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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 26, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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bowen from new mexico, your french needs a little work. just saying. i know. i took spanish in high school, you guys want to hear my spanish? just kidding. that's all for tonight, dvr that show "tucker" is next, remember that i am watters. and this is "my world." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," happy tuesday. sometime in the last ten years the people who run new york city stopped caring about the mailings of american city and citizens who live in new york city, how do we know that? we know what happened to the city and what they do, shortly after bill de blasio became mayor in 2014 for example a huge number of drug addicts and mental patients began living on the sidewalks. that's not good. and it increased over time there
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was a 65% increase of homelessness in new york city. the streets not surprisingly got visibly dirtier. the smell got much stronger. been there this month? public was criminalized by bill de blasio and many people took advantage of their new freedoms and it was a lot more crime. after local politicians plan to cut to law enforcement by a billion dollars a year, many cops decided it was not worth enforcing the law, too much risk, not enough award. so it declined by 19%. so would have been a burglar? jumped 30%, car steps by 40%, shootings doubled. so what would it be like to live in a place for that? for many a new york life was intolerable and many people left, not that anyone in the mayor's office seem to notice their departure. average new yorkers notice, city government had no interest in their well-being. but that did not mean that local politician stopped caring. they cared more than ever, they just cared about different
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people. new york's political class shifted its focus from concern over citizens, that was her old constituency to deep concern about illegal aliens. whom they consider the future. as the new mayor of new york eric adams explained during his campaign when a foreign national breaks federal law to come to new york, that person must be rewarded with lavish publicly funded services. watch. >> think about it, the days that i sent bent with essential employees, a substantial number were undocumented. they were delivering our uber eats, they were stuck in the stores, in the streets keeping the city running. this has immediate translation services to assist him that people can have access to the services that are already available. we have to expand nyc quay to make sure that everyone has health care. we need to make sure that we have proper translation services in our schools so that we can start building up the future as well. and i to take my hat off to the
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state senate. that was the right thing to do, because when an immigrant walks into the store and buys a loaf of bread, no one asks, what is your documentation? >> tucker: yeah, exactly, whatever he wants, drivers licenses, changes, anything, giving lawbreakers, whatever they want is the right thing to do said eric adams. as the entire upper east side packed its bags and move to long beach county, but illegal aliens must be catered to free transportation, translators, any language you want, health care, voting rights, there can be no limit to what we give to illegal aliens, because they are good people and we are not. muriel bowser the similarly incompetent mayor of washington, d.c., strongly agreed with this. illegal aliens must get everything they ask for, she said, and some things they have never asked for including the city's assistance avoiding arrest for the crimes they have committed. watch bowser. >> in washington, d.c., we value our diversity and inclusivity.
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and being a sanctuary city means that we are not raised on the federal government, it means that our police can focus on serving d.c. residents protecting them and serving them no matter their immigration status. >> i am muriel bowser, the mayor of washington, d.c., here in the nation's capital we support that thousands of immigrants, green card holders, dreamers, those with temporary protective status who make our community better. >> we celebrate every immigrant who is now a part of our d.c. community. we celebrate those who are not to end to those who are still trying to navigate and figure out what is best for them and their family. we stand together and say no matter what your plan is, d.c. is here for you. >> tucker: muriel bowser meant it so sincerely she hired people and legal targets to stage interpretive dance to celebrate
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illegal aliens. all of this played out during the term for administration sitting at home and seclusion in delaware during the presidential campaign joe biden was watching all of this as he opened his jell-o nodding vigorously. every democrat in the country seem to agree with this. illegal aliens are holy because diversity is our strength. >> our diversity is our strength, and our unity is our power. and i say to them our diversity is our strength. >> our diversity is still and always be one of our greatest strengths. >> our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. >> when all of god's children come together, we will show you that our diversity is our strength. >> we share an innate understanding that our diversity is an enormous strength. >> tucker: they all know the line, except joe biden who had to read it to make sure that he got it right, but how did the
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former president from hawaii wind up with a southern accent? that is one mystery never solved, but whatever, diversity is our strength, and once president, joe biden put that into practice, how? by opening our borders to the world. and of course millions of people poured in. this is called the equity agenda. now for the country, this was tough. and very destabilizing. millions of random people, many of whom do not speak the language, almost many do not have a american education, the largest human wave in the history that the country can least afford it, so it was tough, but naturally many of these new arrivals gravitated to the biggest city, new york. because they were welcomed there. they saw the new mayor and the old mayor, the mayor before that talking about how welcome they were to new york, so they went there. what happened then? that is interesting, here's the new mayor of new york eric adams from last week. see if you can detect a
