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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 26, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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springsteen. the second largest in history, cash option 470 million, still go pretty far even in today's economy. >> sandra: and still show up for work tomorrow, right, john? >> john: i'll never win, i don't buy tickets. would i show up tomorrow? i don't know, i would have to think about it. >> sandra: jimmy would. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm sandra smith. >> john: "the >> martha: thanks very much. good to see you. i'm martha maccallum. right now on "the story," former president trump back in washington d.c. for the very first time since he left the white house. when that gets underway, we'll bring you some of that speech. it will get started in a little while. today's first big headline, americans are losing confidence. who will rescue the united states economy as everybody struggles with food and gas prices. they make trips, movies, that
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kind of stuff goes away. the white house says -- they deny a recession is coming. listen to this exclusive video that we just got in from fox digital. watch in. >> have you checked gas prices lately? have you checked interest rates? we're in a recession. >> prices are going up, employment pay is not going up as fast. know that a lot of us will be able to enjoy. we'll have to work to be able to pay bills to live, to eat. >> i think we're in a recession. interest rates have gone up, up, up. the economy seems to be slowing down. the price of cars is unreal. if you can get one. >> martha: that's pretty good. these folks have it straight. we'll talk to glenn youngkin, the governor of virginia where the interviews were done. he's coming up. white house correspondent edward
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lawrence reporting live from the north lawn. >> the consumer sentiment is critical as economic data comes out. more americans are pessimistic about the economy. the lowest level since february 2021. the current president says we might feel the sting of inflation and he's working on that but we're not in a recession. listen. >> my hope is we go from rapid growth to steady growth. i don't think we'll see a recession. thank you so very much. >> so on that steady growth, a senior administration official saying that the president sees the stable growth as the economy growing under 2%, much like during the obama years. tomorrow we'll get the critical information about the federal reserve and how far they're going to push interest rates. thursday, the critical number about the gdp, we'll see if it's
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a negative number that the u.s. cowl be in a technical recession for the first half of the year. republicans like senate eric scott are saying that lowering expectations will not fix the pain that americans feel. >> taxes are increasing. not reducing regulation, increasing regulation. we have the highest inflation in 40 years. i was in a roundtable this weekend with people. they're struggling. biden has done nothing on the supply chain. biden has done nothing on inflation. they can't get workers. this is a do-nothing president. >> he says policies from this president need to shift and change. that is not happening. the white house has no changes to their policy going forward. the president calling for even more spending now. martha? >> thanks very much, edward. with that, we bring in stephen moore, former adviser to president trump and founder of the commit to unleash prosperity. great to have you with us today. >> hi, martha. >> martha: you wrote a piece, "what recession."
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you quoted one of my favorite stories, "alice in wonder land." when i use a word, it means what i choose it to mean, neither more nor less. the question is whether you can make words mean so many different things. well, can you? can you, steve? >> well, you know, also session that all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put humpty dumpty back together again. >> martha: that's true. that's what happened to humpty. >> i feel like that might be the case with our economy right now. the president does have a point that the jobs market is good. it's a solid jobs market for now. but all of the other indicators are pretty negative. we're going to discover in the next 48 hours that we're effectively in what is the definition from the dictionary of a recession, two straight quarters of negative growth. but you know, it doesn't really
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matter that much, martha, whether we technically say this is a recession. when you've got 80% of americans, martha, 80%, that say that the economy is headed in the wrong direction, goodness, those are worse numbers than when jimmy carter was president and we were in a deep recession back then. >> martha: yeah, you know, nobody likes a jimmy carter comparison to their presidency. that is what we're hearing right now. so do you think -- i've seen the predictions for the gdp number. some show a very slight like .5% growth rate. so i'm wondering -- i talked to gene sperling yesterday. he told me two quarters of contraction is not necessarily a recession even though we all know that that is the way it's been defined a long time. they're trying to put a lot of spin on this. can they say that .5 is not a contraction and you're not in a recession? regardless of what you just heard those folks say.
