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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 25, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> jessica: kimball. >> jesse: richard kimball one of the best movies of all time. >> greg: weird left turn. >> judge jeanine: he had prosthetic arm. >> jesse: you call yourself a film guy? >> jessica: i don't know. >> judge jeanine: i think it's the end of the show. >> jesse: "special report" -- we got it show. hey, bret. >> bret: county judge train my dog? [laughter] >> jesse: that's it for dogs. >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the senate tries to pass a bill pumping up the chip industry. $50 billion more than 1,000 pages long. we will tell you what's in it will the summer extreme heat leave your family in the dark or without air conditioning? rolling brown out or blackout threats. and tension with china grows over house speaker nancy pelosi's possible trip to taiwan. ♪ but first, breaking tonight,
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president biden insists the u.s. is not in or heading in to a recession. despite many economists looking at it differently. the president is feeling better from his covid-19 diagnosis last week. this week will determine whether his good feeling about the u.s. economy will pan out as well. a pivotal week for the president and his party as the gross domestic product or g.d.p. number comes out. the economy could be in a recession just a few months ahead of the midterms. but the biden team is already trying to get ahead of that by attempting to essentially change the definition of what a recession is. white house correspondent peter doocy has our top story tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. officials here are talking about how well the economy is doing because of how many jobs have been created since this president took office. but, jobs are just one economic i observed carat. some other economic indicators may show this week the country is now in a recession. that is something i just spoke
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to the president about. >> mr. president, we are getting g.d.p. numbers on thursday. how worried should americans be that we could be in a recession? >> we're not going to be in a recession, in my view. >> that might depend on what the definition of recession is. generally understood to mean two quarters in a row of falling g.d.p. now white house officials say not under this president. >> that is not the actual definition of a recession. it is a significant contractionary period over a few months where the -- those who make that determination look at a lot of different factors, particularly the jobs market. >> part of the argument is that things are better now than at the beginning of the quash ter measured. >> those numbers will reflect the period from april to june, backward looking. >> there is no denying things are slowing, which the treasure treasurysecretary says is okay. >> this is an economy that's in recession. but we're in a period of
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transition in which growth is slowing. and that's necessary and appropriate. >> as the econ team braces for a bad g.d.p. report, the president recovers from covid-19. >> i'm showing better every day. i still have a little bit of a sore throat and a little bit of a cough but it's changing significantly. >> most powerful patient in the world is still being treated with paxlovid and his physician says covid symptoms have almost completely resolved but a return-to-work is tbd. >> centers for disease control guidance is very clear. five days of isolation today is as you said day four. so tomorrow will be day five. he will, once he has a negative test after day five, he can end his isolation. >> the first lady is not with the president but first dog, commander biden is. >> i have had two full nights of sleep all the way through. as a matter of fact, my dog had to wake me up to this morning so i felt this unlv of my dog's
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nose against my chest against 5 minutes till 7:00. >> the president also said from quarantine he hopes the rapid economic growth we have seen over the last year plus gives way to steady economic growth. he is going to be eligible to leave quarantine as soon as he tests negative after tomorrow. possibly in time for those numbers that could reveal a second quarter of falling g.d.p., aka, a recession. bret? >> bret: a recession. peter doocy live on the north lawn. thank you. stocks were mixed. the dow gained 91. the s&p 500 finished ahead 5, the nasdaq lost 51. overseas now, we are following two major international stories tonight. there are new calls for additional multiple launch rocket systems and possibly u.s. military advisers on the ground to deploy directly into ukraine. those requests come following a trip to the embattled nation by a bipartisan group of house members. we will talk live with one of
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those lawmakers on that delegation in just a few minutes. and china is once again warning the u.s. not to allow house speaker nancy pelosi to visit taiwan. pelosi has defended her planned visit today taiwan held widespread air drills and emergency plans for any chinese missile attacks there. we have fox team coverage tonight. lucas tomlinson is in kyiv with the latest on ukraine but we begin with senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot on the china threat. good evening, greg. >> hi, bret. more tough talk today from beijing. texts remain high over china, taiwan and a possible visit there. the u.s. right in the middle. >> residents scrambled on the streets of taiwan's cam toll taipei during air raid drill. china claims the island nation as its own and threatens to take it back. this as air force fired jets took to the skies preparing for a possible chinese invasion. all prescheduled exercises. buff they come at a time when
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beijing has intensified its negative reaction to a possible visit to taiwan next month by democratic house speaker nancy pelosi. a spokesman for china's foreign ministry saying today his country is opposed and concerned. >> if the u.s. is bent on going its own way, china will take firm and strong measures. >> president biden said last week even the u.s. military doesn't think pelosi going is a good idea. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general mark mille, on his way to a defense conference in australia, noted more broadly that the number of interaccepts for chinese arab craft and ships threaten those at the u.s. and allies in places like the contested south china sea has risen dramatically in recent years. he went on to to say the message is chinese military in the air and the sea have become significantly more and noticeably more aggressive in this particular region. still, others are worried about the message of pelosi no show in taiwan will send to pay jing. >> i think we need to be
