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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 25, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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guns or do they fall under the assault weapons ban? i think joe biden is okay with that because don't aren't nra people. they can vote right? i think they can. that's all for tonight. dvr the show if you figure it out. puckers up next, always a member that i am jesse watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" happy monday try to stay cheerful in the face of everything that's happening in the country we talk about every night multiple disasters all at once. but if you had isolate one single tragedy that's produced the highest casualty rate in the united states you probably have to be the opioid crisis. mostly rural areas lights
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pomellato by the people who built and fed this country for generations. hundreds of thousands of them have died from opioids and their still dying more than a hundred thousand drug deaths last year from fat and all. smuggled through china and mexico. if you live there you probably know someone who is died from fat and all probably someone's child. what you may have forgotten in the face of all the sadness is the opioid epidemic was not organic, it didn't just happen one day people and sparsely populated people in kentucky this of me felt sad and took dangerous drugs. no. this particular disaster was greeted by drug companies. that is true they kicked it off. they did by aggressively marketing oxycontin. they sold it to doctors and doctors solely to the patient's on the false claim that it was nonaddictive. it was very addictive. what happened next? what drive through upstate new york you could see the carnage. ultimately purdue pharma fixed lawsuits and criminal charges in
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the end however not a single executive from that or any other drug company ever went to jail. so no one was ever really punished for all those deaths. hundreds of thousands of deaths. for a brief moment it seemed possible that someone would. no new members this but during the democratic primaries in 2019. kamala harris of all people described pharma executives is nothing more than some high-level dope dealers who should be held accountable. that a few months later she went further. she suggested that drug companies were so evil they may produce a covid vaccine that wound up hurting people. if donald trump tells us we should take it on not taking it. and then other democrats including andrew cuomo and the governor of new york subservience of the very same thing. here's the amazing thing. the second joe biden took office and talk like that stopped immediately. never has a tuned changed faster.
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kamala harris called drug companies dope dealers suddenly sounded like the chief marketing officer at pfizer. at one point she said volunteers would go door-to-door to promote pfizer's product. never in our history has federal officials held a publicly more aggressively than the july demonstration have. their stock prices have exploded the executives made billions. gone was any suggestions like drug companies might be capable of doing anything wrong ever. as to the media and the july demonstration call them moral heroes. some of the products are life-saving that is true. the bigger truth that we are now learning is more collocated than that. just the past few weeks serious, very serious questions have emerged about some of the most widely prescribed drugs in america. include in the covid vaccine. we want to begin tonight with what any parent would be front-page news in the world.
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it turns out the entire premise by the most commonly prescribed antidepressant drug appears to be completely wrong. these drugs are known as, they are between 1991-2019 the prescriptions in the u.s. rose by 3000%. the number of prescriptions for most common hit 224 million last year. 224 million prescriptions in a country of 330 million people. in other words dozens of people for taking it. you might be taken right now. and for decades there've been strong indications that there is a problem with these drugs and the most obvious is this. antidepressants are supposed to cure depression that's why they are prescribed. in it over the same. prescriptions have risen 3000%? the suicide rate may be the most reliable indicator of all of
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depression has not fallen in the united states in fact the suicide rate has jumped by 35% that's a huge increase. that's a lot of dead people. drugmakers admit that their products may be part of the reason for the increase in suicide prozac can see that young people who take that drug have an increased rate of suicide compared to placebo. a drug that supposed to make you less sad may make it less likely that you will kill yourself i was that allowed? it's been allowed because virtually no one has said a word about it one person who did say something about it a long time ago with the actor tom cruise all the way back in 2005. he a very famous appearance on "the today show" you might remember it here it is. >> here we are today right talk out against drugs and psychiatric abuses of electrically shocking people against their will. of drugging children with him
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not knowing. the effects of these drugs do you know what adderall does customer do no ritalin? you know that now ritalin is a street drug? you understand that? >> are there examples of someone who benefited from one of those drugs? >> all that is his mask the problem and if you understand the history of it it masks the problem. that's what it does. that's all it does. you knock into the reason why there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance. drugs are the answer. these drugs are very dangerous they are mind altering antipsychotic drugs. there are ways of doing it without that so we don't end up in a brave new world. >> tucker: he said a few things that maybe we shouldn't trust the pharma companies and just hand your children whatever they are producing and hope for the best. there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance in your brain that causes depression and number three these strokes mask
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the real problems. you're suffering for a real reason and drugs can't fix it. provocative statement. how did the country respond to this? everyone a media agreed that tom cruise is crazy. he is an occult shut up. a lot of people thought that. we may even have thought that. but then information kept coming out that made tom cruise look little bit less crazy. in 2015 researchers from the scientific journal bmj found that some birth defects occur more frequently a lot more frequently among infants treated early in pregnancy. it's a huge problem ignored. in the same journal in 2020 researchers found that post is unrecognized and can be debilitating most psychologically and physically. that's kind of a problem too. if it feels your sex drive maybe it's fueling your soul?