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>> if we get a number that is positive, i don't think we will, but it's possible, then we wouldn't technically be in a recession. the atlanta federal reserve has been following these numbers every week since the beginning of the quarter. they estimate we'll be between negative 1 and 2%. the problem is you reported just a minute ago on consumer confidence is way down. you can see interest rates are rising that will hurt the housing market obviously. small business confidence is down. people lost a lot of money in the stock market. feels like we're in a recession because we all feel poor. the most important indicator of the economy, even more than the gdp is what has happened to people's take-home pay. that has clearly been shrinking because as you reported the last nine months, inflation keeps outpacing people's paychecks. >> martha: you wonder how the fed looks at this. if people are so gloomy on the
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economy, maybe the job has been done for them. maybe they don't need to tighten interest rates. we'll get a 75 basis point hike. for people that don't follow the fed, it means that interest rates on everything. if you want to buy a car or a house, it will go up if they raise rates. should they stop? >> i think the fed was way behind the curve. i think i said this on your show six months ago, the fed should have been rating rates before we got inflation so out of control. remember, nine months ago, everybody said inflation was transitory. it wasn't transitory. it was and high class problem. we haven't peaked. i have a prediction in the next couple months, we'll probably see the inflation numbers get actually a little worse. look what is happening with food prices right now in the grocery store. we're not out of this yet. we have to change direction, start producing more oil and gas. the fed is going to have to raise interest rates. we'll have to stop the spending in washington. they just passed another $200
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billion spending bill today, martha. they can't stop spending. >> martha: yeah. elizabeth warren said we have not spend enough. we need to spend more. she's not happy with powell either. steve moore, thanks. a great piece today. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: big stories ahead this hour including former president's return to washington d.c. he has not been back since the inauguration. we have an exclusive with the virginia governor, glenn youngkin and congressman mike gallagher joins us. he says that president biden is backing down to china by telling nancy pelosi not to go to taiwan. is this heating up. >> your reference that my going there is problematic. i think what the president is saying maybe the military was afraid our plane would get shot down. i don't know exactly.
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>> if she doesn't go now, she's handchina sort of a victory of sorts. >> martha: so what to do, right? president biden says that the president military does not really think that it's a great idea for nancy pelosi to go to taiwan next month. the president is expected to have a phone call, not great, with the chinese leader, xi jinping this week. so what are they going to say about this? china warns "if u.s. insists on making the visit, the chinese side will take firm measures to safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity." meanwhile, taiwan holding exercises including drills with air raid sirens to keep their people ready in case there is a
12:14 pm
possible chinese attack. watch this. that's unnerving, right? people in taipei practicing what to do if there is a chinese attack. these drills happen annually. the mayor says this year with the increased aggression with fly-overs and ships in to the straits, they realize now that this is something that could become a reality for the people of taipei. republican congressman mike gallagher says that the speaker should not, cannot back down at this point to china. he's the u.s. marine veteran that serves on the armed services committee. thanks for joining us. so you know, this is not the kind of story that we see come out of washington every day, because nancy pelosi says she wants to go too taiwan and she has a lot of support from republicans.
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the president is telling her that he doesn't think it's a good idea. >> well, i think the important thing to understand is that in some meaningful respect, the invasion of taiwan by china has already begun. this coercion is part of the process. it's a phase zero operation designed to intimidate the biden administration to backing down as well as collapse the will of the taiwanese people. the question is if we cannot let a congressional delegation go to taiwan, how are we going to expedite arm sales before the invasion? it's not like nancy pelosi is flying over there on a c-130 with missiles. any american can get on a plane and fly to taiwan. so she cannot back down. who the hell is the executive branch to tell the legislative branch article 1 where we can travel? this is not a remote military base where remote military aircraft can fly?
