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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 26, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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despite all of that, dr. fauci undeterred. >> had me know that them the insignia in this nature, they would have been much, much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very, very heavy encouraging people to wear masks, physical distancing, or what have you. >> laura: he has immunity from learning. got it. ♪ ♪ >> todd: the white house in total denial. president biden with recession concerns ahead of the release of eight absolutely critical report expected to show second trade quarter of negative growth. you are watching "fox & friends first" on tuesday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, the strategy from the biden administration when it comes to the economy. if you don't want negative terms attached to your policies, rewrite the dictionary. >> the technical definition of two quarters of contraction, you're saying that is not
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recession? because that is not the technical definition. >> in terms of the technical definition, it is not a recession? a much broader spectrum of data points? >> that is not the actual data of said mike recession but actual retraction over a few months. >> i would reject to the idea of two quarters of negative gdp growth is a technical recession is wrong. >> carley: griff jenkins is live with the technical definition and much, much more, good morning. >> good morning carley and todd appear the definition of braising is what americans are doing for potential bad news this week that we are in a recession after two consecutive quarters of dropping gdp numbers. but president biden said he doesn't see that happening. >> we are not going to be in a recession, in my view. the employment rate is still one of the lowest we have had in the history with 3.6%.
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my hope is that we go from this rapid growth to steady growth. and we will see some of it coming down, but i don't think we will see a recession. >> todd: and the white house message as folks say how well the economy is doing because of how many jobs has been created . >> so if you look at the economic indicators as a proud president was laying out and you look at the labor market and if you look at the average amount of jobs created, about 400 per month, both indicators do not show that we are in a recession or even a prerecession. >> todd: and white house officials now challenging that definition of what a recession really is. >> i covered the economy for many, many years. i was told by everybody that i spoke to that two negative quarters, to cope detracted quarters is a recession.
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>> that is not the definition of a recession but a contraction area over a few months. you are going to argue even if we get another quarter of growth? >> i don't think there is any view with the second quarter or the six months as being recessionary. >> meanwhile the president continuing to take credit for lower gas prices with savings of $35 per person compared to record high. as you can see, there is a glaring typo for the word "person" left out the r. and cassidy noted, carley and todd, americans are paying upwards of $100 a mike more a month. before president biden took office. but everybody is watching the gdp numbers that are out officially monday. we will see where it goes. >> carley: thank you griff jenkins so much. the administration's green energy had agenda with a six-figure ad by comparing
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president with a crisis of jimmy carter. >> the crisis, it will if we don't act quickly. >> i would transition, yes. >> it will be some popular and some will make sacrifices. >> we are going through an incredible transition. >> the digital ad put together by the power of the future will run interim g atomic energy producing state like alaska, colorado, new mexico, while, pennsylvania and texas. the ranking member james comer of the oversight committee, good morning to you. the white house is being accused of trying to redefine the word recession ahead of the gdp report that is out on thursday. they now say that while two consecutive quarters falling real gdp constitutes a recession that is neither the official
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definition or the state of the business cycle. they said the labor market needs to be factored in. are you buying their argument or is that a political spin? >> it is another political spin by the biden administration. this is their plan to end the recession. to avoid the session and the change of the definition. ever since i've been an economics major at the university in the mid-90s, the definition of recession is two negative quarters of gdp. that is what we are going to have. the problem of the biden administration has is they spent too much money on the energy policies and created massive inflation. the only way to stop the inflation now is for the federal reserve to continue interest rates, which will keep us in a recession. yes, we are in a recession, because of the overspending, we are going to stay in a recession, unfortunately. >> todd: your member that whole thing that trident four or
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five dennis represent for your teeth and who is that other dentist? most economists say we are in a recession but somehow the biden administration says that everything is fine. one of those just happens to be running the treasury, janet yellen. >> fundamentally that this is something that will settle down. >> transitory. >> transitory. not in a recession. but we are in a period of transition in which the curve is slowing. >> todd: again, that word "transition, transitory." whether the language of the biden administration or a spin by janet yellen and her cronies. does any of this really matter? it is the average american when they go to the grocery store or the gas station that is fueling a recession.
