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tv   America Reports  FOX News  July 26, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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lot of junk and would eat taco bell, i miss it. now i want ice cream. >> for mcdonald's to start frying their apple pies again. >> yum. >> let's move, have a wonderful and a blessed weekend. thanks for watching us all week. here is "america reports." >> john: a bloody brawl in manhattan subway station, violence, after resisting arrest. >> sandra: suspect throwing punches and placing the officer in a chokehold, just hours later he was already back on the streets and critics want to know why. that story in moments. >> john: first another alert and another dose of bad news on the economy. new home prices soaring, sales are falling. and consumer confidence dropping to the lowest level since
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february of 2021, signs pointing to a recession soon if they are not already there. and with that cheery news, we kick off the day. john roberts in washington. harris said have a great weekend, i'm with it. let's pull up stakes and go home. >> sandra: go with it. great to be with you, john. sandra smith in new york. this is "america reports". latest response from the white house seems to be about semantics with the president and his team trying to change the definition of a recession. the administration is also claiming the economy is in strong shape due to a hot labor market and falling gas prices. >> john: millions of americans struggling to afford groceries and to fill up their tanks as inflation runs rampant. >> sandra: mike emmanuel is live on the north lawn, white house says don't look here, not recession, but the white house seems to counter what millions of americans are actually
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feeling. >> sandra, you are right. white house officials are already downplaying this week's expected g.d.p. numbers calling it backward-looking data. as for president biden, dismissing any talk of a recession. >> we are not going to be in a recession in my view. we -- the employment rate is still one of the lowest we have had in history, 3.6 area, we still find ourselves and people investing -- my hope is we go from this rapid growth to steady growth and so we'll see some coming down. but i don't think we are going to, god willing. >> mike: consumer confidence has dropped to the lowest level in a year and a half and inflation 40-year high. rick scott says the white house is in denial. >> they don't want to acknowledge what's happening but by the way, when we have negative g.d.p., that means you make less money, people are going to get laid off, that
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means the value of things are going to go down, like your home. that's what's happening. and by the way, it's happening, and happening because of biden agenda. >> mike: update letter from the white house doctor says he has completed five day course of paxlovid and symptoms have now almost completely resolved. dr. kevin o'connor says the president feels well enough to resume his physical exercise regime on this, his day five of covid isolation, could be coming to an end tomorrow if the testing goes well. sandra. >> sandra: mike emmanuel, keep us posted from there, mike. coming up, charlie, jackie will join me here on set in new york. we'll dig into the semantics, i guess is now the way the white house is taking this up. are we in recession or are we not? and i'll pop quiz you, john, how many times in history has this country seen two straight quarters of economic decline and
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it not be declared a recession? >> john: alex, 0 for 100. >> sandra: correct, not the case most of the time. so we'll see why the white house seems to be wanting to change the narrative here, or change the definition of recession. >> john: i'm reminded of a certain president who said it depends on what the word of the meaning is. and president biden set to speak with chinese leader xi jinping over the tensions with taiwan. china warns house speaker nancy pelosi not to visit taiwan next month. taiwan worried about the potential threat from beijing. [sirens] those are the sounds of air raid
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sirens. it has people concerned. bring in tennessee republican senator bill haggerty, you know this region very well. should nancy pelosi go to taiwan or not? >> we don't need to have mixed messages out of this administration. nancy pelosi makes her plans and then joe biden walks it back. joe biden three times has said he's going to support taiwan in the event of incursion of the taiwan strait, the white house walks it back. since afghanistan we have been sending terrible messages to the chinese communist party. no consistency. trump administration had no problems and did not ask for permission slip to send my friend alex azar there. so they need to get coordinated and unified message. >> john: would you support her going to taiwan, many republican colleagues say yes, take a larger delegation with her. >> she's the speaker of the house, and frankly congress has
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stepped up and backed this. we increased our defense expenditure above what the white house has asked for. i don't think the white house should find themselves in an area to disagree with her because they have received some complaint from beijing. >> john: so biden has not really weighed in himself but quoted military leaders in the united states who say now is not a good time to go. by articulating language like that, is he seen as capitulating to xi jinping? >> it runs the risk, and we need to be wholly coordinated with the adversary like the chinese communist party, the biggest threat we face. >> john: he's speaking with xi jinping later this week, how should that go? >> need to be firm ground. i wish our economy was in a stronger position. biden administration has taken ever step to weaken us from the
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standpoint of our energy security, economic security is great threat, now partially related to the energy crisis precipitated here. we have the economy not strong, speaking of weakness when it comes to what happened in afghanistan. we need to get back on our game, pushing a strong america agenda. >> john: some people have said now is the time for a strategic decoupling of the united states from china, we are far too dependent on china that american consumers buy, and manufacturing and sourcing goods, we are funneling hundreds of billions of dollars into their pocket every year, which they use to build their military and greater threat to the united states. is it time to cut the cord, as it were? >> john, you are exactly right. the amount of funds we have sent from the you state to china are more than adequate to fund a great expansion in their military. dependence and concerns, chip legislation in the senate, we need to reshore the supply
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chains critical to the industries, and defense industries, and the overall economy. we are working on relieving the issue right now. i think corporate america had the opportunity to wake up to this as well, they have been the victim of predatory practices by china, subsidizing industry, or other means of unfair competition. we need to get the supply chains back to make the nation stronger and give china much less strategic leverage over us. >> and fewer dollars in their pockets. >> indeed, indeed. >> john: senator, good to talk to you. we are going to talk with senator tom cotton as well in the next hour. this is a big deal and part of the reason is because there is the big communist party congress meetings taking place this fall at which xi jinping is expected to go for unprecedented third term as president really solidify his lock on the leadership there, and if nancy pelosi goes to taiwan, would that in the eyes of party members make xi jinping look
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weak. a lot riding on this. >> sandra: and the note that american people are taking note of the big moves by china and asking themselves what that means for the future. we'll have more on that coming up. senator tom cotton joining us the top of the next hour. former president donald trump and former vice president mike pence return to the nation's capital to deliver separate policy speeches, just days after duelling events in arizona for rival candidates. rich is live in washington where president trump is due to speak. has the form vice president already drawn a line between himself and the former president trump? what are we hearing? >> he has, sandra. starkest contrast yet between the former vice president and president of the united states. behind me a couple hours from now, president trump is expected to speak here, scheduled to
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speak here, his first speech and return to washington, d.c. since he left office in 2021. a couple of blocks from here, that's where mike pence gave his remarks. a republican policy, conservative policy type speech. mentioned the trump-pence administration several times, touting accomplishments on border security, foreign policy, the economy and judicial appointments, and as the former president talks about the 2020 election, pence says it's time to look forward. >> i don't know if the president and i differ on issues. but we may differ on focus. i truly do believe elections are about the future. >> rich: a common argument among republicans expected to run in 2024. trump's policies were effective, 2020 in the past, let's move on. the former vice president also leaned heavily into issues, a
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major issue for him, calling for advancing pro life protection for every state in the union. pence outlined other policies, supporting police, finishing the border wall, school choice, right to carry laws, trump-pence tax cuts, balance the federal budget. president trump is scheduled to speak in a couple hours, made up from former officials of his administration. trump and pence recently gave speeches in arizona, backing different republican candidates for the primary for governor there, all while the january 6th committee details a threat to pence that day and the president ises inaction as his supporters assaulted the capitol. trump has said pence could have intervened in the election that day, pence has denied that. the former president's turn less than two hours. sandra. >> sandra: you are watching it
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for us. rich, thank you. >> john: interesting times here in washington. republicans not the only party with the decision to make in 2024. now one congresswoman is raising eyebrows with how she responded when asked if president biden should run again. reaction from our panel, sean duffy and richard goodstein ahead. >> sandra: and new york city subway platform, the suspect brazenly brawling with the officer is back on the street. >> all hands on deck moment. that's where we are. this epidemic of violence is sweeping our country. ugh-stipated... feeling weighed down by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow.