12:16 pm
it's an embarrassing deplace of weakness and i fully support the speaker going to taiwan. i usually disagree with her but she has a long track record of calling out the chinese government to not back down. >> martha: in the tease, her sound bite that she said what do they think? does the military think they're going to shoot my plane down? in that sense she's challenging the white house saying where is your spine on this issue? where do you think their spine is? the president will speak with president xi. what do you expect him to say to him about this? >> i think what we've seen in crisis after crisis with this administration is that it's the fear of provoking our enemies that governs their action. remember, this was a lot of the rhetoric leading up to the invasion of ukraine, when we -- the biden administration preemptively pulled our forces on the ground, abandoned the
12:17 pm
black sea because they were afraid of provoking putin. similarly here with respect to china and taiwan, the biden administration is so afraid of their own shadow, they're unwilling to do the most basic minor things to maintain relationships between our country and taiwan as is called for by law in the taiwan travel act, which makes the u.s. policy to promote trips like this at all levels of government. i would note also this is a violation of the taiwan relations act, which calls coercion a grave threat to the security of taiwan. the biden administration needs to escape this fear trap that is governing all of their foreign policy decisions. >> martha: a great analogy with ukraine. russia feels that ukraine is part of russia and china believes that taiwan is part of china. do not mess with us. do not get in between us on this issue. as you point out accurately, the
12:18 pm
president has been hyper careful not to ignite tensions and then what we saw was an invasion. we hope that's not what we see in this case. a long history going back to the 50s of this. here's a warning in 1955. watch this. >> in the shadow of red china, which is stepping up its bombing of nationalist held islands, they could attempt an invasion. >> martha: how likely you think an invasion is given the situation at the white house? >> i think it's increasingly likely. we've heard what i called the window of maximum danger. that accelerated in 2024 the taiwanese elections and our own election where we'll be divided. president eisenhower had two
12:19 pm
crises. he went to congress and asked for an authorization of the use of military force. he threatened the use of nuclear weapons and ultimately forestalled a crisis. there's lessons biden should learn from that. >> martha: we need to learn all the lessons of history so we don't repeat them. thanks, mike. thanks for being here today. >> thank you. >> martha: it's a story that every parent must hear. 17-year-old sebastian thought that he was taking half of a percocet that he got. turned out to be a lethal dose of fentanyl. now his parents have a warning that they don't want this to happen to your child or grandchild almost a year to the day after their son's death. >> he was poisoned for lack of a better term. you don't want to wake up and find your child's lifeless body in their bedroom. the last thing you want to do is
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>> martha: the tens of thousands of people have died from fentanyl. among them, a number of teenagers has tripled in the past couple years. that comes from a senate committee looking for answers today on this on a panel on the drug that is poisoning so many americans. just leaving families
12:24 pm
devastated. >> unfortunately this is 1 supply chain from china that is not broken. it goes without saying with an open porous southern border, the supply is abundant. is there any objective evidence that we've impacted china's supplying. they're sending it to us like we send wheat to them. >> the number of seizures of precursor chemicals in the western hemisphere has been consistently high. >> the screening or lack thereof that is done at our ports should alarm all of us. 5 or 6% improved to 10% with passenger screening at the southern border is embarrassing. >> martha: it's unbelievable and killing people. my next guest lost their 17-year-old son, sebastian, a year ago this saturday after he took half of a pill that he thought was a percocet, but turned out to contain a deadly amount of fentanyl. they're sharing their story
12:25 pm
because they want to spare your family, your children, your grandchildren, the shock of what happened to them. derek and kathy join me now. thank you both. i'm so sorry for the loss of your son. i have spoken to many families that have been through what you're going through, and i cannot imagine the pain that you had, derek, of waking up and finding your son dead in his bedroom. >> thank you for having us. yeah, that unfortunately that day is etched in my mind. we just -- you know, from that day, we took the first few months trying to understand what happened. trying to cope with things. you know, since i have tried to turn this in to something positive and trying to save others from suffering the same fate. >> martha: kathy, i know that people say oh, it's an overdose or it's a suicide.
12:26 pm
you want people to understand that that is not the case here? i think people then say, oh, won't happen to my kid, right? explain what was going on in his life at that time and what happened. >> a lot of normal teen stresses. like you said, it took half of what he thought was a percocet. you know, he had just normal teen stresses. sports, friends, school. all of that. just like all kids. he didn't intend to kill himself. again, you don't die from half of a percocet. >> martha: yeah. kathy, what would you say to other parents. how would you encourage them to talk to their own children? >> it's a tough conversation to have. you know, it is. it's hard. you want to keep things light with your kids. we see them so rarely when kids
12:27 pm
coming and going and being involved in so many things. when you get to interact with them, you know you want a fun conversation, a good conversation. you have to have this one. you have to talk about these pills and other forms that unfortunately they're now taking other than just pills. >> martha: people should know, it's as easy as ordering a pizza on social media to get these pills. when you hear members of congress talking about the chinese, the infiltration across the border, where all of this stuff goes it's coming from because it didn't used to be in this country and now it is. people are making a ton of money off of it. >> i'm a little bit frustrated how long it taking to take action. i have been in contact with hundreds of families across the nation. the groups that i'm a part of are a thousand strong.
12:28 pm
there's more being added every day. it's disgusting how many people are dying. and you know, we need to do something now. there's some things being done as far as, you know, implementing treatment and whatnot. that is great. i'm all for it. but we need to educate public and try to stop some of this before it even happens. a lot of these cases, once it happens, it's too late. the treatment won't help those kids. >> martha: so true. thank you. teenagers take medications for depression, things like that. they start to think that a pill is a pill. but that's one of the points that need to be made with kids, with all of these families, it's not the case. what you get from your doctor is what you get from online. we hope that message is getting out there. thanks for having the stress to talk about this. we know it will help to save other children's lives.
