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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 25, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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axwell is back in play shirtless on another level, we'll be keeping track of eric swalwellf international travels. wels havewe the data but we're t of time. we'll be back tomorrow. have the best time with the o ones you take heart.l stilla a great and sean hannity is next. in fact, he's right now right here, right now. can you think of a better name than a spy named fang fang? you just can't make that. >> we wouldn't even have the best novel. you couldn't make it up all tucker, thank you. thank you for going to hannity. all right. tonight, a disturbing security alert. china buying up massive amounts of american land and cattle ranches right here in the continental united states, often very close to military installations. you won't believe how many hundreds of thousands of acres they're now owning, meaning the people's republic of china. we have a special investigation . that's straight ahead. also, buckle up because a full
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blown recession is near you. we might find out as early as thursday. but we're going to show you more importantly how the white house is trying to play game of smoke and mirrors and they want to change the very definition of the word recession, sort of like the new recession. inflation is transitory ly anyway. also tonight, take a look at your screen. this is pretty unbelievable right? a bishop robbed at gunpoint right there at the pulpit in the middle of a church service. we have the entire video coming up first tonight, we begin in the washington swamp. joe biden continues to recover from covid-19. thankfully, we don't want anybody sick on this program. we wish him well. so far , his schedule is pretty much remained kind of normal for him, which is to say he does little to nothing. no president in modern american history has worked less than your president, joe . he rarely appears in public. he almost never conducts sit down interviews or press conferences frequently the daily briefing is the
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only thing on a schedule. and then to make matters worse, whoever is running the white house while biden is doing is napping is doing a pretty terrible job now by every metric that we possibly have, americans are far worse off under joe biden. they were under president trump. it's so bad now. most democrats in the media mob, they're now jumping ship. they're all desperately looking for alternatives. which brings us to our big topic tonight. look at the polls. they speak for themselves. "new york times" cnn poll. sixty four percent of democrats, they want somebody else on the ticket in 2020 four. his approval rating, according to quinnipiac, is one percent. in an opinion piece over the weekend, "the washington post" following in the footsteps of the new york times, begging biden to step down after one term, quote, quit, joe , quit. how about drill, joe ? drill? anyway, biden could save the midterms with a one term pledge. the left wing atlantic that publishing this article listing all the reasons biden's could
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not run for a second term. chief among them, he's too old for the next election. now, one interesting new development. late night comedians have pretty much given joe biden a pass when he was on jimmy kimmel is like stammering and stuttering and doesn't know what to say next. and kimmel said it like bailing them out. but now they're starting to make fun of joe . that is a sign to pay attention to listen to this awkward moment when a reporter asked democrat corey bush if joe biden should run for a second term. >> take a look. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? yeah, you know, that's an easy question and it's not going to take long. do you want to see joe biden? want to answer that question? because we have not that's not the i don't want to answer that question. i mean, he's the president. he has the right to run for a second term. absolutely. that is i don't want to i don't i don't want i rather you that do that like two minutes. >> yeah. i've got to get to the office very much. >> all right. that raises the question, if not joe , then who ?
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let me go out on a limb tonight. i'm going to make a prediction. bernie sanders democrats will be is too old, by the way, to bernie's credit, cognitively, he's the same bernie sanders communist socialist. he's always been so sharp with a lot of passion. his time simply has, unfortunately for him, past elizabeth warren has too much baggage and frankly, she comes off as more of you very unlikable. no one on earth really thinks that small town mayor pothole, buta judge is up to the job and of course, is vice president kamala harris, who doesn't really seem to have a firm grasp on any issue. over the weekend, kamala claim that women getting pregnant is a real problem in america. >> she said it. take a look to put it into law . there may be litigation, but we will be in a much better position than that to not do that and listen, women are getting pregnant every day in america and this is a real issue and we need to act with a sense of haste about what is at
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play, what is at stake and codifying roe will be an important moment in terms of putting back in place protections for for the folks who are at risk right now. because of what the court did in just weeks ago. all right. it's no surprise kamala is polling even worse than joe biden, her boss, and now a bit of a very shallow and competent field of possible twenty , twenty four candidates . here's the big prediction. one person now is emerging as the democratic party and media darling. that guy right there. allow me to introduce you to california's gavin newsom. he might be the single worst governor in the entire country, but since he's not a hundred years old, he could read a teleprompter. he likes to fight a little bit. he's a little more interesting. you could even say he's a central casting liberal socialist democrat. >> he is now mark my words and this will come to pass.