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died. tony dow's management team announced the news of his passing on his official facebook page. best known for his role as big brother wally on "leave it to beaver." hollywood-born actor won the role of wally in an open casting call with almost no acting experience. and shows like "my three sons," and "the greatest show on earth." he had announced he had cancer earlier this year but cause of death was not immediately given. he was 77 years old. >> john: that's a shame. a teen is released from custody. assault of officer was caught on video and learning the suspect is no stranger to law enforcement. bryan llenas with the latest on this. bryan. >> good afternoon. 16-year-old teen who assaulted
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the officer and then subsequently released, the same teen six days ago arrested for robbery and released. take a look at the video we have been talking about all day here, it shows the 16-year-old punching and viciously striking an nypd officer who he even puts into a chokehold. a 16-year-old girl joins in assaulting another officer. the nypd says they were caught evading the subway fare and when confronted, the teen went on a three-minute verbal tirade and then attacked them during the arrest. both teens were charged, and the male teen was released even though his record has criminal possession of a gun. and the mayor says reforms need to be made for the constant catch and release. >> laughing stock of the country, this is what i'm talking about. how do we keep our city safe
10:19 am
when the other parts of the criminal justice system, they have abandoned our public safety apparatus. we need to look at violent offenders, and this is a clear case of that. >> patrick lynch released a statement saying if new yorkers want to know why the chaos on the transit system is not improving more quickly, this is why. criminal underground know they can choke a cop and get back in hours. we are feeling abandoned by a justice system that will not back us up. transit crime in new york city is up 53%. overall, up 37%, compared to the same time last year. the problem persists and is getting worse. john. >> john: amazingly you can be involved in an assault on a police officer and back on the street in hours.
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crazy stuff. bryan llenas, thank you. >> sandra: all too common here in new york city. monkeypox patients could be spreading the disease through contaminated surfaces, comes as the white house is considering declaring a health emergency over this disease. charles watson is live in atlanta for us, home of the cdc. so, charles, can surface contact make a person infected with this? >> good question, sandra. and answer to that is researchers just don't know right now if monkeypox is spreadable through surface contact. it does spread easily on to surfaces, by euro surveillance examined hospital rooms of two monkeypox patients in germany and found most surfaces were contaminated after direct contact, on frequently used
10:21 am
linens, chairs, and largest viral loads. what's a mystery, whether or not contacted with infected surfaces passed along to get people sick. rare but possible. >> didn't pick up smallpox from surfaces either. just because it's there does not mean it's an infectious dose. >> and the government is facing criticism for a slow response to contain 3800 cases in the u.s. biden administration waited weeks to tap nearly 400,000 u.s.-owned vaccine doses, sitting at a facility in denmark. that gave the virus plenty of time to spread, particularly among vulnerable groups like gay and bisexual men. >> we are seeing a lot of parallel to what happened with
10:22 am
hiv/aids, a slow government response because primarily the people, it's unfortunate to see. number one most important thing that we can have to curb the outbreak. >> and to be fair, only one company that produces the vaccines, so it is kind of hard to get the massive shipments out to the u.s., but we are told by federal officials hhs is considering declaring a national emergency to try to ease the process up some, sandra. >> sandra: another thing to worry about. charles watson live at the cdc or in atlanta, home of the cdc. charles, thank you very much. john. here we go again? >> john: yeah, and the cdc and other public health agents are under criticism for not being on top of that more quickly. it kind of flew before the radar and now thousands of cases across the country and the cdc coming in for some criticism as to how it has handled it. >> sandra: "new york times" on
10:23 am
that, by the way. federal response of monkeypox, including the limited testing capacity, has echos of how public health authorities initially mismanaged covid-19. monkeypox, they had a tool to slow the spread from the start, effective vaccine, but they were slow to start the vaccine. and how it's handled and how the white house is handling the situation currently and how it's showing up in the polls. john, put this in here, a brand-new poll out of the university of new hampshire, survey center released this moments ago as you can imagine, causing a stir on twitter. buttigieg has the edge now over joe biden in the 2024 presidential contest, a new hampshire poll, one fifth of new hampshire voters want president biden to seek another term in 2024. and a hypothetical 24 democratic
10:24 am
primary field, biden tied with buttigieg among new hampshire democrats, 16 and 17%, vice president kamala harris was the first choice of just 6% of the respondents, trailing both bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. so, there you go, john. >> john: interesting, too, that there's the cross tabs for you there. also thought it was interesting that only 31% of democrats in the grand state want biden to run again and famous independents, and lots of those in new hampshire, only 14% want to see him seek a second term. >> sandra: that is something. >> john: water is out there, getting chilly for joe biden. january 6th committee members may somebody ginnie thomas. but is she and the contact with the white house what she is really after?
10:25 am
or something else? jonathan turley says the focus is her husband, supreme court justice clarence thomas. he makes his case coming up. >> sandra: a major clamp down in the u.s. housing market. the white house is keeping busy trying to redefine the word recession. but are we already in one or on the verge of one? we will ask charlie and jackie live on set next. >> the biden plan to end recession to avoid recession, is to change the definition of recession. . ngersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. take the mystery out of managing your diabetes and lower your a1c. now you know.