12:29 pm
we'll be thinking of you. thanks, derec and kathy kidd. thank you both. >> thanks for having us. >> martha: all eyes are on the former president at this hour back in washington d.c. for the first time since he left office. so this is a big moment, a big trip. what is he going to focus on? is it looking back at 2020's election or is it going to be looking forward to 2024? feelingn by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. is this where your grandparents cut a rug with a jitterbug? or return from war, dreaming of the possibilities ahead. the 1950 census adds new detail to your family's story. explore it free on ancestry.
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12:34 pm
a very good question. often he was the speeches from president trump begin talking about 2022. the issues facing democrats and republicans going to the mid-terms and then usually off script talking about the 2020 election. the president just took the stage. it's his first time back in d.c. since he left off in the early part of last year, this is the america first policy institute. a think tank made up of former trump administration officials trying to get trump policies enacted at the federal level. also part of the trump administration, mike pence. he is in town today. he spoke a few hours ago and a few blocks from here. this as the divide between the two already significant appears to be growing. pence addressed a conservative college student. he said he and trump don't differ on issues. they differ on focus,
12:35 pm
specifically whether to continue to talk about the 2020 election. >> some people may choose to focus on the past. but elections are about the future. i believe conservatives must focus on the future to win back america. [applause] we can't afford to take our eyes off of the road in front of us. >> this morning pence laid out a conservative agenda for the future. he mentioned the trump pence administration several times about their accomplishments on border security, foreign policy, economy, judicial appointments and pence called for protecting pro life protections in every state, border security, expanded right to carry laws and balancing the federal budget. pence has maintained that he had no constitutional power to
12:36 pm
overturn the election. pence said that he wants the president who thinks it's good for republicans to look forward. we'll see what the former president has to say as he just takes the stage here in d.c. martha? >> martha: thanks. let's bring in our panel, mollie hemmingway, the senior member at the federalist, guy benson and political editor, town and scott bolden. great to have you with us. molly, it's interesting to look at this. a one-term president in duelling appearances with his former vice president who is thinking about running for that position and so is the former president. >> it's very interesting and ununlikely scenario given our recent presidential history. election integrity is not a past issue for republican voters. it's a present and future issue.
12:37 pm
trust in the integrity of our elections, routinely is one of the most important issues for republicans. there's people obsessed on the past in a way that is very much controlling the debate in this country. there is right now a commission, a group of people trying to litigate and relitigate the january 6 riot, which basically all republicans have condemned that, other examples of political violence. they're not letting it go. the media won't let it go. so it's funny to talk about past and future when they dwell on the past. the real issue is these two competing visions. what we've seen in 18 months of the biden administration versus what america experienced in foreign policy, economic policy under trump. >> martha: yeah, great point. guy, what do you think about that? there is a lot of focus on people who say a lot of republicans that say they want the former president to stop talking about the stolen election. as molly says, voter integrity
12:38 pm
is a very important issue and a lot of republicans believe that they don't like the covid voting rules that were in place and they want to make sure that some of them don't continue to exist. >> some of the debate over voting rules in the future is a live debate. fighting over 2020 and some of the conspiracies around 2020 is something that the media is delighted to do. the democrats are delighted to do it. so is president trump. it's interesting, martha. i was looking at a poll the other day. a group called echelon insights. they test drove some of the arguments that might be deployed against donald trump from the right or from republicans if there's a 2024 primary race and he's a part of it. almost all of the arguments that were offer in the poll failed. they were not successful with republican voters. the one most successful sort of attack or criticism of trump from the right that resonates with republican voters is that he's too focused on the 2020
12:39 pm
election. that and that you need a younger person to take the torch moving forward. those are the top two issues that work, that had some bite. i don't think it's a coincidence that that is what mike pence decided to focus on today in his not so subtle shot at his former running mate. >> martha: it's interesting, scott. you have a former president that may run against against his former vice president. on the democrat site, you have a sitting president that is for all intents and purposes already being challenged by other people in the party. they won't necessarily say it yet. he doesn't have an unequivocal answer every time the people around him are asked, you support him running again, right? here's my discussion with gene sperling on this yesterday. >> should he announce that he won't run for re-election? >> oh, i'm not getting into all that talk. >> martha: so you think he should run again, gene?