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muscular when it comes to china and they can't tell us where we can and can not travel. >> family roomer secretary of state mike pompeo now sanctioned by beijing tweeted: speaker pelosi, nancy, i will go with you. i'm banned in china but not freedom loving taiwan. see you there. late today president biden said that he would speak with chinese put xi jinping by the end of the week as earlier planned. as for speaker pelosi, her future travel plans are still up in the air. bret? >> bret: greg, thank you. now to ukraine where the drum beat for more u.s. involvement in the war with russia is picking up. and the concern of, quote: provoking russia at the beginning of the war seems to be fading, at least a bit. lucas tomlinson is in kyiv tonight. >> russian forces striking a that grade school in eastern ukraine. this time nobody was hurt. but the school was completely destroyed. >> there is no evidence that putin is going to stop until he
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is actually stopped. >> a bipartisan congressional delegation toured other wreckage left by russian forces outside the capitol, following a meeting with president zelenskyy. the chairman of the house armed services committee says the white house needs a prove more fireplace. >> there is more we can do. personally i supported longer range weapons, i support getting more drones. >> republican congressman mike waltz told fox news he wants u.s. military advisers to deploy to ukraine to help with logistics his democratic colleague cheryl former navy pilot and army expert agrees tnchts would be good, i think, to have logistics officer here to make sure that we understand and track the weaponry that we are sending in. >> the visit taking place on the same day russian cruise missiles slammed ukraine's largest port, just hours after both countries separately signed a u.n. brokered deal to export millions of tons of grain. president zelenskyy says that showed russia can't be trusted.
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>> raush's missile attack on our port in odesa is a cynical one it also turned out to be a blow to russia's own political positions. >> zelenskyy has been pleading for the west to send fighter jets. administration officials says that won't be happening any time soon. >> it is just an exploratory measure to kind of see what long-term, trying to help improve ukraine's defense needs, long, long term. each post war. >> officials say russia continues to gain ground slowly in the east. it's land bridge to crimea completed. bret? >> bret: lucas tomlinson in kyiv. thanks. joining us now aforementioned mike waltz of the house armed services committee, part of that delegation. thanks for being here. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: what's your take away, after your trip. >> there were a couple of key points from president zelenskyy. one was continued frustration with the europeans. they have prime minister missed a lot. but they are delivering very little. and even what they promised that they're not delivering is a
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fraction of what the united states is. aside from britain, germany, especially, they are delivering right now less than estonia. and zelenskyy's fear is as we head into winter as they become even more dependent on russian oil and gas that they are back slide even further. so that was one, two, i'm very concerned for the taxpayer dollars and for oversight of these billions of dollars of equipment that we are sending, where is it all going? how is it being used? you know, what's the maintenance? what's the training? what's the utilization of it all? is something of it being pilfered out to the black market? we don't know. we are pushing this stuff across the border in poland. we are not talking about people on the front lines but we ought to have folks out of our embassy with the eyes on to understand where all this stuff going. >> bret: to that point financial times has a piece that eu and nato weapons smuggling. western states have pledged more 0 billion in military support. all these weapons land in
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southern poland, get ships to the border and divviedsed up into vehicles to cross. trucks, vans private cars from. that moment we go blank on their location. we have no idea where they go, where they're used or even if they stay in the country. >> if we're not blind, we are legally blind. it's pretty close, i think the risk of pilfer -- going to the black market, sorry, is there and we need to be aware of it. but i'm more concerned about how much is it breaking? how it's being used tactically. biggest point is zelenskyy feels like he is losing slowly. that the biden administration is basically helping him play for a tie. and if these lines settle as they are this winter, then essentially he is cut off from the ocean minus one port. putin will hit a pause button. it won't be the end of hostilities. he will lick hits wounds and come at it again. what does it matter to the american people? putin continues to chew up
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ukraine. he will not stop. he goal in eastern europe and by letting ukraine basically neuter the russian army and giving them what they need and what they have been begging for we can then truly focus on china which is where we need to be focused. >> bret: congressman, there is a lot of pushback in the u.s. about us getting more involved. about us having u.s. troops on the ground in whatever capacity. >> yeah. >> now there is even talk of, you know, u.s. planes. you heard kirby saying it's long-term. they are not going to do it right await a minute it does seem a little bit like mission creep here from where we were at the beginning of this war. >> look, i think it's irresponsible to push $40 billion worth of military equipment and have no idea how it's being used or where it's going. almost reminds us what we did with afghanistan where they have 80 billion that now are in the hands of the enemy. so, to get eyes on that, far away from the front lines, is what i think we need to be doing. what i think the taxpayer would expect of us.