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>> sandra: new sfirgs -- figures showing warning signs for the housing market. prices are up more than 20% over the past year, amazing time for the housing market in this country, driving sales down by 8% just last month now. those numbers fueling concerns
10:30 am
we may in some sort of recession. charlie and jackie, everybody is watching the housing market, it hung in there i think even longer than a lot of these other data points and now it is starting to show signs of weakness and that's why people are asking themselves are we really truly in a recession in this moment? what are you hearing, charlie? >> well, i mean, the markets are suggesting we are in recession, right. bond prices are way up, right, interest rates are way down, usually occurs when you have economic slowdowns, stock market is kind of off, you know, sort of weekly wage -- weekly unemployment claims are way up. you can go down a number of numbers. now, i know the biden administration is out there trying to say well, you know, we don't believe it's a recession, you know, they are actually like throwing into, you know, usually it's the official mark is two
10:31 am
straight quarters -- most go by that, they are trying to say that's not true. but the administration does not know what a woman is, put it in context here, they don't know what a recession is, don't know what a woman is, a lot of spin. >> sandra: is it that they don't know what one is or say look over there for a little while because things are getting bad over here. jackie, by all accounts, people are feeling this at home. i just pulled a brain room request on inflation and really give us the full picture of who is paying for the policy mistakes. it's the lower and middle class americans that are paying for it. this is the response i got. lower income households making about $26,500 on average are on track to spend 26% of their income on gas and home energy bills. that's up from 20% in 2020. middle income households making an average of $65,000 a year,
10:32 am
expenses 12% of their income, up from 9% in 2020. that's real pain for that group of americans. they are paying for this. >> and i think they could probably pay for it if they pulled back in other places. i think the summer has been gangbusters right now, the first summer really after covid that people feel they can get out and travel, probably booked vacations far in advance. everywhere i turn it feels people are running around, but i think it's going to pull in in the fall. i agree with charlie, i think we are in recession if we are not headed there. i don't care if the white house tries to redefine it so they don't have to take responsibility. housing market, prices up 20%, i think sellers have not gotten their head around what's going on and interest rates going up, maybe we get three-quarters of a point or another point tomorrow and so it takes a while for the prices to adjust. sales are down, people cannot afford the payments. math does not make sense you know more, a great indication what's to come. >> mortgage rates should come
10:33 am
down as the bond prices fall, but here is the interesting thing. you get the recession and maybe a bit of stagflation, some inflation and a recession like where we are going. i will say this, people are cutting back already. numbers are showing it. >> definitely. >> definitely cutting back. and people forget about inflation why it's so nasty, it's a wicked tax on poor people and the middle class people. my old man, my dad used to work three jobs, construction worker, bartended and drove a cab occasionally. i could never understand, well, i grew in the 1970s. it was expensive to feed your family and people forget that. this generation has not lived through how nasty inflation is. >> sandra: but they are starting to. i saw the stat we reported on the show, at this moment in time, more americans working two full-time jobs than any other time in american history. so that is happening. people are having to work more hours to pay for the cost of inflation. quick. >> gas prices have come down but
10:34 am
have not come down enough. food prices are still high. we have talked about this. these are supply side issues that have not been corrected, so i think it's going to go on for some time. >> sandra: i don't get the full out denial from the white house. where is the urgency, the president standing up saying we are going to tackle this. janet yellen said she got it wrong. >> you really expect him to admit? >> sandra: needs to be an urgency. there is an emergency. >> policy standpoint, they are pretty much locked in. logical extent would be the fiscal side, you have a moratorium, moratorium on regulations, start drilling again, stop the war on oil but they won't do that because of the environmental lobby and their constituents. >> sandra: their ideologies. i hope you are well, charlie. i asked him how he is doing, and i didn't mean the question when i sat down. i have to leave it there, john.
10:35 am
back to you. >> john: january 6th committee setting sights on ginni thomas, ranking member liz cheney says they could issue a subpoena concerning thomas's communications with the trump white house. real focus may actually be her husband, being justice clarence thomas. fox news contributor jonathan hurley, professor at george washington law school and constitutional law attorney. so you believe the january 6th committee, and this is after adam schiff said something about this on one of the sunday shows, you don't think they really want to know what ginni thomas was saying to the white house, you want to know what clarence thomas might have been saying to her about a decision he made at the supreme court where he was the lone dissent in terms of congress powers to obtain documents for the january 6th investigation. >> well, it's not much speculation, john. adam schiff said on the program this weekend and said that he wanted to know what justice
10:36 am
thomas knew about these messages from his wife and whether they impacted his decision. this is a case of incredible overreach by the committee. the fact that the vice chair would join him in saying this is a possibility really does raise chilling issues that congress needs to look at. this would be unprecedented. they would be asking the spouse of a justice about her communications with her husband. and it's important to remember that it appears these messages had already been turned over by mark meadows before that opinion ever came out and so the question is why, why this overreach, and he said to answer that, it's about her husband. >> john: talk about liz cheney in a second, what you wrote about adam schiff's on your website, a committee tasked one
10:37 am
covering january 6th, he is saying the committee jurisdiction would extend to what the supreme court did a year later, that is more than a case of mission creep. but you know with the committees, jonathan, they can go down rabbit holes that you know, weeks earlier you would never imagine they could. >> well, that's the astonishing aspect of this, the committee says they want to get to the bottom of january 6th, a great deal they have largely cordoned off. why the capitol was so ill-prepared on that day, many of us who were giving public commentary during the riot expressed our surprise at how light the security was, how easy the penetration of the capitol turned out to be by these rioters. this does not excuse the rioters or the people who fueled the riot. but it's a relevant question and that is something that the
10:38 am
committee does not seem to be particularly interested in and yet they want to question the spouse of a justice about an opinion a year later as to the basis for his single justice dissent in that case. and they are going to be doing this by putting the spouse of a justice under the threat of perjury and contempt and say that we want you to talk about what you and the justice spoke of at home. creates not a chilling effect that's perfectly glacial, you know. that's the most intrusive course toward the supreme court and mature minds have to prevail in congress and say we have enough of the overreach. >> just about out of time, a quick answer if i could to this. you brought up liz cheney, co-chair of the january 6th committee. the fact she appears to be fully on board, points out anything but a balanced inquiry. >> well, we have seen the
10:39 am
problem all along, that there is no effort at all by this committee to offer any balance, any alternative interpretations and many of these quotes they use have been carefully edited, and once again, it chips away the credibility of the committee. this could have been something much, much more than what they have created. >> john: jonathan turley, great to get your perspective on things. you can read the column on this at >> sandra: will president biden run for re-election in 2024? another democrat refusing to say whether she will support him. so, who do democrats want instead? a new poll out of new hampshire pointing to someone in his own cabinet. >> john: somebody who is fond of electric cars. and china's influence spreading around the world and even here in the united states. this as tensions simmer over house speaker nancy pelosi's plans to travel to taiwan.
10:40 am
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until you know how ingrezza affects you. other serious side effects include potential heart rhythm problems and abnormal movements. it's nice people focus more on me. ask your doctor about ingrezza, #1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as zero dollars at >> john: raging inferno in california. fire crews are working in the air and the ground to slow an out of control wildfire near yosemite national park, but uphill fight. forces of nature not helping matters at all. mariposa, california. >> thanks to good weather, firefighters are making significant progress and now say they have the oak fire 26% contained, but that may be little comfort to the people who lived here. this is 1 of 25 homes that burned down when the fire roared
10:45 am
through this area friday afternoon. thousands of residents were ordered to evacuate, many saying they escaped with whatever they could grab. >> we were not able to get anything out. clothes on our backs, what we had in the car, i'm wearing donated clothes right now. >> papers, clothes, got my daughter's bunny and just left. we are hoping for the best. >> the oak fire has burned 18,000 acres and threatens more than 2,000 homes and outbuildings. winds are not the issue. it's fed by dry brush and thick stands of heavy timber weakened by bark beetles and dried out by the historic drought. add to that triple digit heat and humidity, a very dangerous fuel load. 3,000 firefighters from around the state are on it, including hand crews building containment lines, engine teams doing
10:46 am
structure defense at homes, chopper pilots. 30 miles away, yosemite remains open but there are some road closures and unhealthy air quality. it's very smoky and acrid here. there were no lightning strikes so it was all likelihood human-caused. but how it started is under investigation. no doubt the people and the neighbors will be wanting some answers. >> john: tough situation around there, hope they they will get some answers. >> sandra: a star quarterback celebrating a big pay day, but it comes with a strange stipulation. the contract clause that's turning heads around the nfl. >> john: and how much would you pay to see your favorite musician? a ticket vendor defending itself after bruce springsteen prices soar, turning away some die hard fans. we'll get jimmy failla's take
10:47 am
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10:51 am
watch how squad member cory bush responded when she will back biden for re-election. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? >> she has to go. >> it's not going to take long. >> i don't want to answer that question, that's not -- yeah, i don't want to answer that question. i mean, he's the president, he has the right to run for a second term, absolutely. but -- i don't want to -- i would rather you not do that. >> sandra: this comes as brand-new polling from the university of new hampshire shows pete buttigieg in the lead now. sean duffy, former congressman and fox news contributor and former advisor to the clintons. the response is brand-new, everybody is reacting online to this right now, but the first choice for the democratic presidential candidate out of new hampshire a moment ago, pete buttigieg over president biden, 17%. >> i would not put too much stock in that, because i think it reflects a couple things. one, there are a lot of
10:52 am
democrats who think as good a job in their view biden has done, they want to turn the page and when biden ran in 2020, he said he was going to be a bridge and that it was a bridge to new people like pete buttigieg and gavin newsom and gretchen whitmer, young and dynamic and well spoken and their views happen to comport where the voters are. so, i'm not surprised by seeing a number like that. >> sandra: interesting. the poll found that compared to data collected in june, what a difference a month makes. fewer democrats now want the president to seek another term in 2024. 54% of democrats said in june they wanted to make another run. that figure dropped to 31% in the latest poll. >> we have richard talking about a new president, and not joe biden, remarkable, but looking at the polling, where is kamala harris. >> sandra: she's at 6%.