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he is now the left wing and media mob's new star right on cue. gavin recently took a trip to the white house. by the way, joe , he wasn't there. he is there to measure the drapes and mark my words with each passing day, the left the media mob are going to now begin to do their best to make him the second coming of the anointed one himself. >> barack obama. members of the press are already worshiping the ground that gavin newsome walks on and protecting his fragile image at all costs. and tonight, gavin newsom has already begun campaigning recently he purchased a full page ads and a lot of local texas newspapers and commercial airtime, by the way, on the fox news channel in florida. now newsom's message is moved to california. we still believe in freedom. that's got to be a joke because california's probably the least free state in the entire country. just to get things started as long as now the worship of gavin newsome, the building up of the gavin newsom has begun. all right.
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since 2020, california has been pretty much completely shut down three separate times. the state's residents were literally prohibited from leaving their homes unless it was absolutely essential. i think work is kind of essential. newsom closed the beaches. he violated the first amendment. he shut down churches. he barred california californians from eating at local restaurants, even outdoors. he was mandating mass indoors outdoors, mandating vaccines. worst of all, he closed the state's public schools and forced all kids, all ages, all abilities into remote learning. but of course, like any good radical socialist, authoritarian, none of those rules ever applied to king gavin newsom because during the height of covid, you might recall when restaurants across the state were shutting down and people weren't allowed to go to them. newsom of course you can see him there pictured right there, was enjoying a large dinner party indoors at one of the most expensive restaurants
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in the state. not a single mask in sight and zero social distancing. and when millions of kids with struggling in california with gavin statemented remote learning or gavin newsom children, they enjoyed every day impersonal learning at an expensive private school. and during california's months and months of mask mandates. newsom look right there was frequently pictured in large crowds without any mask. of course you could see a nice grin again right out of central casting. you want a liberal leftist socialist, authoritarian. it's him, not magic johnson. anyway, the hypocrisy doesn't end there. gavin newsom recently banned official travel to twenty two different states because of political differences. but guess again, the rules don't apply to gavin or his family. the governor recently enjoyed a vacation to the banned red state of montana. that's not authoritarian, right? you can't travel to montana. only i can. let's not forget about newsom's war on your second amendment
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rights. newsom just signed a law encouraging californians to sue gun makers and gun dealers, allowing them to collect ten thousand taxpayer dollars plus legal fees if their case is successful. and then to make matters worse, california is one of the highest taxed and regulated states by far in the country, only rivaling new york , for example, to regulate and surrounding long haul truckers has now led a cause that is going on in this country in terms of keeping ongoing supply chain prices alive and well. in fact, many of the truckers are now on strike outside of major california ports because of a new law that prohibits them from filing is independent contract? well, they own their own rig. guess what? they should be able to other restrictions and taxes surrounding businesses, real estate development driup costs . it is now made california totally unlivable. as a result, americans are fleeing california in droves. california is now one of only a
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few states in the country that has declined in population. so matter of fact, with gavin newsom as governor, california's declined to population for the first time in over one hundred and seventy years. businesses are also fleeing nearly three hundred major corporations, never mind small businesses. they have left the state since 2020 alone. by contrast, texas, florida, they're both booming. both states are growing in population. both states are surging economically. for example, california's unemployment rate is nearly double that of florida. >> but that's not all the education rates with greater proficiencies. math , science, reading much better in florida than california. meanwhile, the cost to own a home in florida is much lower . >> violent crime is also much lower in florida versus california. by the way, it's not a sanctuary state. and florida, the way it is in california. so is the state's budget at this florida collects zero
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income tax, whereas california income tax can be as high as 13%. add that to a 40 percent income tax rate. so how does california spend all that tax revenue? much of it is allocated to entitlements, including health care, other state funded benefits, many for millions of illegal immigrants living in that sanctuary state of california. so gavin newsom as governor, as a matter of policy, is like joe biden aiding and abetting lawbreaking and even offering preferential treatment to lawbreakers. now, sadly, california has all the potential. i lived in santa barbara when i had no money in the 80s. it could be one of the most amazing places to live. the weather of view. it's incredible if not for the sleazy left wing politician like that guy from central casting, gavin newsom, that the media mob and democrats will now galvanize around if gavin becomes the democratic nominee in 2020 four, i think he will lose, but only if
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republicans put forward a simple america first. make america great again. agenda criticism of democrats is warranted. it's important, but republicans pledge to do and do and spelling out their vision is way more important. the winning agenda for every republican is simple. it would include making america energy independent as it was under donald trump. again, restoring law and order in every town , in every city, peace through strength abroad. the biggest, meanest, toughest, bad military on the face of the earth, free and fair trade draining the swamp election integrity, parental choice and control and education. cutting regulations, lowering taxes, securing our border. and let's not forget the protection of your natural rights. god given rights, konsta the rights and freedoms, which is something that gavin newsom seems to know nothing about it. with more, author of the number one new york times bestseller here's the deal. former senior counsel to president trump, kellyanne conway. okay, am i wrong?