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>> i think every american is feeling a recession, even if a prominent business owner right now, you're feeling a recession with all of the spike input, everything cost more. that has an effect on everyone in the economy. janet yellen knows better. she had a distinguished career prior to coming to the biden administration. she's not handling this political part very well. she's always been an economist that was standard in the industry, i think, somewhat respected in the industry. but now she is trying to do the biden spin. and the keyword is transition. that is what they say about everything when they talk about energy prices, it is transition and we need to transition into green new deal type policies. they are transition are not working for the american people. they need to stop all they are transitions and just try to focus on what donald trump focused on, and that is having the strongest economy in getting
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the government out of the way. >> carley: congressman, a question whether biden's current optimism will be politically beneficial for him. the economic counsel under former president trump, now the chairman of ibm, he says, "president you are trying to be optimistic about the economy, today and tomorrow but you are out of touch with voters and very concerned about the economic reality tomorrow. point being, you can't fake a good economy when inflation 9.1%. what do you think about that? >> well, i appreciate joe biden wants to be optimistic. did i think good leaders are optimistic. optimistic spreads. but the problem is joe biden is not charismatic and doesn't inspire anyone. worst thing a ball for joe biden is his policies are better. his policies like the policies of jimmy carter in the late
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'70s are having a detrimental effect on the economy. you can't spin your way out of a recession. the government can't continue to print money and the policies are bad weather labor policy, or his economic policies and everything is having is having a negative impact and they are saying that in the polling right now. >> todd: so what does the biden lustration duke question or change the words and change the definition of man, woman, secure when it comes to the border, innocent when it comes to hunter biden. a critical juncture and you think the justice department will act soon. why? what are you basing that off of, congressman? >> the evidence is overwhelming. every american sees that hunter biden has been a drifter. that the biden family but not just hunter but the hunter's uncle jim biden, they spent a decade at least of influence peddling. this is something that joe biden has denied from day one. there is not much the department
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of justice can do now. everyday, it seems like another video comes out, another tape comes out that would confirm that hunter biden has broken many, many laws. i think the department of justice realize they can no longer install on this. i think you are starting to see people, the fbi come forward to. we are having whistle-blowers on the oversight committee come forward in the administration. the dam has broken with respect to hunter biden. i believe the department of justice has to act in the next 60 days. >> carley: you have jonathan turley say that he thinks it is strange he witnesses like president biden having been there haven't been called to testify. others say hunter could get a pretty cushy plea deal. how do you think this ends? >> i know the department of justice is going to go to great lengths to protect hunter. >> i always say when he gets indicted, and he will be indicted, that will in essence shield him from ever having to come before any committee in
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congress and testify. but i tell people don't worry because the republicans are not going to stop. regardless of what the department of justice does, if they slap hunter biden on the wrist, it doesn't matter. the whole reason we are investigating hunter biden is to compromise joe biden. the problem the department of justice has is, we believe joe biden knew very well everything hunter biden did, all of the adversaries that he was influence peddling with, all the government sweetheart deals that he was promising people in return for huge sums of money. we believe joe biden knows and this administration is potentially compromise. we will not let up on the oversight of hunter biden. >> carley: he's a big guy and got 10%. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: absolutely. democrat congressman cori bush getting noticeably uncomfortable when a local reporter asks if
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she wants president biden to run again in 2024? here is how she responded, i don't want to answer that question because we have not -- that's not the outcome i don't want to answer that purity is the president and has the right to run for a second term, absolutely, but i would rather you not as that question. she is not the only squad member to refuse to give a straight answer. remember this. >> the president chooses to run again in 2024, i mean, first of all i am focused with winning with the majority right now and preserving the majority in 2022. we will cross that bridge when we get to it, but i think the president's vision and something that we are willing to entertain and examine when the time comes. >> carley: a resample from "the new york times" finds 64% of democrat primary voters want a different choice the next presidential election. >> here is reasons why perhaps,