10:53 am
she was the first choice of just 6% of respondents. >> i finds fascinating about the polling and where joe biden sits. he has done everything the left wing of the party has asked him to do, very progressive and liberal, and the policies don't work for the average american. so whether it's conservatives, independents, hispanics, and now they want to throw him over the bus. he's done everything they have asked. >> sandra: richard, you make an important point. we probably stopped at 3, 4, 5 on the list. sorry, brand-new, put it back up. kamala harris is not on the screen because she was so far down. pete buttigieg at 17%, biden at 16%, warren at 10%, gavin newsom at 10%, amy klobuchar 9%, bernie sanders, then kamala harris and a.o.c. garnered 5%, hillary clinton 3%. >> i think you could also show
10:54 am
the new hampshire poll of donald trump losing to desantis as he did by a lot in a florida poll. we are at a funny point in the cycle. i would suggest that your viewers keep the following analogy in mind. when macron was running in the 37, 38%, where biden is, then runs against a maga candidate, and he wins 59-41. >> sandra: where is he dealing with the reality of the economic crisis we are in. we put together a montage of voters on the 2024 field, can we run that right quick -- >> i think the democratic field is a little bit splintered right now. >> probably kamala harris. >> popularity of the california newsom. >> i think cory booker has a shot. i think pete buttigieg has a shot. >> probably hillary, she's not very well liked. >> i don't know of any candidate
10:55 am
i would be happy to support and i'm democrat. >> sandra: people feel the administration is out of touch with the reality so many americans are living right now. >> ronald reagan, bill clinton and barack obama were the same point in their cycle two years in having the voters expressing doubts and won by a landslide. >> support joe biden in 2024? >> joe biden thinks he could beat donald trump. >> full support for you for joe biden 2024? >> if joe biden is in i'm all in. and no democrat talking about challenging -- >> sandra: so you want him to be all in. >> i think joe biden has a fantastic record to run on and i think again when he's pitted against a maga candidate. he will win -- >> i'm still not getting an answer. >> richard can't defend policy, he's trying to, or could -- and joe biden -- well, here is the truth. if joe biden gets out, i think democrats do better, but if he stays in, richard is trying to defend him and he can't do it. >> voters have been freaked out
10:56 am
since the dobbs decision. >> sandra: we'll have you back, thank you very much. >> john: china's threat looming large. how far is china's influence spreading and what can we do to slow it down. tom cotton weighs in. plus, a shrinking housing market and jimmy failla, why the power nap could come at a serious cost. bout this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck? it's not. the new subway series. some people havek? minor joint pain, plus high blood pressure. and since pain relievers may affect blood pressure, they can't just take anything for their pain. tylenol® is the #1 dr. recommended pain relief brand for those with high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor. tylenol is right for you, riders! let your queries be known.
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>> sandra: alarms in taiwan and beyond, the communist nation warning nancy pelosi to call off her controversial trip. the visit has china so outraged,
11:01 am
taiwan is holding dramatic drills like this in case china decides to attack. welcome back, as "america reports" rolls into hour two. great to be with you, john. >> john: good to be with you as well, sandra. always hot somewhere in the world, i'm john roberts in washington. for months reporting on the rising tensions between china and the united states but the planned visit by the house speaker to taiwan appears to be shaping up as a flash point and conflict brewing for more than half a century. >> the shadow red china, stepping up bombing of nationalist held islands, must be ready for invasion. >> john: tension in the 1950s began who china attacked small islands that taiwan claimed as its own. first-ever presidential news conversation on camera, remember this? >> i am going to continue to do my best to exert the influence that i think is available to us. >> china backed down but that country ramped up the danger
11:02 am
when the next crisis came in the 1990s. china fired missiles over taiwan's capital, landing in the water. u.s. sent air krar carriers to taiwan. >> john: big fear, how far is china willing to go. and if china invades taiwan, is the united states ready to back up words with military action. >> sandra: big dilemma might have been summed up by china itself 26 years ago, clinton administration defense official later recounted this chilling quote from a chinese official. >> john: he said in the 1950s you three times threatened nuclear strikes on china and you could do that because we couldn't hit back. now we can. so you are not going to threaten us again because in the end, you care a lot more about los angeles than taipei.