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is he going to be the new anointed one ? i would bet a lot of money that i am correct, sean. >> i sure hope so. i mean, the only difference between joe biden and gavin newsom that newsom can do a full 30 minutes on the peloton bike. you're talking about shuff of border versus surf border. but the policies are the same. they're both socialist. they both don't like dealing with harris. and i think the age difference is irrelevant when you talk about the policy similarities, everything wolke joe biden is trying to do in washington, dc with one party democratic rule, gavin newsom either has tried to do or has succeeded doing invoke one party democratic rule in california. but what is his greatest export? he's against oil and gas. he's against fracking in california. newsom, of course, opened hollywood before you opened your children schools in california, you pointed out quite cogently all of
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the hypocrisy and the hubris that has marked his career. and by the way, sean, people should all across this country, gavin newsom elected career started in 2004. here's a guy who's been in public office, taxpayers union funding for everything you see . he has for 18 years and is going to run for president. i also think this is a bit of a slap. kamala harris, who is the highest ranking californian in the country in the federal government, obviously. and it's a little bit of a slap at andrew cuomo because he was sort of the governor of new york until he resigned in disgrace. so now you have gavin newsom. what i think is fascinating, sean, is the ad that gavin newsom is running in texas. he really starts out with our creators, gave us life. i'm sure that a lot of people out there in california and otherwise in the anti religion democratic party saying what's all this god talk, dude?
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and he's talking about gave his life and then he does some sort of some sort of snarky and baqi stuff against governor abbott. but notice how gavin newsom does not yet have the courage to go and run these ads in so-called blue states with democratic governors like michigan or wisconsin or pennsylvania. i don't think they're blue states. i think they're purple states. but they do all have democratic governors. he's trying to raise his profile and raise some money and raise a lot of hackles off the backs of successful republican governors like textually abbott similarities. >> rhonda santurce, who else do they think about it? it's not kamala. it's not joe . so there are the top three . who will they turn to? i'm predicting tonight they'll turn to him. >> do you think one of them run what? >> i think the the odds are right that gavin will be in the mix because he will say i'm a chief executive. i'm the governor .
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i haven't been part of the dysfunctional washington swamp with one party rule where absolutely nothing got done. but here's the difference. i think he's a governor . when you're a governor, when you were a chief executive, you have to own eat all of your policies, whether you're buying in washington and in california, in sacramento, if you're a senator like an amy klobuchar who's going to come off as minnesota nice. she's going to be a woman who can actually speak. well, kamala harris cannot who's not damaged goods like elizabeth warren or hillary clinton. you can probably say i tried to put down a marker you say might not be him. i say the odds are he's the heavy favorite right now, but time will tell. kellyanne, congrats, by the way, and i think that's a great let's run against him. thank you. i'm fine with that. i'm not doesn't worry me one bit. america wants gavin newsom. then america wants failure because that's what california has done. it's failed. joining us now, author of the brand new book everything reminds me of something, adam carolla.
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all right. you're out in california. you have a pretty good perspective on what's going on nationally. is it a good bet he's going to run and be the democratic nominee? >> who else do they got? well, here's how you know for sure. gavin newsom is running for president. he says he's not going to run for president and he lies about everything. so that's how , you know, if he said he was running for president, then, you know, he wasn't running for president. but maybe he just went to florida to cut that ad so we could get one u-haul truck coming from florida back to california instead of the other direction. >> you know, if you take from me the l.a., san francisco, you get a u-haul, you take it to texas, you're going to pay around twenty , twenty five somewhere in there, i guess with a higher price of gas, maybe more . but if you take it back from texas to california, you're doing hall a favor. you can get it for four hundred bucks the other way.