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and it's actually what the ukrainians need. the british are doing it by the way. they are doing it successfully. we can't constantly have a strategy that is scared of putin and scared of what he might do. let's help them win and not play not to lose. >> bret: let's say they dethis counter offensive. you don't sense there is a moment here where they sit down at the table with the russians any time soon? >> zelenskyy was clear that he cannot sit down with them where the lines are today. that he has to have access to the black sea for his economy to run. essentially he will be a neutered state either dependent on humanitarian aid from europe or eventually dependent on russia. he has got to reestablish at least the 2014 lines before he can sit down and negotiate. he was crystal clear on. that was and i think he is right. >> bret: one more thing before you leave. you wrote this op-ed about the biden administration vaccine mandates crippling the national guard. pretty detailed here, the numbers are pretty staggering. >> yeah.
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look. the army is already going to fall tens of thousands short because of a recruiting crisis. now they are looking at pushing 20,000 plus out over this vaccine mandate. 26 years in the military, i understand law and order, discipline, you tell the platoon to charge the machine gun. they have got to do it. also, as leaders, we have to evaluate our orders and whether it's worth the risk. and in this case you have a vaccine be that has now been shown not to stop the spread. that it's a personal health decision on what kind of symptoms you want to endure versus guaranteed to lose tens of thousands of soldiers you can't replace and the guard is on the frontline of everything from hurricanes to going over to ukraine and overseas deployments. we just can't afford it as a nation to take this kind of a blow. i pray the administration doesn't just headlong go down this route and really take a step back and say is this still the right policy?
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>> bret: congressman waltz, we appreciate the time. >> all right. thanks, bret. >> bret: up next, how information from home d.n.a. testing could be used against you. we will bring you that story. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles as the investigation continues after two people killed, six others injured sunday shooting near car show. police estimate 500 people were gathered at the park for the car exhibit in a softball game. they believe the incident was gang-related. fox 35 in orlando, as authorities say a driver who crashed a car into the ocean sunday in daytona beach may have been suffering from a seizure. witnesses said the car was traveling at a high rate of speed when it crashed through the toll attendant booth, beach ramp gates and traffic signs. it struck a boy crashed at the tide line. the child was taken to the hospital and is recovering. this is live look at fort worth texas, fox 4. one of the big stories there tonight the xfl is come back three of eight games in texas. league owner dwayne "the rock"
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johnson made the announcement sunday. the league will go head to head with the newly refreshedself fol for the spring u.s. audience. that's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> bret: members of the house may soon have additional tax dollars to spend on their own personal security your tax dollars. the house sergeants of arm $10,000 to upgrade security smtion at each member's residences that adds up to $4.4 million. he also wants to give each lawmaker a $150 monthly stipend for monitoring and maintenance. and he wishes to hire two full-time employees to manage this program with a combined salary cost of $150,000. many americans have used at home d.n.a. tests to learn more about their ancestry and other things. but the customers may not be only ones getting private personal information. chad pergram on capitol hill tells us who else may be watching and why. >> it's the enemy within. america's adversaries want to
3:22 pm
weaponize your own d.n.a. against you. >> up to 80% of the population in china one way another. >> technology database. >> designer could conduct designer bioweapon off your own genetic code if they have your d.n.a. cause sickness, sterilization or mutations or they could track you. >> like an whether or not i could hide behind a mask one thing my d.n.a. will not change. >> d.n.a. kits can help determine if you are a quarter dutch or one fifth scottish but committee member jason crow warns that americans unwittingly cough up their most sensitive information. >> people are rapidly spit into a cup and send in noah 23 and me and get interesting data. background d.n.a. owned by a private company and can be sold off. >> 23 and me says it doesn't sell customer data telling fox news that customers have the ability to decide how their data is stored. and whether it's shared with any
3:23 pm