11:03 am
>> sandra: senator tom cotton is here to weigh in on speaker pelosi's visit and president biden's handling of the building tension. we gin our second hour with a team from fox news and fox business with five reasons china could be closer to making a move. >> john: white house, and peter doocy to kick it off. what is the white house advising speaker pelosi to do or not do? >> peter: they are careful right now, john, not to tell her what to do or not to do, and not to step on her toes and be respectful of the fact she is the leader of an independent branch of government. >> this is a decision for members of congress to make, from what i understand, and what i'm sure you all have seen, there has not been an announcement yet. so i'm not going to get ahead of her own schedule. >> here is why this is so tricky. taiwan is a self-governing island but china thinks taiwan should be governed by china, by beijing. and the u.s. is remaining kind
11:04 am
of neutral on the whole issue, treating it similar to the way they treat ukraine against russia, making it clear they would give taiwan the tools to fight against a potential chinese invasion without putting american troops on the front line to fight chinese soldiers on the battlefield. >> what kind of message does that send if she allows the bully to win and biden allows them to win to the japanese, australians, our other allies, if we won't even visit taiwan, what message in terms of defending taiwan and freedom around the world. >> peter: if speaker pelosi does decide to go she might have a seat mate on the long flight, mike pompeo tweets speaker pelosi, nancy, i'll go with you. i'm banned in china but not freedom-loving taiwan. see you there. and i've spoken to administration officials that say their belief is that if xi
11:05 am
and china decide to make a move on taiwan, it's not going to happen until after the chinese communist party's peoples congress, happens every five years and scheduled right now to take place in november. john. >> john: i guess there is a lot of thinking when they may pull the trigger if at all, and what we do between now and then may decide how it goes. peter doocy at the white house. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: alarm bells around the world including from our number one ally. u.k. saying the west has been turning a blind eye to the danger for far too long. alex hogan is live in london at this hour. what prompted the back and for the? >> last night during a debate between the two candidates vying for the role of british prime minister underlines the concerns they have with china, specifically reliance on the country and it's growing global
11:06 am
influence. >> we have to learn for the mistakes we made of europe becoming dependent on russian oil and gas. we cannot allow that to happen with china. >> both candidates raising the issue yesterday. comments then prompting the chinese foreign ministry to fire back in turn urging british politicians not to make talking points when it comes to china. >> i would like to make it clear to certain british politicians, making irresponsible remarks about china, including hyping the so-called china threat cannot solve one's own problems. >> meanwhile, heightened concern over the ever blossoming relationship between china and russia. russia will hold a wide range military drills next month in the east. the country's defense ministry has denied accusations that it's preparing more troops to strengthen its offensive in ukraine saying "only part of the russian military has been involved in the special military
11:07 am
operation." last year russia and chinese took place participated in these kinds of joint military exercises, despite local reports china has sent tanks to russia, the kremlin has yet to confirm those details. ministry also did announce that there will be unspecified foreign troops partaking in these war games. sandra. >> sandra: alex, thank you. john. >> john: as the united states economy sputters with the potential for a report tomorrow to confirm that we are in a recession, china's economy shows signs that it could actually be getting stronger. connell mcshane is with us from fox business this afternoon. covid hit the chinese economy hard but it's bouncing back. >> the chinese economy is building back some momentum. small business confidence is reported to be on the rise again over there. credit conditions in china improving, construction activity picking up. we learned all of this in a new report that's just been released
11:08 am
by the british bank standard charter. now, still question marks and always concern when you talk about china, about transparency and visibility inside the country. some of the recent covid outbreaks, according to the same report i mentioned, may have disrupted activity. and then housing, which has been slumping in china a year, prices are falling. economists say they don't appear to have bottomed out. but the best industry might be semiconductors or computer chips. congress here in the united states is moving to provide more money to domestic chip companies, china is moving with its own goal of building more than 30 new chip factories by the year 2024. kind of speaks to a chinese plan in some ways similar to what we hear about in the u.s. to be more independent economically, not rely as much on global supply chains. when it works remains to be seen. many economists miss china to
11:09 am
miss its own economic growth target, 5.5% growth. if it does miss, first time in the century it happened. last miss was 1998. >> sandra: china's rapid growth is being fueled by the refusal to follow the rules, frequently cutting corners and ignoring regulations the rest of the world considers standards. case in point, china's space program and the warning from nasa debris from a chinese rocket will soon come crashing down to earth and nobody is quite sure where. phil keating has more from miami for us. so, phil, this coming down this weekend? >> yes, some time saturday and sunday, or sunday, rather, and you won't need a helmet, chances of any human being hit is incredibly small. you remember, four months ago an out of control chinese rocket slammed into the back side of the moon. a story we covered up from the kennedy space center.
11:10 am
well, once again, china is letting another large booster fall where it will. china is building its own space station up in low earth orbit, still in the early stages, so segments are going up module by module. china launched the space station module on july 24th, this time the 23 ton b booster is going to fall back to earth, destination unknown, likely burn up on reentry and smash down in the ocean. the international space community considers china's allowance of this, did in 20 and 21, wholly unnecessary and irresponsible. and russia's space agency announcing it's going to withdraw from the international space station in 2024. politically neutral partnership up in low earth orbit dates back to 1998. russia says it intends to build
11:11 am
its own space station as the cold war days sure seem to be coming back more and more, sandra. >> sandra: they do indeed. thank you, john. >> john: not only is beijing focused on its economy, it's reportedly meddling in ours. a new investigation shows china has spent the last decade attempting to undermine the federal reserve. edward lawrence live at the north lawn of the white house with that. ed. >> new report out shows china's attempt to compromise the federal reserve from increased recently and in some cases seen some success. this report coming from the senate homeland security committee and government affairs committee. it shows the federal reserve lacked sufficient counter intelligence expertise and cooperation with law enforcement and the intelligence committee. the report claims the fed does not have the right policies and procedures in place to prevent chinese theft, and maintained access to confidential
11:12 am
information. committee aide says at least one fed employee was detained in china on four occasions and threatened to turn over information about monetary policy. fox business network obtained this from jay powell, the fed chairman writes that they have invested in technology for security, as well as education for employees travelling overseas. the fed thoroughly investigates any alleged violation and takes the appropriate action. the fed chairman says the fed is deeply troubled by what we believe to be the reports unfair, unsubstantiated questions of individual staff members. and if it's true, china is trying to hit all aspects of american life. >> sandra: arkansas republican senator tom cotton, sir, thank you very much for being here. nancy pelosi's trip obviously has become quite controversial.
11:13 am
there are -- certainly raising fears that china might actually make a long threatened move here. where do you stand on this? should she go? >> sandra, speaker pelosi should absolutely go forward with her trip to taiwan. might want to consider adding a promment republican like kevin mccarthy to show the bipartisan support for taiwan. we cannot allow chinese threats to deter a mere visit by a member of congress to taiwan. a long standing practice from presidents of both parties that executive branch officials don't visit taiwan, but an equally long standing practice that members of congress do visit it. i have, many of my colleagues have, speaker pelosi has before. we cannot back down in the face of these chinese threats. if joe biden does, if he prevents nancy pelosi or any other member of congress from travelling to taiwan, it will create a major foreign policy
11:14 am
crisis. imagine what it will signal to the chinese communists if they think they can threaten us into merely not travelling to taiwan. it might incite them and tempt them to go for the juggular in taiwan. >> john: and looking weak in the face of this, if nancy pelosi suddenly shows up in taipei, while his leadership is being discussed. party leaders may look at him and say are you the right guy for the job but you mentioned kevin mccarthy. >> president biden sounds like the commissioner of the nba. just folds to whatever china wants, instead of standing up for america. he's delaying weapons from being sent to taiwan. let taiwan defend themselves. make sure china does not invade taiwan and let's not allow china to dictate where any american
11:15 am
citizen goes to meet any other. >> john: joe biden is scheduled to speak with xi jinping later this week. if you were the president and this had come up, what would you be saying in that conversation? >> i would tell xi jinping that speaker pelosi and any other member of congress will travel to taiwan at a time of their choosing as they have for decades, that china is not going to unilaterally change the terms of our engagement with taiwan. and that instead of joe biden worrying about what the chinese communists might do and we should make the chinese communist worry about what we might do if they engage in such unprecedented actions. >> sandra: the american people stop, they listen, they see the warnings about what china is saying, and the threats of what they might do. what is your message to the american people, we know are closely following along with all of this. what do you want the american people to know about these dire moves that china just may make? >> well, first off the american
11:16 am
people by and large see china as an enemy. they have been the leaders on this. many people in washington have taken a longer time to come around to that. so the american people are behind those of us who want to take a strong, firm, confident line with the chinese communist. and say to them about taiwan, what i was saying last year about ukraine, and years about iran and other outlaw nations, is that the very best way to prevent a war is to be strong and resolute to deter our enemies from ever thinking that they could win a war. >> john: senator, back in 1997, last time there was a crisis between the u.s. and china over taiwan, we sent a couple of aircraft carrier groups to the region as a show of force to say look, stop doing what you are doing because it could end up with serious consequences. the china that we see today in 2022 is much different than it was in 1997. they have the biggest navy, maybe not the most powerful but
11:17 am
the most number of ships, the new aircraft carrier. i read some papers suggest if it came to a shooting war that china, with all of its long range and intermediate range missiles could take out the pacific fleet in a matter of hours. so, what could we really do about it? >> john, i'm not sure i agree with those assessments but you are right, there's no doubt the gap has closed between the american military and the chinese military over the last 25 years. so we are now creating a situation where the chinese might be tempted to what winston churchill called a trial of strength. that's why it's so urgent that we not just fully fund our military, but that we are investing in the kinds of weapons that would deter a chinese invasion of taiwan, single most likely flash point between war and our nations. >> sandra: thank you very much for joining us on that. >> john: thanks, senator. you know, we start talking about
11:18 am
war with china, i mean, it takes us to a whole new realm you don't want to wrap your head around. there has to be some way forward here in which the united states and china can live with each other, but given china's designs on economic domination and potentially some point becoming not just a regional military power, but a global military power, needs to be some sensitive discussions i think had at the highest levels t figure out through this before it comes to shooting at each other. >> sandra: and see what nancy pelosi ultimately decides about her trip if it happens, and if so, will she bring somebody along with her. >> john: mccarthy would be an interesting choice. president biden has enough problems here at home, and the list of those who will not support a second term is growing longer. is this a sign they are fed up with the administration. talk with martha maccallum next. >> sandra: and live update on
11:19 am
the shooting at the dallas airport. wait until you hear about the suspect's long history with the police. >> john: but first, new shark sightings in the atlantic seem to be happening by the day. how concerned are beach goers about going back in the water? >> i'm terrified. i'm super scared of sharks. i don't hydrate like everyone else. because i'm not everyone else. they drink what they're told to drink. i drink what helps me rehydrate and recover: pedialyte® sport. because it works... and so do i. ♪♪ hydration beyond the hype. ♪♪ i'm tatiana for newday usa with some hydration beyond the hype. great news for fellow veterans who own a home. with home values at record highs, now's the best time in history to turn your
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with xfinity internet, you get advanced security because when you invest that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if... i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. >> sandra: fox weather alert, officials in missouri say one person has died due to record breaking flooding in the st. louis area. they say that person was found in a vehicle this morning. crews have been working on rescues since early this morning where eight inches of fell in st. louis in a matter of hours. the city's previously daily rainfall record was set back in 1915.