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snuck across the southern border in fiscal year 2022. >> that is an average of 55,000 illegal immigrants per month. jackie ibanez joins us live with continuing to sound the alarm on the escalating crisis, jackie. >> good morning, carley and todd appear at the border is closed for the numbers that tell a different story. braedon galloway spotted crossing the border but never got caught. in the total 100,000. that means more will cross the border since fiscal year 2021 than the entire population of san francisco. >> you have agents that are being moved from one area to other areas pretty much to process faster. the current administration has released the incentive, hey, come in, get caught, get released, who is watching the border? the cartels, human traffickers, human sex traffickers and they see when one agent moves from
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one area to another and they take a minute to bring across the individuals. house minority leader kevin mccarthy also pointing the finger at the biden administration specifically claiming a new plan to put hand out ids to migrants awaiting decision on asylum cases. kelly from the daily mail, the worst border crisis history and the biden administration handing out cards to illegal immigrants to make it easier to travel throughout the united states. but new york city eric adams warning residents, you better be able to accept migrants as he blames the border states for the sudden influx. listen. >> it is all hands on deck moment, this is it. this is it. our system is inundated with those who were seeking shelter because of the callousness of those of the state that push them out. we are here. we will receive them, and everyone will have to be on
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board. >> today dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas traveling to central america to discuss the close border with the president later in this hour. acting dhs secretary chad wolf will join us to react the bidens administration handling of the border crisis, back to you guys. >> todd: all right jackie ibanez, thank you. in the meantime a wildfire or alerts, 3,000 responders actively fighting california's largest wildfire of the year currently running yosemite national park. the oak fire has charged 30 square miles of ground destroying 21 homes and threatening over 2400 other structures. the crews dropped 300,000 gallons of water onto the place from helicopters yesterday. the officials say the fire has 16% contained and authorities expect full containment this weekend and more than two dozen homes to be destroyed or damaged after grass fire got out of control southern dallas. the fire marshal said the fire
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was excellently started by a groom mowing a field next to the neighborhood that went up in flames. >> it is going to be one for the record for us as far as the largest disaster we have seen. >> todd: nine house was completely gutted. that city also making a shelter and nearby rec center for victims for sadly now homeless. six house staffers after a sit in at senate majority leader chuck schumer's office currently 17 aides occupy his office holding a sign demanding that he reopen climate talks. negotiations among democrats fell apart earlier this month peerage senator joe manchin will not support clean energy spending bill while inflation at a 40 year high. good news to show last night, take a listen. >> there is actually a sit him in chuck schumer's office by radical green protesting the fact that chuck and biden have
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not yet adopted so-called emergency measures that would unconstitutionally ignore the supreme court. entering the u.s. into a totalitarian green state. this story gets sicker and sicker. it is a battle between the left, the far left, and the completely over the edge interplanetary left. but the question, are republicans really riding to the rescue? especially senator republicans? >> todd: he is confident the g.o.p. will take back the house in november but tight senate races to be intentional about their messaging and the bills they vote to pass. that is good advice from mr. kudlow. in the meantime, a shocking moment caught on camera when a teenager attacked an nypd officer in a subway station. that kid, of course, it is new york and he's back out on the streets. we have the details you need to hear to believe. >> carley: on the west coast, plowing their car into an
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ice cream shop in a robbery scene fit for the big screen. we are talking to the owners of the business what is going on in their town. tomi lahren, jason miyares, and jake elzey all ahead on a busy morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's professional grade.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: just another monday in the big apple. did you see this? two teenagers caught on camera punching nypd officer on a subway platform. subway video show 16-year-old boy and female friend throwing fist after police confronted them for allegedly turnstile in east harlem. the boy puts an officer in a choke hold. the police of the suspect or arrested for suspect previously and for robbery and release 24 hours later. of course, under newark's bail reform law, patrick lynch, if you want to know the chaos in the system is not improving more quickly, this is why pure the criminals underground know they get in april, choke a cop, and be back out in hours. the subway instant and the
1:24 am
attack on congressman lee sylvan show how badly democrats are running for cities. take a listen. >> they shouldn't surprise anybody. he was paying attention but in new york, you have an assassination attempt and guys getting out on bail soon after the assassination attempt. i was enjoying "the wall street journal" on baltimore with the overall crime rate. you know what they found? the people committing murders and the vast majority of them have committed violent crimes and should not have been on the streets. >> carley: and other small business ravaged by crime as an ice cream shop in oakland, california. the video said destroyed after the robbers ramped their car through the front window. the thieves also took the 18 18 with $500 but the damage they cost may have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. braedon galloway, the co-owner of the ice cream shop "flavor brigade" joins me now. good morning to you. this surveillance video.