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>> doesn't that speak volumes? it's all you need to know. and what gavin newsom is basically saying, it's like he's ruined california. so let's basically like he's saying, i managed a chick fillet in burbank. the chicken sandwiches are twice as much. we've been shut down by the health department three times. we've had three fires. now i would like to manage all of the chick fil a's throughout the nation is , for example, pitch. okay, so it seems the mob in the media, they want i don't i think they'd be happy with anyone. if donald trump runs, they want newsom versus trump. if ron de santos if trump didn't run around the santos runs, they would love newsom versus the santos. now they don't pay a penny. an income tax in florida. what do you pay? you pay 13% on your state income tax out there. >> thirteen plus it's like almost fourteen percent. and he's talking about raising it some more and for that,
11:19 pm
we're told we're going to have rolling brownouts. we can't use our appliances during peak hours and we can't hose down the driveway or wash the car because we're out of water and we can't put out the fires because we don't manage the force. and then all of this we have no power grid in these scrapie, doesn't have an electric fleet by 2010. how do you how are you going to charge that electric vehicle that forcing you to buy adam corolla? congratulations on the new book. we appreciate you being with us . all right. when we come back , this is truly alarming. there is new information tonight surfacing. chinese investors, they are spending billions and billions of dollars on american farms and cattle ranches and many of these locations are right near military installations. sarah carter, newt gingrich, weigh in next. straight ahead, by the empire
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don't wait. it costs you nothing if you don't win seven three one nine four six six. all right. we have more evidence tonight of chinese aggression and biden backing down to china, trying toki appease our country's numbg one geopolitical foe. now, this.o includes a largely underreported story about majord chineseed companies now buying massive amounts of american land farms and cattle ranches. it with much more is a very owna sarah carter. rtsarah , not only are they buying it, a lot ofo the land is next to military installations and that should concern every american because i doubt we're allowed to buy land in china. >> are we know we cannot shine and it should concern everyn american and that's why the federal government has a continuing and ongoing investigation into what hase been massive land grabs by the chinese government through chinese firms, chinese firms connected to the chinese communist party purchasing land
11:25 pm
in the united states. just to give you some perspective, in 2019, sean ,the u.s. department ofag agriculture estimated that the chinese government ownedf about one hundred and ninety two thousand acres of land in the united states.le butad over the past 12 months leading up to march, so the 12 months leading up to this march, the chinese government has actually purchased six point $1 billion worth of land. off the land is very close to sensitive us military installations. for example, in 2020 one , one hundred and thirty thousand acres of land was purchased right here00ig del rio, texas, along the u.s. mexico border by a former chinese military official that land is very close to laughlin airbase. it actually surrounds that sensitive airbase. and remember, the border is also a highly national security concern for the united states as tons of fentanyl, s most of which those precursor drugs are coming through china
11:26 pm
being mixed in mexico, then shipped into the united states have led to the deaths of over one hundred thousand americans over the last year. major issue is north dakota. we see three hundred acresha being purchased in north dakota near and other sensitivesi us military installation, a u.s. air force installation that has drones and the biggest one , sean, the one that everybody is talking about right nowrigh is while we whilee purchased a significant amount of land in montana, it was nearc our nuclear arsenal. and right now the federal government is actually conducting an investigation to see whether those waterways, cell towers we're intercepting and could block our communications within our nuclear silos and systems. g this i is very concerning. i spoke with u.s. intelligence as well as foreign intelligence officials about this and they say they've been sounding the alarm for quite some time and they're very concerned that it already might be too late. >> all right. you'lla re have a report with ranchers and farmers
11:27 pm
tomorrow. so we'll have part two of thisep reporting. sir, thank you. all right.ty compiling all: of that with what we already know about biden soft on china stance.e. he gave china oil from at this r point, we're paying the highest amount we've ever paid forepn a gallon of gasoline. he's now selling, what, five million barrels of oil to from our strategic energy oil reserves. biden suspending tariffs on chineseg solar bidenum disbanding a trump era program to combat chineseou espionage. and of course, wekn doow know hs son huntern got rich doing business in china despite zero experience c, no qualifications. and also developing tonight,ev something we all w need to pay attention to. raidn is now holding air drills after china issuedue warnings against an upcomingd visit by speaker pelosi. why is joe biden continuing to buck up to buckle under pressure from china? they have made their ambitions for this so-called v reunification very clear . we know this threat is growing.o
11:28 pm