11:25 am
>> john: if you were in the market for a home, especially your first one, you know it's a nightmare out there right now. but a big reason folks are being priced out of the market, wall street. investors flooding the housing market buying one out of every five homes in america leaving regular folks out of luck. lydia hu is live in west orange, new jersey, what's fueling this buying spree? >> hey there, john. you know, attracting investors, growing interest in mobile home parks because the steady stream of returns they offer with the more than 22 million americans across the country that live on a mobile home park. at mobile home parks, residents own their home but rent the land they sit on. so far investors have purchased enough parks to contain 800,000 mobile homesites. after investors acquire the
11:26 am
parks, they increase the rent for the lot on which the home sits, sometimes by the double digits. in minnesota, park purchases by out of state buyers grew 46% in 2015, to 81% last year, with rent increases as much as 30%. it can be hard or sometimes impossible for the residents to pay that increased rent. >> because you are renting the land, you are treated like a renter and some of the protections are weaker than for renters in multi-family buildings, and if you ratchet up the rents for people on fixed income, pretty soon they cannot afford the rents that you are charging. >> this is jeremy ward, a 49-year-old resident of an investor owned mobile park community in upstate new york,
11:27 am
he's getting by on $1,000 a month in disability payments and now the third rent increase to the mobile home park since 2018. this time around, 6% increase. now, half the residents at this mobile home park, they are striking. they are not paying rent and 30 of them are served with eviction notices. some of the residents are going to be forced to leave homes they have been living in for possibly years over the increased rent. i should say we did reach out to the mobile home park, ridge view homes in upstate new york, we have not heard back just yet, john. >> john: could be a lot of angry people out there. lydia, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: bring in alicia now, wall street journal editorial board member and glad to have you on the program, an article,
11:28 am
high cost of free money, and talked about the policy mistakes made as a result of the pandemic we are still paying for today. fast forward we have the reporting on the housing market, and it's something to be noticed because the first time home buyers are struggling to get into new homes more than ever now. you've got steep borrowing rates that are about to go higher, you've still got high prices in the american housing market, and a lot of the buyers will give up. what does it mean for the future of the housing industry in america? >> well, i think you have to look back on what is causing this. well, first of all, you had low interest rates, 0 interest rates for many years, which really drove investors, hedge funds, private equity firms into the market. a high return and a lot of leverage. fannie mae and freddie mac, guaranteeing the investor-owned homes. i would be very concerned going forward about the leverage here. as you start to see more renters
11:29 am
unable to make these payments and perhaps defaults will mount, you could see some financial ripples in the financial markets and i think that's actually been, could be a canary in the coal mine as we go forward. >> sandra: meantime, the federal reserve tasked with the huge responsibility now of making up for these policy mistakes, trying to tame inflation, which means they have to hike interest rates and a good possibility, 75 basis point hike tore a full percentage point. we have not seen that in the country since at least the early 1980s, alicia, that, too, is going to have a major impact on the housing market. what do you foresee happening? >> well, i think we are already starting to see that. in california, prices are declining by six figures, some 200, $300,000 because it's quite amazing. which in some ways is healthy,
11:30 am
could help make housing somewhat more affordable, but as the interest rates rise, also becomes more expensive. but what you are starting to see is the new housing sales are starting to fall, as well as housing construction. in the last month in june, also saw a declining jobs in residential construction, especially in california and florida. those are two hot real estate markets. so i think again, this could be another canary. >> sandra: a lot of economists are taking note of just that. i want to ask you about the white house trying to redefine recession in the country as we may or may not be in one. a glimpse of what we are hearing from the administration. >> if the technical definition is two quarters of contraction, you are saying it's not recession. >> that's not the technical definition. >> in terms of the technical definition, it's not a recession, technical definition considers a broader spectrum of data points. >> that is not the actual
11:31 am
definition of recession, it is a significant contractionary period over a few months. >> why do you see the white house is wanting to move away from the traditional definition of recession or what has been the standard for defining recession in this country, two straight quarters of negative g.d.p., what was the incentive to do that, do you believe? >> well, i don't think they want to be labelled as causing a recession before the november midterm elections. whether it meets the technical definition or not, that's neither here nor there. people are struggling because of rising prices and you are starting to see job losses in some sectors, mentioned residential construction, the tech economy starting to slow down, walmart just posted a pretty awful earnings report or is warning that people are starting to pull back. so, we may not be in the technical recession but in a few
11:32 am
months things are going to look a lot worse. >> sandra: when we start to see consumers changing their habits and only going into the stores and buying the necessities, what they actually need versus what they want. you are entering a completely different economy than we have been. editorial board member from the wall street journal, appreciate you joining us today. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> john: fox news alert, sandra, police in dallas holding a news conference on the shooting at an airport in texas, dallas love field that was breaking during yesterday's edition of "america reports." >> sandra: jeff paul has been monitoring the news conference, what are we learning and hearing about the suspect's past? >> yeah, learning the suspect just prior to the shooting approached a ticket counter saying she had an announcement to make. that's when according to an affidavit the suspect, 37-year-old portia odufuwa, then shouted "i'm going to blow this
11:33 am
expletive up." she shot at the ceiling. an officer gave her loud verbal commands and she pointed the gun at the officer and innocent bystander. the officer struck her in her local extremities. she has a criminal record, arson, robbery, criminal trespass and false reporting. she faces a charge of aggravated assault against a public servant. >> and to the many more at our airport that were affected from my vantage point, from our vantage point, you all acted add -- >> and this gun was not hers.