third parties. its ceo defends the tactics. >> 80% of our customers opt in to research. it's not even like they have to click out of it. they are electing to opt into research. >> crow says congress lags in safeguarding americans. >> expectations of privacy have degraded. young folks have very little expectation of privacy. >> even concern about getting the d.n.a. of livestock and spreading biological diseases on farms. >> we know that it brings about food insecurity. food insecurity drives a lot of other insecurities around the globe. >> next battlefield may not be overseas but in our own bodies. and fox is told the u.s. is working on the same technology. bret? >> bret: chad pergram on the hill. thanks. up next debate on how much to spend upgrating the nation's semiconductor chip output. bring you there. first beyond our borders tonight. thousands of indigenous people converge on a community to hear
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long awaited apology poppy francis abuse across canada. canadian government has said it rasp pant christian schools operating from the 19th century to the 1970s. and this is a live look at paris. one of the big stories there tonight. denmark's yonis wins the tour de france. he finished off the three week trek cycling sunday. the 25-year-old former fish factory worker was accompanied by his teammates as he crossed the finish line in paris. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. ♪ if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, vingega of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed
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>> bret: west virginia democratic senator joe manchin said to be experiencing mild
3:30 pm
symptoms after testing positive for covid-19. manchin's office says he is fully vaccinated and boosted. will isolate. alaska republican senator lisa murkowski says she recently tested positive as well. she says she will quarantine at her home. a tug-of-war is emerging in the senate tonight over legislation intended to boost semiconductor production in the u.s. we told you about it. almost everyone agrees on both sides of the aisle something needs to be done but just how much and what's included is the subject of heated debate. here's congressional correspondent aishah hasnie. good evening, aishah. >> hey, good evening to you, bret. that's right. despite record inflation, supporters of the spending say this is a matter of national security while opponents are calling the pending reckless spending and a reckless spending spree. now this massive chip plus package was supposed to go through a professional vote tonight that has now been delayed tomorrow morning because of weather in the d.c. area. it is expected to receive enough
3:31 pm
bipartisan support to be sent to the house in week. now, the bipartisan deal aims at beefing up semiconductor manufacturing here at home by offering companies billions of dollars in subsidies and tax credits over the next five years to build new plants. but, it does go well beyond that. over the past week, the $52 billion package grew to a whopping $250 billion to include science and technology research and development from a different package. now, there is still plenty of division as you mentioned on this bill. supporters say the u.s. must spend this money right now to protect national security interest. >> due to pandemic, due to military conflict. due to natural disaster. our access to the most advanced semiconductors on the planet would be cut off with devastating consequences to the united states' economy and our national security. >> critics though like senator
3:32 pm
rick scott say they just don't see a return on the investment that taxpayers are going to have to make. members of the house republican committee are going as far as to claim that this bill could actually help china. >> it doesn't go into specific things as it relates to how this money would be used. it says you can't do expansions but there is exceptions for all of that. it's $250 billion that's probably going to go to businesses that operate in china, for chinese businesses than they can expand. >> bret, speaker pelosi does believe that she has bipartisan support to get this through the house. the president tonight telling congress to get its act together and send this bill to his desk. bret? >> bret: issue sharks also on the hill, something strange, several staffers were arrested in leader schumer's office. what about that? >> so this happened during a protest. a sit-in over climate policy inside the leader's office this morning. and according to capitol police they tell us that officers
3:33 pm
arrested six demonstrators for failing to leave his office when they were told to leave. those staffers work for progressive members including representative cori bush, ilhan omar, jamaal bowman and ro khanna. it is not clear yet, bret, if those staffers are going to be charged. bret? >> bret: aishah hasnie live on the hill. >> you bet. >> bret: president trump and mike pence for the 2024 nomination continues to gain momentum as both men speak around the country. different candidates they are endorses. chief correspondent mike emanuel. >> good morning to you. president trump due back in washington for the first time since leaving office tomorrow closing address at the first amendment summit. former vice president mike pence due to speak today at heritage foundation event but that was postponed due to bad weather related travel issues. this as both trump and pence or are more front and center competing in public. most recently backing different candidates for governor in arizona.