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difference from the first eric adams clip we showed you about illegal aliens, here he is. >> we are reaching out to the federal government as stated that this is a real burden on new yorkers as we are trying to do the right thing. we already as i stated we already have an overburdened shelter system, so now you're talking about as you stated food, clothing, school, this is going to impact our schools because we do not turn away individuals because they are undocumented. it translation services. it is just a whole host of things that this is going to produce and that's why we need help. >> tucker: wait a second! he is complaining about the cost of translation services, but 20 minutes ago during his campaign he was saying that we have to pay the translation services in terms of functional state, the federal government has to pay for translation services and schools and shelters and a host of other
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costs because illegal aliens may be greater here. we love him, but in fact they are expensive, he just said that. it turns out that importing millions of poor people does not actually make you richer as you just heard adams put it, this is a real burden on new yorkers, the ones that are still there. and now, to be fair to eric adams, he is not the only sub-genius having this realization tonight. muriel bowser of washington, d.c., is having it too. remember her plan to run a sanctuary city that is open to "every immigrant" here's how that is going. >> how significant is this influx, hounding people? >> this is a very significant issue. we have for sure called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses, but i fear that they are being tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the united states of america.
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>> tucker: oh, they are tricked. that sounds like classic white supremacy, and there's no reason these new non-americans shall put up with that for a second pair democrats in new york have been telling us for years that illegal aliens all to be allowed to vote in our elections. okay. why don't they? newly arrived haitians and salvadorans and everybody else who is here illegally should organize and to a political block and bounce eric adams out of office. here he is attacking you like the racist he is, and don't have to put up with it. democrats have said, they are illegal is anyone born here, more americans actually says joe biden. okay, it's time to act like it. border jumpers should use
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democracy, the mechanics of our system that is now their system to install an illegal alien mayor of new york who actually represents them. it's only fair, let's hope that it happens tomorrow. but even if it does, it will not settle the bigger problem, the bigger problem is the lack of diversity. immigrants are going to make america more diverse, but it's already in areas that are pretty divorce, brooklyn is only 35% white, pretty diverse. one place they almost never go is to towns where democratic voters live. strangely, and you can check this if you want, it is on the internet. to the party of diversity is led by people who strongly overwhelmingly prefer all white neighborhoods for themselves and their families. and that's just weird, no diversity for the diversity promoters. it's an oversight, maybe they had not thought about it. but we can fix this. we can do this. there are an awful lot of democratic donors in aspen, colorado, and overwhelmingly new place and also all white. what do we do about this? how about an airlift? we have done this before, the
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berlin airlift, lasted for 15 months from the summer of 1948 to the next fall. the u.s. air force delivered millions of tons of desperately needed supplies to the people of west germany. and then the berlin airlift is still considered one of the great military acts in our history, but there's no reason we cannot repeat it. imagine in aspen airlift. a national effort to rescue the people of aspen from the suffocating prison of their own whiteness. consider food and cool and medicine, they could deliver an even more essential life-saving commodity and that is diversity. into the cultural wasteland of colorado as of tonight is only one half of 1% black and to that joe biden could deposit haitians and similes and hundreds and hundreds of thousands, guatemalans, nigerians, the entire population of the islands, we can do that. we are america!
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and why stop with those countries, as of tonight there is no 4 million people living in impoverished state of oaxaca, mexico. do you care about them? we do, because we are good people. so why shouldn't a quarter of all of them moved to aspen by next week, and not to move their tour on the chairlifts and snow masks, move there to ride the chairlifts and snowmass appeared to benefit fully from the economic bounty of the isolated white mountain we call aspen. is there anything more american than that? give us your tired, your poor, your masses ready to breathe free of your teeming stores, send the homeless, tempest cost to me, i lift my land beside the golden door. there you go, aspen is america's new golden door. that's from fbi director jim comey in himself attended at the ideas festival put on twitter "this country's greatness and true genius lies in its diversity." well put, jim comey, well put.
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time to bring some greatness and true genius to aspen. we can't stop there, why would we? next stop has to be martha's vineyard. it's natural, joe biden took a 70% of the vote on that small massachusetts island. over the past four years according to nbc data, 92% of all donations from the biggest town egger ten massachusetts went to the democratic party. you probably imagine that it is probably pretty diverse, the obama's live on the island. no. in fact, we checked. at last count, 95.7% white. what century is this? as of 2019 only 3% of all people, all residents in edgartown were born outside of this country. so do the math, that 17 people total, that is effectively zero diversity, which means zero strength. they are begging for more diversity. why not send migrants they are?