for example, joint chiefs of staff chairmann, the chairman oi the joint chiefs, mark milley, he said beijing's militaryli aggression now has growntl significantly over the past five years. yand yet biden's stance appears to be getting softer and softer . hech wants to now lift tariffs off of china as well. the question i have is how compromised is the biden family syndicate? ne how connected is this? allct a the business that hunter did in china? and do they have compromising materials on hunter biden, for example, when he a was a crack addict and seemingly addicted to? that's the time he was doing business with china and the chinese government and the a chinese military for reaction. i think it'snd his most importat book to date.di it's called defeating big government socialist ,hannity, .com bookstores everywhere. by the way, friday at 4:00 p.m.e eastern, who will be doing a book signing at foxtail books that is in woodstock, georgia for all of newt's georgia fansle
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out there. all right. let's look why we are allowing this to happen now h from a farmer's standpoint, they're paying 400 percent more for fertilizerayin and seed is costg twice what it cost last year. so cods they're struggling as t is income. somebody with an extrad truckload of cash that wants to pay a premium for their land. i don't bla blame them for sell. i don't blame cattle farmers for sellingng, but i do blame our government for allowing it to happen. what arere y your thoughts? well, look, i mean, you clearly have a very sophisticated chinese economic warfare in t which they are buying up access to be able to surround american military facilities in a way which in a warha could become just devastating. and it's very clear that this is across the board.we the chinese corporations ared allowed to break the rules that americans have to follow. the chinese are routinely subsid and bribing professors
11:30 pm
and researchers. there's no question but that china is waging a soft war against the united states acrossni almost every front. and at the same time they're trying tome intimidate us . and of course, with a weak, confused biden administration, intimidation is all too easy, which is why i have called for nancy pelosi to follow up on her proposal and go to taiwan, take a bipartisan congressional delegation and just look right in the face of the chinese communists and say you are not going to intimidate united states. >> when you look at the nord: stream two waiver that bidenut gave vladimir putin at the simultaneously endingst the keystone xl pipeline, ifon that was finished, we'd be getting nine hundredca thousand barrels of canadian oil every single day. >> at the same time, youo give a break to to russia nowe we're going to lift tariffs, all these other benefits we're
11:31 pm
now givingifte china. chinaa is now threateninge the united states. nancyak pelosi makes a visit to our ally taiwan. >> and we're going to listen to them. okay, i think you have to start with the idea that the biden administration is the most anti-american administration in history and the functionalhehatt terms of what they dohey. they'lll go to saudi arabia, but they won't go to texas. they'll ship american oil tota china, which does nothing tolk the americans. and by the way, they ship it to a company that hunter biden didh business. they give in to the chinese on virtually everything. they give in to the russians on virtually everything. the fact is this is an administration and the state department and the woke defense departmente in the white house itself and the department off homeland security over and over is something will hurt america. therefore, it and if something will help america, they're against it. it's the most amazing thing
11:32 pm
i've ever seen and i think has no historic precedent to have this kind of active continuousve anti-american behavior. >> let me go back to my opening monologue for a second. niis this goes to the heart of your book. it's one thing to be againston what the democrats are doing, economic policy, foreign policy. that's's one thing i laid out a list of things republicans, not even really republicans. you keep talking about a new american majority that kind of transcends republican and democrat governance that works. we'll call it that. for example, law and order in every town and city, secure borders, choice in education, energy independence, lower taxes, less regulation, simple basic fundamental principlesas that would work for everybody that weren't working for everybody 18 months ago. >>il 1 how do republicans best articulate that if they want to maximize their chances in the november midterms because never underestimate the republican party's ability
11:33 pm
to screw things upli? well, i think kevin mccarthy clearlyy as the leader in the house and the speaker of the house is committed to a commitment to america that will be a series ofbe specificso my hope is that mitch mcconnell will decide to parallel it and maybe in some uniquely different ways because it is the senate. but nonetheless,st to have a senate commitment to america that similar. and i think the point is pretty simple and you're right on target. you know, we could offer thingse like not getting murdered, having access to acc enough infa formula, having gasoline. you could afford, being able to afford to buy the food you used to buy knowing that your border was controlled. a lot ofhere arere pretty practical everyday things that at the american majority project , which you m can see an american majority outcome. wepl asked a simple question do you think we t needhi to restore the america that works? it was 80% percent of
11:34 pm
the country who believe that this ain't working. it's not liberal or conservative. it's stupid and it's not working and it needs to be replaced and we need to be to very ideas, not just the people, but the very ideas that are failing america. well, i will tell you this bookg you put out the feeding big government socialism is a mustt before the election and it gives candidates in particularle the ideas that i think will bela the winning platform for this coming midterm. b mr. speaker, thankei you. b weac appreciate you being with us. when we come back , the white house bracing for horrificew economic news. alls week long. we'll tell you what numbers will be coming in, what they they'll be coming in on and now they want to change with the definition of a recession is probably because they expect we will officially be in one as of thursday. straight ahead, why are so many people turning to superbeets, crystal? because it would be crystal.