1:25 am
you weren't just broken into but these people completely destroyed your ice cream shop. how do you feel when you watch the footage? >> i want to say surprised, but not really. it has been a pattern in the neighborhood the last couple of years. things have progressively gotten worse. this is the third time we've been broken into progressively getting worst. i was surprised at the extent. and that doesn't even make sense the extent they went to get it out. but i'm not surprised that it was broken into again, and that this persists. it is a common thing in the neighborhood. >> carley: the third time you were broken into, and like you said, a common occurrence in your neighborhood. and unfortunately, in your neighborhood was on the upswing. and a big influx in crime and it's affecting other businesses around you as well? >> oh, yeah, there is to convenience stores around the corner but cut it. they came in at night and they
1:26 am
were in and out pretty fast and did a fair amount of damage. the metric was hit and just recently a friend was killed in front of his shop, shot and killed. and another breeze to restaurant was robbed at gunpoint recently. and it is just pretty much chaos out there. >> carley: . >> carley: it is so sad. how much was stolen from you in terms of the atm? how much did they take, and how much damage today because you? what are you going through right now is you are trying to rebuild your ice cream shop? >> a lot of emotions come i got my head. i had to apologize to a customer. oakland is soft and i don't mean that because they have a lot of good people, caring people. but a lot of different emotions at this point. it is time to get back to business and start rebuilding and build again. >> carley: well, i can understand why you are upset, considering what you are
1:27 am
going through right now. one customer set up a gofundme and said help flavor brigade and amazing people who know you by a first name and always a smile purity staple in the community. i want to get the community together to get this company up and running. let's put a smile on their faces as they have done for so many others. you are dealing with the worst of humanity and also the best of humanity as well, right? >> i would have to say the call of the worst of humanity and i just say misguided and haven't had the right guidance in their life to do stuff. and you'd stuff that they could probably be doing. obviously, impatient and just focusing on the wrong things. >> carley: that is so kind. absolutely. do the police have any leads who might be responsible for this? >> honestly, from talking with the police, and i hate to be bad on oakland and i made that mistake to my customer, but the
1:28 am
police in oakland are pretty understaffed and pretty overwhelmed with things. they really don't have the time to do what considered a smaller crime in oakland because they are overrun with people getting shot and dying and even that, they are under resourced to do that. >> carley: it seems to be a national trend. we are so sorry it affected your ice cream shop. hopefully people can go to "help her flavor brigade." thank you for joining us this morning. >> think you. >> carley: you are very welcome. todd come over to you. >> todd: the police identified a woman of firing a gun inside the dallas love field airport. portia walked up to a ticket counter and started shooting. she was hospitalized after an officer shot her in the lower body. no one else was hurt, thank goodness but she saw an armed woman all in black with guns up.
1:29 am
tsa evacuated the area. flight operations were suspended. scary moments there, that could have been a lot worse. parents and school districts losing more of their rights. teachers now forbidden from the transgender status with mom and dad. we will tell you where and we are talking to a parent who is not happy about it. >> carley: and outraged to hear some tickets to go to bruce springsteen ticket for going for more than $5,000 apiece. live nation now defending the price tag. we will tell you what the company has to say about that coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: senator chuck grassley is pressing the justice department and fbi for transparency as he
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seeks answers about the hunter biden investigation. >> todd: a ranking member and senate judiciary committee said he has gotten tips the agency are downplaying and suppressing wrongdoing by the president's son. brooke singman has all the details. tell us more, brooke. >> hey, good mornings, that's right. a highly reportable whistle-blower said chuck grassley with a wide spread effort and the fbi to downplay and discredit negative information about hunter biden. that is according to a scathing letter to grassley fbi director christopher wray and attorney general merrick garland. he writes, "the allegations provided to his office indicate there was a scene in place among certain fbi officials to undermine derogatory information connected to hunter biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation." grassley zeros in on one particular player, fbi timothy who claims may have improperly swayed the criminal
1:36 am
investigation into the president's son. grassley writes the information he has received has revealed that the political partisanship impacted his official decision-making on sensitive public corruption investigation. one of those investigations reportedly being a newly open probe into the trump administration, which grassley believes is driven by partisan politics. a constitutional law expert jonathan turley said the acclaim of a special counsel in hunter's case would eliminate interest, listen. >> this is a textbook example of why special counsel needs to be appointed in these cases. why haven't they interviewed the president who has referred to in many emails as the big guy. the special counsel would just by being independent resolve some of these questions. >> grassley is requesting all documents pertaining to the hunter biden investigation by august 8th, carley, todd. >> todd: broke, thank you very
1:37 am
much. school districts in the meantime stopping teachers from disclosing student's gender transitions to their parents. listen to this. in montgomery county, maryland, school is, "all schools have a right to privacy that apparently has a right to keep transgender status a secret and disclosing such information to parents may violate privacy law." philadelphia schools passing tender regulations for kids k-12 that include protecting transgender children, protecting jen to make transgender status by not disclosing to parents and mandating staff undergo gender training. erika sanzi the outreach for parents debating education joins me now. thank you for being here. when i read that and listen to it, to me it seems the latest in a long list of attempts to try to replace us parents with the state. do you agree? >> well, there is no question