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in huge numbers. let's start with 300,000 to move up from there as the island get stronger, more. and then onto malibu. another democratic community, 84% white, malibu went for joe biden was 6.5% of the vote, 64% of all of the nations went to democrats over the last four years. why not diversity for them too? why not a malibu airlift? how about vermont? 86% of the residence eric voted for joe biden who believe that illegal immigration is a myth 7r the past four years went to the democratic party. and yet, it is still troublingly white. attempt to decolonize 84% white burlington. these towns are crying out for help. martha's vineyard above all. and this bipartisan support for this effort, by the way. michelle obama. >> we grew up in the period of
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eye rights called white flight, families like ours, upstanding families like ours who are doing everything we were supposed to do and better as we moved in. white folks moved out. because they were afraid of what our family represented. and i always stop there when i talk about this out in the world, because i want to remind white folks that y'all were running from us. and you're still running, because we are no different in the immigrant families that are moving income of the family is in pilsen, the families that are coming from other places to try to do better. and so yes, i feel a sense of injustice. >> tucker: it is michelle obama lecturing white folks again. you can kind of see why, because white folks as she told us are afraid of her. when she shows up they leave, but the weird thing is, she went to martha's vineyard a massive oceanfront estate and white folks did not leave.
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they stayed there along with michelle obama. so maybe we need to diversify martha's vineyard immediately? maybe michelle obama is just trying to be the change she wants to see in the world. maybe she is leading the way. maybe we send the next 300,000 illegal border crossers on charter flights to massachusetts and georgetown, malibu, boise, burlington. no reason the rio grande valley should have all of the benefit of diversity. victor davis hanson has watched all of this happen. he is the senior at the hoover institution and joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on paired so you see this massive disconnect where you have this party that is openly and very aggressively white and the democratic party, but its leaders including leaders of color like the obama's live in all white neighborhoods, how long can that continue i wonder? >> i don't think it is sustainable. what is new about the border,
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tucker is it does not exist. they blew it up. there is no such thing as federal law, it is an insurrection to use that act. you ask yourself why are 3 million people going to come in the first two years of the biden administration? and the answer is it is the manifestation of this bicoastal elite to that is never subject to the consequences of their own ideology. they want vaccination, anybody that is not vaxxed in the military come out, anybody in the federal workforce, out. 3 million people untested, unvaccinated, no problem whatsoever. laws are calcified, they don't work. but i have to have a big wallet malibu et cetera, and then schools, we have to have a diverse school, but my kids will be at a private academy. and i love diversity, but only as an employer that hires cheap labor. so this isn't nihilism. and it really begs the question, where are they doing this?
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it's almost a psychological projection so that they know that they are guilty that they live apart tied segregated existence and they don't want to change it, but they think by performance art and virtue estate planning the abstract, i am for diversity and open borders, than that squares the circle of their own privilege and i think that everybody is on to them. there is only one i think optimistic chance which is the hispanic vote and especially the mexican-american boats, the community most impacted by flooded social services and schools that can't handle this influx and the increase in crime. if they vote 50/50 for a conservative candidates, believe me, you will hear the 1992, 1996 democratic convention rhetoric of nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, the clintons on how we have to have legal only immigration, because they will not want to import people who are innately conservative. and just to finish coming you
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mention all of these hypotheticals that were really interesting, i could add one modest one, as we speak, tucker, our major universities are in recess, there is about 4 million dorms nationwide, right now that are empty. and we hear all of this virtual signet billing to limit signaling, these are the ideal places, they have open housing, you could bring in illegal immigrants and fly them in, they are medical schools offering medical assistance, they have legal law schools, they could offer a legal, they have interns that can help with immersion english programs, this will be the solution to the problem come the universities could step up and say we want to reify our rhetoric with concrete action, we had the facilities, bring them in. i think it would be a wonderful, noble and moral experience if our colleagues except that. >> tucker: let them repopulate the university. turn them over and let them stay. they can pay for it. i could not agree more. i love that idea. thank you so much.