11:34 am
the airport is back up and running but the shooting delayed more than 1300 southwest flights and forced the cancellation of 300 others. sandra. >> jeff paul on that, thank you. john. >> decorated american athlete is being accused of racism, that athlete, michael johnson, is african american. the four-time olympic gold medalist firing back against the charge which came after he questioned the accuracy of times posted at a championship meet in oregon. one, a record set by a nigerian runner. good to see you, charlie. so, michael johnson was doing commentary on this world athletics championships in oregon, and he noticed that the time clock seemed to be a little odd at least to him. the hundreds were not where he thought they should have been and the clock was moving backwards, and he got called out in a serious way saying that.
11:35 am
>> and not the only person who have questions about the clock. some of the other runners had questions about the clock. but it is kind of amazing in this era today where you have a guy, a legendary sprinter like michael johnson, who has made a name for himself for his extraordinary abilities, physical abilities to then wind up having, you know, a legitimate question about something, and then it all gets reduced to race and it's so insane. it's so infantile. it's such a stupid way to conduct debates. >> john: what johnson noticed was 12 athletes of 24 in the semifinals recorded personal bests, according to the time keeping there. one twitter user lashed out at him, fellow named slim daddy said this, michael johnson, are you naturally this dumb or do you have to put in effort? why don't you channel your
11:36 am
energy from recovering from your stroke, you black racist. johnson repeated the level the dumb assery across my feed is staggering. come on. >> maybe argument for doing away with twitter, but michael johnson did not have to respond. but you know, it's kind of funny. i look at a guy like michael johnson and i think of, i would be an hour behind michael johnson if i were in a track meet with him. but these guys -- when you are talking about 1/10 of a second, it's like a world of time. >> john: it is, and apparently the clock ticked back a whole 10th of a second. sometimes they round up or down, but this went back a 10th. >> i have not gotten up in a 10th of a second.
11:37 am
>> john: johnson said as a commentator, my time to comment, questioning the times of 28 athletes, not one athlete, i was attacked, and questioning the talent of an athlete i respect and predicted to win. unacceptable, i move on. he knows what he's talking about when it comes to times. a he is go the four gold medals in the olympics, four world championship goals, not just some guy on the street saying i think the clock is wrong. >> it has nothing to do with race, it's a technical issue, it's completely irrelevant. but i do think kind of underscores how the nonsensical nature of our debates, like all of those -- >> john: the medical school students who walked out of the keynote address. >> exactly. these are people that -- some of the most privileged people on earth, you have this extraordinary opportunity and they would rather make some
11:38 am
strange political statement than just sit quietly, politely and listen to something they disagree with. >> john: the speaker was pro life but not talking about abortion, she was talking about medicine. and one of the things, you know, i do think one of the most interesting and important things about the roe v. wade decision is that for so long that debate has been taken out of the hands of regular americans and i think it does sort of create this infantile debating, the nature of our debate in this country and we can have this debate, need to have this debate and it's a good thing. >> john: it will be held in states across the nation. good to see you. >> sandra: every second counts in track and field. as president biden's poll numbers plummet, so do the numbers of his own party. >> john: and the dodge that's become very common from democrats.
11:39 am
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
11:43 am
>> john: volodymyr zelenskyy and the first wife says the war has made their marriage stronger. they have gave piers morgan an
11:44 am
interview. >> these situations can make or break a marriage. is your marriage stronger do you think because of what you have gone through? >> i agree with the theory that marriage gets stronger with challenges. i think in our case it would be the same. >> my answer wouldn't be different. >> you have your own opinion about it. >> but you are next to me, your opinion has priority. >> john: piers morgan, and the special will premier tomorrow night on fox nation. dial in. >> sandra: thank you. nba basketball star britney griner back in a russian court and ready to testify in a crucial week in her trial. when is she going to testify exactly? >> testifying tomorrow, but frankly, prospects do not look great, sandra. it's another day in the moscow courtroom for the american
11:45 am
basketball star and things are getting tense. 31-year-old griner has been held over five months by the russians. the defense team put a drug expert on the stand that said the cannabis found in vape cartridges in her luggage at a moscow airport in february were for medicinal purposes, to ease her pain from injuries. it is still illegal in russia, griner admits it and says it was packed mistakenly. still, she could face ten years in jail. she held pictures of her wife and friends in the courtroom for moral support. yeah, sitting in her cage. wnba phoenix mercury basketball player and olympic gold medalist will go on the stand tomorrow to be questioned by the prosecutor and judge. it's thought the trial could wrap by early august. a u.s. embassy official in attendance says she's doing as well as can be expected. sandra, supporters in fact had slammed the biden administration for not doing enough in the early days to deal with what
11:46 am
appears to be a political move by moscow as the war in ukraine rages. there is some talk about a possible prisoner swap, but probably unlikely. state department says it's doing all it can. that might not be enough. back to you. >> sandra: a story we will keep following closely, thank you. >> got to feel for her. >> john: president biden's support from fellow democrats dwindling. squad member cori bush refused so back him for president, by her handler. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? >> easy question. >> i don't want to answer that question, that's not -- i don't want to answer that question. i mean, he's the president, he has the right to run for a second term. absolutely. i don't want to -- i would rather you not do that. >> john: let's bring in martha maccallum, not really a show of
11:47 am
support for biden, says he has the right to run for a second term but i would rather you not ask that question. yee-gads. >> martha: that's right, johnson. we have all had interviewees say i would rather you not use that, and likely to use it, so now the sound bite is everywhere, and keeping a little bit of a list here. richard goodstein, you were talking to earlier, sandra tried to press him whether or not he wants to see the president run again and full throated behind that, he had a hard time answering that. and talked to gene sperling yesterday, i asked him and i thought the first 2, 3 times i asked there was an audio problem because he railroaded forward, no, seriously. >> john: no, that's what gene does. >> martha: it should be an easy question for an economic advisor who works at the white house,
11:48 am
no? >> john: extraordinary. one of the reasons why people are ducking the question and saying i would rather you not ask me that, because take a look at this. "new york times" siena poll out a couple weeks ago, when asked if biden should run again in 2024, 24 for, 64 against, 18 to 29 young voters, 5% wanted biden. white voters, 18%. latino, and african americans, still underwater, 43 to 47 against and the quinnipiac poll that came out a day ago, do you want biden to run again in 2024, yes 40%, no 54%. i mean, the waters out there for joe biden are getting awfully chilly. >> martha: they really are, john, and i was talking to a democratic pollster connected to
11:49 am
donors and people of that group said he's not going to run again and everybody knows it. that's why they cannot answer the question. but in a way when you look back in history, you think about l.b.j. deciding not to run for another term during the worst heat of the vietnam war and the pressure that he was under. very different circumstances in terms of what these presidents were facing, but made the decision, sat down in front of the camera and said i'm not going to run again and i wonder when, or if we will have that moment from joe biden but it is -- it's very unusual what people are asking him to do. quit joe quit, one of the most widely read editorials yesterday in "washington post." >> john: the big parlor game in washington, who may run on the democratic side 2024, but the flip side, who might the republican be. and donald trump giving his speech, first since he left on
11:50 am