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suite and found that there may be an increased hazard violent crime during ssri education. across age groups and throughout treatment and has possibly persists for up to 12 weeks after treatment discontinuation. so if you stop taking the drugs you may be impotent, infertile, and violent. but at least the drugs sure the chemical imbalance in your brain that causes your depression. that was the selling point. what a great piece of marketing you have a chemical imbalance in your brain. you need these drugs. hundreds of prescriptions. but seems like news to us they don't share a chemical imbalance in the brain. the acronym ssri. the theory was and has been for
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30 years that depressed people have an imbalance of serotonin in the brains. they they have a chemical imbalance if you give them more serotonin to become less depressed and happy. they're less likely to kill themselves. it turns out that serotonin's deficiencies are not the reason why people get depressed. is not officially science. this from co university of college london on the relationship between depression and serotonin. was published in the journal. here's the lead author said about the findings. i think that we could safely say after a vast amount of research conducted over several decades there is a no convincing evidence that depression is caused by serotonin abnormalities, particularly by lower levels of reduced activity of serotonin. what? that was the whole premise of the drug which virtually the entire american population was
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taking. on her doctor's advice. they made billions out those drugs. first we were told that they would save lives. now we learn they don't actually work as intended, in fact the whole idea behind the drug was completely wrong. and enters the best part. people are ignoring this news of the drugs are still being prescribed. how can that happen? in a country based on science. was it turns out this is the real point. that happens all the time. on this channel to seal the day, tony fauci, tony fauci admitted in public that actually we have no idea what affects the covert vaccines might have on women's fertility. on her menstrual cycles. wait a second? number one suggesting that we get you bounced off twitter and facebook as a conspiracy theorist? will it turns out it's true or tony fauci. >> there's been a number of studies on "the new york times"
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they just did one about men's trading cycles and how that is affected by the vaccines. >> yes, the menstrual thing is summing that seems to be quite transient and temporary. that is the point that's one of the points. we need to study it more. >> tucker: we need to study it more [laughs] we need to study more it's like human fertility, reproducing. the most importing event in most people's lives. we need to study it more of what is right. we just forced millions of women to take the drug. sorry. so how did they release a vaccine then make it mandatory when they didn't understand the long-term effects of the drug? that is a very good question. here is deborah birx she is a former white house covert response director. >> i knew that these vaccines work in a protect against
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infection and i think we overplayed the vaccines and made people worry that it's not a protect against severe disease and hospitalization. it will bless be very clear 50% of the people who died from the omicron search were older, vaccinated. >> tucker: what? stop the press. i knew that these vaccines were not in a against infection. really deborah birx? but somehow you forgot to mention that as people are being fired from their jobs for not taking us on the premise that they took it they would never be affected? there's the effects on them on the other lead the population most at risk. according to the -- vaccinated people are 80% more likely to become sick after taking the covert shot as compared to unvaccinated people. wait what? 80% more likely to become sick after taking a shot at preventing them from getting
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sick? how is this not the banner headline? it's being ignored. as one scientist wrote in the journal of virology studies show immune function among vaccinated individuals eight months after the administration of two doses of cofinancing vaccines were lower than that amongst the unvaccinated individuals. is not just they are natural antibodies are more powerful than the vaccines we know that for a long time is to depress your immune system. this is maximum issues not just for covert. throw kinds of horrible diseases you can get with a suppressed immune system. the journal of food and chemical talks already found the same thing. vaccination induces a profound impairment in you for if you're on signaling which the adverse consequences to human health. what the hell? and if these people are on tv wisely admitting what we should do more study on that.