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on sirius xm with america is listening right now. a failing failing biden. white house is already doing damage control tonighttrol, si actually trying to rewrite the definition of a recession. now, thisad is ahead of thishi week's gdp report, which very well may show, at least according to the atlanta fed, that gdp declines now in t the last two quarters, which by its very definition would be in two quarters of negative growth. that is a recession. team bideneces is retreating tog word games and word parsing as a means of trying toic convince you that the historical definition of is no longer the definition of a recession. >> take a look. >> it sounds like you're anticipating what will be comments from some saying two quarters of negative growth inw a row. r that's the recession. right. and certainly in terms of the technical definition, it's not a recession. the technical definition considers much broader spectrum
11:40 pm
of data points. but in. practical terms, whats matters to the american people is whether they have a little economic breathing the room. >> the labor market is now extremely strong. s this i is not an economy that's in recession. i know. and that inflation thing wasin g transitory then joe said inflation has peaked in december. now remember the federal reserve, they meet this week also. that's going to happen on tuesday where we expect maybe perhaps point seven five basis point increase in interest rates or maybe even a full interest point basis point increase in interest rates. that's going to impact home sales. let meers tell you how this wor. first thing that's going to happen and it affect many americans, new home construction will come to a screeching halt. why? with higher interest ratesit, be that means fewer people are going to be buying new homes because they can't afford t the premium interest rate that they're going to have to payheew on any new home they buy the next to be impacted after that will be the sales of
11:41 pm
preexisting homes that will end. and who's going toe want to give up their what, 30 year, two point five two point eight three point five three point seventy five fixed mortgage for a seven percent mortgage over 7 30 years. not many people they're goingy to stay where they are. joe biden, he doesn't think we're in a recession. we'll see if he's right or the atlanta fed is right by thursday. >> take a look at the president. we're getting gdp numbersri on thursday. how worried should americans be that we could be inn a recession? we're not in a recession. and in my view, we r the employment rate is still in of the lowest we've had history to the three point six that we still find ourselves people investing.le my hope is we go from rapid growth to steady growth. and so you will see some coming down. but i don't think we're going g to got well, i don't think we're going to see a recession. >> well, inflation
11:42 pm
, the consumer price index is now nine point one percent in december, joe saidsa it peaked t seven percent. so he's been wrong the entire time. irethe beginning they said it ws transitory. once again, biden appears totally ated disconnected from the day to day struggles of hardworking americans, twoin thirds of whom now are living paycheck to paycheck. a new report from the wall street journal lays out how the middle class is gettings squeezed as expenses grow, as investments decline. the hill is now reporting around half of older a americans can't even afford basic everyday expenses. but despite these massive economic warning signs, biden, the democrats continue b tost double down on stupidup and thad means double downow on theiref far leftt climate alarmisth agenda, which says, okay, won't produce energy, the lifeblood of the world's economy here, but will beg. russia, iran, venezuela, saudi arabia and opec to produce for us . somehow they'll do a cleaner, faster, cheaperou. i doubt it will be much better
11:43 pm
to produce it domestically anyway. will not unleash the power of american oil and gas sectoron coal sector and continue toti amplify the hysteria of extreme climate cult activists that run their party for example, thatis group called the fire extinguishers that we've told you about. they've now announced plans to destroy property and more cities like new york and chicago slashing tires of suvs on city streets all in the name of climate change. where's the outrage from democrats over the blatant criminal behaviortar?, by the w, they're so interested in carbon footprints. can groundiden the one thousand plane fleet that he has with helicopters and it gets worse because al gore tu is actually now comparingfa any opponents to hisr far left climate radicalism to policece officers in the uvalde school shootingrs. pretty despicable even by his standards. . ke a look this is time for all of us to step up. you know, the climate deniers
11:44 pm