1:38 am
policies across the country have taken old and trying to drive a wedge between parents and their children. we need to keep in mind, right, the school looks up tylenol or advil without ape parent permission slip but now we have parents across the country who are deliberately defeating parents and acknowledging that they are withholding information from parents. >> todd: that is such a great parent. you can't look one way. you have to sign a permission slip when it comes to school and yet they are allowed to do this. what it says to me is a child cannot legally, legally agree to anything until they are 18 years of age with some very, very limited exceptions. why do these districts think they can overrule sentries of law? >> well, what is happening is such a hijacking of language that suddenly when we hear words
1:39 am
like "inclusion" and "belonging" they do not mean what they meant before. so in this case, we have school districts who are come again not only withholding information from parents, but they state in their policies that they are changing internal records, electronic records are being changed to reflect the children's new chosen name and pronouns, for example. and yet, the external records at the parents see remain in the child's legal name. so, it is deliberate deception happening on the part of school districts in the name of inclusion, is what they will say, but since when do we allow children to decide whether or not their parents get to know something? that has never been the case. even in cases, for example, where we saw the states students
1:40 am
had a eating disorder or students cutting themselves or some self-harm, they always, always would let parents know. they would never say, hold on, let me help you do this that is hurting you and hide it from your parents. >> todd: we are talking about maryland and pennsylvania. how widespread is this, erika, beyond the two states? >> so, this is what has been staggering to me over the past 18 months because i have looked into this. and i should say i'm also pretty delved into what's going on from the school district. my own school district passed a policy that states explicitly it will hide information from parents. and it also states children will be able to use the locker room and locker rooms with gender identity on that date and sleep on overnight field trips. wherever they choose to based on gender identity. this is in red and blue states, whether iowa,
1:41 am
wisconsin, texas, rhode island where i am, pennsylvania where you stated. and the reason is parents are just realizing it is because a lot of these policies, a lot of these guidelines were put into place either completely behind parents backs or with very little public input and/or communication to the public. >> todd: the question that i keep coming back to is why? why do they want to do this? that is a question for another day. why does it appear every time they are trying to hypersexualized our children and not let them be kids. it makes no sense and the fact that keep parents from knowing is the worst aspect of all. erika sanzi, thank you for your time and thank you for your work on this as a parent. i appreciated. more more bad headlines for the people that are running our country. an op-ed in "the new york times" says kamala harris is stuck, where question for cara she stuck? we will tell you about that.
1:42 am
>> carley: this is one reason illegal immigrants and topping half a million for the fiscal year so far and some serious consequences and former acting dhs chad wolf on deck and we will be talking to him about that next. licks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a "new york times" op-ed climbs vice president kamala harris is "stuck" appeared over the past 18 months her on-the-job training in government has largely involved intractable issues like migration and voting rights where she has not shown demonstrable growth in leadership. if other presidents have formed substance partnerships with vps and efforts to deepen their experience. president biden and kamala harris have been unable to do so or uninterested to bring about transformation. it also points president biden for appearing to a lack of urgency in preparing his second in command to be ready to take over the presidency at a moment's notice. >> carley: and president biden did put kamala harris in charge of addressing the migrant crisis. that is not going well. dhs rebilling more than 500,000
1:48 am
illegal immigrants got a ways at the border at this fiscal year. that is about 55,000 people per month. chad wolf is acting dhs secretary and joins me now. we are working with half a million caught a at the border so far this fiscal year and that number is a lowball estimate. the border patrol says it could be much higher than that. how big of a problem is this? and what is your biggest concern? >> this is a significant problem. this is the consequences when you don't have an effective border security and immigration enforcement strategy. these are 55,000 to 60,000 individuals every single month that get away from border patrol with law enforcement. these are the very worst of the worst individuals. these are public safety threats. these are national security threats. and these are individuals that have the means and resources to pay the cartels and the smugglers and the traffickers to get them across the border in
1:49 am
places they know the border patrol is not. why aren't the border patrol there? they are back in their facility simply processing the historic amounts of individuals that are coming across that border. they are averaging about 200 to 220,000 individuals every single month. so every 30-day period, they are apprehending hundreds of thousands of individuals that they don't have the means or the resources to get on the line to do their national security mission, to intercept the 55 to 60,000 known cutaways each and every month. speak to there has also been 900,000 thought always that snuck into the country since president biden took office which is a population bigger than that of zach, san francisco and take a listen to this warning from congressman david bowser, watch this. >> so much more crime to come. hundreds of thousands of getaways and we don't know who these people are where they are.