3:34 pm
pence tweeted this jab on friday, quote: some people want this election to be about the past but elections are always about the future. he went on to say if the republican party allows itself to be consumed by yesterday's grievances, we will lose. mr. trump has been very vocal about his differences with his former vice president. >> i don't even know who these people are. but i never called mike pence a wimp. i never called him a wimp. mike pence had a chance to be great. he had a chance to be, frankly historic. >> this as the former president is under the microscope with the january 6th select committee. today virginia democratic congresswoman elaine luria tweeted out a new video from the january 6th probe. luria highlighted a draft of the remarks the president was scheduled to deliver on january 7th, a day after the riot, and redacted lines he apparently did not want to deliver. >> it looks like here that he crossed out that he was
3:35 pm
directing the department of justice to ensure all law breakers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. we must send a clear message not with mercy but with justice. legal consequences must be swift and firm. do you know why he wanted that crossed out? >> i don't know. >> fox news has confirmed former pence chief of staff marc short appeared before a federal grand jury investigating the january 6th riots. fox is told it was on friday and that short appeared under subpoena, bret. >> bret: we will follow that thank you. >> thank you. >> let's bring in fox news senior political analyst brit hume. good evening. >> hi, bret. >> bret: a lot of watchers are saying this january 6th committee may, may be having some effect around the edges on moderate republicans, independents when you look at some of these polls and look at how republicans are answering questions about 2024, do you buy that? >> yeah. i would think it would be having some effect. i think it would have had more
3:36 pm
effect if, by excluding anybody with a point of view that might be helpful to trump, if they hadn't done that and they had some questioners on there that would cross-examine some of these witnesses, i'm not sure it would have changed the testimony but would have given the committee a sense of legitimacy that a lot of people now say it doesn't have because it has been so utterly one-sided and there has been no real opportunity for there to be a defense of mr. trump and his actions. i'm not sure that any defense could be mounted that would be convincing. but, if there was one, i think the committee might have gained some legitimacy. >> bret: i had vice chair liz cheney on "fox news sunday." i asked her about that cross-examination issue. i also asked her about this big issue that trump supporters and the former president himself pushed back on and that is that he authorized or gave the consent to call up some 20,000 national guard troops for january 6th. take a listen to the exchange and another little soundbite.
3:37 pm
>> there are several witnesses who say they met with president trump on january 4th. and he offered some 20,000 national guardsmen to protect the capitol building is that true? do you know that to be true? >> his own acting secretary of defense says that's not true. chris miller has testified publicly that donald trump never issued any order to deploy the guard, to protect the capitol. >> the president is leaving and says a, one more thing and we all sat back down and we discussed what was going on january 6th. >> mr. trump unequivocally authorized up to 20,000 national guardsmen and women should the second part of the law the requests come in but those requests never did. >> patel and former secretary miller talking about that meeting. that's a key part of this. brit, what your thoughts? >> well, it's worth keeping in mind that what the committee is trying to establish here, and liz cheney's own words was that there was a sophisticated
3:38 pm
seven-part plan to bring about a reversal of the election results to overthrow the election. and by -- in that sense overthrow the government. i'm not sure the committee has gotten there. the evidence supports that. and the contradictory accounts about whether he authorized troops would certainly suggest that if he was going to do that, that's a pretty peculiar way to try to overthrow the government is to authorize troops to protect the capitol. my sense about that is that's the kind of contrary evidence that ought to be part of the record fully developed in niece hearings. and in any other congressional hearing that i have ever witnessed that sort of thing would be. >> bret: i will play one more soundbite very quickly. cross-examination, take a listen. >> "primetime," there is no opportunity for the target to defend or put forth a defense. there's no cross-examination of witnesses, how do you respond to that criticism? >> the notion now that somehow the committee is incapable of
3:39 pm
getting to the facts of what happened because kevin mccarthy withdrew his nominees is nonsensical. nearly every single one of our witnesses has been a republican. >> bret: what about that response? she does claim that they are going to have a number of hearings or parts of them that deal with the security questions that i brought up there. but what about her answer? >> well, she also, as i recall, bret, i watched the interview, she went on to say she is not sure having cross-examination would have changed the testimony. well, if that's the case, then why not have it? and add the legitimacy that a hearing that involves both sides would bring? >> bret: brit, as always, thank you. >> brit: thank you. >> bret: up next, will the extreme summer heat leave you and your family in the dark without air conditioning? we have that story. ♪