are really in some ways similarm to allos of those almost four hundred law enforcement officers, ugalde, texas, who were waiting outside unlocked door while the children were being massacred. they heard the screams. they heard the gunshotsms, and nobody stepped forward here with reaction, former trump treasury official monica crowley, alongmpl with fox business contributor phil flynn monica. all right. to consecutive quarters ofwt negative growth equals a recessionn. didd i miss something? did they change the definition or are they trying to changese the definition? because they they believe probably the prediction the atlanta fed is dead on accurate? go >> well, like every good dictatorship, this crew is trying to manipulate the language in order to manipulate ie pu public perceptn away from what is actually happening. so they're trying to change the definition of recession
11:45 pm
the way try they tried to change the definition of vaccine and woman and secure border and mostly peaceful. borsti this kind of languaged manipulation is very, very much on point for this kind of regime because if you can do that, then you can control the language. you control the language, you control the narrative and then you can control perception and behavior. but look, we arer in very difficult economic straits. this is a directco result of wht president biden and unified democratic control in congressun in washington has given us . president trump delivered a very strong in fact, the most robust, fastest economic f recovery from anyro crisis on record and over the last year and a half shown we have seen what biden and the democrats have done to it. they have torpedoed itnt on purpose. you are witnessing the intentional destruction of the u.s. economy. if they had any sense, if they had any common sense, you c would have seen a course correction. you haven'tor. t
11:46 pm
soo they fully intend to stick to this economic agenda, whichyi is destroying the middle class, is destroying the working class and the poor. and those are the groups that the democrats profess to championon the most. >> and i'll add people on fixedly incomes and the elderly, as we just pointed. so besides changingg the definition, the biggest th they have is every time everybody goes to fill up t their tankhe, they're now paying twice what they paid when donald trump was president everynt store they go to, they pay more for everything that they buy that is direct related to the economic and energy policies of joe biden and whether he likes it or not, whether it'she a fuli on recession definition or not, they're going to get the blame that they richly deserve, will they not? > they should and they will and they deserve. this is an administration that since the beginning just spends her ts time making excuses for their failures, whether it's mis predicting inflation, whether it's rising gasoline prices. of course, when gasoline prices come down from all time highs,t
11:47 pm
you know, they wantto to go out and put outut a press release, look at how , you know, wonderful are we. it's's absolutely crazy. but you know, this redefininges the recession thing, it's kindsi like me. i want to redefine my diet the same way. change my diet. i don't want to exercise, but i'm just w going to changeit the scale, you know? so when i weigh myself, i'm just going to lower noet and i want to be better, you know, so it's not going to be fixed. s i thinkom we've solved it. so maybe they're on to something here. but listen, the bottom line here, you're absolutely right. i mean, everything that monica said is is right on target. i mean, this administration, every move they made in the grand secret and low inflation for donald trump for those years was t his energy. policy. they don't realize the impact that the energy producer had on the world, you a know, in keeping opec in keeping russia in check. we are a big producer. we send a message to the world basically, hey, you know, you better mess with us or we're
11:48 pm
going to control your energy secretary of energyne is power.> we artificially they artificially reduce the world's supply. it still remains in spite of their great hopes, the lifeblood of the world's economy. and now we're begging them forf all of our needed energy when we have it under our feet. sinceet. i thank you both.. straight prime liberal cities,ch it's getting much worse now to brazen attacks caught on camera in new york city this weekend. we've got toap take that straigt ahead. best thing i've ever done for freddie told me a person likeal me needed to get a reverseou mortgage, changed my life. it was the best thing i've ever done. and yes,r without a doubt,- joanne said justja about the sae thing. it absolutely is the best thingh i ever did. jack putr, it a different way to him. him. it was about having his
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one ninety eight point seven . that's eight hundred three four one nine eight three seven . tonight, more shocking new york city crime. to screen a new york city bishop robbed of reportedly around $1 million worth ofll jewels during a sermonio wasme