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>> thank you. >> tucker: still chuck schumer shilling for the government of china? yes, removing a heap of vision from settling that would ban u.s. companies from semiconductors in china. this is a massive threat to american's national security. what is chuck schumer doing exactly? and why? we will tell you after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: congress is meant to vote on a bill that would give more than $50 billion to the semiconductor that fried billions for "domestic science investment in education" so because it is for domestic production it would have borrowed u.s. tax dollars from funding semiconductor manufacturing and research in china. but then senate majority leader, the adverse silty chuck schumer stepped in and remove that from the bill thereby helping china. the prebegin reporting that republicans were caught off guard, what is this about? and what effects will it have?
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jonathan tolson is the author of 5g and footing back, joining us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. and i should say that this was the business you are in for quite some time, deeply grounded in this topic. why would chuck schumer do something like this and what will the effect be? >> well, china has figured out how to play our congress like a fiddle. they have -- they know that american companies are going to lean on their representative senators and congressmen and say if you pass this law, you are going to make me move my fannie lecturing out of cheap locations in china. we supply the pentagon, you want us to be a healthy industry and donate money to you, just give us one little loophole for this product or part of it the device that we are making. and then the senators in the congressmen start changing the laws until it is so full of holes it does not do what it was intended to do in the first place which is moved to secure
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important technology back onto our own shores. >> tucker: so i want to go back to something is at a second ago. china provides critical technology to the pentagon. is that still true? >> we would never put chinese technology into a missile, and yet as we know, and we have talked about this this past spring, tucker, our nuclear missile sites are all supported by huawei cellular systems that can listen to or at least observe the conversations that are going on. so we draw a line when he gets right up to the pentagon, but there are companies that are supplying the government that also are making products and they want to be able to make them profitability and where ever the cheapest location has put a lot of the times it is china and the whole point is that china is not customer or avenger or a partner, are arrival of her power in fact acs as an enemy and the idea that women make anything important outside of t-shirts in china is
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something that we have to put an end to and congress the federal bureaucracy seems completely unable to stop this. >> tucker: i mean, you would think -- last question, but chuck schumer a well-informed person, and congress his whole life effectively must know this, he is not ignorant? >> he is not a stupid man, he knows better. it's at the very best it is a matter of looking at your big donors and saying, who is asking me to do something a favor for them for the bottom line. or they are senators that use to -- senators that helped create the department of home defense that lobby aid for a while way as china's cpd, so money talks in china has figured out that they can reach people with the dollar one way or another, whether it is through the company is or directly. >> tucker: the scale of the trail just awe-inspiring. knowing more about this topic than anyone i have spoken to
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ever, and appreciate your time, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so spending 18 years as a competitive swimmer turning out to be one of the best in the country. she is a woman by birth, recently she and her teammates were forced by the nca to compete against a man called billy thomas and to share a locker room with him as well. this is one of those stories, though we had thomas storied that you have doubtless heard of, but the details are shocking. one of the most impressive young people we have talked to in a long time, talk to her today for "tucker carlson today" and explain what it was like watching lily thomas compete in the women's division. here is part of it. ♪ ♪ >> people just weren't really talking about it. and so we get to ncaa. >> tucker: where is it? >> at georgia tech. so we get there and the
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environment is nothing like i had ever seen. it was so like almost edgy. like people did not really know what to say, who to say what to. how to feel? obviously i know how i felt and my teammates felt, but no one really wanted to talk about it. and so this was on day one, and then that night we watched leah thomas win a national title and blow all of the other females completely out of the water it and the next day we came back in the mood had shifted to where people were mad. the girls, there were tears, these poor ninth and 17 placed finishers who missed out on being named an all-american, extreme discomfort in the locker room and kind of the grumbles. >> tucker: is he wandering around the women's locker room? >> yeah, and that's not something we were forewarned about, which i don't think is right any man changing in a locker room with someone who has different parts.