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>> bret: a 37-year-old woman fired several gunshots inside dallas' lovefield airport before an officer shot and wounded her. authorities say the woman was dropped off at the airport and restroom emerged wearing different clothing and began firing her weapon apparently at the ceiling. nearby officers shot the woman in her lower extremities. the suspect was then taken to a
3:45 pm
local hospital. extreme heat threatening to force large scale and recurring brown outs or blackouts in many parts of the country. casey stegall tells us one of the other contributing factors is the transition between renewable and green energy sources. >> dog days of summer americans in search of relief any way that he can get it. >> heat is crazy. >> extreme temperatures are driving energy demands to unprecedented levels in many states. texas, which relies largely on its own grid topped 80,000 greg go was at one point last week. that's more than california and new york's usage combined. >> we are concerned about potential of rolling blackouts. >> former u.s. congressman jim matheson now ceo of an electric co-op says severe drought, wildfires, and green energy are also to blame for the current scarcity. >> we are shutting down coal
3:46 pm
plants coal plants before the end of the useful life. >> report from northern american reliability says at least half of the country is at elevated risk forever blackouts remainder of summer, california, texas and the upper midwest flagged as most vulnerable. >> we have basically continued risk of extreme temperatures, 100-degree days all the way out from here until at least early glent while energy providers race to raise capacity and reduce risk of service interruptions. officials argue there are some things the feds could do to help in the interim. >> there there are limits in number of hours per year certain facilities can operate for environmental purposes. the secretary of energy or e.p.a. can wave some of those restrictions to allow for greater use of existing assets to meet these periods of short fall. >> president biden has vowed to invest some $20 billion in the department of energy's building
3:47 pm
a better grid initiative. that includes $2.3 billion worth of grant money pep states and local governments to grow power grids. >> bret: casey, thank you. the panel on the it's insistence the u.s. is not going into a recession. as we go to break actor paul so he so he trivino has died. including law and order decide from national causes. his wife was by his side. paul is a sorvinoo died at 83 (vo) get verizon business unlimited from the network businesses rely on. like manny. event planning with our best plan ever.
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you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> mr. president, we are getting g.d.p. numbers on thursday. how worried should americans be that we could be in a recession? >> we're not going to be in a recession in my view. we -- the employment rate is still one of the lowest we have had in history. it's in the 3.6 area. we still find ourselves with people investing. my hope is we go from this rapid growth to steady growth. >> bret: president biden insisting we are not in it. we are not heading to it. the numbers come out this week that will tell one way or the other. there is this battle about where are we?
3:53 pm
>> we got record high inflation, 41 year high inflation. rising energy costs. you know, and they seem to not know what's going on. >> never in the history of our country have we had a recession where the economy was creating jobs, period. >> this is not had an economy that's in recession. but we are in a period of transition in which growth is slowing. and that's necessary and appropriate. >> you cannot tax your way out of inflation. you cannot tax your way to prosperity. >> bret: that's the definition of recession. let's bring in our panel, mollie hemingway editor and chief at the federalist. guy benson political editor at town juan williams is a fox news analyst. juan, if does seem like they are kind of moving the goal coast here about what the definition of a recession is. >> juan: i think it's kind of silly. bad messaging in my opinion. i wouldn't waste my breath arguing with people about what a recession is i think, instead, what they might say is look, as
3:54 pm
you heard the president and some of his advisers say look, unemployment is low. job growth is real. people might be feeling the effects of inflation at the moment and what they feel is very important. so, let's talk about wages going up. let's talk about the fact that consumer spending right now remains strong, corporate investment. and move from that move that that realistic base so people have a sense of trust. i think arguing over the definition is a waste of breath. >> bret: here is larry summers former -- economic advisers as well. >> i think there is a very high likelihood of recession when we have been in this kind of situation before recession has essentially always followed when inflation has been high and unemployment has been low. >> two quarters back-to-back which is for all pack particular purposes of definition of a recession. no matter what the white house wants so say.