january 6, 2021, and this morning, his former vice president mike pence speaking to the young americas foundation. listen to what pence said. >> i don't know that the president and i differ on issues. but we may differ on focus. i truly do believe that elections are about the future. and it is absolutely essential at a time when so many americans are hurting, so many families are struggling, that we don't give way to the temptation to look back. >> john: that was a key line we don't give way to the temptation to look back. that could be interpreted a number of different ways. >> martha: sure could, john, and we know as you just mentioned, president trump is going to speak in washington. has not been in the capital city since his helicopter took off on inauguration day of 2021, when he chose not to attend the inauguration of joe biden, also
11:51 am
a really dramatic unprecedented moment. so today he goes back. and one of the things people will be watching, what does he focus on, mike pence used the word, does he focus on the future, on the policies that were very well-liked by many, by most americans, or does he keep going back to the stolen election during this speech. that's something people will watch closely here. the former president has a ton of support, i also think the former vice president may be feeling a bit emboldened by the january 6th hearings, he came off well during them in terms of his own reaction, maybe seizing the moment to build support based on what people have been hearing and watching. >> john: we will find out very soon, president trump is scheduled to speak at 3:00. i'll let you get ready for your show. >> john: yee-gads, i love that word. >> sandra: coming up, just coming in from capitol hill i
11:52 am
should say, a few moments ago, mitch mcconnell weighed in on speaker nancy pelosi's controversial trip to taiwan visit analysts say could be a flash point in the tension between the u.s. and china. here is the minority leader just moments ago on the hill. >> and i agree with you that if she doesn't go now, she's handed china sort of a victory of sorts. >> speaker pelosi does not go to taiwan or delays her trip because of threats by beijing or pressure from this administration not to go, does that not send a signal? >> yeah, it does. your question implies the answer. >> sandra: ok. so, more and more republicans have been throwing their support behind nancy pelosi is make this trip. tom cotton was one of them, he joined us at the top of the hour. >> john: i was curious senator haggerty did not seem to be fully in support of her going, kind of talking around the issue
11:53 am
but a lot of republicans and here we have a rare moment of bipartisanship in washington, d.c. saying she should absolutely go, that backing down would be to, you know, hand a win to xi jinping, make the biden administration look weak in the face of the chinese threats we have to stand tough and say you don't tell united states officials where they can and cannot go. >> sandra: cue the sharks. >> john: da-dun, dadun. ♪♪♪ >> sandra: lovely view inside the mouth of a shark, shark attacks are on the rise. are you afraid to take a dip? we took to the streets. >> i have dove with sharks before, they are fine. i'm an diver. >> tell me about one experience with sharks in the water? >> being in the water at the
11:54 am
bottom, swirling around you, looking at you, no problem. >> we have to close the beaches. >> you afraid to go in the water? >> no. >> tell me why. >> because it's safe. accidents happen every time. no problem. >> ah, sharks, yes. >> afraid of sharks? >> yes. you never know when you are going to see them. everybody is getting bit by sharks. >> i don't want to get attacked by a shark. >> are you afraid to go in the water? >> yes. i don't know. >> i'm not afraid. >> i'm not going in. i'm not scared of i am. >> usually they are going to run away, don't hang around and mess with you. so -- >> you hope. >> yeah, you hope. unless you step on one. >> you are going to need a bigger boat. >> i'm not afraid of it. >> you'll go in the water no problem? >> yeah. i mean, there are sharks in the water but it's not like something to be scared of. >> what would you do if you came in contact with a shark in the water? >> i would try to stay calm, of
11:55 am
course. in my head i would go insane. go to the beach, enjoy it, have a good time with family and friends. >> i'm a scuba diver and sharks are our friends. >> are you afraid to go swimming? >> no, we are gonna eat 'em alive, we eat fish. sushi. [laughter] >> sandra: ok, let's bring in jimmy failla, your reaction to the great people walking the streets of new york. >> important distinction to make, the people from out of town were like hell no, i'm not going in the water. the people from new york wanted to go in. why? half are jets fans, they want to die, ok. they are waiting for a shark to come get 'em. who was the nutso i would go in, accidents happen. yo, if a shark eats you, it's not because like someone forgot to put their blinker on when they switch lanes and an accident happens, he was hungry and you are food. dumb people out there. >> sandra: are you afraid of sharks?
11:56 am
absolutely. am i afraid to go in the water because of sharks? no, you have to live your life, take your dip. >> you have probably swam with sharks a lot in your life. if the shark stops eating you, no one calls for help, they film you. look at the likes on youtube. >> sandra: thank four the laugh. meanwhile, "new york post," out of the american heart association journal so people are taking notice, it has concluded that napping too much can lead to early death. it's a new study, says that people who nap more on average have a greater risk of developing high blood pressure and stroke. who knew naps could be a bad thing? >> you could kind of refute this by the president, slept through the 2020 campaign, and made it to 79, looks like he's in his 100s, but made it to 79. a sleep study or drinking study,
11:57 am
the cynic is not real, like two scientists asleep in the lap, we are doing a study. >> sandra: hit a concert venue to see bruce springsteen if you can afford it. opinion headline out, put it up on the screen, i don't know if folks from new jersey will like this, bruce springsteen does not care about you. the reason they are publishing this is now prices are soaring to go to a bruce springsteen concerts, upwards of $4,000 a ticket. i mean, that's not possible for most americans, especially now. >> it's insane, to put it in springsteen terms, he can act like he's dancing i think the dark on this, but four grand is a lot to see a guy past his glory days, if you will. but the big culprit is also ticket master, tack on astronomical service fees, 500 bucks for a ticket like this, but he's not a friends to the
11:58 am
working man, he's having six-hour concerts on a weeknight. we have to get to work and drop off to your kids, sorry, dad, seeing double and drove on to the front lawn of the school but bruce was singing until 5:00 a.m. >> sandra: can i bring john in this, $4,000, you know, ticket, fans purchasing the tickets are outraged by it. but john, did you see the price of a ticket to go to an adele concert? tickets have surged to up to $40,000. they are selling between $640,000. i mean, i can't even -- i can't even believe who is paying that. >> john: i don't know who would pay that. when i was, i remember my very first concert, it was a long, long time ago, i think i paid 7.50 to see the guess who is he canadian national exhibition in toronto. and that's -- that's where prices should be, you know. i mean, maybe top out at 50 bucks, ok. even 50 bucks is a lot of money
11:59 am
for a lot of people. i don't understand who they think they are serving when tickets are $4,000. that's nuts. >> and the point of adele, the person upset by the prices are therapists because everyone going to an adele show also cries so much they wind up in therapy, now they cannot afford that, too. you have to pick your battles, kids. >> john: maybe the adele tickets should come with therapy sessions. >> sandra: unbelievable. monday evening, two tickets for the easy on me singer, priced at 41,280 each. others sold at 20,000 each and more. wow. jimmy, thanks for the laughs. >> you are the best. >> see you at the concert, john. >> john: maybe you don't have $40,000 to see adele, but two bucks and a dream, mega millions jackpot, insane $810 million. that's how you can afford the
12:00 pm
springsteen. the second largest in history, cash option 470 million, still go pretty far even in today's economy. >> sandra: and still show up for work tomorrow, right, john? >> john: i'll never win, i don't buy tickets. would i show up tomorrow? i don't know, i would have to think about it. >> sandra: jimmy would. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm sandra smith. >> john: "the >> martha: thanks very much. good to see you. i'm martha maccallum. right now on "the story," former president trump back in washington d.c. for the very first time since he left the white house. when that gets underway, we'll bring you some of that speech. it will get started in a little while. today's first big headline, americans are losing confidence. who will rescue the united states economy as everybody struggles with food and gas prices. they make trip


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