11:53 pm
being streamed and so far no arrests have been made. ro and that's not all. look at t this video from over the weekend. a 16 year old male punching an nypd officer after the officer confronted him after allegedly jumping a turn turnstile onto the subway. the suspect has previously arrested for possession ofpo a loaded gun and robbery and hadd been released with no bail on their own recognizance and with reaction founder travis liow to point out.start h terrell clay, we'll start with you tonight. really on his own recognizance. we're going to let that guy out punch the out of cops alreadye had a gun violation and maybee it's how doesll a bishop have a million dollars worth of jewels while he's doing a service? >> that's a lot of money up there. maybe before he went into into the bishop, then he had madey a lot of money, youwi know, with the stock market was g actually going up when donald trump was president. who knows? but i'll tell you this much right now, sean, this shouldn'tn
11:54 pm
surprise anybody who was paying attention to what's going on all over the country. but in particular in new york , you got two assassination attempts and guys are getting out on bail as soon after this assassination attempt. i was reading a great aft storyl the wall street journal focusing on baltimore, naanalyzing the overall crime rate and what they found that the people who are committing murdersrder, the vast majority f them have already committed violent crimes and shouldn't have been s on the street. doesn't surprise anybody. leo knows this, sean.isno you know, we solved this problem in the 90s. it requires two thingsol icmore police able to do their job, put the violent criminals behind bars and keep them there and boom, the crime rate plummets. we know what c works. me >>nt our refusal to do it is jut a testament to joe biden's failureo. leo clay just laid it that's the whole argument right there. we do those things and we win the war against these criminals. >> it's not hardd, sean. >> i agree with everything you said, but please show that video of that 16 year old black kid, a tackyye police officer who happens to be black. look at the look at the anger
11:55 pm
of that he doesn't even care about being hitting a police also. and we're black lives matterfe which life is more important right here. i wantnt people to look at this. thisk is a an attack on a law enforcement black on black. look at it. i want everybody to see that. okay, by the way, al sharpton, this is outrageous. he had been arrested for possession and possession of a loaded gun on robbery and released the next day. the fear the cop, he doesn't fear the conflict. really look at the intensity ofc his anger. this is crazy. theree is noth respect for polie officers in this country. and if don't play the race card ,look at it. it's crazy looking at this is madness that you're right about the answer. you nailedth it. thank you both. but if we don't, we don't turn this around. re we'll put the solutions in place is going to get more and more oriented after the break. hollywood actor alec baldwin,
11:56 pm
actor alec baldwin. authorities say that actor alec baldwin shot and killed a woman on the set of his upcoming film rust. alec baldwin always seems to be in the spotlight for good or bad. >> station is back. brian kilmeade host. who is alec baldwin? go inside the actor's rise to stardom. this will determine who the left and the controversies that made their way to the public's deep trouble. alec baldwin is never too far apart. baldwin voicemails his daughter was just something he caught uttering a homophobic slur for many actors. if you behaved badly again and again and again, you can bet that 70% it would be the end of the alec baldwin on fox nation. >> nyman's the jewelry exchange
11:57 pm
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>> unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank yous,ou for beg with us. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so y dvr you never miss an episode of hannity for news any time, any " place, anywheree. m, fox news .com, hannity .com. m and inea the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. i can hear laura and i can hear already. >> you can hear me.e? i'm not speaking. you're hearing impaired. >> i'm not even saying anythingt and i'm getting blamed. that wasn't you. i thoughtht was you. >> anyway, happy monday.e how are you? happy monday. i like the blue on blue combo.>> >> that's very fetching. i like that.ri thank all right.. you buy any time you've now hitv your limite of compliments for the week. no more for you. all right. handy s i deserve money. well, it looks great. we'll pick up where you left off and on a great show as always. all right. i i'm laura ingraham. this is ingram angle from a very busy washington tonight. how doni yough solve a problem e kamala? >> that's the focus of tonight's angle