>> we told you that the demented lockdown it takes would never give up their power was never about the science of the data but their power to control micromanage our lives and our cool counterproductive corona madness is back forcing now kids and that is absolutely disgusting to wear masks now in los angeles that our mom shall report that we now know
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that these public health bureaucrats have been writing their own junk science to justify their mandate and the study the cdc used to justify forced masking what is not mentioned by a doctor or epidemiologist or political activist who happened daughter on an equally medically challenged half a million dollars per year l.a. county health director the same self-righteous hypocrite bureaucrat who once you and your kids to read masks while she doesn't wear one in a crowded stadiums and just listen to the qualifications of her daughter not a medical doctor any kind of doctor or phd or scientific background but she does have a major metropolitan study and a minor in politics specializing in urban policy race and racism and health equity going on in communication management which
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describes the premier liberal arts institution focusing on stakeholder management diplomacy, please friending these are the public health experts and the people writing the coronavirus people closing your business and working your life and still at it.
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>> i don't want to be a wet blanket but i'm concerned about the talked of our red wave in november is a foregone conclusion that you be excellent conformant on —- performance in 2020 was the majority so overturning that to produce the republican majority is like the want to say certain but is it a blowout people are talking about taking last the mike asset honestly looks more likely that the democrats were in action so look at the latest poll showing a decrease among voters under 65 years old living preferences for republican candidates were
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62 percent in july it was 47 percent to 15 percent to —- decrease. actually given democrats a seven-point lead and then amy walter between 20 and 35 seats so looking a bit days before republicans in terms of the money they are raising in georgia and republican senate candidates have been outraged by the democratic read rivals and that a vital indicator of success. but that is combined in and
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sarah are back with us. talk about the need. the republicans should not. >> that we also need to be just as good as democrats. we were shocked was stacy abrams in georgia. remember what happened there.
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i am not threatened by the polling right now remember 2016? they cannot be more than wrong. that there is an issue with the fundraising anything with democrats that better be an eye-opener for the gop and everybody needs to get up there and do their job. >> . >> good points especially hispanic voters the number one story getting ready for the midterms. the last all having in approval rate with hispanic members of the numbers we have never seen close to in any context. i believe in the senate and arizona will flip i think republicans you mentioned mentioning stacy abrams in georgia she will lose and i think she will substantially to brian cap. i thank you house the coattails.
12:58 am
and i believe they will win 25 are aware of which put them in line for the biggest gop majority in the last 100 years in the house because as you mentioned that's from the last. >> in the sports betting guide. >> i don't know. and anti- biden sentiments that is a prorepublican sentiment to go with that? and i think it's awesome that playing made it out and i hope you are so right when it comes to georgia.
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but i absolutely agree. and it is very important publicly have seen a shift in the african-american black community. it has seen a shift with the number of minority communities that means the gop really needs to harness this and explain why voting in the democrats and these congressional members and senators why voting down. we can see what has happened with the biden administration with the radical left and the american people and the independents are ready for that. just tell them the truth. get out of they are tired of inflation and border security and they want something different. >> tie into biden. go for it mentioned the places
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i feel good arizona and nevada in georgia i'm nervous about pennsylvania going up against those who will live have biden style campaign from his basement and here is my pitch is a medical doctor the democratic party has gone insane and i believe. >> ansari >> todd: it looks like the media finally souring on president biden and some cases pleading with him not to run for reelection in order to save his party. but the white house is offering a different take on biden 'tanking poll numbers. they are arguing america's fed up with the country itself and not the man running it pure you are watching "fox & friends first" on monday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: ashley strohmier in
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for carley shimkus and things going bad to worse for democrats


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