12:40 pm
you want him to run again? do you support him running again? a simple question. i want -- >> me personally? yes. yes. i absolutely support him running again. >> martha: thanks very much. here's cori bush. this is an interesting point when she was asked the same thing, scott. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? >> she's got to go. >> it's an easy question. >> i don't want to answer that question because that's not -- yeah, i don't want to answer that question. he's the president. he has the right to run for a second term. absolutely. i don't want to -- i'd rather you not do that. >> martha: i'd rather you not do this, scott. what do you make of all that? >> martha, i think you answered what did i make of that. this isn't that complicated. joe biden doesn't want to be a lame duck president. so he's got to say he's running again. the numbers say the majority of
12:41 pm
democrats that have registered don't want him to run again. it is what it is. kamala harris would be tough to beat. let's be clear. the democrats want donald trump to run because of the january 6th piece. most republicans have moved on from the big lie whether they believe it or not. you have this interesting dynamic where trump is running on the past. pence is going to run on the future because he knows he can win on the future. the gop has to win on the future. there's nothing but trouble january 6. you have the january 6 hearings and a doj criminal investigation. i was wondering with both in town if they would be served with subpoenas or not. so this discussion is important for democrats and the gop because the democrats are concerned about election security, too. not for the same reason, but because of all the voter suppression issues that are happening at the state level that are offensive to the base of the democratic party. that's people of color and gay voters or gay democrats.
12:42 pm
those who are the left out. i'm looking forward to 2024 to watch what the republicans do and how they go forward as well as who is running on the democratic side. >> martha: absolutely. put up real quick this new hampshire poll. pete buttigieg edging out biden. he has 17% in new hampshire to joe biden's 16. so that's interesting. on the voting thing, i'd say that, you know, we've seen bigger turnout in elections than we have ever before with regard to the suppression thing. quick thought on buttigieg before i let you go, scott. >> i think he's a viable candidate. there's a lot of other viable candidates. nobody will pull -- they're going to hold their fire until biden determine what's he's going to do or not do. the whisper campaign and the preparation could be offensive to biden. they have to be careful. i'm not sure he's going to be the democratic nominee, but there will be a lot of democrats in if biden gets out.
12:43 pm
>> martha: that's for sure. scott and molly and guy, thank you all. great to have you here today. as democrats vie for political capitol in the event biden is a one-term president, which we've been talking about, some republicans plot their own 2024 ambitions. we've been discussing that and some folks talking about running on the democratic side. we'll talk to glenn youngkin only on "the story" about the economy and what he's doing for veterans in virginia when we come back. hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
>> martha: virginia governor glenn youngkin burst on the political scene eight months ago with a surprising win in purple virginia against clinton crony terry mcauliffe. now he's supporting veterans that live in virginia and donating this quarter's salary
12:48 pm
to their causes. there's a lot of talk about what lies ahead for governor youngkin. so we're glad to have him joining us today. governor, very good to have you with us. talk to me a little bit about the event that you participated in today and yesterday and why you think it's so important to do the best we can for our veterans and help them transition to jobs? >> yeah, martha, thanks for having me. this is a moment for us to do what we should do, celebrate our veterans and the sacrifice that they've made and families have made in order to protect freedom. freedom is not free. sometimes we forget to say thank you. so i made a commitment when i was running and elected and when we started this administration to make virginia the most military and veteran friendly state in america. we have consistently been working at that. today we donated a quarter of my salary to the veterans services foundation. we're here at the jones
12:49 pm
veteran's care center where veterans can get the kinds of support that they need in virginia. yesterday we had walmart join the virginia values veterans, v 3 program, supporting veterans and their transition from active duty to the next chapter of their life. earlier this year, we were so pleased to welcome boeing and boeing provided a big, big donation into a center to help veterans transition in to that next chapter and support their families. we're delivering on our promise to make virginia the best place for veterans. >> martha: i think it is an important cause. we know that these are folks that we need to extend a hand to to that transition to jobs that they're better qualified in many ways with their military experience to serve and to work in companies across this country. we hope everybody will always consider veterans at the top of the list when it comes time to hiring. so many people are looking to hire people. it's a great place for them to go. with regard to jobs and the
12:50 pm
economy, we have this consumer confidence number out today that was disappointing. there might be no more important number than consumer confidence when you look at the health of the u.s. economy. do you believe that this country is in a recession right now? what do you think the president should do to turn it around? >> well, march that i'm worried. we in fact see consumers and businesses concerned. when they're concerned, they stop spending and investing. that is what causes a recession. and we've seen bad policies come out of washington, starting with just terrible, terrible energy initiatives that gave away our biggest advantage, which was to be energy independent. we've seen inflation not just cause run-away gas prices, but run-away grocery prices and utility bills and every other aspect of virginiians and americans lives. i see virginiians tell me that
12:51 pm
3,000, $4,000 of their hard earned money is being stolen by the thief of inflation. there needs to be a total overhaul of energy approaches. we have to recognize if we don't start manufacturing in virginia and america as well, we'll continue to have shortages. and then labor participation. in virginia, we have about 300,000 open jobs and we still don't have the same number of virginiians working today as before the pandemic. we've had 94,000 virginiians come back in to the work force since i took office. but we've got to continue to drive work force participation to get this economy moving and to protect against a downturn. >> martha: let me ask you about what's going on in the national level. we talked about the economy.