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>> tucker: they said i do loose in your locker room and did not tell you. >> exactly, so if you like to have that kind of forced upon us, so not only were we forced to race against a male, we were forced to change in the locker room with one. and so it's just this feeling of like what is happening? honestly, is this really happening? like this is crazy. >> tucker: that whole conversation is on "tucker carlson" at fox nation and is worth it. pete buttigieg doing a great job, transportation system is never been better, try to fly an airplane recently? when in a subway, so mayor pete decided to share his victories with other countries could they have a lot to learn from what he has done. not making any of this up, by the way. that's ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: three or four years ago you could get on a plane and fly where everyone in the country fairly cheaply in the expectation that the plan would take off and land on time, that was the case for i don't know, 50 years in the united states. have you flown recently? if you have you know that that is changed a lot. we thought it would be worth checking in at the department of transportation, running it with a major announcement. and that announcement is striking fear into world leaders globally. here's what mayor pete said. >> you have probably been hearing a good deal about how the department of transportation is using president biden's bipartisan infrastructure law to modernize our transportation systems. today we are thrilled to announce the launch of momentum. our department's new initiative to help countries around the world learn from our best practices and expertise in planning and modernizing transportation infrastructure. >> tucker: how out of touch our people? how completely detached from
5:38 pm
reality? mayor pete is telling us he is so successful he is going to "help countries around the world learn from our best practices and expertise in transportation infrastructure." that sounds like a promise, but actually is a threat. anyone who has been in the subway system of a big america city knows just how scary that threat is. in new york city had the biggest subway system rats are sliding down polls all the time. on video. there is a rat! passengers hauling slip and slides around subway cars this happened today, one of our producers on the new york city subway going to work in the span of just 90 seconds he saw a man on the mezzanine and some woman wearing a face mask writing f the police on the wall. so this is a success that mayor pete wants to export to the rest of the world.
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>> yeah, man, i have to sit next to it and let them see this [bleep]. he says what's up! what's up, what's up. this is what i got to do. i got to work in this? it's not making any sense. man! man! >> tucker: there are countless of thousands of videos just like that all over the internet to that you can't see because they are too over-the-top. that is the largest transportation system in the united states of america. so that's mayor pete's system. how is the rest of the world doing? well, have you been on the tokyo subway system? everyone is well dressed, they are clean, not holding rats, seats or cushion, you can't do that in new york because people steal the cushions.
5:40 pm
no graffiti, no one is shooting up and pushing in front of trains. and been to the soul subway system? here it is, pretty clean. even bangkok, which is larger than new york and has probably more poor people than new york has a very nice public transit system. you are seeing an image of a subway system on your screen right now. so if you are running a foreign country and mayor pete shows up with his slick talking mckenzie talking points about momentum and we will share our best practices with you. our advice is hang up the phone immediately and tell him to go back to fixing racist droves, don't get away that guy fast enough. one reason that the new york city subway is a disaster is because new york city puts up with it. prosecutors have stop enforcing the law, so teenagers can assault police officers with no repercussions. this is saturday and the new york city subway. watch.
5:41 pm
>> [bleep]! [bleep]! >> oh, that's what happened. >> get out of my face! [bleep]! >> tucker: so this is the point where society does skin the grades, you punch a cop in the face and wrestle him to the ground, put them in a choke hold, you go to jail and then are released immediately, no bail on your own reconnaissance. where are we allowing this? in the bigger question, why are kids acting like this? it is becoming extremely common, very young children in st. paul, minnesota, operating cups, it's very hard to watch when you think of the implication. here it is. >> [bleep]!
5:42 pm
it's a big one, and no! [bleep], [bleep]! >> [bleep] head. >> and also want to [bleep] through hands. >> tucker: how did that happen, exactly? we know it will happen if it continues, studying crime for decades, the author of "the war on cops" thank you so much for coming on. all of these videos are connected in a sense i think, what do they add up to? >> i don't want to remove one iota of personal responsibility from the thug in new york city, but his is a foreseeable consequence of the anti-cop rhetoric from the democratic establishment as was released an executive order alleging that the criminal justice system was
5:43 pm
racist and that the police it disproportionally killed black and brown people is a complete falsehood when you take that crime rates into account, 400 times more likely to be killed by a black as an unarmed black is to be fatally shot by a police officer. nonetheless, minorities are giving a life of hate and a sense of entitlement to break the law. manhattan district attorney silence in the previous district attorney income announced that he was now going to prosecute turnstile jumping because it has a disparate effect on minorities, current district attorney has said he is not going to prosecute resisting arrest, because doing so is a disparate impact on minorities and the reason that this dog was on the streets at all after rest recently for a legal gun possession and robbery was that incarcerating criminals for violent crime has a disparate impact on minorities. not because the system is racist, but because there is highly elevated race of violent crime among minorities. the system has decided it would
5:44 pm