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after we forced it on the entire american population, on billions of people globally. and this might explain how joe biden got covid after getting every available shot and telling us was a year ago and vaccines confer total immunity. >> president biden: the various shots of the are getting cover that they are okay you're not gonna get covid if you have these vaccinations. i guess you heard this morning that i tested positive for covid, but i'm double vaccinated and double boosted. >> tucker: one of the responses to this great sadness of course because even people who didn't vote for joe biden believed his administration when they said this particular acting in the name of science people were afraid of covid and at some cases great justification. some people were at risk for dying. they reached out and accepted this drug on the promise told to them repeatedly that would save
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them. deborah birx said well i knew it didn't really work. so the question is why is nobody being held a countable? why is the party that promise told big pharma held accountable? not saying a single word about any of these lies from afar to suit pharmaceutical industry is making billions. there's more, there is more, alzheimer's drugs the most prescribed alzheimer's drugs don't actually help. that appears to work because in 2022 nothing is too weird to be true. but that's not with the prescribing. in 2014 in the journal alzheimer's and dementia, they found a 99% failure rate of alzheimer's treatment in the pipeline for production. he suggested that for the should be more successful, will how does that work? because the new medications would affect if we the proteins that form so-called sticky plaque in the brain it keeps people from suffering from alzheimer's. like a lack of serotonin would
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help against depression. these new drugs came out there very expensive do the work was mark two new alzheimer's drugs the huge biotech firm, were supposed to target and they did. here's what they didn't do. they didn't fix alzheimer's, they did nothing to affect alzheimer's. and said the fda the drug despite 810-0 vote to injected. what? so it turns out that the assumption about sticky plaque causing alzheimer's is likely wrong. the people running our public health establishment knew it was wrong, but ignore the fact that it was wrong. again nobody is held accountable. the entire population trust science. if you want to make people distrust the science go to the witch doctor rather than the pediatrician treat their kids
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flew this is how you act. you live. and then you never admitted, apologizing is to hold lawyers accountable. it originated in it 2006 paper. recently vanderbilt university take a look at that 2006 paper. so did "science" magazine would be fine: we are quoting, shockingly blatant fraudulent data. worked on alzheimer's of the university of kentucky. data might have been changed to fit a better hypothesis. holy smokes. so how did the nih was working with your money on your behalf to keep the nation healthy? out of the respondent this? they awarded that same scientist a new grant to study alzheimer's. in the democratic party new best friends haven't said a word
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about it. this of the finding new ways with your cash to give to their donors. >> so we really want to to bait our treatment to affirm and support and empower the youth, not to limit their participation in activities of sports and even limit their ability to get tender affirmation treatment in the states. >> tucker: whatever you think of the trans-question or gender identity. the first thing that person says the salient point that that person makes is that a drug can fix it. really, more drugs. the same people who had no idea what that was in was pushed for decades. the same people who fast track uses alzheimer's drugs to the elderly are now telling me that
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kids with gender identity disorders must have more drugs. the administration that promised a whole big pharma accountable. maybe at this point we should acknowledge that drugs are not the answer to everything of our problems. chemicals can be manipulated to do different results. they have souls. if they are sad, sick, it's just possible that pfizer is not the solution. has been saying this exact thing for a long time shouting into the darkness being ignored and having his books attacked. he's written a whole book about this exact subject called lost connections uncovering the real causes of depression in the uninspected flu shot. we talked about this before and we inviting him back on the eve of his vindication. thanks so much for coming on. you been saying for over a decade now that drugs are not the answer to depression.
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how do you greet this news that you were right? >> drugs can give some relief to some people. if they give me relief for a while but we are to be real honest. everyone watching those of natural physical needs. need food, water, clean air, but if it took those things away from you you be in all trouble real fast. it's the same thing and everyone has natural psychological needs. you do feel like you belong. need to feel like your life has meaning and purpose. need to have people see you and value you. in this culture that we build has been to lots of things, we've been getting less, and less good at meeting peoples deep underlying psychological needs. that is the reason why depression has been hugely rising. they show i have is not so much with the drugs, the drugs give some relief because some severe side effects of some people. over time for most people, but not everyone that affects ten wear off. my issue is with the story we tell the companies of the drugs. we are giving people an act in accurate map of their pain.