3:55 pm
>> bret: we're in this semantics thing, mollie. to say juan's point should the administration be battling on this front. >> again, two quarters of cracks that's what we have always said for decades recession. it's important we use words that have meek and don't try to gaslight people. to juan's point it is a problem that the administration isn't in any way conveying to people that they understand what it is like to go to the grocery store and see that your paycheck goes less far and less far each week. these things are very hard for the american people and they want to feel that the people in charge at least understand what's going on and when they are denying reality it's very hard to feel like any confidence that they will be able to take care of the problem. that's a political problem given what's happening in november. >> bret: guy? >> the old adage in washington is if you are explaining you are losing. frantically redefining basic terms as part of a spin to try to deflect away from painful realities, you are really losing.
3:56 pm
i this think they recognize that they're really losing here whether or not we get a bad number on thursday, it seems like they are sort of preparing for that it doesn't matter what they call it doesn't matter what we call it, people are going to feel it and they can play these games all they want. just the way they did on inflation by the way. they played similar games. it didn't work out. i'm waiting for them to call the recession transitory. i think maybe that's the next step along the line. we have seen it all before it hasn't worked out well for them. i agree with juan's point, i'm not sure if i were them i would be boasting about wages, real wages are down due to inflation. >> bret: doesn't that whole thing make people more mad. make people hate washington more like all of this stuff the back and forth transitory all that stuff? i want to read this op-ed because it was really striking. "the washington post" quit joe, quit. biden could save the midterms with a one-term pledge. no more self-conscious maneuvering by biden and his staff and whispering and unattributed quotes about what the president should and will do. that new freedom would allow him
3:57 pm
to say without absolute conviction presidential capitol devoted to addressing the immediate needs and the matters he most deeply shape our future. dave the midterms by announcing one term, juan? >> juan: i think there are lots of concerns among democrats right now look towards the midterms also i think people were just worried about consequences of potential of republican takeover of congress and then looking towards 24 and saying if joe biden -- if the midterms go badly and if joe biden's numbers remain low and then what does that mean for democrats. you get some people are i think absolutely quaking in heir boots. it's not everybody. right now you can see gavin newsom out in california, a little bit of governor pritzker in illinois making those but not the bernie sanders. not the big players right now. it looks like most democrats are calm. >> bret: businesses in california and illinois might have a different story about those two states and how they
3:58 pm
are treated go ahead, mollie. >> one of the problems for democrats is you are not seeing a lot of debate about the policy positions in the democratic party. there is broad agreement throughout the house and the senate with only maybe two exceptions with manchin and sinema disagreeing with the policies that have led the country to where it is economically. the energy policies, the border policies, the spending policies. and so replacing joe biden wouldn't change anything unless you see someone actually deviating from the policies that the democrat party is in lock step on. >> bret: what about i asked brit about the january 6th committee and around the edges whether that makes a difference or not. today the president said you can't be pro-cop and pro-insurrection his words. do you think it makes any difference politically ahead of the midterm on the republican side? >> only in the sense it might be making people rally around the previous republican president. everyone opposes political violence and the more that they see how one instance of political violence is treated so differently than the years of
3:59 pm
political violence from the left that have caused so much harm i don't think it makes people move away. >> bret: guy? >> nonfactor for the mid terms maybe a factor as voters think about their choices for 24. >> bret: panel, thanks. always good to have you in studio. finally today's throwback. this is a good one. the movie caddie shack was released 42 years ago today. and when i interviewed the dalai lama about six years ago i had to ask him about it have you ever seen the movie caddie shack? >> what. >> the movie. >> i don't know. >> bret: the part about the dalai lama. have you ever played golf? >> no. >> bret: you are not a big hitter. >> i have been. >> not golf. >> there is a classic movie caddie shack where they talk about the dalai lama i had to ask you about it. >> i don't know. >> bret: i had to ask him about
4:00 pm
it the big hitter the lambma. i was digging a hole at the end there. tomorrow on "special report" after two years for calling aaccomplishing or restricting police. hearing on protecting law enforcement officers. bring you that thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that he was it for "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now is. >> jesse: i can't believe you asked him that. nice one, bret. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: whether we like it or not bad fashion trends almost always find a way to creep back into style. you may have heard that popped collars are making a comeback. i wouldn't mind that or if you have gone out lately you might see people rocking the jeans again. remember those? maybe you know someone who still wears a lot of