12:52 pm
there's a lot of discussion about future elections as well. we said president trump is back in washington for the first time. there's been a lot of discussion. he said he's trying to declare if he's going to run for president before or after the mid-terms. a lot of republicans are urging him to wait until after. i know you're watching these races very closely in virginia. do you join those that want him to wait until after the mid-terms to make any announcement? >> i believe the most important near term objective is to win in november. i've often said that the road to the majority in our congress goes through virginia. so we're going to work hard in order to get republicans elected in virginia. i would encourage the president if he's going to make an announcement to wait until after the mid-terms so we can keep 100% of our focus on getting republicans elected. i'm looking forward to working with our great candidates across
12:53 pm
the common wealth of virginia to get them elected and also working with governors across the country that recognize that they have a chance to bring republican-style leadership to so many states that have suffered under democrat leadership. we've seen states led by republicans outperform in every category. i think americans just like virginiians did last year will make a decision to vote for republicans. >> martha: governor, there's a lot of 2024 talk. that's premature. your name is popping up on that list. i know you made a surprising decision to run for governor. talking about going out for a walk with your wife and saying look, i'm going to run. are you going to make a similar decision to run for president? >> martha, i'm humbled when this topic comes up. to be honest, i'm so focussed on the common wealth of virginia. i have a huge job. we've had a great first six months. in fact, we got the vast majority of everything that we pledged to do moving and going
12:54 pm
and in the done column. i think the big opportunity going forward is then to change the focus of virginia in to making sure that we're consistently low taxed, low regulation, high growth with great schools. i'm surprised by this discussion because i was a nonentity two years ago. yes, we turned virginia red but i think people are interested in what we're doing because we delivered on what we promised. that's what we're going to continue to do. the future will be what it's going to be. >> martha: thanks, governor. next time i want to talk about your lab schools and how they're going. education was a big part of that win. i hope you come back and talk about that next time. thanks, sir. good to see you. >> thank you, martha, for having me and i look forward to talking about education. it's the future of our nation. >> martha: thanks, governor. governor glenn youngkin from virginia. we'll be right back. with best western rewards you get rewarded
12:55 pm
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>> martha: record rainfall causing problems in st. louis. first responders swimming through the water to rescue people. one person has died. a body found in a vehicle flooded by more than eight feet of water. robert is in st. louis with more. hi, robert. >> yes, downtown st. louis right now. market street. you can see behind me the famous arch gateway to the west. st. louis going through historic flooding today. not since 1915 have they seen this amount of rain so quickly. 2-4 inches fell in just over an hour overnight. a total of 11 inches plus in some of the areas. over 70 rescues and door-to-door. unfortunately one person did lose their life. they drove a vehicle into a submerged water on a road 8 1/2 feet when officials came, the person was deceased.
1:00 pm
the silver lining in this, no injuries reported. neighborhoods have been submerged. people are being taken out of vehicles on interstates and roadways, martha. the unfortunate part moving forward is more rain expected tonight and tomorrow morning. we just hope we don't see a repeat of this historic day in missouri. martha? >> martha: thank you very much. that is "the story" for this tuesday. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> neil: thursday we'll know for sure whether we're in a recession. tomorrow some news that a lot of folks think that we already are. consumer confidence still dropping. we're all over it with connell mcshane and what the numbers are show, karl rove on why history may be repeats. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. let's spell out where we are


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