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when i went to my doctor and i was really depressed and i was a teenager, i was told your pain is just a malfunction in your brain right? you're lacking serotonin, all you need to do this drug yourself and for me personally what i needed to figure out was i've been severely abused when i was a child. had a lot of work to do on processing that come on realizing that i didn't deserve to be treated that way. actually it was only one side, but i found my way out of depression right? my issue is because i was told to distrust my brain to everyone watching your pain makes sense. your depression and anxiety are not malfunctions. they are signals, the telling of something. not or not everyone was abused their scientific issues for nine causes of depression and anxiety that are right about my book. bus connections, and two of them are in our biology. they could be chemical imbalances, but most of them.
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when he thing about loneliness depression and anxiety doubled in the last two years. as we all became much lonelier. that's completely common sense her grandma would've understood immediately. do you think if you're really lonely are more likely to be depressed and anxious? we have to return to more common sense understanding of depression and anxiety. most important they because they view to the to the real solutions. for example here in britain there was a huge program that's encouraging depressed and anxious people when they came to the doctor the first try taking part in gardening programs. i turned out to be twice as effective as giving people drugs, because it was dealing with her loneliness. we understand what's really causing depression and anxiety we can get to the real solution and that's what's so important. your pain makes sense and we need to stop insulting the pain and start listening to it because it's telling us something we really need to hear. >> tucker: i agree completely thank you so much good to see you tonight. >> cheers tucker thanks. >> tucker: the central fact of human life is that it ends great
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in a cited that has no answer for it it happens after death. it is absolutely certain to make everyone crazy and neurotic. the joe biden demonstration is trying to downplay the fact that we are heading into a recession and downplaying it by just changing the definition of the term. kind of amusing and kind of scary, coming up ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: it's not just a state of mind it's a measurable condition into the economy's fault. here's how it's always been defined by economist. it we will be released over they tell us? we hear is a hint. the white house just released a statement walt some maintain two consecutive quarters of falling gdp constitute a recession that is not the official definition sonu seen a lot of business cycles been in business executive chairman and cofounder of strife access management which is a great new company. he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on.
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see you are in business what he think his new definition of a recession? >> look at like george orwell who said it best the best way to control a society is to controlled language first. i just like diversity is conformity, inclusion is exclusion. war is peace and now apparently a recession is other than to can state of of gdp decline. the thing i'll tell you tucker is that most people in the market have already quietly accepted the fact that we are in a recession. regardless of what this administration says. investors pay attention a company's earnings just like walmart's disastrous report earlier today when they flash their profit expectations for the future. investors are can really pay attention to what the ministries and says they really know what's going on, but nothing to pay attention to hear is that it's not just a recession that matters. we are also facing rampant nine plus percent inflation and in the market you can either have a recession inflation and principal.
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it's a double whammy for us right now. we are facing both. meanwhile the people in charge of the administration are focusing on changing the language. that tells you bit of where their priorities are. >> tucker: the statement suggests that a say the recession is why the earnings have been short, but they suggested that may be real recession is higher than 9% what you think with the real actual experience number is? >> i'd give you look at who the everyday customer is at walmart relative to what a range of other businesses that may be more insulated by other forms of government subsidy or protection. this is where the everyday american shops right? i think if you look at this at the sophisticate a market observer yet to look over the real harbingers are and where the real proxies are for the experience of the everyday american. i think that the real experience of inflation combined with inflation is driven actual high energy prices suggest that actually experience a most americans worse than the numbers suggest. this administration is fixated on these band-aid solutions like
5:31 pm
focusing on the links of use to describe it rather than addressing the problem. >> tucker: of course, a man who is addressing problems we will see you again i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: so we have sent many billions of dollars to ukraine because her border security so important unlike ours, but now the government of ukraine is trying to impose censorship in our country. anyone who disagrees the policies of ukraine is working for vladimir putin that is a new position. we will speak to someone after the break, two people in fact to wound that up on zelenskyy's blacklist with an interesting story after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: we have sent billions to ukraine to protect her borders even if we have open our own to the world. why we do and exactly quotes mark will as they told us repeatedly with the turtle were
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doing to protect democracy of corsi irony here is that assad democracy ukrainian government has banned the outlets who are hostile to it they arrested the main opposition that's democracy? so because we allow that to happen could be funded at all now the ukrainian government have decided that they can put censorship in our country. ukrainian government has created a blacklist of russian propaganda for americans. that includes senator rand paul of kentucky, tulsi gabbard serve in the u.s. military and glenn among many others. sue got >> couple glenn clean role. thanks much for coming on. so you are being blacklisted by the ukrainian government which the beacon of democracy tell us how this works? >> that president zelenskyy has a lot of time to watch the
5:38 pm
morning joe show with a sit around for hours accusing everyone that they want to discredit us being a kremlin agent and teach american liberals how to do the same. it's easy to mock but it's really quite outrageous tucker and ukrainians with a neighboring country and russia courts will be free to pursue whatever war policies they want next ten years if they choose. but some of their doing their begging and a sense demanding that other countries including my own the united states provide them with a seemingly endless supply of weapons and money which means we not only have the right but the obligation to debate that and ask whether that's in the interest of the american people to do and so it for them to essentially should export the repression is imposed in his own country the united states by shutting down and accusing those of us asking questions being kremlin agents a rob russian propaganda it takes incredible gall while he's also demanding that would turn over all of her money and weapons at the same time.