1:50 am
i personally will be shocked if the next two to five years we don't have a significant 9/11 style attack if we don't turn this around and turn this around immediately. >> carley: is he right? >> the congressman has a valid concern. we know in dhs, these are dhs's own numbers they apprehended between 45 and suspected known terrorist. those individuals on the terrorist watch list on the 17 of this month, the administration. before that you have to go back three to five years to actually catch 20 known and suspected terrorists appearance of these individuals know what the rest of the world knows which if you want to come into the u.s. illegally want to be undetected and remain in the u.s., now is the time to do it across the southern border. i'm not sure what the administration is doing what they are waiting on to change course. 17 months of a failed strategy, filled for the border patrol, men and women border patrol
1:51 am
agents trying to do their job, trying to give them the resources, time to give them the policies that work and give them a secure border and not only for every community but in the united states. >> carley: what goes through your mind when you hear the h secretary alejandro mayorkas say the border is secure and closed. no one believes him. the homeland security is him the title of his name, of his title? >> well, i think he is doing a disservice to the american people. it is very important that you want to be in that position but you want to be honest with the american people. you want to tell them about the challenges that the country is facing because as secretary, you have to make our decisions and implement policies that are difficult to get this situation under control. if you continue to mislead and misdirect and peddle disinformation out there saying the border is closed and secure and we have operational
1:52 am
control, you start to lose the confidence of the american people. but most importantly, you are losing the confidence of men and women border patrol. they are down there living in these communities. every single day they see the crisis firsthand and hear the political leadership say "the border is closed, the border is secure." and they know it is anything about that. the individuals want leadership, they want will, and they are simply not getting either from this administration. >> carley: the other thing is what is happening on the other side of the border right now with the numbers and the cartels making so much money sneaking people into our country. >> yeah, absolutely. the cartels, as i said, cartels have more money, more power, and controlled more territory than they ever have because again the policies of this administration. every individual that crosses that order, all 230 and 60,000 got aways every month paid the cartels between $5,000.10000.
1:53 am
they are making millions and millions of dollars every single day, not every week or every month but every single day. they put the... proceeds back into their business. they were smuggling illegal narcotics, fentanyl, opioids in record numbers across the border killing americans every single day. by the time we get serious about the threats down on that southern border and deal with him straight on. >> carley: and now you have governor eric adams and new york and muriel bowser in d.c. saying, "listen, the illegal immigrants is affecting the cities and it is a huge problem." the interesting thing there they were blooming greg abbott and of the biden administration. what do you make of that? >> it is humorous. most people look at the comments from the d.c. mayor and others and shake their heads, right question marks she is saying, well, the bus loads coming to d.c. are overwhelming the facilities in the capacity to take care of them. welcome to the fight. this is what texas and arizona
1:54 am
and other plaisance nomadic places have experienced 17 months. it is great you are talking about about where have you been in the past 16 months? so it is a little frustrating because what we say now is not every community in america is a border community. because what goes on at the border does not stay there whether individuals. we see them being bused and flown around america but also illegal narcotics are going to every single city across the country. it is time we wake up and demand the biden administration take different action to put in a new strategy. they have all the tools they need to fix this problem. i hear them talk about congress and amnesty. none of that matters and the tools to fix this crisis today if they have the leadership and the bill to do so. and i see that lacking. >> carley: chad, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: you are very welcome. todd, over to you. >> todd: nascar, denny hamlin
1:55 am
and quail bush disqualified for sunday's race over... extra strips of tape. the illegal features were found under the cars lower corner of the front and back ahead. and they came in first and second but chase elliott awarded first because of those infractions. the penalties, excepted an apology and i'm telling you, don't put tape on your car! maybe this will get you to listen. >> carley: it is something you have been saving your whole life. [laughter] >> todd: i'm trying not to laugh here because i'm trying to do the show. the president's latest attempt on the economy totally backfiring. we have a tone-deaf tweet that the white house didn't even spell right. >> carley: joe concha to react to that and tomi lahren, gianno caldwell and texasut congressman jason miyares all on
1:56 am
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>> todd: president biden dismissing recession concerns ahead of a release expected to show a second straight quarter of negative growth. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. the biden administration, if you don't want negative terms,


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