rather protect violent criminals from the consequences of their actions than to protect law-abiding citizens from violent crime if doing so means incarcerating minorities. now, tucker, as you say, an attack on a law-enforcement officer is an attack on the very basis of civilization. it is an attack on all of us. and murders of cops have been rising at an astronomical rate. 59 percent in 2021. another 13% increasing cop murders of cops this year through the first six months. we have to stop this rhetoric and turn it around. because it is going to pull down society even further into the anarchy that it has already experienced. >> tucker: so nicely put, and that summation as a result of decades of research. so you know what you are talking about, always crippled a heavy on the show. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you, tucker. >> tucker: even democrats are kind of over this, the majority of democrats say they definitely don't want joe biden to run for
5:45 pm
reelection. now one of the craziest democrats in congress is on their side all of a sudden, even she is refusing to answer if she wants joe biden to run again. we have the tape next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: if you criticize joe biden in front of a liberal they will defend him, because anybody who just likes joe biden as their enemy, but in real life the majority of democrats see this not working at all and don't want joe biden run again. that appears to include most democrat serving in congress and would appear even to include cori bush of missouri who is by any definition a lunatic. reporters asked cori bush about joe biden during an interview for headquarters this is amusing, watch. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? >> it's an easy question not going to take long. >> i don't want to answer that question, because -- i don't want to answer that question. he is the president and has a right to run for a second term, absolutely. but i would rather you not do
5:51 pm
that. >> tucker: [laughs] will say this one, she just kind of says it out loud. i don't want to answer that question. remember cori bush has spent $400,000 in campaign funds of private security after defunding the police, so the reporter at some point how to stop asking the question, because she got strapped with body guards around her. president charlie kirk has a new book called the college scam with the universities bankrupting the way that future america's youth with the turning point usa, joining us tonight in the friend zone. great to see you, congratulations on the book. the title is very strong. i happen to agree with it. but tell us why that is the case? college is currently constituting so bad for young people. >> thank you, tucker, most people don't know that 40% of people dead and rolling 4-your
5:52 pm
college will not graduate. they will drop out. so i said let's go get a meal at a restaurant, by the way, you have a 40% chance of getting food poisoning you would say why is that still in business. and on top of it if you graduate from college, if you get through that first 40% and he reported that 60%, and other 40% and up getting a job that does not require a college degree. and i am not even touching on the woke-islam, the indoctrination, the awful ideas, colleges have become the point of origination of the worst aspects of american society. and i did not go to college myself and it took me about three years to put this book together through some very intense research. over 35 pages of footnotes at the end of the book. and one of the reasons that i took so much time, tucker is that not every conservative agrees with me. in fact, a lot of people in the center right think that it is a rite of passage to send your child to college.
5:53 pm
i argue in the book that most conservative parents should think twice or three times before sending your kid to a college that does not share your values, will not have the type of financial implications you might think it will and also is making the country less free. people can find it at and all proceeds go to -- >> tucker: could it be that they don't update their view on what college is, they just don't know what it is since they went? >> i think so, but there is an element that a lot of people in upper-middle-class suburban society are afraid of the social implications of being judged by neighbors and relatives if their kid does not go to a state school to an upper east really good school in the northeast, nobody wants to admit to their neighbors that their kid's working construction, becoming a carpenter, a welder or mechanic even if you have strong values in a big family and you are wonderfully married, that does not do anything for you in upper-middle-class society. so i gently talk about that in
5:54 pm
the book and i am trying to make it okay not to have a very expensive piece of paper from a university that does not share your values. i'm trying to destigmatize this idea that kids don't go to college and somehow they are treated in the lower rungs of society. in fact, i believe that it is far more important we teach our kids strong values and just getting a piece of paper from college. >> tucker: dylan is at cornell, a maoist pill head, so thank you for your work on this. congrats on the book. more news after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: before we go tonight we will bring you a kamala harris update, the person we are rooting for president in 2024. here she is. >> i kamala harris, i am a woman sitting in the table wearing a sleuth of -- >> tucker: she has patronized everybody else and now she is
6:00 pm
patronizing blind people. kamala harris, played that tape again and again and again and ask yourself should the democratic party be required to nominate her in 2024? have a great night with the ones you love coming here sean hannity taking over. at >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity," extremely graphic new video that reveals the very real horrors of human trafficking and it is happening everything with a at our southern border. this is a true nightmare that the biden administration is doing nothing to resolve. real lives being destroyed. senator cruz will be here with us. he will show us the video and we will respond to that, plus a bombshell new claim from a government whistle-blower. oh, i thought that the democrats loved whistle-blowers detailing how few high-ranking officials now attempted to cover up and down play possible crimes committed by the president's son hunter biden. we have that full report tonight and also a major announcement from the vice president, take a


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