5:39 pm
>> tucker: this the guy the george w. bush accused as the george washington of our age. i really haven't heard anyone in washington say a single thing about this. >> from the beginning as you know as well as anyone tucker it was a very concerted effort to eliminate all ability sets any questions and when was a question of which do diplomatically whether we should risk our own money and potential nuclear exchange with russia with ukrainian borders disputes got called a common agent or russian asset and this the strategy that were using to prevent us in united states from exercising freedom to say what our government should stay in that war. in the name of democracy they shut it down. thanks much for that. >> thanks tucker. >> tucker: tulsi gabbard is also on this blacklist she is also some some of the ukrainian government so she should be censored she served the
5:40 pm
united states government after joining us. thank you so much for coming on what is your reaction to finding yourself on this blacklist? >> i see the hypocrisy of this blacklist is and frankly by the american people should care about this is the joe biden administration are continuing to be willing to impoverish the american people and people around the world and push us closer and closer to nuclear war and holocaust all to protect democracy in ukraine. all of this is happening as ukrainian president who is frankly exposing that there is no democracy in ukraine you mentioned some examples that is doing sound sing any dissenting voices and imprisoning political opponents. banning all from the opposition parties. frankly taking control of all national media under his unified information policy and i was
5:41 pm
turning a sites on americans. not only myself and other as you mention was sitting u.s. editors. the danger of this again goes to the costs that are leaders are willing to exact as they continue this facade of a push for so-called democracy. the whole thing is so hypocritical and we need to hold our leaders accountable for it. >> tucker: i couldn't agree more at the ask you because you served in washington for years. i know you're not generally aligned with steve bannon in the public mind but you watch him get convicted last week of contempt of congress not cooperating with a january 6 committee while many others have not been put on trial for ignoring subpoenas. what is your reaction to this? >> it shows the double standard in washington it shows how this administration so willingly
5:42 pm
weaponizing our department of justice to act as their own personal political hit squad and going after political opponents and turning a blind eye to people on their own team. this is incredible he dangerous because when you look at the heart of our democracy is the rule of law. it is our ability as americans to be able to trust that these public institutions are serving the public interest and not favoring whoever is in power versus who is not in power that no matter over the political affiliation how we use our free speech, the color of her skin it, how we worship none leasing should matter because we should have faith that our justice system will treat us equally and fairly across-the-board. this weaponization of the department of justice is incredibly dangerous and sets a dangerous precedent that undermines this very foundation of our democracy. >> tucker: you served as a democrat they took very close attention to what you're saying
5:43 pm
because they hate that. i appreciate you coming on the night. tulsi gabbard as always. >> thank you. >> tucker: policing that is the latest fad what is that mean exactly? well it means that homeless people living in tents in front of your house. more on that straight ahead. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm denise. i've lost over 22 pounds with golo in six months and i've kept it off for over a year. i was skeptical about golo in the beginning because i've tried so many different types
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call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ >> tucker: as his first active president joe biden mandated equity throughout the united states he probably didn't know what that word meant. what is equity? let means drug addicts get to use your front lawn as latrine watch this commission meeting from michigan watch. >> with a very aggressive unstable panhandlers they are aggressive towards business owners, they are following people into his parking ramps. people have to clean up where they have right in front of your door of your business.
5:49 pm
>> tucker: according to the commissioner drug addicts get the wherever they want. >> one thing is a misdemeanor is for life as much as a felony. so many things, the permanent record on somebody's record. anything from a job to access education. if you are legally or even legally be deported but i really think this is the right thing if people want to create a truly more equitable community and laws that are punishment meets the crime. >> tucker: let's hope that they're on his front lawn. he has been on the story because he lives near portland, oregon. jason's good to see you tonight. >> good to see you, communities in portland are being terrorized into an equity focus homeless plan that helps lead to a surge of open-air drug dealing,
5:50 pm
thefts, squatting, sidewalks and lawns being used the toilets. in the tents keep popping up as of july 17th the city had at least 668 active homeless encampments. residents are unsafe and is put a strain on the business community. i'll give them fairness is at least one business that's thriving and by business i mean a homeless woman charging other homeless $200 called grace's oasis it's on land the city is an intervening. the owner of the neighboring park is dealing with stolen converters and rv break-ins that might be a hint. as this crisis worsens worse or homeless? remember him is supposed to be tackling this crisis so i did some research it turns out he's very hard at work pretending to tackle the problem is agency just released principles for addressing encampments and says we shouldn't sweep so we have free housing or at least low barrier shelters which means that they can live rent free while still using saul if it has been totally useless so perhaps
5:51 pm
you can form a supergroup with singer-songwriter our secretary of state turns out is also an amateur musician take a look at this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the obstacle and his weight is a homeless man passed out still sleeping a stone sleeping bag. >> tucker: i didn't see a single drug addict in the back on the air of his apartment why doesn't he let them live with him. >> i think the equitable thing to do would be opened up his apartment to the homeless. >> tucker: strongly agree on a high note unfortunately we lost the signal. thank you. great to see you. and we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: the main effect of having joe biden in charge is a massive increase in violent crime across the country. we spoke to crime expert rafael led the effects of this crime on poor communities. he wrote a book coming out tomorrow it's called injustice push for dealing incarceration and policing goes wrong and who it hurts most. here's part of our conversation. ♪ ♪ >> crime is not summing that everyone feels equal and if you say you are for vulnerable communities i don't see how you don't prioritize enforcement and incarceration of people who consistently flout societal norms because the people who have been bear the brunt are risking with a policy agenda are precise to the people living low income minority communities who frankly have enough to worry
5:58 pm
about. i think people fully appreciate just how difficult it is just in terms of the psychological and emotional burden of living in a truly high crime area and a part of truly constituted crime in the united states. places like the austin neighborhood on the left side of chicago. south western district of baltimore. some of the precincts and cities like detroit, and louisville. that just zaps an entire communities ability to be productive. you can think about all the other thing so you need to think about in order to lead a successful life if you cannot take for granted that you were to be safe when you leave the house. and so this is why i think it's so important and so destructive when we dismantled the system that a been to produce of the kind of things that we've seen it produce over the last 25-30 years there were now starting to see it eroded. >> tucker: sad story that's on
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tucker carlson today airs at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and on fox nation. california you can't hold him back when it's not having weird with chinese spies which he has done. he's posing shirtless while writing camels. last year international street credit took a bit a hit however when it was caught spinning of thousands of dollars in luxury hotel in california where his wife worked his like really? of all this deal when you're saying that close to home? please. but, he may have heard our thoughts he is off around the world. according to fox digital his campaign manager spend with them $38,000 on travel expenses between may and june 30th. 3500 of that went to the iconic ritz in paris. in france. the campaign spent big and other destinations and friends include in the cafe. rest easy international women of
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mystery. he has back and play. shirtless on another camel. we will be keeping track of eric swalwell's international travels we have the data. were out of time. we will be back tomorrow have the best night with the ones that you love. still a great country and sean hannity is next. in fact he is right now. [laughs] >> hannity: welcome to "hannity" tonight a disturbing security alert china buying up massive amounts of american land and cattle ranches right here in the continental united states often very close in the military installations. you won't believe how many hundreds of thousands of acres they are now owning the leading people republic of china that is straight ahead. also buckle up because a full-blown recession is n


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